Recalbox32gb - Jogos de Commodore 64

1$100,000 Pyramid, The (1988)(Box Office)
30 Grad Nord (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side A)
40 Grad Nord (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side B)
50 and X (1987)(Wicked Software)
60013 (1988)(CA Verlags GmbH)(de)
7007 - A View To A Kill (1985)(Domark)
8007 - Licence To Kill (1989)(Domark)
9007 - Living Daylights, The (1987)(Domark)
10007 - Spy Who Loved Me, The (1990)(Domark)
11007 Car Chase (1985)(Coplin Software)
121 x 1 Kampf (19xx)(Steven C. Darnold)(de)
131, 2, 3 (19xx)(-)
141-3-5-7 (1991)(Compute!)
151.000 Miglia (1992)(Simulmondo)(Side A)
161.000 Miglia (1992)(Simulmondo)(Side B)
171.000 Miglia Volume I - 1927-1933 (1992)(Simulmondo)(en-it)
181.000 Miler (1987)(Loadstar)
191.000 Miler v2.0 (1987)(Loadstar)
201.000 Miles (19xx)(-)
2110 Great Games II - Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1988)(Ariolasoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
2210 Great Games II - Basil the Great Mouse Detective (1988)(Ariolasoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
2310 Great Games II - Bulldog (1988)(Ariolasoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
2410 Great Games II - Convoy Raider (1988)(Ariolasoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
2510 Great Games II - Jack the Nipper II in Coconut Capers (1988)(Ariolasoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
2610 Great Games II - Mask (1988)(Ariolasoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
2710 Great Games II - Mask (1988)(Ariolasoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
2810 Great Games II - Re-Bounder (1988)(Ariolasoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
2910 Great Games II - Samurai Trilogy (1988)(Ariolasoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
3010 Great Games II - Samurai Trilogy (1988)(Ariolasoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
3110 Great Games II - Thing Bounces Back (1988)(Ariolasoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
3210 Great Games II - Water Polo (1988)(Ariolasoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
3310 Pin (19xx)(Tri Micro)
3410-Pin Bowling (1984)(CDS Microsystems)
3510... Knockout! (1985)(Amersoft)
3610.000 Meters (2001)(GPL)
37100 Meter Dash (19xx)(-)
38100 Mile Race (1986)(Commodore Magazine)
3910th Frame (1986)(Access Software)
4010th Frame Bowling (1986)(Access Software)
4112 OClock (1991)(CP Verlag)
4214-15 Puzzle, The (1991)(Loadstar)
4315 Pietnastka (19xx)(-)
4415 Solitaire (1994)(Compute!)
4515-Puzzle, The (1987)(RUN-CW Communications)
4617 und 04 (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
4717 und 4 (19xx)(BB Software)(de)
4817+4 (1985)(S+S Soft)(de)
491789 (19xx)(Ludia)(Side A)
501789 (19xx)(Ludia)(Side B)
5118 Uhren (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
52180 - One Hundred and Eighty (1986)(Mastertronic)
53180 Darts (1986)(Mastertronic)
5419 Part One - Boot Camp (1988)(Cascade Games)
551942 (1986)(Elite)
561942 - Cassette Version (1986)(Elite)
571942 - Disk Version (1986)(Elite)
581943 - One Year After (1987)(Elite)
591943 - The Battle of Midway (1988)(Capcom)
601944 (19xx)(The Criminal Empire)
611948 (19xx)(Sovereign)
621985 - The Day After (1984)(Mastertronic)
631991 World Cup Knockout, The (1991)(ET Software)
641994 - Ten Years After (1984)(Visions Software)
651st Division Manager (1993)(Codemasters)
662 Player Super League (1991)(Cult Games)
672 Worms War (2001)(Christian Schiller)
682-D Cube (19xx)(-)
692-in-1 Vegas Disk (19xx)(Mastertronic)
7020 Tons (1985)(64 Tape Computing)
7120.000 Meilen unter dem Meer (1988)(OLS Software)(de)
722002 (19xx)(-)
732010 (19xx)(Wolf Man)
7421 (19xx)(Scott Hossner)
752112 - The Battle for Planet Earth (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
76221B Baker Street (1986)(Datasoft)(Side A)
77221B Baker Street (1986)(Datasoft)(Side B)
78221B Baker Street (1986)(Datasoft)
7923 Matches (19xx)(-)
802D Tennis Game (19xx)(-)
812K Sweeper of Mine - Basic Version (2001)(Chill)
822K Sweeper of Mine - ML Version (2001)(Chill)
832K Sweeper of Mines (2001)(Chill)
842K-Fighter (19xx)(Patrick Stapel)
852x Pinball (19xx)(-)
863 Board Games - Peter Weighill (1990)(-)
873 D Maze (1986)(Alpha Software)
883 D OXO (1986)(Alpha Software)
893 Dimension Maze (19xx)(KBR)
903 Gewinnt (19xx)(-)(de)
913 Wild Balls (1987)(Protocol Productions)
923 in einer Reihe (1995)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
933 x 3 (1987)(Input 64)(de)
943-Ball Deluxe (19xx)(Jim McGue)
953-D Adventure (19xx)(-)
963-D Breakout (1987)(M.W. Gallon)
973-D Noughts & Crosses (19xx)(-)
983-Deep Space (1984)(Postern)
993-Gewinnt (1986)(KWJ)(de)
10031 (1984)(Gerd Volk)(de)
1013D Breakout (1987)(M.W. Gallon)
1023D Construction Kit (1991)(Domark)
1033D Construction Kit - Interceptor Base (1991)(Domark)
1043D Cubert 64 (1984)(Your Computer-Business Press International)
1053D Glooper (1983)(Nufekop)
1063D Gloopers (19xx)(-)
1073D Golf (1986)(Mastertronic)
1083D Hypermaths (1984)(-)
1093D Labyrinth (1984)(Compute!)
1103D Lunattack (1984)(Hewson)
1113D Man (1982)(Nufekop)
1123D Maze (19xx)(-)
1133D Morris (19xx)(-)
1143D Morris - 3D Muhle (19xx)(-)(en-de)
1153D Muehle (19xx)(-)(en-de)
1163D Pac-Man (1982)(Nufekop)
1173D Pinball (1988)(Mastertronic)
1183D Pinball - Pinball Power (1990)(Mastertronic)
1193D Pool (1989)(Firebird)
1203D Reversi (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1213D Scacchi Simulator (1991)(Simulmondo)
1223D Skramble (1984)(Livewire)
1233D Spacewar ,The (1989)(Binary Zone)(PD)
1243D Spacewar, The (1989)(Binary Zone)(PD)
1253D Speedway (1988)(Compute!)
1263D Starintruder (1992)(Markt & Technik+64er)(de)
1273D Stock Cars II (1991)(Challenge Software)
1283D Tank Assault (1984)(Ellis Horwood )
1293D Tanx (1983)(DK Tronics)
1303D Tic Tac Toe (19xx)(-)
1313D Tic-Tac-Toe (19xx)(-)
1323D Time Trek (1983)(Anirog Software)
1333D Waterski (1984)(Alligata Software)
1343D-Lab (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1353D-Vier-Gewinnt (1984)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1363D-Zoom (1996)(Mark D. Rejhon)
1374 Aces Pinball (1984)(HS)
1384 Fathoms (19xx)(-)
1394 Games for Children (19xx)(Kindersoft)(M5)
1404 Gewinnt (19xx)(-)
1414 Gewinnt 2002 (1990)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1424 Gewinnt in 3 Dimensionen (1994)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
1434 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Codemasters)(Disk 1 of 3)
1444 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Codemasters)(Disk 1 of 4)
1454 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Codemasters)(Disk 2 of 3)
1464 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Codemasters)(Disk 2 of 4)
1474 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Codemasters)(Disk 3 of 3)
1484 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Codemasters)(Disk 3 of 4)
1494 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Codemasters)(Disk 4 of 4)
1504 Soccer Simulators (1989)(Codemasters)
1514 Times Reflex (1991)(Christian Stellmach)
1524 Times Revlex (1992)(Markt & Technik)
1534 by 4 (1998)(J&F Publishing)
1544 in Einer Reihe (19xx)(-)(de)
15545 - Fourty Five (1990)(Magic Disk)
1564th & Inches (1987)(Accolade)
1574th & Inches - Seasonmaker (1989)(Omen)
1584th & Inches - Team Construction Disk (1988)(Accolade)
1594th Dimension Pack - Cyberdine Warrior (1989)(Hewson)
1604th Dimension Pack - Head the Ball (1989)(Hewson)
1614th Dimension Pack - Mission Impossibubble (1989)(Hewson)
1624x4 Off Road Racing (1988)(Epyx)(Side A)
1634x4 Off Road Racing (1988)(Epyx)(Side B)
1644x4 Off-Road Racing (1988)(Epyx)(Side A)
1654x4 Off-Road Racing (1988)(Epyx)(Side B)
1664x4 Off-Road Racing (1988)(Epyx)
1675 Buecher von Tronje, Die (1992)(Peter Diehm)(PD)
1685 Card Draw Poker (19xx)(D.M. Arnel)
1695 Iron (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
1705 en Linea (1986)(Macrisoft)(it)
1715 mal 5 (1992)(PCSL Software)(de)
1725-Pin Bowling (1984)(CDS Microsystems)
17350 Mission Crush (1984)(SSI)
1745000 (19xx)(-)(nl)
175500cc Grand Prix (1987)(Microids)
176500cc Motomanager (1991)(Simulmondo)(Side A)
177500cc Motomanager (1991)(Simulmondo)(Side B)
178500cc. Motomanager (1991)(Simulmondo)(Side A)
179500cc. Motomanager (1991)(Simulmondo)(Side B)
18051 (19xx)(-)(de)
1815th Axis (1986)(Loriciels)
1825th Axis, The (1986)(Loriciels)
1835th Gear (1988)(Hewson)
1845th Quadrant (1987)(Bubble Bus Software)
1855x5 (19xx)(Samar)
1866 aus 49 (1985)(Mario Walther)(de)
18764 & 128 Typing Tutor (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
18864 Breakout (19xx)(-)
18964 Dragonmaster (19xx)(-)
19064 French Tutorial (1984)(Compute!)
19164 Luff v3.0 (19xx)(Grana)
19264 Mastermind - A Game of Logic (1994)(Magic Disk)
19364 Money Monger (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
19464 Nuclear Power Plant (1982)(Creative Computing)
19564 Pejling (1983)(Grana Software)(nl)
19664 Potholes (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
19764 Rescue Run (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
19864 Scene Adventure, The (19xx)(-)
19964 Sea Battle (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
20064 Shuffle (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
20164 Speller, The (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
20264 Sub Hunt (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
20364 Timetrial (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
20464 Valley of Death (19xx)(-)
20564-Dimensions Tic-Tac-Toe (1993)(Compute!)
20664-Driver (19xx)(-)
20764-Scene-Adventure, The (19xx)(Asterix)
20864er Game, The (1988)(Markt & Technik)
20964luff (19xx)(Grana Software)
2106510 (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
2117 X Pinball (19xx)(-)
212720 Degrees (1987)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
213720 Degrees (1987)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
214720 Degrees (1987)(U.S. Gold)
215720 Degrees - US Version (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
216720 Degrees - US Version (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
217720 Degrees 2 (1987)(U.S. Gold)
218747 (1985)(Doctorsoft)
219747 Flight Simulator (1985)(DACC Ltd.)
2208-Ball (1991)(-)
2219 Mens Morris (1996)(Loadstar)
2229 Princes in Amber (1985)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
2239 Princes in Amber (1985)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
2249 Princes in Amber (1985)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
2259 Princes in Amber (1985)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
2269 to 5 Typing (1984)(Epyx)
227911 Tiger Shark (1985)(Elite)
22899 Charsets (1988)(-)(PD)
22999 Luftballons (1985)(Mario Walther)
230A, V or M (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
231A-Boulder 64 (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)
232A-Driver v1.0 (1994)(AFL)
233A-Maze-Ing (1984)(Compute!)
234A-Team (19xx)(Elwood Computers)
235A-Team, The (1985)(Courbois Software)
236A-Z - Spiel (19xx)(-)(de)
237A-Z Quiz (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
238A.M.C. - Astro Marine Corps (1990)(Dinamic Software)(Side A)
239A.M.C. - Astro Marine Corps (1990)(Dinamic Software)(Side B)
240ABC (1995)(Biuro Informatyczno Wydawnicze)(pl)
241ABC Monday Night Football (19xx)(Data East)(Side A)
242ABC Monday Night Football (19xx)(Data East)(Side B)
243AC - DC Pinball (19xx)(-)
244AC-DC Pinball (19xx)(-)
245ACE - Air Combat Emulator (1985)(Cascade Games)
246ACE - Air Combat Emulator - US Version (1985)(Cascade Games)
247ACE 2 (1987)(Cascade Games)
248ACE 2088 (1988)(Cascade Games)
249ADE (19xx)(-)(it)
250ADND (19xx)(-)
251AECEA (1996)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
252AFK - Aim, Fire, Kill (1990)(Compute!)
253AFO (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
254AGCK - Arcade Game Construction Kit (1988)(Broderbund)(Side A)
255AGCK - Arcade Game Construction Kit (1988)(Broderbund)(Side B)
256AGE - The Adventure Grafik Editor (1996)(Magna Media)
257AMC - Astro Marine Corps (1990)(Dinamic Software)(Side A)
258AMC - Astro Marine Corps (1990)(Dinamic Software)(Side B)
259AMC - Astro Marine Corps (1990)(Dinamic Software)
260AOK-Spiel (19xx)(Georg Niebch)(de)
261APB - All Points Bulletin (1989)(Tengen)(Side A)
262APB - All Points Bulletin (1989)(Tengen)(Side B)
263APB - All Points Bulletin (1989)(Tengen)
264ARC Classic (1996)(Magna Media)
265ATA - The Revenge (1992)(Daniel Krajzewicz & Lower Level)
266ATC - Air Traffic Controller (19xx)(-)
267ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighter (1988)(Digital Integration)
268ATG - All Terrain Gardener (2000)(Ubik)
269ATV - All Terrain Vehicle Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)
270Aaaargh! (1989)(Melbourne House)
271Aake 3 - Aake Gets Mediaeval (2000)(LowBit)
272Aanimuistipeli (19xx)(-)
273Aanval (1988)(Bob-Software)(nl)
274Aardvark (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)
275Aardvark Attack (1983)(Compute!)
276Aargh Krakout (19xx)(Andrew Green)
277Aargh! Condor (1983)(Games Machine)
278Abandon (19xx)(-)
279Abducted (19xx)(TND)(FW)
280Abeceda (1986)(Cebasek Tomaz)
281Abenteuer (19xx)(-)(de)
282Abenteuer (19xx)(Infocom)(de)(Side A)
283Abenteuer (19xx)(Infocom)(de)(Side B)
284Abenteuergame (19xx)(-)(de)
285Abhor (1999)(Magna Media)
286Abnormal Faction (1995)(Therapy)
287Abnormal Faction + (19xx)(Therapy)
288Abrakadabra (1991)(Markt & Technik)
289Abrakadabra v2 - P (2003)(Creators)
290Abrasco Golf (1983)(Abrasco)
291Abwehr (1985)(Sonnenverlag)(de)
292Abyss (1987)(Kingsoft)
293Acceleration (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
294Acchiappa Pacchi (19xx)(Linguaggio Macchina)(it)
295Acchiappacuori (19xx)(-)(it)(PD)
296Accolade Comics (1987)(Accolade)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
297Accolade Comics (1987)(Accolade)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
298Accolade Comics (1987)(Accolade)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
299Accolade Comics (1987)(Accolade)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
300Accolade Comics (1987)(Accolade)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
301Accolade Comics (1987)(Accolade)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
302Accumulator (1989)(Maurice Jackson)
303Ace 1.2 (19xx)(Angels)
304Ace 2 (1987)(Cascade Games )
305Ace Harrier (1986)(-)
306Ace Pro (1995)(Art Game)
307Ace of Aces (1986)(Accolade)
308Aces High (1984)(Interface Publications)
309Aces Up (1994)(Loadstar)
310Acey Ducey v2.0 (1983)(D.Drohman)
311Acey-Deucy (1980)(Vince Mills)
312Achie (19xx)(Zuuni)
313Acia (1990)(CP Verlag)
314Acid (2000)(Sanity)
315Acid House (19xx)(-)
316Acid Runner (1993)(LK Avalon)
317Acidman (1989)(Markt & Technik)
318Acigol (19xx)(-)
319Acinna (1996)(Magna Media)
320Acquire (1980)(Avalon Hill)
321Acro Jet - The Advanced Flight Simulator (1985)(Microprose Software)(Side A)
322Acro Jet - The Advanced Flight Simulator (1985)(Microprose Software)(Side B)
323Acrobat (1984)(Compute!)
324Acrojet (1985)(Microprose Software)
325Action Ball (1989)(Magic Disk)
326Action Biker (1985)(Mastertronic)
327Action Biker 99 (1985)(Mastertronic)
328Action Fighter (1989)(Firebird Software)
329Action Fighter - US Version (1989)(Sega)
330Action Force (1987)(Virgin Games)
331Action Replay Worm (1995)(XL.C.US Software)
332Action Service (1989)(Cobrasoft)(Side A)
333Action Service (1989)(Cobrasoft)(Side B)
334Action Service (1989)(Cobrasoft)
335Action on Protection (1984)(HG-Software)
336Action! Hockey (1982)(Vince Sorensen)
337Actionauts (1995)(Loadstar)
338Actionauts 2 (1995)(Loadstar)
339Actionauts II (1995)(Loadstar)
340Actions (19xx)(-)
341Ad Infinitum (1986)(-)
342Add & Sub (1982)(Commodore Educational Software)
343Add Fast (1981)(Cue)
344Addams Family, The (1992)(Ocean Software)
345Addgar (1994)(CP Verlag)
346Addicta Ball (1987)(Alligata Software)
347Addicted (19xx)(Gastropod Industries)
348Addit (1988)(Commodore Disc)
349Addition Drill (1984)(Loadstar)
350Addition Master (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
351Addition Race (1982)(Commodore Educational Software)
352Addition and Subtraction (1984)(Successability)
353Adds and Subs (1982)(Commodore Educational Software)
354Addy Corner, The #5 (1992)(Legacy)
355Adermen (1984)(Andy Labs)(it)
356Adidas Championship Football (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
357Adidas Championship Football (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
358Adidas Championship Football (1990)(Ocean Software)
359Admiral Graf Spee (1982)(S.R. Mansfield)
360Admiral James Cook (1992)(Peter Diehm)(PD)
361Adonis (1987)(Wicked Software)
362Adrenalin (1991)(CP Verlag)
363Adult Games Compilation (19xx)(-)
364Adult Poker (19xx)(Keypunch Software)
365Adults (19xx)(-)
366Advance of the Mega Camels (1983)(Llamasoft)
367Advance to Boardwalk (1990)(Gametek)
368Advanced Action Movie Simulator (2001)(Lasse Oorni)(PD)
369Advanced Art Studio v1.2b (1987)(Rainbird Software)
370Advanced Basketball Simulator (1989)(Mastertronic)
371Advanced Coloured (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
372Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1988)(-)
373Advanced Lotto Simulator (1999)(Rob Caporetto)
374Advanced Pinball Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
375Advanced Tactical Fighter (1988)(Digital Integration)
376Adventure #01 - Adventureland (1984)(Scott Adams)
377Adventure #02 - Pirate Adventure (1985)(Scott Adams)
378Adventure #03 - Secret Mission (1985)(Scott Adams)
379Adventure #04 - Voodoo Castle (1985)(Scott Adams)
380Adventure #05 - The Count (198x)(Scott Adams)
381Adventure #06 - Strange Odyssee (1983)(Scott Adams)
382Adventure #07 - Mystery Funhouse (1983)(Scott Adams)
383Adventure #08 - Pyramide of Doom (1983)(Scott Adams)
384Adventure #09 - Ghost Town (1983)(Scott Adams)
385Adventure #10 - Savage Island Part 1 (1983)(Scott Adams)
386Adventure #11 - Savage Island Part 2 (1983)(Scott Adams)
387Adventure #12 - Golden Voyage (1983)(Scott Adams)
388Adventure #13 - The Sorcerers of Claymorgue Castle (198x)(Scott Adams)
389Adventure (19xx)(-)(de)
390Adventure - Adventureland (1994)(Scott Adams)(PD)
391Adventure - The Interactive Original (19xx)(Infocom)(Side A)
392Adventure - The Interactive Original (19xx)(Infocom)(Side B)
393Adventure - The Ultimate Text Adventure (1995)(Howard Feldman)
394Adventure 1 - Cavern of Riches (1983)(Keypunch Software)
395Adventure 1 - Mutant Spiders, The (19xx)(-)
396Adventure 2 - The Great Pyramid (1983)(John OHare)
397Adventure 2000 - Die Jagd nach der Rakete (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
398Adventure 3 - Fourth Sarcophagus, The (19xx)(-)
399Adventure 3 - Haunted Mansion (1980)(John OHare)
400Adventure 64 - Colossal Cave Adventure (1986)(The Guild Adventure Software)
401Adventure A - Planet of Death (1984)(Artic Computing)
402Adventure B - Inca Curse (1984)(Artic Computing)
403Adventure Castle (19xx)(-)
404Adventure Coloured (1995)(Maniac Designs)
405Adventure Construction Set (1984)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
406Adventure Construction Set (1984)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
407Adventure Construction Set - Battle of Avantar (1984)(Electronic Arts)
408Adventure Construction Set - Rivers of Light (1984)(Electronic Arts)
409Adventure Creator (1984)(Spinnaker Software)
410Adventure Interpretor (1984)(A+M Associates)
411Adventure Island (19xx)(J.B. Cattley)
412Adventure Land (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
413Adventure Master (1984)(CBS Software)
414Adventure Nr. 4 v1c-11 (1985)(Adventure International)
415Adventure Quest (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
416Adventure Series - Viking Raider (1984)(Interphase)
417Adventure Shell (19xx)(Interface Publications)
418Adventure Without a Name (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
419Adventure Writer (1983)(Gilsoft)
420Adventure Writing System (1985)(Nibble Magazine)
421Adventure der Saufer (19xx)(-)(de)
422Adventure in Atlantis (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
423Adventure in Time and Space (1989)(The Guild Adventure Software)
424Adventure in Time and Space Part 1 & 2 (1989)(The Guild Adventure Software)
425Adventure of a Lifetime (2002)(The New Dimension)(FW)
426Adventure of a Mug (19xx)(-)
427Adventure of the Year (1985)(Activision)
428Adventure on the Planet of Zeeble (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
429Adventureland (19xx)(Infocom)(Side A)
430Adventureland (19xx)(Infocom)(Side B)
431Adventurer, The (1987)(Ahoy!)
432Adventures Of Bond... Basildon Bond, The (1986)(Probe Software)
433Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf, The (19xx)(P. Napolitano & V. Napolitano)
434Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The (1985)(Adventure International)
435Adventures of the Little Ghostkid, The (19xx)(George Allan)
436Adventureworld (1984)(Kiwisoft)(de)
437Aegean Voyage (1984)(Spinnaker Software)
438Aerobics (1984)(Spinnaker Software)
439Aerohawk (1989)(Loadstar)
440Aerosol (19xx)(Bob Carr)
441Affaire Vera Cruz, L (1987)(Infogrames)
442Affairs of State (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
443Affen Jagd (1985)(Europa Computer Club)(de)
444Africa (19xx)(Kit Allen)
445Africa Gardens (1983)(Gilsoft)
446Africa Nera (1988)(Edicola)(it)
447African Adventure (1980)(Softside)
448African Adventure or, in Search of Dr. Livingstone (1980)(Softside)
449African Escape (1982)(Bruce Robinson)
450African Huntress (1985)(Twilight)
451African Safari (1984)(-)
452Afrikan Tahti (19xx)(Amersoft)(FI)
453After the Party (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
454After the War (1989)(Dinamic Software)(Side A)
455After the War (1989)(Dinamic Software)(Side B)
456After the War (1989)(Dinamic Software)
457Afterburner (1989)(Sega)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
458Afterburner (1989)(Sega)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
459Afterburner (1989)(Sega)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
460Afterburner (1989)(Sega)(Side A)
461Afterburner (1989)(Sega)(Side B)
462Afterburner (1989)(Sega)
463Afterburner - US Version (1989)(Sega)(Side A)
464Afterburner - US Version (1989)(Sega)(Side B)
465Afterburner - US Version (1989)(Sega)
466Afterlife (1994)(Loadstar)
467Afterlife II (1994)(Softdisk)
468Afterlife v1.0 (1993)(Loadstar)
469Afterlife v2.0 (1994)(Loadstar)
470Aftermath (19xx)(David Cooper)
471Aftermath of the Asimovian Disaster, The (1985)(Interface Publications)
472Afterworld, The (19xx)(Screwsoft)
473Age 2 (19xx)(Electronic Arts)
474Age of Adventure - Ali Baba and the Forty Theives (1981)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
475Age of Adventure - Ali Baba and the Forty Theives (1981)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
476Age of Adventure - Return of Heracles (1986)(Electronic Arts)
477Agent Blotto (1982)(Commodore Educational Software)
478Agent Hawk (1992)(R. Marshall)
479Agent Orange (1987)(Quicksilva)
480Agent U.S.A. (19xx)(-)
481Agent UOP (1994)(LK Avalon)
482Agent USA (1984)(Scholastic)
483Agent USA II (1986)(Dr. Watson)
484Agent X 2 - The Mad Profs Back (1987)(Mastertronic)
485Agent X II (1987)(Mastertronic)
486Agent X II - The Mad Profs Back (1987)(Mastertronic)
487Aghamix (19xx)(Jawx)
488Agnes (1998)(Loadstar)
489Agricola (1987)(M.U.S. Software)(de)
490Ah Diddums (1984)(Imagine Software)
491Ahoy! Pie Emporium (19xx)(-)
492Ai Confini della Realta (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
493Aidon - The Apocalypse (1989)(Haip Creations)
494Aids Fighters (1987)(The Axiom)
495Aiginas Prophecy - The Legend of Balubalouk (1988)(-)
496Air Assault (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
497Air Attack (19xx)(-)
498Air Ball (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
499Air Defender (1988)(Brand Software)
500Air Hockey (19xx)(-)
501Air Plane Lander (1984)(Majestic Software)
502Air Port Game (19xx)(Reinert Olsen)(nl)
503Air Rally (1984)(HesWare)
504Air Rescue (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
505Air Rescue I (198x)(Microprose Software)
506Air Support (1984)(Synapse Software)
507Air Traffic Controller (1982)(Andrew Fisher)
508Air-Command (1993)(Binary Zone)(PD)
509Airbase Controller (19xx)(-)
510Airbattle - Shoot Off Planes (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
511Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software)(Side A)
512Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software)(Side B)
513Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software)(Tape 1 of 2 Side A)
514Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software)(Tape 1 of 2 Side B)
515Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software)(Tape 2 of 2 Side A)
516Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software)(Tape 2 of 2 Side B)
517Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software)
518Airbus-A300 Simulator (19xx)(-)(de)
519Aircommando (1988)(-)
520Aircop 2000 (1990)(CP Verlag)
521Aircraft Lander (1982)(D. Hall)
522Airfight (19xx)(Mario Walther)(de)
523Airline (1986)(Ariolasoft)(de)
524Airport 94 (1994)(Loadstar)
525Airraid (1987)(Wicked Software)
526Airship II, The (1992)(-)
527Airship, The (1990)(-)
528Airwalk Basketball (1989)(Anthony L. Norwood)
529Airwar (1983)(Century Communications)
530Airwolf (1985)(Elite)
531Airwolf 2 (1987)(Elite)
532Ake III - Ake Gets Medieval (2000)(LowBit Software)
533Aknakereso (1996)(Different)
534Aknakeresoe (1996)(Different)
535Akropolis (1989)(Modern Arts)
536Aksjemarked (1982)(Datavarehuset)
537Aktenzeichen X-14 (1986)(Eurogold)(de)
538Aktienspiel, Das (1987)(Commodore Disc)
539Aktiv (1987)(Wicked Software)
540Al Bakahrah (19xx)(-)
541Al Capone (19xx)(-)
542Ala (1988)(Mastertronic)
543Ala, La (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
544Alberts Drom - Exciting Dreams (1984)(Rune Jensen)(nl)
545Alcatraz (1984)(Probe Software)
546Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress (1985)(Activision)
547Alchemists Apprentice (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
548Alcon (1987)(Taito)
549Aldebaran (19xx)(Stephan Berendsen, Frank Kitzing & Bernd Kollberg)
550Alderan (1991)(Softlight)
551Alea Jacta (19xx)(Noetica)
552Alf (19xx)(-)
553Alf - The First Adventure (1988)(Alien)
554Alf in the Color Caves (1984)(Spinnaker Software)
555Alfabet (19xx)(-)(de)
556Alfabetic Highway (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
557Alfabug (1983)(Compute!)
558Alfredo Breakout (1984)(Edisoft)(it)
559Alfredos Parking (1984)(Edisoft)
560Algebra Dragons, The (1985)(Melody Hall Publishing)
561Algernon (19xx)(Pembroke Hill School)
562Ali Baba (1987)(Suzi Soft)
563Aliants - The Desperate Battle for Earth (1987)(Starsoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
564Aliants - The Desperate Battle for Earth (1987)(Starsoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
565Aliants - The Desperate Battle for Earth (1987)(Starsoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
566Aliants - The Desperate Battle for Earth (1987)(Starsoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
567Alibaba and the Fourty Thieves (1981)(Electronic Arts)
568Alice (1986)(K. Priestley)
569Alice in Videoland (1984)(Audiogenic Software)(Side A)
570Alice in Videoland (1984)(Audiogenic Software)(Side B)
571Alice in Videoland (1984)(Audiogenic Software)
572Alice in Wonderland (1985)(Windham Classics)(Side A)
573Alice in Wonderland (1985)(Windham Classics)(Side B)
574Alien (1984)(-)
575Alien 3 (1992)(Virgin Games)
576Alien Armada (1985)(Compute!)
577Alien Attack (1995)(-)
578Alien Attack - Alien Armada (19xx)(-)
579Alien Attack II (19xx)(Champion Software)
580Alien Attack III - The Final Attack (19xx)(Champion Software)
581Alien Attacker (19xx)(-)
582Alien Bash (1999)(Tomi Malinen)(FI)
583Alien Blast! (2001)(The New Dimension)(PD)
584Alien Blaster (19xx)(-)
585Alien Brood (1983)(Jim Summers)
586Alien City Blitz (1984)(Binary Zone)(PD)
587Alien Commando - The Ship (1988)(Dr. Ice)
588Alien Commando 2 - Planet X (1988)(Dr. Ice)
589Alien Commando 3 - Planet Ice (1989)(Dr. Ice)
590Alien Destroyer (1985)(Tronic)
591Alien Fighter (1988)(-)
592Alien Infiltration (1998)(Loadstar)
593Alien Infiltration III (2000)(Loadstar)
594Alien Infiltration IV (2000)(Loadstar)
595Alien Invader (19xx)(The Skull)
596Alien Invasion (198x)(Softsmith)
597Alien Kill (1988)(David Farrar)
598Alien Kill II - The Final Encounter (1988)(David Farrar)
599Alien Killers (1992)(Cubic X Software)
600Alien Panic (1983)(Bubble Bus Software)
601Alien Patrol (1984)(T+D Software)
602Alien Rescue (1983)(DK Tronics)
603Alien Sidestep (19xx)(-)
604Alien Smash (1999)(Commodore Format)
605Alien Sounds (1988)(G. Ludinsky)
606Alien Storm (1991)(Sega)
607Alien Syndrome (1988)(Sega)(Side A)
608Alien Syndrome (1988)(Sega)(Side B)
609Alien Syndrome (1988)(Sega)
610Alien Task Force (1993)(Binary Zone)(PD)
611Alien Task Force II (1994)(Binary Zone)(PD)
612Alien Terrordome (1990)(Magic Disk)
613Alien Visitor (19xx)(-)
614Alien World (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
615Alien Zoo (1997)(Loadstar)
616Alienator (1994)(Frank Gasking)
617Alienator 93 (1993)(Binary Zone)(PD)
618Alienator! (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
619Aliens (1986)(Activision)(Side A)
620Aliens (1986)(Activision)(Side B)
621Aliens (1986)(Activision)
622Aliens - The Computer Game (1987)(Electric Dreams)
623Aliens from Subterrania (1986)(Ozisoft)
624Alienworld (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
625Alimentazione (19xx)(-)(it)
626Alioids (19xx)(-)
627Alioth (1996)(Eagleware International)(pl)
628Alioth v2 (1996)(Eagleware International)
629Alisons Maths (19xx)(-)
630All American Basketball (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
631All Points Bulletin (1989)(Domark)
632All Risks (1986)(Radarsoft)(nl)
633All Smiles (1986)(Loadstar)
634All Stars (1998)(Keith Killilia)
635All Terrain Gardener (19xx)(Ubik)
636All Terrain Vehicle Simulator (1987)(-)
637All-American Basketball (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
638Alla Ricerca del Buddah di Bodnath (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
639Allan Borders Cricket (1993)(Audiogenic Software)
640Alle Negen (19xx)(-)
641Alle Neune (19xx)(-)(de)
642Alley Cat (1984)(Synapse Software)
643Alley Oops (1983)(Artworx Software)
644Alley Wars (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
645Alleykat (1986)(Hewson)
646Alleyoop (1991)(-)
647Allgemeinbildungsprogramm, Das (1989)(Thorsten Spalke)(de)
648Allgemeinwissen (1989)(Multisoft)(de)
649Alliance (1989)(Hewson)
650Allien Pacmann (19xx)(-)(de)
651Alligata Blagger 64 (19xx)(-)
652Alligator Moeras (19xx)(Courbois Software)(nl)
653Alligator! (1984)(Melbourne House)
654Alloyrun (1988)(Starlight Software)
655Almazz (1985)(The Edge Software)
656Alpha Anxiety (1985)(Compute!)
657Alpha Build (1984)(Fisher Price)
658Alpha Command (1985)(Dan McCabe)
659Alpha Omega Run (1984)(Nanosec)
660Alpha Type (19xx)(Mr. Ziggy Alpha)
661Alpha Warriors (1988)(Ian York)
662Alpha-Shoot (1983)(Compute!)
663Alphabet Cadet (1988)(IDG Communications)
664Alphabet Shuffle, The (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
665Alphabet Soup (1984)(Compute!)
666Alphabet Zoo (1983)(Spinnaker Software)
667Alphabetica (1984)(Interface Publications)
668Alphabetizing Practice (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
669Alphabetter (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
670Alphafighter (1990)(Ghosthuntersoft)
671Alphametix (1990)(Loadstar)
672Alphoid (19xx)(-)
673Alpine Encounter, The (1985)(Random House)(Side A)
674Alpine Encounter, The (1985)(Random House)(Side B)
675Alpine Escape (1988)(Loadstar)
676Alpine Tram Ride (1985)(Litas)
677Alpiner, The (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
678Altair 4 (1983)(Acme Software)
679Alter Ego Female (1985)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
680Alter Ego Female (1985)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
681Alter Ego Female (1985)(Activision)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
682Alter Ego Female (1985)(Activision)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
683Alter Ego Female (1985)(Activision)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
684Alter Ego Female (1985)(Activision)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
685Alter Ego Male (1986)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
686Alter Ego Male (1986)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
687Alter Ego Male (1986)(Activision)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
688Alter Ego Male (1986)(Activision)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
689Alter Ego Male (1986)(Activision)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
690Alter Ego Male (1986)(Activision)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
691Altered Beast (1989)(Activision)(Side A)
692Altered Beast (1989)(Activision)(Side B)
693Altered Beast (1989)(Activision)
694Alternate Reality - The City (1986)(Datasoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
695Alternate Reality - The City (1986)(Datasoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
696Alternate Reality - The City (1986)(Datasoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
697Alternate Reality - The City (1986)(Datasoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
698Alternate Reality - The City (1986)(Datasoft)
699Alternate Reality II - The Dungeon (1987)(Datasoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
700Alternate Reality II - The Dungeon (1987)(Datasoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
701Alternate Reality II - The Dungeon (1987)(Datasoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
702Alternate Reality II - The Dungeon (1987)(Datasoft)
703Alternative World Games (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side A)
704Alternative World Games (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side B)
705Alzan (19xx)(Wane Murray)
706Amadeus Revenge (1988)(-)
707Amaurote (1987)(Mastertronic)
708Amazer (19xx)(-)
709Amazing (19xx)(-)
710Amazing Adventure (1991)(The Guild Adventure Software)
711Amazing Spiderman, The (1990)(Microprose Software)
712Amazon (1984)(Trillium Corp)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
713Amazon (1984)(Trillium Corp)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
714Amazon (1984)(Trillium Corp)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
715Amazon (1984)(Trillium Corp)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
716Amazon (1992)(Commodore Disc)
717Amazon Warrior (1985)(Geoff Sumner)
718Ambassador (19xx)(-)
719Ambush (1984)(Virgin Games)
720Ambush! (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
721America - Coast to Coast (1985)(CBS Software)
722American 3D Pool (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
723American Basket Heroes (19xx)(C159 Production)
724American Basketball Heroes (1996)(Chris R. Bickford III)
725American Challenge, The - A Sailing Simulation (1987)(Mindscape)
726American Civil War 3 (1990)(SSG)
727American Cup Sailing (19xx)(-)
728American Dateline (1989)(Loadstar)
729American Express (1989)(CP Verlag)
730American Flag (19xx)(-)(PD)
731American Football (1984)(Argus Press)
732American Road Race (1988)(Silverbird Software)
733American Tag Team Wrestling (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
734American Tag-Team Wrestling (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
735Americas Cup (1984)(Bruce McGeorge & Rob Dixon)
736Americas Cup Challenge, The (1986)(U.S. Gold)
737Americas Cup Sailing (19xx)(-)
738Amerikas Agent (19xx)(Michael Bauer)(de)
739Amnesia (1987)(Electronic Arts)
740Amnesia (1987)(Thomas M. Dish)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
741Amnesia (1987)(Thomas M. Dish)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
742Amnesia (1987)(Thomas M. Dish)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
743Amnesia (1987)(Thomas M. Dish)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
744Amoeba (1993)(CP Verlag)
745Amorphous (1994)(M&P Software)
746Anagram Sam (1984)(Interface Publications)
747Anarchy (1987)(Hewson)
748Anarchy Prof. 1 (1988)(Michael Sentinella & JAS)
749Anarchy Professional (1988)(Hewson)
750Ancient History (1982)(Commodore Educational Software)
751Ancient Tale, The (1988)(-)
752Ancipital (1984)(Llamasoft)
753Anders Limpar Soccer (19xx)(-)
754Anders Limpars Proffs Fotboll (1989)(Empire)(sv)
755Android 2 (1983)(Ocean Software)
756Android Attack (1982)(-)
757Android Control (1987)(ECP)
758Android Nim (19xx)(Don Dennis & Pete Gerrard)
759Andromeda Conquest (1982)(Avalon Hill)
760Andy Capp - The Game (1987)(Mirrorsoft)
761Andys Daily #3 (1987)(-)
762Angel of Hell (19xx)(Oliver Software)
763Angle (19xx)(-)
764Angle Iron (19xx)(-)
765Angleball (1987)(Mastertronic)
766Angler 64 (1992)(RUN-IDG Communications)
767Anglers, The (1989)(Compute!)
768Angriff auf den Archipel (1985)(Sonnenverlag)(de)
769Angriff der Klingonen (1985)(Sonnenverlag)(de)
770Angry Ninja (1994)(-)
771Animal Fare (1990)(Loadstar)
772Animal Hotel (1985)(Learning Technologies)
773Animal Magic - Save the Baby (1984)(Romik Software)
774Animal Match (1987)(Compute!)
775Animal, Mineral or Vegetable (19xx)(James W. Whitewood)
776Animals (1986)(Dum)(it)
777Animals! (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
778Animated Strip Poker (19xx)(-)
779Aniso (19xx)(-)
780Ankh (1984)(Datamost)
781Annaconda (1988)(Future Designs)
782Annalen der Roemer (1988)(Personal Software Services)(de)
783Annals of Rome (1987)(Personal Software Services)
784Annas Gram (1987)(Loadstar)
785Annihilator (1983)(Victory Software)
786Annihilator 2 (1983)(Mogul Communications)
787Annihilator II (1983)(Mogul Communications +Victory Software)
788Anonimus (1984)(Radarsoft)(nl)
789Anoria II (1988)(Al Dukes)
790Another Bloody Adventure (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
791Another Game (19xx)(-)
792Another Sex Adventure (1994)(Particple Soft)
793Another World (1990)(Double Density)
794Another World (1991)(CP Verlag)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
795Another World (1991)(CP Verlag)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
796Another World (1991)(CP Verlag)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
797Another World (1992)(X-Ample)(Side A)
798Another World (1992)(X-Ample)(Side B)
799Anstoss (1993)(Stoe-Soft)
800Ant Attack (1984)(Quicksilva)
801Anteater (1987)(DCR-Software)
802Anter Planter (1984)(Romik Software)
803Anter-Planter (1984)(Romik Software)
804Anti (19xx)(-)
805Anti Isepic (1995)(-)(PD)
806Anti Tuerkentest (1986)(-)
807Anti-Sub (19xx)(-)(it)
808AntiISDA Warrior v1.01 (2004)(Ventzislav Tzetkov)
809Anticihilator (1992)(TPF)
810Antics (1985)(Bug-Byte)
811Antics (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(Side A)
812Antics (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(Side B)
813Antifriction (1990)(Amok)
814Antigravenreuth Game, The (1990)(Gravenreuth Aboloshing Youth)(de)
815Antihype (19xx)(Kelvin King)
816Antimonopoly (19xx)(Knight-Soft)(de)
817Antiriad (1986)(Palace Software)
818Antlantis Boulder (1991)(-)
819Antonyms (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
820Antonyms and Synonyms (19xx)(-)
821Antrock (1996)(Loadstar)
822Apache (1994)(-)
823Apache Gold (1986)(Incentive Software)
824Apache Helli (1987)(Zorglub & Iceman)
825Apache Raid (1984)(Anirog Software)
826Apache Strike (1989)(Activision)
827Ape Craze (1982)(Comm Data)
828Ape-Craze (1982)(Comm Data)(de)
829Apocalypse Now (1984)(Markt & Technik)
830Apollo 18 - Mission to the Moon (1987)(Accolade)(Side A)
831Apollo 18 - Mission to the Moon (1987)(Accolade)(Side B)
832Apoxoly (1991)(CP Verlag)
833Appareil a Jetons (19xx)(Commodore)
834Apple Cider Spider (1984)(Sierra Online)
835Apple Fall (1983)(Commodore Horizons Magazine)
836Apple Frenzy (1985)(Input 64)
837Apple Hunt (1985)(Compute!)
838Apple Pie (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
839Apple Time (1986)(L.Recanatese)
840Apple Willy (1990)(Compute!)
841Apprentice (19xx)(-)
842Apydia (1999)(Gametek)
843Aqua (19xx)(-)
844Aqua Racer - Grand Prix F1 Nautica (1985)(Bubble Bus Software)
845Aquablasta (1992)(Future Publishing)
846Aquanaut (1988)(The Power House)
847Aquantor (1985)(Markt & Technik)
848Aquaplane (1983)(Quicksilva)
849Aquaplane - Sci dAcqua (1983)(Quicksilva)(it)
850Aquaplane - Skinautico (1983)(Quicksilva)(es)
851Arabian Treasurehunt (1985)(Markt & Technik)
852Arac (1986)(Addictive Games)
853Arachne (1988)(Tony Espeset)
854Arachnia 64 (1986)(Loadstar)
855Arachnophobia (198x)(Amblin Entertainment)(Side A)
856Arachnophobia (198x)(Amblin Entertainment)(Side B)
857Arachnophobia (198x)(Amblin Entertainment)
858Araknifoe (19xx)(-)
859Arc Doors (1994)(CP Verlag)
860Arc of Yesod, The (1985)(Thor Computer Software)
861Arcade Attack 64 (1989)(SYS PD)(sv)(PD)
862Arcade Baseball (1986)(Compute!)
863Arcade Classic (1996)(Magna Media)
864Arcade Classics (1987)(Firebird)
865Arcade Flight Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
866Arcade Fruit Machine (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
867Arcade Game Construction Kit (1988)(Broderbund)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
868Arcade Game Construction Kit (1988)(Broderbund)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
869Arcade Game Construction Kit (1988)(Broderbund)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)(Library1 missing 2games)
870Arcade Game Construction Kit (1988)(Broderbund)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)(Library 2)
871Arcade Game Construction Kit (1988)(Broderbund)(Side A)
872Arcade Game Construction Kit (1988)(Broderbund)(Side B)
873Arcade Hall of Fame - Aztec Challenge (19xx)(U.S. Gold)
874Arcade Hall of Fame - Dropzone (19xx)(U.S. Gold)
875Arcade Hall of Fame - Stellar 7 (19xx)(U.S. Gold)
876Arcade Hall of Fame - Up n Down (19xx)(U.S. Gold)
877Arcade Hall of Fame - per (19xx)(U.S. Gold)
878Arcade Pilot (19xx)(Cherry Software)
879Arcade Trivia Quiz (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
880Arcade Volleyball (1988)(Compute!)
881Arcademic Skillbuilder - Alien Addition (1983)(Developmental Learning Materials)
882Arcademic Skillbuilder - Alligator Mix (1983)(Developmental Learning Materials)
883Arcademic Skillbuilder - Demolition Division (1983)(Developmental Learning Materials)
884Arcademic Skillbuilder - Dragon Mix (1983)(Developmental Learning Materials)
885Arcademic Skillbuilder - Meteor Multiplication (1983)(Developmental Learning Materials)
886Arcademic Skillbuilder - Word Master (19xx)(Developmental Learning Materials)
887Arcadesearch (1983)(T&F Software)
888Arcadia (1988)(Markt & Technik)
889Arcadia 64 (1983)(Imagine Software)
890Arcana (1986)(New Generation Software)
891Archdale Golf Club (1983)(Anger Productions)
892Archeologist Duel (19xx)(Microworld)
893Archeologist Duel! (19xx)(Microworld)
894Archers, The (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
895Archetype (1994)(Psytronik Software)
896Archipelago (1984)(Talent Computer Systems)
897Archon (1984)(Ariolasoft)
898Archon 1 (1983)(Electronic Arts)
899Archon 1-3 (1983)(Electronic Arts)
900Archon 2 - Adept (1984)(Electronic Arts)
901Archon 3 - Exciter (1985)(Electronic Arts)
902Arciere (19xx)(Jason Benham)(it)
903Arctic Fox (1987)(Electronic Arts)
904Arctic Shipwreck (1983)(Commodore)
905Arctic Wastes! (19xx)(-)
906Arcticfox (1986)(Electronic Arts)
907Ardok the Barbarian (1987)(Melbourne House)
908Ardy the Aardvark (1983)(Datamost)
909Area 13 (1991)(Markt & Technik)
910Aree (1985)(Edigamma)(it)
911Arena (1989)(Commodore Disc)
912Arena 3000 (1984)(Microdeal)
913Arena Football (1993)(-)
914Arex (1984)(Adventure International)
915Argon (1988)(Digital Marketing)
916Argon Factor, The (1993)(Logyk Software)
917Argos Expedition, The (1985)(CBS Software)(Side A)
918Argos Expedition, The (1985)(CBS Software)(Side B)
919Arhena! the Amazon (1989)(Binary Zone)(PD)
920Arithme-Sketch (1986)(RUN-CW Communications)
921Arizona - The Boy in the Bubble (1992)(-)(PD)
922Ark Pandora (1986)(Rino Marketing)
923Ark of Exodus, The (19xx)(Grant Thomson)
924Arkanoid (1987)(Imagine Software)
925Arkanoid 1 (1987)(Imagine)
926Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of Doh (1988)(Imagine Software)
927Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of Doh Editor (1988)(Imagine Software)
928Arkanoid 2- Revenge of Doh (1988)(Imagine)
929Arkanoid 3 (1987)(David Collier)
930Arkanoid 4 (1987)(David Collier)
931Arkanoid 5 (1987)(David Collier)
932Arktyczne Polowanie (1994)(LK Avalon)
933Armada (1988)(Sebastian Loehn)
934Armageddon (19xx)(-)
935Armageddon 2000 (1999)(The New Dimension)(PD)
936Armageddon Files, The (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
937Armageddon Man (1987)(-)
938Armageddon Man, The (1987)(Martech Games)
939Armalyte (1988)(Thalamus)(Side A)
940Armalyte (1988)(Thalamus)(Side B)
941Armalyte (1988)(Thalamus)
942Armalyte - Competition Edition (1988)(Thalamus)
943Armbrustschieben (1998)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
944Armourdillo (1987)(CodeMasters)
945Armut & Reichtum (19xx)(-)(de)
946Army (19xx)(-)
947Army Days (1989)(Mindscape)
948Army Force (19xx)(Bombjack)
949Army Leader (1988)(Gameblaster)
950Army Men (19xx)(John Buckley)(it)
951Army Moves (1987)(Imagine Software)(Side A)
952Army Moves (1987)(Imagine Software)(Side B)
953Army Moves (1987)(Imagine Software)
954Army Moves 1+2 (1987)(Imagine Software)
955Army Moves 2 (1987)(Imagine Software)
956Arne Weise (19xx)(Johan Rosengren)(sv)
957Arnie (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
958Arnie 2 (1993)(Zeppelin Games)
959Arnie Armchairs Howzat (1984)(Armchair Entertainment)
960Arnies Americas Cup Challenge (1986)(Armchair Entertainment)
961Arnold the Adventurer (19xx)(Guild Adventure Software)
962Around the World (1986)(Daniele Martinelli)
963Arpa Magica (19xx)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
964Arrivo (19xx)(Luigi Recanatese)(it)
965Arrow (1982)(Commodore)
966Arrow Busters (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
967Arrow Shoot (1985)(Tab Books)
968Arrow of Death - Part 1 (1982)(Channel 8 Software)
969Arrow of Death - Part 2 (1982)(Channel 8 Software)
970Arrowhead (1986)(Dieter Becker)(de)
971Arrrgh! (1999)(Binary Zone)(PD)
972Arscet (1990)(CP Verlag)
973Art Auction (19xx)(Steve Reed)
974Artax (1989)(CP Verlag)
975Artemis (19xx)(D. Dziwosz)(de)
976Artillery (19xx)(-)
977Artillery 90 (1990)(CP Verlag)
978Artillery Control (19xx)(Jeff Doffing)
979Artillery Duel (1983)(Xonox)
980Artillery Duell (1983)(Xonox)
981Artris (1995)(CP Verlag)
982Artura (1988)(Sentinent Software)
983Asgard (1989)(-)(de)
984Ashby Manor (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
985Ashes Tour 1993 (1993)(Ken Smith)
986Ashido (1995)(Timsoft)
987Asi - Planet des Todes (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)
988Asiatische Hauptstadte (1998)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
989Asmyr (19xx)(-)(de)
990Aspar GP Master (1988)(Dinamic Software)(es)
991Aspar GP Master - Grand Prix Master (1989)(Dinamic Software)
992Assault Course (1990)(Players Software)
993Assault Machine (1986)(Nexus)
994Assault on Memory Alpha (1983)(Soft 64)
995Assault on the Shevardino Redoubt (1987)(Krentek Software)
996Astatin (1994)(Tale)
997Asterix & Obelix (19xx)(-)(de)
998Asterix (19xx)(-)(de)
999Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (1986)(Melbourne House)
1000Asterix im Morgenland (1987)(Melbourne House)(Side A)
1001Asterix im Morgenland (1987)(Melbourne House)(Side B)
1002Asterix und Obelix - Die Odyssey (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1003Asteroid ! (1983)(WAPI Software)(de)
1004Asteroid (1983)(Interface Publications)
1005Asteroid Belt (1984)(-)
1006Asteroid Blast (1984)(Compute!)
1007Asteroid Field (19xx)(Joe Sweely)
1008Asteroid Lander (19xx)(-)
1009Asteroid Storm (1987)(Loadstar)
1010Asteroid War (1990)(Markt & Technik)
1011Asteroide (1985)(Load n Run)(es)
1012Asteroids (1985)(Tab Books)
1013Asteroids 64 (1987)(Markt & Technik)
1014Astonishing Adventures of Mr. Weems and the She Vampires (1987)(Macmillan Software)
1015Astral Attack (1984)(Anirog Software)
1016Astral Princess (19xx)(-)
1017Astral Zone (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
1018Astray in Jungle (19xx)(-)(de)
1019Astraz (1985)(Edigamma)(it)
1020Astro Belts (1986)(S. Wilson & K. Higgott)
1021Astro Blaster (19xx)(-)
1022Astro Chase (1984)(First Star Software)
1023Astro Chase - Galactica (1984)(First Star Software)(es)
1024Astro Dodge (1984)(V. Tefeij)
1025Astro Fighter (1983)(Interface Publications)
1026Astro Marine Corps (1990)(Dinamic Software)
1027Astro Pilot (1993)(Suncom)
1028Astro Wars (1987)(Loadstar)
1029Astro Worm (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
1030Astro-Grover (1984)(CBS Software)
1031Astro-Panic (1984)(Compute!)
1032Astroblast (1983)(G. Reimuth)
1033Astroblaster (1983)(Courbois Software)(nl)
1034Astroblitz (1983)(Creative Software)
1035Astroblitz Deluxe (1984)(Creative Software)
1036Astrodus Affair - The New Edition, The (1990)(Commodore Disc)
1037Astroids (19xx)(The Wild Thing)
1038Astromania - Journey (1988)(Markt & Technik)
1039Astronaut (1985)(Sonnenverlag)(de)
1040Astronaut Battle (1987)(Elwood Computers)
1041Astrosmash! (19xx)(-)
1042Astrostorm (19xx)(-)
1043Asylum (1985)(Screenplay)
1044At the Market (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
1045Ata (1991)(D. Krajzewicz)
1046Atak Sapera (1998)(Samar)
1047Atalan (1988)(Atlas Adventure Software)
1048Atari II (19xx)(Joe Cannata)(de)
1049Atarisoft Collection (1984)(Atari)
1050Athena (1987)(Imagine Software)
1051Atlantean Odyssey (19xx)(Teri Li)
1052Atlantic Patrol (19xx)(-)(de)
1053Atlantide (1986)(Edizione Societa)(it)
1054Atlantis (1985)(Ariolasoft)(Side A)
1055Atlantis (1985)(Ariolasoft)(Side B)
1056Atlantis (1985)(Ariolasoft)
1057Atlantis History (1991)(-)(PD)
1058Atlantis Lode Runner (19xx)(-)
1059Atom (1987)(Michael Dehnert)(de)
1060Atom Ant to Up and Atom (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
1061Atom Box (1983)(The Code Works)
1062Atom X (1991)(Markt & Technik)
1063Atomic Handball (1985)(Frank Lindsay)(PD)
1064Atomic Isle (1986)(George Knodler)
1065Atomic Robo-Kid (1990)(Activision)(Side A)
1066Atomic Robo-Kid (1990)(Activision)(Side B)
1067Atomic Robo-Kid (1990)(Activision)
1068Atomino (1990)(Psygnosis)(de)
1069Atomix (1990)(Thalion)
1070Atomkraftwerk (19xx)(Thomas Dierkes)(de)
1071Atosnadne! (19xx)(-)
1072Attacchino (1985)(Edicola)(it)
1073Attacco Klingoniano (19xx)(Andrew Farrell)(it)
1074Attacco Nemico (1985)(Edigamma)(it)
1075Attacco Rosso (19xx)(-)(it)
1076Attack (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
1077Attack Chopper! (19xx)(-)
1078Attack Force (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
1079Attack Hovercraft (1987)(Eddie Wallace)
1080Attack into Russia (1983)(R.W. Stevens)
1081Attack of the Atlanteans (1983)(General Masters Corporation)
1082Attack of the Mutant Camels (1983)(Llamasoft)
1083Attack of the Mutant Ninja Blueberries (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
1084Attack of the Mutant Pricks (19xx)(Dirty Dick)
1085Attack of the Mutant TFFs (19xx)(Jeff Minter & Dave Mentos)
1086Attack of the Phantom Karate Devils, The (1983)(Phantom Software)
1087Attack of the Slime Creatures (19xx)(-)
1088Attack of the Software Pirates (1985)(Commodore User)
1089Attack of the Tomato (1984)(Ellis Horwood )
1090Attack of the Vogons (1984)(Melbourne House)
1091Attack on Windscale (1983)(Phoenix Software)
1092Attacker (1984)(Cascade Games)
1093Attaco Aero (19xx)(John Parkinson)(it)
1094Attento AllAcido (19xx)(-)(it)
1095Attribute Blocks (1982)(Commodore Educational Software)
1096Auf Los gehts los (19xx)(Syntax-Magazin)(de)
1097Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
1098Auf Wiedersehen Pet (1984)(Bob Carr)
1099Auf der Suche (1990)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1100Aufstand der Sioux (19xx)(-)(de)
1101Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
1102Aukustin Seikkailut 1 (19xx)(Toni Luode)(FI)
1103Aukustin Seikkailut 2 (19xx)(Toni Luode)(FI)
1104Auld Lang Syne (1994)(Loadstar)
1105Auriga (1986)(Players)
1106Auschwitz Games - The Final Clean Up of Germany (1990)(Sieg Heil)(de)
1107Aussie Assault (1985)(The Guild Adventure Software)
1108Aussie Cricket (19xx)(Michael Kempe & David Wills)
1109Aussie Games (1989)(Mindscape)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
1110Aussie Games (1989)(Mindscape)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
1111Aussie Games (1989)(Mindscape)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
1112Aussie Games (1989)(Mindscape)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
1113Aussie Trip (1985)(Aladdin Software)
1114Austerlitz (1987)(-)(fr)
1115Australian Rules Football (1989)(Alternative Software)
1116Australian Rules Football - Amateur League (1989)(Alternative Software)(Side A)
1117Australian Rules Football - Victorian League (1989)(Alternative Software)(Side B)
1118Australopiticus Robustus (1985)(Rainbow Robustus)
1119Author (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
1120Auto 64 (1985)(Your Computer-Business Press International)
1121Auto Duel (19xx)(Bombjack)
1122Auto Mania (1984)(Mikro-Gen)
1123Auto Racer (19xx)(-)(it)
1124Auto Rallye! (19xx)(-)
1125Auto-Rallye (1982)(Wilhelm Fuchs)(de)
1126Autoduel (1985)(Origin Systems)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
1127Autoduel (1985)(Origin Systems)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
1128Autoduel (1985)(Origin Systems)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
1129Autoduel (1985)(Origin Systems)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
1130Autoduel (1985)(Origin Systems)(Side A)
1131Autoduel (1985)(Origin Systems)(Side B)
1132Automan (1985)(20th Century Fox)
1133Automania (1984)(Mikro-Gen)
1134Autorennen (19xx)(-)
1135Autosalto (1985)(-)(es)
1136Autotest (19xx)(-)
1137Autoverseny (19xx)(-)(hu)
1138Autowuste (19xx)(-)(de)
1139Avalange (19xx)(Courbois Software)(nl)
1140Avaruuden Valtus (1985)(P. Kasanen)
1141Avenger (1983)(Commodore)
1142Aventura Espacial, La - La Conga vs El Celo (1990)(Aventuras AD)(es)
1143Aventura Original I - La Busqueda (1989)(Aventuras AD)(es)
1144Aventura Original II - El Encuentro (1989)(Aventuras AD)(es)
1145Aventura Original, La (1989)(Aventuras AD)(es)
1146Avoid (1992)(Dr. Fizzle)
1147Avoid and Catch (19xx)(Tim McCarthy)(it)
1148Avoid the Noid (1989)(Sharedata)
1149Avventura (19xx)(Linguaggio Macchina)(it)
1150Avventura 1 - La Taverna delle Avventure (19xx)(-)(it)
1151Avventura nel Computer (19xx)(Patrizio Pasini)(it)
1152Avventure di Jack Byteson, Le (1987)(-)(it)
1153Aw-Somi (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
1154Awari (19xx)(-)(de)
1155Axe of Rage (1988)(Epyx)(Side A)
1156Axe of Rage (1988)(Epyx)(Side B)
1157Axe of Rage (1988)(Epyx)
1158Axel Burner II (1994)(Bad Boys Productions)
1159Axiens (19xx)(Alternative Software)
1160Axis Assassin (1982)(Electronic Arts)
1161Azione (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
1162Aztec (1984)(Datamost)
1163Aztec Challenge (1983)(Cosmi)
1164Aztec Challenge - Azteca (1983)(Cosmi)(es)
1165Aztec Tomb (1983)(Alligata Software)
1166Aztec Tomb Revisited (1985)(Alligata Software)
1167B-1 Bomber (1980)(Avalon Hill)
1168B-24 (1987)(SSI)
1169B-Bobs (1990)(CP Verlag)(Side A)
1170B-Bobs (1990)(CP Verlag)(Side B)
1171B-Bobs (1990)(CP Verlag)
1172B-Raid (1988)(Al Dukes)
1173B-Raid! (1989)(Commodore Disc)
1174B-X Racer II (19xx)(-)
1175B.A.T. (1989)(Ubi Soft)(Side A)
1176B.A.T. (1989)(Ubi Soft)(Side B)
1177B.C. Bill (1984)(Imagine Software)
1178B.C. II - Grogs Revenge (1984)(Sierra Online)
1179B1 Nuclear Bomber (1983)(Avalon Hill)
1180BAT (1990)(Ubi Soft)(Side A)
1181BAT (1990)(Ubi Soft)(Side B)
1182BB Barrage (1988)(Compute!)
1183BC Bill (1984)(Image)
1184BC II - Grogs Revenge (1984)(U.S. Gold)
1185BC II - Grogs Revenge - Cavernicola (1984)(U.S. Gold)(es)
1186BCs Quest for Tires (1983)(Sierra Online)
1187BMX Forest Race (1999)(Backward Engineering)
1188BMX Freestyle Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
1189BMX Kidz (1987)(Firebird)
1190BMX Kidz - Game (1987)(Firebird Software)
1191BMX Kidz - Picture (1987)(Firebird Software)
1192BMX Ninja (1988)(Alternative Software)
1193BMX Number Jump (19xx)(-)
1194BMX Racer 2 (19xx)(Mastertronic)
1195BMX Racers (1985)(Mastertronic)
1196BMX Simulator (1986)(Codemasters)
1197BMX Simulator 2 (1989)(Codemasters)
1198BMX Simulator 2 - Dirt Biking (1989)(Codemasters)
1199BMX Simulator 2 - Dirt Biking - Standard Version (1989)(Codemasters)
1200BMX Simulator 2 - Quarry Racing - Expert Version (1989)(Codemasters)
1201BMX Stunts (1984)(Jetsoft)
1202BMX Trials (1985)(Mastertronic)
1203BOCK (1989)(Multisoft)
1204BOFH - Servers Under Siege (2002)(Protovision)(PD)
1205Baal (1989)(Psygnosis)
1206Baby (1982)(Sall Klein & Stan Klein)
1207Baby Blues (1990)(Virgin Games)
1208Baby Blues - Lightgun Version (1990)(Virgin Games)
1209Baby Bluse (1994)(CP Verlag)
1210Baby Jack (1989)(Double Density)
1211Baby Monty (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
1212Baby Pac-Man (1984)(Uki Software)
1213Baby Pacs (1983)(Paul Bahlawan)
1214Baby of Can Guru, The (1987)(Rainbow Arts)
1215Babylon Four (1988)(CP Verlag)
1216Bac Pac (19xx)(I.M. Scull)
1217Bacardi Feeling (1992)(P. Diehm)(de)
1218Baccarat C-64 (1983)(Stefan Harsdorf)(de)
1219Baccaroo (1988)(Markt & Technik)
1220Bacgamon (1990)(A.L. Banks)
1221Back Fire (1991)(Thomas Hedlstroem)
1222Back to Nature (1982)(Commodore)
1223Back to Reality (1986)(Mastertronic)
1224Back to the Future (1986)(Imageworks)
1225Back to the Future II (1990)(Imageworks)(Side A)
1226Back to the Future II (1990)(Imageworks)(Side B)
1227Back to the Future II (1990)(Imageworks)
1228Back to the Future III (1991)(Imageworks)
1229Back to the Present (1993)(The Guild Adventure Software)
1230Backgammon (19xx)(-)(de)
1231Backgammon 64 (1984)(Data Media)(de)
1232Backgammon Championship (19xx)(-)
1233Bacteriolab (1985)(Loadstar)
1234Bad Blood (1991)(Origin Systems)(Side A)
1235Bad Blood (1991)(Origin Systems)(Side B)
1236Bad Cat (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(Side A)
1237Bad Cat (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(Side B)
1238Bad Cat (1987)(Rainbow Arts)
1239Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja (1989)(Data East)
1240Bad Street Brawler (1987)(Mindscape)
1241Badalm (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
1242Badballs (19xx)(-)
1243Badcat (19xx)(-)
1244Badlands (1990)(Domark)
1245Baffles (1993)(Compute!)
1246Bagasaurus (1988)(Hi Tech Expressions)
1247Bagdad (1984)(Compute!)
1248Bagels (19xx)(-)
1249Bagger (1988)(Compute!)
