Retrostation - Jogos de samcoupe

1Adventures Of Captain Comic, The (19xx)(Lars)
2Basic Scrolly Pokers (19xx)(-)
3Batz'n'Ball (1992)(Revelation)
4Blokker (1995)(Stephen McGreal)
5Boing! & Sphera (1992)(Noesis Software)
6Boing! (1992)(Noesis Software)
7Bombed Out , Nuclear Waste , Magic Caves , Blockade - Compilation (1990)(Enigma Variations)
8Bowin and The Count Dracula (19xx)(Lucosoft - Revelation)
9Curse of the Serpent's Eye (1994)(Dream World Adventures)
10Defender (1998)(Persona - Digital Reality)
11Dino Sourcerer (1993)(Softdisk Inc.)
12Domino Box (1997)(Supplement Software)
13Dyzonium , WaterWorks , WopGamma & Bugulators Compilation (19xx)(-)
14Flight of Fantasy & Occult Connection Adventures (19xx)(-)
15Football League Manager (1994)(Key Software - FRED Publishing)
16Fredatives III (19xx)(Hipposoft)
17Fredatives IV (19xx)(Hipposoft)
18Game Dos - DVar 8.92n3 (19xx)(-)
19GamesMaster 1.52 (19xx)(Betasoft)
20Golden Sword of Bhakhor, The (1997)(Persona)
21Happy Birthday - Games and Utilities Disk (19xx)(SamCo)
22Hexagonia & Witching Hour (19xx)(-)
23Highway code, Quizball & Quizball Question Editor (1991)(Revelation)
24Impatience! - Triltex and Viking (1991)(FRED)
25Manic Miner (1992)(Revelation Software)
26Manic Miner, Splat, Mr Pac, Snake Mania, Craft Compilation (19xx)(-)
27Map Print Rouines (19xx)(-)
28Mega #1 (19xx)(-)
29Mind Games II (19xx)(Enigma Variations)
30Myth and Escape From Singe's Castle (19xx)(-)
31Ore Warz II (1990)(William McGugan)
32Park DBS (19xx)(-)
33Pipe Mania, EFPOTRM, Klax, Tetris, Defenders of the Earth (19xx)(-)
34Poker 18 SamCoupe 512k (19xx)(Supplement Software)
35Prince of Persia (19xx)(Revelation)
36Roboblob & Give a Dog a Bone (1991)(Images)
37Sad Snail Collection, The (1997)(Sad Snail Productions)
38Sam Cards (1994)(Daton)
39Sam X (19xx)(Supplement Software)
40Shanghai (1990)(Fuxsoft)
41SoulMagician (1992)(Pc-Act)
42Spectrum Games Compilation 01 (19xx)(-)
43Spectrum Games Compilation 02 (19xx)(-)
44Spectrum Games Compilation 03 (19xx)(-)
45Spectrum Games Compilation 04 (19xx)(-)
46Spectrum Games Compilation 05 (19xx)(-)
47Spectrum Games Compilation 06 (19xx)(-)
48Spectrum Games Compilation 07 (19xx)(-)
49Spectrum Games Compilation 08 (19xx)(-)
50Spectrum Games Compilation 09 (19xx)(-)
51Spectrum Games Compilation 10 (19xx)(-)
52Spectrum Games Compilation 11 (19xx)(-)
53Spectrum Games Compilation 12 (19xx)(-)
54Spectrum Games Compilation 13 (19xx)(-)
55Spectrum Games Compilation 14 (19xx)(-)
56Spectrum Games Compilation 15 (19xx)(-)
57Spectrum Games Compilation 16 (19xx)(-)
58Spectrum Games Compilation 17 (19xx)(-)
59Spectrum Games Compilation 18 (19xx)(-)
60Spectrum Games Disk 01 (19xx)(-)
61Spectrum Games Disk 02 (19xx)(-)
62Spectrum Games Disk 03 (19xx)(-)
63Spectrum Games Disk 04 (19xx)(-)
64Spectrum Games Disk 05 (19xx)(-)
65Spectrum Games Disk 06 (19xx)(-)
66Spectrum Games Disk 07 (19xx)(-)
67Spectrum Games Disk 08 (19xx)(-)
68Spectrum Games Disk 09 (19xx)(-)
69Spectrum Games Disk 1 (19xx)(-)
70Spectrum Games Disk 10 (19xx)(-)
71Spectrum Games Disk 11 (19xx)(-)
72Spectrum Games Disk 12 (19xx)(-)
73Spectrum Games Disk 2 (19xx)(-)
74Spectrum Games Disk 3 (19xx)(-)
75Spectrum Games Disk 4 (19xx)(-)
76Spectrum Games Disk 5 (19xx)(-)
77Spectrum Games Disk 6 (19xx)(-)
78Tetris (1990)(Lord Insanity)
79Triltex (1991)(Fred Software)