1250Bagitman (1984)(Aardvark Software)
1251Baglar (19xx)(Creative Computing)(sv)
1252Bahnzy (1989)(Settimana Games-Edigamma)(it)
1253Baker Street Kids, The (199x)(Newcomers)
1254Baker Street Kids, The (19xx)(-)(Side A)
1255Baker Street Kids, The (19xx)(-)(Side B)
1256Bakers Game (1997)(Loadstar)
1257Balakon Raider (1986)(Interstel)
1258Ball (1990)(Magic Disk)
1259Ball Blasta (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
1260Ball Crazy (1987)(Mastertronic)
1261Ball Fighter (19xx)(Top Softer Service)
1262Ball Fights (1992)(TER)
1263Ball Game, The (1991)(Electronic Zoo)
1264Ball Man (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
1265Ball Manic (1990)(Josh Newman Software)
1266Ball Maze (1983)(Granada Publishing)
1267Ball-Blasta (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
1268Ball-Job (1993)(CP Verlag)
1269Ball-Land (1993)(CP Verlag)
1270Ball-Land II (1994)(Double Density)
1271Ballblazer (19xx)(Crackman)
1272Ballbooster (1988)(Markt & Technik)
1273Ballerup (1992)(Dome)
1274Balletje Balletje! (1986)(Commodore Dossier)(nl)
1275Balletje De Luxe (1987)(DRJ)
1276Balletje De Luxe v2 (1987)(DRJ)(nl)
1277Ballfever (1993)(CP Verlag)
1278Balliard (1987)(Markt & Technik)
1279Ballistic Missiles (1985)(Tab Books)
1280Ballistix (1999)(Psygnosis)
1281Ballistix - Picture (1999)(-)
1282Ballistx (1989)(Psygnosis)
1283Ballmania (1990)(Amok)
1284Ballon Hunter (19xx)(Puppe Productions)
1285Ballonjagd (1984)(Input 64)(de)
1286Balloon (1983)(A. Roe)
1287Balloon Bash (1994)(Compute!)
1288Balloon Blitz (1984)(Compute!)
1289Balloon Bomber (19xx)(Carl Muller)
1290Balloon Crazy (1992)(Compute!)
1291Balloon Lander (19xx)(-)
1292Balloon Pop (1992)(Compute!)
1293Balloon Raid (1988)(-)
1294Balloon Rescue (1983)(Alligata Software)
1295Balloon Rescue - Globo (1983)(Alligata Software)(es)
1296Balloon Resque (19xx)(-)
1297Balloon Samurai (1988)(-)
1298Balloonacy (2001)(TND Games)(FW)
1299Balloonacy v1.1 (2001)(TND Games)(FW)
1300Balloonacy v1.2 (2001)(TND Games)(FW)
1301Ballooning (19xx)(Five Ways Software)
1302Balls (1992)(Markt & Technik)
1303Balls and Ghosts (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
1304Balls and Walls (1989)(Stephan Lembeck)
1305Balltris (2003)(Paul Hunter)
1306Bally (1987)(Wicked Software)
1307Ballyhoo (1985)(Infocom)
1308Ballz (1995)(LK Avalon)
1309Ballz 1 v2 (1996)(Eagleware International)
1310Baloncesto (1985)(Commodore)(es)
1311Balooney (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
1312Balsta Slappet (19xx)(-)
1313Balthars Castle (1984)(Stefan Jania)(de)
1314Baltic 1985 - When Superpowers Collide (1984)(SSI)
1315Banana Dash (2004)(TND Games)(FW)
1316Banana Drama (1984)(Visions Software)
1317Banana Jones (19xx)(-)
1318Banana Jones and the Temple of Goons (1989)(Binary Zone)(PD)
1319Bandage, The (1991)(Ruben Spaans)
1320Bandana City (1984)(Interceptor Micros)
1321Bandit (1983)(-)
1322Bandits (1983)(Sirius Software)
1323Banger Racer (1990)(Cult Software)
1324Bangers & Mash (1992)(Alternative Software)
1325Bangers And Mash (1984)(Ocean Software)
1326Bangers and Mash (1984)(Ocean Software)
1327Bangkok Knights (1987)(System 3)(Side A)
1328Bangkok Knights (1987)(System 3)(Side B)
1329Bangkok Knights (1987)(System 3)
1330Bango (1984)(Micro Application)(fr)
1331Bank Heist (19xx)(Jim Green)
1332Bankrupt (1985)(Ken Smith)
1333Bannercatch (1984)(Scholastic)
1334Banzai! (19xx)(-)
1335Barbarian (1988)(Melbourne House)
1336Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior (1987)(Palace Software)(Side A)
1337Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior (1987)(Palace Software)(Side B)
1338Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior (1987)(Palace Software)
1339Barbarian 1 - The Ultimate Warrior (1987)(Palace)
1340Barbarian 1+2 (1987)(Palace Software)
1341Barbarian 2 (1988)(Palace Software)(Side A)
1342Barbarian 2 (1988)(Palace Software)(Side B)
1343Barbarian 2 (1988)(Palace Software)
1344Barbarian 2 - The Dungeon of Drax (1988)(Palace)
1345Barbarian Jnr. (1988)(Danish Broadcasting System)
1346Barbarian Land (19xx)(Peta Software Inc.)
1347Barbarian Pack (198x)(Palace)(Side A)
1348Barbarian Pack (198x)(Palace)(Side B)
1349Barbarians (1988)(Psygnosis)
1350Barbaros (1986)(UFO)
1351Barbie (1984)(Epyx)
1352Bards Tale 1 (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
1353Bards Tale 1 (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
1354Bards Tale 1 (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
1355Bards Tale 1 (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)(Boot)
1356Bards Tale 1 (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)(Character Disk)
1357Bards Tale 1 (1985)(Electronic Arts)
1358Bards Tale 2 (1986)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)(Boot)
1359Bards Tale 2 (1986)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)(Character Disk)
1360Bards Tale 2 (1986)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
1361Bards Tale 2 (1986)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
1362Bards Tale 3 (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)(Boot)
1363Bards Tale 3 (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
1364Bards Tale 3 (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
1365Bards Tale 3 (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
1366Bards Tale 3 (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
1367Bards Tale 3 (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
1368Bards Tale Charakter Editor, The (19xx)(V. Roth)
1369Bards Tale, The (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2)
1370Bards Tale, The (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2)
1371Bards Tale, The (1985)(Electronic Arts)(de)(Disk 1 of 3)
1372Bards Tale, The (1985)(Electronic Arts)(de)(Disk 2 of 3)
1373Bards Tale, The (1985)(Electronic Arts)(de)(Disk 3 of 3)
1374Barmy Bills Flight of Fun (19xx)(Lee Hudson & David Green)
1375Barmy Bills Flight of Fun (19xx)(Lee Hudson & David Green)
1376Barmy Builders (19xx)(Ocean)
1377Barney Brown and the Chicago Connection (1987)(Atlas Adventure Software)
1378Baron - The Real Estate Simulation (1983)(Blue Chip Software)(Side A)
1379Baron - The Real Estate Simulation (1983)(Blue Chip Software)(Side B)
1380Baroness (1992)(Loadstar)
1381Barre (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1382Barrel Jump (1984)(Cascade Games)
1383Barricade (19xx)(-)(nl)
1384Barrier Battle (1984)(Compute!)
1385Barrier-System (1983)(Norbert Pahlow)
1386Barrier-System - Muro, El (1983)(Norbert Pahlow)(es)
1387Barrikade (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)
1388Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing (1985)(Sportsware)
1389Barry McGuigan World Championshop Boxing (1985)(Sportsware Productions)
1390Bart Simpson (19xx)(Tomi Malinen)
1391Bart vs. the Space Mutants (1991)(Ocean Software)
1392Base 3 (1988)(Pirate Software)
1393Base Sottomarina (1989)(Settimana Games)(it)
1394Baseball (19xx)(-)
1395Baseball Adventure (1984)(Loadstar)
1396Baseline (19xx)(-)
1397Basen (19xx)(Peter Adams)(de)
1398Basex (1989)(Peter Finch)
1399Bash Yar Brains Trivia v1.0 (19xx)(-)
1400Bash Yer Brains! (19xx)(Troy Rutter & Jason Moore)
1401Basic Maths (1986)(Alpha Software)
1402Basil - The Great Mouse Detective (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
1403Basildon Bond (1986)(Probe Software)
1404Basket (1983)(-)
1405Basket Case (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
1406Basket Manager, The (1990)(Simulmondo)(en-it)
1407Basket Master (1987)(Imagine Software)
1408Basket Master - Fernando Martin (1987)(Imagine Software)(es)
1409Basket Playoff (1992)(Simulmundo)
1410Basketball (1983)(Commodore)
1411Basketball - The Game of all Games (19xx)(-)
1412Basketball - The Pro Game (1985)(Lance Haffner Games)
1413Basketball Manager (1989)(-)
1414Basketball Sam & Ed (1987)(Compute!)
1415Bastion (1990)(Compute!)
1416Bat (1990)(CP Verlag)
1417Bat Attack (1983)(Alligata Software)
1418Bat Attack - Odisea Espacial (1983)(Alligata Software)(es)
1419Bat Boy (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
1420Bat Creation (1990)(-)(Disk 1 of 4)
1421Bat Creation (1990)(-)(Disk 2 of 4)
1422Bat Creation (1990)(-)(Disk 3 of 4)
1423Bat Creation (1990)(-)(Disk 4 of 4)
1424Bat! (1979)(Cursor Magazine)
1425Bataille Naval (19xx)(-)(fr)
1426Batalla de Inglaterra, La (19xx)(Personal Software Services)(es)
1427Batalyx (1985)(Llamasoft)
1428Bath Time (1984)(Personal Software Services)
1429Bathroom Chaos (1997)(Richard Bayliss)(FW)
1430Batman & Fatman Compilation (19xx)(-)
1431Batman (1989)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
1432Batman (1989)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
1433Batman (1989)(Ocean Software)
1434Batman - The Caped Crusader (1988)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
1435Batman - The Caped Crusader (1988)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
1436Batman - The Caped Crusader (1988)(Ocean Software)
1437Batman - The Movie (1989)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
1438Batman - The Movie (1989)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
1439Batman - The Movie (1989)(Ocean Software)
1440Batman 2 - Part 1 of 2 (19xx)(-)
1441Batman 2 - Part 2 of 2 (19xx)(-)
1442Batman II (19xx)(-)
1443Bator Lovag, A (1985)(Tihor Miklos)(hu)
1444Battaglia Lunare (1985)(Edigamma)(it)
1445Battaglia Missilistica (19xx)(-)(it)
1446Battaglia Stellare (1985)(Edicola)(it)
1447Battalion Commander (1985)(SSI)
1448Batter Up! (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
1449Battie (1986)(PowerPlay Magazine)
1450Battle (1993)(Binary Zone)(PD)
1451Battle Bars (1992)(Electric Brains)
1452Battle Bound Project (1986)(Michael A. Knox)(Side A)
1453Battle Bound Project (1986)(Michael A. Knox)(Side B)
1454Battle Bound Project (1986)(Michael A. Knox)
1455Battle Buggy (19xx)(Keypunch Software)
1456Battle Chess (1989)(Interplay)(Side A)
1457Battle Chess (1989)(Interplay)(Side B)
1458Battle Chess II (1989-10)(Interplay)(Side A)
1459Battle Chess II (1989-10)(Interplay)(Side B)
1460Battle Chopper (1987)(-)
1461Battle Command (1991)(Ocean Software)
1462Battle Droidz (1987)(Datasoft)
1463Battle Fear (1984)(Interface Publications)
1464Battle Field (1988)(Atlantis Software)
1465Battle Group (1986)(SSI)
1466Battle Island (1988)(Novagen Software)
1467Battle Ship (1987)(Elite)
1468Battle Ships (1987)(Elite)
1469Battle Star (19xx)(-)
1470Battle Stations (1988)(Alligata Software)
1471Battle Tank (1994)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
1472Battle Through Time (1984)(Anirog Software)
1473Battle Tiger I (1989)(Magic Disk)
1474Battle Valley (1988)(Rack-It)
1475Battle War (19xx)(Simon Wellard)(it)
1476Battle at Stonehenge (19xx)(-)
1477Battle for Normandy (1983)(SSI)
1478Battle in Space (1988)(Geir Straume)
1479Battle of Antietam v1.0 (1985)(SSI)
1480Battle of Britain (1985)(Personal Software Services)
1481Battle of Midway, The (1984)(Personal Software Services)
1482Battle of Rome (1990)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1483Battle of Thurn (1995)(CP Verlag)
1484Battle of the Parthian Kings (1985)(Avalon Hill)
1485Battle of the Planets (19xx)(Mikro-Gen)
1486Battle of the World (1989)(Stefan Klotz)
1487Battle on the High Seas (1983)(Commodore)
1488Battlecruiser (1987)(SSI)(Side A)
1489Battlecruiser (1987)(SSI)(Side B)
1490Battlecruiser (1987)(SSI)
1491Battlefield (1988)(Markt & Technik)
1492Battlefield Earth (19xx)(Pulse Productions)
1493Battlefront (1986)(SSG)
1494Battles of Napoleon (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
1495Battles of Napoleon (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
1496Battles of Napoleon (1988)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
1497Battles of Napoleon (1988)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
1498Battles of Napoleon (1988)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
1499Battleship (1987)(Fresh)
1500Battleship Game (1985)(Tab Books)
1501Battleship War (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
1502Battleships (19xx)(Jim Butterfield)
1503Battlestar Fighter (1987)(Wicked Software)
1504Battletank (1998)(SYS PD)(PD)
1505Battletech (1989)(Infocom)(Side A)
1506Battletech (1989)(Infocom)(Side B)
1507Battletrance (19xx)(Stuart Douglas)
1508Battlezone (1984)(Atari)
1509Batty (1987)(Elite)
1510Baudleship (1985)(PowerPlay Magazine)
1511Bauern-Legen (19xx)(-)(de)
1512Bauernskat (19xx)(-)(de)
1513Bay Street (19xx)(Roger D. Burge)
1514Bazair (1989)(Almost Software)
1515Bazooka Bill (1985)(Melbourne House)
1516Bburago Rally (1995)(576 kByte)(hu)
1517Bc Bill (1984)(-)
1518Be Logical (1992)(Markt & Technik)
1519Beach Blanket Volleyball (1986)(Advantage)
1520Beach Buggy Simulator (1988)(Silverbird Software)
1521Beach Commando (1992)(-)
1522Beach Head (1983)(Access Software)
1523Beach Head 1 (1983)(Access Software)
1524Beach Head 2 (1985)(Access Software)
1525Beach Head 3 (198x)(Access Software)
1526Beach Volley (1990)(Ocean Software)
1527Beach Volleyball (1990)(Ocean Software)
1528Beach-Head (19xx)(Access Software)
1529Beaky and the Eggsnatchers (1984)(Fantasy Software)
1530Beale Code - Treasure Hunting at Home (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
1531Beam (1989)(Magic Bytes)
1532Beamrider (1984)(Activision)
1533Bear Bovver (19xx)(Artic Computing)
1534Bear George (1999)(-)
1535Bears Night Out, A (19xx)(Infocom)(Side A)
1536Bears Night Out, A (19xx)(Infocom)(Side B)
1537Beast (1994)(Dipo Data)
1538Beastoids (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
1539Beat Ball (1991)(CP Verlag)
1540Beat It! - Jammin II (1987)(Mastertronic)
1541Beat the Clock - Fractions (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
1542Beat the Clock - Multiply (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
1543Beat the Clock - Percents (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
1544Beatball (1991)(Double Density)
1545Beatle Quest (1985)(Number 9 Software)
1546Beauty and the Beast (1996)(System 3)
1547Beauty and the Beast - Previw (1999)(System 3)
1548Because of a Cat (1993)(The Guild Adventure Software)
1549Bedlam (1988)(Go!)
1550Bee 52 (1992)(Codemasters)
1551Bee 52 - Game (1992)(Codemasters)
1552Bee 52 - Picture (1992)(Codemasters)
1553Bee Hive (19xx)(-)
1554Bee Zone (1987)(Compute!)
1555BeeHive (1986)(Compute!)
1556Beekeeper (1984)(Compute!)
1557Beer Belly Bert in Brew Biz (1985)(American Eagle Software)
1558Beetle (1990)(Markt & Technik)
1559Begriffe merken (1983)(R. Mudrak)(de)
1560Begriffe raten (19xx)(-)(de)
1561Behind the Front (19xx)(-)
1562Behold - Atlantis (19xx)(Laurence Creighton)
1563Beirut 84 (1983)(Byte Soft)
1564Bel Osero (1986)(Bell Soft)
1565Bel Super Waiter (19xx)(Bell Soft)
1566Belagerung (19xx)(-)(de)
1567Belagerung II (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1568Belote (19xx)(-)(fr)
1569Belote Retournee (19xx)(Bruno Forsans)(fr)
1570Below the Root (1984)(Windham Classics)(Side A)
1571Below the Root (1984)(Windham Classics)(Side B)
1572Ben (1989)(CP Verlag)
1573Beneath the Tenement (1993)(Loadstar)
1574Benji - Space Rescue (1983)(Isa Software)
1575Berania (1995)(Funk Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 6 Side A)
1576Berania (1995)(Funk Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 6 Side B)
1577Berania (1995)(Funk Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 6 Side A)
1578Berania (1995)(Funk Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 6 Side B)
1579Berania (1995)(Funk Software)(de)(Disk 3 of 6 Side A)
1580Berania (1995)(Funk Software)(de)(Disk 3 of 6 Side B)
1581Berania (1995)(Funk Software)(de)(Disk 4 of 6 Side A)
1582Berania (1995)(Funk Software)(de)(Disk 4 of 6 Side B)
1583Berania (1995)(Funk Software)(de)(Disk 5 of 6 Side A)
1584Berania (1995)(Funk Software)(de)(Disk 5 of 6 Side B)
1585Berania (1995)(Funk Software)(de)(Disk 6 of 6 Side A)
1586Berania (1995)(Funk Software)(de)(Disk 6 of 6 Side B)
1587Bergfex, Der (1985)(Sonnenverlag)(de)
1588Bergwerk (1984)(Norbert Massoth)(de)
1589Bering (1984)(Jawx)(fr)
1590Berries (1994)(Compute!)
1591Berserker Raids (1982)(Berserker Works)
1592Bert the Bug Bites Back (1987)(Jason Briggs)
1593Berty (1986)(Data House)(de)(PD)
1594Berty II (1989)(Commodore Disc)(de)
1595Berzerk (1986)(Alpha Software)
1596Besieged (1994)(Loadstar)
1597Best of Beyond, The (1986)(Beyond Software)(Side A)
1598Best of Beyond, The (1986)(Beyond Software)(Side B)
1599Best of Elite Vol.1 - Airwolf (19xx)(Hit Pak)
1600Best of Elite Vol.1 - Bombjack (19xx)(Hit Pak)
1601Best of Elite Vol.1 - Commando (19xx)(Hit Pak)
1602Best of Elite Vol.2 - Battle Ships (19xx)(Hit Pak)
1603Best of Elite Vol.2 - Bombjack II (19xx)(Hit Pak)
1604Best of Elite Vol.2 - Ghosts n Goblins (19xx)(Hit Pak)
1605Best of Elite Vol.2 - Paperboy (19xx)(Hit Pak)
1606Bestseller (1984)(Andreas Werminghoff)(de)
1607Betoeres a Bazisra (1989)(-)(hu)
1608Beton Rats (1987)(-)
1609Betrayal (1990)(Microprose Software)
1610Bets (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
1611Betsy Ross (2000)(Loadstar)
1612Better Dead Than Alien (1988)(Electra Software)
1613Betting Hi - Lo Game (1985)(Tab Books)
1614Between Poker (19xx)(-)
1615Beverly Hills Cop (1990)(Tynesoft)
1616Beyond Bust #001 (19xx)(-)
1617Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (1984)(Muse Software)
1618Beyond Dark Castel (1989)(Activision)
1619Beyond Dark Castle (1989)(Activision)(Side A)
1620Beyond Dark Castle (1989)(Activision)(Side B)
1621Beyond Night Run (1987)(-)
1622Beyond Shadowfire (1985)(Denton Designs)
1623Beyond the Black Hole (1990)(The Software Toolworks)
1624Beyond the Forbidden Forest (1985)(Cosmi)
1625Beyond the Ice Palace (1988)(Elite)
1626Beyond, The (19xx)(PK Software)(nl)
1627Biathlon (1988)(Elwood Computers)
1628Bible Divisions, Pauls Letters & the Gospels (19xx)(Bob Jackson)
1629Biblet Basher (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
1630Bicicle Race (19xx)(Karl Hoernell)(it)
1631Biene Maja (1986)(Tronic)
1632Biero-City (1988)(Commodore Disc)(de)
1633Biff (1992)(Beyond Belief)
1634Big 4 - Combat Lynx (1984)(Durell Software)
1635Big 4 - Critical Mass (1986)(Durell Software)
1636Big 4 - Saboteur (1986)(Durell Software)
1637Big 4 - Turbo Esprit (1986)(Durell Software)
1638Big Bad Wolf (1982)(Victory Software)
1639Big Ben (1984)(Interceptor Micros)
1640Big Birds Funhouse (1984)(CBS Software)
1641Big Birds Special Delivery (1984)(CBS Software)
1642Big Blue Elephants (1984)(Interface Publications)
1643Big Boss (1989)(Commodore Disc)(de)
1644Big Deal, The (1986)(Radarsoft)
1645Big Deal, The - Floyd in der Kueche (1986)(Radarsoft)(de)
1646Big Deal, The - Floyd the Droid on Food (1986)(Radarsoft)
1647Big Fish Tale (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
1648Big Fishing (19xx)(-)
1649Big Foot (1990)(Codemasters)
1650Big Game Fishing (19xx)(Simulmundo)
1651Big KO, The (1987)(Tynesoft)
1652Big Mac (1985)(Mastertronic)
1653Big Mac - The Mad Maintenance Man (1985)(Mastertronic)
1654Big Mac - The Mad Maintenance Man - Lampista, El (1985)(Mastertronic)(es)
1655Big Mad (19xx)(C.S. Nemeth)
1656Big Momma (2003)(Mombasa Joe)
1657Big Momma 2 (2003)(Mombasa Joe)
1658Big Momma II - Momma Strikes Back (2002)(Mombasa Joe)
1659Big Sleaze (19xx)(-)
1660Big Star Trader, The (1991)(S+S Soft)(de)
1661Big Trouble In Little China (1987)(Electric Dreams)
1662Big Trouble in Little China (1987)(Electric Dreams)
1663Bigfoot (1990)(Codemasters)
1664Biggles (1986)(Mirrorsoft)
1665Biggles - The Secret Weapon (1986)(Mirrorsoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
1666Biggles - TimeWarp (1986)(Mirrorsoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
1667Bignoses USA Adventure (1992)(Codemasters)
1668Bigtop Barney (1984)(Interceptor Micros)
1669Bike (19xx)(Brookfield Software)
1670Bike-Ride (1984)(Wolfgang Dunczewski)
1671Biker Dave (1986)(Compute!)
1672Bilder Puzzle (1984)(Europa Computer Club)(de)
1673Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (1989)(Capstone)(Side A)
1674Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (1989)(Capstone)(Side B)
1675Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure (1989)(Capstone)
1676Bill Britton Blackjack (19xx)(-)
1677Bill da Snowman (19xx)(Patrick Edmond)
1678Billard (1983)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1679Billboard (1989)(Silverbird Software)
1680Billiard (1984)(Alma Compute)
1681Billiards (1983)(Commodore)
1682Billy Barker Investigates (1993)(The Guild Adventure Software)
1683Billy Barker in Walesville (1993)(The Guild Adventure Software)
1684Billy Barkers TV Hell (1993)(The Guild Adventure Software)
1685Billy the Postman (1984)(Bud Spencer)
1686Bimo (19xx)(-)(de)
1687Bingo (1984)(Loadstar)
1688Bingo 64 (1984)(Compute!)
1689Bingo Bongo (19xx)(-)(es)
1690Bingo Bugglebee Presents - Home Alone (1985)(Quest Learning Systems)
1691Bingo Construction Kit (1988)(Box Office)
1692Bingo Construction Set (1987)(Loadstar)
1693Bingo Simulator (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
1694Bingo at the Towers (1993)(Loadstar)
1695Bio War (19xx)(Lazer Image)
1696Bio War II (19xx)(Lazer Image)
1697Biological Warfare (19xx)(-)
1698Bionic Commando (1987)(Go!)
1699Bionic Commando - US Version (1988)(Capcom)
1700Bionic Granny (1984)(Mastertronic)
1701Bionic Ninja (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
1702Bird Invaders (19xx)(Mohamed Assari)
1703Bird Mother (1984)(Andromeda Software)
1704Birds, The (1994)(Single Density Software)
1705Bisley (1992)(Loadstar)
1706Bismarck - The North Sea Chase (1987)(Personal Software Services)(de)
1707Bismark (1983)(Argus Press)
1708Bit Exorcist (1989)(Kingsoft)
1709Bit of Pipe (19xx)(Panu Tuominen)(FI)
1710Bite of the Sorority Vampires (1988)(Free Spirit Software)
1711Bitmania (1983)(-)
1712Bivouac (1987)(Infogrames)(fr)
1713Bizare (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
1714Bizy Beezzz (1984)(-)
1715Bizy-Beez (1984)(Solar Software)
1716Bizy-Beezzzz (1984)(Solar Software)
1717Black & White (1994)(CP Verlag)
1718Black (1983)(Island Software)
1719Black Adder (1985)(HaMa Software)
1720Black Belt (1984)(Earthware)
1721Black Box (1985)(S+S Soft)(de)
1722Black Box, The (1983)(MicroSpec)
1723Black Crystal (1985)(Mastertronic)
1724Black Crystal 1-4 (1985)(Mastertronic)(Side A)
1725Black Crystal 1-4 (1985)(Mastertronic)(Side B)
1726Black Gold (1989)(reLine Software)(Side A)
1727Black Gold (1989)(reLine Software)(Side B)
1728Black Gold (19xx)(-)(it)
1729Black Gold - Schwarzes Gold (1993)(Starbyte Software)(de)
1730Black Hawk (1984)(Thorn Emi)
1731Black Hole (1984)(Compute!)
1732Black Hornet (1992)(Hi-Tec Software)
1733Black It (1995)(CP Verlag)
1734Black Jack (1983)(Brookfield Software)(nl)
1735Black Jack 2 (19xx)(-)(de)
1736Black Jack 84 (1984)(Factory)
1737Black Jewel, The (1986)(Frank McMahon)
1738Black Knight (1984)(Interdisc)
1739Black Knight 2 (19xx)(-)
1740Black Knight Adventure (1988)(Mandy Rodriguez)
1741Black Knight, The (1988)(Atlas Adventure Software)
1742Black Lamp (1988)(Firebird)
1743Black Lightning (1988)(The Lyon)
1744Black Magic (1987)(Datasoft)
1745Black Mass, The (19xx)(Damian Steele)
1746Black Out (1984)(Europa Computer Club)(de)
1747Black Panther (1991)(CP Verlag)
1748Black Pearl, The (1993)(Logyk Software)
1749Black Quiz (1995)(Art Project)
1750Black Thunder (1984)(A. Crowther)
1751Black Tiger (1989)(U.S. Gold)
1752Black Tower, The (19xx)(-)
1753Blackbox (1980)(Creative Computing)
1754Blackhole (19xx)(Magic Disk)
1755Blackjack (19xx)(-)
1756Blackjack - 17 & 4 (1980)(Andreas Dripke)(de)
1757Blackjack 64 (1982)(Ed Cotta)
1758Blackjack Academy (1987)(Microillusions)
1759Blackjack Basic Strategy (19xx)(Jeffrey Sherwood)
1760Blackjack Tutor Basic Strategy (19xx)(Sir Tom)
1761Blackpool Tower (1991)(The Guild Adventure Software)
1762Blackwyche (1985)(Ultimate)
1763Blade Runner (1985)(CRL)
1764Blade of Blackpool, The (1982)(Sirius Software)
1765Blades of Steel (1990)(Konami)
1766Blagger (1983)(Alligata Software)
1767Blagger - Collecionista, El (1983)(Alligata Software)(es)
1768Blagger Construction Set (198x)(1701)
1769Blagger Goes to Hollywood (1984)(Alligata Software)
1770Blagger II (1984)(Antony Crowther)
1771Blagger Junior (19xx)(Antony Crowther)(nl)
1772Blakhole (1989)(CP Verlag)
1773Blam! (1983)(Compute!)
1774Blap em Out! (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
1775Blasphemy (19xx)(-)
1776Blast Ball (1988)(Argus)
1777Blast City (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
1778Blast Fest (2000)(TND Games)(FW)
1779Blast That Plane! (1999)(Rob Caporetto)
1780Blast-Off! (1989)(Compute!)
1781Blastem (1989)(CP Verlag)
1782Blaster (1986)(Paravision Company)
1783Blasteroids (1988)(Imageworks)
1784Blasters of the Universe (1988)(Lyon)
1785Blasters of the Universe 2 (1989)(Lyon)
1786Blax (19xx)(-)
1787Blaze (1984)(Romik Software)
1788Blaze Out (1989)(Ocean Software)
1789Blaze! (1982)(Bob Chappell)
1790Blazer (1987)(Nexus)
1791Blazing Thunder (1990)(Hi TEC Software)
1792Blimps (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
1793Blind Mans Bluff (1984)(Eioval Software)(en-fr)
1794Blinded with Science (19xx)(-)(PD)
1795Blindflug-Training (19xx)(Frank Jahnke)(de)
1796Blinkys Scary School (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
1797Blinkys Scary School! (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
1798Blip - Video Classics (1989)(Pagoda)
1799Blip Blop (19xx)(-)
1800Blip Blop III (1988)(Faz)
1801Blip! (1988)(Pagoda Software)
1802Blip! Video Classics (1988-11-22)(Pagoda Software)
1803Blipblaster (1990)(Loadstar)
1804Blitter (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
1805Blitz (1983)(Courbois Software)(nl)
1806Blitz 2000 (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
1807Blitz 3000 (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
1808Blitz Troop (1988)(-)
1809Blitz-Vergleich (19xx)(-)(de)
1810Blitzkrieg (1987)(Ariolasoft)
1811Blizzard ! - Commando Libya Part I (1986)(Robert Piftzner)
1812Blizzard Part 1 - Commando Libya (1986)(Robert Pfitzner)
1813Blizzard Pass (1986)(Adventuresoft)
1814Blob (1988)(Softgraf)
1815Blob Blob (19xx)(-)(it)
1816Blob, The (1990)(Future Publishing)
1817Blobber (1988)(Markt & Technik)
1818Block (1984)(PGK)
1819Block Battle (1989)(Compute!)
1820Block Blaster (1986)(Special-Soft)(nl)
1821Block Bust (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
1822Block Buster (1988)(Mindscape)
1823Block Busters (1985)(Martin Greil)
1824Block Busters - All New (1988)(Macsen Software)
1825Block Car Race (19xx)(-)
1826Block Game, The (1983)(Bob Janes)
1827Block Out (1989)(California Dreams)
1828Block Out III (1987)(CS Productions)(de)
1829Block Shock (1991)(Alive Design)
1830Block Tumble! (1991)(Markt & Technik)
1831Block n Bubble (1986)(Markt & Technik)
1832Block n Bubble II (1988)(Markt & Technik)
1833Block-Out (1985)(Markt & Technik)
1834Blockade (1984)(Europa Computer Club)(de)
1835Blockade 64 (1983)(Macrosoft)
1836Blockade Special! (1981)(Gil Winkler)
1837Blockbuster (1988)(Mindscape)
1838Blockbusters (1989)(Markt & Technik)
1839Blockbusters - Goldrun (1988)(Macsen Software)
1840Blockhead (1983)(Compute!)
1841Blockie (19xx)(-)
1842Blockout! (1983)(Interface Publications)
1843Blockrockey - Blockbusters Revenge (1992)(Michael Stickler & Johan van Berken)
1844Blocks (19xx)(J&F Publishing)
1845Blocktower (1987)(Wicked Software)
1846Blockwords (1998)(J&F Publishing)
1847Bloid Bros (1988)(Paul Rogers)
1848Blood & Guts (1986)(Greve)
1849Blood (2000)(Arts of Darkness)
1850Blood 2 - Back to Brutality (2003-01-14)(Arts Of Darkness)
1851Blood Brothers (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
1852Blood Hand (1997)(Unreal)
1853Blood Money (1990)(Psygnosis)
1854Blood Valley (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)(M3)
1855Blood War (1989)(SYS PD)(PD)
1856Blood and Guts (1986)(American Action)
1857Blood is Cool (1995)(The Skull)
1858Blood n Guts (1986)(American Action)(Side A)
1859Blood n Guts (1986)(American Action)(Side B)
1860Blood n Guts (1986)(American Action)
1861Bloodwych (1990)(Imageworks)
1862Blooming Flowers (19xx)(F. Feind, G. Montli & A. Zachovai)
1863Bloos Magic Trip (1993)(Gareth Taft)
1864Blopp (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1865Blow It (1986)(Input 64)
1866Blow It v2.5 (1986)(Input 64)
1867Blow Out (19xx)(Bob Root)
1868Blow Up the Earth (1990)(SYS PD)(PD)
1869Blox (1992)(Magna Media)
1870Blox Trot (1993)(Compute!)
1871Blubria (198x)(CP Verlag)
1872Blue Angel (1993)(Michael Haertig)(de)
1873Blue Angel 69 (1989)(Magic Bytes)
1874Blue Angels (1990)(Accolade)
1875Blue Baron (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
1876Blue Dimension (1994)(Mike Futcher)
1877Blue Encounter, The (1993)(-)
1878Blue Max (1983)(U.S. Gold)
1879Blue Max 2001 (1984)(Synapse Software)
1880Blue Moon (1983)(Merlin Software)
1881Blue Moon - Ensamblaje (1983)(Merlin Software)(es)
1882Blue Note (19xx)(J. Free)
1883Blue Powder - Grey Smoke (1987)(Garde Games)(Side A)
1884Blue Powder - Grey Smoke (1987)(Garde Games)(Side B)
1885Blue Print (1983)(Commodore)
1886Blue Thunder (1984)(Richard Wilcox Software)
1887Blue Wonder (19xx)(Blupi)
1888Blueberries (1984)(Compute!)
1889Blueberry (19xx)(-)(de)(Side A)
1890Blueberry (19xx)(-)(de)(Side B)
1891Blues Brothers on a Mission (1994)(Champion Software)
1892Blues Brothers, The (1991)(Titus Software)
1893Bluey Blob (19xx)(Bedroom Software)
1894Bluey Blob 2 (1994)(Bedroom Software)
1895Blume der siebentaegigen Weisheit (1988)(Verlag Heinz Heise)(de)
1896Blumenschiessen (19xx)(Uwe Hesse)(de)
1897Blunder Bash (19xx)(Peter Liepa)
1898Blur, The (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
1899Bob (1984)(Ludger Dinkelbach)(de)
1900Bob Moran - Rittertum (1988)(Infogrames)
1901Bob Moran - Science Fiction (1988)(Infogrames)
1902Bob Nixie and the Castle of the Illusion (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
1903Bobby Bearing (1986)(The Edge Software)
1904Bobix (1994)(CP Verlag)
1905Bobo (19xx)(Infogrames)
1906Bobs Bakery (1984)(-)
1907Bobs Full House (1988)(Domark)
1908Bobs Winner (1988)(Loricels)
1909Bobsleigh (1987)(Digital Integration)
1910Bocce (1987)(Simulmundo)
1911Bod Squad, The (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
1912Bodo Illgners Super Soccer (1989)(Empire)(de)
1913Body Blow (1994)(Tony Barker)
1914Body Slam (1988)(Firebird Software)
1915Body Transparent, The (1985)(Designware)
1916Body in Focus, The (1985)(CBS Software)
1917Boeing-727 Simulator (19xx)(-)(de)
1918Boer Jansens Boerderij (1984)(Mirrorsoft)(da)
1919Boersenfieber (1988)(Falken Software)(de)
1920Boersenspiel (1985)(BSS)
1921Boersenspiel, Das (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1922Bof (19xx)(-)
1923Bofh (2002)(Electric Harem)
1924Boggit, The (1986)(CRL)
1925Boggles - The Mind Boggler (1984)(Cascade Games)
1926Boggling! (1988)(Loadstar)
1927Bogue (1997)(Knightcoder)
1928Bogue 2 (1997)(Knightcoder)
1929Bogymen (1984)(Solar Software)
1930Bohnespiel (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
1931Boing (1986)(Bubble Bus Software)
1932Boing 727 Simulator (19xx)(-)(de)
1933Boingmaster (1991)(Markt & Technik)
1934Bojo (1988)(ECP)
1935Bolera (19xx)(Lenguaje Maquina)(es)
1936Bolero (1985)(Pasi Pentikainen & Pasi Ristioja)
1937Bolle Bolle (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
1938Bolo (1993)(First Blood)
1939Bolond Kastely, A (1988)(Robinson Soft)(hu)
1940Bolsa, La (19xx)(-)(es)
1941Bomb Ace (1983)(General Masters Corporation)
1942Bomb Addition (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
1943Bomb Chase (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
1944Bomb Fusion (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
1945Bomb Jack (1986)(Elite)
1946Bomb Jack - Picture (1986)(Elite)
1947Bomb Jack 2 (1986)(Elite)
1948Bomb Mania (1997)(Classical Games)
1949Bomb Runner (1986)(Markt & Technik)
1950Bomb Squad (19xx)(Jim Green)
1951Bomb Sweeper 64 (1996)(Winkel Software)
1952Bomb Threat (1983)(Bruce Robinson)
1953Bomb Uzal (1988)(Mirrorsoft)
1954Bomb Uzal - Note (1988)(Mirrorsoft)
1955Bomb Uzal - Picture (1988)(Mirrorsoft)
1956Bomb in a Box (1983)(Lawrenceville Press)
1957Bomb-Hunt (19xx)(Courbois Software)(nl)
1958Bombard (1992)(RUN-IDG Communications)
1959Bombard Berlin 1944 (19xx)(Joy Edelweiss)
1960Bombardier (19xx)(-)
1961Bombardiere (19xx)(-)(it)
1962Bombardment (1988)(Compute!)
1963Bombarolo (1989)(Settimana Games-Edigamma)(it)
1964Bombel (1995)(Tomasz Przybylski)
1965Bombenleger (19xx)(-)(de)
1966Bomber (19xx)(-)
1967Bomber Barney (1986)(Alpha Software)
1968Bomber CBM-64 (1983)(Brookfield Software)(nl)
1969Bomber Copter (19xx)(-)
1970Bomber Run (1983)(Sunshine Publications)
1971Bomberman (19xx)(Champion Software)
1972Bomberman II Penuts (19xx)(Champion Software)
1973Bombi (1995)(Tim Soft)(pl)
1974Bombing Run (1984)(Svens Software)(nl)
1975Bombo (1986)(Rino Marketing)
1976Bombrun (1983)(Softcell)
1977Bombs Away! (1988)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
1978Bonanza (19xx)(-)
1979Bonanza Bros (1992)(Sega)(Side A)
1980Bonanza Bros (1992)(Sega)(Side B)
1981Bonanza Bros (1992)(Sega)
1982Bond (1987)(-)
1983Bonduelle Soccer (1987)(-)
1984Bone Cruncher (1987)(Superior Software)
1985Bongo (1984)(Kingsoft)
1986Bonka (1983)(Mikros)
1987Bonking Barrels (1984)(Compute!)
1988Bonzo (19xx)(Frank Cordes & Thorsten Kisters)
1989Bonzo! (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
1990Booga-Boo (1983)(Quicksilva)
1991Boogaboo (1984)(-)
1992Book of the Dead (1987)(CRL)
1993Boom (1991)(Brainstorm Amazing Software)(Side A)
1994Boom (1991)(Brainstorm Amazing Software)(Side B)
1995Boom (1996)(Comgame)
1996Boom and Bust (1988)(Compute!)
1997Boomerang (1989)(Compute!)
1998Bootleg Bandits (19xx)(-)
1999Booty (1984)(Firebird)
2000Bop (1984)(Osbourne-McGraw Hill)
2001Bopn Rumble (1987)(Melbourne House)
2002Bopn Wrestle (1986)(Melbourne House)
2003Boppies Great Word Chase (1985)(Mirror Images Software)
2004Border Blast II (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2005Border War (1993)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2006Border Zone (1987)(Infocom)(Side A)
2007Border Zone (1987)(Infocom)(Side B)
2008Bored of Life (1989)(Unit Five)
2009Bored of the Rings (1986)(CRL)
2010Born in the USA (1987)(Loadstar)
2011Borrowed Time (1986)(Activision)(Side A)
2012Borrowed Time (1986)(Activision)(Side B)
2013Borse (19xx)(Josef Sattler)(de)
2014Borse-Spiel (19xx)(-)(de)
2015Borsenspie (1983)(Rohm)
2016Borsenspiel (19xx)(-)(de)
2017Borzak (1984)(Channel 8 Software)
2018Bosco Incantato (1984)(Editoriale Video)(it)
2019Bosconian (1987)(Mastertronic)
2020Bosconian 87 (1987)(Mastertronic)
2021Bose Sieben, Die (1985)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
2022Bosh (19xx)(Peter Liepa)
2023Boss (1988)(Markt & Technik)
2024Boss ,The (1986)(Peaksoft)
2025Boss II, The (19xx)(-)
2026Boss, The (1986)(Peaksoft)
2027Bosszu, A - The Revenge (1988)(-)
2028Boszorkanykaland (1990)(G. Roberto)(hu)
2029Bottle Neck (1992)(Michael Riley)
2030Bottle of Budbrain (1993)(Kopido Games)
2031Bottles Killer (19xx)(-)
2032Bottrop - The Game (19xx)(International Software)(de)
2033Bounce (1994)(Compute!)
2034Bounce Around (19xx)(-)
2035Bounce It (1993)(CP Verlag)
2036Bounce Mania (1999)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2037Bounce Out (1983)(Thorsten Oest)(de)
2038Bounce! (1993)(CP Verlag)
2039Bouncer (1988)(Markt & Technik)
2040Bounces (1986)(Beyond)
2041Bouncing Ball (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
2042Bouncing Bug (19xx)(-)
2043Bouncing Heads (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
2044Bouncing Kamungas, The (1984)(Penguin Software)
2045Bouncy (1995)(Nogamas Software)
2046Bouncy Balls (1996)(Cherry Software)(Side A)
2047Bouncy Balls (1996)(Cherry Software)(Side B)
2048Bouncy Cars (1994)(Magna Media)
2049Bouncy Cars 2 (1994)(-)
2050Bound (1994)(Juned Wahab)
2051Bounder (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)
2052Bounder on the Rebound (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)
2053Bounty Bob Strikes Back (1984)(U.S. Gold)
2054Bounty Hunter (19xx)(-)(it)
2055Bounty Hunter II (19xx)(Champion Software)
2056Bounty Hunter III - The Myth of Time (1992)(Champion Software)
2057Bounty Hunter IIII - The Reality of Time (19xx)(Champion Software)
2058Bounty Hunter V - The Test of Time (1995)(Champion Software)
2059Bounty Hunter VI - The Need for Time (19xx)(Champion Software)
2060Bounzy (1984)(Loriciels)(fr)
2061Bowling (19xx)(-)
2062Bowling Baan (19xx)(-)(nl)
2063Bowling Bahn (19xx)(-)(de)
2064Bowling Bana (19xx)(SYS PD)(sv)(PD)
2065Bowling Champ (1983)(Compute!)
2066Bowling Night (19xx)(Ozisoft)
2067Bowman (1989)(Loadstar)
2068Box (19xx)(-)
2069Box Mania II (1992)(Sandor Kalmar)
2070Box-Heads Wrath (1999)(Tomi Malinen)
2071BoxWorld (2004)(Ventzislav Tzvetkov)
2072Boxauto (1985)(Sonnenverlag)(de)
2073Boxen (19xx)(-)(nl)
2074Boxes (1993)(CP Verlag)
2075Boxing (19xx)(The Skull)
2076Boxing Champ (1984)(Interface Publications)
2077Boxing Champion (1992)(Simulmondo)
2078Boxing Deluxe (1995)(The Skull)
2079Boxing Manager (1990)(Cult Games)
2080Bozos Night Out (1984)(Taskset)
2081Bozuma - Das Geheimnis Der Mumie (1988)(Rainbow Arts)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
2082Bozuma - Das Geheimnis Der Mumie (1988)(Rainbow Arts)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
2083Bozuma - Das Geheimnis Der Mumie (1988)(Rainbow Arts)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
2084Bozuma - Das Geheimnis Der Mumie (1988)(Rainbow Arts)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
2085Bozuma - The Mystery of The Mummy (1988)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
2086Bozuma - The Mystery of The Mummy (1988)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
2087Bozuma - The Mystery of The Mummy (1988)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
2088Bozuma - The Mystery of The Mummy (1988)(Rainbow Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
2089Brahms Bombs (19xx)(-)
2090Brain (1983)(RJS)(de)
2091Brain Artifice (1991)(Soft Enterprises)
2092Brain Burner (19xx)(-)
2093Brain Buster (19xx)(-)
2094Brain Crane (1982)(Commodore Educational Software)
2095Brain Disease (1993)(Romsoft)
2096Brain Disease 2 - The Return (1995)(Artgame)
2097Brain Spasm (1994)(CP Verlag)
2098Brain Terrain (1984)(Family Computing)
2099Brain Wave (19xx)(-)
2100BrainWave (1990)(Antti Nylen)(PD)
2101Brainframe (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
2102Brainstorm (1987)(Firebird)
2103Brainstorm! (1987)(Loadstar)
2104Brainwar (1992)(Markt & Technik)
2105Brands Deluxe (1983)(Alligata Software)
2106Brave (1996)(Magna Media)
2107Brave African Huntress (1995)(Twilight)
2108Brave African Huntress, The (1995)(Twilight)
2109Bravestar (1987)(Probe Software)
2110Bravestarr (1988)(Probe Software)
2111Break Ball (1989)(CP Verlag)(de)
2112Break Dance (1984)(Epyx)
2113Break Down (1992)(Zzap! 64)
2114Break Fever (1984)(Interceptor Micros)
2115Break In (1988)(-)
2116Break It (1986)(-)
2117Break Out (1985)(Input 64)(de)
2118Break Street (1984)(Creative Sparks)(Side A)
2119Break Street (1984)(Creative Sparks)(Side B)
2120Break Street (19xx)(-)
2121Break-Away (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
2122Break-Fast (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
2123Break-Faster (1988)(Ghislain de Blois)
2124Break-In (1987)(Powerrun)
2125Break-In! (1987)(-)
2126Break-Out (19xx)(RSC)
2127Breakaway (1983)(Granada Publishing)
2128Breakball (1997)(Loadstar)
2129Breakball! (1997)(Loadstar)
2130Breakdance (1984)(Epyx)
2131Breakdown (1992)(-)
2132Breaker (1988)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2133Breaker Prof. (1987)(JAS)
2134Breaker Prof. 1 (1987)(Renier Hongens & Jeroen Leijten)
2135Breakers (1986)(Broderbund)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
2136Breakers (1986)(Broderbund)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
2137Breakers (1986)(Broderbund)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
2138Breakers (1986)(Broderbund)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
2139Breakin (1984)(Melbourne House)
2140Breakout (19xx)(-)
2141Breakout 86 (1985)(GL)
2142Breakout Construction Kit (1988)(CP Verlag)
2143Breakout Construction Kit 101 (19xx)(-)
2144Breakthrough in the Ardennes (1984)(SSI)
2145Breakthrough in the Ardennes v1.1 (1984)(SSI)
2146Breakthru (1986)(U.S. Gold)
2147Breakthru in 3D (1984)(Avalon Hill)
2148Breathalyzer (1991)(CP Verlag)
2149Brekk! - Avagy a Bekava Varazsolt Kiralylany (1988)(Robert Olessak)(hu)
2150Brektwon - The Curse of the Keys (1990)(Markt & Technik)
2151Brew, The (1991)(Markt & Technik)(Side A)
2152Brew, The (1991)(Markt & Technik)(Side B)
2153Brian Bloodaxe (1985)(The Edge Software)
2154Brian Cloughs Football Fortunes (1987)(Commercial Data Systems)
2155Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge (1985)(Martech Games)
2156Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge (1985)(Martech Games)
2157Brian Jacks Uchi-Mata (1986)(Martech)
2158Bric (1994)(Loadstar)
2159Brick (1978)(Cursor Magazine)
2160Brick Battle (19xx)(-)
2161Brick Buster (1984)(Melbourne House)
2162Brick Layer (1993)(Compute!)
2163Brickbusters (19xx)(Richard Leinfellner)
2164Brickout (1987)(RUN-IDG Communications)
2165Bricks (1983)(Majestic Software)(nl)
2166Bride of Frankenstein (1987)(Ariolasoft)
2167Bridge (19xx)(ICS-Team)
2168Bridge 4.0 (1983)(Artworx Software)
2169Bridge 5.0 (19xx)(-)(nl)
2170Bridge 64 (1983)(Handic Software)
2171Bridge Baron (1986)(-)(hu)
2172Bridge Bidding Trainer (1979)(James C. Downer)
2173Bridge Master (1987)(SFC)
2174Bridge Player II (1984)(Sagittarian Software)
2175Bridge v1.1 (19xx)(-)
2176Bridgebrain (1986)(Loadstar)
2177Bridgeton (1990)(Dorothy Millard)
2178Brig Battle (19xx)(-)
2179Brighton Beach (1983)(Ashley Software)
2180Brighton Strand (200x)(Dave Barnes)(da)
2181Brimstone - The Dream of Gawain (1985)(Synapse Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
2182Brimstone - The Dream of Gawain (1985)(Synapse Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
2183Brimstone - The Dream of Gawain (1985)(Synapse Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
2184Bring Over (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
2185Brinx Jinx (1984)(Chromazone)
2186Briscola (1988)(Carlo Barazzetta & Lorenzo Barazzetta)(it)
2187Briscola 2 (19xx)(-)(it)
2188Brisk (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
2189Bristlers (1983)(-)
2190Bristles (1983)(First Star Software)
2191British Square (1998)(J&F Publishing)
2192British Super League (1990)(Hyperdome)
2193Brix (1993)(Commodore Force Magazine)
2194Broadsides (1984)(SSI)
2195Broker (1984)(Ellis Horwood)
2196Bromx Medal (19xx)(CP Verlag)
2197Bronx Medal (1994)(CP Verlag)
2198Brothers in Arms (1988)(UK Met-New Formula Crew)
2199Brothers in Arms II (1988)(UK Met-New Formula Crew)
2200Brothers in Arms III - The Next Generation (19xx)(UK Met-New Formula Crew)
2201Brubaker (1992)(CP Verlag)(Side A)
2202Brubaker (1992)(CP Verlag)(Side B)
2203Bruce (19xx)(-)
2204Bruce Lee (1984)(Datasoft)
2205Brunhilde Loves Bruno (1984)(Compute!)
2206Brush Strokes (1993)(Compute!)
2207Brush up Your English II (1984)(Data Becker)(de)
2208Bubble (1991)(Markt & Technik)
2209Bubble Bobble (1987)(Firebird)
2210Bubble Bobble 2 (1989)(South Soft)
2211Bubble Burst (1984)(Spinnaker Software)
2212Bubble Ghost (1988)(Accolade)
2213Bubble It (1989)(CP Verlag)
2214Bubble Jack (1994)(Jorg Tuttas)
2215Bubble Mania (1994)(CP Verlag)
2216Bubble Tale, The (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2217Bubble Trouble (1988)(-)
2218Bubbles (1993)(Markt & Technik)
2219Bubblez (19xx)(Hayan Dalton)
2220Buch der Weisheit (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
2221Buchstabenspiel (19xx)(-)(de)
2222Buck Rogers (1983)(Sega)
2223Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday (1990)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
2224Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday (1990)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
2225Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday (1990)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
2226Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday (1990)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
2227Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday (1990)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
2228Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday (1990)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
2229Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
2230Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)
2231Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side A)
2232Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)
2233Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side A)
2234Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)
2235Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)
2236Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday v1.0 (1990)(SSI)
2237Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (1983)(Sega)
2238Buckaneer (1986)(Mastertronic)
2239Bucks! (1984)(Bruce Jaeger)
2240Buddha of Bodhnath (19xx)(Sandro Certi & Franco Toldi)(en-de)
2241Buddha of Bodnath (19xx)(Sandro Certi & Franco Toldi)(en-de)
2242Buddy Bubble (1986)(Eurogold)
2243Budokan - The Martial Spirit (1991)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
2244Budokan - The Martial Spirit (1991)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
2245Buergermeister (1992)(CP Verlag)(pl)
2246Buffalo Bills Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
2247Buffalo Bills Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
2248Buffalo Bills Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
2249Buffalo Bills Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
2250Buffalo Bills Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
2251Buffalo Bills Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
2252Buffalo Bills Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
2253Buffalo Bills Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
2254Buffalo Bills Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)(Side A)
2255Buffalo Bills Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)(Side B)
2256Buffalo Bills Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)
2257Buffalo Roundup (1983)(Commodore)
2258Bug Attack (19xx)(Caesar Software)
2259Bug Battle (19xx)(-)
2260Bug Blast (1983)(On Line and CPI)
2261Bug Blaster (1983)(Alligata Software)
2262Bug Blitz (1985)(Ariolasoft)
2263Bug Bopper! (19xx)(-)
2264Bug Bovver! (19xx)(-)
2265Bug Crusher (1983)(Peter Nissley)
2266Bug Diver (1983)(Galactic Software)
2267Bug Race (19xx)(-)
2268Bug Squad (1983)(Softek)
2269Bugbomber (1992)(Kingsoft)
2270Bugga-Boo (1983)(Indescomp)
2271Buggy Boy (1990)(Elite)
2272Bugout (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
2273Bugs 64 (19xx)(Pete Tattersall)(de)
2274Bugs! (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
2275Bugsy (1986)(CRL)(Side A)
2276Bugsy (1986)(CRL)(Side B)
2277Bugsy (1986)(CRL)
2278Build It (19xx)(-)
2279Build It! - Das Brauhaus (1991)(Software 2000)
2280Build a Quiz (1984)(Compute!)
2281Builder (19xx)(The Skull)
2282Builder Ben (19xx)(Scorpio Gamesworld)
2283Bulge (1985)(Lothlorien)
2284Bulldog (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
2285Bulldoze! - Schneeraumer im Kampf (1984)(B. Kirsch)(de)
2286Bulldozer (1986)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
2287Bullet (19xx)(Ron Rosen)(it)
2288Bullfight (1984)(Personal Computer News)
2289Bulls Eye (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
2290Bulls and Bears (19xx)(Speakeasy Software)
2291Bullseye (19xx)(-)
2292Bully (1988)(Markt & Technik)
2293Bullys Sporting Darts (1992)(Alternative Software)
2294Bullys Sporting Darts (1992)(Alternative Software)
2295Bumble Bee (1984)(Creative Software)
2296Bumble Games v1.3 (1984)(The Learning Company)
2297Bumble Plot v1.2 (1982)(The Learning Company)
2298Bump Set Spike (1986)(Mastertronic)
2299Bump Set Spike! - Doubles Volleyball (1986)(Mastertronic)
2300Bump em (19xx)(-)
2301Bump! (1988)(Markt & Technik)
2302Bump-n-Run (1986)(Compute!)
2303Bumper Box Pinball (19xx)(-)
2304Bumping Buggies (1984)(Bubble Bus Software)
2305Bunco (1984)(Interface Publications)
2306Bundeskanzler (1983)(DTB Software Berlin)(de)
2307Bundesliga 85-86 (1986)(Joerg Boetel)(hu)
2308Bundesliga 86-87 (1986)(Joerg Boetel)(de)
2309Bundesliga 87-88 (1987)(Joerg Boetel)(de)
2310Bundesliga 88-89 (1988)(Joerg Boetel)(de)
2311Bundesliga 90-91 (1990)(Joerg Boetel)(de)
2312Bundesliga 94-95 (1994)(Joerg Boetel)(de)
2313Bundesliga 98-99 (1998)(Joerg Boetel)(de)
2314Bundesliga Live (1985)(Atlantic)(de)
2315Bundesliga Manager (1991)(Software 2000)(pl)
2316Bundesliga Manager v2.0 (1991)(Software 2000)(de)
2317Bundesliga Manager v3.0 (1991)(Software 2000)(de)
2318Bundesliga of 1988, The (1988)(Joerg Boetel)(de)
2319Bundesliga-Quiz (19xx)(-)(de)
2320Bunny Chase (1992)(RUN-IDG Communications)
2321Bunny Hop (1984)(Compute!)
2322Bunny Jagd (1989)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
2323Bunny Jagd (1989)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
2324Bunny Jagd (1989)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
2325Bunny Zap (1984)(Krypton Force)(Side A)
2326Bunny Zap (1984)(Krypton Force)(Side B)
2327Bunny Zap (1984)(Krypton Force)
2328Burago Rally (1995)(576 kByte)
2329Bureaucracy I (19xx)(David Wasserman)
2330Burg (1991)(Peter Diehm)(de)
2331Burg Schreckenstein (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
2332Burgenkampf (19xx)(-)
2333Burgenschlacht (1982)(PM Video Games)
2334Burgenstuermer (1986)(Jan Geisselmann)(de)
2335Burger Chase (1984)(Supersoft)
2336Burger Time (1984)(Interceptor Micros)
2337Burger Time 97 (1998)(Loadstar)
2338Burgerkrieg (19xx)(Leonhard Hell)(de)
2339Burgers (1986)(RUN-CW Communications)
2340Burmistrz III (1993)(Maciek Kozicki)(hu)
2341Burnage 88 (19xx)(-)
2342Burnin Rubber (1983)(Colosoftware)
2343Burny v1.0 (19xx)(-)
2344Bursting Clouds (1984)(Interface Publications)
2345Bus Barns, The (1983)(Alice Lawrence)
2346Bushido (1989)(Graftgold)(Side A)
2347Bushido (1989)(Graftgold)(Side B)
2348Bushido (1989)(Graftgold)
2349Businessman (1995)(Rafal Poddembski)
2350Bust Out (1984)(Virgin)
2351Butch & Slim (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
2352Butcher Hill (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)
2353Butterfly (1986)(Eurogold)
2354Buttons (1985)(PC Today)
2355Buzz Off! (1984)(Electric Software)
2356Buzzard Ramjets (1986)(Blaze)
2357Buzzer 64 (19xx)(-)
2358Buzzy-Bee (19xx)(Paul Roper)
2359By Fair Means... or Foul! (1989)(Superior Software)
2360By Jove! (1993)(Bobs World of Computers)
2361Byte Invaders (19xx)(-)
2362C-64 Road Racer (1987)(RUN-IDG Communications)
2363C-Sharp (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
2364C5 Clive (1993)(David Broadhurst)
2365C64 Body Building (1989)(C. Kammermeyer)
2366C64 CodeBreaker (2001)(David Holz)
2367C64 Golf (19xx)(Dave Palazzo)
2368C64 Rescue (1985)(Loadstar)
2369C64 Sweepminer (1997)(Roland Toegel)(de)
2370CBM 64 Golf (1984)(Essential Consultants)
2371CIA Adventure (1983)(Hugh Lambert & Martin Sprave)
2372CIA Agent 009 (19xx)(Greg Cetton)
2373CInc.o en Raya (19xx)(Microelectronica y Control)(es)
2374CJ (1994)(Codemasters)
2375CJ 4 (1994)(-)
2376CJ in House of Fun (1992)(Champion Software)
2377CJ in the USA (1991)(Codemasters)
2378CJs Elephant Antics (1991)(Codemasters)
2379COC - Construction of Confusion (1992)(Eaglewing Software)
2380CORE (1986)(ANF Software)
2381CPU Prisoner (1984)(Interface Publications)
2382CW Trainer (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
2383Cabal (1989)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
2384Cabal (1989)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
2385Cabal (1989)(Ocean Software)
2386Cabal - US Version (1990)(Capcom)
2387Cabby (1984)(Compute!)
2388Cabon & kein Cabon (19xx)(-)(de)
2389Caccia Pericolosa (19xx)(Edicola)(it)
2390Cad Cam Warrior (1984)(Taskset)
2391Cad-Cam Warrior (1984)(Taskset)
2392Caduta Massi (1985)(Edigamma)(it)
2393Caer Shiraz (1984)(Screenplay)
2394Caesar (1984)(Markt & Technik)(de)
2395Caesar the Cat (1983)(Mirrorsoft)
2396Caesar the Cat - El Gato (1985)(Mirrorsoft)(es)
2397Caesars Travels (1984)(Mirrorsoft)
2398Cage Match (1987)(Entertainment USA)
2399Cairo Connection, The (1993)(Logyk Software)
2400Caissa (19xx)(-)(de)
2401Caitan (19xx)(Arjan Mensch & Michel van Kasteren)
2402Calcio in Strada (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
2403Calculation (2000)(Loadstar)
2404Calhoons Checker Challenge (1993)(Loadstar)
2405Calhoons Chicken Challenge (1994)(Loadstar)
2406Calhoons Chile Challenge (1994)(Loadstar)
2407Calhoons Chocolate Challenge (1995)(Loadstar)
2408Calhoons Gordian Challenge (1995)(Loadstar)
2409Calhoons Log (1995)(Loadstar)
2410Calhoons Mandala Challenge (1995)(Loadstar)
2411Calhoun (1988)(Markt & Technik)
2412California Driver (19xx)(-)
2413California Games (1987)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
2414California Games (1987)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
2415California Games (1987)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
2416California Games (1987)(Epyx)(Side A)
2417California Games (1987)(Epyx)(Side B)
2418California Goldrush (1983)(Anik Micro Systems)
2419California Pro Golf (1989)(Mastertronic)
2420California Raisins (1988)(Box Office)(Side A)
2421California Raisins (1988)(Box Office)(Side B)
2422California Raisins and the Cereal Factory, The (1988)(Box Office)(Side A)
2423California Raisins and the Cereal Factory, The (1988)(Box Office)(Side B)
2424Call Me Psycho (1988)(Pirate Software)
2425Call of Cthulu, The (2003)(The New Dimension)(PD)
2426Calvin (1987)(ECP)
2427Calvin Game (1987)(-)
2428Cambogia (19xx)(-)
2429Camel (1984)(Steve Combe)
2430Camel Trek (1985)(Loadstar)
2431Camel Trophy (1986)(Tequila)
2432Camelot (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)
2433Camelot - The Dreamland (19xx)(Dorothy Millard)
2434Camelot Warriors (1986)(Ariolasoft)
2435Camels (19xx)(Numero Uno)
2436Camels in Space (2001)(TND Games)(FW)
2437Camouflage (1992)(Gary Melendy)
2438Campaign Manager (1984)(Compute!)
2439Campionato di Calcio (19xx)(Andrea Izzotti)(it)
2440Campioni (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
2441Campo Nemico, Nel (1987)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
2442Canada Trading Company (1989)(Multisoft)(de)
2443Canals of Mars, The (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
2444Candidate, The (1984)(Mr. Chip Software)
2445Candy Bandit (1983)(T&F Software)
2446Candy Land - A Childs First Game (1988)(Gametek)(Side A)
2447Candy Land - A Childs First Game (1988)(Gametek)(Side B)
2448Canfield (1988)(Compute!)
2449Canfield Couple (1995)(Loadstar)
2450Cannon (19xx)(Fabian Libeau)
2451Cannon Craze (1997)(EBP)
2452Cannon Fodder (1994)(Frank Gasking)
2453Cannonball Battle (1984)(Cascade Games)
2454Canoe Race Simulator (1986)(Red-Arrow Software)
2455Canon Command (19xx)(-)
2456Canonrider (1988)(Ariolasoft)
2457Canottaggio (1984)(Linguaggio Macchina)(it)
2458Canyon (1987)(Wicked Software)
2459Canyon Cruiser (1983)(Compute!)
2460Canyon Runner (1984)(Compute!)
2461Canyons of Zelaz (1983)(RUN-CW Communications)
2462Capitain Fizz (1989)(Psyclapse)
2463Capital Cities (1979)(Schreiber)
2464Captain America in the Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann (1987)(Go!)
2465Captain Blood (1988)(Mindscape)(Side A)
2466Captain Blood (1988)(Mindscape)(Side B)
2467Captain Blood (1988)(Mindscape)
2468Captain Cactus (1994)(SDS)
2469Captain Dynamo (1992)(Codemasters)
2470Captain Fizz (1989)(Psyclapse)
2471Captain Future (1989)(Peter Diehm)(de)
2472Captain Kelly (1986)(Quicksilva)
2473Captain Kidd (1985)(M.C. Loyhlorien)
2474Captain Power (1988)(Box Office)
2475Captain Stark - Die Mission (1988)(Goldline Software)(de)(Side A)
2476Captain Stark - Die Mission (1988)(Goldline Software)(de)(Side B)
2477Captain Stark - Die Mission (1988)(Goldline Software)(de)
2478Captain Stark - The Mission (1989)(Goldline Software)(en-de)
2479Captain Starlight (1984)(Data Media)(de)
2480Captain Zzap (1986)(Mastertronic)
2481Captive (1985)(Mania-Soft)
2482Captive Queens (1992)(Loadstar)
2483Captive, The (1985)(Mastertronic)
2484Captron (19xx)(Federico Canetta)
2485Captura Bestias (19xx)(Macrisoft)(it)
2486Capture (1989)(Commodore Magazine)
2487Capture 2 (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
2488Capture the Alien! (19xx)(-)
2489Capture! (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
2490Captured (1986)(American Dream)
2491Car Crash (19xx)(-)
2492Car Journey (19xx)(-)
2493Car Race (19xx)(-)
2494Car Racer (19xx)(-)
2495Car Rider (19xx)(-)
2496Car Wars (19xx)(-)
2497Car Wars II (19xx)(-)
2498Car-Action (19xx)(Barbara Kummer)(de)
2499Car-O-Matic (1996)(Eagleware International)
2500Car-Race (19xx)(-)(de)
2501Caractacus (1983)(Century Communications)
2502Caraggio I - Pirat der grunen Insel (1990)(Peter Diehm)(de)
2503Carcrash (1992)(Markt & Technik)
2504Card Land (1995)(Nemesis Productions)
2505Card Sharks (1988)(Accolade)(Side A)
2506Card Sharks (1988)(Accolade)(Side B)
2507Card Sharks (1988)(Accolade)
2508Cards at War (1985)(Tab Books)
2509Cards-31 (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
2510Cardware (1986)(Hi Tech Expressions)
2511Cargo (1997)(Loadstar)
2512Cargo Chopper (19xx)(Tom Lund & Dag Hamlott)
2513Cargo Run (1983)(MIS Software)
2514Caribbean (19xx)(Ronal Johnson)
2515Carnage (1993)(Zeppelin Games)
2516Carnival (19xx)(Bloodsong)
2517Carom (1988)(Loadstar)
2518Carousel (2000)(Loadstar)
2519Carpet Solitaire (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2520Carreton (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
2521Carrier Command (1988)(Rainbird Software)
2522Carrier Force (1984)(SSI)
2523Carriers at War (1984)(SSG)
2524Carrot Juggler (19xx)(Ronald R.)
2525Carrun (19xx)(Codename Leslie)(FI)
2526Carry on Laughing (19xx)(-)
2527Cars Racing (19xx)(John Anderson)(it)
2528Cartels & Cutthroats (1986)(SSI)
2529Cartomancia (19xx)(Pilou & Evelyne)(fr)
2530Carvalho - Los Pajaros De Bangkok (19xx)(Dinamic Software)(es)
2531Carwars II - The Next Night (1994)(Kenny)
2532Casa Dei Mostri, La (19xx)(Bits & Bytes)(it)
2533Casanova (1988)(Rainer Dohren & Frank Wankum)(de)
2534Cascade (2002)(Protovision)(PD)
2535Case of the Mad Mummy, The (1984)(Gameworx)
2536Case of the Missing Adventure, The (1993)(Dorothy Millard)
2537Case of the Mixed-up Shymer, The (1988)(Atlas Adventure Software)
2538Cash n Grab (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
2539Cash n Grab (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
2540Cash-Bash (1987)(Codemasters)
2541Cashman (1994)(Electronic Boys)
2542Casino Blackjack (19xx)(-)
2543Casino King (1985)(Ken Smith)
2544Casino Poker (1983)(Comp-u-soft)
2545Casino Royale (1987)(Wicked Software)
2546Casino Simulator (1990)(Byteback)
2547Castalia (1991)(Compute!)
2548Castelli (1985)(Edigamma)(it)
2549Castle (1984)(-)(de)
2550Castle Adventure (19xx)(David Malmberg)
2551Castle Battle (19xx)(-)
2552Castle Blackstar (1984)(Commercial Data Systems)
2553Castle Collection (1996)(Loadstar)
2554Castle Dracula (1985)(Duckworth)
2555Castle Dungeon (1984)(Compute!)
2556Castle Dungeon Adventure (19xx)(D. Pollard)
2557Castle Hassle (1983)(Roklan)
2558Castle Kenterville (1984)(Stuber Horn GmbH)(de)
2559Castle Master (1990)(Domark)(M3)
2560Castle Master 2 - The Crypt (1990)(Domark)
2561Castle Master II - The Crypt (1990)(Domark)
2562Castle Maze (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
2563Castle Maze Adventure (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
2564Castle Nightmare (1984)(Markt & Technik)
2565Castle Quest (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
2566Castle Raid! (1983)(AID)
2567Castle Siege (1987)(Loadstar)
2568Castle Skullord (1984)(Samurai Software)
2569Castle Warlock (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
2570Castle Wolfenstein (1983)(Muse Software)
2571Castle of Doom (19xx)(-)
2572Castle of Dracula (1983)(The Guild Adventure Software)
2573Castle of Dreams (19xx)(-)
2574Castle of Jasoom (1984)(Accelerated Software)
2575Castle of Kraizar, The (1993)(Mnemonic Productions)
2576Castle of Mydor (19xx)(Mountain Valley Software)
2577Castle of Spirits (1988)(Loadstar)
2578Castle of Terror (1985)(Melbourne House)
2579Castle, The (1992)(Atlas Adventure Software)
2580Castle, The (1993)(576 kByte)(Side A)
2581Castle, The (1993)(576 kByte)(Side B)
2582Castle-Kingdom (19xx)(-)
2583Castlemaze Adventure (1989)(-)
2584Castles (1987)(Federico Canetta)
2585Castles of Doctor Creep, The (1984)(Broderbund)
2586Castles of Dr. Creep, The (1984)(Broderbund)
2587Castlevania (1990)(Konami)(Side A)
2588Castlevania (1990)(Konami)(Side B)
2589Castor (1995)(CP Verlag)
2590Castrovia (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
2591Cat & Mouse (1983)(D. Hall)
2592Cat Snatcher (1988)(Alpha Software)
2593Cat Splat (1994)(Bren-Xerox)
2594Cat and the Canary, The (19xx)(Michael Morizio)
2595Cat-Game (19xx)(-)
2596Cataball (1987)(Elite)
2597Cataclysm (1983)(Audiogenic Software)
2598Catacombe (19xx)(Stefan Posthuma)(it)
2599Catacombs (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
2600Catacombs of Gold (19xx)(Fantavision)
2601Catacombs, The (1984)(Anirog Software)
2602Catalypse (1992)(Genias)
2603Catapult Basketball (19xx)(-)
2604Catastrophes (1984)(Mirrorsoft)
2605Catch (1992)(Exclusive Designs)
2606Catch Em (19xx)(Wanderer)
2607Catch II (1993)(CP Verlag)
2608Catch It (1993)(CP Verlag)
2609Catch Me (1995)(Logical)
2610Catch a Byte to Eat (19xx)(Bruce Beck)
2611Catch a Thief (1987)(Tri Micro)
2612Catch-a-Trooper (19xx)(-)
2613Category Showdown (1985)(Loadstar)
2614Caterpillar (1987)(Wicked Software)
2615Cats (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
2616Cats and Mice (1992)(Compute!)
2617Cats n Dogs (1987)(Compute!)
2618Catspan (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
2619Catspan II (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
2620Catspan III - Scratch Masters (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
2621Catspan IV (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
2622Catspan V (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
2623Catspan VII (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
2624Cauldron (1985)(Palace Software)
2625Cauldron - Draculon (1985)(Palace Software)(es)
2626Cauldron - Hexenkuche (1985)(Palace Software)(de)
2627Cauldron 1 (1985)(Palace)
2628Cauldron 2 - Hexenkueche 2 - Der Kuerbis schlaegt zurueck (1986)(Palace)(de)
2629Cauldron 2 - The Pumpkin Strikes Back (1986)(Palace Software)
2630Cauldron II - Hexenkueche II - Der Kuerbis schlagt zurueck (1986)(Palace Software)(de)
2631Cauldron II - La Calebaza Cintraataca (1986)(Palace Software)(es)
2632Cauldron II - La Citrouille Contre Attaque (1986)(Palace Software)(fr)
2633Cauldron II - The Pumpkin Strikes Back (1986)(Palace Software)
2634Causes of Chaos, The (1985)(CRL)
2635Cav-Doom (19xx)(-)
2636Cave (19xx)(-)
2637Cave 112 (1990)(Markt & Technik)
2638Cave Adventure (19xx)(-)(de)
2639Cave Battle (19xx)(-)
2640Cave Climber (1985)(Input 64)
2641Cave Explorer (1983)(Pyramid Software)
2642Cave Fighter (1984)(Bubble Bus Software)
2643Cave Raid (1986)(Markt & Technik)
2644Cave of Word Wizard (1983)(Timeworks)(Side B)
2645Cave, The (19xx)(Michael L. Hall)
2646Cave-Guennie (1989)(CP Verlag)
2647Cavelon (1984)(Ocean Software)
2648Cavelon II (1984)(Jetsoft)
2649Caveman (1990)(Compute!)(Side A)
2650Caveman (1990)(Compute!)(Side B)
2651Caveman (1990)(Compute!)
2652Caveman Ugh-lympics (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
2653Caveman Ugh-lympics (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
2654Caveman Ugh-lympics (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
2655Caveman Ugh-lympics (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
2656Cavemania (1990)(Atlantis Software)
2657Cavern Construction Kit (1984)(Nufekop)
2658Cavern Run (19xx)(Speedy Software)
2659Cavern! (19xx)(Andrew Steven Manikas)
2660Caverne (19xx)(Linguaggio Macchina)(it)
2661Caverns Of Sillahc (1984)(Interceptor Software)
2662Caverns in Mountain (1983)(Kiwisoft)(de)
2663Caverns of Carnage (19xx)(-)
2664Caverns of Death (1985)(Heimo Pawoutz)(de)
2665Caverns of Death II (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
2666Caverns of Eriban, The (1985)(Firebird)
2667Caverns of Geehonk (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
2668Caverns of Jupiter (1984)(Neil Tuddenham & Ian Robertson)
2669Caverns of Kafnar (19xx)(-)
2670Caverns of Khafka (1984)(Cosmi)
2671Caverns of Sillahc (1985)(Interceptor Micros)
2672Caverns of Terror (1983)(Interface Publications)
2673Caverns of Tundor, The (1992)(RUN-IDG Communications)
2674Caverns of Xydrahpur (1986)(Gepo Soft)
2675Caves of Ice (1983)(Compute!)
2676Caves of Silver (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
2677Caves of Venus (19xx)(Odin Computer Graphics)
2678Caves, The (1992)(Lyric Games)(nl)
2679Celebrity Squares (1988)(Palace Software)
2680Celestial Swami (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
2681Cell Block (19xx)(-)
2682Cell Defense (1984)(Human Engineered)
2683Cell Runner (1986)(Compute!)
2684Celler, The (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2685Cellrator (1989)(Commodore Disc)
2686Celluloid (1990)(CP Verlag)
2687Celtix (1995)(Softdisk)
2688Censor Tetris (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2689Centauri Alliance (19xx)(Broderbund)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)(Boot Disk)
2690Centauri Alliance (19xx)(Broderbund)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)(Roster Disk 1)
2691Centauri Alliance (19xx)(Broderbund)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)(Roster Disk 2)
2692Centauri Alliance (19xx)(Broderbund)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)(Roster Disk 3)
2693Centauri Alliance (19xx)(Broderbund)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)(Roster Disk 4)
2694Centauri Alliance (19xx)(Broderbund)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)(Roster Disk 5)
2695Centipede (1983)(Atari)
2696Centipede 2025 (1985)(S+S Soft)
2697Centric (1996)(Markt & Technik)
2698Centripod (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2699Centron (1991)(Blue Chip Software)
2700Centropods (1983)(Comm Data)
2701Centurions Power X Treme (1987)(Ariolasoft)
2702Cesar (1990)(E. Wisniewski)(de)
2703Cest La Vie (1983)(Adventure International)
2704Cetimiex (1999)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
2705Ceviuz (19xx)(P. Kazlouski)
2706Chain Reaction (1993)(Compute!)
2707Chain of Fools (1992)(Loadstar)
2708Chain-Reaction (1987)(ACW)
2709Challenge (19xx)(Unic)
2710Challenge Golf (1992)(Prism Leisure)
2711Challenge of Pegasus, The (1989)(Loadstar)
2712Challenge of the Gobots on the Moebius Strip (1987)(Ariolasoft)
2713Challenge, The (1988)(River Software)
2714Challenger (1984)(Mastertronic)
2715Chambers of Shaolin (1989)(Thalion)
2716Chameleon (1993)(Loadstar)
2717Chammurapi - King of Babylon (19xx)(-)
2718Chamonix Challenge (1988)(Infogrames)
2719Champ, The (1990)(Linel)
2720Champion Squash (19xx)(-)
2721Champions of Krynn (1990)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
2722Champions of Krynn (1990)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
2723Champions of Krynn (1990)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
2724Champions of Krynn (1990)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
2725Champions of Krynn (1990)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
2726Champions of Krynn (1990)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
2727Champions of Krynn (1990)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
2728Champions of Krynn (1990)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side B)
2729Champions of Krynn (1990)(SSI)
2730Championship 3D Snooker (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
2731Championship BMX (19xx)(-)
2732Championship Baseball (1986)(Activision)
2733Championship Boxing (1985)(Sierra Online)
2734Championship Chess (1985)(Green Valley Publishing)
2735Championship Dominoes (1989)(Commodore Disc)
2736Championship Football! (19xx)(-)
2737Championship Golf (1983)(Hayden Software)
2738Championship Jet Ski Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
2739Championship Jet Ski Simulator - Easy (1989)(Codemasters)
2740Championship Jet Ski Simulator - Hard (1989)(Codemasters)
2741Championship Lode Runner (1984)(Broderbund)
2742Championship Lode Runner - Extended Edition (1984)(Broderbund)
2743Championship Lode Runner - Training Mission (1985)(Broderbund)
2744Championship Lode Runner - Training Missions (1984)(Broderbund)
2745Championship Sprint (1988)(Electric Dreams)
2746Championship Sprint II (1989)(Catalyst Coders)
2747Championship Wrestling (1986)(Epyx)(Side A)
2748Championship Wrestling (1986)(Epyx)(Side B)
2749Championship Wrestling (1986)(Epyx)
2750Championship of Europe (1992)(Idea Software)
2751Chaos (1987)(Kernal)
2752Chaos Road (1994)(Future Publishing)
2753Chaos in Space (1988)(Commodore Disc)
2754Character Assassination (1985)(Compute!)
2755Charango (19xx)(-)
2756Charge! (19xx)(Pekka Pesonen)(FI)
2757Chariot of Fire (19xx)(Caesar Software)
2758Charlemagnes Sword (1985)(Compute!)
2759Charles (1989)(-)
2760Charles Calverts Trio (1994)(Loadstar)
2761Charlie Deus (19xx)(-)(it)
2762Charlie and the Jugs (1985)(Your Computer-Business Press International)
2763Charlies Maze (19xx)(-)
2764Charly Pinguin (19xx)(-)(de)
2765Charwandler v2.1 (19xx)(Angels)
2766Chase (1993)(Compute!)
2767Chase H.Q. 2 (1990)(Ocean Software)
2768Chase HQ (1989)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
2769Chase HQ (1989)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
2770Chase HQ (1989)(Ocean Software)
2771Chase HQ 2 (1990)(Ocean Software)
2772Chase on Tom Sawyers Island, The (1988)(Disney)
2773Chaser (1984)(HC - Mein Home-Computer)(de)
2774Chatterbee (1984)(Tronix)(Side A)
2775Chatterbee (1984)(Tronix)(Side B)
2776Cheap Skate (1989)(Silverbird Software)
2777Cheapskate (1988)(Future Designs)
2778Checker Command (1991)(Compute!)
2779Checkers (1983)(Compute!)
2780Checkers 1.7 (1984)(Mike Dedina)
2781Checkers 4.0 (1984)(Donald G. Burden)
2782Checkers v2.1 (19xx)(David Slate)
2783Checkers! (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
2784Cheeky Twins (1993)(Markt & Technik)
2785Cheeky Twins II (1994)(Markt & Technik)
2786Cheerio Attack (19xx)(-)
2787Cheese (19xx)(J. Hammett & Paul Bradshaw)
2788Cheeseburger (1990)(C. Grzenkowicz)
2789Chem Lab (1985)(Simon & Schuster)
2790Chemical (1993)(Markt & Technik)
2791Chemistry Drill (1984)(Loadstar)
2792Chemistry Quiz (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
2793Chernobyl (1988)(Cosmi)
2794Cherry Dash (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
2795Cherry Picker (19xx)(-)
2796Chess (19xx)(-)
2797Chess 7.0 (1983)(Odesta)
2798Chess 7.5 - How About a Nice Game of Chess! (1984)(Commodore)
2799Chess Analyse (1987)(-)
2800Chess Champion (1985)(Green Valley)
2801Chess Chiller (1989)(Micro Application)
2802Chess Game, The (19xx)(-)
2803Chess Master (1983)(Hayden Software)
2804Chess Quarto (1997)(Loadstar)
2805Chess for Two (1985)(Green Valley Publishing)
2806Chess v7.0 (19xx)(Larry Atkin)
2807Chess-64 (19xx)(-)
2808Chess-64 v2.8c (19xx)(Jose R. Paz)
2809Chessboard Nim (19xx)(-)
2810Chessmaster 2000, The (1986)(Software Toolworks)(Side A)
2811Chessmaster 2000, The (1986)(Software Toolworks)(Side B)
2812Chessmaster 2000, The (1986)(Software Toolworks)
2813Chessmaster 2100, The (1988)(Software Toolworks)
2814Chesterfield (1989)(Vic Tokai)(Side A)
2815Chesterfield (1989)(Vic Tokai)(Side B)
2816Chesterfield (1989)(Vic Tokai)
2817Cheval (19xx)(-)
2818Chevalier (1986)(-)
2819Chevy Chase (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
2820Chewing Charlie (1984)(Le Cock Software)
2821Chiappucci Pizza Service (1992)(Peter Diehm)(de)
2822Chicago (1990)(CP Verlag)(de)
2823Chicagos 30 (1989)(U.S. Gold)
2824Chicken (19xx)(Electronic Boys)
2825Chicken Catcher (1985)(Compute!)
2826Chicken Chase (1983)(Nibbles & Bits)
2827Chicken Little (1983)(Compute!)
2828Chicken Maze (1985)(Loadstar)
2829Chicken Race (2001)(LowBit Software)
2830Chickenfarm (19xx)(-)
2831Chickin Chase (19xx)(-)
2832Chief Executrivia (1990)(Loadstar)
2833Chief Tomahawks Games (1989)(Loadstar)
2834Chiffres (1984)(Radarsoft)(fr)
2835Childpace (1984)(Computerose)
2836Chill Out! (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2837Chiller (1985)(Mastertronic)
2838Chiller - The Forest (1984)(Mastertronic)
2839Chillervilla (1993)(The Guild Adventure Software)
2840Chilly Willy (19xx)(Perspective Software)
2841Chimera (1986)(Firebird)
2842Chimp Challenge (1997)(Loadstar)
2843China Clan (19xx)(-)(nl)
2844China Miner (1983)(Interceptor Micros)
2845Chinese Juggler, The (1984)(Ocean Software)
2846Chip (1988)(Markt & Technik)
2847Chip Away (1984)(Dean Perry)
2848Chip Factory (1988)(-)
2849Chip-War (1987)(Rainbow Arts)
2850Chips Challenge (1990)(Epyx)
2851Chipwits (1985)(Epyx)
2852Chiringuito (19xx)(-)(es)
2853Choc-A-Bloc Charlie (1984)(Lothlorien)
2854Choc-A-Bloc Charllie (1984)(Lothlorien)
2855Cholo (1987)(Firebird Software)
2856Chomp Chomp (1998)(The Skull)
2857Chomp Deluxe (1995)(The Skull)
2858Chomp! (1989)(Cosmi)(Side A)
2859Chomp! (1989)(Cosmi)(Side B)
2860Chomp! (1989)(Cosmi)
2861Chomper (1987)(Gold Disk)
2862Chomper Man (1983)(Mogul Communications)
2863Chop & Change (1984)(Interface Publications)
2864Chop Flight (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
2865Chop n Drop (1988)(Activision)
2866Choplifter (1982)(Broderbund)
2867Choplifter - Helimission (1982)(Broderbund)(es)
2868Choplifter! (1982)(Broderbund)
2869Chopp-Hopper (1984)(S+S Soft)(de)
2870Chopper (1985)(Thorn Emi)
2871Chopper 1 (19xx)(-)
2872Chopper Attack III - Raid on Pearl Harbour (1989)(SEUCK Design Group)
2873Chopper Commander (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
2874Chopper Flight (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
2875Chopper Hunt (1984)(Imagic)
2876Chopper Marauder (1986)(King Arthur III)
2877Chopper Math (1983)(Commodore)
2878Chopper Pilot (1987)(Lodestar)
2879Chopper Raid (1983)(L. Smithdale)
2880Chopper Run (19xx)(Howard Campbell)(PD)
2881Chopperhunt Part II (19xx)(-)
2882Chordcentration (1995)(Loadstar)
2883Christmas Carols (1984)(John Henry Software)(PD)
2884Christmas Eve (19xx)(Sandy Munro)
2885Chrome Brothers, The (1994)(Future Publishing)
2886Chubbie Chester (1991)(Magic Disk)
2887Chubby Gristle (1988)(Grandslam Entertainment)
2888Chuck Norris (1988)(-)
2889Chuck Rock (1992)(Core Design)
2890Chuck Yeagers Advanced Flight Trainer (1987)(Electronic Arts)
2891Chuck Yeagers Aft (1987)(Electronic Arts)
2892Chuck Yeagers Flight Trainer (1987)(Electronic Arts)
2893Chuck-a-Luck & High-Low (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2894Chuck-a-Luck (2003)(Cout)
2895Chuck-a-Luck Challenge (1995)(Loadstar)
2896Chuckie Egg (1984)(A&F Software)
2897Chuckie Egg 2 (1985)(A&F Software)
2898Chuckie Egg II (1985)(A&F Software)
2899Chug a Luck (19xx)(Jack Lockhart)
2900Chummy Checkers (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
2901Chupacabra Jazz Retro Pin (19xx)(-)
2902Chute Shootout (1994)(Compute!)
2903Chwat (1996)(Timsoft)
2904Ciambella (1990)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
2905Cibergon (19xx)(Sentient Software)(it)
2906Cible (1985)(Francois Ambrosio)(fr)
2907Ciclismo (19xx)(Lenguaje Maquina)(es)
2908Ciphoid 9 (1985)(Monarch Software)
2909Circle World (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
2910Circo Clown (1985)(Edicola)(it)
2911Circopoly (1984)(S+S Soft)(de)
2912Circuit (1992)(Tech Software)
2913Circuitry (1992)(Loadstar)
2914Circuits (1989)(Compute!)
2915Circus (1983)(Compute!)
2916Circus Attractions (1989)(Rainbow Arts)(Side A)
2917Circus Attractions (1989)(Rainbow Arts)(Side B)
2918Circus Charlie (1984)(Parker Brothers)
2919Circus Circus (1985)(Firebird)
2920Circus Galton (1985)(Doornsoft)(nl)
2921Circus Games (1988)(Tynesoft)(Side B)
2922Circus Games (1988)(Tynesoft)
2923Ciron-3 (1985)(Input 64)(de)
2924Cisco Heat (1991)(Imageworks)
2925Citadel (1989)(Electric Dreams)
2926Citadel Adventure (1982)(Ihlenfeldt)
2927Citadel Pershu (1985)(Interface Publications)
2928Citadel of Chaos, The (1984)(Puffin Books)
2929Citadel of Yah-Mon, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
2930Citadel, The (1983)(Personal Computing Today)
2931City Bomber (19xx)(FEC)
2932City Bomber 64 (1983)(Wyclin)
2933City Crisis (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2934City Crisis II (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2935City Express (19xx)(Lenguaje Maquina)(es)
2936City Fighter (1984)(Mastertronic)
2937City Killer (1987)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
2938City Manager (19xx)(Kenneth R. Murray)
2939City Mission (1984)(Stejan Software Corp.)
2940City Survivor (1988)(Grandslam Entertainment)
2941City of Atlantis (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
2942Cityattak! (1984)(K-Tel)
2943Ciudad Perdida (19xx)(-)(es)
2944Ciuffy (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
2945Civil Battles (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
2946Civil War (19xx)(Creative Computing)
2947Civil War Trivia (1989)(Loadstar)
2948Cl. Morgue Castle (19xx)(S. Adams)
2949Class a Fighter (1991)(Markt & Technik)
2950Classic Adventure (1984)(Melbourne House)
2951Classic BatNBall Tennis (1998)(John Wells)
2952Classic Collection 2 (1987)(Mikro-Gen)(Side A)
2953Classic Collection 2 (1987)(Mikro-Gen)(Side B)
2954Classic Concentration (1988)(Sharedata)(Side A)
2955Classic Concentration (1988)(Sharedata)(Side B)
2956Classic Concentration - Second Edition (1988)(Sharedata)(Side A)
2957Classic Concentration - Second Edition (1988)(Sharedata)(Side B)
2958Classic Punter (1988)(GTI Software)
2959Classic Trainer (19xx)(GTI Software)
2960Claws of Despair, The (1986)(Players Software)
2961Clay Pigeons (1986)(Alpha Software)
2962Clean Up Service (1987)(Players Software)
2963Clean Up Time (1986)(Players Software)
2964Clemens Revenge (1987)(The Guild Adventure Software)
2965Cleo the Dog (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2966Cleo the Dog 2 (1995)(Carl Mason)
2967Clever & Smart (1987)(Magic Bytes)(es)
2968Cleverness 64 (19xx)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
2969Cliff Diving (19xx)(PSW)
2970Cliff Hanger (1984)(New Generation Software)
2971Cliff Hanger II (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
2972Cliff Hanger III (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
2973Cliff the Hanger (19xx)(-)
2974Cliffhanger (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
2975Cliffhanger - A Perilous Climb (1989)(Commodore Magazine)
2976Clik Clak (1992)(Idea Software)
2977Climber 5 (1987)(Compute!)
2978Climber! (1985)(Computer Gamer)
2979Clock (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
2980Clone (1991)(Axel Teichmann)
2981Clone Wars, The (1991)(CP Verlag)
2982Cloops (1999)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2983Close Encounters (1994)(Mr. Computer)
2984Close Encounters of the Worst Kind (1983)(Mr. Computer)
2985Cloud King (2001)(Anatomika)
2986Cloud Kingdoms (1990)(Electralyte)
2987Cloud Strike (19xx)(-)
2988Cloud Walker (19xx)(-)
2989Cloux (1997)(Normality)
2990Cloverhunt (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
2991Clowns (1982)(Commodore)
2992Clowns Max (1982)(Commodore)(JP)
2993Club Backgammon (1988)(California Dreams)
2994Club Darts (19xx)(Timothy Goodacre)
2995Club House Sports (1988)(Mindscape)(Side A)
2996Club House Sports (1988)(Mindscape)(Side B)
2997Club House Sports (1988)(Mindscape)
2998Club Squash (19xx)(-)
2999Club-Manager (1987)(-)(de)
3000Clucky Chook (1984)(Melbourne House)
3001Clue (19xx)(Brian Shaffer)
3002Clue - Master Detective (1990)(Leisure Genius)
3003Clue! (19xx)(Joe Obrin)
3004Cluedo (1984)(Leisure Genius)
3005Clueless Adventure (1997)(Champion Software)
3006Clues (1983)(Compute!)
3007Clueso (2001)(Sado Masochism Software)
3008Clystron (1991)(CP Verlag)
3009Co & Co (1985)(Radarsoft)
3010Co-Axis (1998)(Bigtime Software)
3011Co-Ordinates (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
3012Coal Miner (19xx)(-)(de)
3013Coalminer (1991)(CP Verlag)
3014Coball (1989)(Commodore Disc)
3015Cobra (1986)(Ocean Software)
3016Cobra Force (1989)(Players Software)
3017Cobra Rescue (1992)(Eagleware International)
3018Coca Time (19xx)(-)(it)
3019Coccinella (19xx)(Idea Software)(it)
3020Coccinelle (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(FR)
3021Cock In (19xx)(Jawx)
3022Cock In (19xx)(Prism)
3023Coco 2 (1982)(Isa Software)(PD)
3024Coco-Notes (1984)(CBS Software)
3025Cocoot (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
3026Code Hunter (1987)(Firebird)
3027Code Skill Builder (1985)(Tab Books)
3028Code Word Blizzard - Commando Libya (1986)(-)
3029Codebreaker (19xx)(Andromeda Software)
3030Codebusters (1990)(Compute!)
3031Codehunter (1988)(CBA+RTC)
3032Codeknacker (1983)(-)(de)
3033Codename Mat 2 (1984)(Domark)
3034Codename-Mat 2 (1984)(Domark)
3035Coderunner (19xx)(Doug Smith & Dane Bigham)
3036Codeword Arguseye in Secret Mission (1984)(Kingsoft)
3037Coffeehouse Chess Monster (19xx)(-)
3038Cogs (1985)(Ken Smith & Peter Smith)
3039Cohans Land (198x)(Michael Nickels)(de)
3040Cohens Tower (1983)(-)
3041Cohens Towers (1983)(Datamost)
3042Coil Cop (1987)(Epyx)
3043Coin Quest (1986)(Sero)
3044Coins (1993)(Compute!)
3045Cokatime (19xx)(-)(it)
3046Cold Shower, The (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
3047Coldiarus (1995)(Bad Bytes)
3048Colditz (19xx)(-)
3049Colee (19xx)(Magna Media)
3050Collapsar (1987)(Quantum Logic)
3051Collapse (1985)(Nalin Sharma)
3052Collection Day (1986)(Alpha Software)
3053College Nicknames (1993)(Loadstar)
3054Collins (1993)(Loadstar)
3055Collision (19xx)(Topologic)
3056Collision Course (19xx)(-)
3057Collisions (1993)(Markt & Technik)
3058Colon (19xx)(Markt & Technik)(de)
3059Colonels House, The (1983)(Robert Davis)
3060Colonial Conquest (1985)(SSI)
3061Colonial Conquest v1.0 (1985)(SSI)
3062Colonial Trader (1995)(Vislogic)
3063Colony (1987)(Mastertronic)
3064Colony 2 (19xx)(Wesley M. Alyson)
3065Colony v3 (1995)(JWM Woods)
3066Color Buster (1993)(CP Verlag)
3067Color Code (1985)(Input 64)(de)
3068Color Hunter (19xx)(Peter Diehm)(de)
3069Color Mania (19xx)(-)(pl)
3070Color Match (1987)(Loadstar)
3071Color Me (1985)(Mindscape)(Side A)
3072Color Me (1985)(Mindscape)(Side B)
3073Color Tiles (1987)(Viking Technologies Inc.)
3074Color of Magic (1986)(Macmillan Software)
3075Colora (1989)(CP Verlag)
3076Colora - The Revenge (19xx)(CP Verlag)
3077Colorado Smith and the Castle of Doom (1990)(Loadstar)
3078Colorado Smith and the Lost Pyramid (1992)(Loadstar)
3079Colorado-River (19xx)(-)(de)
3080Colorbot (1983)(Compute!)
3081Colorix-Chess (1990)(Markt & Technik)(de)
3082Colorout (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
3083Colors (1993)(Markt & Technik)
3084Colosal Cave Adventure (1985)(Duckworth)
3085Colossal Adventure (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
3086Colossal Cave Adventure (1985)(Duckworth)
3087Colossus Bridge 4 (1987)(CDS Microsystems)
3088Colossus Bridge v4.0 (1987)(Hi-Tec Software)
3089Colossus Chess 2 (1984)(CDS Microsystems)
3090Colossus Chess 4 (1984)(CDS Microsystems)
3091Colossus Mah Jong (1987)(CDS Microsystems)
3092Colossus Muhle 5.0 (1986)(Frank Brall)(de)
3093Colour Bind (1988)(Mark Mainwood)
3094Colour of Magic, The (1986)(Piranha)
3095Colour-Matcher (1990)(Commodore Disc)
3096Colouration (1995)(XL.C.US Software)
3097Coloured (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
3098Coloured Deluxe (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
3099Coloured II (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
3100Coloured III (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
3101Columns (1997)(-)
3102Combat Course (1989)(Mindscape)
3103Combat Crazy (1989)(Silverbird Software)
3104Combat Crazy - Warbringer (1988)(Silverbird Software)
3105Combat Leader (1984)(SSI)
3106Combat Lynx (1984)(Durell Software)
3107Combat School (1987)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
3108Combat School (1987)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
3109Combat School (1987)(Ocean Software)
3110Combat Zone (1987)(Ruben Jonsson)
3111Combination (1995)(CP Verlag)
3112Combination Lock Game (1985)(Tab Books)
3113Combination Wars (1978)(Gary Guttebo & Steven C. Darnold)
3114Combined, The (1989)(-)
3115Combots (1990)(Avalon Hill)(Side A)
3116Combots (1990)(Avalon Hill)(Side B)
3117Comedy (1988)(-)
3118Comet (1992)(Lovely Bytes)
3119Comet Game, The (1986)(Firebird)
3120Comic Bakery (1986)(Imagine Software)
3121Comic Game, The (19xx)(Duck Soft)
3122Commander Color Comparator, The (1983)(George R. Gaukel)
3123Commando (1985)(Elite)
3124Commando - Astro Joe (1985)(Elite)(es)
3125Commando 86 (1986)(Elite)
3126Commando 94 (1994)(Champion Software)
3127Commando 95 (1995)(Champion Software)
3128Commando 96 (1996)(Champion Software)
3129Commando II (1986)(DSE Crew)
3130Commando Kuwait (19xx)(Robert King Corp)
3131Commando Libya (1986)(Robert Pfitzner)
3132Commando Libya - Blizzard (1986)(Robert Pfitzner)
3133Commando Mission 88 (1988)(MTK)
3134Commando Mission Three (1992)(Michael Zick)
3135Commercial Town (1985)(Peter Fink)(de)
3136Commie UFO Attack (1986)(Steve Goldsmith)
3137Commodity (1988)(MaBo-Soft)(de)
3138Commodore 64 Game System (1990)(Commodore)
3139Commodore Commander (19xx)(-)
3140Commodore Force Pinball (19xx)(-)
3141Commodore Sixty-Fore (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
3142Comp Nop - Computer Monoply (19xx)(Dennis Irvine)
3143Comp-u-taire (1984)(Commonwealth Computer Inc.)
3144Company Director 64 (1991)(Challenge Software)
3145Company Director II (1996)(Loadstar)
3146Company Manager (1984)(-)
3147Compare (1994)(Markt & Technik)
3148Compare II (1994)(Markt & Technik)
3149Compendium of Games (1984)(Interface Publications)
3150Comphello (19xx)(-)
3151Complete Computer Fireworks Celebration Kit, The (1985)(Activision)
3152Complex (1994)(CP Verlag)
3153Compu-Tarot (1985)(John J. Beslanwitch)
3154CompuZzler (1986)(Paul Cohen & Bruce Rosenblum)
3155Compunet (19xx)(CP Verlag)
3156Compunet Saga (1986)(-)
3157Compupay (1985)(Philip Dean)
3158Computag (1988)(Compute!)
3159Computer Adventure (19xx)(Jukka Sakki)(FI)
3160Computer Ambush (1985)(SSI)
3161Computer Ambush v1.5 (1985)(SSI)
3162Computer Baccarat (1978)(Chuck Stuart)
3163Computer Baseball (1983)(SSI)(Side A)
3164Computer Baseball (1983)(SSI)(Side B)
3165Computer Blackjack (1982)(-)
3166Computer Board Challenger (19xx)(Rick Beam)
3167Computer Chase (19xx)(The Skull)
3168Computer Clues (1983)(Granada Publishing)
3169Computer Craps (19xx)(-)
3170Computer Killer (1988)(CP Verlag)
3171Computer League (1984)(Ellis Horwood)
3172Computer Magic (19xx)(John Maffia)
3173Computer Maniacs Diary 1989 (1988)(Domark)
3174Computer Manicas (1989)(-)
3175Computer Quarterback (1981)(SSI)(Side A)
3176Computer Quarterback (1981)(SSI)(Side B)
3177Computer Scrabble (1984)(Leisure Genius)
3178Computer Scrabble Deluxe (1986)(Leisure Genius)
3179Computer Squares (1987)(Viking Technologies)
3180Computer Statis-Pro Baseball (1986)(Avalon Hill)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
3181Computer Statis-Pro Baseball (1986)(Avalon Hill)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
3182Computer Statis-Pro Baseball (1986)(Avalon Hill)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
3183Computer Yahtzee (1987)(Loadstar)
3184Computer-Kran! (19xx)(Europa Computer Club)(de)
3185Computer-Wordsearch (1986)(Softfirm)
3186Computershop (1986)(Tower Software)
3187Computing (19xx)(-)
3188Computrivia (19xx)(-)
3189Compuzzle (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
3190Con-Quest (1986)(Mastertronic)
3191Conal II (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
3192Conan (1984)(Datasoft)(Side A)
3193Conan (1984)(Datasoft)(Side B)
3194Conan (19xx)(U.S. Gold)
3195Concentration (19xx)(Frank Chambers)
3196Concentration - Solitaire (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
3197Concentration Station (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
3198Concorde II (1984)(William Fong)
3199Concorde Landing Simulation (19xx)(-)
3200Coney Island (19xx)(-)
3201Conflict (1982)(Martech Games)
3202Conflict II (1991)(Binary Zone)(PD)
3203Conflict in Vietnam (1986)(Microprose Software)
3204Confused (19xx)(-)
3205Confusing Quest (1995)(Eagleware International)
3206Confusing Quest 2 (1996)(Eagleware International)
3207Confusion (1993)(Loadstar)
3208Confuzion (1985)(Incentive Software)
3209Congo Bongo (1983)(Sega)
3210Congo Bongo - Africa Nera (1983)(Sega)(it)
3211Connect (1986)(Alpha Software)
3212Connect 4 (19xx)(-)
3213Connect 4 v4.0 (1987)(Markt & Technik)
3214Connect 5 (1992)(Sex and Spirit Software)
3215Connect 64 (19xx)(Triville Software)
3216Connect Em (1986)(Compute!)
3217Connect the Dots (1983)(Compute!)
3218Connect the Letters (1991)(Compute!)
3219Connection (1993)(CP Verlag)
3220Connectoids! (1986)(PowerPlay Magazine)
3221Conquering Everest (1982)(ASP Software)
3222Conqueror (19xx)(-)(de)
3223Conquest (1989)(Loadstar)
3224Conquest for the Crown (1988)(CP Verlag)
3225Conquest of Amys Holes, The (19xx)(-)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
3226Conquest of Amys Holes, The (19xx)(-)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
3227Conquest of Amys Holes, The (19xx)(-)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
3228Conquest of Amys Holes, The (19xx)(-)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
3229Conquest of Amys Holes, The (19xx)(-)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
3230Conquestador (1991)(German Design Group)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
3231Conquestador (1991)(German Design Group)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
3232Conquestador (1991)(German Design Group)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
3233Conquestador (1991)(German Design Group)(de)(Side A)
3234Conquestador (1991)(German Design Group)(de)(Side B)
3235Constellations (19xx)(E. Burgess)
3236Construction Co. (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
3237Contact - Switch On! (1994)(Compute!)
3238Contest (19xx)(Champ Soft-Reflex)
3239Continental Circus (1989)(Virgin)
3240Conto Corrente (19xx)(-)(it)
3241Contra (1986)(Konami)
3242Contract (19xx)(-)
3243Contract Bridge (1984)(Alligata Software)
3244Contura (1995)(Lazer Image)
3245Conundrum (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
3246Convention Blues (1994)(Dorothy Millard)
3247Convoy (19xx)(-)
3248Convoy Raider (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
3249Conway Fighter (1993)(T.M. Conway)
3250Cookie-Eaters (1988)(Markt & Technik)
3251Cool Croc Twins (1992)(Empire)
3252Cool Games (19xx)(-)
3253Cool MIF II, The (19xx)(Jeff Minter)
3254Cool World (1992)(Ocean Software)
3255Coplin Flight Simulator (19xx)(Coplin Software)
3256Cops (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
3257Cops 3 (1994)(Psytronik Software)
3258Cops II (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
3259Cops and Robbers (1985)(Atlantis Software)
3260Copter-Fight (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
3261Core Wars Pro (1995)(Przemyslaw Plewa)
3262Corman (1984)(Micro Application)(fr)
3263Cornwall Enigma, The (19xx)(Lee Morrall & Jonathan Wells)
3264Corporation (1988)(Activision)
3265Corrida (19xx)(Load n Run)(es)
3266Corruption (1988)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Side A)
3267Corruption (1988)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Side B)
3268Corsair (1990)(Loadstar)
3269Corx - Rebel Racers (1992)(Starbyte Software)
3270Corx Rebel Racers (1992)(Starbyte Software)
3271Corya the Warrior-Sage (1993)(The Guild Adventure Software)
3272Cosbys Pyramid (1986)(Dave Jewett)
3273Cosmic (1985)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
3274Cosmic Arc (19xx)(-)(Side A)
3275Cosmic Arc (19xx)(-)(Side B)
3276Cosmic Balance (1985)(SSI)
3277Cosmic Biznes (1994)(BIW)
3278Cosmic Bounce (1984)(Cable Software)
3279Cosmic Brewers (1983)(Qiss Formula Software)
3280Cosmic Bugs (1983)(Melbourne House)
3281Cosmic Business (1994)(BIW)
3282Cosmic Capers (1983)(Supersoft)
3283Cosmic Carnage (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
3284Cosmic Causeway - Trailblazer 2 (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
3285Cosmic Causeway - Trailblazer II (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
3286Cosmic Cavern (1988)(Commodore Disc)
3287Cosmic Chess (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
3288Cosmic Combat (1984)(Compute!)
3289Cosmic Commando (19xx)(Computer Records)
3290Cosmic Convoy (1983)(Taskset)
3291Cosmic Cruiser (1984)(Imagine Software)
3292Cosmic Cruiser - Galacto Honoris (1984)(Imagine Software)
3293Cosmic Crusader (1985)(Green Valley Publishing)
3294Cosmic Cyklon (19xx)(-)(de)
3295Cosmic Dodge (19xx)(-)
3296Cosmic Hero (1994)(LK Avalon)
3297Cosmic Life (1983)(Spinnaker Software)
3298Cosmic Pirate (1989)(Palace Software)
3299Cosmic Relief (1988)(Datasoft)(Side A)
3300Cosmic Relief (1988)(Datasoft)(Side B)
3301Cosmic Split (1983)(Personal Software Services)
3302Cosmic Storm (1990)(Virgin)
3303Cosmic Tunnels, The (1983)(Datamost)
3304Cosmic-Journey (19xx)(-)
3305Cosmonut (1987)(Codemasters)
3306Cosmos 3000 (19xx)(Andrzej Ostaszczuk)(pl)
3307Cosmos 98 (19xx)(Monitor-Soft)
3308Cosmox (1994)(CP Verlag)
3309Count Duckula (1989)(Alternative Software)
3310Count Duckula II (1992)(Alternative Software)
3311Count Ten (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
3312Count the Spots (1984)(Compute!)
3313Count the Stars (1985)(Tab Books)
3314Count, The (1981)(Commodore)
3315Countdown (1988)(TV Games)
3316Countdown to Meltdown (1984)(Mastertronic)
3317Countdown to Shutdown (1985)(-)
3318Counter Force (1988)(CRL)
3319Counting Game (1984)(Compute!)
3320Country Cab (1991)(Compute!)
3321Country Capers (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
3322Country Quest (1984)(Wye Valley Software)
3323Country Racer (1987)(Markus Neuner)(de)
3324Coup DEtat (19xx)(-)
3325Cover Girl Strip Poker (1991)(Daily Sport)
3326CoverGirl Strip Poker (1991)(Emotional Pictures)
3327Cowboy (1984)(Mario Weck)
3328Cowboy Kidz (1990)(Cobrasoft)
3329Cowboy Shoot Out (1983)(Melbourne House)
3330Cowboy Training (19xx)(-)
3331Cowboys (19xx)(Tomi Malinen)
3332Cowboys v2.0 (19xx)(Tomi Malinen)
3333Cowpat Frisbee (2000)(TND Games)(FW)
3334Cows & Bulls (1984)(Loadstar)
3335Crabfight (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
3336Crabyx (1987)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
3337Crack (19xx)(Oliver Kirwa)
3338Crack Down (1990)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
3339Crack Down (1990)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
3340Crack Down (1990)(U.S. Gold)
3341Crack It! (1988)(CP Verlag)(de)
3342Crack Mania (1988)(Sunset Software)
3343Crack of Doom, The (1989)(Beam Software)
3344Crack-Up (1991)(Atlantis Software)
3345Cracker League (1988)(Triad)
3346Cracker in Space (1986)(Andrew Trott & Finland Cracking Service)
3347Crackers Revenge (1985)(Soren Gronbech)
3348Crackers Revenge 2 (1986)(3D)
3349Crackers Revenge 3 (1986)(-)
3350Crackers Revenge 4 (19xx)(-)
3351Crackers Revenge 5 (19xx)(John P. Shay)
3352Cracks of Doom, The (19xx)(Bob Chappell)
3353Cracks of Fire, The (1983)(Supersoft)
3354Craft (1991)(CP Verlag)
3355Crag (1991)(Loadstar)
3356Crak Crak (19xx)(-)(it)
3357Crak Up (1986)(Silicon Studios)
3358Cranberry Park (1988)(Loadstar)
3359Cranmore Diamond Caper, The (1991)(Commodore Disc)
3360Crantor - Bedrohung aus dem All (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
3361Crapoid (2004)(Ventzislav Tzvetkov)
3362Craps (19xx)(-)
3363Crash (19xx)(Coric Soft)
3364Crash Ball (1991)(Markt & Technik)
3365Crash Barrier (1984)(Melbourne House)
3366Crash Race (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
3367Crash Worms (1991)(Tommy Grandefors)(sv)
3368Crash and Crush (1989)(-)
3369Crash! (1991)(Markt & Technik)
3370Crashcars (19xx)(-)(de)
3371Crasher (1991)(Mikkel Jakobsen)
3372Cray Business (199x)(Game Company)
3373Crazay (1988)(Proteus Developments)
3374Crazy (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
3375Crazy 8s (1980)(John OHare)
3376Crazy Adventure (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
3377Crazy Ball (19xx)(-)(de)
3378Crazy Ballon (1983)(Stefan Kruse)(de)
3379Crazy Balloon (1983)(Software Projects)
3380Crazy Balls (1989)(Markt & Technik)
3381Crazy Bomber, The (19xx)(Pavi Palepu)
3382Crazy Business (19xx)(Softdisk)
3383Crazy Car (1988)(Commodore Disc)(de)
3384Crazy Cars (1988)(Titus Software)(Side A)
3385Crazy Cars (1988)(Titus Software)(Side B)
3386Crazy Cars (1988)(Titus Software)
3387Crazy Cars 2 (1988)(Titus Software)
3388Crazy Cars 3 (1992)(Titus Software)(Side A)
3389Crazy Cars 3 (1992)(Titus Software)(Side B)
3390Crazy Cars 3 (1992)(Titus Software)
3391Crazy Caveman (1983)(Merlin Software)
3392Crazy Caverns (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
3393Crazy Climber (1983)(Compute!)
3394Crazy Coaster (1987)(Players Software)
3395Crazy Comets (1985)(Martech Games)
3396Crazy Commando (1986)(-)
3397Crazy Conveyors (1983)(Bytes and Bits)
3398Crazy Dream 3 (19xx)(Peter Liepa & Marek Roth)
3399Crazy Eights (1989)(Loadstar)
3400Crazy Er-Bert (1990)(Alternative Software)
3401Crazy Golf (1987)(Wicked Software)
3402Crazy Joe (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
3403Crazy Jogger (1987)(Multisoft)
3404Crazy Jumpman (1984)(HC - Mein Home-Computer)
3405Crazy Kong (1983)(Interceptor Micros)
3406Crazy Labyrinth (19xx)(-)
3407Crazy Man (19xx)(-)(it)
3408Crazy Men (1983)(Elwood Computers)
3409Crazy Paving (1988)(Top Ten Software)
3410Crazy Runner (1989)(CP Verlag)
3411Crazy Sprite (19xx)(-)
3412Crazy Sue (1993)(CP Verlag)
3413Crazy Sue Plus (19xx)(Bomico)
3414Crazy Toaster - Note (19xx)(-)(de)
3415Crazy the Mine Chaser (1995)(Loadstar)
3416Crazy-Kong (1983)(Supersoft)
3417Creaper (1992)(Eagleware International)
3418Creaper II (1992)(Eagleware International)
3419Create a Calendar (1987)(-)(Side A)
3420Create a Calendar (1987)(-)(Side B)
3421Create with Garfield (1986)(Ahead Designs)(Disk 2 of 2)(Data Disk)
3422Create with Garfield (1989)(Ahead Designs)
3423Creations (19xx)(Codemasters)(Side A)
3424Creations (19xx)(Codemasters)(Side B)
3425Creative Contraptions (19xx)(Bantam Software)
3426Creators Revenge (1983)(Mogul Communications)
3427Creatures (1990)(Thalamus)(Side A)
3428Creatures (1990)(Thalamus)(Side B)
3429Creatures (1990)(Thalamus)
3430Creatures - Patched Version (1990)(Thalamus)(Side A)
3431Creatures - Patched Version (1990)(Thalamus)(Side B)
3432Creatures - Patched Version (1990)(Thalamus)
3433Creatures 2 - Torture Trouble (1992)(Thalamus)(Side A)
3434Creatures 2 - Torture Trouble (1992)(Thalamus)(Side B)
3435Creatures II (19xx)(Thalamus)(Side A)
3436Creatures II (19xx)(Thalamus)(Side B)
3437Cred Breaks Out (1986)(TSB Scotland)
3438Creeping Chromosomes (1986)(Loadstar)
3439Creeps (19xx)(Keypunch Software)
3440Creepspread (1991)(F. Blanchette)
3441Creepspread II (1992)(F. Blanchette)
3442Creepy Caves (1985)(Commodore Magazine)
3443Cribbage (1982)(Charles Sharp Jr.)
3444Cribbage Master (19xx)(-)
3445Cribbage Solitaire (1985)(Loadstar)
3446Cribbage-64 (1982)(John Jones)
3447Cricket (1983)(Colin Doughty)
3448Cricket 64 (1984)(CRL)
3449Cricket Captain (1990)(Pal Developments)
3450Cricket Crazy (1988)(Dreamin Jinn)(Side A)
3451Cricket Crazy (1988)(Dreamin Jinn)(Side B)
3452Cricket Int. (19xx)(-)
3453Cricket International (1991)(Alternative Software)
3454Cricket Master (1989)(E&J Software)
3455Cricket-Crazy (1988)(Alternative Software)
3456Crillion (1988)(Markt & Technik)
3457Crillion 93 (1993)(Markt & Technik)
3458Crillion Construction Set (1988)(Markt & Technik)
3459Crillion II (1990)(Markt & Technik)
3460Crillion IV (19xx)(Markt & Technik)
3461Crillion V (19xx)(Markt & Technik)
3462Crillion v2 (1988)(Markt & Technik)
3463Crime Stopper (1984)(Hayden Software)
3464Crime Time (1990)(Starbyte Software)
3465Crime Time v1.09 (1990)(Starbyte Software)
3466Crime and Punishment (1984)(Imagic)
3467Crimestopper (1984)(-)
3468Crimp - The Battle (2005)(-)(FW)
3469Crimp, The (19xx)(-)
3470Crimson Crown (1985)(Penguin Software)(Side A)
3471Crimson Crown (1985)(Penguin Software)(Side B)
3472Crimson Crown (1985)(Penguin Software)
3473Cris-Cros Poker (1988)(Loadstar)
3474Crisis Mountain (1983)(Creative Software)
3475Cristoforo Colombo (1985)(Arnoldo Mondadori Editore)(it)
3476Critical Mass (1986)(Durell Software)
3477Croak! (1996)(Loadstar)
3478Crocerossa (19xx)(R. Luigi)(it)
3479Crocodile Down-Under III (19xx)(Ray Duck)
3480Crocodile Dundee (1988)(-)
3481Croll Ship (1987)(Fernando)
3482Cromwell House (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)
3483Cronic the Badger v2 - P (1997)(Black Eagle)
3484Crooked Canyon Caper, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
3485Cross (1996)(Frank Poppe)(de)
3486Cross + Trivia (19xx)(Karl Higham)
3487Cross Fire (1991)(Atlantis Software)
3488Cross It (1992)(CP Verlag)
3489Cross It II - The Revenge (1995)(Direct Designs)
3490Cross Racer (1986)(S+S Soft)
3491Cross-Search (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
3492Crossbow (1988)(Absolute Entertainment)(Side A)
3493Crossbow (1988)(Absolute Entertainment)(Side B)
3494Crosscheck (1986)(Datasoft)
3495Crosses & Cirkels (1995)(CP Verlag)
3496Crosses and Cirkels (1995)(CP Verlag)
3497Crossfire (19xx)(Cosmos)
3498Crossfire - Tron (1983)(Sierra Online)(es)
3499Crossn Circle (1993)(Markt & Technik)
3500Crossover Pinball (19xx)(Chocoholic)
3501Crossroads (1987)(Compute!)
3502Crossroads II - Pandemonium (1988)(Compute!)
3503Crossword (1986)(Your Commodore)
3504Crossword Creator (1991)(Compute!)
3505Crossword Magic 4.0 (19xx)(Larry Sherman)
3506Crossword Puzzle (19xx)(-)
3507Crossword Puzzle v7.2 (1985)(Don Wood, Neil Read & Mike Roche)
3508Crossword Twister (1983)(Stack Computer Services)
3509Crosswords (1986)(RUN-CW Communications)
3510Croussaider (19xx)(Data Media)
3511Crown (1984)(Data Becker)(de)
3512Crown Quest (1990)(Compute!)
3513Crown Rebellion (1993)(Compute!)
3514Crown of Eternal Night, The (1989)(-)
3515Crucible (1989)(X-Ray)
3516Crucifixion (1986)(Schlunz, 701 & Stoffel)
3517Cruciverbalist, The (1988)(Loadstar)
3518Crude (19xx)(-)
3519Cruel World (19xx)(Antony Crowther)(it)
3520Cruel Zone (1992)(CP Verlag)
3521Crunch Point (19xx)(-)
3522Crunchman 64 (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
3523Crusade (2001)(Ink Syndicate)(Side A)
3524Crusade (2001)(Ink Syndicate)(Side B)
3525Crusade in Europe (1985)(Microprose Software)
3526Crusader Gold (1994)(S. Ganton)
3527Crush (1999)(Smash Designs)
3528Crush em up! (1993)(Markt & Technik)
3529Crush, Crumble & Chomp (1983)(Epyx)
3530CrushEm Up (1993)(Michael Oltmanns)
3531Crusible, The (19xx)(Tommi Koistinen)(FI)
3532Crylon (1984)(GSA)(de)
3533Crypt of Fear (1988)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
3534Crypt, The (1991)(Domark)
3535Cryptanalysis (1994)(Loadstar)
3536Crypto Challenge (1997)(Loadstar)
3537Crypto Cracker (19xx)(David Brown)
3538Crypto Puzzler (1992)(RUN-IDG Communications)
3539CryptoCube (1983)(Designware)
3540Cryptogram (1986)(PowerPlay Magazine)
3541Cryptogrid #102 (1992)(Loadstar)
3542Cryptogrid #120 (1994)(Loadstar)
3543Cryptogrid #163 (1998)(Loadstar)
3544Cryptomind #099 (1992)(Loadstar)
3545Cryptomind #103 (1992)(Loadstar)
3546Cryptoquad #101 (1992)(Loadstar)
3547Cryptoquad #104 (1993)(Loadstar)
3548Cryptoquad #128 (1995)(Loadstar)
3549Crystal Castles (1984)(Atari)
3550Crystal Cave (198x)(-)
3551Crystal Cavern, The (19xx)(Harry Capeling)
3552Crystal Caverns (1984)(Hayden Software)
3553Crystal Frog (1985)(Sentient Software)
3554Crystalcave (1993)(CP Verlag)
3555Crystalcave Deluxe (1994)(CP Verlag)
3556Crystallus (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
3557Crystals of Carus, The (1985)(Interceptor Micros)
3558Crystals of Zong (1983)(Cymbal Software)
3559Csavargas a Gombak Birodalmaban (1988)(Greensoft)
3560Cube (1989)(The Best89)
3561Cube Magik (1993)(5th Dimension)
3562Cube of Eleusis (1984)(Interface Publications)
3563Cube, The (1992)(Compute!)
3564Cubes! (1993)(Loadstar)
3565Cubic (1993)(Compute!)
3566Cubik (19xx)(-)
3567Cubin (1992)(CP Verlag)
3568Cubis (1988)(Markt & Technik)
3569Cubulus (1991)(Software 2000)
3570Cuby (19xx)(Henry Roth)
3571Cuddly Cuburt (1983)(Interceptor Micros)
3572Cue Boy (1993)(Codemasters)
3573Cunning Running (19xx)(-)
3574Cup Challenge (1984)(PA)
3575Cup Final (1983)(Commodore)
3576Cup Football (1990)(Cult Games)
3577Cup, The (1988)(River Software)
3578Cupids Revenge (19xx)(Charles Brannon & Mike McMahan)
3579Curse of Babylon (1989)(Kyodai Software)(Side A)
3580Curse of Babylon (1989)(Kyodai Software)(Side B)
3581Curse of Babylon (1989)(Kyodia Software)
3582Curse of Ra (1990)(Rainbow Arts)(Side A)
3583Curse of Ra (1990)(Rainbow Arts)(Side B)
3584Curse of Ra (1990)(Rainbow Arts)
3585Curse of Sherwood, The (1987)(Mastertronic)
3586Curse of Volcan, The (1993)(Commodore Format)
3587Curse of the Azure Bonds Journal (1989)(SSI)
3588Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.0 v.1.0 (1989)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
3589Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.0 v.1.0 (1989)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
3590Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.0 v.1.0 (1989)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
3591Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.0 v.1.0 (1989)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
3592Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.0 v.1.0 (1989)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
3593Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.1 v.1.1 (1989)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
3594Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.1 v.1.1 (1989)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
3595Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.1 v.1.1 (1989)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
3596Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.1 v.1.1 (1989)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
3597Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.1 v.1.1 (1989)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
3598Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.1 v.1.1 (1989)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
3599Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.1 v1.1 (1989)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
3600Curse of the Keys (1990)(CP Verlag)(de)
3601Curse, The (1993)(LK Avalon)
3602Cursed be the City (19xx)(Pegasus Software)
3603Cuscino Rosa, Il (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
3604Custer (1996)(Magna Media)
3605Cut In (19xx)(-)
3606Cut-In (1991)(CP Verlag)(en-de)
3607Cut-Off! (1984)(Compute!)
3608Cuthbert Goes Walkabout (1984)(Microdeal)
3609Cuthbert in Space (1984)(Microdeal)
3610Cuthbert in the Jungle (1984)(Microdeal)
3611Cuthbert in the Tombs (1984)(Microdeal)
3612Cutthroats (1984)(Infocom)
3613Cyball (1988)(Disaster Area Inc.)
3614Cyber Kid (1992)(Timothy Agar)
3615Cyber Kid II (1995)(Lazer Dynamics)
3616Cyber World (1990)(Magic Bytes)
3617Cyber Zone (1983)(R. Fowkes)
3618Cyber-Race (1992)(Markt & Technik)
3619Cyberball (1995)(CP Verlag)
3620Cyberball - Football in the 21st Century (1990)(Domark)
3621Cyberblocks (1994)(Double Density)
3622Cyberchess (1982)(Cyber Enterprises)
3623Cybercop (1990)(Loadstar)
3624Cyberdyne Warrior (1989)(Hewson)
3625Cybermen (1983)(J. Morrison Micros)
3626Cybermine Adventure (1996)(Loadstar)
3627Cybernator (1994)(Frank Gasking)
3628Cybernet (19xx)(Darrell Etherington)(it)
3629Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine (1988)(Hewson)
3630Cybernoid 2 - The Revenge (1988)(Hewson)
3631Cybertrap (1987)(SAS Designs)
3632Cybertron Mission (1984)(Micropower)
3633Cyberwing (1999)(Cosine)
3634Cyberworld (1984)(Progressive Peripherals & Software)(Side A)
3635Cyberworld (1984)(Progressive Peripherals & Software)(Side B)
3636Cyberworld (19xx)(Magic Bytes)
3637Cyberworm (1989)(TCS)(pl)
3638Cyberzone (19xx)(Ozisoft)
3639Cybex (1991)(Cyberstyle)
3640Cyborg (1987)(CRL)
3641Cyborg 2900 (1992)(3D Design Group)
3642Cyborg 87 (1987)(Ian Foster)
3643Cyborg Attack (1996)(Cyber Systems)
3644Cyborg Hunter 2025 (1994)(Darren Agar)
3645Cyborg Wars (19xx)(-)
3646Cybotron (1983)(Anirog Software)
3647Cycle Knight (1986)(Artworx Software)
3648Cycles (19xx)(-)
3649Cycles, The - International Grand Prix Racing (1991)(Accolade)
3650Cyclogic! (19xx)(-)
3651Cyclon Battle (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
3652Cyclon Bomb (19xx)(Jim Roof)
3653Cyclones (1993)(Markt & Technik)
3654Cyclons (1984)(Rabbit Software)
3655Cyforce 1 (1992)(-)(PD)
3656Cyforce One (1992)(Alf Yngve)
3657Cygnus (1991)(Double Density)
3658Cylogic (1991)(CP Verlag)
3659Cylon Zap (1983)(Compute!)
3660Cylu (1985)(Firebird)
3661Cypher (1985)(Compute!)
3662Cyrus (1991)(Double Density)
3663Cyrus II (1987)(Alligata Software)
3664Cyrus III (19xx)(-)(de)
3665Czar Kart (1994)(Dariusz Gierlotka)(pl)
3666D-Bug (1984)(Ariolasoft)
3667D.I.S.C. (19xx)(Cosmos Designs)
3668D.N.A. Warrior (1989)(Artronic)
3669D.O.U.B.L.E. (1987)(M. Weber)(PD)
3670DAK - Deutsches Afrika Korps (1988)(Golden Disk)
3671DDT (1989)(Bob Sierhuis)(nl)
3672DFUE-Adventure, Das (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
3673DFUE-Adventure, Das v2 (1989)(N. Heusler)
3674DIE - Death in Effect (1989)(Bratpack)
3675DISC - Damned into Space-Craft (1991)(Magic Disk)
3676DIs Baby (19xx)(BTYS)
3677DJ Puffs Volcantic Capers (1992)(Codemasters)
3678DKT-64 (19xx)(Tim Borion, Sal Oeper & Johann Kuhberger)(de)
3679DNA Warrior (1989)(Artronic)
3680DOC - The Destroyer (1987)(Melbourne House)
3681DWF Bashermania (19xx)(DarkStorm)
3682DWF Challenge of the Gods (19xx)(DarkStorm)
3683DWF Superheroes of Wrestling (19xx)(DarkStorm)
3684DWF Superheroes of Wrestling II - Wrestling Spotlighting (19xx)(DarkStorm)
3685DWF Superheroes of Wrestling III - Tag Team Toastin Time (19xx)(DarkStorm)
3686Dabble (1985)(Loadstar)
3687Dackel Klatsch (2001)(Christian Schiller)
3688Daedalus (19xx)(Andreas Smith)
3689Daemonenbuch, Das (19xx)(H. Franz)(de)
3690Dag op de Racebaan, Een (1984)(E. Harbers Software)(nl)
3691Daily Double Horse Racing (1988)(Artworx Software)
3692Dalek Attack (1992)(Admiral Software)
3693Daley Thompsons Decathlon (1984)(Ocean Software)
3694Daley Thompsons Decathlon (19xx)(Ocean Software)
3695Daley Thompsons Decathlon - Olimpia (1984)(Ocean Software)(es)
3696Daley Thompsons Olympic Challenge (1988)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
3697Daley Thompsons Olympic Challenge (1988)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
3698Daley Thompsons Olympic Challenge (1988)(Ocean Software)
3699Daley Thompsons Super-Test (1987)(Ocean Software)
3700Dallas (19xx)(Michael Grages)(de)
3701Dallas Quest, The (1984)(Datasoft)
3702Dallax - Sex und Crime in Southfork (1989)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
3703Dallax - Sex und Crime in Southfork (1989)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
3704Dallax - Sex und Crime in Southfork (1989)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
3705Dalto (1988)(Systems Editoriale)
3706Dam Buster (1983)(Svens Software)(nl)
3707Dam Busters, The (1985)(U.S. Gold)
3708Dambusters (19xx)(-)
3709Dambusters, The (1984)(Sydney Development)
3710Dame (1986)(Input 64)(de)
3711Dame C-64 (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
3712Dammen (1986)(Settle Light Software)(nl)
3713Dammen v2.2 (1986)(Settle Light Software)(nl)
3714Dammen-64 (19xx)(Softpac)(nl)
3715Dampfmaschine (1987)(Europa Computer Club)(de)
3716Damsel in Distress (1983)(Alligata Software)
3717Damsels in Distress (1986)(Frank McMahon)
3718Damsels in Distress II (1995)(The Guild Adventure Software)
3719Dan (1990)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
3720Dan Cooper (1989)(CP Verlag)
3721Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future (1986)(Virgin Games)
3722Dan Dare 2 - Mekons Revenge (1988)(Virgin Games)
3723Dan Dare 2 - Mekons Revenge (1989)(Virgin Games)
3724Dan Dare 3 - The Escape (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)
3725Dance Fantasy (1984)(CBS Software)
3726Dance of the Vampires (1988)(Interactive Technology)
3727Dances with Bunny Rabbits (19xx)(Pegasus Software)
3728Dancin Don (19xx)(-)
3729Dancing Bear (1984)(Audio Light)
3730Dancing Feats (1983)(Softsync Inc.)
3731Dancing Monster (1983)(Commodore)
3732Dandy (1986)(Electric Dreams)
3733Danger Ball 2 (19xx)(-)
3734Danger Drive (19xx)(W and W Works)
3735Danger Freak (1988)(Rainbow Arts)
3736Danger Mission (1985)(Mania-Soft)
3737Danger Mouse in Double Trouble (1984)(Creative Sparks)
3738Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau (1984)(Creative Sparks)
3739Danger Ranger (1984)(Microdeal)
3740Danger Stones (1991)(Markt & Technik)
3741Danger Valley (1988)(Input 64)(de)
3742Danger Zone - Planet Invasion II (1987)(Freak-HCS)
3743Danger! Adventurer at Work! (1991)(Simon Avery)
3744Danger! Adventurer at Work! Two (1992)(The Guild Adventure Software)
3745Dangerball 2 (19xx)(-)
3746Dangerzone (19xx)(-)
3747Dantes Inferno (1986)(Beyond Software)
3748Darbee (1987)(RUN-CW Communications)
3749Dare Devil Dennis - The Sequel (1984)(Visions Software)
3750Dare You Pinball (19xx)(-)
3751Dare, The (1989)(The Guild Adventure Software)
3752Daredevil Dave (1987)(Wicked Software)
3753Dari (1995)(Butterfly Productions)
3754Darius in Hamburgerland (1988)(NGC)
3755Dark Angel (19xx)(Jurgen Schwarz)
3756Dark Castle (1987)(Three-Sixty)(Side A)
3757Dark Castle (1987)(Three-Sixty)(Side B)
3758Dark Caves (1994)(CP Verlag)
3759Dark Cosmos (1991)(Markt & Technik)
3760Dark Dungeons, The (1983)(Anirog Software)
3761Dark Empire (19xx)(-)
3762Dark Forest, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
3763Dark Fusion (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side A)
3764Dark Fusion (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side B)
3765Dark Fusion (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)
3766Dark Lord (1987)(Datasoft)(Side A)
3767Dark Lord (1987)(Datasoft)(Side B)
3768Dark Planet, The (19xx)(Mountain Valley Software)
3769Dark Side (1988)(Incentive Software)
3770Dark Sky Over Paradise, A (1990)(Interactive Technology)
3771Dark Sky over Paradise, A (19xx)(-)
3772Dark Star (1984)(Mastertronic)
3773Dark Star (1995)(Dytec)(Side A)
3774Dark Star (1995)(Dytec)(Side B)
3775Dark Sword, The (1993)(CP Verlag)
3776Dark Tower (1988)(CP Verlag)
3777Dark Tower, The (1984)(Melbourne House)
3778Dark Wood, The (19xx)(Luigi Bevilacqua)(it)
3779Dark is the Bark (1991)(Mariano Palao)
3780Darkest Road, The (1993)(The Guild Adventure Software)
3781Darkhold (1987)(Loadstar)
3782Darkhorn (1987)(Avalon Hill)
3783Darkland - The Lost Realm (19xx)(Gordon)
3784Darkman (1991)(Ocean Software)
3785Darkon (1992)(Adventure Tech)
3786Darkon II (198x)(Adventure Tech)
3787Darksyde (19xx)(-)
3788Darkwood (1988)(The Guild Adventure Software)
3789Darkwood 2 - The Gryphons Pearl (1988)(Zosia the Pious)
3790Darkwood 3 - The Tramontane Alliance (1988)(Zosia the Pious)
3791Dart (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
3792Dart Challenge (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
3793Darth Vader - Adventure (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
3794Darth Wader (19xx)(-)
3795Darts (19xx)(Funnysoft)(de)
3796Darts - Das Wurfspiel (19xx)(-)(de)
3797Darts! (19xx)(-)
3798Dartz (1989)(Commodore Disc)
3799Darwins Bugs (1992)(Loadstar)
3800Dasher (1985)(Markt & Technik)
3801Daten Agent 00x (1992)(HWM)(de)
3802Daten-Agent 00X (1993)(Markt & Technik)(de)
3803Dater, The (1990)(Commodore Disc)
3804Dater, The II (1991)(Commodore Disc)
3805Datestones of Ryn, The (1983)(Epyx)
3806Dave Parker - Wenn sie wuessten was sie tun... (1992)(Peter Diehm)(de)
3807Dave Speed (19xx)(-)
3808Dave Speed and the Mutants (1986)(Magna Media)
3809Dave Winfields Batter Up! (1985)(Avant-Garde Publishing)(Side A)
3810Dave Winfields Batter Up! (1985)(Avant-Garde Publishing)(Side B)
3811David Cranes Pitfall (1985)(Activision)
3812David Powells Sex Quest (19xx)(-)
3813Davids Midnight Magic (1984)(Broderbund)
3814Davids Midnight Magic II (1990)(David Snider)
3815Davis Cup (1984)(-)
3816Davok (1989)(System)(it)
3817Davy - King of the Wild Frontier (1985)(Cascade Games)
3818Davy Jones Locker (19xx)(-)
3819Dawn Beyond UB-11 - Motorhead II (1989)(CP Verlag)
3820Dawn Patrol (1987)(Bytebusters)
3821Dawn of the Mummy (1988)(Patrick Wullaert)
3822Dawn of the Nasty (1994)(Simon Reece)
3823Day Trip (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
3824Day at the Races, A (1983)(Melbourne House)
3825Day in a Life of a Prehistoric Man, A (1994)(Creative Pixels)
3826Day in the Life of a Prehistoric Man, A (1994)(J.C.Hilty)
3827Day the Lights Stayed Out, The (1986)(Mark Le-May)
3828Days Of Thunder (1990)(Mindscape)
3829Days of Thunder (1990)(Mindscape)
3830De Erfenis (19xx)(Infogrames)(nl)
3831De Steen der Wijzen (19xx)(Radarsoft)(nl)
3832DeSign (19xx)(Magna Media)
3833Deactivators (1986)(Ariolasoft)
3834Dead End (1988)(Interactive Technology)
3835Dead Enders (1988)(Dreamin Jiin)
3836Dead Evil (19xx)(Coolart)
3837Dead Ringer (1988)(Ariolasoft)
3838Dead Zone (1987)(The Power House)
3839Dead or Alive (1987)(Alternative Software)
3840Deadenders (1988)(Dreaming Djinn)
3841Deadline (1982)(Infocom)
3842Deadlock (19xx)(-)
3843Deadly Crystals (19xx)(Biuro Informatyczno Wydawnicze)
3844Deadly Dungeon (1980)(Don Boner & Freda Boner)
3845Deadly Evil (1990)(Players Software)
3846Deadly Messengers (1995)(Samar)
3847Deadly Mission (1986)(Tronic)
3848Deadly Racer (1998)(Lost Brain)(en-de)
3849Deadly Rain (1987)(Magic Disk)
3850Deadringer (1987)(Ariolasoft)
3851Deadzone (1988)(Markt & Technik)
3852Dealer (1986)(Sven Mommsen)(de)
3853Death Dealer (1989)(New Beginnings Software)
3854Death House (19xx)(Mark S. Boucher)
3855Death Knights of Krynn (1991)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
3856Death Knights of Krynn (1991)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
3857Death Knights of Krynn (1991)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
3858Death Knights of Krynn (1991)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
3859Death Knights of Krynn (1991)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
3860Death Knights of Krynn (1991)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
3861Death Knights of Krynn (1991)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
3862Death Knights of Krynn v1.1 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
3863Death Knights of Krynn v1.1 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
3864Death Knights of Krynn v1.1 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
3865Death Knights of Krynn v1.1 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
3866Death Knights of Krynn v1.1 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
3867Death Knights of Krynn v1.1 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
3868Death Maze (1998)(The Skull)
3869Death Maze 2 - Return of Atlas (1999)(The Skull)
3870Death Maze 3 - Atlas Hideout (1999)(The Skull)
3871Death Maze 3 Deluxe - Labyrinth of Darkness (1999)(The Skull)
3872Death Race 64 (1987)(Atlantis Software Ltd.)
3873Death Row (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
3874Death Star (1983)(Rabbit Software)
3875Death Star Adventure (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
3876Death Star Interceptor (1984)(System 3)
3877Death Sword (1988)(Epyx)
3878Death Trench (1986)(Alpha Software)
3879Death Valley (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
3880Death Wake (1985)(Quicksilva)
3881Death Wish 3 (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
3882Death Zone (19xx)(Manfred Friese)(de)
3883Death in Effect (19xx)(-)
3884Death in the Caribbean (1984)(Microlab)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
3885Death in the Caribbean (1984)(Microlab)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
3886Death in the Caribbean (1984)(Microlab)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
3887Death in the Caribbean (1984)(Microlab)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
3888Death of Skull, The (1988)(The Skull)
3889Death or Glory (1987)(CRL)
3890Death or Glory (2005)(Covenant)(Side A)
3891Death or Glory (2005)(Covenant)(Side B)
3892Deathbringer (1990)(Cinemaware)(Side A)
3893Deathbringer (1990)(Cinemaware)(Side B)
3894Deathdream II (1990)(Iber Soft)
3895Deathlord (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
3896Deathlord (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
3897Deathlord (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
3898Deathlord (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
3899Deathlord (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
3900Deathlord (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
3901Deathlords (19xx)(Kutchek and Gorre)
3902Deathly Adventure (19xx)(Toni Luode)(FI)
3903Deathmaster - The Dungeons of Death (1987)(Deekster Productions)
3904Deathscape (1987)(Starlight Software)
3905Deathship (19xx)(Aardvark Software)
3906Deathworld (1983)(Brookfield Software)(nl)
3907Debris (1986)(Loadstar)
3908Decade (1997)(Loadstar)
3909Decadex (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
3910Decathlon (1983)(Activision)
3911Deceptor (1986)(Artech)
3912Decimal Dungeon (19xx)(David Howard Flatman)
3913Decipede (1986)(Compute!)
3914Decision - North Africa 1940-1942 (1985)(Microprose Software)
3915Decision in the Desert (1985)(Microprose Software)
3916Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Vol.1 (1987)(SSG)
3917Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Vol.1 v1.0 (1987)(SSG)
3918Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Vol.2 (1988)(SSG)
3919Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Vol.3 (1988)(SSG)
3920Declem (1990)(CP Verlag)
3921Decstone (1991)(Logo Software)
3922Decton (1990)(Double Density)
3923Deeds of Limdrom, The (19xx)(Crazy Olaf)
3924Deep Diver (19xx)(-)(it)
3925Deep Sea Fisher (19xx)(-)
3926Deep Space (19xx)(Mike Singleton)
3927Deep Space - Operation Copernicus (1987)(Sir-Tech)
3928Deep Strike (1986)(Durell Software)
3929Deep Trouble (19xx)(Alligata Software)
3930Deep Void (1997)(Willow)
3931Deep Zone (19xx)(-)
3932Deep, The (1989)(Cream Corp)
3933Deepspace (19xx)(Creative Computing)
3934Deer Hunter (1988)(-)
3935Defcom (1986)(Quicksilva)
3936Defcom 1 (1989)(F. J. Rodriguez)
3937Defcon (19xx)(-)
3938Defcon 5 (1987)(Cosmi)(Side A)
3939Defcon 5 (1987)(Cosmi)(Side B)
3940Defender (1983)(Atari)
3941Defender 64 (1983)(Interceptor Micros)
3942Defender of the Crown (1987)(Cinemaware)(Side A)
3943Defender of the Crown (1987)(Cinemaware)(Side B)
3944Defender of the Crown (1987)(Cinemaware)(Tape 1 of 2 Side A)
3945Defender of the Crown (1987)(Cinemaware)(Tape 1 of 2 Side B)
3946Defender of the Crown (1987)(Cinemaware)(Tape 2 of 2 Side A)
3947Defender of the Crown (1987)(Cinemaware)(Tape 2 of 2 Side B)
3948Defender of the Crown (1987)(Cinemaware)
3949Defenders of the Earth (1990)(Enigma Variations)
3950Defensive Driving (19xx)(-)
3951Definition Match (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
3952Definitions (1986)(Alpha Software)
3953Deflection (1986)(Alpha Software)
3954Deflektor (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
3955Defuzion (2000)(TND Games)(FW)
3956Defuzion 2 (2000)(TND Games)(FW)
3957Defuzion 3 (2001)(TND Games)(FW)
3958Defuzion II (2000)(TND Games)(FW)
3959Defuzion III (2001)(TND Games)(FW)
3960Deidres Raceway (19xx)(Jeff Hamdani)
3961Deja Vu (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
3962Deja Vu (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
3963Deja Vu (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
3964Deja Vu (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
3965Deja Vu (1987)(Metribotics)(Side A)
3966Deja Vu (1987)(Metribotics)(Side B)
3967Delirii Hortus (19xx)(Arscom)(it)
3968Delite (1996)(Sceptic)
3969Delitto sul Nilo (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
3970Deliver Em (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
3971Deliverance (1987)(The Power House)
3972Deliverance - Stormlord II (1990)(Hewson)
3973Delphic Oracle, The (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
3974Delta (1987)(Thalamus)
3975Delta Drawing (1983)(Spinnaker Software)
3976Delta Fighter (1988)(Systems Editoriale)
3977Delta Force (19xx)(Sovereign)
3978Delta Man (1986)(Cosmi)
3979Delta Race (19xx)(-)
3980Delta War (1987)(Compute!)
3981Deltaman (1986)(-)
3982Deltaplane (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)
3983Deltic Fleet Manager (1986)(Dee-Kay Systems)
3984Deluxe-Quadromania (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)
3985Demigod (1989)(-)
3986Demolition (1983)(Courbois Software)(nl)
3987Demolition Construction Set (1988)(Kingsoft)
3988Demolition Derby (1984)(Interface Publications)
3989Demon Attack (1984)(Imagic)
3990Demon Blue (1992)(MicroValue)
3991Demon Blues (1992)(MicroValue)
3992Demon Dozer (19xx)(-)
3993Demon Fight (19xx)(Maxx)(it)
3994Demon Knight (1983)(ASP Software)
3995Demon Lover (19xx)(Alberto Geneletti)(it)
3996Demon Stalkers - The Raid on Doomfane (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
3997Demon Stalkers - The Raid on Doomfane (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
3998Demon Stalkers - The Raid on Doomfane (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
3999Demon Stalkers - The Raid on Doomfane (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
4000Demon Star (1983)(Compute!)
4001Demon from the Darkside (1988)(Compass Software)
4002Demonok Kastelya (19xx)(-)(hu)
4003Demons (1993)(D. Smith)
4004Demons Empire (19xx)(Novotrade)
4005Demons Kiss (1989)(MC Lothlorien)
4006Demons Winter (1988)(SSI)(Side A)
4007Demons Winter (1988)(SSI)(Side B)
4008Demons Winter v1.1 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4009Demons Winter v1.1 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4010Demons Winter v1.1 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4011Demons of Osiris (1983)(Compute!)
4012Demons of Topaz - Ozzy Versus the Universe (1984)(Firebird Software)
4013Dempsey and Makepeace (1988)(Bombjack)
4014Denaris (1988)(Rainbow Arts)(Side A)
4015Denaris (1988)(Rainbow Arts)(Side B)
4016Denaris (1988)(Rainbow Arts)
4017Denarius (1987)(Firebird)
4018Deneb (1989)(Magic Disk)
4019Denga (1989)(Commodore Disc)
4020Denis through the Drinking Glass (1984)(Applications Software)
4021Denniffia (1996)(Magna Media)
4022Dennys Quest I (1994)(Sunrise Software)
4023Denture Warrior - The War of Conga (1986)(Mania-Soft)(de)
4024Depotmaster Old Oak Common (1989)(Derbyshire Ram)
4025Depreciation Derby (1984)(-)
4026Depth Charge (1983)(Commodore)
4027Derby Dash (1984)(Cascade Games)
4028Derby Day (19xx)(-)
4029Derelict (19xx)(Aardvark Software)
4030Deri Colour (1990)(CP Verlag)
4031Deri Colours (1990)(CP Verlag)
4032Des Magiers Kugel (19xx)(-)
4033Descent into Chaos (19xx)(-)
4034Descent into Clayman Caverns (19xx)(Krenath Sunfire Labs)
4035Descent to Kaylon (1984)(Compute!)
4036Desdemona (1991)(Compute!)
4037Desert (19xx)(-)(de)
4038Desert Attack (19xx)(Champion Software)
4039Desert Duell (1988)(Loadstar)
4040Desert Fox (1985)(U.S. Gold)
4041Desert Front (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
4042Desert Game (19xx)(-)
4043Desert Hawk (1986)(Players Software)
4044Desert Island (1992)(Atlas Adventure Software)
4045Desert Race (19xx)(-)(it)
4046Desert Trader (1987)(Loadstar)
4047Desert War (1997)(Knightcoder)
4048Designasaurus (1988)(Designware)(Side A)
4049Designasaurus (1988)(Designware)(Side B)
4050Designers Pencil, The (1984)(Activision)
4051Desolator - Halls of Kyros (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
4052Desolator - Halls of Kyros (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
4053Desolator - Halls of Kyros (1988)(U.S. Gold)
4054Destiny (1985)(Destiny Software)(Side A)
4055Destiny (1985)(Destiny Software)(Side B)
4056Destiny (1996)(Eagleware International)
4057Destroyer (1986)(Epyx)
4058Destroyer Escort (1989)(Microprose Software)
4059Destroyer, The (19xx)(Maxx)
4060Destroyers, The (1986)(Tomi Marin)
4061Destruct (1987)(The Power House)
4062Destructo (1987)(Mastertronic)
4063Detective (19xx)(-)(it)
4064Detective Game, The (1986)(APS Software)
4065Detective Q (1984)(Interface Publications)
4066Detective! (1984)(Loadstar)
4067Detektiv 2000 (1992)(Markt & Technik)(de)
4068Detektyw (19xx)(-)(pl)
4069Deth Ball (19xx)(-)
4070Detonation (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
4071Detonator (1984)(Melbourne House)
4072Detonators - Bombers Day (1993)(CP Verlag)
4073Detonators - Bombers Day (19xx)(-)
4074Deus Ex Machina (1986)(Electric Dreams)
4075Deutsches Afrika Corps (1989)(GDG)(Side A)
4076Deutsches Afrika Corps (1989)(GDG)(Side B)
4077Devante (1994)(Champion Software)
4078Devastating Blow (1992)(Beyond Belief)
4079Devastator (1984)(Compute!)
4080Deviants (1987)(Players Software)
4081Devils Gallery (1986)(Shift Editions)(en-fr)
4082Devils Revenge (1989)(Marco Mietta)
4083Devils Tower (19xx)(Andrew Steven Manikas)
4084Devils Wheel (19xx)(-)
4085Devon Aire in the Hidden Diamond Caper (1988)(Epyx)
4086Devorator (1989)(CP Verlag)
4087Dhat! (19xx)(Al Dukes)
4088Di-Art - Moebius II (1988)(801 Designing Crew & The Sarge)
4089Dia X Hora H (19xx)(-)(es)
4090Diablo (1987)(Classic Image)
4091Diabolo (1991)(HWM)
4092Diagon (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)
4093Diamenty (1992)(Sonix)(pl)
4094Diamond & Sword (19xx)(-)
4095Diamond (1988)(Destiny Software)
4096Diamond Drop (1983)(Compute!)
4097Diamond Fever (1989)(CP Verlag)
4098Diamond Hunter (2001)(Zalor CS)
4099Diamond Jones (1992)(Markt & Technik)
4100Diamond Jones II (1993)(Markt & Technik)
4101Diamond Maze 64 (19xx)(Geir Straume)
4102Diamond Mine (1983)(Roklan)
4103Diamond Miner (19xx)(Stone Family)
4104Diamond Trail (1984)(Gilsoft)
4105Dice Racers (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
4106Dicey Decisions (1985)(Adrian M. Streeter)
4107Dick Tracy (1990)(Titus Software)
4108Dick Turpin (1988)(Bombjack)
4109Dickys Diamonds (1983)(Romik Software)
4110Dicovery (19xx)(-)
4111Dictator (1983)(DK Tronics)
4112Dictator II (1986)(Marko-Aurelio Fux)(de)
4113Didi - Das Spiel (1988)(ISEC)(de)
4114Die Alien Slime (1989)(Mastertronic)
4115Die Dunkle Dimension (1990)(German Design Group)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4116Die Dunkle Dimension (1990)(German Design Group)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4117Die Dunkle Dimension (1990)(German Design Group)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4118Die Dunkle Dimension (1990)(German Design Group)(de)
4119Die Erbschaft 2 - Die Urkunde (19xx)(-)(de)
4120Die Hard (1990)(CP Verlag)
4121Die Hard 2 - Die Harder (1991)(Grandslam Entertainment)
4122Die! Alien Slime (1989)(Mastertronic)
4123DieHard 1.1 (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
4124Difensore (1985)(Edigamma)(it)
4125Diffuser (19xx)(Mike Fleischner)
4126Dig Dug (1983)(Atari)
4127Dig Dug - El Topo (1983)(Atari)(es)
4128Digger (1985)(Compute!)
4129Diggits (1992)(Markt & Technik)
4130Digit Fidget (1990)(Loadstar)
4131Digital Tangram (1990)(CP Verlag)
4132Digithunt (1989)(Loadstar)
4133Diktator (19xx)(-)(de)
4134Dimension 4 - The Ludwig Mystify (1994)(Tobias Erbsland)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4135Dimension 4 - The Ludwig Mystify (1994)(Tobias Erbsland)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4136Dimension 4 - The Ludwig Mystify (1994)(Tobias Erbsland)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4137Dimensione X (19xx)(-)
4138Dina Math (1991)(Loadstar)
4139Dinastopoly (19xx)(-)(it)
4140Dingdong (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
4141Dingsda (1991)(PCSL Software)(de)(Side A)
4142Dingsda (1991)(PCSL Software)(de)(Side B)
4143Dinky Doo (1984)(Software Projects)
4144Dino Eggs (1983)(Micro Fun)
4145Dino Wars (1990)(Magic Bytes)(Side A)
4146Dino Wars (1990)(Magic Bytes)(Side B)
4147Dino-Math (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
4148Dinorace 64 (1990)(CP Verlag)
4149Dinosaur Eggs (1983)(-)
4150Dinox (1993)(Rainer Boehme)
4151Dioroid (1995)(CP Verlag)
4152Diosa de Cozumel (1990)(Aventuras AD)(es)(Side A)
4153Diosa de Cozumel (1990)(Aventuras AD)(es)(Side B)
4154Diosa de Cozumel (1990)(Aventuras AD)(es)
4155Dip Diver (1991)(Your Commodore)
4156Diplomacy (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)
4157Diplomats Dilemma (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
4158Dippy Dappy (19xx)(-)
4159Direct Design v1.0 (19xx)(-)
4160Dirks Escape (19xx)(Software Projects)
4161Dirty - The Adventure Game (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Side A)
4162Dirty - The Adventure Game (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Side B)
4163Dirty - The Adventure Game (1991)(Markt & Technik)(en-de)
4164Dirty Movie (19xx)(-)(PD)
4165Dis Baby (1984)(Bad Taste)
4166Disaster Flight (1984)(Interface Publications)
4167Disc Blitz (1988)(Compute!)
4168Disc-O-Very (1993)(CP Verlag)
4169Discos en Torres (1986)(Macrisoft)(it)
4170Discovery (1987)(CRL)
4171Discs of Daedalus (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
4172Discs of Tron (19xx)(AMCC Power Coolware)
4173Disintegrator (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
4174Disk Busters (1999)(Binary Zone)(PD)
4175Disk of Fortune (19xx)(Matt Olin)
4176Disktolvaj (1985)(Tihor Miklos)(hu)
4177Distance Demon (1984)(Program One)
4178Ditris (1991)(Magic Soft)
4179Dive (1984)(Osbourne-McGraw Hill)
4180Dive Bomber (19xx)(-)
4181Diver (19xx)(-)
4182Diving Max (1985)(Antsoft)
4183Division Tutor (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
4184Divisions (19xx)(-)
4185Dizasterblaster (1984)(Alternative Software)
4186Dizzy 01 - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (1988)(Codemasters)
4187Dizzy 02 - Treasure Island Dizzy (1989)(Codemasters)
4188Dizzy 03 - Fantasy World Dizzy (1990)(Codemasters)
4189Dizzy 04 - Magicland Dizzy (1990)(Codemasters)
4190Dizzy 05 - Spellbound Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)
4191Dizzy 06 - Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk (1990)(Codemasters)
4192Dizzy 07 - Down the Rapids (1992)(Codemasters)
4193Dizzy 08 - Bubble Dizzy (1992)(Codemasters)
4194Dizzy 09 - Dizzy Down the Rapids (1991)(Codemasters)
4195Dizzy 10 - Fast Food! (1989)(Codemasters)
4196Dizzy 11 - Kwik Snax (1990)(Codemasters)
4197Dizzy 12 - Panic Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)
4198Dizzy 13 - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (1992)(Codemasters)
4199Dizzy Collection (1996)(Codemasters)(Side A)
4200Dizzy Collection (1996)(Codemasters)(Side B)
4201Dizzy Dice (1987)(Players Software)
4202Dizzy Goes Raving (1992)(Champion Software)
4203Dizzy Goes SEUCK (19xx)(Champion Software)
4204Django (19xx)(-)
4205Djihad Chess 4k (2003)(H. Irrgang)
4206Dneiper River Line (1984)(Avalon Hill)
4207Do Your Sums (1984)(Cascade Games)
4208Do or Die (1994)(CP Verlag)
4209Doc the Destroyer (1987)(Melbourne House)
4210Dock King (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
4211Doctor Dementia (19xx)(-)
4212Doctor Dooms Revenge (1989)(Empire)(Disk 1)
4213Doctor Dooms Revenge (1989)(Empire)(Disk 2)
4214Doctor Dooms Revenge (1989)(Empire)(Disk 3)
4215Doctor Dooms Revenge (1989)(Empire)(Disk 4)
4216Doctor Dooms Revenge (1989)(Empire)(M3)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4217Doctor Dooms Revenge (1989)(Empire)(M3)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4218Doctor Dooms Revenge (1989)(Empire)(M3)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4219Doctor Dooms Revenge (1989)(Empire)(M3)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
4220Doctor Dooms Revenge (1989)(Empire)(Side A)
4221Doctor Dooms Revenge (1989)(Empire)(Side B)
4222Doctor Who 2 (19xx)(-)
4223Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror (1986)(Micropower)
4224Doctor in the House (1996)(Commodore Scene)
4225Doctors Demise (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
4226Dodge (19xx)(Eric Willems)(nl)
4227Dodge - The Game (1992)(Excellent Software)
4228Dodge Cars (19xx)(Roger D. Burge)
4229Dodge City (1983)(Courbois Software)
4230Dodgeball II (1984)(Mastertronic)
4231Dodgem (1984)(Radarsoft)
4232Dodgem (19xx)(-)
4233Dodgem Witches (19xx)(Derrick Reid)
4234Dodgy Geezers (1987)(Melbourne House)
4235Dog Ball (1991)(-)
4236Dog Fight (1985)(Karlheinz Herpel)
4237Dog Star Adventure (1980)(The Guild Adventure Software)
4238Dogbuster (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
4239Dogbusters 2 - In the Case of the Cerebusdog (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
4240Dogbusters 3 - The Airdale Papers Case Reopened (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
4241Dogbusters 4 - The Poodlemaniac Case (1988)(Charles M. Duncan)
4242Dogbusters 5 (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
4243Dogcatcher (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
4244Dogfight (19xx)(Sunshine Publications)
4245Dogfight 2187 (1987)(Starlight Software)
4246Dogfight in Space (1991)(Markt & Technik)
4247Dogfight! (1985)(PowerPlay Magazine)
4248Dogs, The (1989)(Kelvin King)
4249Dogstar, The (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
4250Dokter Psi (19xx)(-)(nl)
4251Dolphin Force (19xx)(-)
4252Dolphins Rune, The (1985)(Mindscape)
4253Domain (1988)(-)
4254Domination (1989)(Micropartner)(de)
4255Dominator (1989)(System 3)
4256Domine (1995)(Mapko)
4257Dominio di Meandro, Il (19xx)(Michele Giordano)(it)
4258Dominion (1990)(Zzap! 64)
4259Domino (198x)(-)(de)
4260Domino Logic (1989)(Loadstar)
4261Dominoes (19xx)(-)
4262Don Quijote (1987)(Dinamic Software)(es)(Side A)
4263Don Quijote (1987)(Dinamic Software)(es)(Side B)
4264Don Quijote (1987)(Dinamic Software)(es)
4265Donald Ducks Playground (1984)(Sierra Online)
4266Donald the Hero (1988)(CP Verlag)
4267Donalds Alphabet Chase (1991)(Walt Disney Company)
4268Donkey Dong (19xx)(Gods)
4269Donkey Kong (1983)(Nintendo)
4270Donkey Kong Bootleg (19xx)(-)
4271Donkey Kong Jr. (19xx)(-)
4272Dont be Angry - Mensch argere Dich nicht (1995)(Muekra Datentechnik)(en-de)
4273Donuts (19xx)(-)
4274Doodle (1983)(Omni Unlimited)(Side A)
4275Doodle - Data Disk (1983)(Omni Unlimited)(Side B)
4276Doolhof (19xx)(Courbois Software)(nl)
4277Doom (1997)(Knightcoder)
4278Doomdarks Revenge (1986)(Beyond Software)
4279Dooms-Day Machine, The (19xx)(Mario Morales)
4280Doomtunnel, The (19xx)(Italysoft)
4281Doors (1984)(David Lengel)
4282Doppelkopf (19xx)(T. Uhlenbrock)(de)
4283Doriath (1987)(Virgin Games)
4284Doris (1995)(Cybertech)
4285Doris 2 (1996)(Cybertech)
4286Dot Gobbler (1983)(Mr. Computer)
4287Dot Gobbler v2 (1983)(Mr. Computer)
4288Dot Racer (19xx)(-)
4289Dot-Eater (1996)(Mark D. Rejhon)
4290Dots (1983)(Compute!)
4291Dots v2.0 (1993)(Alexander Langer)(de)
4292Double (1987)(CP Verlag)
4293Double Breakout (19xx)(Booze Design)
4294Double Dare (1988)(Gametek)(Side A)
4295Double Dare (1988)(Gametek)(Side B)
4296Double Dare (1992)(Alternative Software)
4297Double Deck Duo (1995)(Loadstar)
4298Double Dragon (1991)(Ocean Software)
4299Double Dragon 1 (1989)(Melbourne House)
4300Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge (1989)(Virgin Games)(Side A)
4301Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge (1989)(Virgin Games)(Side B)
4302Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge (1989)(Virgin Games)
4303Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone (1991)(Sales Curve)(Side A)
4304Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone (1991)(Sales Curve)(Side B)
4305Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone (1991)(Sales Curve)
4306Double Dribble (1990)(Konami)
4307Double Falcon (1989)(Marcel Boosten)
4308Double Fantasy (19xx)(-)
4309Double Feature - Adventures in the Microzone (1984)(Scholastic)
4310Double Feature - Haunted House (1984)(Scholastic)
4311Double Feature - Mystery at Pinecrest Manor (1984)(Scholastic)
4312Double Feature - Northwoods Adventure (1984)(Scholastic)
4313Double Header (19xx)(-)
4314Double Laser (1985)(-)
4315Double Shark (1988)(FPO)
4316Double Solitaire (1992)(Mike Pugliese, Garry Stewart & Bob Burns)
4317Double Sphere (1990)(CP Verlag)
4318Double Take (1987)(Ocean Software)
4319Double Trouble (1991)(Moonlight)
4320Double Trouble 2 (1989)(Binary Zone)(PD)
4321Double Trouble 3 (1990)(Binary Zone)(PD)
4322Double Trouble 5 (1991)(Binary Zone)(PD)
4323Double Trouble Pinball (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
4324Double or Quits (1990)(Loadstar)
4325Double, The (19xx)(-)
4326Doubletime (19xx)(-)
4327Doughboy (1984)(Synapse Software)
4328Douhgty Dan (19xx)(Blockheads)
4329Dow Jones (1986)(Nosferatu)
4330Down at the Trolls (1988)(Rainbow Arts)
4331Down, Down, Down (1988)(Loadstar)
4332Downhill - Ski Jump (1984)(Cascade Games)
4333Downhill Challenge (1988)(Broderbund)
4334Downhill Racer-64 (1983)(NET Software)
4335Downwind (1988)(Charles M. Duncan)
4336Dozer (1997)(Loadstar)
4337Dr. Bakteriuss geheimnisvolles Labor (19xx)(Martin Rudolph)(de)
4338Dr. Foster (1992)(CP Verlag)
4339Dr. J (1985)(Radarsoft)(nl)
4340Dr. Jackle and Mr. Wide (1987)(Mastertronic)
4341Dr. Kieselsteins Nonsense Klinik (1984)(Dumont)(de)
4342Dr. Mad vs. the Topsy Turvy Moon Men of Mars (1993)(Direct Designs)
4343Dr. Pimples Dog (1983)(Euro-Byte)
4344Dr. Ruths Computer Game of Good Sex (1986)(Avalon Hill)(Side A)
4345Dr. Ruths Computer Game of Good Sex (1986)(Avalon Hill)(Side B)
4346Dr. Seuss - Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler (1985)(CBS Software)
4347Dr. Watt (19xx)(Hall & M. OBrien)
4348Dr. Who (19xx)(-)
4349Dr. Who 2 (19xx)(-)
4350Drachental, Das (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
4351Draconus (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
4352Dracster Crash (19xx)(-)(hu)
4353Dracula (1986)(CRL)(de)
4354Dracula 2 (1988)(M. Moeller)
4355Dracula Adventure (1986)(Tihor Miklos)(hu)
4356Draculas Castle (1986)(Mario Moeller)
4357Draculas Diamanten (1983)(HC)(de)
4358Draculas Lair (1989)(Dracula Software)(de)
4359Drag (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
4360Drag Race Eliminator (1987)(Family Software)
4361Drag Racer (19xx)(-)
4362Drago (1987)(CS Productions)(FW)
4363Dragon (19xx)(Awo-Software)(de)
4364Dragon Breed (1990)(Activision)(Side A)
4365Dragon Breed (1990)(Activision)(Side B)
4366Dragon Chase - Sir Knight (19xx)(-)
4367Dragon Diamond, The (1987)(Kenneth Pedersen)
4368Dragon Flame (1983)(The Compucats)
4369Dragon George and the Man (2000)(Marnie Parker)(Side A)
4370Dragon George and the Man (2000)(Marnie Parker)(Side B)
4371Dragon Hawk (1983)(United Microware)
4372Dragon Hunt (19xx)(-)
4373Dragon Hunter (1992)(Cream Software)
4374Dragon Island (1986)(John M. Charroux)
4375Dragon Ninja (1989)(Imagine Software)(Side A)
4376Dragon Ninja (1989)(Imagine Software)(Side B)
4377Dragon Ninja (1989)(Imagine Software)
4378Dragon Ninja vs Bad Dudes (1989)(Imagine)
4379Dragon Ninja vs. Bad Dudes (1988)(Data East)
4380Dragon Skulle (1986)(Ultimate)
4381Dragon Spirit (1989)(Tengen)(Side A)
4382Dragon Spirit (1989)(Tengen)(Side B)
4383Dragon Spirit (1989)(Tengen)
4384Dragon Strike (1990)(SSI)(Side A)
4385Dragon Strike (1990)(SSI)(Side B)
4386Dragon Strike (1990)(SSI)
4387Dragon Type (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
4388Dragon Wars (1989)(Interplay)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
4389Dragon Wars (1989)(Interplay)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
4390Dragon Wars (1989)(Interplay)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
4391Dragon Wars (1989)(Interplay)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
4392Dragon Wars (1989)(Interplay)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
4393Dragon Wars (1989)(Interplay)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
4394Dragon Wars (1989)(Interplay)(Side A)
4395Dragon Wars (1989)(Interplay)(Side B)
4396Dragon, The (19xx)(Mega)
4397Dragon-Fly (19xx)(-)(de)
4398Dragon-Hoard (19xx)(-)
4399Dragonfire (19xx)(PSI Imagic)
4400Dragonfly Attack (1986)(Eric Ruhl)
4401Dragonriders of Pern (1984)(Epyx)
4402Dragons (1987)(Wicked Software)
4403Dragons Cave (19xx)(-)
4404Dragons Den (1983)(Commodore)
4405Dragons Eye, The (1981)(Southern Software Ltd.)
4406Dragons Keep (1984)(Sierra Online)
4407Dragons Kingdom (1990)(Genias)
4408Dragons Lair (1986)(Software Projects)
4409Dragons Lair - Derks Escape (19xx)(Software Projects)
4410Dragons Lair II - Escape from Singes Castle (1987)(Software Projects)
4411Dragons Seven Riddles, The (1985)(Loadstar)
4412Dragons of Flame (1990)(SSI)(Side A)
4413Dragons of Flame (1990)(SSI)(Side B)
4414Dragons of Flame (1990)(SSI)
4415Dragons! (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
4416Dragonskulle (1985)(ACG)
4417Dragonston Quest (19xx)(-)
4418Dragonwick (1987)(Loadstar)
4419Dragonworld (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4420Dragonworld (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4421Dragonworld (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
4422Dragonworld (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
4423Dragonworld (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4424Dragonworld (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
4425Dragonworld (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
4426Dragonworld (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
4427Dragonworld (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
4428Dragster 64 (1984)(Melbourne House)
4429Drak (1988)(ECP)
4430Dram Warrior (1988)(U.S. Gold)
4431Draughts (19xx)(-)
4432Draw Poker (19xx)(Dave Howe)
4433Drazen Petrovic Basketball (1990)(Topo Soft)
4434Drazview-R v1.98 (19xx)(Angels)
4435Dreadnought (1983)(Century Communications)
4436Dreadnought 2 (1992)(Eaglewing Software)
4437Dreadnoughts - World War II, North Atlantic (1984)(Avalon Hill)
4438Dream Cars (2001)(Padua)
4439Dream Girls (1987)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4440Dream Girls (1987)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4441Dream Girls (1987)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4442Dream Girls (1987)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
4443Dream House (1984)(CBS Software)
4444Dream Raider (1991)(Technodream)
4445Dream Team Basketball (19xx)(-)
4446Dream Team Challenge 3 on 3 (1991)(Data East)(Side A)
4447Dream Team Challenge 3 on 3 (1991)(Data East)(Side B)
4448Dream Team Challenge 3 on 3 (1991)(Data East)
4449Dream Team Fantasy Football (1989)(MBI Software, Inc.)
4450Dream Warrior (1988)(U.S. Gold)
4451Dreamball (19xx)(Dreamline Kitchen)
4452Dreamcars (2001)(Padua)
4453Dreamworld (1983)(The Guild Adventure Software)
4454Dreh, Der (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
4455Drelbs (1984)(U.S. Gold)
4456Dribblin (1995)(Idea Software)
4457Driller (1988)(Incentive Software)
4458Drills (19xx)(-)
4459Drink & Drown (1986)(Bizarre Bulletin Boards)
4460Drip (1994)(Timsoft)
4461Drip-Drop (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
4462Drive! (1994)(Phase Five Productions)
4463Drive-In (1982)(Douglas C. Rogers)
4464Driver (1986)(Alpha Software)
4465Drixellas Dilemma (1992)(Compute!)
4466Droga Morska do Indii (19xx)(Mary Jean Winter, Darek Swiergiel & Sebastian Krupa)(pl)
4467Droid (1993)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
4468Droid Dreams (1988)(Bug-Byte Software)
4469Droid in the Woods vs. Zeglar, A (1999)(Tomi Malinen)(FI)
4470Droiden (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
4471Droids (1986)(Anglosoft)
4472Drol (1984)(Broderbund)
4473Drop Down (2001)(TND Games)(FW)
4474Drop Zone (2000)(TND Games)(FW)
4475Drop the Lot (19xx)(-)
4476Dropper (1995)(Spades Software)
4477Dropzone (1984)(U.S. Gold)
4478Dropzone - Astronaut (1984)(U.S. Gold)
4479Druid (1986)(Firebird)
4480Druid 1 (1986)(Firebird)
4481Druid 2 - Enlightenment (1987)(Firebird)
4482Druid in the Woods & the Morgash Chronicles (19xx)(DarkStorm)
4483Druid in the Woods Collection (19xx)(Dragon Of Darkness)
4484Druidi - La Conoscenza (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
4485Druids Are Back, The (1992)(Cult Design)
4486Druids Moon (19xx)(C. A. Sharp)
4487Drunken BatnBall (1995)(Patriot Games)
4488Dschungel Jagd (19xx)(Dietrich Pals)(de)
4489Dualife (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
4490Dubble Fighter (1987)(Commodore Disc)
4491Duchess of Glenwood (1998)(J&F Publishing)
4492Duck Game, The (19xx)(Courbois Software)
4493Duck Park (19xx)(Eldorado Products)
4494Duck Shoot (1984)(Mastertronic)
4495Duck Tales (1991)(Disney Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4496Duck Tales (1991)(Disney Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4497Duck Tales (1991)(Disney Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4498Duck Tales (1991)(Disney Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
4499Duck Tales - The Quest for Gold (1990)(Disney Software)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
4500Duck Tales - The Quest for Gold (1990)(Disney Software)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
4501Duck-Shoot (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
4502Ducks Ahoy! (1984)(CBS Software)
4503Duckula 2 (1992)(Cosgrove Hall)
4504Duckula II (1992)(Cosgrove Hall)
4505Ducky Dan (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
4506Duel (19xx)(-)
4507Duel Attack (1989)(Pirate Software)
4508Duel Strike (1994)(CP Verlag)
4509Duel, The (1995)(Paradize Software)
4510Duell (1984)(HC)(de)
4511Duell, The (1991)(Hansi Wissenbach)
4512Duell-Tris (1992)(Markt & Technik)
4513Duet (19xx)(-)(de)
4514Duizende (19xx)(J.A. Root)(nl)
4515Dukes of Hazzard (19xx)(Elite)
4516Dulcedo Cogitationis (1987)(Rainbow Arts)
4517Dumi (1996)(Imaic Productions)
4518Dumper (1984)(Melbourne House)
4519Dunder Ball (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
4520Dune Buggy (1983)(Courbois Software)(nl)
4521Dungeon (19xx)(-)
4522Dungeon - Adventuring Construction System (1990)(Loadstar)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
4523Dungeon - Adventuring Construction System (1990)(Loadstar)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
4524Dungeon - Adventuring Construction System (1990)(Loadstar)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
4525Dungeon - Adventuring Construction System (1990)(Loadstar)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
4526Dungeon - Adventuring Construction System (1990)(Loadstar)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
4527Dungeon - Adventuring Construction System (1990)(Loadstar)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
4528Dungeon - Adventuring Construction System (1990)(Loadstar)
4529Dungeon Adventure (1984)(Level 9 Computing)
4530Dungeon Maker (1987)(Ubi Soft)(fr)(Side A)
4531Dungeon Maker (1987)(Ubi Soft)(fr)(Side B)
4532Dungeon Maker (1987)(Ubi Soft)(fr)
4533Dungeon Masters Assistant Vol. 1 - Encounters v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4534Dungeon Masters Assistant Vol. 1 - Encounters v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4535Dungeon Masters Assistant Vol. 1 - Encounters v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4536Dungeon Masters Assistant Vol. 1 - Encounters v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
4537Dungeon Masters Assistant Vol. 2 (1989)(SSI)
4538Dungeon Realm (1987)(Britt Froemel)
4539Dungeon Trials (1991)(Compute!)
4540Dungeon Warriors (1995)(CP Verlag)
4541Dungeon of Danger, The (19xx)(Brunswick Publications)(PD)
4542Dungeon of Doom (1984)(Usborne Publishings Listing)
4543Dungeon of Namos (1986)(Loadstar)
4544Dungeon of the Dragon - A Brush with Breath (1986)(Loadstar)
4545Dungeons & Dragons Aid II (1987)(The Balron)(FI)
4546Dungeons and Demons (1984)(Craig Thompson)
4547Dungeons and Dragons (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
4548Dungeons and Dragons - Computer Fantasy Game (1999)(The Skull)
4549Dungeons of Ba (1984)(Accelerated Software)
4550Dungeons of Doctor Creep (1985)(Quarksoft)
4551Dungeons of Magdarr (19xx)(Rodger Olsen & Bill Atkinson)
4552Dungeons of Mugoolie, The (1991)(Kevin B. Joella)
4553Dungeons, The (1983)(Anirog Software)
4554Dunk (1986)(Compute!)
4555Dunking Time (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
4556Dunkle Dimension, Die (1989)(CP Verlag)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4557Dunrics 8K Adventure (19xx)(-)
4558Dunwich Horror (2003)(Anthony Burns)
4559Duo (1989)(RUN-IDG Communications)
4560Duo Blaster (1988)(Markt & Technik)
4561Duo Letterblurp (19xx)(John Vanderaart)(nl)
4562Duo Lettertroep (19xx)(John Vanderaart)(nl)
4563Duo Wasp (1993)(Champion Software)
4564Duo Wasp II (1993)(Champion Software)
4565Duomato - Wheel of Fortune (1995)(Assassin Software)
4566Duomato Wheel of Fortune (1995)(Assasin)
4567Duonoid (1990)(Magic Disk)
4568Duotris (1991)(CP Verlag)
4569Durata della Vita (19xx)(-)(it)
4570Dust Hanter (1985)(Arscom)(it)
4571Dust Hanter 2 (19xx)(Arscom)(it)
4572Dust Hanter 3 (19xx)(Arscom)(it)
4573Dustbin Dan (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
4574Dux (1988)(Luc Van Den Borre)
4575Dyke Nibblers (1986)(Alpha Software)
4576Dylan Dog (1992)(Simulmondo)(it)(Side A)
4577Dylan Dog (1992)(Simulmondo)(it)(Side B)
4578Dylan Dog (1992)(Simulmondo)
4579Dylan Dog - Ed Il Castello Delle Illusioni (1988)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
4580Dylan Dog - Gli Uccisori (1992)(Simulmondo)(it)
4581Dylan Dog - Le Notti della Luna Piena (1988)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
4582Dylan Dog - The Full Moon Nights (1988)(Systems Editoriale)
4583Dylan Dog ed Il Castello delle Illusioni (1988)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
4584Dynamic Duo (1989)(Firebird)
4585Dynamite (1984)(Cascade Games)
4586Dynamite Bench (19xx)(-)
4587Dynamite Dan (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
4588Dynamite Duex (1989)(Activision)
4589Dynamite Skier (1983)(HesWare)
4590Dynamix (1988)(Digital Designs)
4591Dynamo Dan - The Electric Man (1988)(Audiogenic Software)
4592Dynamoid (1990)(CP Verlag)
4593Dynasty Wars (1990)(U.S. Gold)
4594Dystopia (199x)(Visualize)
4595Dyter-07 (1989)(reLine Software)
4596E-Motion (1990)(U.S. Gold)
4597E-Quake (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
4598E-Swat (1990)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
4599E-Swat (1990)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
4600E-Swat (1990)(U.S. Gold)
4601E.T. Puzzle (19xx)(-)
4602ED Dragonfly (1984)(T.A. Gurda)
4603ELMAC plays Nim (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
4604EMT (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
4605ER! - Emergency Room (1985)(Loadstar)
4606ESI Attacks! (1987)(Vanguard)
4607ESP (1986)(Commodore Magazine)
4608ET (1983)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
4609ET Software Gamepack - Team Championship 2 & the World Cup Knockout (1991)(ET Software)
4610ETs Rugby League (19xx)(Audiogenic)
4611ETs Rugby League OK (19xx)(-)
4612EXIS - The Planet Far Away (1992)(Markt & Technik)
4613Eagle Attack (19xx)(-)
4614Eagle Empier (1984)(Alligata Software)
4615Eagle Empire (1984)(Alligata)
4616Eagle Eyes (1991)(Loadstar)
4617Eagle Wing (1997)(Loadstar)
4618Eaglehunt (19xx)(Riff Raff)
4619Eagles & Gators (1986)(Compute!)
4620Eagles (1983)(SSI)
4621Early Games - For Young Children (1982)(Springboard Software)
4622Early Games - Piece of Cake (1984)(Counterpoint Software)
4623Early Games for Young Children (19xx)(Counterpoint)
4624Earth Base One (1983)(Interface Publications)
4625Earth Defense (19xx)(Supernova Software)
4626Earth Orbit Station (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4627Earth Orbit Station (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4628Earth Orbit Station (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4629Earthology (1992)(Loadstar)
4630Earthquake (1983)(Aardvark Software)
4631Earthraid (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
4632Earthworms (1984)(Compute!)
4633Easter Egg Hunt (1985)(PowerPlay Magazine)
4634Easy Rider (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
4635Eat Yer Pants (2001)(Commodore Scene)
4636Eater (19xx)(F. Canetta)
4637Ebony Tower, The (1987)(Brian Kissinger)
4638Echelon (1987)(Access Software)(Side A)
4639Echelon (1987)(Access Software)(Side B)
4640Echo Hawk (1992)(Markt & Technik)
4641Eclipse (1990)(Laurence Creighton)
4642Eclissi (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
4643Eclypse (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
4644Ectopix (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
4645Ectoplasm (19xx)(-)
4646Edd The Duck! (1990)(Impulze)
4647Edd the Duck! (1990)(Impulze)
4648Eddi der Psychologe (19xx)(Oliver Stiemerling)(de)
4649Eddie Edwards Super Ski (1988)(Microids)
4650Eddie Edwards Superski (1988)(Microids)
4651Eddie Kid Jump Challenge (1984)(Martech Games)
4652Eddie Kidd - Jump Challenge (1984)(Martech Games)
4653Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (1994)(Martech Games)
4654Eddison (1988)(Scanntronik)(de)
4655Ede (1989)(Markt & Technik)
4656Edusystems (19xx)(Aackosoft)(nl)
4657Een-En-Twintigen (19xx)(Hans Brugman)(nl)
4658Eendenjacht (19xx)(J. Haubrich)(nl)
4659Eenentwintig (19xx)(-)
4660Egbert (1983)(Games Machine)
4661Egg - Helttaa Helmaan (1985)(Mr. Eggman)(FI)
4662Egg Beater (1989)(Compute!)
4663Egg Catcher (2004)(TND Games)(FW)
4664Egg Catcher - 4K Version (2004)(TND Games)(FW)
4665Egg Plant (1984)(Melbourne House)
4666Eggbert (19xx)(-)
4667Eggcup (1988)(Mastertronic)
4668Eggman (19xx)(Michal Bacik)
4669Eggs (19xx)(-)
4670Egram - Englische Grammatik (1986)(Input 64)(de)
4671Egyptian Puzzle (19xx)(Jim Green)
4672Eidolon, The (1986)(Lucasfilm Games)
4673Eiffel Tower (1985)(Chalksoft)(Side A)
4674Eiffel Tower (1985)(Chalksoft)(Side B)
4675Eight Off (1998)(Loadstar)
4676Eight in 1 (19xx)(-)
4677Eights for One (1993)(Loadstar)
4678Eigth Crime, The (1993)(Damian Steele)
4679Einarmige Bandit, Der (19xx)(-)(de)
4680Eindeloos (1985)(Radarsoft)(nl)
4681Einkaufszettel (1990)(Andreas Leitner)
4682Einkaufszettel - Auch Spione machen Urlaub (1990)(Andreas Leitner)(de)
4683Einsiedlerspiel (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
4684Einstein (1991)(CP Verlag)
4685Einstein Memory Trainer, The (19xx)(Einstein)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4686Einstein Memory Trainer, The (19xx)(Einstein)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4687Einstein Memory Trainer, The (19xx)(Einstein)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4688Eintopf (19xx)(-)
4689Eis Und Feuer (1985)(Nightridersoft)(de)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
4690Eis Und Feuer (1985)(Nightridersoft)(de)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
4691Eis Und Feuer (1985)(Nightridersoft)(de)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
4692Eis Und Feuer (1985)(Nightridersoft)(de)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
4693Eis Und Feuer (1985)(Nightridersoft)(de)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
4694Eis Und Feuer (1985)(Nightridersoft)(de)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
4695Eisenbahn (19xx)(-)(de)
4696Eisstockschiessen (19xx)(-)(de)
4697Ekkodalen (1988)(Galaxy)
4698Ekonomia Feudalna (19xx)(-)
4699Elderberry House (1984)(Ellis Horwood)
4700Eldorado (19xx)(-)
4701Elec-Tron (1990)(CP Verlag)
4702Election & Filppers Pinball (19xx)(-)
4703Election (1987)(Virgin Games)
4704Election Game, The (1984)(Mastertronic)
4705Election Trail (1984)(Braingame)
4706Electra (1989)(CP Verlag)
4707Electric Avenue (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
4708Electricity Problems (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
4709Electro Sound 64 (19xx)(-)
4710Electro World (19xx)(Jason Briggs)
4711Electron Soccer (1988)(Markt & Technik)
4712Elektra Glide (1986)(English Software)
4713Elektra Glide - Tune (1986)(English Software)
4714Elektrix (1986)(Players Software)
4715Elektronik Kniffel (1984)(Chip Software)(de)
4716Element Man (1984)(Compute!)
4717Elementor (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
4718Elephant Antics - Game (1991)(-)
4719Elephant Antics - Intro (1991)(-)
4720Elephant Antics - Picture (1991)(-)
4721Elevator Action (1987)(Taito)
4722Elevator Music (1991)(Loadstar)
4723Elevator Ride (1983)(General Masters Corporation)
4724Elf Caper (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
4725Elf Rescue (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
4726Elfred (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
4727Elicoph (2002)(Ice Team)
4728Elicottero (19xx)(-)(it)
4729Elidon (1985)(Orpheus)
4730Eliminator (1988)(Hewson)
4731Elio (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
4732Eliseus - Ultima Frontiera (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
4733Elite (1985)(Firebird)
4734Elite 128 (1985)(Firebird Software)
4735Elite Enhanced v0.8 (1985)(Firebird Software)(de)
4736Elite Enhanced v0.9 (1985)(Firebird Software)(de)
4737Elite Gramophone Company (1983)(Interface Publications)
4738Elite Squad (1990)(CP Verlag)
4739Elitesquad (1990)(Double Density)
4740Eliza (1983)(ET Software)
4741Eliza - Das sprechende Programm (19xx)(Gunther Jansa)(en-de)
4742Eliza 3.1 (1983)(Steve Grumette)
4743Eliza C64 (1983)(More Basic Computer Games)
4744Ellaks Tomb (1984)(Argus Press)
4745Elliot (1984)(Alpha Software)
4746Elm Street (19xx)(-)
4747Elon (1988)(Markt & Technik)
4748Elsa (1986)(LCS)(it)
4749Elsoliado (1983)(Stefan Schramm)
4750Elven War (19xx)(Anthony Burns)
4751Elven Warrior (1989)(Players Premier)
4752Elvin - Antics (1987)(Rainbow Arts)
4753Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (1991)(Flair Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4754Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (1991)(Flair Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4755Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (1991)(Flair Software)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
4756Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (1991)(Flair Software)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
4757Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (1991)(Flair Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4758Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (1991)(Flair Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
4759Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (1991)(Flair Software)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
4760Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (1991)(Flair Software)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
4761Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (1991)(Flair Software)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
4762Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (1991)(Flair Software)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
4763Elvira - The Arcade Game (1991)(Flair Software Ltd.)
4764Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
4765Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
4766Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
4767Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
4768Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)(BOOT Disk)
4769Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
4770Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)
4771Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 4 Side A)
4772Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)
4773Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(de)(Disk 3 of 4 Side A)
4774Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(de)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)
4775Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(de)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)
4776Elvira II (1995)(Flair Software)(de)(Disk 4 of 4 Side B)
4777Emanuelle (1988)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4778Emanuelle (1988)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4779Emanuelle (1988)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4780Emerald Elephant of Cipangu (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
4781Emerald Isle (1985)(Level 9 Computing)
4782Emerald Mine (1988)(Kingsoft)
4783Emerald Mine 2 (1988)(Kingsoft)
4784Emil (1994)(Ermig Productions)
4785Emilio Butragueno Futbol (1988)(Ocean Software)(es)
4786Emlyn Hughes ARC Quiz (1990)(Audiogenic Software)
4787Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (1988)(Audiogenic Software)
4788Empire (1986)(Firebird)
4789Empire - Wargame of the Century (1988)(Interstel)(Side A)
4790Empire - Wargame of the Century (1988)(Interstel)(Side B)
4791Empire Strikes Back, The (1988)(Domark)
4792Empire for One (19xx)(-)
4793Empire of Karn (1985)(Interceptor Micros)
4794Empius (1992)(Logo Software)
4795En Pista (19xx)(-)(es)
4796Enchanted Forest (1983)(General Masters Corporation)
4797Enchanted Isle (19xx)(Greg Gassett)
4798Enchanter (1986)(Infocom)
4799Enclave (1987)(Nationsoft)
4800Encounter (1984)(Novagen Software)
4801Encounter - Nemici (1984)(Novagen Software)(it)
4802Encounter Adventure (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
4803Endgame2 (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
4804Endless (1985)(Radarsoft)
4805Endlos (1985)(Radarsoft)(de)
4806Endstation Vesuv (1990)(Peter Diehm)(de)
4807Enduro Racer (1987)(Activision)
4808Enduro! (19xx)(D.R. Gamon)(it)
4809Endzone (1989)(Alternative Software)
4810Endzone - Rugby Boss (19xx)(Alternative Software)
4811Enemigos (19xx)(-)(es)
4812Enemy Waters (1983)(-)
4813Energem Enigma (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
4814Energie Manager (1993)(BMW)(de)(Side A)
4815Energie Manager (1993)(BMW)(de)(Side B)
4816Energie-Manager (1993)(BMWi)(de)(Side A)
4817Energie-Manager (1993)(BMWi)(de)(Side B)
4818Energy (1991)(Markt & Technik)
4819Energy Manager (1994)(-)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4820Energy Manager (1994)(-)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4821Energy Manager (1994)(-)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4822Energy Manager (1994)(-)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
4823Energy Warrior (1987)(Mastertronic)
4824Enforcer (1991)(Codemasters)
4825Enforcer - Fullmetal Megablaster (1992)(CP Verlag)
4826Enforcer, The (1987)(The Power House)
4827Engineer Humpty (1984)(Artic Computing)
4828England Championship Special (1991)(Grandslam Entertainment)
4829Englands Glory (19xx)(D. Corbishley)
4830English Civil War (19xx)(-)
4831English Civil War 41 (19xx)(-)
4832English Darts (19xx)(-)
4833English SAT I (1983)(Micro Lab)(Side A)
4834English SAT I (1983)(Micro Lab)(Side B)
4835Enhanced Newcomer (2001)(CID)
4836Eniaxx (19xx)(Randy Lyons)
4837Enigma (1987)(Mania-Soft)(de)
4838Enigma Force (1986)(Beyond Software)
4839Enigma Force Construction Set (1986)(Beyond Software)
4840Enimga Construction Set (19xx)(-)
4841Enjoy! (19xx)(-)
4842Enlightment - An Interactive One Room Absurdity (1998)(Taro Ogawa)(Side A)
4843Enlightment - An Interactive One Room Absurdity (1998)(Taro Ogawa)(Side B)
4844Enlisted (2000)(Greg Berry)(Side A)
4845Enlisted (2000)(Greg Berry)(Side B)
4846Enniaxx (1983)(Randy Lyons)
4847Enten-Jagd (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
4848Entenjagd (1985)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
4849Enter the Ninja (1987)(Mastertronic)
4850Enterrador, El (19xx)(-)(es)
4851Entertainment Tonight Trivia (1984)(Cymbal Software)
4852Entity (1994)(CP Verlag)
4853Entombed (1985)(Ultimate)
4854Entwicklungshilfe (19xx)(Jakob Willimann)(de)
4855Envoyer #01 (1990)(Unit 5)
4856Enzyme (19xx)(Direct Designs)
4857Eon (1993)(Kingsoft)
4858Eoroid (1993)(LK Avalon)
4859Epsilon IV (1993)(Loadstar)
4860Equal Minds (19xx)(-)
4861Equalizer (1986)(The Power House)
4862Equalizer, The (1986)(Gavin Raeburn)
4863Equation (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
4864Equation Exercise (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
4865Equation Manipulation (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
4866Equations (1994)(Loadstar)
4867Equestrian 64 (1986)(Commodore Magazine)
4868Equinox (1986)(Mikro-Gen)
4869Equinox Special (19xx)(-)
4870Erben des Throns v2.00 (1992)(German Design Group)(de)(Side A)
4871Erben des Throns v2.00 (1992)(German Design Group)(de)(Side B)
4872Erben des Throns, Die - Krieg um die Krone II (1990)(German Design Group)(de)
4873Erbschaft , Die - Panik in Las Vegas (1986)(Infogrames)(de)
4874Erbschaft 2, Die (1987)(Infogrames)(de)
4875Erbschaft II, Die - Die Urkunde (1986)(Infogrames)(de)
4876Erbschaft, Die (1985)(Infogrames)(de)
4877Erdkunde-Quiz (1994)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
4878Erdspalte (19xx)(-)(de)
4879Erebus (1986)(Virgin Games)
4880Erfenis, De (1987)(Infogrames)(nl)
4881Eric der Wikinger (1990)(Peter Diehm)(de)
4882Erik the Viking (1984)(Level 9 Computing)
4883Erkundungsflug (19xx)(Supersoft)(de)
4884Ernies Magic Shapes (1984)(CBS Software)
4885Eroe Piero, L (19xx)(John Prince)(it)
4886Erotica (1995)(Cybertech)
4887Erotika (1987)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
4888Erotika (1987)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
4889Erotika (1987)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
4890Erotika (1987)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
4891Erotika (1987)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
4892Erotika (1987)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
4893Erotika II (19xx)(A&S Software)(de)(Side A)
4894Erotika II (19xx)(A&S Software)(de)(Side B)
4895Erotika III (19xx)(A&S Software)(de)(Side A)
4896Erotika III (19xx)(A&S Software)(de)(Side B)
4897Eruca (1991)(Markt & Technik)
4898Escalera (1986)(Macrisoft)(it)
4899Escape (19xx)(-)
4900Escape 2 (1987)(KCS)
4901Escape MCP (1983)(Comm Data)
4902Escape Route - The Adventures of Eric Hawthorne (1992)(Creative Pixels)(Side A)
4903Escape Route - The Adventures of Eric Hawthorne (1992)(Creative Pixels)(Side B)
4904Escape and Evasion - Part 1 - Stalag 23 (1988)(The Guild Adventure Software)
4905Escape and Evasion - Part 2 - On the Run (19xx)(-)
4906Escape from Arth (1994)(Visualize)
4907Escape from Center (19xx)(-)
4908Escape from Colditz (1990)(Digital Magic)
4909Escape from Doomworld (1985)(Illusion)
4910Escape from Germany (1988)(Software Entertainment Inc.)
4911Escape from Mars (19xx)(Aardvark Software)
4912Escape from Metropolis (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
4913Escape from New York (1999)(Cadaver)
4914Escape from New York - Die Klapperschlange (1985)(Flash)
4915Escape from Paradise (1987)(Anco Software)
4916Escape from Pulsar 7 (1982)(Channel 8 Software)
4917Escape from SEUCK (1999)(Henrik M.)
4918Escape from Skull Castle (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
4919Escape from Stank (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
4920Escape from Tiamats Tomb (1993)(Tiamat Kamenehar)
4921Escape from Zol - Lords of Chaos (1990)(Future Publishing)
4922Escape from the Dark Prison (1990)(Systems Editoriale)
4923Escape from the Dungeons of the Gods (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
4924Escape from the Killer Robots! (1987)(UpTime-Softdisk Publishing)
4925Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (1990)(Domark)
4926Escape from the Waste Disposal Unit (1985)(Krypton Force)
4927Escape from the Zoomans Fortress (19xx)(Helmut Burgemeister, Helmut Bolcskei & Frank Panetta)
4928Escape or Bust (1984)(Cascade Games)
4929Escape to Freedom (1989)(Mario Moeller)
4930Escape to Zanuss (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
4931Escape! (1988)(Commodore Disc)
4932Escape, The (1998)(Nichelob Productions)(nl)
4933Escaping Habit, The (19xx)(-)
4934Ese Pinball (1988)(Charles M. Duncan)
4935Esherland (1985)(Editoriale Video)(it)
4936Eskimo Eddie (1984)(Ocean Software)
4937Eskimo Games (1991)(Double Density)
4938Eskimo! (19xx)(Bombjack)
4939Espial (1984)(Tigervision)
4940Espionage (1987)(Deekster Productions)
4941Espionage Island - Island of Spies (1986)(Artic Computing)
4942Espodill (19xx)(Electric Boys)
4943Essex (1985)(Synapse Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4944Essex (1985)(Synapse Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4945Essex (1985)(Synapse Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4946Estate 86 (19xx)(Luigi Recanatese)(it)
4947Estra (1984)(Firebird)
4948Eszkimo (19xx)(Novatrade)
4949Etarip (1983)(Micro Spec)
4950Eternal (1994)(Timsoft)
4951Eternal Dagger, The (1987)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
4952Eternal Dagger, The (1987)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
4953Eternal Dagger, The (1987)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
4954Eternal Dagger, The (1987)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
4955Eternal Dagger, The (1987)(SSI)(Side A)
4956Eternal Dagger, The (1987)(SSI)(Side B)
4957Etrusk (19xx)(Marcello Giombini)(it)
4958Etrusker (1991)(Peter Diehm)(de)
4959Euchre (2000)(Loadstar)
4960Eureka! (1984)(Domark)(Side A)
4961Eureka! (1984)(Domark)(Side B)
4962Eureka! (1984)(Domark)(fr)
4963Euro Boss (1991)(Challenge Software)
4964Euro City Cops (1995)(Alf Yngve)
4965Euroopan Kartta 64 (1985)(Radarsoft)(fi)
4966Europa (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
4967Europe Ablaze (1985-12-07)(SSG)
4968Europe Ablaze v1.0 (1985)(SSG)
4969Europe Quiz (1987)(Wicked Software)
4970European (1991)(Commodore Disc)
4971European 2 (1988)(E&J Software)
4972European Champions (1990)(Challenge Software)
4973European Five-A-Side (1988)(Silverbird Software)
4974European Football Champ (1991)(Domark)
4975European Games (1986)(Tynesoft)
4976European Soccer Challende (1990)(Players Software)
4977European Soccer Challenge (1990)(Players Software)
4978Eurostar Soccer 88 (1988)(Grandslam Entertainment)(de)
4979Evasion (19xx)(Ubi Soft)
4980Even the Gods May Die (19xx)(Louis Veal Irandahar)
4981Evening Star (1987)(Hewson)
4982Everest (1984)(Code Works)
4983Everest Ascent (1984)(Will Brighton)
4984Every Second Counts (1988)(Domark)
4985Everyones a Wally (1985)(Mikro-Gen)
4986Everys 3 (19xx)(-)(it)
4987Evil Alley (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
4988Evil Crown (1985)(Argus Press)
4989Evil Dead, The (1984)(Palace Software)
4990Evil Laugh (19xx)(-)(PD)
4991Evil Prince, The (1995)(Threshold Productions)
4992Evil Ridge, The (1988)(The Guild Adventure Software)
4993Evil Wizard, The (2001)(Pingo)
4994Evolution (1982)(Sydney Development)
4995Exagon (19xx)(Peoples Computers)
4996Examination, The (1993)(Kingsoft)
4997Excaliba (1985)(Mastertronic)
4998Excalibur (19xx)(Grana Software)
4999Excel (1985)(Ken Smith)
5000Exceleron (1988)(Video Images)
5001Exchange (1984)(Cascade Games)
5002Exels Kirby, The (19xx)(Mariusz Strawicki)
5003Exerion (1984)(David McCallion)
5004Exile (1991)(Audiogenic Software)
5005Exile - Docs (1991)(Audiogenic Software)
5006Exile - Game (1991)(Audiogenic Software)
5007Exile - Picture (1991)(Audiogenic Software)
5008Exis (19xx)(-)
5009Exodus (1984)(Firebird)
5010Exolon (1987)(Hewson)
5011Exon Runner (1984)(Rainbow-Soft)(de)
5012Exor (1990)(Markt & Technik)
5013Exorcist (1989)(Michael Lauridsen)
5014Expansion (19xx)(-)(de)
5015Expedition Amazon (1984)(Penguin Software)
5016Expedition Titanic (1987)(Input 64)
5017Expeditions (1984)(Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation)
5018Experience (1994)(CP Verlag)
5019Expert Model Simulator (1985)(John Lane)
5020Expertmind (1992)(Loadstar)
5021Expire (19xx)(-)
5022Explode (1986)(Alpha Software)
5023Exploding Atoms (1991)(Markt & Technik)
5024Exploding Fist II - The Legend Continues (1986)(Melbourne House)
5025Exploding Wall (1990)(Lothlorien)
5026Explore (19xx)(-)
5027Explorer (19xx)(-)
5028Explorer - Die Phantatische Reise (1984)(Markt & Technik)(de)
5029Explorer - The Quest for the Jewel (1993)(Compute!)
5030Explosion (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
5031Explosives (1992)(Pissed Software)
5032Exponents (19xx)(-)
5033Express Raider (1987)(Data East)
5034Extend (1997)(Lepsi Development)
5035Extended Championship Lode Runner (1984)(Broderbund)
5036Extended Flaschbier (19xx)(Scooter)
5037Exterminator (1982)(Bubble Bus Software)
5038Extreme (1991)(Digital Intergration)
5039Extreme Force (1999)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
5040Extricator (19xx)(The Eighteam)
5041Exzone - The Fight for Time (19xx)(Ashod Apakian)
5042Eye (1988)(Endurance)
5043Eye Intro (19xx)(-)
5044Eye of Horus (1990)(Logotron)
5045Eye of Kadath (1983)(The Guild Adventure Software)
5046Eye of the Inca (1988)(Free Spirit Software)
5047F-104 (19xx)(-)
5048F-14 Tomcat (1988)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5049F-14 Tomcat (1988)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5050F-14 Tomcat (1988)(Activision)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
5051F-14 Tomcat (1988)(Activision)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
5052F-15 Strike Eagle (1986)(Microprose Software)
5053F-15 Strike Eagle - Air Combat in the Jet Age (1985)(Microprose)
5054F-16 Combat Pilot (1990)(Digital Integration)(Side A)
5055F-16 Combat Pilot (1990)(Digital Integration)(Side B)
5056F-16 Combat Pilot (1990)(Digital Integration)
5057F-18 Hornet (1988)(Absolute Entertainment)
5058F.A. Cup Football (1986)(Virgin Games)
5059F1 (19xx)(Knightcoder & Fuse)
5060F1 GP Circuits (1991)(Idea Software)(Side A)
5061F1 GP Circuits (1991)(Idea Software)(Side B)
5062F1 Manager (1989)(Simulmondo)(Side A)
5063F1 Manager (1989)(Simulmondo)(Side B)
5064F1 Manager (1989)(Simulmondo)(it)
5065F1 Manager 2 (1991)(Simulmondo)(en-it)(Side A)
5066F1 Tornado (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
5067F40 Pursuit (1989)(Titus Software)
5068F40 Pursuit - Crazy Cars II (19xx)(-)
5069FA Cup Football (1986)(Virgin Games)
5070FA Cup Football - Italian Cup Football (19xx)(-)
5071FDRs Favorite (1997)(Loadstar)
5072FLT (1986)(The Edge Software)
5073FSS Othello (19xx)(-)
5074Fabbrica Gelata!!, La (19xx)(-)(it)
5075Fable, A (19xx)(Infocom)(Side A)
5076Fable, A (19xx)(Infocom)(Side B)
5077Fabuland (19xx)(Jose Argibay)
5078Fabulous Wanda and the Secret of Life..., The (1983)(Games Machine)
5079Face Ache - The Man of a Million Faces (19xx)(Paul Jay)
5080Face Invaders (1992)(RUN-IDG Communications)
5081Face Off! (1987)(Activision)
5082Face-Off (1985)(Compute!)
5083Facemaker (1982)(Spinnaker Software)
5084Faces of Haarne, The (19xx)(Software Projects)
5085Faces v2.2 (19xx)(Angels)
5086Factactics - Trivia Game (1984)(Daystar Learning Corporation)
5087Factor Trinomials (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
5088Factor Trinomials II (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
5089Factor Trinomials III (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
5090Factory, The (1983)(HesWare)
5091Facts 2.5 (1980)(Joe Trimbel, Lynne Alpe)
5092Fade Out (19xx)(Angus Manwaring)
5093Fadenkreuz (1989)(Imperator Software)(de)
5094Faerie (1985)(8th Day Software)
5095Faery Tale Adventure (1988)(Microillusions)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5096Faery Tale Adventure (1988)(Microillusions)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5097Faery Tale Adventure (1988)(Microillusions)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
5098Faery Tale Adventure (1988)(Microillusions)(Side A)
5099Faery Tale Adventure (1988)(Microillusions)(Side B)
5100Faery Tale Adventure (1988)(Microillusions)
5101Fahr-Simulator (1984)(Markt & Technik)(de)
5102Fahrenheit 451 (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5103Fahrenheit 451 (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5104Fahrenheit 451 (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
5105Fahrenheit 451 (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
5106Fahrstuhl (1985)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
5107Fair Dice Game (1985)(Tab Books)
5108Fair Shell Game (1985)(Tab Books)
5109Fair or Foul (1988)(-)
5110Fairlight - A Prelude (1986)(The Edge Software)
5111Fairy Tale Adventure, A (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
5112Fajowa Gra (19xx)(Sunga)
5113Fal (19xx)(-)
5114Falcon (1987)(Virgin Games)
5115Falcon - The Renegade Lord (1987)(Virgin Games)
5116Falcon Class Interceptor (1991)(Street Games)
5117Falcon Patrol (1983)(Virgin Games)
5118Falcon Patrol 2 (1984)(Virgin Games)
5119Falcon Quest (1986)(Stefan & Petri)
5120Falcon and the Enemy (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
5121Falcon-Class Interceptor (1991)(Streetgames)
5122Falcons (19xx)(Bombjack)
5123Falklands (19xx)(-)
5124Falklands 82 - The Empire Strikes Back (1985)(PSS)
5125Fall Gelb - The France Campaign 1940 (1985)(Simulations Canada)
5126Fall Guy, The (1984)(Elite)
5127Fall Sydney, Der (1987)(Infogrames)(de)
5128Fall of Rome, The (1984)(Martin Edwardes)
5129Falle (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
5130Fallen Angel (1989)(Screen 7)
5131Fallensteller (1983)(M. Wanda)(de)
5132Falling Ball (1987)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
5133Fallout (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
5134Fallschirm (1984)(Frank Exner)
5135Fallschirm Springen (19xx)(Chip Software)(de)
5136Fallschirmspringen (1983)(HC)(de)
5137Fame Quest (19xx)(-)
5138Familiada (19xx)(Biuro Informatyczno Wydawnicze)
5139Familienduell (1992)(PCSL Software)(de)(Side A)
5140Familienduell (1992)(PCSL Software)(de)(Side B)
5141Family Feud (1984)(Coleco Electronics)(Side A)
5142Family Feud (1984)(Coleco Electronics)(Side B)
5143Family Legacy, The v1.1 (1997)(Tame Computer)(Side A)
5144Family Legacy, The v1.1 (1997)(Tame Computer)(Side B)
5145Famous Americans (1989)(Loadstar)
5146Famous Battles I (19xx)(-)
5147Famous Battles II (19xx)(-)
5148Famous Five - Five on a Treasure Island, The (1992)(Enigma Variations)
5149Famous People (1982)(Commodore Educational Software)
5150Famous People of the Past (1994)(Loadstar)
5151Fancy Free (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
5152Fang mich doch (19xx)(-)(de)
5153Fantasia (1987)(SVS)(de)
5154Fantasma (19xx)(-)(es)
5155Fantastic Animals (1985)(Bantam Software)(Side A)
5156Fantastic Animals (1985)(Bantam Software)(Side B)
5157Fantastic Soccer (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
5158Fantasy (19xx)(SYS PD)(sv)(PD)
5159Fantasy Girl (19xx)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5160Fantasy Girl (19xx)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5161Fantasy Girl (19xx)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
5162Fantasy Girl (19xx)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
5163Fantasy Role Playing Bulletin Board Variation Concept (1985)(Deep Pan Software)(Side A)
5164Fantasy Role Playing Bulletin Board Variation Concept (1985)(Deep Pan Software)(Side B)
5165Fantasya (1986)(Input 64)
5166Fantasyland (1982)(Vince Sorensen)
5167Fantatron (19xx)(Courbois Software)(nl)
5168Fantax (1992)(Eagleware International)
5169Fantax II (1992)(Eagleware International)
5170Farb Basar v3 (19xx)(-)
5171Farbbasar (1987)(Input 64)(de)
5172Farbenspiel (1985)(Heinz Prangenberg)(de)
5173Fargo (1991)(Loadstar)
5174Farm Game, The (1985)(Compute!)
5175Farm-Spell (1983)(Tronix)
5176Farmers Daughter, The (19xx)(Nocturnal Software)
5177Farraguts Fortune (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
5178Farstar (1989)(Wild Boys Software)
5179Fas-t-ron (1988)(Markt & Technik)
5180Fast (1992)(Future Publishing)
5181Fast Add (1984)(Compute!)
5182Fast Ball (1996)(Loadstar)
5183Fast Break (1989)(Accolade)
5184Fast Eddie (1982)(Sirius Software)
5185Fast Food! (1989)(Codemasters)
5186Fast Future (1989)(Paul Black)
5187Fast Life (1986)(PowerPlay Magazine)
5188Fast Soccer (19xx)(CDR)
5189Fast Tracks (1985)(Activision)(Side A)
5190Fast Tracks (1985)(Activision)(Side B)
5191Fast Tracks - RC Racers (1988)(Mark Turmell)
5192Fast Tracks - Spaghetti (19xx)(Mark Turmell)
5193Fast Tracks - TT3 (1985)(Mark Turmell)
5194Fast Tracks - The Computer Slot Car Construction Kit (1985)(Activision)
5195Fast Tracks - Tokio Race (1989)(CP Verlag)
5196Fastball Final Sales (1985)(Loadstar)
5197Father Christmas Game, The (1989)(Alternative Software)
5198Fatty on the Run (1993)(Binary Zone)(PD)
5199Fax (1983)(Epyx)
5200Fazekas (1985)(Selindek Software Studio)
5201Fball (1979)(Cursor Magazine)
5202Fearless (1988)(Dragon Software)
5203Fearless Fred And The Factory Of Doom (1986)(Mr. Chip Software)
5204Fearless Fred and the Factory of Doom (1986)(Americana Software)
5205Feasibility Experiment (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
5206Feature Bout Boxing (1996)(System 3)
5207Fechten (1983)(Richard Kotnauer)(de)
5208Fed II (19xx)(-)
5209Federation (1987)(CRL)
5210Feed Harry (1984)(Simon & Schuster)
5211Fele Sem Igaz!, A (19xx)(Monitor-Soft)(hu)
5212Felix (19xx)(Karl Hansen)
5213Felix in the Factory (1984)(Micro Power)
5214Fellowship of the Rings (19xx)(Beam Software)(Side A)
5215Fellowship of the Rings (19xx)(Beam Software)(Side B)
5216Fergyser (1986)(DK Adventures)(da)
5217Fernandez Must Die (1988)(Imageworks)
5218Fernando Martin Basket Master (1987)(Topo Soft)(es)
5219Fernlenkwaffen (19xx)(Syntax-Magazin)(de)
5220Fernseh-Sender! (1994)(CP Verlag)(de)
5221Ferrari Formula One (1990)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
5222Ferrari Formula One (1990)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
5223Ferriss Christmas Caper (1998)(Commodore Zone)
5224Ferry (19xx)(Warner Books)
5225Festung, Die (1986)(Tronic)(de)
5226Fetris (1992)(-)
5227Fetz Out 2 (1988)(CP Verlag)
5228Feud (1987)(Bulldog Software)
5229Feudal Kingdom (1984)(Ellis Horwood)
5230Fiddly Fish (1997)(Xenite)
5231Fidgits (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
5232Fidgits Music School (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
5233Fidicen (1988)(Xenon Software)
5234Field of Fire (1985)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5235Field of Fire (1985)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5236Field of Fire (1985)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
5237Field of Fire - Part 1 (19xx)(-)
5238Field of Fire - Part 2 (19xx)(-)
5239Field of Fire - Part 5 (19xx)(-)
5240Field of Fire - Part 6 (19xx)(-)
5241Field of Fire - Part 7 (19xx)(-)
5242Field of Fire - Part 8 (19xx)(-)
5243Fields (1996)(Eagleware International)
5244Fields of Hades (1996)(Magna Media)
5245Fiendish Freddys Big Top o Fun (1990)(Mindscape)(Side A)
5246Fiendish Freddys Big Top o Fun (1990)(Mindscape)(Side B)
5247Fiendish Freddys Big Top o Fun (1990)(Mindscape)
5248Fiery Fight (1996)(Tiger Crew Disk)(PD)
5249Fifteen (1983)(The Code Works)
5250Fifteen Puzzle (19xx)(-)
5251Fifteens (1997)(Loadstar)
5252Fifth Ball (19xx)(Xakk)
5253Fifth Quadrant (1987)(Bubble Bus)
5254Fifth Quadrant, The (1987)(Bubble Bus)
5255Fifty Mission Crush (1984)(SSI)
5256Fig Forth (1983)(Romik Software)
5257Fight Driver (1988)(Holger Holstein)
5258Fight Night (1985)(U.S. Gold)
5259Fight Racer (1993)(Markt & Technik)
5260Fight for Thurn (19xx)(Taurus)
5261Fighter (19xx)(Robert L. Smith)
5262Fighter Bomber (1989)(Activision)(Side A)
5263Fighter Bomber (1989)(Activision)(Side B)
5264Fighter Command v1.1 (1985)(SSI)
5265Fighter II (19xx)(-)
5266Fighter Jet (19xx)(Bob Akerberg)
5267Fighter Pilot (1984)(Digital Integration)
5268Fighter Soccer (1988)(Activision)
5269Fighting Hardware (1987)(Input 64)
5270Fighting Racer (1993)(Markt & Technik)
5271Fighting Soccer (1989)(Activision)
5272Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)
5273Fightmare Mission (1988)(Outlaw Productions)
5274Figure It Out (1986)(Peter Craven)
5275Fill or Bust (19xx)(Chessdude)
5276Fill or Bust! (19xx)(-)
5277Fill the Blanks (1995)(Loadstar)
5278Final Assault (1988)(Epyx)
5279Final Blow (1991)(Storm)
5280Final Conflict (1983)(Hayden Software)
5281Final Conquest, The - Cargo Run (1983)(MIS Software)
5282Final Defense (1989)(Compute!)
5283Final Encounter, The (1993)(CP Verlag)
5284Final Fight (1991)(U.S. Gold)
5285Final Flight! (1983)(MMG Micro Software)
5286Final Four College Basketball Game (1989)(Lance Haffner Games)
5287Final Stone (1994)(System 3)
5288Final Tennis (1989)(CP Verlag)
5289Final Trial (1984)(Interface Publications)
5290Final Whistle (1989)(E&J Software)
5291Finaltag (1986)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
5292Find Another Way (2000)(Dataland)
5293Find Harry (1984)(Simon & Schuster)
5294Find a Word (1984)(Simon & Schuster)
5295Find the Word (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
5296Find the Word 3.0 (1986)(RUN-CW Communications)
5297Find-a-Word (1994)(Compute!)
5298Finders Keepers (1985)(Mastertronic)
5299Finimondo, Il (19xx)(Jeff Minter)(it)
5300Fiona Rides Out (1985)(Interceptor Micros)
5301Fips (1988)(Imperator Software)(de)
5302Fire & Forget II - The Death Convoy (1990)(Titus Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5303Fire & Forget II - The Death Convoy (1990)(Titus Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5304Fire & Forget II - The Death Convoy (1990)(Titus Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
5305Fire & Forget II - The Death Convoy (1990)(Titus Software)
5306Fire (1993)(-)
5307Fire Ant (1983)(Mogul Communications)
5308Fire Bug (1986)(Creative Programmers)
5309Fire Eagle (1994)(Future Publishing)
5310Fire Fight! (19xx)(-)
5311Fire Fighter (1991)(Loadstar)
5312Fire Fighter 64 (1982)(Luna Software)
5313Fire Hawk Castle (19xx)(-)
5314Fire King (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5315Fire King (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5316Fire King (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
5317Fire One (1983)(Epyx)
5318Fire Pistols (19xx)(-)
5319Fire Storm (1988)(Omnisoft)
5320Fire Track (1987)(Electric Dreams)
5321Fire Trap (1987)(Electric Dreams)(Side A)
5322Fire Trap (1987)(Electric Dreams)(Side B)
5323Fire Trap (1987)(Electric Dreams)
5324Fire! (1988)(Compute!)
5325Fire-Copter (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
5326Fire-Galaxy (1987)(Kingsoft)
5327Fireballs (1984)(Andreas Bachler)(de)
5328Firebird (1994)(Markt & Technik)
5329Fireflash (1995)(Andrew Hickie)
5330Firefly (1988)(Ocean Software)
5331Firefox (1994)(CP Verlag)
5332Firelord (1986)(Hewson)
5333Fireman (1983)(Phoenix Publishing Associates)
5334Fireman Sam - The Hero Next Door (1991)(Alternative Software)
5335Firepit (1991)(Double Density)
5336Firepower (1989)(Microillusions)(Side A)
5337Firepower (1989)(Microillusions)(Side B)
5338Firepower (1989)(Microillusions)
5339Firequest - The Further Adventures of UGH (1984)(The Edge Software)
5340Fireworks Celebration Kit (19xx)(-)
5341Firezone (1988)(PSS)
5342Firgamica (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
5343First Australian Hero, The (1985)(Bluefire Software)
5344First Ball (19xx)(-)
5345First Bull Run (1984)(Interface Publications)
5346First Math (1983)(Compute!)
5347First Million, The (1989)(Darren Cook)
5348First Over Germany (1987)(SSI)
5349First Over Germany v1.0e (1987)(SSI)
5350First Past the Post (1989)(Cult Games)
5351First Samurai (1992)(Vivid Image)
5352First Starfighter, The (1986)(Orpheus)
5353First Strike (1989)(Elite)
5354Fische fischen (1984)(Europa Computer Club)(de)
5355Fischzucht (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
5356Fisco 200 (19xx)(-)
5357Fish Zone - The Tale of Snappa and Worm (1995)(Mike Putcher)
5358Fish! (1988)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Side A)
5359Fish! (1988)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Side B)
5360Fish! v1.07 (1988)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Side A)
5361Fish-Metic (1984)(Commodore)
5362Fission (1998)(Loadstar)
5363Fist + (1989)(Firebird)
5364Fist Fighter (1993)(Zeppelin Games)
5365Fist II - The Legend Continues (1986)(Melbourne House)
5366Fist II - The Legend Continues - Adventure (1986)(Melbourne House)
5367Fist II - The Legend Continues - Tournament (1986)(Melbourne House)
5368Fistful of Bucks, A (1985)(Ocean Software)
5369Fistfull of Bucks, A (1985)(Ocean Software)
5370Five Card Stud (1983)(G. Adams)
5371Five Up (1986)(Mike Powell)
5372Five a Row (1992)(CP Verlag)
5373Five a Side (1985)(Anirog Software)
5374Five a Side Footy (1988)(Silverbird Software)
5375Five a Side Soccer (19xx)(Anirog Software)
5376Five by Five (2000)(Loadstar)
5377Five-A-Side Football (19xx)(Anirog Software)
5378Fix It! (19xx)(-)
5379Fizz Bomb (1989)(KSoft)
5380Flag Fight (1990)(CP Verlag)(de)
5381Flag Hunt (1989)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
5382Flag Quiz (2001)(Kojote-Bytegeiz)
5383Flaggenquiz (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
5384Flags (1989)(Compute!)
5385Flags to the Wind (1987)(Loadstar)
5386Flak (1994)(Funsoft)
5387Flak-Commander (19xx)(-)(de)
5388Flak-Schiessen (19xx)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
5389Flap! (1987)(Nelcug)
5390Flappy (19xx)(Michael Basik)
5391Flare (19xx)(Electronic Software)
5392Flaschbier (19xx)(Wernersoft)
5393Flaschbier 2 (1986)(Wernersoft)
5394Flaschbier 3 (198x)(Wernersoft)
5395Flaschbier Konstruction Kit (1991)(Marek Roth)(de)
5396Flash (1985)(Loadstar)
5397Flash Attack 64 (19xx)(Jeffery L. S. Wood)
5398Flash Ball (1988)(Gabor)
5399Flash Card (1989)(Compute!)
5400Flash Cards (19xx)(-)
5401Flash Flood (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
5402Flash Food (19xx)(-)
5403Flash Gordon (1986)(Mastertronic)(Side A)
5404Flash Gordon (1986)(Mastertronic)(Side B)
5405Flash Gordon (1986)(Mastertronic)
5406Flash Gordon 1-2-3 (1986)(Mastertronic)
5407Flash! (1989)(Markt & Technik)
5408Flash, The (1983)(Quantum Leap)
5409Flashe (19xx)(Damian McComb)(de)
5410Flasher (1979)(Commodore Educational Software)
5411Flashing-Letters Game (1985)(Tab Books)
5412Flat Cube, The (19xx)(Bill Hughes)
5413Fleet Action (19xx)(-)
5414Fleet Feet (1984)(CBS Software)
5415Flex (19xx)(A-System)
5416Flexi-Lotto (1984)(Interface Publications)
5417Flight (1983)(Anger Productions)
5418Flight 64 (1982)(Fantasy Computerware)
5419Flight Control (1984)(E. Harbers Software)
5420Flight Deck (1986)(Bytebusters)
5421Flight Path 737 (1984)(Anirog Software)
5422Flight Simulator (19xx)(Jerry Panofsky)
5423Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 1 of 8 Side A)
5424Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 1 of 8 Side B)
5425Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 2 of 8 Side A)
5426Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 2 of 8 Side B)
5427Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 3 of 8 Side A)
5428Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 3 of 8 Side B)
5429Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 4 of 8 Side A)
5430Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 4 of 8 Side B)
5431Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 5 of 8 Side A)
5432Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 5 of 8 Side B)
5433Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 6 of 8 Side A)
5434Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 6 of 8 Side B)
5435Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 7 of 8 Side A)
5436Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 7 of 8 Side B)
5437Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 8 of 8 Side A)
5438Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)(Disk 8 of 8 Side B)
5439Flight Simulator II (1984)(Sublogic)
5440Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk 01 (1984)(Sublogic)
5441Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk 02 (1984)(Sublogic)
5442Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk 03 (1984)(Sublogic)
5443Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk 04 (1984)(Sublogic)
5444Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk 05 (1984)(Sublogic)
5445Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk 06 (1984)(Sublogic)
5446Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk 07 (1984)(Sublogic)
5447Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk 11 (1984)(Sublogic)
5448Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk 14 (1984)(Sublogic)
5449Flight Simulator II Star Scenery Disk San Francisco (1984)(Sublogic)
5450Flight of the Albatross (1995)(Psytronik Software)
5451Flight of the Albatross 2 (1998)(Commodore Zone)
5452Flight of the Unicorn, The (1985)(Flight 19 Software)
5453Flik Flak (1991)(Zzap! 64)
5454Flimbos Quest (1991)(System 3)(Side A)
5455Flimbos Quest (1991)(System 3)(Side B)
5456Flimbos Quest (1991)(System 3)
5457Flintstones - Yabba-Dabba-Dooo! (1986)(Quicksilva)
5458Flintstones - Yabba-Dabba-Dooo! - Gli Antenati (1986)(Quicksilva)(it)
5459Flintstones, The (1988)(Grandslam Entertainment)
5460Flintstones, The - Fred Feuerstein (1988)(Grandslam Entertainment)(de)
5461Flip & Flop (1984)(Statesoft Ltd.)
5462Flip 64 (1985)(PowerPlay Magazine)
5463Flip Flap (19xx)(-)
5464Flip Flop (19xx)(-)
5465Flip It (1994)(Markt & Technik)
5466Flip It v2 (1994)(Markt & Technik)
5467Flip-Flop (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
5468Flipper (1985)(Edigamma)(it)
5469Flipper - The Wiz (1991)(JJB)
5470Flipper 9 (1987)(Wicked Software)
5471Flipper Magico (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
5472Flipper Thing (1988)(CP Verlag)
5473Flipperking (1983)(DTB Software Berlin)(de)
5474Flippit (1988)(Splash)
5475Flippy (1985)(Scherty)
5476Flips, The (1988)(MCG)
5477Fliptris (19xx)(Artcore Labs)
5478Flix (1992)(Markt & Technik)
5479Floating Point Action (1986)(Golden Games)
5480Flood (19xx)(-)
5481Floppy-Eater! (1985)(Floppy Magazine 64)
5482Florbingel (2003)(Bosoft)
5483Flotsam (1987)(The Insomniac)
5484Flower Garden (1997)(Loadstar)
5485Flower Man (19xx)(Suzy Soft)
5486Flower-Cubes (19xx)(-)
5487Floyd of the Jungle (1984)(Microprose Software)
5488Floyd the Droid (1986)(Radarsoft)
5489Flubble and Squij (19xx)(Duo Soft)
5490Fluch des Pharao, Der (1983)(WiHe-Soft)(de)
5491Fluch von Schloss Batterslea Hall, Der (19xx)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
5492Fluff (2000)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
5493Flugzeug (19xx)(-)(de)
5494Flummis World (1994)(Substance)
5495Flunky (1987)(Piranha)
5496Fluss (1984)(Michael Coskun)(de)
5497Flutter (19xx)(-)
5498Fly 64 (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
5499Fly Harder (1993)(Starbyte Software)
5500Fly Part III, The (1994)(Tamas Tarnoczky)
5501Fly Pig (1991)(Direct Designs)
5502Fly, The III (19xx)(Tarnoczky Tamas)
5503Flyer (1998)(Computer Workshops)
5504Flyerfox (1984)(Game Gems)
5505Flying Ace (1992)(Avalon Hill)
5506Flying Balls (19xx)(MCG & Bombjack)
5507Flying Digger, The (1984)(OHB Software)
5508Flying Digits (19xx)(Carlos J. Velazquez)
5509Flying Feathers (1984)(Bubble Bus Software)
5510Flying High (1994)(Ermig Productions)
5511Flying Shark (1987)(Firebird)
5512Flying Shark II (19xx)(-)
5513Flying in on the Big Bird (1986)(Plasma Grafix)
5514Flykten Mini! (19xx)(Frederik Ramsberg & Johan Berntsson)
5515Flynns Gold (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
5516Focdonz (19xx)(NDPS Programs)(it)
5517Fogd a Penzt, es Fuss! (19xx)(Bilpet)(hu)
5518Follow Me! (1987)(Gene Nash)
5519Fong (2004)(Ventzislav Tzetkov)
5520Fools Gold (19xx)(Duckworth)
5521Football (19xx)(Tri Micro)
5522Football - The Commodore Bowl (19xx)(Bobby B. Compton)
5523Football Champions (1990)(Cult Games)
5524Football Coach (19xx)(-)(de)
5525Football Crazy (19xx)(-)
5526Football Director (1988)(D&H Games)
5527Football Director 2 (1989)(D&H Games)
5528Football Fortunes (1987)(Commercial Data Systems)(it)
5529Football Fortunes - Brian Cloughs Football Fortunes (1987)(Commercial Data Systems)(it)
5530Football Fortunes II (19xx)(Commercial Data Systems)
5531Football Frenzy (1987)(C.A. Sharp)
5532Football Manager (1984)(Addictive Games)
5533Football Manager - Crackers League (19xx)(Addictive Games)
5534Football Manager - World Cup Edition (1990)(Addictive Games)
5535Football Manager 2 (1988)(Addictive Games)
5536Football Manager 2 Expansion Kit (1988)(Addictive Games)
5537Football Manager 3 (1992)(Addictive Games)
5538Football Manager 95 (1995)(Addictive Games)
5539Football Manager World Cup Edition (1990)(Addictive Games)
5540Football Strategy (1983)(Avalon Hill)
5541Football Supremo (19xx)(-)
5542Footballer of the Year (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)
5543Footballer of the Year 2 (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
5544Footballer, The (1990)(Cult Games)
5545For Gold or Glory (1988)(Alternative Software)
5546For Speed We Need (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
5547Forbidden City (1983)(Phoenix Publishing Associates)
5548Forbidden Crypt (1985)(Compute!)
5549Forbidden Forest (1983)(Cosmi)
5550Forbidden Forest 2 - Beyond the Forbidden Forest (1983)(Cosmi)
5551Forbidden Fruit (1985)(Turgy Magic)
5552Force Field (19xx)(-)
5553Force I (1985)(PowerPlay Magazine)
5554Force One (1987)(Firebird)
5555Force Seven (1987)(Datasoft)
5556Force, The (1984)(Cascade Games)
5557Forced Encounter (1983)(Magic Carpet Software)
5558Foreign, The (1989)(Emix Software)
5559Forest (19xx)(-)
5560Forest Dell Adventure (1999)(Andrew Williams)
5561Forest Fire (1985)(Loadstar)
5562Forest Raider (1984)(Andrew Farrell)
5563Forest of Aurora, The (1988)(Systems Editoriale)
5564Forest of Doom, The (1984)(Penguin Software)
5565Forest of Evil, The (1984)(The Guild Adventure Software)
5566Forester (1992)(CP Verlag)
5567Forestland (19xx)(Supersoft)
5568Forgery (19xx)(-)
5569Forgotten Past (19xx)(Anthony Collins)
5570Forgotten Worlds (1989)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
5571Forgotten Worlds (1989)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
5572Forgotten Worlds (1989)(U.S. Gold)
5573Formel 64 (1984)(Dieter Lorenz)(de)
5574Formula 1 (19xx)(-)
5575Formula 1 3D - F.1 Manager II (1991)(Simulmondo)(en-it)(Side A)
5576Formula 1 3D - F.1 Manager II (1991)(Simulmondo)(en-it)(Side B)
5577Formula 1 Manager (19xx)(Simulmondo)(en-it)(Side A)
5578Formula 1 Manager (19xx)(Simulmondo)(en-it)(Side B)
5579Formula 1 Manager II (1990)(Simulmondo)(Side A)
5580Formula 1 Manager II (1990)(Simulmondo)(Side B)
5581Formula 1 Simulator (1991)(Mastertronic)
5582Formula 1K (2002)(Andreas Gustafsson)
5583Formula One (19xx)(-)
5584Formula, The (1987)(The Guild Adventure Software)
5585Forscher, Der (1995)(CP Verlag)(de)(Side A)
5586Forscher, Der (1995)(CP Verlag)(de)(Side B)
5587Fort Apocalypse (1982)(Synapse Software)
5588Fortress (1989)(Commodore Disc)
5589Fortress Underground (1987)(Kingsoft)
5590Fortress at Times End, The (1982)(The Guild Adventure Software)
5591Fortress of the Witch King (1984)(Avalon Hill)
5592Fortuna Kolem Sie Toczy (1993)(Marek)(pl)
5593Fortune Hunter (1991)(Loadstar)
5594Fortunes Favor (2000)(Loadstar)
5595Forward Observer (19xx)(-)
5596Foto Fitter (1986)(English Software)
5597Foton (1991)(Trash Productions)
5598Fotoreporter (19xx)(-)
5599Fountain of Youth, The (1984)(Flying Fox Software)
5600Four Across Classic (1996)(Loadstar)
5601Four Corners (1996)(Loadstar)
5602Four Smash Hits (1987)(Hewson)
5603Four Smash Hits - Exolon (1987)(Hewson)
5604Four Smash Hits - Ranarama (1987)(Hewson)
5605Four Smash Hits - Uridium Plus (1987)(Hewson)
5606Four Smash Hits - Zynaps (1987)(Hewson)
5607Four Square (1984)(Interface Publications)
5608Four Team Tournament (1992)(ET Software)
5609Four Wins (1988)(CP Verlag)(de)
5610Four by Four (1984)(Compute!)
5611Four in a Row (1990)(Commodore Disc)
5612Four-in-a-Row (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
5613Fourcell (1997)(R. Trissel)
5614Fourteens (1992)(Loadstar)
5615Fourth Protocol (1985)(-)
5616Fourth Protocol, The (1985)(Hutchinson Computer Publishing)(Side A)
5617Fourth Protocol, The (1985)(Hutchinson Computer Publishing)(Side B)
5618Fourth Protocol, The (1985)(Hutchinson Computer Publishing)
5619Fourth Protocol, The - The Bomb (1985)(Hutchinson Computer Publishing)(Disk 1 of 3)
5620Fourth Protocol, The - The Nato Documents (1985)(Hutchinson Computer Publishing)(Disk 3 of 3)
5621Fourth Protocol, The - The Sas Assault (1985)(Hutchinson Computer Publishing)(Disk 2 of 3)
5622Fourth Sarcophagus, The (1983)(Handic Software)
5623Fourty Five (1991)(CP Verlag)
5624Fovaroskviz (19xx)(Thunder)(hu)
5625Fox & Hounds (1998)(Loadstar)
5626Fox Fights Back (1988)(Imageworks)
5627Fox, The (19xx)(-)
5628Foxx Fights Back! (1988)(Mirrorsoft)
5629Fraction Fever (1983)(Spinnaker Software)
5630Fraction Practice (1987)(Compute!)
5631Fraction Practice II (1987)(Compute!)
5632Fragram - Franzosische Grammatik (1988)(Input 64)(de)
5633Frak! (1985)(State Soft)
5634Frak! 64 (1985)(State Soft)
5635Framed (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
5636Francis Drake (1983)(G. Ludinsky)
5637Franco Baresi World Cup Kick Off (1990)(Anco Software)(it)
5638Frank Brunos Boxing (1985)(Elite)(Side A)
5639Frank Brunos Boxing (1985)(Elite)(Side B)
5640Frank Brunos Boxing (1985)(Elite)
5641Frankenstein (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
5642Frankenstein - Part One (1987)(CRL)
5643Frankenstein Jr. (1987)(Codemasters)
5644Frankensteins Legacy (1988)(Free Spirit Software)
5645Frankie Crashed on Jupiter (1985)(Kingsoft)
5646Frankie Goes to Hollywood (1985)(Ocean Software)
5647Frankies Horror Trip I (1989)(Armin Gessert)
5648Frankies Horror Trip II (1989)(Armin Gessert)
5649Frantic (1991)(Commodore Disc)
5650Frantic Fisherman, The (1984)(Compute!)
5651Frantic Freddie (1984)(CDS Microsystems)
5652Frantic! (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
5653Freak Attack (19xx)(-)
5654Freak Factory (1986)(Firebird)
5655Freak Out (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
5656Freakout II (1995)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
5657Fred (1983)(Quicksilva)
5658Fred the Fruiter (1995)(Electric Brains)
5659Freddy Hardest (1987)(Dinamic Software)(Side A)
5660Freddy Hardest (1987)(Dinamic Software)(Side B)
5661Freddy Hardest (1987)(Dinamic Software)
5662Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan (1990)(Dinamic Software)(es)
5663Freddys Puzzling Adventures (1984)(DLM)
5664Frederick Forsyth - The Fourth Protocol (1985)(HCP)
5665Freds Back (1993)(Markt & Technik)
5666Freds Back 2 (1993)(CP Verlag)
5667Freds Back 3 (1994)(CP Verlag)
5668Freds Leapfrog (1991)(Loadstar)
5669Freds in Trouble (1993)(CP Verlag)
5670Freecell (1997)(Loadstar)
5671Freefall (19xx)(-)
5672Freespace 2075 (1999)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
5673Freeway (1988)(Systems Editoriale)
5674Freeze Factory!!, The (19xx)(-)
5675Freeze Factory, The (1985)(Compute!)
5676Freiheit (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
5677French Military Game (1984)(Loadstar)
5678Frenesis (1987)(Mastertronic)
5679Frenzy (1985)(Micro Power)
5680Frexel (1988)(Deltek)
5681Friday the 13th (1985)(Domark)
5682Friday the 13th - Hammer Challenge II (19xx)(The Skull)
5683Friday! Poker (19xx)(-)
5684Frido Mc Frog (1991)(Markt & Technik)
5685Friendly Alien (1985)(Compute!)
5686Frightmare (1988)(Cascade Games)
5687Frigylada, A (1987)(Didi & Yeye)(pl)
5688Frog 64 (1983)(Alligata Software)
5689Frog Fanny (1995)(Loadstar)
5690Frog Jump (1984)(Scott Foresman and Company)
5691Frog Master (1983)(Commodore)
5692Frog Race (19xx)(Commodore)
5693Frog Run (1983)(Anirog Software)
5694Frog! (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
5695Froggee (1982)(Commercial Data Systems)
5696Frogger (1981)(Sega)
5697Frogger 64 (1983)(Interceptor Micros)
5698Frogger 93 (1993)(CP Verlag)
5699Frogger II - Threeedeep (1984)(Parker Brothers)
5700Frogger II - Threeedeep - Froschhuepfer (1984)(Parker Brothers)
5701Frogger II - Threeedeep! (1984)(Parker Brothers)
5702Froggy (1985)(Input 64)
5703Froggy 64 - Ivasive Action (1984)(Cascade Games)
5704Froggy Goes Splatt! (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
5705Frogman (19xx)(-)
5706Frogrun 64 (1983)(Anirog Software)
5707Frogs 64 (1987)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
5708Frogs and Flies 64 (1997)(Loadstar)
5709Frogs and Motorways (1996)(TND Games)(FW)
5710Frogs and Motorways 2 (1998)(TND Games)(FW)
5711Frogs in Space (1990)(Commodore Disc)
5712Frohn (1987)(Kingsoft)
5713Front Ball (19xx)(-)
5714Front End (2001)(Funkscientist)
5715Front Line (1987)(Compute!)
5716Froschhupfer (1985)(Sonnenverlag)(de)
5717Froschrennen (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
5718Frospi (1985)(Input 64)
5719Frost Byte (1987)(Mikro-Gen)
5720Frost Chiller, The (1984)(Mastertronic)
5721Frostys Busy Night! (1990)(Your Commodore)
5722Fruit Machine (19xx)(Bell Soft)
5723Fruit Machine Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)
5724Fruit Machine Simulator 2 (1989)(Codemasters)
5725Fruit Machine, The (19xx)(Andrew Bowman)
5726Fruit Nudger (1986)(Barry Joynes)
5727FruitBank (1989)(Digital Designs)
5728Fruitmania (1995)(CP Verlag)
5729Fruity (1985)(Players Software)
5730Frustration (1986)(Bahamaware)
5731Frustration - A Frustrating Logic Game (1986)(Bahamaware)
5732Fuchsjagd (1985)(Input 64)
5733Fuck-Man (19xx)(Piep Soft)
5734Fuckgame (1986)(-)
5735Fuckgames (19xx)(SCC)
5736Fueling Station (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
5737Fuell den Kreis (1986)(Input 64)(de)
5738Fuga nel Tempo (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
5739Fugger (1988)(Bomico)(de)(Disk 1 of 2)
5740Fugger (1988)(Bomico)(de)(Disk 2 of 2)
5741Fugger (1988)(Bomico)(de)
5742Fugitive (1997)(Eagleware International)
5743Fuhrerschein-Prufung (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
5744Full House (1987)(CP Verlag)(de)
5745Fun Duel (1995)(CP Verlag)
5746Fun House (1983)(Commodore)
5747Fun Play - 3-in-1 (1990)(The Disc Company & Codemasters)
5748Fun Speller (19xx)(-)
5749Fun with Spelling feat. Heathcliff (1984)(Datasoft)
5750Fun-Stuff Pinball (19xx)(-)
5751Funball (1991)(Octabits)
5752Function Machine (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
5753Fungus (1986)(Players Software)
5754Fungus - Funghetto (1986)(Players Software)(it)
5755Funny Car (19xx)(Keypunch Software)
5756Funny Game (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
5757Funny Girls (19xx)(Didi)(de)
5758Fur Trader (19xx)(Hal Gritzmacher)
5759Further Adventures of Alice in Videoland, The (1986)(Audiogenic Software)
5760Fury, The (1988)(Software Communications)
5761Fusball Trainer (19xx)(-)(de)
5762Fuse (1990)(Compute!)
5763Fuse Master (19xx)(Caesar Software)
5764Fussball Trainer v2.0 (1985)(-)(de)
5765Fussball-Manager (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
5766Fussball-Trainer III (1987)(RF)(de)
5767Futball 3000 (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
5768Futball Bundesliga - Das grosse Geschaeft (19xx)(-)(de)
5769Futball Manager (19xx)(-)(de)
5770Futball Trainer (1985)(Kevin Toms)(de)
5771Futball-Trainer III (1987)(RF)(de)
5772Future (1990)(Markt & Technik)(de)
5773Future Attack (1989)(3D-Starion)
5774Future Bike Simulator (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
5775Future Dungeons (1991)(Markt & Technik)
5776Future Knight (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)
5777Future Lock (1992)(Compute!)
5778Future Race (1987)(Markt & Technik)
5779Future Shock (19xx)(J. Jameson)
5780Futurewar! (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
5781Futuristic Troll Simulator (19xx)(-)
5782Futuro Prossimo (19xx)(UK Met-New Formula Crew)(it)
5783Fuzzballs (19xx)(-)
5784Fuzzy Fisherman (1992)(Eagleware International)
5785Fuzzy Fisherman II (1995)(Eagleware International)
5786Fuzzy Wuzzles (19xx)(-)
5787G-Force (1984)(Euro-Byte)
5788G-Force Pinball (19xx)(-)
5789G-Loc R360 (1992)(U.S. Gold)
5790G-Word (1981)(Cursor Magazine)
5791G-Zone (1997)(Friendship)
5792G.I. Joe (1985)(Epyx)(Side A)
5793G.I. Joe (1985)(Epyx)(Side B)
5794G.I. Joe II - The Smurf Massacre (1986)(The PyroManiac)
5795G.P. Tennis Manager (1990)(Simulmondo)(en-it)
5796G.U.T.Z. (1988)(Special FX)
5797GBA Championship Basketball - Two on Twol (1986)(Activision)
5798GFL Championship Football (1986)(-)
5799GP Tennis Manager (1990)(Simulmondo)(en-it)
5800Gala (1986)(Fireman)
5801Galactic Attack (1984)(Cascade Games)
5802Galactic Battle (19xx)(-)
5803Galactic Battles (1983)(Cyberia Inc.)
5804Galactic Chaos (1993)(Martijn Schutten)
5805Galactic Conquest (1994)(Phuture)(de)
5806Galactic Dogfight (1984)(Cascade Games)
5807Galactic Drivers II (1987)(Multisoft)(en-nl)
5808Galactic Empire (1983)(Ronald Schnell)(de)
5809Galactic Encounter (1991)(Commodore Disc)
5810Galactic Games (1987)(Activision)(Side A)
5811Galactic Games (1987)(Activision)(Side B)
5812Galactic Games (1987)(Activision)
5813Galactic Gardener (1983)(Software Projects)
5814Galactic Meteors (1983)(Holger Gehrmann)
5815Galactic Monsters (1984)(Wesley Publishers)
5816Galactic Muncher (1985)(Data Media)
5817Galactic Zone, The (1985)(Martin Hollyer)
5818Galactica (1986)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
5819Galacticon (1988)(Compute!)
5820Galacto Honoris (1987)(-)
5821Galactyforce (1990)(CP Verlag)
5822Galaga (1982)(Henrik Wening)
5823Galaga - Aliens (1982)(Henrik Wening)(es)
5824Galaktika (1984)(Maurice Games)(nl)
5825Galassia (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
5826Galax-I-Birds (1986)(Firebird Software)
5827Galaxia 7 (1988)(The Power House)
5828Galaxian (1983)(Atari)
5829Galaxian II (19xx)(Manu-TFM)
5830Galaxibirds (1986)(Firebird Software)
5831Galaxibirds 2 (2003)(Kenz)
5832Galaxibirds II (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
5833Galaxions & Munch Man (1983)(Solar Software)
5834Galaxions (1983)(Solar Software)
5835Galaxis 9199 (1993)(Markt & Technik)
5836Galaxis 9399 (1994)(Computec)
5837Galaxis II (19xx)(-)
5838Galaxy (1983)(Kingsoft)
5839Galaxy 10000 Spacewarrior (1989)(NFC)
5840Galaxy Cargo (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)
5841Galaxy Conflict (1982)(Martech Games)
5842Galaxy Force 2 (1989)(Activision)
5843Galaxy Force II (1989)(Activision)
5844Galaxy Raid (1983)(Melbourne House)
5845Galaxy Trader (1995)(Peter R. Boothman)
5846Galaxy v23 (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
5847Galaxy! (1992)(Loadstar)
5848Galaxy-Terror (19xx)(-)
5849Galaxys (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
5850Galderon (19xx)(-)(Side A)
5851Galderon (19xx)(-)(Side B)
5852Galdregons Domain (1989)(Pandora)(Side A)
5853Galdregons Domain (1989)(Pandora)(Side B)
5854Galdregons Domain (1989)(Pandora)
5855Galgen-Mann (1983)(Elke Saller)(de)
5856Galgenmaennchen (19xx)(-)(de)
5857Galgje (1984)(Dogsoft)(nl)
5858Galivan (1986)(Imagine Software)
5859Galivan - Hero 2020 (1985)(Nihonbussan)
5860Galleon (1996)(Molotow Cocktails)(Side A)
5861Galleon (1996)(Molotow Cocktails)(Side B)
5862Galleon, The (1996)(Molotow Cocktails)(Side A)
5863Galleons (1984)(Rabbit Software)
5864Gallerie (1985)(Edicola)(it)
5865Galvan (1986)(Imagine Software)
5866Galya, A (1993)(Molotow Cocktails)(hu)(Side A)
5867Galya, A (1993)(Molotow Cocktails)(hu)(Side B)
5868Gambler 2 (1990)(Marco Polo)(de)
5869Gambler, The (19xx)(Mountain Valley Software)
5870Gamblin Cowboy - Lucky Luke (1992)(Markt & Technik)
5871Game Master (1991)(Richard Hezseltine)
5872Game Over (1987)(Imagine Software)
5873Game Over 2 (1988)(Dinamic Software)
5874Game Over 2 - Part 1 (1988)(Dinamic Software)
5875Game Set and Fire! (19xx)(-)
5876Game Set and Match - Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing (1988)(Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5877Game Set and Match - Daley Thompsons Super Test (1988)(Ocean Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
5878Game Set and Match - Hyper Sports (1988)(Ocean Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
5879Game Set and Match - Jonah Barringtons Squash (1988)(Ocean Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
5880Game Set and Match - Match Point (1988)(Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5881Game Set and Match - Ping Pong (1988)(Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5882Game Set and Match - Snooker (1988)(Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5883Game Set and Match - Super Soccer (1988)(Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5884Game Set and Match - Two on Two (1988)(Ocean Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
5885Game Set and Match - World Series Baseball (1988)(Ocean Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5886Game Show, The (1984)(Advanced Ideas)
5887Game Show, The - Boot Disk (1982)(Advanced Ideas)
5888Game Show, The - Foreign Language Data Disk (1982)(Advanced Ideas)
5889Game Show, The - Personal Playe Thing Data Disk (1982)(Advanced Ideas)
5890Game Show, The - Sampla Data Disk (1982)(Advanced Ideas)
5891Game Show, The - Win with Words 2 Data Disk (1982)(Advanced Ideas)
5892Game Show, The - You & Your World Data Disk (1982)(Advanced Ideas)
5893Game of Arithmetic (1982)(Commodore)
5894Game of Harmony, The (1990)(Accolade)
5895Game of Life (19xx)(-)(en-de)
5896Game of Life, The (1983)(Stack)
5897Game of Master Trivia (1984)(Cymbal Software)
5898Game of Scramble, The (1989)(RUN-IDG Communications)
5899Game of Trivia, The (1983)(Cymbal Software)
5900Game of Trivia, The - Childrens Trivia (1984)(Cymbal Software)
5901Game of Trivia, The - General Trivia (1984)(Cymbal Software)
5902Game of Trivia, The - World Facts Trivia (1984)(Cymbal Software)
5903Game of the Gods! (1993)(Loadstar)
5904Game with No Name, The (1987)(Geoff Foley)
5905Game, The (19xx)(The Skull)
5906Gameboy Tetris (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
5907Gamebreak (19xx)(-)
5908Games Creator (1984)(Mastertronic)
5909Games Designer (1983)(Euro-Byte)
5910Games Trainer Collosion (1985)(-)
5911Games, The - Summer Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5912Games, The - Summer Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5913Games, The - Summer Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
5914Games, The - Summer Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Side A)
5915Games, The - Summer Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Side B)
5916Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5917Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5918Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
5919Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
5920Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
5921Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
5922Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
5923Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
5924Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
5925Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
5926Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Side A)
5927Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(Epyx)(Side B)
5928Games, The - Winter Edition Practice (1988)(Epyx)(Side A)
5929Games, The - Winter Edition Practice (1988)(Epyx)(Side B)
5930Gamestar Championship Sports Pack (1987)(Activision)
5931Gamestar Golf (19xx)(Gamestar)
5932Gamma Force - The Pit of a Thousand Screams (1988)(Infocom)(Side A)
5933Gamma Force - The Pit of a Thousand Screams (1988)(Infocom)(Side B)
5934Gamma Force - The Pit of a Thousand Screams (1988)(Infocom)
5935Gammaron (19xx)(Kyle Hodgetts)
5936Gammon (1979)(Cursor Magazine)
5937Gandalf Sorcerer (19xx)(-)
5938Gandalf the Sorcerer (1984)(Tymac)
5939Gang, La (19xx)(ATP)
5940Gangbusters (1982)(Prickly Pear Software)
5941Gangster (1995)(Mindscape)
5942Gangsterkongress, Der (19xx)(M+M Software)(de)
5943Gantry (1989)(RUN-IDG Communications)
5944Ganymede (19xx)(-)
5945Gap Man (1993)(Mark D. Rejhon)
5946Gaplus (1988)(Mastertronic)
5947Garbage (1984)(SMS)
5948Garden Wars (1986)(Alpha Software)
5949Garden of Eden (1984)(Superior Software)
5950Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (1987)(The Edge Software)
5951Garfield - Winters Tail (1989)(The Edge)
5952Garmos (19xx)(-)
5953Garrison (1988)(Rainbow Arts)
5954Garry Kitchens Gamemaker (1985)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5955Garry Kitchens Gamemaker (1985)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5956Garry Kitchens Gamemaker (1985)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
5957Garry Kitchens Gamemaker (1985)(Activision)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
5958Garry Kitchens Gamemaker (1985)(Activision)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
5959Garry Kitchens Gamemaker (1985)(Activision)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
5960Garry Kitchens Gamemaker (1985)(Activision)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
5961Garry Kitchens Gamemaker (1985)(Activision)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
5962Garry Kitchens Gamemaker - Science Fiction Library (1985)(Activision)
5963Gartenzaun (19xx)(-)(de)
5964Gary Linekers Hot Shot (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)
5965Gary Linekers Hot Shot - Littis Hot Shot (19xx)(Gremlin Graphics)
5966Gary Linekers Super Skills (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
5967Gary Linekers Superstar Soccer (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
5968Gates Of Dawn (1985)(Virgin Games)
5969Gates of Dawn (1985)(Virgin Games)
5970Gates of Dawn Part II (1986)(Virgin Games)
5971Gateway to Aphsai (1983)(Epyx)
5972Gateway to Apshai (1983)(Epyx)
5973Gateway to the Savage Frontier (1991)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
5974Gateway to the Savage Frontier (1991)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)
5975Gateway to the Savage Frontier (1991)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 5 Side B)
5976Gateway to the Savage Frontier (1991)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)
5977Gateway to the Savage Frontier (1991)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 5 Side A)
5978Gateway to the Savage Frontier (1991)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)
5979Gateway to the Savage Frontier (1991)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)
5980Gateway to the Savage Frontier v1.0 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
5981Gateway to the Savage Frontier v1.0 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)
5982Gateway to the Savage Frontier v1.0 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side A)
5983Gateway to the Savage Frontier v1.0 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)
5984Gateway to the Savage Frontier v1.0 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side A)
5985Gateway to the Savage Frontier v1.0 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)
5986Gateway to the Savage Frontier v1.0 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)
5987Gateway to the Savage Frontier v1.0 (1991)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side B)
5988Gateway to the Savage Frontier v1.0 (1991)(SSI)
5989Gato (1985)(Spectrum Holobyte)
5990Gator (1985)(Your Computer-Business Press International)
5991Gators n Snakes (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
5992Gatwick Express (19xx)(-)
5993Gauntlet (1986)(U.S. Gold)
5994Gauntlet II (1986)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
5995Gauntlet II (1986)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
5996Gauntlet II (1986)(U.S. Gold)
5997Gauntlet III - The Final Fight (1992)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
5998Gauntlet III - The Final Fight (1992)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
5999Gauntlet III - The Final Fight (1992)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
6000Gauntlet III - The Final Fight (1992)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
6001Gauntlet III - The Final Fight (1992)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
6002Gauntlet III - The Final Fight (1992)(U.S. Gold)
6003Gazza II (1990)(Empire)
6004Gazzas Super Soccer (1989)(Empire)
6005Gedachtnis (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
6006Gedachtnistraining (1985)(Fisher Price)(de)
6007Gee Bee Air Rally (1987)(Activision)
6008Gefangen im All (19xx)(He-Goat)(de)
6009Gefrassige Wurm, Der (1984)(Hagemann Dusseldorf)(de)
6010Geheim Agent (19xx)(Five Ways Software)(nl)
6011Geheimnis der Druiden, Das (1990)(Markt & Technik)(de)
6012Geheimnis der Pyramiden, Das (19xx)(-)(de)
6013Geheimnis des Schloss Arendarvon, Das (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)(de)
6014Geheimnisvolle Magier, Der (1985)(Philipp Koehn)(de)
6015Gehirn Analyse (2004)(Welle Erdball)
6016Geisterfahrer (1990)(Markt & Technik)(de)
6017Geisterhaus (1984)(Antony Crowther)(de)
6018Geisterjaeger (2000)(Hans-Joerg Dombrowa)(de)
6019Geisterjagd (1983)(Thomas Trenz)(de)
6020Geisterjager (19xx)(Dennis Merbach)(de)
6021Gelbe Kugeln (1989)(Commodore Disc)(de)
6022Geld Loper (1983)(Brookfield Software)(nl)
6023Geld-Automat (19xx)(-)(de)
6024Gem Mania v1.0 (1999)(Kopper)(pl)
6025GemX (1991)(Kaiko)(Side A)
6026GemX (1991)(Kaiko)(Side B)
6027GemX (1991)(Kaiko)
6028Gemini Wing (1989)(Tecmo)
6029Gemma Nascosta (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
6030Gems (1996)(Loadstar)
6031Gemstone Healer (1986)(SSI)(Side A)
6032Gemstone Healer (1986)(SSI)(Side B)
6033Gemstone Healer (1986)(SSI)
6034Gemstone Warrior (1984)(SSI)
6035Gener Raider (1984)(NET Software)
6036General Knowledge (1987)(Peter Weighill)
6037General! (19xx)(-)
6038Genericball (19xx)(-)
6039Genesia (19xx)(Champion Software)
6040Genesis (1983)(Datasoft)
6041Genius at Work (1984)(Wesley Publishers)
6042Genloc (1994)(Boeder)
6043Genocide (19xx)(Robert Norris)
6044Geo-Matrix (1992)(Alternative Software)
6045Geodestruct (1985)(Animation)
6046Geoff Capes Strongman Challenge (1986)(Martech Games)
6047Geog Test (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
6048Geographie-Quiz (1988)(Input 64)(de)
6049Geography Invaders (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
6050Geography of the UK (1984)(Superior Software)
6051Geometric (1995)(CP Verlag)
6052Geometric 2 (1994)(CP Verlag)
6053Geometrica (19xx)(-)
6054Geopolitique 1990 (1984)(SSI)
6055Geppoz (1986)(Rita Jay)(it)
6056Gerhard Bergers F1 Quiz (1993)(Austriasoft)
6057Gerhard Bergers Formula 1 Quiz (1993)(Austriasoft)
6058Gerhard Bergers Formula I Quiz (1993)(Austriasoft)
6059Gerloc (19xx)(HPF)(nl)
6060Germ Attack - Mission II the Masters Revenge (1986)(Neil Gustavson)
6061German Bomber (19xx)(-)
6062Germanator, The (19xx)(Abrams Kilzer Inc.)
6063Germany 1985 - When Superpowers Collide (1983)(SSI)
6064Germany 1985 - When Superpowers Collide v2.0 (1983)(SSI)
6065Gerry the Germ (1985)(Firebird)
6066Gerrymander (1994)(Loadstar)
6067Gertrudes Puzzles (1984)(The Learning Company)
6068Gertrudes Secrets (1984)(The Learning Company)
6069Gertruds Game A (19xx)(-)
6070Gertruds Game B (19xx)(-)
6071Gertruds Game C (19xx)(-)
6072Gertruds Game D (19xx)(-)
6073Gertruds Game E (19xx)(-)
6074Gertruds Game F (19xx)(-)
6075Gertruds Game G (19xx)(-)
6076Gertruds Game H (19xx)(-)
6077Geschaftsfuhrer (19xx)(-)(de)
6078Geste dArtillac, La (1987)(Infogrames)(fr)(Side A)
6079Geste dArtillac, La (1987)(Infogrames)(fr)(Side B)
6080Get It (1993)(Markt & Technik)
6081Get Off My Garden (1984)(Interceptor Micros)
6082Get Off My Garden! (1984)(Interceptor Software)
6083Get Ready for Number (1984)(Commodore)
6084Get Ready for Number with BJ Bear (1984)(Commodore)(Disk 1 of 4)
6085Get Ready for Number with BJ Bear (1984)(Commodore)(Disk 2 of 4)
6086Get Ready for Number with BJ Bear (1984)(Commodore)(Disk 3 of 4)
6087Get Ready for Number with BJ Bear (1984)(Commodore)(Disk 4 of 4)
6088Get the Treasure (1984)(Compute!)
6089Getaway (19xx)(-)
6090Gettysburg (19xx)(-)
6091Gettysburg - The Turning Point (1986)(SSI)
6092Gettysburg - The Turning Point v1.2 (1986)(SSI)
6093Gettysburg Dice (1984)(Interface Publications)
6094Gewinner (19xx)(-)
6095Gheddafiah (1986)(Systems Editoriale)
6096Ghetto (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
6097Ghettoblaster (1985)(Virgin Games)
6098Ghettoblaster - The Quest for the Perfect Beat (1985)(Virgin Games)
6099Ghost Bumpers (1984)(Cassigi Software)
6100Ghost Chaser (1984)(Artworx Software)
6101Ghost City (1987)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
6102Ghost Driver (1993)(CP Verlag)
6103Ghost Hunt (1983)(Commodore)
6104Ghost Hunter II (19xx)(Richwood Software)
6105Ghost Hunters (1987)(Codemasters)
6106Ghost Manor (1984)(HesWare)
6107Ghost Mansion II (1985)(Gold Disk)
6108Ghost Mansion III (1985)(Gold Disk)
6109Ghost Town (1995)(Commodore)
6110Ghost Trap (1987)(Magna Media)
6111Ghost of Genghis Khan, The (1996)(JC Wilty Productions)
6112Ghost-Driver (19xx)(Johannes Pollmeier)
6113Ghostbusters (1984)(Activision)
6114Ghostbusters II (1989)(Activision)(Side A)
6115Ghostbusters II (1989)(Activision)(Side B)
6116Ghostbusters II (1989)(Activision)
6117Ghostdriver (19xx)(Kopido Games)
6118Ghosthunters (1987)(Elwood Computers)
6119Ghostie (19xx)(-)
6120Ghostland (1983)(Logica)
6121Ghosts (1984)(Cascade Games)
6122Ghosts n Goblins (1986)(Elite)
6123Ghosttown (1995)(Marex)
6124Ghostwriters (1993)(Loadstar)
6125Ghosty (1984)(Elwood Computers)
6126Ghoul Dogs (1994)(Compute!)
6127Ghoul Gobbler (19xx)(-)
6128Ghouls (1984)(Micro Power)
6129Ghouls n Ghosts (1989)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
6130Ghouls n Ghosts (1989)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
6131Ghouls n Ghosts (1989)(U.S. Gold)
6132Ghouls n Gremlins (1986)(Elite)
6133Gi Og Ta (19xx)(-)(nl)
6134Giana Sisters 2 (1989)(New Wave)
6135Giana Sisters Collection 1 - Giana Sisters (19xx)(TSD)
6136Giana Sisters Collection 2 - Gittys Dreams 1 (19xx)(TSD)
6137Giana Sisters Collection 3 - Gittys Dreams 2 (19xx)(TSD)
6138Giana Sisters Collection 4 - Power Sisters (19xx)(TSD)
6139Giana Sisters Collection 5 - Horror Trip 2 (19xx)(TSD)
6140Gianna-Sisters Construction-Kit, Das (1992)(Sandy & Prof. Knibble)(de)
6141Giants Gold (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
6142Giants Revenge (1984)(Thor Computer Software)
6143Giardino del Delirio, Il (19xx)(Arscom)(it)
6144Gift Craze (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
6145Gift, Das (1988)(CP Verlag)(de)
6146Gift, The (19xx)(-)
6147Gigamaze (1987)(Markt & Technik)
6148Giger Pool (1988)(Digital Designs)
6149Gilbert - Escape from Drill (1989)(Enigma Variations)
6150Gilded Age (1990)(Double Density)
6151Gilligans Gold (1984)(Ocean Software)
6152Gilligans Gold (1984)(Ocean Software)
6153Gilm Football (1985)(David Gilliam)
6154Gimmy-Neem (19xx)(-)(nl)
6155Gimmy-Nim (1986)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
6156Ginco (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
6157Ginny64 (1986)(Loadstar)
6158Giocando con lEuropa (19xx)(Topware)
6159Girl Test - Madchen-Test (1985)(The Famous Ones)(en-de)
6160Girls They Want to Have Fun (19xx)(Brilliant Software)
6161Girltris (1997)(Magna Media)
6162Giro Quest (19xx)(H. Hopkinson)
6163Giro Tondo (19xx)(-)(it)
6164Gitter, Das (19xx)(Scott Maxwell & Troy Lyndon)(de)
6165Gittys Dream (1987)(Armin Gessert)
6166Gittys Dream II (1987)(Armin Gessert)
6167Giungla Selvagg (19xx)(-)(it)
6168Give my Regards to Broad Street (1985)(Argus Press)
6169Give n Take (1987)(Compute!)
6170Gladiaattori (19xx)(-)(FI)
6171Gladiator (1985)(Domark)
6172Gladiator, The (19xx)(Richwood Software)
6173Gladiators 2000 (1983)(Dogsoft)
6174Glibby (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)
6175Glider Pilot (19xx)(-)
6176Glider Rider (1986)(Quicksilva)
6177Global Chess (1994)(Loadstar)
6178Global Commander (1988)(Datasoft)
6179Global Trek (19xx)(William Meehan)
6180Global Warfare (19xx)(Fornit)
6181Globe (1994)(Compute!)
6182Globetrotter (1990)(Coolsoft)(de)
6183Globo (19xx)(-)(es)
6184Globs... (19xx)(Richard Bayliss)(FW)
6185Glocke und Hammer (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
6186Glory Quest (1996)(Loadstar)
6187Glos-64 (19xx)(-)
6188Glosor (19xx)(-)
6189Gluecksrad (1990)(Gametek)(de)
6190Glug Glug (1984)(CRL)(de)
6191Glutten (1988)(Dave Ollman)(it)
6192Glutton, The (19xx)(Andrew Steven Manikas)
6193Gnad dir Gott (1988)(Wilhelm J. Pentzel)(de)
6194Gnampf in the Mazes of Fun (1989)(Commodore Disc)(de)
6195Gnome (1984)(W. Hofacker)(PD)
6196Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
6197Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
6198Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Disk 3 of 3 Side C)
6199Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Side A)
6200Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Side B)
6201Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)
6202Go (1983)(Hayden Software)
6203Go Ball (1988)(Machillan Software)
6204Go Carts (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
6205Go Fish (1984)(Interface Publications)
6206Go Home (19xx)(-)
6207Go Racing (1984)(Commodore)
6208Go for the Gold (1986)(Americana Software)
6209Go to the Head of the Class - Deluxe Edition (1988)(Gametek)(Side A)
6210Go to the Head of the Class - Deluxe Edition (1988)(Gametek)(Side B)
6211Go-Cart Simulator (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
6212Go-Kart (1989)(Techsoft)
6213Go-Kart Simulator (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
6214Goal (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)
6215Goalkeeper (19xx)(SYS PD)(FI)(PD)
6216Gobang (1984)(Radarsoft)
6217Gobang VC-64 (19xx)(-)(de)
6218Gobblers Revenge (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
6219Gobi Desert (19xx)(-)
6220Goblin (1983)(Compute!)
6221Goblin Towers (1984)(Supersoft)
6222Gobots (19xx)(-)
6223Goddess (19xx)(-)
6224Goddess of Cozumel 2 - The Holy Temples (19xx)(-)(es)
6225Gods & Heroes (1986)(Alpha Omega)
6226Godzilla (1983)(The Code Works)
6227Godzilla! (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
6228Gogo the Ghost (1984)(Firebird)
6229Going Up (1987)(Compute!)
6230Going to the Dogs (1994)(Compute!)
6231Gold (1999)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(PD)
6232Gold 1987 - System 25000 (19xx)(-)
6233Gold Collection III, The (1987)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 1 of 1 Side A)
6234Gold Collection III, The (1987)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 1 of 1 Side B)
6235Gold Collection III, The (1987)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
6236Gold Collection III, The (1987)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
6237Gold Grabber (1986)(Loadstar)
6238Gold Icon, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
6239Gold Rush (19xx)(Elwood Computers)
6240Gold Soverign Slot Machine (19xx)(-)
6241Gold Swappers (19xx)(-)
6242Gold Train (1991)(Your Commodore)
6243Gold-Dust Island (1984)(Jacaranda Wily)
6244Gold-Mine 64 (1983)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
6245Golddieb (19xx)(-)(de)
6246Golddigger (1987)(Wicked Software)
6247Golden Age (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
6248Golden Axe (1990)(Virgin Games)(Side A)
6249Golden Axe (1990)(Virgin Games)(Side B)
6250Golden Axe (1990)(Virgin Games)
6251Golden Baton, The (1982)(Channel 8 Software)
6252Golden Chalice, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
6253Golden Gate (19xx)(SYS PD)(PD)
6254Golden Pyramids, The (1992)(Markt & Technik)
6255Golden Pyramids, The - New Levels (1992)(Markt & Technik)
6256Golden Star 1-8 (19xx)(The Skull)
6257Golden Star 2 - The Time Traveller (1990)(The Skull)
6258Golden Star 2 - The Time Traveller - Remake (2000)(The Skull)
6259Golden Star 3 - Zaglars Revenge (19xx)(The Skull)
6260Golden Star 4 - Heavy Artillery (19xx)(The Skull)
6261Golden Star 5 - The Final Battle (19xx)(The Skull)
6262Golden Star 6 - The Legend of the Black Onyx (19xx)(The Skull)
6263Golden Star 9 - Retribution (2000)(The Skull)
6264Golden Voyage, The (1983)(Commodore)
6265Goldfever (1988)(Commodore Disc)
6266Goldfieber (19xx)(-)(de)
6267Goldfields (1986)(Jacaranda Wily)
6268Goldgraber (1985)(Europa Computer Club)(de)
6269Goldmine (19xx)(-)
6270Goldrausch (1984)(Data Becker)(de)
6271Goldrunner (19xx)(Digital News)
6272Goldrush (19xx)(-)
6273Golf (19xx)(-)
6274Golf 64 Style (1983)(Interface Publications)
6275Golf Construction Set (1985)(Ariolasoft)(Side A)
6276Golf Construction Set (1985)(Ariolasoft)(Side B)
6277Golf Construction Set (1985)(Ariolasoft)
6278Golf Master (1988)(Hewson)
6279Golf Master - On Green (1988)(Mikka Heleva)
6280Golf at the Tower (1992)(Loadstar)
6281Golf-Krise (1989)(Multisoft)(de)
6282Golfer Arcade, The (1988)(Loadstar)
6283Golfs Best - Pinehurst #2 Course (1986)(1 Step Software)
6284Golfs Best - St Andrews (1989)(1 Step Software)
6285Golfspiel (19xx)(-)(de)
6286Golum (1987)(Input 64)(de)
6287Gomoko (2000)(J&F Publishing)
6288Gomoku (19xx)(-)
6289Gonosz Herceg, A (1993)(Othis)(hu)(Side A)
6290Gonosz Herceg, A (1993)(Othis)(hu)(Side B)
6291Good Measure (19xx)(-)
6292Good Neighbours (1996)(Loadstar)
6293Goodbye Charlie (1983)(Compute!)
6294Goodness Gracious (1983)(Beyond Software)
6295Goofy-Puzzle (19xx)(Klaus Barchfeld)
6296Goofys Railway Express (19xx)(Disney Software)
6297Goonies, The (1985)(Datasoft)
6298Goony Ball (19xx)(-)
6299Goosebusters (1990)(Virgin)
6300Gopher Hunt (1985)(Tab Books)
6301Gorch Fock (1984)(Mario Walther)(de)
6302Gordian Tomb (1990)(CP Verlag)
6303Gordon Saga (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
6304Gorf (1983)(Commodore)
6305Gorf Ship (19xx)(DarkStorm)
6306Gorgan, The (1986)(Alpha Software)
6307Got ID (2000)(Marc Valhara)(Side A)
6308Got ID (2000)(Marc Valhara)(Side B)
6309Got Toast (2000)(Jim Fisher)(Side A)
6310Got Toast (2000)(Jim Fisher)(Side B)
6311Got a Match - A Tale of the Old West (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
6312Gotcha! (19xx)(-)
6313Gotham Runner (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
6314Gothik (1988)(Firebird)
6315Gothik Attack (1994)(Champion Software)
6316Gothik Attack II (1994)(Champion Software)
6317Gothmogs Lair (1983)(Progressive Peripherals & Software)
6318Goud (19xx)(-)(nl)
6319Goudmijn (19xx)(Svens Software)(nl)
6320Gozo (2001)(Loadstar)
6321Grab It (19xx)(Voyager)
6322Grab des Pharao, Das - Pharaos Grave Adventure (1985)(Markt & Technik)(en-de)
6323Grab-a-Crab (1983)(Euro-Byte)
6324Grabber (19xx)(Microdeal)
6325Gradius (1987)(Konami)
6326Graeme Souness International Soccer (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
6327Graeme Souness Soccer Manager (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
6328Graf Dracula (1983)(Detlef Treichel)(de)
6329Graffiti Man (1988)(Rainbow Arts)
6330Graham Goochs All Star Cricket (1987)(Audiogenic Software)
6331Graham Goochs Test Cricket (1985)(Audiogenic Software)
6332Grammar (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
6333Gran Prix Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)
6334Grand Hazard (1996)(Loadstar)
6335Grand Jeu des Chiffres et des Lettres, Le (19xx)(Loriciels)(fr)(Side A)
6336Grand Jeu des Chiffres et des Lettres, Le (19xx)(Loriciels)(fr)(Side B)
6337Grand Larc (19xx)(-)
6338Grand Larceny (1985)(Melbourne House)
6339Grand Master (1982)(Kingsoft)
6340Grand Monster Slam (1989)(Rainbow Arts)(Side A)
6341Grand Monster Slam (1989)(Rainbow Arts)(Side B)
6342Grand Monster Slam (1989)(Rainbow Arts)
6343Grand National (1987)(Wicked Software)
6344Grand Ouvert (19xx)(Marcus Eyssel)(de)
6345Grand Prix (1988)(-)
6346Grand Prix 2 (19xx)(Codemasters)
6347Grand Prix 500cc (1987)(Microids)
6348Grand Prix Challenge (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
6349Grand Prix Circuit (1989)(Accolade)
6350Grand Prix F1 Nautica (1991)(Richard Clark)
6351Grand Prix Manager (19xx)(-)
6352Grand Prix Master (1989)(Dinamic Software)
6353Grand Prix Selection - Championship Sprint (1987)(Electric Dreams)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
6354Grand Prix Selection - Super Hang-On (1987)(Electric Dreams)(Disk 2 of 2)
6355Grand Prix Selection - Super Sprint (1987)(Electric Dreams)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
6356Grand Prix Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)
6357Grand Prix Simulator 2 (1989)(Codemasters)
6358Grand Slam Baseball (1987)(Cosmi)
6359Grandell Island (1982)(Charles Sharp)
6360Grandfathers Clock (19xx)(-)
6361Grandmas House (1984)(Spinnaker Software)
6362Grandmaster (1982)(Kingsoft)
6363Grandprix (1983)(C.R. Wright)
6364Grange Hill (1987)(Argus Press)
6365Grannys Garden v2.0 (1987)(Stchel Software)
6366Graphbusters! (1988)(Loadstar)
6367Graphic Adventure Creator, The (1986)(Incentive Software)
6368Graphic Adventure Writer (1983)(Gilsoft)
6369Grass Snake Command vs Joystick Force (19xx)(M. Pettersson & P. Bengtsson)
6370Gravarty (1988)(Markt & Technik)
6371Grave Charlie (19xx)(Bell Soft)
6372Grave Journey - Addio Charlie! (19xx)(Roberto Nicoletti)
6373Grave Robbers (1982)(Bruce Robinson)
6374Grave Yardage (1990)(Activision)(Side A)
6375Grave Yardage (1990)(Activision)(Side B)
6376Gravinauts (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
6377Gravitron (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
6378Gravity (2000)(TND Games)(FW)
6379Gravity 2 (2000)(TND Games)(FW)
6380Gravity 3 (2003)(TND Games & Civitas)(FW)
6381Gravrace (1989)(Double Density)
6382Graylockland Madness (1981)(Don & Freda Boner)
6383Great Adventure II, The (1990)(Karamba Soft)(de)
6384Great Adventure Pack (1983)(Mogul Communications)
6385Great Adventure Quiz, The (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
6386Great Adventures of Boosy, The (19xx)(Oyvind Vevang)
6387Great American Cross Country Road Race, The (1985)(Activision)
6388Great American Cross-Country Road Race, The (1985)(Activision)
6389Great Arcade Machine, The (1989)(Compute!)
6390Great Aussie Adventure, The (1996)(Dorothy Millard)
6391Great Burger Riot, The (1987)(Nationsoft)
6392Great Courts (1990)(Ubi Soft)
6393Great Escape, The (1987)(Ocean Software)
6394Great Giana Sisters 3, The (1988)(Rush)
6395Great Giana Sisters, The (1987)(Rainbow Arts)
6396Great Gonzo in Word Rider, The (1984)(Henson Associates)
6397Great Gurianos (1987)(Encore)
6398Great International Paper Airplane Construction Kit, The (1985)(Simon & Schuster)(Side A)
6399Great International Paper Airplane Construction Kit, The (1985)(Simon & Schuster)(Side B)
6400Great Maine to California Race, The (1983)(Hayden Software)
6401Great Mission (1985)(The Guild Adventure Software)
6402Great Nordic War, The (19xx)(Romik Software)
6403Grebit (1990)(Alternative Software)
6404Green Beret (1986)(Imagine Software)
6405Green Dimension (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
6406Green Star (1985)(Antsoft)
6407Greenhouse (1982)(Commodore)
6408Greg Lemon - Hood - Ritter des Rechts (1991)(Peter Diehm)(de)
6409Greg Lemon - Soda - Bacardi Feeling! (1992)(Peter Diehm)(de)
6410Greg Normans Golf (19xx)(-)
6411Greg Normans Ultimate Golf - Shark Attack (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side A)
6412Greg Normans Ultimate Golf - Shark Attack (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side B)
6413Greg Normans Ultimate Golf - Shark Attack (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)
6414Grell & Falla (1993)(Codemasters)
6415Gremlin (19xx)(-)
6416Gremlin Hunt (1990)(Loadstar)
6417Gremlins (1984)(Atari)
6418Gremlins - Das Abenteuer (1985)(Brian Howarth)(de)
6419Gremlins - The Adventure (1985)(Adventure International)
6420Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (1990)(Elite)
6421Gremlins Garden (19xx)(Antony Crowther)
6422Greyfell (1987)(Starlight Software)
6423Greyfell - The Legend of Norman (1987)(Starlight Software)
6424Greystorm (1993)(CP Verlag)
6425Grfx-Jump (1994)(-)
6426Gribblys Day Out (1985)(Hewson)
6427Grid (1990)(Amok)
6428Grid Iron (1988)(Alternative Software)
6429Grid Iron 2 (1989)(Alternative Software)
6430Grid Run (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
6431Grid Zone Remix (2005)(TND)
6432Gridbash 64 (1984)(Activsoft)
6433Gridder (19xx)(-)
6434Gridlock (1986)(Electrical Software)
6435Gridrunner (1983)(Llamasoft)
6436Gridtrap (1983)(Livewire)
6437Gridzone (2004)(TND Games)(FW)
6438Grijp Ze! (1985)(Esther Barend)
6439Gringos (19xx)(-)
6440Grips (19xx)(Thomas Mueller)
6441Groan (1983)(Dilithium Press)
6442Grod - The Demented Pixie (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
6443Groll (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
6444Grosse Handelsfahrt, Die (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
6445Grosse Quiz, Das (1987)(Input 64)(de)
6446Grosse Rennen, Das (1985)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
6447Grosse Worteraten, Das (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
6448Grosser Preis (19xx)(Gunter Fassl)(de)
6449Grotten van Oberon, De (1985)(Radarsoft)(nl)
6450Grotten von Oberon, De (1985)(Radarsoft)(nl)
6451Ground Snipe (19xx)(-)
6452Ground War (19xx)(Andrew Blevins)
6453Ground-Gobeler (19xx)(Michiel Overtoom)
6454Groundwar System (1984)(Mastertronic)
6455Grouse Shoot (1983)(Stack Computer Services)
6456Grovers Animal Adventures (1988)(Hi Tech Expressions)
6457Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Side A)
6458Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Side B)
6459Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The (1987)(Level 9 Computing)
6460Grub (19xx)(-)(it)
6461Grubs (1987)(Wicked Software)
6462Gruds in Space (1983)(Sirius Software)
6463Grumps Fight (1989)(Players Software)
6464Grumpy Bumper Pinball Arcade (1995)(J&F Publishing)
6465Grunge Hill (19xx)(-)
6466Grungy Towers (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
6467Grunts (1989)(Binary Zone)(PD)
6468Gryphon (1985)(Quicksilva)
6469Gryphons Pearl (19xx)(-)
6470Gryzor (1988)(Ocean Software)
6471Gryzor - Contra (1988)(Ocean Software)
6472Guadalcanal (1987)(Activision)
6473Guardia-Dragon (1986)(Macrisoft)(it)
6474Guardian (1984)(Alligata Software)
6475Guardian 2 (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
6476Guardian Angel, The (1990)(Dinamic)
6477Guardian II - Revenge of the Mutants (1985)(-)
6478Guardian, The (1997)(Loadstar)
6479Guderian (1986)(Avalon Hill)
6480Guerilla (1988)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
6481Guerilla War (1989)(Imagine Software)
6482Guerilla! (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
6483Guerra Spazial (19xx)(-)(es)
6484Guerra de las Vajillas, La (1988)(Dinamic Software)(es)
6485Guerra nella Foresta! (1986)(Nick Robert)(it)
6486Guerre Stellari (1983)(Kevin A. Moughtin)(it)
6487Guerrero Ninja (1989)(Settimana Games-Edigamma)(it)
6488Guerrilla War (1990)(Imagine Software)(Side A)
6489Guerrilla War (1990)(Imagine Software)(Side B)
6490Guerrilla War (1990)(Imagine Software)
6491Guess Again (1988)(Loadstar)
6492Guess America! (1984)(Compute!)
6493Guess That Word! (19xx)(Micro-Ed)
6494Guess the Animal (19xx)(-)(de)
6495Guess the Number (19xx)(Peter Weighill)
6496Guess the Number of Stars (1986)(Jack-A-Lantern Software)
6497Guess the Word (19xx)(-)
6498Guesser (1995)(CP Verlag)
6499Guessing Game (1983)(Lawrenceville Press)
6500Guild of Thieves, The (1987)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Side A)
6501Guild of Thieves, The (1987)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Side B)
6502Guinness #0 (19xx)(Brutal)
6503Guldkorn Expressen (1991)(Supersoft)
6504Gulf Strike (1985)(Avalon Hill)
6505Gull Rush (1984)(Wayne Turner)
6506Gully-Jumper (1992)(-)
6507Gulper 64 (1983)(Erik Petermeijer)
6508Gumball (1983)(Broderbund)
6509Gummiball (19xx)(-)(de)
6510Gumshoe (1993)(Loadstar)
6511Gun City (1992)(Depredators Design)
6512Gun Dogs (1984)(Andromeda Software)
6513Gun Fighter (1989)(Tony Love)
6514Gun Runner (1987)(The Power House)
6515Gun Smoke (1987)(Capcom)(Side A)
6516Gun Smoke (1987)(Capcom)(Side B)
6517Gun-Runner (1986)(Gavin Raeburn)
6518Gunboat (1987)(Macmillan Software)
6519Gunfight (1983)(Brookfield Software)(nl)
6520Gunfighter (19xx)(-)
6521Gunfighters (1992)(Markt & Technik)
6522Gunner (19xx)(-)
6523Guns n Roses (19xx)(-)
6524Guns of Fort Defiance, The (1981)(Avalon Hill)
6525Gunship (1986)(Microprose Software)(Side A)
6526Gunship (1986)(Microprose Software)(Side B)
6527Gunship (1986)(Microprose Software)
6528Gunship 94 (1994)(Bad Boys Productions)
6529Gunslinger (1983)(Fantasy Computerware)
6530Gunslinger (1987)(Datasoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
6531Gunslinger (1987)(Datasoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
6532Gunslinger (1987)(Datasoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
6533Gunslinger (1987)(Datasoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
6534Gunsmoke (19xx)(Albert Pluns)
6535Gunstar (1987)(Firebird)
6536Gust Buster (1984)(Sunrise Software)
6537Gustaf (19xx)(Frederik Ramsberg & Johan Berntsson)
6538Gutt Blaster (1989)(-)
6539Gutz (1988)(Ocean Software)
6540Guzzler (1984)(Interceptor Micros)
6541Gwendolyn (1984)(Artworx Software)
6542Gwiezdny Kupiec (1996)(LK Avalon)(pl)
6543Gwiezdny Kupiec - Star Merchant (1996)(LK Avalon)(pl)
6544Gypsum Cave (1983)(LA Enterprises)
6545Gypsy Pilot (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
6546Gyropod (1984)(Taskset)
6547Gyroscope (1985)(Melbourne House)
6548Gyroscope - Peonza, La (1986)(Melbourne House)(es)
6549Gyroscope 2 (1986)(Alfi Soft)
6550Gyroscope 3 (19xx)(-)
6551Gyroscope 4 (19xx)(-)
6552Gyroscope Construction Set (1986)(Don JP-Maffia)
6553Gyruss (1984)(Parker Brothers)
6554Gyruss - Planeta Alienigena (1984)(Parker Brothers)(es)
6555H.A.T.E. (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)
6556H.E.R.O. (1984)(Activision)
6557H.E.R.O. - El Heroe (1984)(Activision)(es)
6558HKM - Human Killing Machine (1989)(U.S. Gold)
6559Hades (1985)(Stefan Posthuma)
6560Hades Nebula (1987)(Paranoid Software)
6561Haegar the Horrible (1992)(Kingsoft)
6562Haendler des Morgenlandes (1992)(PDPD Software)(de)
6563Hagl (1991)(Markt & Technik)
6564Halcyon (1987)(Kingsoft)
6565Halftime Battlin Bands (1984)(CBS Software)
6566Halifax (1991)(CP Verlag)(de)
6567Hallax (1988)(Relax Designs)
6568Halley Mission, The - A Shuttle Simulation (1986)(Americana Software)
6569Halley Project, The (1986)(Mindscape)
6570Halloween (19xx)(-)
6571Halloween - Fun in the Garden (1988)(MB Software)
6572Halloween Police (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
6573Halls of Death (1983)(Stewart Sargaison)
6574Halls of Montezuma (1987)(SSG)
6575Halls of the Dwarven Kings, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
6576Halls of the Things, The (1984)(Firebird)
6577Hals und Beinbruch (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
6578Halving the Ton (1984)(Interface Publications)
6579Hammarubi (19xx)(-)
6580Hammer (1996)(Yanney)
6581Hammer Boy (1991)(Dinamic Software)
6582Hammer Bros! (19xx)(Jolz)
6583Hammer Yammer (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
6584Hammer of Grimmold (1988)(River Software)
6585Hammer! (1993)(Loadstar)
6586Hammerfist (1990)(Activision)(Side A)
6587Hammerfist (1990)(Activision)(Side B)
6588Hammerfist (1990)(Activision)
6589Hammurabi (1984)(Rob Suykerbuyk)
6590Hampstead (1984)(Melbourne House)
6591Hamurabi (19xx)(-)
6592Hamurabi von Babylon (19xx)(-)(de)
6593Hand of Doom, The (1999)(Tomi Malinen)
6594Handball (1985)(Tpug Magazine)
6595Handel (19xx)(-)(de)
6596Handicap Golf (1985)(CRL)
6597Hang Man (1999)(The Skull)
6598Hang Over (1987)(Fairway Software)
6599Hang-Man (19xx)(-)(hu)
6600Hangemathe (1986)(CWS Wurzburg)(de)
6601Hanger 14 (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
6602Hangman #006 (1984)(Loadstar)
6603Hangman #007 (1984)(Loadstar)
6604Hangman #008 (1985)(Loadstar)
6605Hangman #010 (1985)(Loadstar)
6606Hangman #011 (1985)(Loadstar)
6607Hangman (19xx)(-)(nl)
6608Hangman 64 (1982)(Andrew Colin)
6609Hangman Deluxe (1996)(The Skull)
6610Hangman I (1980)(Cue)
6611Hangman II (1981)(Cue)
6612Hangman III (1981)(Cue)
6613Hangman IV (1981)(Cue)
6614Hangman for Two (1984)(Interface Publications)
6615Hangmath (19xx)(Steven C. Darnold)
6616Hangperson (19xx)(Stacy Brown)
6617Hanoi (1978)(Cursor Magazine)
6618Hans Kloss (1993)(LK Avalon)(pl)
6619Hanse (1986)(Ariolasoft)(de)
6620Hanse 2 (1989)(Ariolasoft)
6621Hanseat (1994)(CP Verlag)(de)
6622Happiest Days Of Your Life, The (1986)(Firebird)
6623Happiest Days of Your Life, The (1986)(Firebird)
6624Happy Chess (19xx)(-)
6625Happy Gardening (1988)(Markt & Technik)
6626Happy Hurdler (19xx)(-)
6627Harak Iri (1990)(Daniel Akik)(de)(Side A)
6628Harak Iri (1990)(Daniel Akik)(de)(Side B)
6629Harakiri (19xx)(-)(de)(Side A)
6630Harakiri (19xx)(-)(de)(Side B)
6631Harald Hardtand - Kampen om de Rene Taender (1992)(Colgate-Palmolive)(DK)
6632Harald Hardtooth - The Fight of the Clean Teeth (1992)(Thomas Villadsen & Uffe Jakobsen)
6633Harboro (1990)(Atlas Adventure Software)
6634Harbour Attack (19xx)(Mr. Micro)
6635Harcon - Herr des Lichts (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Side A)
6636Harcon - Herr des Lichts (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Side B)
6637Hard Drivin (1989)(Domark)
6638Hard Hat Mack (1983)(Electronic Arts)
6639Hard Work (19xx)(Christian Schneider)
6640Hard n Heavy (1989)(reLine Software)
6641HardBall! II (19xx)(Bob Whitehead)
6642Hardball (1985)(Accolade)
6643Hardhat Climber (1983)(Compute!)
6644Hardporn Adventure #1 (1985)(Jot Enterprises)
6645Hareraiser (19xx)(Haresoft Ltd.)
6646Harrier 7 (1989)(Accolade)
6647Harrier Attack (1984)(Durell Software)
6648Harrier Combat Simulator (1986)(Mindscape)
6649Harry - At New Zealand (1994)(Ejlis)
6650Harry der Fensterputzer (1985)(Brilliant Software)(Side A)
6651Harry der Fensterputzer (1985)(Brilliant Software)(Side B)
6652Harte Dollars (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
6653Hartedief (19xx)(WSW)(nl)
6654Hartenjagen (19xx)(-)(nl)
6655Harvey Headbanger (1986)(Firebird)
6656Harvey Smith Showjumper (19xx)(Team Sanyo)
6657Hassle Castle (19xx)(Commodore)
6658Hastlopning (19xx)(-)
6659Hat Trick (1987)(Capcom)
6660Hat in the Ring (19xx)(-)(it)
6661Hatchet Honeymoon (1988)(Free Spirit Software)
6662Hate (1989)(Gremlin)
6663Hate Thunder!!! (19xx)(-)
6664Haunted Castle (1983)(C.P. White)
6665Haunted Castle, The (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
6666Haunted Hill (1983)(Merlins Associates)(SW)
6667Haunted House (19xx)(-)
6668Haunted House - Fantasma (1983)(Alligata Software)(es)
6669Haunted House, The (1986)(Loadstar)
6670Haunted Inn (1987)(Tronic)(PD)
6671Haunted Manor (19xx)(-)
6672Haunted Mansion (1984)(Compute!)
6673Hauptling Majestix (1984)(M. Setzer)
6674Haus des Magiers, Das (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
6675Have a Nice Day! (19xx)(-)
6676Havoc (1984)(Dynavision Productions)
6677Hawai (1979)(-)(PD)
6678Hawaii (1987)(Dan Lewis)
6679Hawk (1988)(Axel Teichmann)
6680Hawk Mission (1988)(Systems Editoriale)
6681Hawk Mission II (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
6682Hawk Mission III (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)
6683Hawk Storm (1991)(Players Software)
6684Hawkeye (1988)(Thalamus)(Side A)
6685Hawkeye (1988)(Thalamus)(Side B)
6686Hawkeye (1988)(Thalamus)
6687Hawkmen of Dendrin (1983)(Compute!)
6688Hawks (19xx)(Greensoft)
6689Hawkstorm (1991)(Players Premier)
6690Hazar (1990)(CP Verlag)
6691Hazard (1984)(Interface Publications)
6692Haze Maze (19xx)(Mats Oehran)
6693He Man Junior (1994)(-)
6694He-Man Junior (19xx)(Fox)
6695He-Man and Masters of the Universe - The Ilearth Stone (1987)(U.S. Gold)
6696Head Ball (1989)(Hewson)
6697Head Coach (1986)(Addictive Games)
6698Head On (1986)(Alpha Software)
6699Head Over Heels (1987)(Ocean Software)
6700Head Start (1987)(Bug-Byte Software)
6701Head Start - Schizofrenia (19xx)(-)
6702Head the Ball (1989)(Hewson)
6703Head to Head (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
6704Head to Head Karate (1987)(-)
6705Head-On (1991)(Compute!)
6706Headache (1984)(Firebird)
6707Heart Attack! (1985)(Victory Software)
6708Heart Land (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)
6709Heart of Africa (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
6710Heart of Africa (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
6711Heart of Africa (1985)(Electronic Arts)
6712Heartland (1986)(OCG)
6713Hearts (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
6714Heat Seeker (1985)(Compute!)
6715Heat Wave (1989)(Accolade)
6716Heathrow Air Traffic Control (1984)(Hewson)
6717Heatseeker (1990)(Thalamus)
6718Heavenbound (1994)(Talentebank)
6719Heavenly Bodies (1984)(Compute!)
6720Heavy Metal (1990)(Access Software)(Side A)
6721Heavy Metal (1990)(Access Software)(Side B)
6722Heavy Metal (1990)(Access Software)
6723Heavy Metal Deluxe (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
6724Heavy Metal Deluxe v1.5 (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
6725Heavy Metal Deluxe v1.6 (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
6726Heavy Metal Solid (2001)(TND Games)(FW)
6727Hebbes (19xx)(-)(nl)
6728Heebie Jeebie (1985)(C+VG)
6729Heidelberg - Das Adventure (1992)(Peter Diehm)(de)
6730Heilige Rustung des Antiriad, Die (1986)(Palace Software)(de)
6731Heilige Rustung des Antiriad, Die - The Sacred Armour of Antiriad (19xx)(Palace Software)
6732Heisse Luft (19xx)(Achim Mueller)
6733Heist, The (1984)(-)
6734Hektic (1991)(Double Density)
6735Hektic II (1992)(Double Density)
6736Hektik (1984)(Mastertronic)
6737Helden (1989)(CP Verlag)(de)
6738Heli Command (19xx)(-)(de)
6739Heli Drop (1987)(Top Ten Software)
6740Heli Rescue (1992)(Double Density)
6741Heli Squad (19xx)(Adrian Nills)
6742Heli-Command (19xx)(-)
6743Heli-Fight (1989)(Sky-Soft)
6744Heli-Jump (1985)(Sprites)(en-fr)
6745Helicopter (19xx)(Christopher R. Boss)
6746Helicopter Fighter (19xx)(Mark Hudson)
6747Helicopter Mission (1989)(SYS PD)(PD)
6748Helicopter Mission I (1994)(SYS PD)(PD)
6749Helicopter Mission, The (1986)(Markt & Technik)
6750Helicopter Pilot (19xx)(-)
6751Helikopter Jagd (1986)(Ocean Software)
6752Hell (19xx)(Sha Soft)
6753Hell Cat Ace (1983)(Microprose Software)
6754Hell Fighter (1993)(Frank Schanzenbacher)
6755Hell Zone (1992)(Carl Mason)
6756Hell Zone II (1992)(Carl Mason)
6757Hell for Leather (1988)(Audiogenic Software)
6758Hell! v1.0b (1998)(Explore)
6759Hellfighter (1993)(-)
6760Hellfire (1988)(Martech Games)
6761Hellgate (1984)(Llamasoft)
6762Hellhole (1990)(CRL)
6763Hellowoon (1987)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side A)
6764Hellowoon (1987)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side B)
6765Hellowoon v0.3 (1987)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side A)
6766Hellowoon v0.3 (1987)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side B)
6767Hellraid (1989)(Italvideo)
6768Hellraiser on the Highway (1989)(Andy & Lance)
6769Hells Bells (1984)(Input 64)
6770Hells End (1986)(Darren Jones)
6771Helm, The (1985)(Firebird Software)
6772Helsingfors (2001)(-)
6773Helter Skelter (1990)(Audiogenic Software)
6774Hemliga Skatten, Den (1989)(Mr. P.)
6775Heng Gubben (19xx)(-)
6776Henker (19xx)(-)(de)
6777Henriettas Book of Spells (19xx)(-)
6778Henrys House (1984)(English Software)
6779Herakles (1987)(Pim Software)(GR)
6780Herakles - The Early Trials (1987)(Tunstallsoft)
6781Herbert on the Slope (19xx)(J. Mountain)
6782Herberts Dummy Run (1986)(Mikro-Gen)
6783Herby (1984)(Radarsoft)
6784Herby 2 (19xx)(J.T. Matson)
6785Herby Thriller (1984)(Radarsoft)
6786Herby in Action (1986)(Input 64)(de)
6787Hercules (1984)(Interdisc)
6788Hercules - Slayer of the Damned (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
6789Hercules - Slayer of the Damned - Part I (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
6790Hercules - Slayer of the Damned - Part II (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
6791Hermetic (1993)(Markt & Technik)(Side A)
6792Hermetic (1993)(Markt & Technik)(Side B)
6793Hermit, The (1987)(Compute!)
6794Hero 2020 (1990)(Imagine Software)
6795Hero Quest (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side A)
6796Hero Quest (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side B)
6797Hero Quest (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)
6798Hero Quest II - Return of the Witchlord (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)
6799Hero of the Golden Talisman (1985)(Mastertronic)
6800Hero, The (1987)(Django)
6801Herobotix (1987)(Hewson)
6802Heroes - Barbarian II (19xx)(Domark)
6803Heroes - Licence to Kill (19xx)(Domark)
6804Heroes - Release I (2001)(Sean Barrett)
6805Heroes - Running Man, The (19xx)(Domark)
6806Heroes - Star Wars (19xx)(Domark)
6807Heroes of Karn, The (1983)(Interceptor Micros)
6808Heroes of the Lance (1989)(SSI)(Side A)
6809Heroes of the Lance (1989)(SSI)(Side B)
6810Heroes of the Lance (1989)(SSI)
6811Heroes of the Lance v1.1 (1989)(SSI)(Side A)
6812Heroes of the Lance v1.1 (1989)(SSI)(Side B)
6813Heroes of the Lance v2.3 (1989)(SSI)(Side A)
6814Heroes of the Lance v2.3 (1989)(SSI)(Side B)
6815Heroic Quest I (19xx)(Freddy Krueger & Frank)(de)
6816Heros - Drei gegen das Inferno (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
6817Herpes or Bust (19xx)(-)
6818Hes Games (1984)(HesWare)
6819Heuristic Chomp (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
6820Hex (19xx)(Imaic Productions)
6821Hex Number Puzzle (1983)(Chris Metcalf)
6822Hex War (1986)(Compute!)
6823Hexagon (1984)(-)
6824Hexagon Puzzle (19xx)(-)
6825Hexapawn (19xx)(-)(de)
6826Hexapuzzler (1987)(Loadstar)
6827Hexenkueche (1985)(Palace Software)(de)(Side A)
6828Hexenkueche (1985)(Palace Software)(de)(Side B)
6829Hexenkueche (1985)(Palace Software)
6830Hexenkueche 2 (1986)(Palace Software)
6831Hexensabbat (1988)(CP Verlag)(de)
6832Hexerei (19xx)(G. Schwarz & W. Ochs)
6833Hexpawn (1980)(Dave Wilson)
6834Hexpert (1983)(Anirog Software)
6835Hexperty (1984)(Interface Publications)
6836Hey Diddle Diddle (1983)(Spinnaker Software)
6837Hi Bouncer (1984)(Mirrorsoft)
6838Hi Q Quiz (1988)(Blue Ribbon Software)
6839Hi Ska Do (1991)(CP Verlag)
6840Hi-Lo (1986)(Vings Soft)
6841Hi-Q (1982)(Commodore Educational Software)
6842Hi-Q-Quiz (1988)(-)
6843Hickory Dickory Dock (1985)(Perry Judd)
6844Hickory, Dickory, Dock (1986)(Compute!)
6845Hidden Cavern (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
6846Hidden Picture (1984)(Compute!)
6847Hidden Treasure of Inca, The (1983)(Scott Adams)
6848Hide & Seek (19xx)(-)
6849Hide n Seek (1988)(Loadstar)
6850Hide n Sequence (1987)(Pete Wierzbicki)
6851Hideous Bill & the Gi-Gants (1983)(Virgin Games)
6852Hideous Bill (1983)(Virgin Games)
6853Hideous! (1992)(Alternative Software)
6854Hidihood (1993)(CP Verlag)
6855High Flyer (1983)(Commodore)
6856High Frontier (1987)(Activision)
6857High Gear (19xx)(Nathan Butcher)
6858High Memory (1987)(Christoph Cemper)(de)
6859High Noon (19xx)(Tronic)(de)
6860High Rise (1986)(Compute!)
6861High Rise - Three Card Brag (1984)(Cascade Games)
6862High Risk (19xx)(Joe Knapper)
6863High Roller (1986)(Mirrorsoft)
6864High Rollers (19xx)(DarkStorm)
6865High Seas (1987)(Garde Games)
6866High Voltage! (1990)(Compute!)
6867High Way (19xx)(Ch. Burger & Kristian Kohntopp)(de)
6868Higher or Lower (1983)(Melbourne House)
6869Highland Games (1987)(Supernova Software)(Side A)
6870Highland Games (1987)(Supernova Software)(Side B)
6871Highland Games (1987)(Supernova Software)
6872Highlander (1986)(Ocean)
6873Highlander - Part 1-2-3 (1986)(Imagine Software)
6874Highway (19xx)(-)
6875Highway Code (19xx)(-)
6876Highway Encounter (1986)(Vortex Software)
6877Highway of Death (1984)(Mastertronic)
6878Hike (19xx)(-)
6879Hillsfar (1989)(SSI)(Side A)
6880Hillsfar (1989)(SSI)(Side B)
6881Himalayan Odyssey (19xx)(Mountain Valley Software)
6882Hindenburg - Zeppelin Rescue (19xx)(-)
6883Hip Hop (1991)(RUN-IDG Communications)
6884Hires-Motocrash (1988)(Markt & Technik)
6885Hirnris (1993)(CP Verlag)
6886Hiskado (1991)(Kokomo)
6887Historic Mazes (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
6888History Challenge (1989)(Loadstar)
6889History Challenge II (1989)(Loadstar)
6890History Challenge III (1994)(Loadstar)
6891History Flash (1986)(Gulf Coast Commodore BBS)
6892Hit Ball (1987)(Input 64)
6893Hit It (1993)(Delta Designs)
6894Hit the Ball (19xx)(The Skull)
6895Hit the Brick (1988)(Input 64)(de)
6896Hit the Bricks (1983)(Frank Beister)
6897Hit-64 (19xx)(Achim Mueller)
6898Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The (1984)(Infocom)(Side A)
6899Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The (1984)(Infocom)(Side B)
6900Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The (1984)(Infocom)
6901Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The - Solid Gold Edition (1984)(Infocom)(Side A)
6902Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The - Solid Gold Edition (1984)(Infocom)(Side B)
6903Hitler-Diktator (19xx)(XXX)(de)
6904Hive! (1989)(Origin Systems)
6905Hman (1978)(Cursor Magazine)
6906Ho! Ho! Ho! (19xx)(-)
6907Hoax (19xx)(-)
6908Hobbit (19xx)(Bohdan R. Rau)(pl)
6909Hobbit, The (1983)(Melbourne House)(Side A)
6910Hobbit, The (1983)(Melbourne House)(Side B)
6911Hobbit, The (1983)(Melbourne House)
6912Hobgoblin (1991)(Atlantis Software)
6913Hochhaus (19xx)(-)(de)
6914Hockey (19xx)(Barry Chobotar)
6915Hockey 64 (19xx)(Creative Computing)
6916Hockey Mania (19xx)(Protovision)
6917Hocus Focus (1986)(Quicksilva)
6918Hoehle (19xx)(-)(de)
6919Hoger of Lager (1984)(E. Harbers Software)(nl)
6920Hohle (19xx)(-)(de)
6921Hohlengeheimnis (19xx)(-)(de)
6922Hole In One (1986)(Mastertronic)
6923Hole in One (1986)(Mastertronic)
6924Hole in One - 3D Golf (1986)(Mastertronic)
6925Hole-In-One (1990)(Magic Bytes)
6926Holf (1991)(CP Verlag)
6927Holiday Cops (1993)(Binary Zone)(PD)
6928Holiday Games (1993)(CP Verlag)(Side A)
6929Holiday Games (1993)(CP Verlag)(Side B)
6930Hollanditis (1985)(Radarsoft)
6931Hollywood (1985)(Antsoft)(de)
6932Hollywood Hijinx (1986)(Infocom)
6933Hollywood Poker (1987)(Golden Games)(Side A)
6934Hollywood Poker (1987)(Golden Games)(Side B)
6935Hollywood Poker (1987)(Golden Games)
6936Hollywood Poker Pro (1989)(reLine Software)(Side A)
6937Hollywood Poker Pro (1989)(reLine Software)(Side B)
6938Hollywood Squares (1988)(Gametek)(Side A)
6939Hollywood Squares (1988)(Gametek)(Side B)
6940Hollywood or Bust (1986)(Mastertronic)
6941Holo (19xx)(Dyanmix)
6942Holocaust (1992)(Jeff Armstrong)
6943Holy Grail (1984)(Mastertronic)
6944Holy Grail, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
6945Holy Roman Empire, The (1985)(Kenneth Haydon)
6946Hombre (1985)(Load n Run)(es)
6947Home Alone (1985)(Bingo Bugglebee)
6948Home Hungaroring (1986)(-)
6949Home Run Derby (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
6950Homo Sapiens (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)
6951Homonym Practice (1983)(Compute!)
6952Honeymooners, The (1988)(First Row Software)(Side A)
6953Honeymooners, The (1988)(First Row Software)(Side B)
6954Hong Kong Phooey (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
6955Honigbar (1984)(Rolf Zischka, Johannes Schramm & Uwe Hoffmier)(de)
6956Hoodoo Voodoo (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)
6957Hoofdsteden van Europa (19xx)(-)(nl)
6958Hook (1992)(Ocean)
6959Hook Dodger (1985)(Michael A. Knox)
6960Hook the X (19xx)(The Skull)
6961Hooper (1984)(Calisto Software)
6962Hoops (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
6963Hop Along Counting (1984)(Fisher Price)
6964Hop Around (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
6965Hope and Glory (1988)(Bombjack)
6966Hope to Hopp (19xx)(-)
6967Hope to Hopp 2 (1996)(Magna Media)
6968Hopeless - Lost in Space (1986)(Radarsoft)
6969Hopeloos - Eindeloos Twee (1986)(Radarsoft)(nl)
6970Hopp oder Top (1992)(PCSL Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
6971Hopp oder Top (1992)(PCSL Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
6972Hopp oder Top (1992)(PCSL Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
6973Hopper (1984)(Loadstar)
6974Hopper Copper (1988)(Silverbird)
6975Hoppin Mad (1988)(Elite)
6976Hoppin Mad - Picture (19xx)(-)
6977Hopping Hoodlum, The (1989)(CP Verlag)
6978Hopto (1985)(Mastertronic)
6979Horace Goes Skiing (1984)(Melbourne House)
6980Horny Wanker (2003)(Metalvotze)
6981Horror City (1989)(Novotrade)
6982Horror Flip (19xx)(-)
6983Horse (1986)(RUN-CW Communications)
6984Horse Games (1986)(Raddish Soft)
6985Horse Race Game (19xx)(Robert Newhart)
6986Horse Racing (1984)(Compute!)
6987Horse, The (1989)(Loadstar)
6988Horseguard (1984)(A. Knipschild)(de)
6989Horserace (1978)(Ronald Williamson)
6990Hospital Adventure (1983)(Mogul Communications)
6991Hostage! (1986)(Loadstar)
6992Hostages (1989)(Infogrames)
6993Hot Ice Race (19xx)(-)
6994Hot Pop (19xx)(-)
6995Hot Pop! (19xx)(Spirit)
6996Hot Pop! 2 (19xx)(Spirit + MM)
6997Hot Rod (1990)(Activision)(Side A)
6998Hot Rod (1990)(Activision)(Side B)
6999Hot Shot (19xx)(Olz)
7000Hot Space Duel (1987)(Allan Petersen)
7001Hot Wheels (1985)(Epyx)
7002Hot-Food (1985)(Markt & Technik)
7003Hotel (1989)(Ariolasoft)(de)
7004Hotel Alien (1986)(Artworx Software)
7005Hotel Hell - Not a Nice Place to Die (1991)(Mario Moeller)(Side A)
7006Hotel Hell - Not a Nice Place to Die (1991)(Mario Moeller)(Side B)
7007Hotfoot (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
7008Hotfoot II - Im Walking Again (1993)(CP Verlag)
7009Houdini Escape (1983)(General Masters Corporation)
7010Hounded - The Greyhound Racing Simulation (1985)(Kelvin King)(Side A)
7011Hounded - The Greyhound Racing Simulation (1985)(Kelvin King)(Side B)
7012Hounded - The Greyhound Racing Simulation (1985)(Kelvin King)(de)
7013Hounded 1 & 2 (1985)(Kelvin King)
7014House Case (1994)(MEC Production)
7015House Jack Built, The (1984)(Thor Computer Software)
7016House of Seven Gables, The (1982)(The Guild Adventure Software)
7017House of Usher (1984)(Kingsoft)
7018House of Usher - Profecia, La (1984)(Kingsoft)(es)
7019House, The (1995)(CP Verlag)(de)
7020House-Mess (1988)(Superdata Inc.)
7021Housepainter (1985)(Compute!)
7022Houston (19xx)(-)
7023Hover (1988)(New Masters)
7024Hover Bovver (1983)(Llamasoft)
7025Hover Bovver - El Jardinaro (1983)(Llamasoft)(es)
7026Hover Bovver - Jardinero, El (1983)(Llamasoft)(es)
7027Hover Raider (1989)(Binary Zone)(PD)
7028Hoverjet (1991)(Compute!)
7029How To Be A Complete Bastard (1987)(Virgin Games)
7030How to be a Complete Bastard (1987)(Virgin Games)
7031Howard Johnson Football (19xx)(Howard Johnson)
7032Howard the Coder (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
7033Howard the Duck - Adventure on Volcano Island (1987)(Activision)(Side A)
7034Howard the Duck - Adventure on Volcano Island (1987)(Activision)(Side B)
7035Howard the Duck - Adventure on Volcano Island (1987)(Activision)
7036Howard the Duck Docs (1986)(Activision)
7037Howard the Duck II (19xx)(Activision)
7038Howzat (1984)(Armchair Entertainment)
7039Huddy (19xx)(-)
7040Hudson Hawk (1991)(Ocean Software)
7041Huehnerfarm (19xx)(Oskar Kehrer)(de)
7042Hugo (19xx)(-)
7043Hullu Tiedemies Eli Reportterin Arkipaivaa (19xx)(Janne Pyykko)(FI)
7044Human Killing Machine (1989)(U.S. Gold)
7045Human Race, The (1986)(Mastertronic)
7046Human Rat Race, The (1988)(Compute!)
7047Humanoids (1986)(Michael Twigg)
7048Humanoids II (1988)(Michael Twigg)
7049Hummdinger (1988)(Alternative Software)
7050Humphrey (1983)(Mr. Micro)
7051Humpty Dumpty Meets the Fuzzy Wuzzies (1984)(Artic Computing)
7052Humpty Dumpty Mystery (1984)(Commodore)
7053Humpty in the Garden (1984)(Artic Computing)
7054Hunchback (1983)(Ocean Software)
7055Hunchback - The Adventure (1986)(Ocean Software)
7056Hunchback II - Quasimodos Revenge (1986)(Ocean Software)
7057Hunchback at the Olympics (1985)(Software Projects)
7058Hunchy (19xx)(Paul Hammond)
7059Hungaroring (1992)(Novotrade)
7060Hungary Rally (1990)(Seres Tibor)
7061Hungry Horace (1983)(Melbourne House)
7062Hunkly (19xx)(-)
7063Hunt for Lost Divers (1988)(-)
7064Hunt for Red October, The (1990)(Grandslam Entertainment)
7065Hunt the Bismarck (19xx)(R. D. Watts)
7066Hunt the Pie Thief (1981)(R.W. Dray)
7067Hunt the Wumpus (1977)(Creative Computing)
7068Hunt the Wumpus II (1977)(Creative Computing)
7069Hunter (1983)(Colosoftware)
7070Hunter - Killer 64 (1982)(Chuck R. Trahan)
7071Hunter Joe (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
7072Hunter Patrol (1985)(Mastertronic)
7073Hunters (19xx)(-)
7074Hunters Moon (1987)(Thalamus)
7075Hurkle (1980)(Glen Fisher)
7076Hurra (19xx)(-)(de)
7077Hurricane (1995)(Compute!)
7078Hurting the Ground (1990)(Coldcut Productions)
7079Hustler (1983)(Bubble Bus)
7080Hustler - Minnesota Fats Pool Challenger (19xx)(Bubble Bus Software)
7081Huxley Pig (1990)(Alternative Software)
7082Hyber Blob (1987)(Firebird)
7083Hybrid (19xx)(Ariolasoft)
7084Hydra (1991)(Domark)(Side A)
7085Hydra (1991)(Domark)(Side B)
7086Hydrax (1983)(Cymbal Software)(Side A)
7087Hydrax (1983)(Cymbal Software)(Side B)
7088Hydrax (1983)(Cymbal Software)
7089Hypa-Ball (1986)(Odin)
7090Hypadrop (1997)(MDES)
7091Hyper (2003)(Arts of Darkness)
7092Hyper Active (1988)(Ocean Software)
7093Hyper Agressive (1992)(CP Verlag)
7094Hyper Ball (19xx)(Huntington Users)
7095Hyper Biker (1988)(Personal Software Services)
7096Hyper Blast (1984)(Micro Mart Software)
7097Hyper Blob (1987)(Firebird Software)
7098Hyper Cars (1995)(Threshold Productions)(FW)
7099Hyper Circuit (1985)(Alligata Software)
7100Hyper Drive (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
7101Hyper Force (1987)(Mastertronic)
7102Hyper Galactic Warrior (19xx)(Ian Moran)
7103Hyper Olympic (1984)(The Incredible Four)
7104Hyper Orm Jr. (1987)(Soft Special)
7105Hyper Reaction (19xx)(Overkill)
7106Hyper Snake (1990)(CP Verlag)
7107Hyper Space Warrior (1995)(Loadstar)
7108Hyper Sports (1985)(Imagine Software)
7109Hyper Sports 84 (1985)(Imagine Software)
7110Hyper Thrust (1992)(Markt & Technik)
7111Hyper-Hen (1983)(Luna Software)
7112Hyperbowl (1987)(Mastertronic)
7113Hyperforce (1987)(Mastertronic)
7114Hyperion 2 (1988)(Technical Solitude)
7115Hyperrace (1987)(Profiteam Software)
7116Hyperspeed (19xx)(Bedroom Software)
7117Hyperzap (19xx)(Bada-Sime)
7118Hyphen (19xx)(Commodore)
7119Hypra-Chess (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
7120Hysteria (1987)(Software Projects Ltd.)
7121Hysterix (1999)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
7122I Am the Law (2001)(-)
7123I Be a Leprechaun (2001)(TND Games)(FW)
7124I Dare You (19xx)(-)
7125I Misteri di Villa Parson (1987)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
7126I Play - 3D Soccer (1991)(Simulmondo)
7127I Play - 3D Soccer - Game (1991)(Simulmondo)
7128I Play - 3D Soccer - Intro (1991)(Simulmondo)
7129I Play - 3D Tennis (1992)(Simulmondo)
7130I Play - Football Champ (1992)(Simulmondo)
7131I Remember (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
7132I Semi del Male (1986)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
7133I Spy Geographia (1980)(Practical Computing)
7134I Want More Diamonds (1991)(CP Verlag)
7135I Was a Cannibal for the FBI (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
7136I, Ball (1987)(Firebird)
7137I, Ball 2 - The Quest for the Past (1988)(Firebird)
7138I-Alien (1987)(CRL)
7139I-Wizard (1988)(Bug-Byte Software)
7140I-Xera (1987)(Unicon Designs)
7141I.C.U.P.S. (1986)(Thor Computer Software)
7142IBM Tetris, The (19xx)(-)
7143IFLI - Shower (19xx)(Angels)
7144IFR (1983)(Academy Software)
7145IK+ (1987)(System 3)(Side A)
7146IK+ (1987)(System 3)(Side B)
7147IK+ (1987)(System 3)
7148IK+ Gold (1987)(System 3)
7149IO - Into Oblivion (1987)(Firebird)
7150IQ (1987)(CRL)
7151IQ 64 (1983)(Sunsoft)
7152IQ Baseball (1983)(Davka Corporation)
7153IQ Test (1985)(Loadstar)
7154IQ Teszt (19xx)(-)(hu)
7155ISS - Incredible Shrinking Sphere (1989)(Electric Dreams)
7156IT - The Intra Terrestrial Adventure of the Century (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
7157Ian Bothams Test Match (1984)(Tynesoft)
7158Ice Ball (1988)(Markt & Technik)
7159Ice Busters (1985)(Cascade Games)
7160Ice Cream Stall (1984)(Pyramid Software)
7161Ice Guys (1997)(Classical Games)
7162Ice Hunter (1983)(Colosoftware)
7163Ice Mania (1996)(CP Verlag)
7164Ice Mountain (1994)(Compute!)
7165Ice Palace (1985)(Creative Sparks)
7166Ice Station Zero (1985)(8th Day Software)
7167Ice Tea (1996)(Century Art)
7168Ice Temple, The (1989)(Blue Ribbon Software)
7169Ice Titans (1988)(Magic Kid Software)
7170Ice Warrior (19xx)(The Skull)
7171Iceblaster (1994)(Magnetix)
7172Icecave (2001)(D.H.)
7173Icehockey-Manager (1992)(Markt & Technik)
7174Iceland Adventure (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
7175Icicle Works (1985)(Commodore)
7176Identikit (1984)(Stell Software)
7177Idoeregesz - Time Explorer (1987)(-)(hu)
7178Idolo di Smeraldo, L (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
7179Idoregesz (1987)(Selindek Software Studio)
7180Ignition (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
7181Ignoramus Jones (1995)(Mark Wray)
7182Ikari III - The Rescue (1990)(SNK)
7183Ikari Warriors (1988)(Elite)
7184Ikari Warriors - Picture (1988)(Elite)
7185Ikari Warriors - US Version (1988)(Data East)
7186Ikari Warriors II (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
7187Ikarus (1991)(CP Verlag)
7188Iketa (1994)(CP Verlag)
7189Ikkiuchi (1995)(CP Verlag)
7190Il Postino (19xx)(-)(it)
7191Il Postino 2 (19xx)(-)(it)
7192Il Tuo Numero (19xx)(-)(it)
7193Ilan (200x)(-)
7194Illgen (1990)(Markt & Technik)
7195Illusions (19xx)(-)
7196Ilpo-Sedan Seikkailut Osa 1 - Agentti Adventure (19xx)(Jukka Sakki)(FI)
7197Ilpo-Sedan Seikkailut Osa 2-46 (19xx)(Jukka Sakki)(FI)
7198Ilpo-Sedan Seikkailut Osa 3-46 (19xx)(Jukka Sakki)(FI)
7199Ilpo-Sedan Seikkailut Osa 4-46 (19xx)(Jukka Sakki)(FI)
7200Ilpo-Sedan Seikkailut Osa 5-46 (19xx)(Jukka Sakki)(FI)
7201Ilpo-Sedan Seikkailut Osa 6-46 (19xx)(Jukka Sakki)(FI)
7202Ilpo-Sedan Seikkailut Osa 8-46 (19xx)(Jukka Sakki)(FI)
7203Ilpo-Sedan Seikkailut Osa 9-46 (19xx)(Jukka Sakki)(FI)
7204Ilpon Seikkailut - The Secret Agent of Finnish Protection Police (19xx)(Jukka Sakki)(FI)
7205Ilse (19xx)(-)
7206Ilse die Schlange (1991)(Commodore Disc)
7207Im Innocent (1994)(Damian Steele)
7208Imagination (1987)(Firebird)
7209Imbiss (1984)(Oliver Schwald)(de)
7210Imhotep (1986)(Ultimate)
7211Immortal Combat v1.01 (1999)(Tomi Malinen)
7212Impact (1988)(Audiogenic Software)(Side A)(Boot)
7213Impact (1988)(Audiogenic Software)(Side B)(Screen Designer)
7214Impact (1988)(Audiogenic Software)
7215Imperator (1988)(CP Verlag)(de)
7216Imperfect (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
7217Imperial Blockade (19xx)(Scott W.)
7218Imperial Castle (1984)(Interface Publications)
7219Imperium - Der Auftrag (1987)(J. Schliesser)(de)
7220Imperium Galactum (1984)(SSI)
7221Imperium Romanum (1996)(THB)(de)
7222Imperium Romanum II (1997)(WF)(de)(Side A)
7223Imperium Romanum II (1997)(WF)(de)(Side B)
7224Imperoid (1994)(Markt & Technik)
7225Impiccato (19xx)(-)(it)
7226Implosion (1987)(Cascade Games)(Side A)
7227Implosion (1987)(Cascade Games)(Side B)
7228Implosion (1987)(Cascade Games)
7229Impossamole (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side A)
7230Impossamole (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side B)
7231Impossamole (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)
7232Impossible Mission (1984)(Epyx)
7233Impossible Mission 2 (1988)(Epyx)
7234Impulse (19xx)(-)
7235Imshi (1991)(House Designs)
7236Imuri (19xx)(-)(FI)
7237In 80 Days Around the World (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(en-de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
7238In 80 Days Around the World (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(en-de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
7239In 80 Days Around the World (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(en-de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
7240In 80 Days Around the World (1987)(Rainbow Arts)
7241In 80 Tagen um die Welt (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(en-de)
7242In Order (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
7243In Search of Johnny B. Goode (19xx)(Ol Railbird)
7244In Search of the Most Amazing Thing (1983)(Spinnaker Software)
7245In den Beginne (1984)(Radarsoft)(nl)
7246In the Chips (1983)(Creative Software)
7247In the Year 2525 - War in Space (1989)(Tschusch)
7248Incredible Laboratory, The (1985)(Sunburst)
7249Incredible Shrinking Sphere (1989)(Electric Dreams)
7250Incubi (19xx)(-)(it)
7251Incubo (1987)(Brainstorm)(it)
7252Indagini di Thomas Bradly, Le (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
7253Indian Attack (1983)(Anirog Software)
7254Indian Poker (1983)(Randall Lockwood & Elke Saller)(de)
7255Indiana (1985)(W. Schonegge)
7256Indiana Jones - Jaeger des verlorenen Schatzes (1993)(Matthias Klein)(de)(PD)
7257Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark (19xx)(Jorgen K. & Mikael S.)
7258Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1992)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
7259Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1992)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
7260Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1992)(U.S. Gold)
7261Indiana Jones and the Golden Head (2000)(Tomi Malinen)
7262Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)(U.S. Gold)
7263Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1987)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
7264Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1987)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
7265Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1987)(U.S. Gold)
7266Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom (1984)(Mindscape)
7267Indoor Darts (19xx)(-)
7268Indoor Sports (1987)(Mindscape)(Side A)
7269Indoor Sports (1987)(Mindscape)(Side B)
7270Indoor Sports (1987)(Mindscape)
7271Indy Heat (1991)(Storm)
7272Inertiana - Land of Motion (1991)(Loadstar)
7273Infared (1996)(-)
7274Infared 2 (1996)(3D Software)
7275Infernal Runner (1985)(Loriciels)
7276Inferno (19xx)(-)(de)
7277Infidel (1983)(Infocom)
7278Infiltrator (1986)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
7279Infiltrator (1986)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
7280Infiltrator (1986)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
7281Infiltrator (1986)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
7282Infiltrator (1986)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
7283Infiltrator (1986)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
7284Infiltrator (1986)(U.S. Gold)
7285Infiltrator Part II - The Next Day (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
7286Infiltrator Part II - The Next Day (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
7287Infiltrator Part III (19xx)(-)
7288Infinis (1985)(Radarsoft)(fr)
7289Infinite Inferno (1985)(XXXX Software)(Side A)
7290Infinite Inferno (1985)(XXXX Software)(Side B)
7291Infocom Sampler 1 - Zork 1, Infidel, Planetfall, The Witness (1985)(Infocom)
7292Infocom Sampler 2 - Zork 1, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, Trinity (1987)(Infocom)
7293Infocom Sampler I (1985)(Infocom)
7294Infocom Sampler II (1987)(Infocom)
7295Infodroid (1986)(Beyond Software)
7296Infrared (19xx)(-)
7297Ingrids Back! (1988)(Level 9 Computing)(Side A)
7298Ingrids Back! (1988)(Level 9 Computing)(Side B)
7299Ingrids Back! (1988)(Level 9 Computing)
7300Inheritance II (1987)(Infogrames)
7301Inheritance, The (1985)(Steam-Powered Computer Company)
7302Inherits of the Throne v2.0 (1992)(German Design Group)
7303Inherits of the Throne v2.00 (1992)(German Design Group)
7304Injured Engine (1984)(Imagic)
7305Inka (19xx)(Black Croco)
7306Inka - Schatzsuche am Amazonas (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
7307Inner Space (1989)(CRL)(Side A)
7308Inner Space (1989)(CRL)(Side B)
7309Inner Space (1989)(CRL)
7310Input Schach (1986)(Verlag Heinz Weise)
7311Insane Story Adventure (19xx)(Mephistopheles)
7312Insanity (1997)(Shinjitsu Software)
7313Insanity in San Francisco (1988)(Martin Arnold Software)(de)
7314Insect Defence (19xx)(Arthur Wystub)
7315Insect Defense (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
7316Insectophobia (1994)(Psytronik Software)
7317Insects in Space (1989)(Hewson)
7318Insel (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
7319Insel des Grauens, Die (1987)(Multisoft)(de)
7320Insel, Die (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
7321Insel, Die (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
7322Insel, Die (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
7323Insel, Die (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
7324Inside Out (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
7325Inside Outing (1988)(Edge, The)
7326Insobada (19xx)(-)
7327Insomnia (1991)(Markt & Technik)
7328Inspector (19xx)(S+S Soft)(de)
7329Inspector Gadget (1987)(-)
7330Inspector Hectic in Interchange (1991)(Pal Developments)
7331Instant Music (1987)(-)(Side A)
7332Instant Music (1987)(-)(Side B)
7333Institute, The (1983)(Screenplay)(Side A)
7334Institute, The (1983)(Screenplay)(Side B)
7335Institute, The (1983)(Screenplay)
7336Intelligenztest (1994)(-)(de)
7337Intensity (1988)(Firebird)
7338Interceptor (1984)(Melbourne House)
7339Interceptor Base (1986)(Tronic Verlag)
7340Interchange (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
7341Interdictor Pilot (1984)(Supersoft)
7342Intergalactic Cage Match (1987)(Mastertronic)
7343Intergalacticwar (19xx)(Arnaud Deschamps)
7344Interlaced Pairs (1996)(XL.C.US Software)
7345Internat (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
7346International 3D Tennis (1990)(Palace Software)
7347International Basketball (1984)(Commodore)
7348International Champions of Soccer (1994)(Slotfest Software)
7349International Five-A-Side-Football (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
7350International Football (1988)(Cult Games)
7351International Football - Futbol (1985)(Load n Run)(es)
7352International Hockey (1985)(Advantage)
7353International Ice Hockey (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
7354International Karate (1986)(System 3)(Side A)
7355International Karate (1986)(System 3)(Side B)
7356International Karate (1986)(System 3)
7357International Karate - World Karate Championship (1986)(System 3)
7358International Karate - World Karate Championship Part 1 - Headbanger (1986)(System 3)
7359International Karate - World Karate Championship Part 2 - Random (1986)(System 3)
7360International Karate - World Karate Championship Part 2 - TVC (1986)(System 3)
7361International Karate 1 & 2 & + (1987)(System 3)
7362International Karate 2 (1986)(System 3)
7363International Karate Plus (1987)(Activision)
7364International Manager (1986)(Cult Games)
7365International Ninja Rabbits (1991)(Microvalue)
7366International Ninja Rabbits 2 (1991)(Microvalue)
7367International Rugby Simulator (1988)(Codemasters)
7368International Skoda Racin n Bashin (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
7369International Skoda Racin n Bashin II (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
7370International Soccer (1983)(Commodore)
7371International Soccer - Futbol (1983)(Load n Run)(es)
7372International Soccer - Mondiale 86 (1983)(Commodore)(es)
7373International Speedway (1988)(Silverbird Software)
7374International Sports Challenge (1992)(Empire)
7375International Table Tennis (1993)(Zeppelin Games)
7376International Team Sports (1989)(Mindscape)(Side A)
7377International Team Sports (1989)(Mindscape)(Side B)
7378International Team Sports (1989)(Mindscape)
7379International Tennis (1985)(Commodore)
7380International Truck Racing (1993)(Zeppelin Games)
7381International Truck Racing - Picture (1993)(Zeppelin Games)
7382Interview (1992)(Andromeda Software)
7383Into Oblivion (1988)(Firebird Software)
7384Into the Eagles Nest (1987)(Pandora)
7385Into the Mystic (19xx)(-)
7386Into the Nature (1995)(CP Verlag)
7387Intrigue (2000)(Loadstar)
7388Intrigue! (1988)(Spectrum Holobyte)(Side A)
7389Intrigue! (1988)(Spectrum Holobyte)(Side B)
7390Intruder (1990)(CP Verlag)
7391Intruder Adventure (1984)(Cascade Games)
7392Intruders (19xx)(Robtek)
7393Intruso 3D (19xx)(Load n Run)(es)
7394Inutile Andare Avanti (19xx)(Recanatese Luigi)(it)
7395Invadagame (19xx)(-)
7396Invade-A-Load! (1987)(Mastertronic)
7397Invader (1987)(Ian Moran)
7398Invader Shoot (19xx)(Courbois Software)(nl)
7399Invader, The (19xx)(Danny Berd)
7400Invaders (19xx)(-)
7401Invaders 64 (1984)(Livewire)
7402Invaders Revenge (19xx)(PCG)
7403Invaderz (2001)(Sado Masochism Software)
7404Invasion (1985)(Capcom)
7405Invasion Fall (19xx)(Courbois Software)(nl)
7406Invasion of the Color Crashed Graphics (2002)(White Flame)
7407Invasion of the Color Crashed Graphics v1.0 (2002)(White Flame)
7408Invasion of the Color Crashed Graphics v1.1 (2002)(White Flame)
7409Invasion of the Xill, The (1990)(The Skull)
7410Invasor (1985)(S+S Soft)
7411Inve$t (1990)(Starbyte Software)(de)
7412Invective (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
7413Invertus (1995)(Lepsi Development)
7414Investor (1988)(Compute!)
7415Invisi-Ball (19xx)(-)
7416Invisible Bricklayer (1984)(Interface Publications)
7417Invision (1993)(Commodore Format)
7418Inzane (19xx)(Everlasting Style)
7419Ions (1997)(Terga Minos)
7420Ippodromo (1987)(G. Ponte)
7421Ira di Anubi, L (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
7422Iridis Alpha (1986)(Hewson)
7423Iron Horse (1988)(Konami)
7424Iron Lord (1990)(Ubi Soft)(Side A)
7425Iron Lord (1990)(Ubi Soft)(Side B)
7426Iron Man (19xx)(Operasoft)(it)
7427Ironhand (1987)(Software Creations)
7428Ironman Speed Shop (1990)(Graftgold)
7429Irrgarten (19xx)(-)
7430Isidoro (1986)(Robert Bobbio)(en-it)
7431Island - Rescue (1983)(The Guild Adventure Software)
7432Island Adventure (19xx)(-)
7433Island Quest (1988)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
7434Island of Dr. Destructo, The (1987)(Mastertronic)
7435Island of Secrets (1983)(Usborne Publishings Listing)
7436Island of Spies (19xx)(Real Software)
7437Island of the Dragons (19xx)(Creative Pixels)
7438Island! (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
7439Island, The - An Adventure (1983)(Ari Laakkonen)
7440Isle of Death (2004)(-)
7441Isnogud - The Grand Vizir (1988)(Infogrames)
7442Iso-Ana (1987)(Jokke Laitinen)
7443Isola (1984)(HC - Mein Home-Computer)(de)
7444Isola Della Paura, L (1987)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
7445Isolation (1990)(Compute!)
7446Issuar (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
7447Istars Crossword Program (1985)(Istar Corporation)(Side A)
7448Istars Crossword Program (1985)(Istar Corporation)(Side B)
7449Italia 90 (1990)(Colitana 90)
7450Italian Cup Football (19xx)(-)
7451Italian Darts (19xx)(-)(it)
7452Italian Quiz (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
7453Italtris (19xx)(-)
7454Italy 1990 (1990)(U.S. Gold)
7455Italy 90 Soccer (1988)(Simulmondo)
7456Its Crap (1987)(Peter Weighill)
7457Its Magic (1997)(Stardust)
7458Its Magic 2 (2001)(Protovision)
7459Its Only Rock n Roll (1985)(K-Tel)
7460Its a Kind of Magic (1988)(Magic Bytes)(Side A)
7461Its a Kind of Magic (1988)(Magic Bytes)(Side B)
7462Its a Kind of Magic - Clever and Smart (1988)(Magic Bytes)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
7463Its a Kind of Magic - Pink Panther (1988)(Magic Bytes)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
7464Its a Kind of Magic - Vampires Empire (1988)(Magic Bytes)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
7465Its a Kind of Magic - Western Games (1988)(Magic Bytes)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
7466Its a Knockout (1986)(Ocean Software)
7467Ivan Ironman Stewarts Super Off Road (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)
7468Ivan Lendls Tennis Nightmare (1988)(Bombjack)
7469Ivasive Action (19xx)(-)
7470Iwo Jima - The Toughest Fight of the U.S. Marines (1986)(Personal Software Services)
7471Izoid Pinball (1987)(CRL)
7472J-Bird (1983)(Orion)
7473JL Darts (19xx)(Gremlin Graphics)
7474Jabato (1989)(Aventuras AD)(Side A)
7475Jabato (1989)(Aventuras AD)(Side B)
7476Jabato (1989)(Aventuras AD)(es)
7477Jabcojada (1994)(3Lux Design)
7478Jack Attack (1983)(Commodore)
7479Jack Bullett (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
7480Jack Charltons Match Fishing (1985)(Alligata Software)
7481Jack Nicklaus Championship Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Side A)
7482Jack Nicklaus Championship Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Side B)
7483Jack Nicklaus Championship Golf - Championship Courses 89 (1989)(Accolade)(Side A)
7484Jack Nicklaus Championship Golf - Championship Courses 89 (1989)(Accolade)(Side B)
7485Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Disk 1 of 5 Side A)
7486Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Disk 1 of 5 Side B)
7487Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Disk 2 of 5 Side A)
7488Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Disk 2 of 5 Side B)
7489Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Disk 3 of 5 Side A)
7490Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Disk 3 of 5 Side B)
7491Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Disk 4 of 5 Side A)
7492Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Disk 4 of 5 Side B)
7493Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Disk 5 of 5 Side A)
7494Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (1989)(Accolade)(Disk 5 of 5 Side B)
7495Jack and the Beanstalk (1984)(Thor Computer Software)
7496Jack the Nipper (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)
7497Jack the Nipper 2 - In Coconut Capers (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
7498Jack the Ripper (1987)(CRL)
7499Jackal (1987)(Konami)
7500Jackal - US Version (1989)(Imagine Software)
7501Jackal II (19xx)(Beastie-Def Jam)
7502Jackle & Wide (1987)(Mastertronic)
7503Jackpot (19xx)(-)
7504Jackpot 64 (1983)(Mr. Chip Software)
7505Jackson Soft Compilation Blu Nr.1 (1986)(Jackson)(it)
7506Jackson Soft Compilation Rossa Nr.1 - Starquake (1986)(Jackson)(it)
7507Jackson Soft Oro - Herberts Dummy Run (1986)(Jackson)(it)
7508Jade Necklace (19xx)(River Software)
7509Jag 1 (19xx)(Morris)
7510Jagd auf Roter Oktober (1987)(Grandslam Entertainment)(de)
7511Jagd auf den Atomgangster (1990)(ODS Electronics Hannover)(de)(Side A)
7512Jagd auf den Atomgangster (1990)(ODS Electronics Hannover)(de)(Side B)
7513Jagd in San Francisco (1989)(Multisoft)
7514Jagten Pa Bubbers Badekar (1990)(Interactivision)
7515Jahangir Khan Squash (1991)(Krisalis Software)
7516Jai Alai (1991)(Opera Soft)
7517Jail Break (1986)(Konami)
7518Jail War (1990)(Mao Games)
7519Jailbreak (1995)(Loadstar)
7520Jailbreak From Starhold 1 (1989)(M. Lalonde)
7521Jambalaya (19xx)(-)
7522James Bond (1984)(Parker Brothers)
7523James Pond 2 - Robocod (1992)(Millennium)(Side A)
7524James Pond 2 - Robocod (1992)(Millennium)(Side B)
7525James Pond 2 - Robocod (1992)(Millennium)
7526Jammin (1983)(Taskset)
7527Jammin II - Beat It! (1987)(Mastertronic)
7528Jampman Junior (1983)(-)
7529Jan Solo (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
7530Jane the Tin (1988)(Digital Marketing)
7531Japan Karate (1985)(-)
7532Jara-Tava - The Isle of Fire (1988)(Satchel Software)(Side A)
7533Jara-Tava - The Isle of Fire (1988)(Satchel Software)(Side B)
7534Jasg (1990)(CP Verlag)
7535Jason (1987)(Champsoft)
7536Jason of the Argonauts (1990)(Dorothy Millard)
7537Java Jim - Square Shaped Trouble (1984)(Creative Sparks)
7538Jaw Breaker (1983)(Sierra Online)
7539Jaws (1989)(Box Office)(Side A)
7540Jaws (1989)(Box Office)(Side B)
7541Jaws (1989)(Box Office)
7542Jax (1997)(Loadstar)
7543Jazzo (19xx)(-)
7544Jeds Journey (1991)(Loadstar)
7545Jeep (1984)(Loriciels)(fr)
7546Jeep Command (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)
7547Jeep Command v2 (19xx)(-)
7548Jeepers Creepers (19xx)(Feetwork)
7549Jeff Lillies Modem Flag Hunt (1995)(Loadstar)
7550Jeffrey Archer (1989)(Imagitech Design)
7551Jeffs Dungeon (19xx)(Jeff Anderson)
7552Jeffs Top Ten (1990)(Loadstar)
7553Jelly - Maze (19xx)(Clifford Ramshaw, Mark Ramshaw & Dirk Malzahn)(de)
7554Jelly Beans (19xx)(-)
7555Jelly Maze (1983)(Melbourne House)
7556Jelly-Maze (19xx)(Dirk Malzahn)
7557Jeopardy II - The Second Edition (1988)(Sharedata)(Disk 1 of 2)
7558Jeopardy II - The Second Edition (1988)(Sharedata)(Disk 2 of 2)
7559Jeopardy II - The Second Edition (1988)(Sharedata)(Side A)
7560Jeopardy II - The Second Edition (1988)(Sharedata)(Side B)
7561Jeopardy! (1987)(Sharedata)(Side A)
7562Jeopardy! (1987)(Sharedata)(Side B)
7563Jeopardy! (1987)(Sharedata)
7564Jeopardy! - Data Disk 1 (1987)(Sharedata)
7565Jeopardy! - Data Disk 2 (1987)(Sharedata)
7566Jeopardy! - Junior Edition (1989)(Sharedata)(Side A)
7567Jeopardy! - Junior Edition (1989)(Sharedata)(Side B)
7568Jeopardy! - Sports Edition (1988)(Sharedata)(Side A)
7569Jeopardy! - Sports Edition (1988)(Sharedata)(Side B)
7570Jeremias Ratterflatter (1989)(CP Verlag)
7571Jericho (1988)(Compute!)
7572Jericho 2 - The Revenge (1989)(Compute!)
7573Jessy the Worm (1987)(Input 64)(de)
7574Jet (1986)(Sublogic)
7575Jet Ace (1987)(The Power House)
7576Jet Bike Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
7577Jet Bike Simulator - Coasts (1989)(Codemasters)
7578Jet Bike Simulator - Docks (1989)(Codemasters)
7579Jet Bike Simulator - Expert (1989)(Codemasters)
7580Jet Bike Simulator - Standard (1989)(Codemasters)
7581Jet Combat Simulator (1985)(Epyx)
7582Jet Flight (1984)(Cascade Games)
7583Jet Pack (19xx)(-)
7584Jet Power Jack (1984)(Micro Power)
7585Jet Set Willy (1984)(Software Projects)
7586Jet Set Willy II - The Final Frontier (1985)(Software Projects)
7587Jet Ski Simulator (19xx)(Codemasters)
7588Jet Strike Mission (1986)(The Power House)
7589Jet v1.00 (1985)(Sublogic)(Side A)
7590Jet v1.00 (1985)(Sublogic)(Side B)
7591Jet v2.00 (1986)(Sublogic)(Side A)
7592Jet v2.00 (1986)(Sublogic)(Side B)
7593Jet-Boot Jack (1984)(English Software)
7594Jet-Boys (1987)(CRL)
7595Jetan - Martian Chess (1993)(Loadstar)
7596Jetflight (1985)(Input 64)(de)
7597Jetmobile (1984)(Cascade Games)
7598Jetpack (19xx)(-)
7599Jetrace 2000 (1990)(Commodore Disc)
7600Jetset Jelly (1984)(Your Computer-Business Press International)
7601Jetsons, The (1992)(Hi-Tec Software)
7602Jewel Chest, The (19xx)(-)
7603Jewel Grab (1988)(Compute!)
7604Jewel Quest (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
7605Jewel Raiders (1983)(Program One Inc.)
7606Jewel Thief (19xx)(-)
7607Jewels of Babylon (19xx)(Interceptor Micros)
7608Jewels of Darkness (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
7609Jewels of Darkness - Adventure Quest (1986)(Level 9 Computing)(Disk 1 of 3)
7610Jewels of Darkness - Colossal Adventure (1986)(Level 9 Computing)(Disk 2 of 3)
7611Jewels of Darkness - Dungeon Adventure (1986)(Level 9 Computing)(Disk 3 of 3)
7612Jewish IQ Baseball (1983)(Davka Corporation)
7613Jezdocwr (1991)(-)
7614Jhothamia 6 (19xx)(David Edgar)
7615Jigsaw (1983)(Island Software)
7616Jigstar (1995)(Softdisk)
7617Jigstar! (1995)(Loadstar)
7618Jim Hensons Muppet Adventure - Chaos at the Carnival (1989)(Hi Tech Expressions)(Side A)
7619Jim Hensons Muppet Adventure - Chaos at the Carnival (1989)(Hi Tech Expressions)(Side B)
7620Jimbo (1995)(CP Verlag)
7621Jimmys Soccer Manager (1992)(Beyond Belief)
7622Jimmys Super League (1993)(Beyond Belief)
7623Jinks (1988)(Rainbow Arts)
7624Jinks - Game (19xx)(-)
7625Jinks - Music (19xx)(-)
7626Jinn Genie (1984)(Micromega)
7627Jinn-Genie (1984)(Micromega)
7628Jinn-Genie - La Lampada di Aladino (1984)(Micromega)(it)
7629Jinxter (1987)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Side A)
7630Jinxter (1987)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Side B)
7631Joakim Allstar (1999)(LowBit Software)
7632Job for News (1991)(Superline)(de)
7633Jocky Wilsons Darts (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
7634Jocky Wilsons Darts Challenge (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
7635Jocky Wilsons Darts Compendium (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
7636Joe (1988)(CP Verlag)
7637Joe Blade (1987)(Players Software)
7638Joe Blade 2 (1988)(Players Software)
7639Joe Cools Casino-Hotel (19xx)(Joe Cool)
7640Joe Dick - Private Investigator (1986)(The Guild Adventure Software)
7641Joe the Ball (19xx)(-)
7642Joe the Whizz Kid (1985)(Stavros Fasoulas)
7643Joels Leapfrog (1991)(Loadstar)
7644Joes Cool Casino - Hotel-Hi-Res Poker (19xx)(-)
7645Joggers! (1986)(PowerPlay Magazine)
7646John Andersons Rally Speedway (1984)(Commodore)
7647John Bend (1986)(Harald Beiler)
7648John Bend Detective (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
7649John Brenner - Boston Celtics (19xx)(Pizzasoftware)(it)
7650John Elways Quarterback (1989)(Virgin Games)
7651John Lowes Ultimate Darts (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)
7652John Madden Football (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
7653John Madden Football (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
7654John Madden Football (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
7655John Madden Football (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
7656John Madden Football (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
7657John Sinclair (1985)(PEGASUS)(de)
7658Johnny Quest (1991)(Hanna Barbera)
7659Johnny Reb (1984)(Lothlorien)
7660Johnny Reb II (1986)(Argus Press)
7661Join Four (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
7662Joker (1995)(Odysseus)(de)
7663Joker Canfield (2000)(Loadstar)
7664Joker Flipper (19xx)(Joker Software)
7665Joker Poker (19xx)(Joker Software)
7666Jolly Jacks Run Ashore! (1984)(Harboursoft)
7667Jolly Roger (1995)(S.J.R.)
7668Jonah Barringtons Squash (1989)(Mastertronic)
7669Jonathan (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
7670Jonny Quest in Doctor Zins Underworld (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
7671Jonny Quest in Doctor Zins Underworld (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
7672Josh (1993)(CP Verlag)
7673Josh - End (1992)(-)
7674Josh - Game (1992)(-)
7675Josh - Intro (1992)(-)
7676Josh - Joshua on Singular Havoc (1991)(Divine Deflection-Digital Excess)
7677Joshua (19xx)(-)
7678Jotto (19xx)(Jim Butterfield)
7679Journey (1987)(Jochen Triesch)
7680Journey to the Center of the Earth (1988)(Chip Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
7681Journey to the Center of the Earth (1988)(Chip Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
7682Journey to the Center of the Earth (1988)(Chip Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
7683Journey to the Center of the Earth (1988)(Chip Software)
7684Journey to the Center of the Earth - Adventure (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
7685Journey to the Centre of Eddie Smiths Head (1986)(Players Software)
7686Journey to the Centre of the Earth, A (19xx)(Ozisoft)
7687Jousiammunta (1985)(Harri Holopainen)
7688Joust (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
7689Jouste (1984)(IJK Software)
7690Joystick Force (19xx)(M. Pettersson & P. Bengtsson)
7691Joystick Monopoly (19xx)(Robin Evans)
7692Jr. Pac-Man (1988)(Namco)
7693Juden-Manager (1994)(XXX)(de)
7694Judentod (1991)(XXX)(de)
7695Judge Dredd (1987)(Melbourne House)
7696Juggles Rainbow (1982)(TLC)
7697Juice! (1983)(Tronix)
7698Jujitsu (1986)(Compute!)
7699Juke Box (1984)(Spinnaker Software)
7700Juliane Teil 1 - Die Entfuehrung (1994)(Stefan Kraushaar & Alexander Behnke)(de)
7701Julius Caesar (1989)(Kingsoft)
7702Julius Erving and Larry Bird Go One on One (1983)(Electronic Arts)
7703Jumbo Jet Lander (1980)(Courbois Software)
7704Jump (1984)(Loadstar)
7705Jump 1.1 (1988)(CP Verlag)(de)
7706Jump Ball (19xx)(BIW)
7707Jump Boy (1985)(Antsoft)
7708Jump Jet (1985)(Anirog Software)
7709Jump Out (1990)(Double Density)
7710Jump! (1987)(Loadstar)
7711Jump! Machine (1987)(Kingsoft)
7712Jumper (1985)(Europa Computer Club)(de)
7713Jumpin Cubes (1989)(Cocoa Beach Artworks)
7714Jumpin Jimmy (1985)(HAL Unlimited)
7715Jumping Jack (19xx)(-)
7716Jumping Jack, The (1990)(CP Verlag)
7717Jumping Junior (19xx)(-)
7718Jumpingjack 64 (1983)(Compute!)
7719Jumpman (1983)(Epyx)
7720Jumpman Junior (1983)(Epyx)
7721Jumpman Rev. 1.1 (1983)(Epyx)
7722Jungle (1994)(Loadstar)
7723Jungle Bunny (19xx)(-)
7724Jungle Drums (1987)(Eurogold)
7725Jungle Heat (1985)(PowerPlay Magazine)
7726Jungle Hunt (1984)(Atari)
7727Jungle Hunt - Tarzan (1984)(Atari)(es)
7728Jungle Jack (1985)(Brian Conrad)
7729Jungle Patrol (1990)(CP Verlag)
7730Jungle Quest (1984)(Solar Software)
7731Jungle Raid (19xx)(Imagez)
7732Jungle Rescue (19xx)(-)
7733Jungle Story (1984)(Mastertronic)
7734Jungle Trouble (1984)(Durell Software)
7735Junior Pacman (1988)(Namco)
7736Junkyard (1983)(Renegade Systems)(Side A)
7737Junkyard (1983)(Renegade Systems)(Side B)
7738Junkyard (1983)(Renegade Systems)
7739Junkyard Jalopies (1984)(Scorpio Gamesworld)
7740Juno First (1984)(Datasoft)
7741Jupiter Jump, The (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
7742Jupiter Lander (1982)(Commodore)
7743Jupiter Mission 1999 (1985)(Avalon Hill)(Side A)
7744Jupiter Mission 1999 (1985)(Avalon Hill)(Side B)
7745Just Another POW (1993)(Damian Steele)
7746Just Imagine (1983)(Commodore)(Side A)
7747Just Imagine (1983)(Commodore)(Side B)
7748Just a Game 1 (19xx)(Agony)
7749Just a Mot (1983)(Sulis Software)
7750K-Rings (1990)(-)
7751KFB Agent (1987)(-)
7752KGB Agent (1987)(Pirate Software)
7753KGB Superspy (1989)(Codemasters)
7754KI Stadt-Land-Fluss (1996)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
7755KIS - Keep It Simple (1991)(RUN-IDG Communications)
7756KITT Racer (19xx)(-)
7757KK2 (19xx)(Alexander Leenens Software)(de)
7758KKKs Revenge (1988)(Craig Conder)
7759KKW-Spiel, Das (19xx)(-)
7760Ka-Rasy Eights (1987)(John OHare & Jim Green)
7761Kablam! (1984)(Compute!)
7762Kacper (1994)(Marex)(pl)
7763Kacper - Kulfon in the Bad Demons Land (1994)(Marex)
7764Kahlah (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
7765Kaiser (1985)(Ariolasoft)
7766Kaiser 2 (19xx)(Ariolasoft)
7767Kaiv (1983)(Screenplay)
7768Kaktus (1983)(Supersoft)
7769Kaktus - Cazador, El (1983)(Supersoft)(es)
7770Kalah (19xx)(-)(de)
7771Kalaha (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
7772Kaleidokubes (1990)(Artworx Software)
7773Kalender Kruze (1996)(Loadstar)
7774Kalorius (1988)(Bombjack)
7775Kame (1988)(-)
7776Kamel (19xx)(-)(de)
7777Kamikaze (1990)(Codemasters)
7778Kamikaze Duck (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
7779Kampf der Genies (1994)(CP Verlag)(de)
7780Kampf der Giganten (1986)(DACG-Computerclub)(de)
7781Kampf der Maechte (1993)(Michael Haertig)(de)
7782Kampf um Thurn (1995)(CP Verlag)(de)
7783Kampfarena 64 (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)
7784Kampfgruppe (1985)(SSI)
7785Kampfgruppe Scenario 1 v1.2 (1985)(SSI)
7786Kampfgruppe v1.4 (1985)(SSI)
7787Kane (1985)(Mastertronic)
7788Kane + Kane II (1988)(Mastertronic)
7789Kane II (1988)(Mastertronic)
7790Kanga (19xx)(Future Computer Applications)
7791Kangarudy (1992)(CP Verlag)
7792Kangarudy II - The Adventure Continues (1993)(Haip Software)(Side A)
7793Kangarudy II - The Adventure Continues (1993)(Haip Software)(Side B)
7794Kangoroo (1993)(Fundacja Edukacji Technologicznej)(pl)
7795Kaos (1987)(reLine Software)
7796Kapital Spelet (1986)(-)
7797Kapriolen, De (1986)(Radarsoft)(nl)
7798Karamalz Cup (1993)(Markt & Technik)
7799Karamelliens Befreiung (1992)(Markt & Technik)(de)
7800Karate Champ (1985)(Data East)
7801Karate Chop (19xx)(-)
7802Karate Chop - Snap Dragon (19xx)(-)
7803Karate Kid 2 (19xx)(-)
7804Karate! (19xx)(Bombjack)
7805Karate-Kid II (19xx)(Gregg Barnett)
7806Karateka (1985)(Broderbund)(Side A)
7807Karateka (1985)(Broderbund)(Side B)
7808Karateka (1985)(Broderbund)
7809Karelia Games (19xx)(Soft-Soft)(FI)
7810Karius & Baktus (19xx)(-)
7811Karnia (19xx)(-)
7812Karnov (1988)(Activision)(Side A)
7813Karnov (1988)(Activision)(Side B)
7814Karnov (1988)(Activision)
7815Karo Vario (1991)(Peter Diehm)(de)
7816Karriere (1984)(Data Media)
7817Kart Grand Prix (19xx)(Kingsoft)
7818Kartenfuchs (1986)(Input 64)(de)
7819Karting Grand Prix (1989)(Kingsoft)
7820Karylon (19xx)(Carsten Frey)(de)
7821Karzalean Attack (1984)(Interface Publications)
7822Kasekastchen (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
7823Kasino (1999)(John M. Charroux)
7824Kasino Poker (19xx)(Hoins Software)
7825Kaskade (1988)(CP Verlag)(de)
7826Kastely, A (1993)(576 kByte)(hu)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
7827Kastely, A (1993)(576 kByte)(hu)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
7828Kastely, A (1993)(576 kByte)(hu)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
7829Kastely, A (1993)(576 kByte)(hu)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
7830Kastely, A (1993)(576 kByte)(hu)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
7831Kastely, A (1993)(576 kByte)(hu)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
7832Kat Trap - Planet Of The Cat-Men (1987)(Streetwise)
7833Kat Trap - Planet of the Cat-Men (1987)(Bug-Byte Software)
7834Kat and Mouse (19xx)(Todd Verstraten)
7835Katakis (1988)(Rainbow Arts)(Side A)
7836Katakis (1988)(Rainbow Arts)(Side B)
7837Katakis (1988)(Rainbow Arts)
7838Katapult (1991)(-)(de)
7839Katastrofe Pa Titan (1988)(Sepia Adventures)(da)
7840Katuvu (19xx)(Jawx)(fr)
7841Katz & Maus (1985)(Matthias Unverzagt)(de)
7842Kayak (1985)(Creative Sparks)
7843Kayden Garth (1989)(EAS Software)
7844Kayles (1981)(Island Software)
7845Kayleth (1987)(U.S. Gold)
7846Kaylon (19xx)(-)
7847Ke Rulen Los Petas (1989)(Iber Soft)(es)
7848Keep Up with Jones (19xx)(-)
7849Kegeln (19xx)(Wolfgang Schafer)(de)
7850Keine Chance! (1994)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
7851Kelloggs Tour (1988)(CRL)
7852Kempelen (1986)(Sierra Online)
7853Ken Ustons Professional Blackjack (1983)(Screenplay)
7854Kendo Warrior (1989)(Byte-Back)
7855Kennedy Approach (1985)(Microprose Software)
7856Kenny Dalglish Soccer (1990)(Impressions)
7857Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
7858Keno (19xx)(-)
7859Kensington (1984)(Leisure Genius)
7860Kentilla (1986)(Mastertronic)
7861Kentucky Derby (1983)(Sim Computer)
7862Kentucky Racing (1990)(Alternative Software)
7863Keops (1984)(Sakati)
7864Ker-Splat! (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
7865Kermits Electronic Storymaker (1984)(Sierra Online)
7866Kernals Chaos (1987)(Binary Zone)(PD)
7867Ket Nap Negy Ora (19xx)(Alice Software)
7868Ket Trilogy 1, The - Mountains of Ket (1985)(Incentive Software)
7869Ket Trilogy 2, The - Temple of Vran (1985)(Incentive Software)
7870Ket Trilogy 3, The - The Final Mission (1985)(Incentive Software)
7871Ket Trilogy, The (1985)(Incentive Software)(Side A)
7872Ket Trilogy, The (1985)(Incentive Software)(Side B)
7873Ketchem (1994)(Compute!)
7874Ketchup Attack (1989)(RUN-IDG Communications)
7875Kettle (19xx)(-)
7876Key (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
7877Key Finders (1989)(CP Verlag)
7878Key Move (19xx)(-)
7879Key to Time, The (19xx)(Lumpsoft)
7880Keyboard Destroyer (1992)(Gherkin)
7881Keyboard Kaos #1 (1983)(Program One Inc.)
7882Keyboard Memory (1984)(Wesley Publishers)
7883Keys to Maramon, The (1991)(Mindcraft)(Side A)
7884Keys to Maramon, The (1991)(Mindcraft)(Side B)
7885Keys to Typing (1984)(Batteries Included)
7886Kick Box Vigilante (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
7887Kick Off (1989)(Anco Software)
7888Kick Off 1 + 2 (1990)(Anco Software)
7889Kick Off 2 (1990)(Anco Software)
7890Kick and Kill (1993)(Markt & Technik)
7891Kicker (19xx)(-)
7892Kickman (1982)(Commodore)
7893Kickout (1991)(Markt & Technik)
7894Kid Grid (1983)(Tronix)
7895Kid Grid II - Kid vs. Kid (2004)(Mathman)
7896Kid Mice (19xx)(-)
7897Kid Niki to the Rescue (1987)(Quicksilva)
7898Kid vs. Kid (1983)(-)
7899Kidnapparna (19xx)(-)
7900Kidnapped (19xx)(-)
7901Kids on Keys (1983)(Spinnaker Software)
7902Kiki (1986)(Input 64)(de)
7903Kikkers (19xx)(J.A. Root)(nl)
7904Kikstart (1984)(Masertronic)
7905Kikstart II - The Construction Set (1987)(Mastertronic)
7906Kikstart III (1987)(Mr. Chip Software)
7907Kikugi (1993)(576 kByte)
7908Kill (1991)(The Black Cat)
7909Kill Em All (19xx)(-)
7910Kill Gravenreuth (1989)(GAY)(de)(PD)
7911Kill Hussein (19xx)(-)(PD)
7912Kill It! (1997)(Knightcoder)
7913Kill the Saucers (1995)(Butterfly Productions)
7914Kill the X (19xx)(The Skull)
7915Kill your Stick (1992)(J-P)
7916Killdozer (1998)(J & F Publishing)
7917Killed Until Dead (1986)(Accolade)(Disk 1 of 2)
7918Killed Until Dead (1986)(Accolade)(Disk 2 of 2)
7919Killed Until Dead (1986)(Accolade)(Side A)
7920Killed Until Dead (1986)(Accolade)(Side B)
7921Killed Until Dead (1986)(Accolade)
7922Killer (19xx)(Cybertech)
7923Killer Games (2001)(Beerlord)(PD)
7924Killer Mission (19xx)(DSC)
7925Killer Piller (1983)(Castle Software)
7926Killer Satellite (1984)(PCW)
7927Killer Suzuki (1986)(Megastyle)
7928Killer Watt (1983)(Alligata Software)
7929Killer-Ring (1987)(The Byte Engineers)
7930Killers Alieni (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
7931Killerwatt (1983)(Alligata Software)
7932Killface (1989)(Markt & Technik)
7933Killing Fields (1988)(Bombjack)
7934Killing Machine (1990)(Coin-Age)
7935Killing Road I (19xx)(Streetsoft Munster)
7936Killing Road II (19xx)(Streetsoft Munster)
7937Killing Zone (19xx)(Magnus Lindgren)
7938Killozapp (1991)(CP Verlag)
7939Killwarp (1988)(Markt & Technik)
7940Killwave (1992)(Cubic X Software)
7941Kilometri Impossibili (19xx)(-)(it)
7942Kinder Maths (1986)(Alpha Software)
7943Kindercomp (1983)(Spinnaker Software)
7944Kinderdan Part II (19xx)(Peter Liepa & Daniel Tavernier)
7945Kindergarten Kids (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
7946Kinetic Connection (19xx)(Electronic Arts)
7947Kinetik (1987)(Firebird Software)
7948King Albert (2000)(Loadstar)
7949King Arthurs Quest (1987)(Loadstar)
7950King Cribbage (1983)(Hayden Software)
7951King Kong (1988)(Bombjack)
7952King Solomons Mines (198x)(Mountain Valley Software)
7953King Tuts Tomb (19xx)(Greg Gassett)
7954King Tuts Tomb Adventure (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
7955King of Chicago (19xx)(-)
7956King of Hammurabi (19xx)(-)(de)
7957King-Kong Quest (19xx)(MarJon Bros)
7958Kingage (1989)(Settimana Games-Edigamma)(it)
7959Kingdom (19xx)(-)
7960Kingdoms (1983)(Jens Neudecker)(de)
7961Kingly Indeed (1995)(Tomi Malinen)(FI)
7962Kingpong (1985)(Tab Books)
7963Kings Bounty (1990)(New World Computing)(Side A)
7964Kings Bounty (1990)(New World Computing)(Side B)
7965Kings Korner Solitaire (19xx)(Terry L. Flynn)
7966Kings Ransom (1990)(Loadstar)
7967Kings Ransom (1998)(Scott Elder)
7968Kings of Comedy (1988)(Cocoa Beach Artworks)
7969Kings of the Beach (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
7970Kings of the Beach (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
7971Kings of the Beach (1989)(Electronic Arts)
7972Kini von Bayern (1990)(Markt & Technik)(de)
7973Kinslayer (19xx)(Dan Vanderkooi)
7974Kiosk (19xx)(-)(de)
7975Kiosque de Limonade (19xx)(-)(fr)
7976Kiralylany (19xx)(Nemeth Csaba)
7977Kiss Me (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)(de-it)
7978Kitron - The Challenge (1994)(CP Verlag)
7979Kitron - The Duel (1994)(Vislogic)
7980Kitt 2000 (19xx)(-)
7981Klatwa (1993)(LK Avalon)
7982Klatwa - The Curse (1993)(Roland Pantola)
7983Klax (1990)(Domark)
7984Kleine Hobbit, Der (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
7985Klemens (1993)(Timsoft)
7986Kleopatra (19xx)(Lars-Inge O. & Patrik B.)
7987Klepkomania (1995)(Vermes)
7988Klicker (1985)(Input 64)(de)
7989Klingon (19xx)(-)(de)
7990Klingon Capture (19xx)(PET User Group Software Exchange)
7991Klondike (1986)(Compute!)
7992Klondike 1992 (1992)(Loadstar)
7993Klondike Bill (1984)(Interface Publications)
7994Klondike Solitaire (1986)(Commodore Magazine)
7995Knax (19xx)(-)
7996Knax Computerspiel, Das (19xx)(Ingmar Weigel)
7997Knibble Eat 1 (19xx)(Peter Liepa & Prof. Knibble)
7998Knibble Eat 3 (19xx)(Peter Liepa & Prof. Knibble)
7999Kniffel (19xx)(-)(de)
8000Kniffel +6 (1993)(CP Verlag)(de)
8001Knight Games (1986)(English Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
8002Knight Games (1986)(English Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
8003Knight Games (1986)(English Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
8004Knight Games (1986)(English Software)(Side A)
8005Knight Games (1986)(English Software)(Side B)
8006Knight Games (1986)(English Software)
8007Knight Games 2 - Space Trilogy (1987)(English Software)(Side A)
8008Knight Games 2 - Space Trilogy (1987)(English Software)(Side B)
8009Knight Games 2 - Space Trilogy (1987)(English Software)
8010Knight Orc (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Disk 1 of 3)
8011Knight Orc (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Disk 2 of 3)
8012Knight Orc (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Disk 3 of 3)
8013Knight Orc (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Side A)
8014Knight Orc (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(Side B)
8015Knight Orc (1987)(Level 9 Computing)
8016Knight Raider (1998)(Keith Killilia)
8017Knight Rider (1986)(Ocean Software)
8018Knight Rider II (1986)(-)(Side A)
8019Knight Rider II (1986)(-)(Side B)
8020Knight-Tyme (1986)(Mastertronic)
8021Knightmare (1987)(Activision Inc.)
8022Knights Tour (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
8023Knights of Legend (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)(Master A)
8024Knights of Legend (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)(Master B)
8025Knights of Legend (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 1 of 5 Side A)
8026Knights of Legend (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 2 of 4 Side A)(A1)
8027Knights of Legend (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)(A2)
8028Knights of Legend (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 3 of 4 Side A)(A3)
8029Knights of Legend (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)(A4)
8030Knights of Legend (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)(A5)
8031Knights of Legend (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 4 of 4 Side B)(A6)
8032Knights of Legend (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 5 of 5 Side A)
8033Knights of Legend Character Disk (1989)(Origin Systems)
8034Knights of the Desert (1983)(SSI)
8035Knightsbride (1984)(Interface Publications)
8036Knobbes World-Cup Skiing 2 (1987)(Knobbe)
8037Knochen, Der (19xx)(S+S Soft)(de)
8038Knock Out (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
8039Knock Thirty One (1989)(Compute!)
8040Knockout (1983)(Edgardo Kijel)
8041Knockout 64 (19xx)(N.J. Trimper)
8042Knoorkie (1997)(Timsoft)(pl)
8043Knotie in Cave (19xx)(Software Production)
8044Knuckle Buster (1986)(Melbourne House)
8045Knurr (1991)(Commodore Disc)
8046Kobayashi Naru (1987)(Mastertronic)
8047Kobold, The (19xx)(Scott Walker)
8048Kodann (1988)(Swivy-Phuture)
8049Kodeknacker (1983)(-)(de)
8050Kodfejtes (19xx)(-)(hu)
8051Koenig Arthus (19xx)(-)
8052Kohl Diktator (1987)(-)(de)
8053Kohl Diktator Part II (19xx)(-)(de)
8054Koko (1985)(Active Brains)
8055Kokotoni Wilf (1984)(Elite)
8056Kolkko Linna Adwenture Game (19xx)(Tomi Malinen)(FI)
8057Kolko (19xx)(-)
8058Kolme Muskettisoturia (19xx)(P. Blomqvist)(FI)
8059Kolo Fortuny II v0.1 (19xx)(-)
8060Kolo Fortuny v0.0 (1993)(Vermes)
8061Kolo Fortuny v0.1 (1993)(Vermes)
8062Kolo Fortuny v0.2 (1993)(Vermes)
8063Kolonialmacht (1987)(Ariolasoft)(de)
8064Kolony (1993)(ABC Soft)(pl)
8065Kolony v4.4 (1995)(-)(pl)
8066Kolor (1994)(Maciek Kozicki)(pl)
8067Kombat (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
8068Kombiniere (19xx)(-)(de)
8069Kommerz (19xx)(-)
8070Komputerowe Kolo Fortuny (1993)(Demonic Labs)
8071Koncept (1992)(Markt & Technik)
8072Kong (1983)(Anirog Software)
8073Kong Strikes Back (1985)(Ocean Software)
8074Kong Strikes Back - Feria, La (1985)(Ocean Software)(es)
8075Kongo Kong (1983)(Victory Software)
8076Konjugat - Lateinische Konjugation (1988)(Input 64)(de)
8077Kontakt-Test (1994)(Thomas Kneissler)(de)(PD)
8078Kontakte (1988)(Commodore Disc)(de)
8079Kooky Blakjak (19xx)(-)
8080Kopfrechentrainer (1987)(Input 64)
8081Kopfrechnen (19xx)(Elo-Redaktion)
8082Kopido (1991)(CP Verlag)
8083Korea Karate (19xx)(Bombjack)
8084Koronis Rift (1986)(Lucasfilm Games)
8085Kosci Zostaly Rzucone (19xx)(Timsoft)
8086Kosmic Kanga (1984)(Micromania)
8087Kosmo-Kobus (19xx)(Andromeda Software)
8088Kostaja (1987)(-)
8089Krakout (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
8090Krakout - 200 Levels (19xx)(Andrew Green)
8091Krakout 3 (1987)(Andrew Green)
8092Krakout 4 (1987)(Andrew Green)
8093Krakout 5 (1988)(Andrew Green)
8094Krakout 6 (1988)(Andrew Green)
8095Krakout 7 (1988)(Andrew Green)
8096Krakout 8 (1988)(Andrew Green)
8097Krakout 89 (1989)(Andrew Green)
8098Krakout Construction Set (1987)(Moskwa TV)
8099Krakout Professional 1 (1987)(Andrew Green)
8100Krakout Professional 2 (1987)(Andrew Green)
8101Krazy Kar (1984)(IJK Software)
8102Krazy Kong (1983)(Bubble Bus Software)
8103Krazy Kong 64 (1983)(Anirog Software)
8104Kreen II - Realm of the Subterrainian (19xx)(Michael C. Martin)
8105Kreuzungen (1989)(Commodore Disc)(de)
8106Krieg der Kerne (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
8107Krieg der Sterne (198x)(Memory Software)(de)
8108Krieg um die Krone (1989)(German Design Group)(de)
8109Krieg und Frieden (19xx)(Joachim Graf)(de)
8110Kris (1987)(The Edge Software)
8111Krisp (1985)(Sprites)(fr)
8112Krisp 1992 (1992)(Tetris Wares)
8113Kromazone (1987)(Mastertronic)
8114Kruemelmonster (19xx)(-)(de)
8115Kruis Woord (1985)(Radarsoft)(nl)
8116Kruis-Puzzel (1984)(Majestic Software)(nl)
8117Kryds og Bolle (1983)(Just R.-Data Aps)
8118Krymini (1991)(Bluestone Budget Productions)
8119Krypto (1984)(The Code Works)
8120Krypton (1984)(ACE)
8121Krypton Factor, The (1988)(TV Games)
8122Krystals of Zong (1983)(Cymbal Software)
8123Ku Klux Klans Revenge (1988)(Mr. Floyd)
8124Kubik (19xx)(-)(de)
8125Kugel 64 (19xx)(Rudolf Puhringer)(de)
8126Kulfon W Krainie Zlego Demona (1993)(BMB)(pl)
8127Kulfon in the Bad Demons Land (1994)(BMB)
8128Kummitus Tyhma (19xx)(Tomi Malinen)(FI)
8129Kung Fu (19xx)(Load n Run)(es)
8130Kung-Fu - The Way of the Exploding Fist (1985)(Melbourne House)
8131Kung-Fu Fighter (1988)(Bombjack)
8132Kung-Fu II - Sticks of Death (1985)(Melbourne House)
8133Kung-Fu Master (1985)(Data East)
8134Kunibert und Kunigunde (1984)(CPL)(de)
8135Kunst Aus China (1992)(Ninjutsu Design)(de)(Side A)
8136Kunst Aus China (1992)(Ninjutsu Design)(de)
8137Kunst aus China - Art from China (1992)(Ninjutsu Design)(Side A)
8138Kunst aus China - Art from China (1992)(Ninjutsu Design)(Side B)
8139Kunst aus China - Testversion (1992)(Ninjutsu Design)(de)(PD)(Side A)
8140Kunst aus China - Testversion (1992)(Ninjutsu Design)(de)(PD)(Side B)
8141Kupiec - Merchant (1996)(Timsoft)
8142Kurdor (1986)(-)
8143Kvitt eller Dobbelt (19xx)(Eilert Eilertsen)
8144Kwah (1986)(Melbourne House)
8145Kwik Snax (1990)(Codemasters)
8146L Test (1999)(Champion Software)
8147L.A. Adventure, The (1986)(Incentive Software)
8148L.A. Adventure, The - Part 1 (1986)(Incentive Software)
8149L.A. Adventure, The - Part 2 (1986)(Incentive Software)
8150L.A. Crackdown (1988)(Epyx)(Side A)
8151L.A. Crackdown (1988)(Epyx)(Side B)
8152L.A. Crackdown (1988)(Epyx)
8153L.A. Drugs Bust (1990)(Mayfair House)
8154L.A. Police Dept (1991)(Interceptor Micros)
8155L.A. SWAT (1986)(Mastertronic)
8156L.E.D. Storm (1989)(Capcom)
8157LA 1984 (1984)(Christian Rduch)(de)
8158LA Adventure, The (1986)(Incentive Software)
8159LAD Verb Forms II (1982)(Commodore Educational Software)
8160LED Storm (1989)(Go!)
8161LEM (19xx)(Creative Computing)
8162LImpiccato (19xx)(-)(it)
8163LOMM - The Land of Magic Monarchy (1988)(Input 64)(de)
8164La Tombola Napoletana (19xx)(Sin)(it)
8165Labadite Affair, The (19xx)(John Frank)
8166Labe Me (1997)(Polsoft)
8167Labirinto (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
8168Labirinto Mortale (19xx)(Yves Korta & Michel Koell)(it)
8169Labrinth (19xx)(Fred Wachtel)(PD)
8170Labyrinth (1986)(Activision)(Side A)
8171Labyrinth (1986)(Activision)(Side B)
8172Labyrinth (19xx)(-)
8173Labyrinth Adventure (1991)(Compute!)
8174Labyrinth of the Creator (1983)(Mogul Communications)
8175Laced Tiles (1995)(Magna Media)
8176Lachmann (1988)(Commodore Disc)
8177Ladder Multiplication (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
8178Ladders (1989)(Outlaw - Emix Software)
8179Ladro di Camelot, Il (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
8180Lady Duck (1987)(Input 64)(de)
8181Lady Tut (19xx)(Progame)
8182Ladybug (19xx)(-)
8183Laffaire Vera Cruz - Docs (19xx)(-)
8184Lager (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
8185Laika (19xx)(Recanatese Luigi)(it)
8186Lair of the Necromancer (1995)(Rob Rudd)
8187Lame Pack v1 (1992)(Pulsar)
8188Lameness (19xx)(-)
8189Lamonby Body, The (1986)(Roy Lamonby)
8190Lancelot (1989)(Mandarin)(Disk 1 of 3)
8191Lancelot (1989)(Mandarin)(Disk 2 of 3)
8192Lancelot (1989)(Mandarin)(Disk 3 of 3)
8193Lancelot (1989)(Mandarin)(Side A)
8194Lancelot (1989)(Mandarin)(Side B)
8195Lancelot (1989)(Mandarin)
8196Lancer-Lord (1983)(Rabbit Software)
8197Lancia del potere e il mastio nero, La (198x)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
8198Lancio Col Paracadute (19xx)(-)(it)
8199Land der Sieben Ringe (1986)(-)(de)
8200Land of Heros (19xx)(Peta Software Inc.)
8201Land of Magic Monarchy, The (1988)(Input 64)
8202Land of Neverwhere (1987)(The Power House)
8203Land of Oblivion (19xx)(Creutzfeld&Jacob)
8204Land of Solaria, The (1988)(Systems Editoriale)
8205Land of Tezrel Omen (19xx)(-)
8206Land of the Giants (1989)(The Guild Adventure Software)
8207Land of the Great Giana Sisters, The (1990)(Armin Gessert)(Side A)
8208Land of the Great Giana Sisters, The (1990)(Armin Gessert)(Side B)
8209Land of the Purple Sea (1992)(Dorothy Millard)
8210Land, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
8211Lander (1985)(-)(it)
8212Lander X (19xx)(-)
8213Lander Zone (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
8214Landing Simulator (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
8215Landing on TB19 (19xx)(-)
8216Landmijn (19xx)(-)(nl)
8217Lands of Havoc, The (19xx)(Microdeal)
8218Lane Mastadon vs. the Blubbermen (1988)(Infocom)(Side A)
8219Lane Mastadon vs. the Blubbermen (1988)(Infocom)(Side B)
8220Lane Mastadon vs. the Bubblermen (1988)(Infocom)(Side A)
8221Lane Mastadon vs. the Bubblermen (1988)(Infocom)(Side B)
8222Lane Mastadon vs. the Bubblermen (1988)(Infocom)
8223Lane X (1991)(-)
8224Lapis Philosophorum - Der Stein der Weisen (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)
8225Lapis Philosophorum - The Philosophers Stone (1985)(Ariolasoft)
8226Laps (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
8227Larc-Mission, The (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
8228Lard (19xx)(Simon Reece)
8229Las Vegas (19xx)(-)
8230Las Vegas Casino (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
8231Las Vegas Gambling Machine Simulator, The (1986)(Mastertronic)
8232Las Vegas Slots (19xx)(Scott Hossner)
8233Las Vegas Video Poker Casino (1986)(Mastertronic)
8234Las Vegas a Gogo (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
8235Laser Base (1989)(1 Step Software)(it)
8236Laser Battle (1984)(Melbourne House)
8237Laser Beam (1985)(Compute!)
8238Laser Blast (19xx)(P. Nikrus)
8239Laser Bounce (1983)(Compute!)
8240Laser Chess (1987)(Compute!)
8241Laser Cycles (1984)(Stephen Robertson)
8242Laser Eagle (19xx)(Todd Bruss)
8243Laser Force (1983)(HC)(de)
8244Laser Gun (1987)(Caesar Software)
8245Laser Gunner (1983)(Compute!)
8246Laser Laser (19xx)(Load n Run)(es)
8247Laser Legion (1989)(Binary Zone)(PD)
8248Laser Locksmith (19xx)(-)
8249Laser Math (1991)(RUN-IDG Communications)
8250Laser Spell (1986)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
8251Laser Squad (1989)(Target Games)
8252Laser Squad - Expansion Disk (19xx)(Target Games)
8253Laser Squad II (1989)(Target Games)
8254Laser Storm (1998)(Loadstar)
8255Laser Storm II (1999)(Loadstar)
8256Laser Strike (1986)(Compute!)
8257Laser Tower (1983)(Melbourne House)
8258Laser Zone (1983)(Llamasoft)
8259Laser-Chess v2.0 (1991)(Markt & Technik)
8260Laser-Kendo (1991)(Markt & Technik)
8261Laser-Schach v2.0 (1991)(Markt & Technik)
8262Laserblaster (1983)(Alpha Software)
8263Laserboy (19xx)(-)
8264Laserland (1989)(Outlaw - Emix Software)
8265Laserwheel (1987)(Mastertronic)
8266Last Amazon, The (1993)(Binary Zone)(PD)
8267Last Battle (1991)(Elite)
8268Last Confederates, The (19xx)(-)
8269Last Duel (1988)(U.S. Gold)
8270Last Fight, The (1989)(Andromeda Software)
8271Last Fighter, The (19xx)(-)
8272Last G (1995)(John Vanderaart)
8273Last Gladiator, The (1983)(Electronic Arts)
8274Last Mission (1987)(Data East)
8275Last Ninja 2, The (1988)(System 3)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
8276Last Ninja 2, The (1988)(System 3)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
8277Last Ninja 2, The (1988)(System 3)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
8278Last Ninja 2, The (1988)(System 3)(Side A)
8279Last Ninja 2, The (1988)(System 3)(Side B)
8280Last Ninja 2, The (1988)(System 3)
8281Last Ninja 3, The (1991)(System 3)(Side A)
8282Last Ninja 3, The (1991)(System 3)(Side B)
8283Last Ninja 3, The (1991)(System 3)
8284Last Ninja Remix, The (1990)(System 3)(Side A)
8285Last Ninja Remix, The (1990)(System 3)(Side B)
8286Last Ninja Remix, The (1990)(System 3)
8287Last Ninja, The (1987)(System 3)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
8288Last Ninja, The (1987)(System 3)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
8289Last Ninja, The (1987)(System 3)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
8290Last Ninja, The (1987)(System 3)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
8291Last Ninja, The (1987)(System 3)(Side A)
8292Last Ninja, The (1987)(System 3)(Side B)
8293Last Ninja, The (1987)(System 3)
8294Last Planet, The (19xx)(Real Software)
8295Last Star (1984)(-)
8296Last Star, The (19xx)(Commodore Live)
8297Last Survivor, The (1988)(CRR Corp)
8298Last V8, The (1985)(Mastertronic)
8299Last War, The (1989)(Outlaw - Emix Software)
8300Last Warrior, The (1985)(Compute!)
8301Late Night Host (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
8302Latent Fusion (1995)(CP Verlag)
8303Later (1994)(Timsoft)
8304Latin Tutorial (19xx)(-)
8305Launch (19xx)(-)
8306Laurel & Hardy (1987)(Advanced Software Promotions)
8307Lava Flow (1988)(Compute!)
8308Lava Pit (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
8309Law Enforcer (1997)(Number 5)
8310Law Man (19xx)(Oregon Soft)
8311Law of The West (1985)(Accolade)
8312Law of the West (1985)(Accolade)(Side A)
8313Law of the West (1985)(Accolade)(Side B)
8314Law of the West (1985)(Accolade)(es)
8315Lawine (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
8316Lawn (1984)(Osbourne-McGraw Hill)
8317Lawn Job (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
8318Lawn Mower (1984)(Compute!)
8319Lawn Tennis (1988)(Mastertronic)
8320Lazarian (1983)(Commodore)
8321Lazarus (1994)(Timsoft)(pl)
8322Lazer Duel (1994)(Threshold Productions)
8323Lazer Maze (1983)(Avant-Garde Publishing)
8324Lazer Tag (1988)(Go!)
8325Lazer Zone (1983)(HesWare)
8326Lazer-Force (1987)(Codemasters)
8327Lazertech (1995)(Loadstar)
8328Lazy Jones (1984)(Terminal Software)
8329Lazy Jones - Mr. Juepo (1984)(Terminal Software)
8330Lazy Jones - Sala Giochi (1984)(Terminal Software)(it)
8331Le Mans (1982)(Commodore)
8332Le Mans - Wheelchair-Race (1987)(-)
8333Le Mans Grand Prix Simulator (19xx)(Jorg Dierks)
8334Le Parc (1992)(Markt & Technik)
8335Leaderboard Golf (1986)(Access Software)
8336Leaderboard Golf Executive Edition (1986)(Access Software)(Side A)
8337Leaderboard Golf Executive Edition (1986)(Access Software)(Side B)
8338Leaderboard Golf Executive Edition (1986)(Access Software)
8339League Challenge (1989)(Access Software)
8340League Football (1991)(D&H Games)
8341League Soccer (19xx)(Dave Barnes)
8342League Soccer 91 (1991)(M. Peterson)
8343League, The (19xx)(Leslie Striker)
8344Leaky Roof (1987)(Wicked Software)
8345Leap (1986)(Macrisoft)(it)
8346Leap Frog (1992)(RUN-IDG Communications)
8347Leap of Action Pinball Sim (200x)(TND Games)(FW)
8348Leaper (19xx)(-)
8349Leaping Larry (1987)(Compute!)
8350Learn the Numbers (1984)(Compute!)
8351Learn to Add (1985)(Spinnaker Software)
8352Learning Bridge Made Easy (1983)(CBS Software)
8353Learning to Count (1984)(Compute!)
8354Learning with Leeper (1983)(Sierra Online)
8355Leather Goddesses of Phobos (1986)(Infocom)(Side A)
8356Leather Goddesses of Phobos (1986)(Infocom)(Side B)
8357Leather Goddesses of Phobos (1986)(Infocom)
8358Leather Goddesses of Phobos - Solid Gold Edition (1986)(Infocom)(Side A)
8359Leather Goddesses of Phobos - Solid Gold Edition (1986)(Infocom)(Side B)
8360Leben (1987)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
8361Leben des Brain, Das (1992)(Peter Diehm)(de)(PD)
8362Lee Enfield - Tournament of Death (1988)(Infogrames)
8363Leerwereld (1986)(Screwsoft)(nl)
8364Left - Right Game (1984)(Loadstar)
8365Legacy of the Ancients (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
8366Legacy of the Ancients (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
8367Legacy of the Ancients (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
8368Legacy of the Ancients (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
8369Legacy of the Ancients (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
8370Legacy, The (19xx)(Laurence Creighton)
8371Legend of Amazon Women (1986)(Silvertime)
8372Legend of Bath (1988)(Bath Productions)
8373Legend of Bath, The (1988)(Andrew E. Bailey)
8374Legend of Blacksilver, The (1988)(Epyx)(Character Disk)
8375Legend of Blacksilver, The (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
8376Legend of Blacksilver, The (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
8377Legend of Blacksilver, The (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
8378Legend of Blacksilver, The (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
8379Legend of Blacksilver, The (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
8380Legend of Blacksilver, The (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
8381Legend of Blacksilver, The (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
8382Legend of Blacksilver, The (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
8383Legend of Blacksilver, The (1988)(Epyx)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
8384Legend of Kage (1986)(Imagine Software)
8385Legend of Kyril, The (19xx)(Pegasus Software)
8386Legend of Leydon House, The (19xx)(Adrian M. Streeter)
8387Legend of Rockford (19xx)(First Star Software)
8388Legend of Rockford Compilation, The (19xx)(First Star Software)
8389Legend of Sinbad, The (1986)(Superior Software)
8390Legend of the Amazon Women, The (1987)(SilverTime)
8391Legend of the Apache Gold, The (1986)(Incentive Software)
8392Legend of the Golden Star, The (19xx)(The Skull)
8393Legend of the Knucker-Hole, The (1984)(English Software)
8394Legge di Thorus, La (1987)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
8395Leggenda di Aralm, La - Nosferatu (19xx)(-)(it)
8396Legionaire (1984)(Avalon Hill)
8397Legions of Death (1987)(Lothlorien)
8398Leifi (19xx)(-)
8399Leisure Suit Leo (1992)(Volker Rust)(de)(Side A)
8400Leisure Suit Leo (1992)(Volker Rust)(de)(Side B)
8401Leisure Suit Leo 2 - The Secret of Maniac Island (1996)(Volker Rust)(Side B)
8402Leisure Suit Leo 2 - The Secret of Maniac Island (1996)(Volker Rust)(de)(Side A)
8403Lemmings (1994)(Psygnosis)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
8404Lemmings (1994)(Psygnosis)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
8405Lemmings (1994)(Psygnosis)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
8406Lemmings (1994)(Psygnosis)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
8407Lemmings (1994)(Psygnosis)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)(Fun Levels)
8408Lemmings (1994)(Psygnosis)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)(Tricky Levels)
8409Lemmings (1994)(Psygnosis)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)(Taxing Levels)
8410Lemmings (1994)(Psygnosis)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)(Mayhem Levels)
8411Lemon Blues (1994)(CP Verlag)
8412Lemonade (1984)(Commodore)
8413Lemonade 3.3 (1988)(Louis F. Sander)
8414Lemonade Stand (19xx)(-)
8415Lemuria (1983)(Lippe Enterprises)(de)
8416Lenitive (1993)(Mystery Arts)
8417Leon (19xx)(-)
8418Leonardo (1989)(Starbyte Software)
8419Leonardo 2001 - Die Odysee (1994)(Daniel Himmel)(de)
8420Leopard (19xx)(-)(it)
8421Leppard (1995)(CP Verlag)
8422Less Than Zero (1988)(Bombjack)
8423Lethal (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
8424Lethal Bombs (1995)(CP Verlag)
8425Lethal Combat (1994)(Substance)
8426Lethal II Rebuild (1988)(Quantum Logic)
8427Lethal Weapon (1992)(Ocean Software)
8428Lethal Zone (1991)(CP Verlag)
8429Lets Bounce (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
8430Lets Make a Deal (1992)(Loadstar)
8431Letter Attack (1984)(Compute!)
8432Letter Bingo (1984)(Guild Publishing)
8433Letter Box (1984)(Melbourne House)
8434Letter Catcher (1987)(RUN-CW Communications)
8435Letter Drop (1994)(Loadstar)
8436Letter Square (19xx)(-)
8437Letter or Number Guess (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
8438Letter-Scramble Game (1985)(Tab Books)
8439Letterbrij (19xx)(-)(nl)
8440Lettere Atomiche (19xx)(-)(it)
8441Lettergame (1987)(Bombjack)
8442Letterslide (1996)(Loadstar)
8443Letterstress (1984)(Radarsoft)
8444Lettrix v1.0 (1990)(Software 2000)(de)
8445Lettrix v1.1 (1990)(-)
8446Leut. Blueberry (1987)(Profil Computersoft)(de)(Side A)
8447Leut. Blueberry (1987)(Profil Computersoft)(de)(Side B)
8448Leute (1985)(-)(de)
8449Level Shock (1988)(Systems Editoriale)
8450Leviathan (1987)(English Software)(Side A)
8451Leviathan (1987)(English Software)(Side B)
8452Leviathan (1987)(English Software)
8453Lex Feareon (1987)(Multisoft)
8454Lexikos (1986)(R. Croswell)
8455Lexitron (1986)(Compute!)
8456Liberator (19xx)(Triumwyrath Studios)
8457Libertador (19xx)(Brainstorm Enterprise)
8458Liberte (1985)(ESP Software)
8459Libra (1985)(Markt & Technik)
8460Library Adventure (1984)(Loadstar)
8461Licence to Kill (1989)(Domark)
8462Lickey Route (19xx)(-)
8463Life (1994)(Compute!)
8464Life Expectancy (19xx)(-)
8465Life Support (19xx)(-)
8466Life im Raum (1987)(Michael Pal)
8467Life on 64 (1985)(Your Computer-Business Press International)
8468Lifeboat (1988)(River Software)
8469Lifeflight (1990)(Commodore Disc)
8470Lifeforce (1987)(CRL)
8471Lifeform (19xx)(William Quinn)
8472Lifeguard (1985)(Tab Books)
8473Lifeterm (1987)(Alternative Software)
8474Lify (1987)(Markt & Technik)
8475Ligamanager (1985)(BCS)(de)
8476Light Cycles (19xx)(Joe Young)
8477Light Cycles v3.2b (1988)(Network Software)
8478Light Pen Othello (1986)(Commodore Magazine)
8479Light Racers (1984)(Loadstar)
8480Light-waves (1984)(CBS Software)
8481Lightforce (1987)(FTL)
8482Lighthouse, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
8483Lights Out (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
8484Lightsaver (1984)(Compute!)
8485Liikutuksia (19xx)(-)
8486Likk It (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
8487Limbo (1989)(Commodore Disc)
8488Limbo II - The Planet Dillon (1990)(Commodore Disc)
8489Limes + Napoleon (1989)(EAS Software)
8490Limes and Napoleon (1989)(Andreas Mettler)
8491Limonadenstand (19xx)(-)(de)
8492Lincoln (1989)(Multisoft)
8493Lincoln Green (1988)(Compute!)
8494Line of Fire (1990)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
8495Line of Fire (1990)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
8496Line of Fire (1990)(U.S. Gold)
8497Line-Up (1990)(Compute!)
8498Linea 4 (1986)(Macrisoft)(it)
8499Linear - A Game of Lines (1995)(Paul Cardno)
8500Linear Systems (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
8501Lines 64 (1999)(Adam Hay)(PD)
8502Lingo (2001)(LowBit Software)
8503Lingos (1994)(Marex)
8504Link Em (1994)(Compute!)
8505Linking Leroy Visits Legoland (1992)(Fairlight)
8506Linking Logic (1984)(Fisher Price)
8507Linko (2002)(GO 64!)
8508Linnan Valtaus (19xx)(Tomi Blinnikka)(FI)
8509Linx (1990)(Loadstar)
8510Lions of the Universe (1994)(CP Verlag)
8511Litter! (19xx)(Jam)
8512Litterbug (1987)(Compute!)
8513Littis Hot Shot (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)
8514Little Adventure (1988)(PUF)
8515Little Batty (1999)(Codemasters)
8516Little Bee (19xx)(-)
8517Little Blue (1985)(Markt & Technik)
8518Little Computer People (1985)(Activision)(Side A)
8519Little Computer People (1985)(Activision)(Side B)
8520Little Computer People (1985)(Activision)
8521Little Dragon, The (1989)(CP Verlag)
8522Little Green Man (1988)(Bug-Byte Software)
8523Little Hats Maze (1989)(CP Verlag)
8524Little Hop (1992)(Markt & Technik)
8525Little Icarus (1983)(Mr. Micro)
8526Little Kats Maze (1988)(Team-Soft)
8527Little Professor, The (1988)(Loewensoft)(de)
8528Little Puff (1990)(Mastertronic)
8529Little Puff in Dragonland (1990)(Codemasters)
8530Little Spider (1996)(Loadstar)
8531Live And Let Die (1988)(Elite)
8532Live and Let Die (1988)(Elite)
8533Liverpool - The Computer Game (1993)(Grandslam Entertainment)
8534Living Daylights, The (1987)(Domark)
8535Living in a Maze (1989)(Rockon)
8536Livingstone, I Presume (1987)(Alligata Software)
8537Livingstone, Supongo (1987)(Alligata Software)(es)
8538Load n Play (1987)(Mastertronic)
8539LoadnRun # - UpnDown - Auto Salto (1984)(Bally Midway)(es)
8540Loadstar Challenge (1987)(Softdisk)
8541Lobster Attack (19xx)(Bob Akerberg)
8542Loco (1984)(Alligata Software)
8543Locomotief 3737 (1984)(Henri J. van Straaten)(nl)
8544Locomotion (1992)(Kingsoft)
8545Locomotive Switcher (1987)(Signal Computer Consultants)
8546Loda (19xx)(-)
8547Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)
8548Lode Runner - Conrads Levels (1983)(-)
8549Lode Runner - Disk Version (1983)(-)
8550Lode Runner - Jason Levels (1983)(-)
8551Lode Runner - Tape Version (1983)(-)
8552Lode Runner Com. (19xx)(Doug Smith, Dane Bigham & 4711-Soft)
8553Lode Runner II (1985)(Doug Smith, Dane Bigham & 4711-Soft)
8554Lode Runner III (1985)(Doug Smith, Dane Bigham & 4711-Soft)
8555Lode Runner IV (19xx)(Doug Smith, Dane Bigham & 4711-Soft)
8556Lode Runner V (19xx)(Doug Smith, Dane Bigham & 4711-Soft)
8557Lode Runners Rescue (1985)(Synapse Software)
8558Logan, Part 1 (1990)(Markt & Technik)(de)
8559Logger (1982)(Comm Data)
8560Logi-Fact (1996)(Loadstar)
8561Logiblock (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
8562Logic (1993)(CP Verlag)
8563Logic Levels (1984)(Fisher Price)
8564Logical (1991)(Rainbow Arts)
8565Logik 64 (1983)(Micro Application)(fr)
8566Logik-Trainer (1993)(Markt & Technik)
8567Logikus (1984)(Norbert Massoth)(de)
8568Logjam (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
8569Logo (1990)(Starbyte Software)
8570Logomix (1992)(Markt & Technik)
8571Loisaida (1987)(Commodore Disc)
8572Loko-Attack (1985)(Antony Crowther)
8573Lollipops (1984)(Mirrorsoft)
8574Lomilec Src (19xx)(-)(hu)
8575London Blitz (1984)(Avalon Hill)
8576Lone Lander, The (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
8577Lone Mangy, The (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
8578Lone Ranger, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
8579Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death (1991)(Audiogenic Software)
8580Lonely Mission, The (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
8581Lonely Rider (1984)(Markt & Technik)(en-de)
8582Long Distance Runner, The (1985)(Eagle Software)(de)
8583Long Lance (1987)(Simulations Canada)
8584Long Life (1994)(576 kByte)(Side A)
8585Long Life (1994)(576 kByte)(Side B)
8586Loogaroo - Werewolf Simulator (1988)(Alternative Software)
8587Look Both Ways (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
8588Look Out! (19xx)(-)
8589Loony Balloon (1984)(Essential Consultants)
8590Loopescruct (1988)(Looping)
8591Loopy Landa (1999)(SMP-Frank Gasking)
8592Loopz (1991)(Audiogenic Software)
8593Lord Of The Balrogs (1983)(Supersoft)
8594Lord of Darkness, The (1990)(Commodore Disc)
8595Lord of the Balrogs (19xx)(-)
8596Lord of the Hell II (1990)(Attacker Soft)(hu)
8597Lord of the Hell, The (1988)(Attacker-Soft)
8598Lord of the Rings (1985)(Melbourne House)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
8599Lord of the Rings (1985)(Melbourne House)(Side A)
8600Lord of the Rings (1985)(Melbourne House)(Side B)
8601Lord of the Rings III (19xx)(Mike Lyons & Mike Singleton)
8602Lords & Ladys (1984)(Dick Kilian)
8603Lords (1991)(Kingsoft)
8604Lords of Chaos (1989)(Target Games)(en-de)
8605Lords of Chaos II (1990)(Blade Software)(en-de)
8606Lords of Conquest (1986)(Electronic Arts)
8607Lords of Doom (1990)(Starbyte Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
8608Lords of Doom (1990)(Starbyte Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
8609Lords of Doom (1990)(Starbyte Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
8610Lords of Doom (1990)(Starbyte Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
8611Lords of Karma (19xx)(Avalon Hill)
8612Lords of Midnight (1985)(Beyond Software)
8613Lords of Midnight II (1985)(Beyond Software)
8614Lords of Midnight, The (1985)(Beyond Software)(Side A)
8615Lords of Midnight, The (1985)(Beyond Software)(Side B)
8616Lords of Time (1983)(Level 9 Computing)
8617Los Angeles (1989)(Peter Diehm)(de)
8618Los Angeles Police Department (1991)(Players)
8619Los Pajaros de Bangkok (1988)(Dinamic Software)
8620Loser (19xx)(M. Lutzenkirchen)(de)
8621Lost (1996)(Loadstar)
8622Lost City, The (19xx)(Mountain Valley Software)
8623Lost Crown of Queen Anne, The (1988)(Loadstar)
8624Lost Dutchmans Gold (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
8625Lost Dutchmans Mine (1988)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
8626Lost Dwarfs (19xx)(-)
8627Lost Dwarves, The (19xx)(-)
8628Lost Eggs of Gertie Goose, The (1985)(Anton Hinxman)
8629Lost Empire, The (19xx)(Dave Howell)
8630Lost Game, The (19xx)(The Noise)
8631Lost Hoard, The (1995)(Dorothy Millard)
8632Lost Island, The (1990)(Ben Gunn)
8633Lost Mountain, The (19xx)(Sam Roberts)
8634Lost Ninja, The (1991)(CP Verlag)
8635Lost Pyramid (19xx)(Joe Sweely)
8636Lost Robot (1993)(Markt & Technik)
8637Lost Tomb (1984)(Datasoft)
8638Lost World, The (1993)(Atlas Adventure Software)
8639Lost in Adventure! (1999)(The Skull)
8640Lost in the Amazon (1990)(Atlas Adventure Software)
8641Lost in the Labyrinth (1983)(Stack Computer Services)
8642Lotterie (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
8643Lottery (1984)(Simon & Schuster)
8644Lotti (19xx)(Thunders)
8645Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side A)
8646Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side B)
8647Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)
8648Love Bytes (1986)(Ray de Jong)
8649Love Tramp (1986)(Matoga Software)
8650Lover Boy (19xx)(C. Overweg)
8651Lovetoy (19xx)(-)
8652Low Level (19xx)(Computer & Video Games Magazine)
8653Lowlife (19xx)(Neil Gustavson)
8654Lucht Aanval (19xx)(M. Root)(nl)
8655Lucifers Realm (1986)(American Eagle Software)(Side A)
8656Lucifers Realm (1986)(American Eagle Software)(Side B)
8657Lucky Egg (19xx)(Artgame)
8658Lucky Luke (19xx)(-)
8659Luna Base (1984)(Interface Publications)
8660Luna Landa (1993)(Binary Zone)(PD)
8661Lunar (1985)(Loadstar)
8662Lunar Blitz (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
8663Lunar Jailbreak (1993)(Quantum Logic)
8664Lunar Lander (19xx)(-)
8665Lunar Lander III (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
8666Lunar Leeper (1982)(Sierra Online)
8667Lunar Outpost (1984)(Epyx)
8668Lunar Pilot (19xx)(David Johnson)
8669Lunar Rescue (1983)(Program One)
8670Lunari (1988)(Ariolasoft)
8671Lunatic (19xx)(Recanetese Luigi)(it)
8672Lunattack (1985)(Hewson)
8673Lunch (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
8674Lunch Time (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
8675Lupo Alberto (1990)(Idea Software)(Side A)
8676Lupo Alberto (1990)(Idea Software)(Side B)
8677Lupo Alberto (1990)(Idea Software)
8678Lurking Horror, The (1987)(Infocom)
8679Luscher Profile, The (1986)(Mindscape)
8680Lush World 1 (1995)(Peter Liepa & Lukas Shambis)
8681Lush World 2 (1995)(Peter Liepa & Lukas Shambis)
8682Lush World 3 (1995)(Peter Liepa & Lukas Shambis)
8683Lush World 4 (1995)(Peter Liepa & Lukas Shambis)
8684Lycanthropus (1987)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
8685Lynx the Ball (1987)(Input 64)
8686Lysis (1989)(CP Verlag)
8687M-Y-T-H - History in the Making (1989)(System 3)(Side A)
8688M-Y-T-H - History in the Making (1989)(System 3)(Side B)
8689M.A.C.H. (1987)(Starvision)
8690M.U.L.E. (1983)(Electronic Arts)
8691MACH - Maneuverable Armed Computer Humans (1987)(Starvision)
8692MASH (19xx)(Paul Royle)
8693MGC (1984)(Ellis Horwood)
8694MIG-29 Soviet Fighter (1989)(Codemasters)
8695MISL - Major Indoor Soccer League (1987)(Mindscape)
8696MOOSE - Manual Operated Optically Simulated Environment (1986)(Mark Davey & Philip Harris)
8697MTV Remote Control (1989)(Hi Tech Expressions)(Side A)
8698MTV Remote Control (1989)(Hi Tech Expressions)(Side B)
8699MULE (1983)(Electronic Arts)
8700MW4 - Agents of Metal - Dojo v2 - P (2000)(Covert BitOps)
8701Ma Tsu (1986)(Brilliant Software)(de)
8702Ma Tsu! (1986)(Brilliant Software)(de)
8703Maailman (1985)(Radarsoft)(fi)
8704Maan Lander (19xx)(-)(nl)
8705Mabels Mansion (1983)(Datamost)
8706MacArthurs War (1988)(SSG)
8707Macadam Bumper (1985)(Personal Software Services)
8708Macbeth (1984)(Creative Sparks)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
8709Macbeth (1984)(Creative Sparks)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
8710Macbeth (1984)(Creative Sparks)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
8711Macbeth (1984)(Creative Sparks)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
8712Maccabees (19xx)(-)
8713Mach Warrior (1989)(Logica 2000)(it)
8714Machine Gunner (1984)(Mastertronic)
8715Machine, The (1988)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
8716Machu Picchu - Das Gold der Sonnentoechter (1985)(Herwig Zilken & Joachim Bonow)(de)
8717Mad Adder, The (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
8718Mad Ball (19xx)(-)
8719Mad Doctor (1986)(Creative Sparks)
8720Mad Flunky (1989)(Alternative Software)
8721Mad L Bomber (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
8722Mad Lib (1983)(Pat Tubbs & Earl Evans)
8723Mad Mission (1987)(Hewson)
8724Mad Mix Game - The Pepsi Challenge (1988)(U.S. Gold)
8725Mad Monkey (1986)(Input 64)(de)
8726Mad Nurse (1985)(Firebird Software)
8727Mad Party Fucker v1.0 (1985)(Stretch & The Spy)
8728Mad Party Fucker v1.1 (1986)(Stretch & The Spy)
8729Mad Planets (1994)(Salamander Software)
8730Mad Planets - Meteoro (1984)(Salamander Software)(es)
8731Mad Professor Game (1993)(Champion Software)
8732Mad Springs (1991)(CP Verlag)
8733Mad-Man Adventure (19xx)(-)
8734Madam Fifis Whore-House Adventure (19xx)(-)
8735Madballs (1987)(Ocean Software)
8736Madballs II (19xx)(Bombjack)
8737Made In France 2 (1987)(Llamasoft)
8738Made in France 2 (1987)(Llamasoft)
8739Maden kommen, Die (1990)(Gold Dragon)(de)
8740Madix (1991)(Commodore Disc)
8741Madman (1984)(Loadstar)
8742Madman 64 (19xx)(-)
8743Madness (1986)(Rainbow Arts)
8744Madness - Solitarie (19xx)(Double Density)
8745Madrax (1993)(LK Avalon)(pl)
8746Maedchen-Test (19xx)(Llamasoft)(de)
8747Mafia (1986)(Igelsoft)(de)
8748Mafiosi (1989)(Multisoft)(de)
8749Mag Max (1986)(Imagine Software)
8750Magazin, Das (1988)(Ariolasoft)(de)
8751Magazine (1995)(CP Verlag)
8752Magdom II (1985)(Mania-Soft)
8753MagerTris (2001)(Per Olofsson)
8754MagerTris 2K (2001)(Per Olofsson)
8755Maggotmania (1983)(Commodore)
8756Magic (19xx)(Macmillan Software)
8757Magic 6 (1998)(Loadstar)
8758Magic Ball (1995)(Biuro Informatyczno Wydawnicze)(pl)
8759Magic Balls (1993)(Humanoid Software)
8760Magic Bunny Hop (1986)(RUN-CW Communications)
8761Magic Candle, The (1991)(Mindcraft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
8762Magic Candle, The (1991)(Mindcraft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
8763Magic Candle, The (1991)(Mindcraft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
8764Magic Candle, The (1991)(Mindcraft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
8765Magic Candle, The v1.11 (1991)(Mindcraft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
8766Magic Candle, The v1.11 (1991)(Mindcraft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
8767Magic Carpet (1984)(ACE)
8768Magic Castle (1993)(Markt & Technik)
8769Magic Colors (1993)(Markt & Technik)
8770Magic Cube (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
8771Magic Events, The (1988)(Magic Disk)(de)
8772Magic Fields (1993)(CP Verlag)
8773Magic Flipper (19xx)(Load n Run)(es)
8774Magic Formula (19xx)(-)
8775Magic House (1987)(Esa Heino)(FI)
8776Magic Jigsaw (1983)(Granada Publishing)
8777Magic Johnsons Basketball (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)
8778Magic Journey, The (1984)(Slide Editions)
8779Magic Kristall, The (1990)(Peter Diehm)(de)
8780Magic Land (1985)(Philipp Koehn)
8781Magic Madness (1987)(Anco Software)
8782Magic Marbles (1986)(Ariolasoft)(de)
8783Magic Micro Mission (1984)(Quicksilva)
8784Magic Mouse in Goblin Land (1992)(CP Verlag)
8785Magic Pin (1989)(Commodore Disc)
8786Magic Poker 64 (1989)(CP Verlag)
8787Magic Rufus (1993)(Alternative Software)
8788Magic Serpent C64 (1991)(Software 2000)
8789Magic Spells (1984)(TLC)
8790Magic Square (19xx)(-)
8791Magic Stone (1984)(Audiogenic Software)
8792Magic Tile (19xx)(Kingsoft)
8793Magic of Endoria (1993)(German Design Group)
8794Magic-6 (1998)(J&F Publishing)
8795Magical Formula (1997)(Magna Media)
8796Magicans Ball (1985)(Global)
8797Magicans Maze (19xx)(-)
8798Magician (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
8799Magicians Apprentice, A (19xx)(-)
8800Magicians Ball, The (1985)(Global Software)
8801Magicians Maze (1984)(Interface Publications)
8802Magicland Dizzy (1990)(Codemasters)
8803Magiers Kugel, Des (1992)(CP Verlag)
8804Magische 100, Die (1985)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)(PD)
8805Magische Kubus (19xx)(-)(nl)
8806Magische Steine (1993)(Markt & Technik)(de)
8807Magnetic (1993)(CP Verlag)
8808Magnetic Ghost of Shadow Island, The (1985)(Dell Publishing)
8809Magnetic II - Rad Vibes (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
8810Magnetic III - The Disk Bust (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
8811Magnetron (1988)(Firebird Software)(Side A)
8812Magnetron (1988)(Firebird Software)(Side B)
8813Magnetron (1988)(Firebird)
8814Magnum (1988)(Bombjack)
8815Magnum Force (1987)(Eurosoft)
8816Magus, The (19xx)(Les Hogarth & Clive Wilson)
8817Magyk (2000)(TND Games)(FW)
8818Mah Gong - Special Edition (1998)(Computer Workshops)
8819Mah Jong (1991)(-)
8820Mah Jongg (1992)(Markt & Technik)
8821Mah-Jong (19xx)(-)
8822Mah-Jong v3 (1986)(Richard N. Smith)
8823Mahjong (1994)(Loadstar)
8824Mahjongg (19xx)(-)
8825Mail Order Monsters (1985)(Electronic Arts)
8826Main Frame (1988)(Actionsoft)
8827Majik (1988)(Mastertronic)
8828Major Indoor Soccer League (1987)(Mindscape)
8829Make Your Million (1987)(Mattmeg)
8830Malicious, The (1991)(FX Arcade)
8831Maltese Joe Plays 3-D Pool (1989)(Microprose Software)
8832Mama Llama (1985)(Llamasoft)
8833Mamallam (1986)(Llamasoft)
8834Mampfman (19xx)(Skorpion Software)(de)
8835Man Dont Get Angry (1999)(Ninja-Soft)
8836Man from N-10, The (1983)(Quantum Leap)
8837Manager (19xx)(-)(de)
8838Manager 64 (1988)(International Software)(de)
8839Manager, Der (1986)(Th. Wings)(de)
8840Mancala (1990)(Loadstar)
8841Manchester United (1990)(Krisalis Software)(M5)(Side A)
8842Manchester United (1990)(Krisalis Software)(M5)(Side B)
8843Manchester United (1990)(Krisalis Software)
8844Manchester United Europe (1991)(Krisalis Software)(M5)
8845Manchester United Europe v2.0 (1991)(Krisalis Software)
8846Mancopter (1984)(Datasoft)
8847Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(Disk 01 of 11)
8848Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(Disk 02 of 11)
8849Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(Disk 03 of 11)
8850Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(Disk 04 of 11)
8851Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(Disk 05 of 11)
8852Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(Disk 06 of 11)
8853Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(Disk 07 of 11)
8854Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(Disk 08 of 11)
8855Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(Disk 09 of 11)
8856Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(Disk 10 of 11)
8857Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(Disk 11 of 11)
8858Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(fr)(Side A)
8859Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)(fr)(Side B)
8860Mandragore (1985)(Infogrames)
8861Mandroid (1988)(CRL)
8862Manganoid (1997)(Timsoft)
8863Mangrove (1983)(Supersoft)
8864Manhunt (1994)(Loadstar)
8865Mania (19xx)(Lenguaje Maquina)(es)
8866Maniac Mansion (1987)(Lucasfilm Games)(Side A)
8867Maniac Mansion (1987)(Lucasfilm Games)(Side B)
8868Maniacs Computer Diary 1989 (1989)(Domark)
8869Maniax (1988)(Kingsoft)
8870Manic Miner (1983)(Software Projects)
8871Manilla (19xx)(-)
8872Mank (1988)(Axel)
8873Manky (19xx)(Omega120)
8874Manky Maze (2001)(Sado Masochism Software)(PD)
8875Mansion (1998)(Loadstar)
8876Mansion Quest (1992)(Atlas Adventure Software)
8877Manta IV, The (1992)(Carsten Keppler)(de)
8878Manta-Mania (1991)(CP Verlag)(de)
8879Map Quiz (19xx)(-)
8880Map-Race 2 (1996)(Trash Productions)
8881Maps 64 (1985)(Radarsoft)
8882Maps 64 - World (1984)(Radarsoft)
8883Marauder (1988)(Hewson)
8884Marauder II (19xx)(-)
8885Marble Madness (1986)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
8886Marble Madness (1986)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
8887Marble Madness (1986)(Electronic Arts)
8888Marble Madness - Secret Level (1986)(Electronic Arts)
8889Marble Mania (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
8890Marble Springs (1993)(CP Verlag)
8891Marbles (1987)(Compute!)
8892Mardromsplaneten (19xx)(-)
8893Margo (1990)(Commodore Disc)
8894Marie Celeste (1984)(Atlantis Software)
8895Marienbad (1988)(Loadstar)
8896Marines II (19xx)(Steve Evans)(it)
8897Mario (19xx)(-)(de)
8898Mario - Die unheimliche Mine (1985)(Markt & Technik)(en-de)
8899Mario Adventure (19xx)(AEG)
8900Mario Bros (1984)(Atari)
8901Mario Bros 2 (1987)(Thundersoft)
8902Mario Goes to Diamonds (1995)(Gabor Gaspar & AEG Soft)
8903Marios Brewery (1983)(Mr. Computer)
8904Mark Set Go! (1991)(CP Verlag)
8905Mark my Word (1993)(Loadstar)
8906Markanoid (2003)(-)(PD)
8907Marked Square (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
8908Market Crash (19xx)(Mike Flavel)
8909Market Place, The (1984)(Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation)
8910Marran Race (1984)(Interface Publications)
8911Mars (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side A)
8912Mars (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side B)
8913Mars (19xx)(Delton T. Horn)
8914Mars Lander (19xx)(-)
8915Mars Patrol (19xx)(-)
8916Mars Probe (19xx)(J.Green)
8917Mars Saga, The (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
8918Mars Saga, The (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
8919Mars Saga, The (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
8920Mars Saga, The (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
8921Marsdoll (19xx)(-)
8922Marsfighter (1991)(Commodore Disc)
8923Martian Attack (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
8924Martian Crusher (19xx)(-)
8925Martian Invation (19xx)(-)
8926Martian Monsters, The (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
8927Martian Prisoner (1983)(Compute!)
8928Marty Ball (19xx)(-)
8929Marz (19xx)(-)
8930Masarati (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
8931Mask (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side A)
8932Mask (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side B)
8933Mask (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
8934Mask - The Battle Continues (1992)(Champion Software)
8935Mask 2 (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
8936Mask 3 - Venom Strikes Back (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
8937Mask of the Sun, The (1984)(Broderbund)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
8938Mask of the Sun, The (1984)(Broderbund)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
8939Mask of the Sun, The (1984)(Broderbund)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
8940Mask of the Sun, The (1984)(Broderbund)(de)(Side A)
8941Mask of the Sun, The (1984)(Broderbund)(de)(Side B)
8942Mask of the Sun, The v2.1 (1984)(Broderbund)(Side A)
8943Mask of the Sun, The v2.1 (1984)(Broderbund)(Side B)
8944Masquerade (1984)(-)
8945Master Ball (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
8946Master Blast 89 (1989)(Disk User)
8947Master Blaster (19xx)(-)
8948Master Chess (1987)(Mastertronic)
8949Master Cutler (19xx)(-)
8950Master Digger (1986)(Multisoft)
8951Master Head (1992)(Sonix)(en-pl)
8952Master Krakout (19xx)(Andrew Green)
8953Master Mind (19xx)(-)(de)
8954Master Mind 89 (1989)(John M. Charroux)
8955Master Mind II - Master Mind vs the Mighty Brain (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
8956Master Ninja - Shadow Warrior of Death (19xx)(Paragon Software)(Side A)
8957Master Ninja - Shadow Warrior of Death (19xx)(Paragon Software)(Side B)
8958Master Of The Lamps (1985)(Activision)
8959Master Trivia (1984)(Cymbal Software)
8960Master Wrestling (1984)(-)
8961Master of Keyboard v1.0 (19xx)(Mr. Ballon & Lepsi Developments)
8962Master of Lambs (19xx)(-)
8963Master of Magic, The (1985)(Mastertronic)
8964Master of the Lamps (1985)(Activision)
8965MasterType Training Ground (1984)(Scaraborough Systems, )
8966Masterbagels 2001 (2001)(John M. Charroux)
8967Masterchess v1.2 (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)
8968Mastermind (19xx)(-)
8969Masterpiece (1984)(Brett G. Merriman)
8970Masters Concentration (1988)(Millhouse)
8971Masters of Time (1984)(Ariolasoft)(de)
8972Masters of the Universe (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
8973Masters of the Universe - Terraquake (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
8974Masters of the Universe - The Movie (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
8975Mastertype (1983)(Lightning Software)
8976Match (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
8977Match Blox (1986)(Compute!)
8978Match Box (2004)(Chronic Productions)
8979Match Boxes (1986)(Alpha Software)
8980Match Day (1986)(Ocean Software)
8981Match Day II (1987)(Ocean Software)
8982Match It 64 (1997)(Loadstar)
8983Match Maker - US Geography Facts (19xx)(-)
8984Match Mania (1989)(Compute!)
8985Match Mates (1984)(Interface Publications)
8986Match Me - If You Can (1988)(Loadstar)
8987Match Point (1984)(Psion)
8988Match Point - Super Bolea (1984)(Psion)(es)
8989Match Point - Tournament Tennis (1984)(Psion)
8990Match of the Day (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
8991Match, The (1990)(Cult Games)
8992Match-Em (1984)(Compute!)
8993Match-Wits (1984)(Softweaver)
8994Match-a-Thon (1993)(Compute!)
8995Matchblocks (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
8996Matchbox (1987)(Wicked Software)
8997Matchboxes (1983)(Broderbund)
8998Matcher (1985)(PowerPlay Magazine)
8999Matches (1987)(Loadstar)
9000Matchgame, The (1987)(Bombjack)
9001Matching Questions (19xx)(Jim Green)
9002Matchmaker (1984)(Compute!)
9003Matchmaker Game (1982)(Micro Spec)
9004Mate in Two (1998)(Loadstar)
9005Math Attack (1986)(Compute!)
9006Math Blaster (1983)(Davidson & Associates)(Side A)
9007Math Blaster (1983)(Davidson & Associates)(Side B)
9008Math Busters, The (1984)(Spinnaker Software)
9009Math Defender (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9010Math Dungeon (1984)(Compute!)
9011Math Encounters (1984)(Ellis Horwood)
9012Math Facts (1986)(Loadstar)
9013Math Master (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9014Math Match (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
9015Math Matcher (1991)(RUN-IDG Communications)
9016Math Mileage (1984)(CBS Software)
9017Math Puzzle (1987)(Loadstar)
9018Math Quiz (1983)(Lawrenceville Press)
9019Math Quiz! (19xx)(Brian Shaffer)
9020Math Scramble (1986)(RUN-CW Communications)
9021Math Whiz (1984)(Simon & Schuster)
9022Math Worksheet (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
9023Mathball (1996)(Loadstar)
9024Mathe mit Nico (1988)(Input 64)(de)
9025Mathe-Test II (1992)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
9026Mathers of the Universe (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
9027Mathquiz (1983)(RUN-CW Communications)
9028Maths Battle (19xx)(-)
9029Maths Grid (1986)(Alpha Software)
9030Maths Machine (1986)(Alpha Software)
9031Maths Marathon (19xx)(English Software)
9032Maths Tutor (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
9033Matita Magica (19xx)(Edicola)(it)
9034Matrix (1983)(Llamasoft)
9035Matrix Crown, The (1995)(Logyk Software)
9036Matrix Mania (1991)(Markt & Technik)
9037Matt Lucas - Florida Private Investigator (1987)(Players Software)
9038Mattel Classic Football (2001)(The Skull)
9039Matterhorn Screamer (1988)(Disney Software)
9040Matters of State (1985)(Loadstar)
9041Mau Mau (19xx)(-)
9042Mau-Mau (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
9043Mauern (19xx)(-)(de)
9044Maverick - Illegal Sector (19xx)(Angels)
9045Maverick - Pack (19xx)(Angels)
9046Max Headroom (1986)(Quicksilva)
9047Max Torque (1987)(Bubble Bus Software)
9048Maxi Golf (1984)(Adventure International)
9049Maxim (19xx)(-)(de)
9050Maximal (1986)(Input 64)(de)
9051Maximum Overdrive (1995)(Techno Tribal Designs)
9052Maxit (1981)(Cursor Magazine)
9053Maxwell Manor - Skull of Doom (1984)(Avalon Hill)
9054Maxx Out! - Coil Cop (19xx)(-)
9055May Involve Heavy Lifting (2001)(Ten Tonne Wasp)
9056Maya-Grab, Das (1986)(Input 64)(de)
9057Mayday (19xx)(Magic Disk)
9058Mayday Squad! (1989)(Tynesoft)
9059Mayhem (1983)(Mr. Micro)
9060Mayhem III (19xx)(Champion Software)
9061Mayhem in Monsterland (1993)(Apex)
9062Maze (19xx)(SYS PD)(sv)(PD)
9063Maze Chase (1986)(Alpha Softwar)
9064Maze Chase Again (1994)(Loadstar)
9065Maze Construction Set (19xx)(Chelsea)
9066Maze Creator (19xx)(-)
9067Maze Eater (1984)(Cascade Games)
9068Maze Games (19xx)(-)(de)
9069Maze Graze Game, The (1985)(Jorn Muhlenbruch)
9070Maze Hunter (1984)(Honksoft)
9071Maze Man (1990)(Loadstar)
9072Maze Mania (1989)(Hewson)
9073Maze Master (1983)(HesWare)
9074Maze Monsters (19xx)(Jimmy Lilly)
9075Maze Run (1989)(RUN-IDG Communications)
9076Maze Runner (19xx)(Chris Hogan)
9077Maze Solver (19xx)(Paul Carlson)
9078Maze Tag (1997)(Loadstar)
9079Maze of Doom, The (1995)(The Skull)
9080Maze of Nogard (19xx)(Tentaclesoft)
9081Maze, The (19xx)(Matthew Hill)
9082Maze-Builder (1984)(Commodore User)
9083Maze-Maker (1984)(Mastertronic)
9084Maze-Wandern (19xx)(-)(de)
9085Mazer (1992)(CP Verlag)
9086MazezaM (2004)(Ventzislav Tzvetkov)
9087Maziacs (1984)(DK Tronics)
9088Mazium (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
9089Mazium II - Warp into the Danger Zone (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
9090Mazium III - Drugs=Death (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
9091Mazium IV (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
9092Mazo (1988)(Ferex-DAI)
9093Mc Rat (1998)(Loadstar)
9094McDonald Land (1992)(Virgin Games)(Side A)
9095McDonald Land (1992)(Virgin Games)(Side B)
9096Mean Car (1994)(Cherry Software)
9097Mean City (1987)(Quicksilva)
9098Mean Machine (1991)(Codemasters)
9099Mean Streak (1987)(Mirrorsoft)
9100Mean Streets (1989)(Access Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
9101Mean Streets (1989)(Access Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
9102Mean Streets (1989)(Access Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
9103Mean Streets (1989)(Access Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
9104Mean Streets (1989)(Access Software)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
9105Mean Streets (1989)(Access Software)
9106Mecanico, El (19xx)(-)(es)
9107Mech Brigade (1985)(SSI)
9108Mechanicus (1991)(CP Verlag)
9109Medeklinkers (1988)(Radarsoft)(nl)
9110Mediator (1986)(English Software)
9111Medical Daffy-Nitions (19xx)(Loadstar)
9112Medicine Man, The (1982)(Magic Carpet Software)
9113Medieval Adventure (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
9114Medieval Lords (1991)(SSI)(Side A)
9115Medieval Lords (1991)(SSI)(Side B)
9116Medusas Cave (1988)(Magimax Inc.)
9117Medusas Lair (19xx)(Eddie Chapman)
9118Mega Apocalypse (1987)(Martech Games)
9119Mega Ball (19xx)(-)
9120Mega Blast 90 (1990)(Disk User)
9121Mega Blast Part III (1990)(Precision Designs)
9122Mega Corp (1987)(Dinamic Software)(es)
9123Mega Cross (1989)(Settimana Games-Edigamma)(it)
9124Mega Force (1994)(Future Publishing)
9125Mega Hawkeye (19xx)(Boys without Brains)
9126Mega Letter (1988)(-)
9127Mega Molecules (1997)(Commodore Scene)
9128Mega Paratrooper (1990)(CP Verlag)(de)
9129Mega Phoenix (1991)(Dinamic Software)
9130Mega Poing (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
9131Mega Spaceboy 3D (1984)(Mastertronic)
9132Mega Starforce - Return to the Great Star (1993)(CP Verlag)
9133Mega Starforce Remix (1994)(X-Ample)
9134Mega Strike (1999)(Binary Zone)(PD)
9135Mega Thrusterball (1994)(Loadstar)
9136Mega Turbo 3D (1984)(Mastertronic)
9137Mega Worm (19xx)(P. Trading)
9138Mega-Adventure (1991)(Compute!)
9139Mega-Apocalypse (1987)(Martech Games)
9140Mega-Pathal (1989)(Jurgen Graser)
9141Megabike (1984)(ABC Soft)
9142Megabould (1989)(-)
9143Megabrain (1996)(Cybertech)
9144Megadoobrie (1988)(Sabsoft)
9145Megaeroe (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
9146Megahawk (1984)(Big G)
9147Megamania (19xx)(-)
9148Megamania 64 (2002)(Padua)
9149Megamax (1990)(CP Verlag)
9150Megamolecules (1997)(-)
9151Meganium (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
9152Meganova (1988)(Dinamic Software)(Disk 1 of 3)
9153Meganova (1988)(Dinamic Software)(Disk 2 of 3)
9154Meganova (1988)(Dinamic Software)(Disk 3 of 3)
9155Meganova (1988)(Dinamic Software)
9156Meganova - Part 1 (1988)(Dinamic Software)(en-es)
9157Megatherium (1988)(Ronny Oretap)
9158Megawarz (1984)(Paramount)
9159Megazone (19xx)(-)
9160Melee - The Battle Boardgame (1993)(Mnemonic Productions)
9161Melissa (1987)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
9162Melonmania (1986)(Interceptor Micros)
9163Melt Down (2000)(Binary Zone)(PD)
9164Memeer Chip Nibbel (19xx)(Radarsoft)(nl)
9165Memofix (1986)(Input 64)(de)
9166Memologie (1995)(CP Verlag)
9167Memomania (1995)(Marex)
9168Memorix (1992)(Byte Brothers)
9169Memorix II (1996)(Byte Brothers)
9170Memory (1991)(Commodore Disc)
9171Memory Bank (19xx)(J. Seelt)
9172Memory Building Blocks (1986)(Sunburst)
9173Memory Challenge (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
9174Memory II - The Saga Continues (1994)(Pocok-Lethargy)
9175Memory Manor (1984)(Fisher Price)
9176Memory Prime (19xx)(-)
9177Memory Tiles (1989)(RUN-IDG Communications)
9178Memult (1992)(Markt & Technik)(de)
9179Menace (1989)(Psygnosis)(Side A)
9180Menace (1989)(Psygnosis)(Side B)
9181Menace (1989)(Psygnosis)
9182Menage, The (19xx)(-)
9183Mendips Stone (19xx)(-)
9184Mens Erger Je Niet (19xx)(-)(nl)
9185Mensch aergere Dich nicht (1984)(Markt & Technik)(de)
9186Mental Blocks (1989)(Accolade)
9187Mental Kombat (19xx)(-)
9188Mental Moons (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
9189Mente Aliena Parte I Straniero in Terra (1986)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
9190Mente Aliena Parte II Astronave Nemica (1986)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
9191Mercenaries (1989)(Starsoft)
9192Mercenary (1985)(Novagen Software)
9193Mercenary - Escape from Targ (1985)(Novagen Software)
9194Mercenary - Flucht von Targ (1985)(Novagen Software)(de)
9195Mercenary 2 - The Second City (1986)(Novagen Software)
9196Merchant (1996)(Timsoft)
9197Mercs (1991)(U.S. Gold)
9198Mercurious (1984)(Tronic)
9199Mergee (1993)(Compute!)
9200Merkki - Maker (1984)(Jose Gronstrand)(FI)
9201Merlin (1992)(Michael Hunt)
9202Merlin the Grand Wizard (1992)(Champion Software)
9203Merlyn (1984)(PowerPlay Magazine)
9204Mermaid Madness (1986)(Electric Dreams)
9205Merry Christmas (1984)(Melbourne House)
9206Meta-Pin (19xx)(-)
9207Metabolis (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)
9208Metagalactic Llamas (1984)(Llamasoft)
9209Metagalactic Llamas - Battle at the Edge of Time (1984)(Llamasoft)
9210Metal (1987)(The Animal)
9211Metal Ball (1987)(Input 64)(de)
9212Metal Force (1989)(CP Verlag)
9213Metal Gear (1990)(Konami)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
9214Metal Gear (1990)(Konami)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
9215Metal Gear (1990)(Konami)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
9216Metal Gear (1990)(Konami)(Side A)
9217Metal Gear (1990)(Konami)(Side B)
9218Metal Gear (1990)(Konami)
9219Metal Warrior (1999)(Electric Harem)(PD)
9220Metal Warrior 2 (1999)(Electric Harem)(PD)
9221Metal Warrior 2 v1.1 (1999)(Electric Harem)
9222Metal Warrior 2 v1.2 (1999)(Electric Harem)(PD)
9223Metal Warrior 3 (2001)(Electric Harem)
9224Metal Warrior 3 v1.1 (2001)(Electric Harem)(PD)
9225Metal Warrior 4 - Agents of Metal (2003)(Electric Harem)(Side A)
9226Metal Warrior 4 - Agents of Metal (2003)(Electric Harem)(Side B)
9227Metal Warrior 4 - Agents of Metal (2003)(Electric Harem)
9228Metal Warrior v1.2 (1999)(Electric Harem)
9229Metal Warrior v1.3 (1999)(Electric Harem)(PD)
9230Metal Wars (19xx)(Inarix)
9231Metalcrunchers (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
9232Metallien II, The (1995)(Universal Soft)
9233Metallien, The (1988)(Universal Soft)
9234Metalmaze (1996)(Loadstar)
9235Metamorphosis 2 - Attack on Cyglorx (1983)(Mogul Communications)
9236Metamorphosis 3 - The Creators Revenge (1983)(Mogul Communications)
9237Metamorphosis 4 - Labyrinth of the Creator (1983)(Mogul Communications)
9238Metaplex (1988)(Prism Leisure)
9239Meteor (19xx)(Scott Peterson)
9240Meteor Dodge (1989)(RUN-IDG Communications)
9241Meteor Madness (1983)(Softplus)
9242Meteor Math (1991)(Compute!)
9243Meteor Poks (19xx)(Tomi Malinen)
9244Meteor Run (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9245Meteor Shower (1984)(Interface Publications)
9246Meteor Storm (19xx)(-)
9247Meteor Strike (1986)(Compute!)
9248Meteoriten (1983)(Kristian Kohntopp)(de)
9249Meteors (19xx)(Tomi Malinen)(FI)
9250Methodos (1993)(CP Verlag)
9251Metranaut (19xx)(Dave Broadhurst)
9252Metro Blitz (1983)(Cymbal Software)
9253Metro-Cross (1987)(U.S. Gold)
9254Metron (1987)(ECP)
9255Metropolis (1989)(Topo Soft)
9256Metropolitana (1989)(Settimana Games-Edigamma)(it)
9257Mezzi da Guerra (1989)(Settimana Games-Edigamma)(it)
9258Miami Chase (1991)(Codemasters)
9259Miami Dice (1986)(Bug-Byte)
9260Miami Ice (1986)(Compute!)
9261Miami Vice (1989)(Ocean Software)
9262Miami Vice - The Adventure Part I (1992)(Matthias Klein)
9263Mice (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
9264Mice Mania (19xx)(I. Gray)
9265Mice Mania - Murray Mouse Super-Cop (1992)(Codemasters)
9266Mice Race (19xx)(Caesar Software)
9267Michael Jordan vs Larry Bird - One on One (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
9268Michael Jordan vs Larry Bird - One on One (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
9269Michaels Puzzles (1993)(Loadstar)
9270Mickey Mouse (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
9271Mickey Mouse Space Adventure (1988)(Sierra)
9272Mickeys Runaway Zoo (1991)(Walt Disney Company)
9273Mico (1985)(Kevin Kieller & John Traynor)(it)
9274Micro Ball (19xx)(Alligata Software)
9275Micro City (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9276Micro Drivin (19xx)(Softel)
9277Micro Fighter (2000)(Arts of Darkness)
9278Micro Flight Simulator (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9279Micro Golf (1989)(Settimana Games-Edigamma)(it)
9280Micro MUD (1988)(Virgin Games)(Side A)
9281Micro MUD (1988)(Virgin Games)(Side B)
9282Micro Maths (19xx)(-)
9283Micro Mouse (1989)(Lothlorien)
9284Micro Mouse Goes Debugging (1989)(Lothlorien)
9285Micro Olympics (1984)(A&F Software)
9286Micro Painter (1987)(Players Software)
9287Micro Rescue (1985)(Interceptor Micros)
9288Micro Scrabble (1984)(Leisure Genius)(fr)
9289Micro-MUD - Multi User Dungeon (1988)(Virgin Games)(Side A)
9290Micro-MUD - Multi User Dungeon (1988)(Virgin Games)(Side B)
9291Micro-Man!!! (1988)(Scarzix)
9292Micro-Mouse (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
9293Micro-Tetris (19xx)(-)
9294MicroLeague - WWF Wrestling (1988)(Microprose Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
9295MicroLeague Baseball (1984)(Microleague Sports)(Disk 1 of 5 Side A)
9296MicroLeague Baseball (1984)(Microleague Sports)(Disk 1 of 5 Side B)
9297MicroLeague Baseball (1984)(Microleague Sports)(Disk 2 of 5 Side A)
9298MicroLeague Baseball (1984)(Microleague Sports)(Disk 2 of 5 Side B)
9299MicroLeague Baseball (1984)(Microleague Sports)(Disk 3 of 5 Side A)
9300MicroLeague Baseball (1984)(Microleague Sports)(Disk 3 of 5 Side B)
9301MicroLeague Baseball (1984)(Microleague Sports)(Disk 4 of 5 Side A)
9302MicroLeague Baseball (1984)(Microleague Sports)(Disk 4 of 5 Side B)
9303MicroLeague Baseball (1984)(Microleague Sports)(Disk 5 of 5 Side A)
9304MicroLeague Baseball (1984)(Microleague Sports)(Disk 5 of 5 Side B)
9305MicroLeague Baseball - Box Score - Stats Compiler Disk (1986)(Microleague Sports)
9306MicroLeague Baseball - General Manager - Owner Disk (1985)(Microleague Sports)
9307MicroLeague Baseball II (1990)(Microleague Sports)
9308MicroLeague Football (1990)(Microleague Sports)
9309Microaddition (1983)(Hayden Software)
9310Microball (1989)(Alternative Software)
9311Microball 2 (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
9312Microball 3 (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
9313Microball 4 (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
9314Microball 5 (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
9315Microchess #3 (1983)(Norgayer Software)
9316Microcosm (1986)(Firebird Software)
9317Microdeal Shuttle (1983)(Microdeal)
9318Microdot (1989)(Commodore Disc)
9319Microfilm (19xx)(Mike Davis)
9320Microgo (19xx)(-)
9321Microprose Soccer (1988)(Microprose Software)(Side A)
9322Microprose Soccer (1988)(Microprose Software)(Side B)
9323Microprose Soccer (1988)(Microprose Software)
9324Microprose Soccer - European & Indoor (1988)(Microprose Software)
9325Microprose Soccer - European & Regular & Indoor (1988)(Microprose Software)
9326Microprose Soccer - Six-A-Side Chalenge Indoor (1988)(Microprose Software)
9327Microprose Soccer - Six-a-Side (1988)(Microprose Software)
9328Microprose Soccer Italy 90 (1990)(Chris Yates & AEG Soft)
9329Microprose Soccer Korea-Japan 2002 (2002)(Chris Yates & AEG Soft)
9330Microprose Soccer USA 94 (1994)(Chris Yates & AEG Soft)
9331Mid, A - Hallow Nights Scream (1993)(Groovy Hoof Software)
9332Middle Earth Quiz (1984)(Loadstar)
9333Midge-Man (1984)(Markt & Technik)
9334Midnight Patrol (1988)(-)
9335Midnight Resistance (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
9336Midnight Resistance (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
9337Midnight Resistance (1990)(Ocean Software)
9338Midway Campaign (1980)(Avalon Hill)
9339Midway Campaign - Die Schlacht um Midway (1985)(Martin Hosak)(de)
9340Midway Command (1993)(Compute!)
9341Miecze Valdigira II (1995)(Timsoft)(pl)
9342Mig Alley Ace (1985)(MicroProse)
9343Mig-29 - Soviet Fighter (1989)(Codemasters)
9344Might and Magic (1987)(Activision)(cr Hotline)
9345Might and Magic - Book One Secret of the Inner Sanctum (1988)(New World Computing)(Side A)
9346Might and Magic - Book One Secret of the Inner Sanctum (1988)(New World Computing)(Side B)
9347Might and Magic Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum v2.0 (1987)(New World Computing)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
9348Might and Magic Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum v2.0 (1987)(New World Computing)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
9349Might and Magic Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum v2.0 (1987)(New World Computing)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
9350Might and Magic Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum v2.0 (1987)(New World Computing)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
9351Might and Magic Book Two - Gates to Another World (1989)(New World Computing)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
9352Might and Magic Book Two - Gates to Another World (1989)(New World Computing)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
9353Might and Magic Book Two - Gates to Another World (1989)(New World Computing)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
9354Might and Magic Book Two - Gates to Another World (1989)(New World Computing)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
9355Might and Magic Book Two - Gates to Another World (1989)(New World Computing)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
9356Might and Magic Book Two - Gates to Another World (1989)(New World Computing)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
9357Mighty Bombjack (1991)(Elite)
9358Mighty Mike (1995)(Alexander McDermott)
9359Mike Gunner (1988)(Dinamic Software)(es)
9360Mike Reads Computer Pop Quiz (1989)(Elite)
9361Mike Reads Pop Quiz (1986)(Elite)
9362Mike the Cave-Man (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
9363Mikie (1986)(Imagine Software)
9364Milestones (1990)(Softgold)(Side A)
9365Milestones (1990)(Softgold)(Side B)
9366Military Coup (19xx)(-)
9367Miljoonakeikka (1989)(T&F Software)(FI)
9368Milk Race (1987)(Mastertronic)
9369Milk Run (1991)(Compute!)
9370Milky Weigh (19xx)(Big Pat)
9371Mill Mania (19xx)(CP Verlag)
9372Mille Borne (19xx)(Roy Batty)
9373Mille Bornes (1993)(Compute!)
9374Mille Miglia (19xx)(-)
9375Millenium Shblib (2000)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
9376Millenium Warriors (1989)(First Star Software)
9377Millennium Assault (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
9378Millennium Shblib (2000)(Binary Zone)(PD)
9379Milliardaer (19xx)(Manfred Komling)(de)
9380Millibug (1983)(DK Tronics)
9381Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist, The (1991)(Dorothy Millard)
9382Millionaer (1979)(Gunter Fassl)(de)
9383Millionaire - The Stock Market Simulation (1984)(Blue Chip Software)
9384Millo Bixo (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
9385Mimi la Fourmie (1985)(Logidisque)(fr)
9386Minas Gundur (1986)(Tronic)(de)
9387Mind Boggle (1984)(Compute!)
9388Mind Control (1984)(Mastertronic)
9389Mind Control - Zycos Brain (1984)(Mastertronic)
9390Mind Fighter (19xx)(Abstract)
9391Mind Games (1988)(Commodore Disc)
9392Mind Maze (1994)(Electric Boys)
9393Mind Mirror (1986)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
9394Mind Mirror (1986)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
9395Mind Mirror (1986)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
9396Mind Over Electrons (1983)(Granada Publishing)
9397Mind Prober (1984)(Human Edge Software)
9398Mind Pursuit (1986)(Datasoft)(Side A)
9399Mind Pursuit (1986)(Datasoft)(Side B)
9400Mind Quiz (1984)(Melbourne House)
9401Mind Stretchers (1990)(Virgin Games)
9402Mind Warp (1983)(Euro-Byte)
9403Mind-Stretchers (1990)(Leisure Genius)
9404Mindbender (1987)(Loadstar)
9405Mindboggle (1992)(Compute!)
9406Mindbreaker (1991)(CP Verlag)
9407Mindbusters (1985)(Compute!)
9408Mindfighter (1988)(Abstract)
9409Mindless Adventure (19xx)(Champion Software)
9410Mindroll (1988)(Epyx)
9411Mindshadow (1985)(Activision)(Side A)
9412Mindshadow (1985)(Activision)(Side B)
9413Mindshadow (1985)(Activision)
9414Mindsmear (19xx)(-)
9415Mindtrap (1989)(Mastertronic)
9416Mindwarp (1987)(Centuri-Soft)
9417Mindwheel (1985)(Synapse Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
9418Mindwheel (1985)(Synapse Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
9419Mindwheel (1985)(Synapse Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
9420Mine Canyon (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9421Mine Field (1990)(MSC)
9422Mine Sweeper (1989)(Compute!)
9423Mine Sweeper 9000 (2002)(Samar)
9424Mine Zone (19xx)(-)
9425Minefield (1983)(Compute!)
9426Minefield v1 (19xx)(-)
9427Minefield v2 (19xx)(-)
9428Minefields (19xx)(C. Cemper)
9429Minenfeld (19xx)(-)(de)
9430Miner (1991)(Compute!)
9431Miner 2049er (1982)(Big Five Software)
9432Miner 2049er (1983)(U.S. Gold)
9433Miner 64 (1987)(Wicked Software)
9434Miner! (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
9435Miner! 1998 (1998)(The Skull & Ron Longfellow)
9436Miner-1861 (1985)(-)
9437Minero Loco (19xx)(-)(es)
9438Mines (19xx)(-)
9439Mines of Merlin (1988)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9440Mines of Saturn (1983)(Saturn Developments)
9441Mines! (1995)(The Eagle)
9442Minesweep v2.0 (2002)(Zarko Zivanov)
9443Minesweeper (1993)(Compute!)
9444Minesweeper 64 (1993)(Erik Engdahl)
9445Mini Boulder (19xx)(Peter Thierolf)
9446Mini Boulder - Antics (1987)(Rainbow Arts)
9447Mini Breakout (1987)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
9448Mini Golf (1987)(Capcom)
9449Mini Racers (1990)(Jack-A-Lantern Software)
9450Mini Schach (19xx)(-)(de)
9451Mini Zork I (1987)(Infocom)
9452Mini-Adventure Kit (19xx)(Horizon Press)
9453Mini-Dash (1986)(Zzap! 64)
9454Mini-Golf (1988)(Magic Bytes)
9455Mini-Mancala (1984)(Wesley Publishers Ltd.)
9456Mini-Munch (1994)(Electric Boys)
9457Mini-Putt (1987)(Accolade)(Side A)
9458Mini-Putt (1987)(Accolade)(Side B)
9459Mini-Tris (1990)(Markt & Technik)
9460Mini-Zork I - The Great Underground Empire (1988)(Infocom)
9461Miniature Golf (19xx)(-)
9462Minidium (1986)(Jukka Tapanimaki)
9463Minima (2001)(Robin Harbron)
9464Mining (1989)(Markt & Technik)
9465Minipedes (1984)(Anirog Software)
9466Minit Man (1984)(Penguin Software)
9467Minitron (1995)(CP Verlag)
9468Minnesota Fats Pool Challenger (1983)(HesWare)
9469Minotaur Master-Mind (1984)(Melbourne House)
9470Minotaur Maze (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9471Minotaurus (19xx)(Gunter Fassl)(de)
9472Minotax (19xx)(Multisoft)
9473Minoton (19xx)(-)
9474Minute Magic (1986)(Bill Budge)
9475Minz (19xx)(-)
9476Miraggio (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
9477Mirror Image (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
9478Miscellix (1989)(Settimana Games-Edigamma)(it)
9479Miser (1981)(Cursor Magazine)
9480Miser, The (19xx)(River Software)
9481Misfortune (1994)(Bad Bytes)
9482Mision X (1985)(Lenguaje Maquina)(es)
9483Miss All Nude America (1985)(Brilliant Software)
9484Miss Ania Mind (1992)(AEC)
9485Miss Marple (1985)(Andre K. Euler)(de)
9486Miss Milligan (1998)(Loadstar)
9487Miss Mind (1992)(NSG)
9488Miss Mind Ania (1992)(ABC Soft)
9489Missile Base (19xx)(-)
9490Missile Blasta (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
9491Missile Busters (1999)(TND Games)(FW)
9492Missile Busters 2 (2000)(TND Games)(FW)
9493Missile Busters 2 - Special Edition (2000)(TND Games)(FW)
9494Missile Command (1990)(CP Verlag)
9495Missile Defender (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
9496Missile Math (1984)(Compute!)
9497Missing Letters (1985)(Tab Books)
9498Missing Links (1983)(HesWare)
9499Missing Panel (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
9500Missing in Action (1992)(Champion Software)
9501Mission (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Side A)
9502Mission (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Side B)
9503Mission 1 - Project Volcano (1983)(Mission Software)
9504Mission 2 - Project Gibraltar (1984)(Mission Software)
9505Mission AD (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)
9506Mission Assault (1986)(-)
9507Mission Asteroid (1983)(Sierra Online)
9508Mission Cobra 2006 (2003)(-)
9509Mission Egg (1988)(CP Verlag)
9510Mission Elevator (1986)(Eurogold)
9511Mission Genocide (1988)(Silverbird Software)
9512Mission II (1990)(Markt & Technik)
9513Mission Impossible (1981)(Commodore)
9514Mission Impossibubble (1989)(Hewson)
9515Mission Jonathan (1985)(Brilliant Software)(de)
9516Mission Jupiter (1988)(John Airey)
9517Mission Monday (1988)(Binary Zone)(PD)
9518Mission Mortale (19xx)(-)(it)
9519Mission Nada (1992)(CP Verlag)
9520Mission Omega (1986)(Mind Games)
9521Mission POW (1992)(Jason Cox)
9522Mission Possible (19xx)(-)
9523Mission Transmiter (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)
9524Mission X (1992)(Atlas Adventure Software)
9525Mission X-2 (1988)(Markt & Technik)
9526Mission im All (19xx)(Thomas Ullrich)(de)
9527Mission of Life (19xx)(Tommi Koistinen)(FI)
9528Mission on Thunderhead (1985)(Avalon Hill)
9529Missioncode CX-13 (1986)(Paravision Company)
9530Missione Mistero (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
9531Missione Odessa (1986)(Paolo Giorgi)(it)
9532Missione Recupero (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
9533Missione Suicida (1986)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
9534Missione a Bangkok (1987)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
9535Misson Elevator (1986)(Eurogold)
9536Mister Boa (19xx)(Editoriale Video)(it)
9537Mister Hero (19xx)(Zach Townsend)(it)
9538Mister Mailman (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
9539Mister Mind (19xx)(-)
9540Mistero a Villa Martini (19xx)(-)(it)
9541Mistero della Piramide, Il (19xx)(Enrico Ragaini)(it)
9542Mistero di Zambesi Waters, Il (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
9543Misthunderennen (19xx)(-)(de)
9544Misty Island (1994)(Dorothy Millard)
9545Mit Jeans & Hellebarde - Vor dem Sturm (1988)(Electronic Design)(de)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
9546Mit Jeans & Hellebarde - Vor dem Sturm (1988)(Electronic Design)(de)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)
9547Mit Jeans & Hellebarde - Vor dem Sturm (1988)(Electronic Design)(de)(Disk 2 of 4 Side A)
9548Mit Jeans & Hellebarde - Vor dem Sturm (1988)(Electronic Design)(de)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)
9549Mit Jeans & Hellebarde - Vor dem Sturm (1988)(Electronic Design)(de)(Disk 3 of 4 Side A)
9550Mit Jeans & Hellebarde - Vor dem Sturm (1988)(Electronic Design)(de)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)
9551Mit Jeans & Hellebarde - Vor dem Sturm (1988)(Electronic Design)(de)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)
9552Mit Jeans & Hellebarde - Vor dem Sturm (1988)(Electronic Design)(de)(Disk 4 of 4 Side B)
9553Miti-Pac (1983)(Michael Tischer)(de)
9554Mittelamerika-Krise (1990)(Multisoft)(de)
9555Mix (1985)(Balazs Almasi)
9556Mixed Street (1986)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
9557Mobster (1987)(Commodore Disc)
9558Moby Dick (1983)(Cymbal Software)
9559Mocsar Harcosa, A (19xx)(-)
9560Mocsar Harcosa, A - Fighter of the Marsh (19xx)(-)
9561Model Builder (1985)(Creative Sparks)
9562Modem Chess (19xx)(Bobby Smith)
9563Modem Flag Hunt (1994)(Loadstar)
9564Modem Wars (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
9565Modem Wars (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
9566Modem Wars (1988)(Electronic Arts)
9567Modulus (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
9568Moebius (19xx)(Infinitive Games)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
9569Moebius (19xx)(Infinitive Games)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
9570Moebius (19xx)(Infinitive Games)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
9571Moebius (19xx)(Infinitive Games)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
9572Moebius (19xx)(Infinitive Games)
9573Moebius - The Orb of Celestial Harmony (1987)(Origin Systems)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
9574Moebius - The Orb of Celestial Harmony (1987)(Origin Systems)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
9575Moebius - The Orb of Celestial Harmony (1987)(Origin Systems)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
9576Moebius - The Orb of Celestial Harmony (1987)(Origin Systems)
9577Moerderjagd (1984)(Martin Bormann)(de)
9578Mogeln (1983)(Sytntax Magazin)(de)
9579Mole Attack (1983)(Brookfield Software)(nl)
9580Mole Attack Max (1982)(Commodore)
9581Molecule Man (1986)(Mastertronic)
9582Monday Night Football (1990)(Data East)(Side A)
9583Monday Night Football (1990)(Data East)(Side B)
9584Mondflug (1983)(Nikolaj Georgiew)(de)
9585Mondial Simulation 1990 (1990)(Fashion Design)(it)
9586Mondiale (1991)(-)(it)
9587Mondiale 86 (1986)(Andrew Spencer)(it)
9588Mondlandung (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
9589Mondo Wordo (1996)(Loadstar)
9590Mondo Wordo II - Knees Calhoons Revenge (1996)(Loadstar)
9591Mondus Fight Palace (1990)(Activision)(Side A)
9592Mondus Fight Palace (1990)(Activision)(Side B)
9593Money Games (1987)(RUN-CW Communications)
9594Money Grabber (1986)(Alpha Software)
9595Money Mad (19xx)(-)
9596Money Wars (1982)(Commodore)
9597Moneybags (1983)(Phoenix Publishing Associates)
9598Monkey Business (1986)(Learning Technologies)
9599Monkey Magic (1984)(Solar Software)
9600Monkey Match (1998)(Loadstar)
9601Monkey See, Monkey Spell (1984)(Hayden Software)
9602Monkey Street (19xx)(Commodore Live)(de)
9603Monkeymath (1983)(Artworx Software)
9604Monkeys and Coconuts (1995)(Loadstar)
9605Monolith (19xx)(-)
9606Monolith Tank (19xx)(ECP)
9607Monopol (1984)(Markt & Technik)(de)
9608Monopole (1983)(Rabbit Software)
9609Monopole CBM-64 (1983)(Rabbit Software)
9610Monopole Ultra (19xx)(Richard Park)
9611Monopoli (19xx)(Unisoft)(it)
9612Monopoly (19xx)(-)
9613Monopoly 84 (1984)(-)(de)
9614Monopoly CBM-64 (19xx)(John OHare)(DE-NL)
9615Monopoly Deluxe (1988)(Leisure Genius)
9616Monopoly Deluxe Cheat Machine (1988)(Leisure Genius)
9617Monopoly Special (19xx)(Stephan Berendsen & Frank Kitzing)(de)
9618Monopoly v2.2 (19xx)(Dave J. Bride)
9619Monopool (1984)(Markt & Technik)(de)
9620Monorotia (1985)(Edicola)(it)
9621Monster (19xx)(-)
9622Monster Attack (1983)(Siren)(de)
9623Monster Mash (1993)(Future Publishing)
9624Monster Mash II (19xx)(Jonathan Wells)
9625Monster Munch (1983)(Atlantis Software)
9626Monster Panic (1983)(Binary Zone)(PD)
9627Monster Power (1996)(Loadstar)
9628Monster Smash (1984)(Datamost)
9629Monster Squad (19xx)(Ace Games)
9630Monster Station (19xx)(Paul Browne)
9631Monster Station II (19xx)(Paul Browne)
9632Monster Walk (1983)(Beister Software)(de)
9633Monsters & Magic (1983)(Prickly Pear Software)
9634Monsters (19xx)(-)(de)
9635Monsters 64 (1984)(Richard Smith)
9636Monsters of the Deep (19xx)(-)
9637Monsters! (1991)(Commodore Disc)
9638Monstrum (1994)(Mirage)
9639Montana (1983)(Ponzo-Waterloo)
9640Monte Carlo (1987)(Compute!)
9641Monte Carlo Casino (1989)(Codemasters)
9642Montezuma (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
9643Montezumas Revenge (1984)(Parker Brothers)
9644Montrix (1991)(CP Verlag)
9645Monty Cruiser (19xx)(Vincenzo Mainolfi)
9646Monty Mole (1984)(Gremlin)
9647Monty Mole - Buscador, El (1984)(Gremlin Graphics)(es)
9648Monty Plays Scrabble (1984)(Leisure Genius)
9649Monty Pythons Flying Circus (1990)(Virgin Games)(Side A)
9650Monty Pythons Flying Circus (1990)(Virgin Games)(Side B)
9651Monty Pythons Flying Circus (1990)(Virgin Games)
9652Monty on the Run (1993)(Gremlin Graphics)
9653Mood 3 (1998)(NoName)
9654Moon (19xx)(-)
9655Moon Base (1986)(Commodore Magazine)
9656Moon Base Alpha (1982)(Bruce Robinson)
9657Moon Bug (1982)(AID)
9658Moon Buggy (1983)(Anirog)
9659Moon Buggy! (1983)(Anirog Software)
9660Moon Caves (19xx)(-)
9661Moon Ceti (1988)(Bubble Bus Software)
9662Moon Cresta (1985)(Incentive Software)
9663Moon Crisis 1999 (1987)(Raysoft)
9664Moon Crystal (19xx)(A. Jervis)
9665Moon Crystals (1988)(CRL)
9666Moon Dust (1983)(Creative Software)
9667Moon Fall (1991)(21st Century)
9668Moon Force (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
9669Moon Lander (1984)(Loadstar)
9670Moon Madness (1999)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
9671Moon Patrol (19xx)(-)
9672Moon Raider (1988)(Russell Wallace)
9673Moon Shuttle (1983)(Datasoft)
9674Moon Strike (1988)(C.P. & J.J. Gosoen)
9675Moon Strooll (19xx)(-)
9676MoonShadow (1991)(Idea Software)(it)
9677Moonball (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
9678Moonbase (1987)(Wicked Software)
9679Moonbase 4 (1995)(-)
9680Moonbase 64 (1987)(Commodore Disc)
9681Moonbase Delta (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
9682Moonbeamer (1987)(-)
9683Moondog (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9684Moonfall (1991)(21st Century)
9685Moonfall - Keycodes (1991)(21st Century)
9686Moonflight I (1991)(Commodore Disc)
9687Moonlander (19xx)(-)
9688Moonlight Zone, The (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
9689Moonlit Tower, The v1.0 (2002)(Yoon Ha Lee)(Side A)
9690Moonlit Tower, The v1.0 (2002)(Yoon Ha Lee)(Side B)
9691Moonmist (1986)(Infocom)
9692Moonpatrol II (19xx)(-)
9693Moonracer (1990)(CP Verlag)
9694Moonraid (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
9695Moonrake (19xx)(Matoga Software)
9696Moonraker (1992)(Loadstar)
9697Moonraker Patrol (1984)(J. & J. Gilmour)
9698Moons (1992)(Markt & Technik)
9699Moonshadow (1988)(Ocean Software)
9700Moonsweeper (1984)(Imagic)
9701Moontorc (1991)(Atlantis Software)
9702Moonwalker - The Computer Game (1989)(U.S. Gold)
9703Moord in het Flatgebouw (19xx)(Speedy Software)(nl)
9704Mopper (1992)(Pal Developments)
9705Moptown Hotel (1984)(TLC)
9706Moptown Parade (1984)(TLC)
9707Mord an Bord (1986)(Ariolasoft)(Side A)
9708Mord an Bord (1986)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side B)
9709Morder (19xx)(Multisoft)(de)
9710Mordons Quest (1985)(Melbourne House)
9711Mordsache Larue (1987)(International Software)(de)
9712Morfix (1995)(Imaic)
9713Morgash Chronicles, The - Part Five - The Eternal Darkness (19xx)(DOD)
9714Morgash Chronicles, The - Part Four - Crisis in Washington (19xx)(DOD)
9715Morgash Chronicles, The - Part Three - The Dungeon of Horrors (19xx)(DOD)
9716Morgash Chronicles, The - Part Two (19xx)(DOD)
9717Moribund (1993)(CP Verlag)
9718Morpheus (1988)(Graftgold)
9719Morphicle - The Transforming Car (1987)(The Power House)
9720Morse Code Medley (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
9721Mortal Dogfight (1996)(Coma Software)
9722Mortar Commander (19xx)(Eric Wheeler)
9723Mortrox and the Mazes of Doom (1993)(Loadstar)
9724Mosaic (1988)(Compute!)
9725Mosaic Puzzle (1983)(Compute!)
9726Moscow Summit (1987)(Systems Editoriale)(de-it)
9727Mosquito (1992)(Jorg Welsch)
9728Mosquitos (19xx)(-)
9729Most and the Least, The (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9730Mostri, I (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
9731Mother Earth (1984)(Compute!)
9732Mothership (1983)(Softsync)
9733Motley Tetris (1994)(Markt & Technik)
9734Motly Tetris (19xx)(-)
9735Moto Stunt (1985)(Edicola)(it)
9736Motocrash (1987)(Markt & Technik)
9737Motocross (1983)(Tronix)
9738Motocross Racer (1984)(Xonox)
9739Motocycle (19xx)(Simon Birrell)
9740Motor Cycle Rally (1984)(Kerian UK)
9741Motor Mania (1982)(United Microware Industries)
9742Motor Massacre (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
9743Motor-Way (1984)(Cascade Games)
9744Motorbike Madness (1988)(Mastertronic)
9745Motorcycle 500 (1990)(Cult Games)
9746Motorhead (1989)(CP Verlag)
9747Motorrad WM (19xx)(Mervyn J. Estcourt)(de)
9748Motorway Madness (19xx)(Adrian M. Streeter)
9749Motos (1987)(Mastertronic)
9750Moulin Rouge - The Game (1987)(Blue Fox Soft & Power-Streba)(de)
9751Mount St. Helens (1983)(Victor T. Albino)(PD)
9752Mountain Bike Racer (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
9753Mountain King (1983)(Beyond Software)
9754Mountain Palace, The (1985)(Timesearch)
9755Mountaineer Mack (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9756Mountie Micks Death Ride (1987)(Ariolasoft)
9757Mouse Maze (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
9758Mouse Muddle (19xx)(-)
9759Mouse Trap (1987)(Microvalue)
9760Mouse in the House (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9761Move - The Ultimate Challenge (1994)(CP Verlag)
9762Move It (1991)(Markt & Technik)
9763Move On! (1993)(CP Verlag)
9764Move Out (1991)(CP Verlag)
9765Movement (2004)(Chronic Productions)(FW)
9766Movers and Shakers (1984)(Compute!)
9767Movie Business (19xx)(Pierre Brandt)
9768Movie Mayhem (19xx)(Andrew Hickie)
9769Movie Mogul (1985)(Loadstar)
9770Movie Monster Game, The (1986)(Epyx)(Side A)
9771Movie Monster Game, The (1986)(Epyx)(Side B)
9772Movie Monster Game, The (1986)(Epyx)
9773Movie Musical Madness (1984)(CBS Software)
9774Moving Target (1989)(Players Premier)
9775Moving Walls (1987)(Loadstar)
9776Moxies Porch (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9777Mozzie Zapper (1987)(Adrian M. Streeter)
9778Mr. Angry (1986)(Codemasters)
9779Mr. Ant (1997)(Loadstar)
9780Mr. Beppe (19xx)(Peter Oliphant)(it)
9781Mr. C (19xx)(Jam)
9782Mr. Chip Nibble - Part 2 - Dr J (1985)(-)
9783Mr. Computer Head (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
9784Mr. Cool (1983)(Sierra Online)
9785Mr. Dig (1984)(Microdeal)
9786Mr. Do! (1985)(Datasoft)
9787Mr. Dos Castle (1984)(Parker Brothers)
9788Mr. Dynamite (1991)(Markt & Technik)
9789Mr. Egghead (1984)(Mastertronic)
9790Mr. Forgetfulls Wardrobe and Letter Game (1984)(Mirrorsoft)
9791Mr. Freeze (1984)(Firebird)
9792Mr. Frosty and the Killer Penguins (1985)(Scorpio Gamesworld)
9793Mr. Gino (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
9794Mr. Greedys Ice Cream Hunt (1984)(Mirrorsoft)
9795Mr. Hat (19xx)(-)
9796Mr. Heli (1989)(Firebird Software)
9797Mr. Joe (1991)(Ronald Meyer)
9798Mr. Mephisto (1984)(Euro-Byte)
9799Mr. Postman (1986)(MR-Soft)
9800Mr. President (1984)(Compute!)
9801Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory (1984)(Datamost)
9802Mr. Setam (1991)(Mike)
9803Mr. Setam - Lady Killer (1997)(Mike)
9804Mr. Shit Strikes Back (19xx)(SYS PD)(PD)
9805Mr. Shits Space War (19xx)(SYS PD)(PD)
9806Mr. Sillys Hat Game (1984)(Mirrorsoft)
9807Mr. Speedy and his Adventures (19xx)(Jorg Dierks)
9808Mr. TNT (1984)(HesWare)
9809Mr. Wimpy - The Hamburger Game (1984)(Ocean Software)
9810Mr. Wino (1988)(Hewson)
9811Mr. Wiz! (1984)(Superior Software)
9812Mr. Worm (19xx)(Softshapers)
9813Mr. X (1983)(Wullewatz)(de)
9814Mr.Tnt (1982)(-)
9815Mrs. Mop (1987)(Reaktor Software)
9816Ms. Eliza (19xx)(Numero Uno)
9817Ms. Pac-Man (1984)(Atari)
9818Mt St.Helens - Volcano Sim (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
9819Mu-Torere (19xx)(-)
9820Muchly Strange Ten (1986)(Chris Yates & Tim)
9821Muddle (2001)(Loadstar)
9822Muehle (19xx)(-)(de)
9823Muellomat (1984)(Data Lecker)(de)
9824Muggin (1985)(Felipe Carvajal)
9825Mugsys Revenge (1986)(Melbourne House)
9826Mugsys Revenge! (1986)(Melbourne House)
9827Mugwump (19xx)(Rob Suykerbuyk)
9828Muistipeli (1991)(Petri Hassinen)
9829Multi Player Soccer Manager (19xx)(-)
9830Multi-Player Soccer Manager (1991)(Cult Games)
9831MultiMixx 5 - Monty on the Run & Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1992)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side A)
9832Multiplay - Rock and Roll + Star Blazers (1997)(Richard Bayliss)(FW)
9833Multiple Choice Tester (1984)(Loadstar)
9834Multiplication Drill (1984)(Loadstar)
9835Multiraid (1994)(Compute!)
9836Multiris (19xx)(-)
9837Multris (1992)(CP Verlag)
9838Mummys Tomb, The (1983)(Cymbal Software)
9839Mumpfs (19xx)(-)
9840Munch (1992)(Gam Studio)
9841Munch Man 64 (1983)(Solar Software)
9842Munch Mania (1984)(Mastertronic)
9843Munch Math (1983)(Compute!)
9844Munch Maze (1983)(Compute!)
9845Muncher (1990)(Commodore Disc)
9846Muncher, The (1988)(Beam Software)
9847Munchie (1987)(Wicked Software)
9848Munchman (19xx)(Keypunch Software)
9849Munchy (19xx)(-)
9850Municipio Misterioso, Il (19xx)(OK-Soft64)(it)
9851Munsters, The (1988)(Tiger Developments)
9852Muppet Adventure - Chaos at the Carnival (1989)(Henson Associates)(Side A)
9853Muppet Adventure - Chaos at the Carnival (1989)(Henson Associates)(Side B)
9854Murder (1983)(Rabbit Software)
9855Murder One (1989)(Loadstar)
9856Murder Party (1986)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
9857Murder Party (1986)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
9858Murder Times Seven! (1993)(Loadstar)
9859Murder at Osbourne Castle, The (1983)(The Guild Adventure Software)
9860Murder in Flight (1986)(Software Haven)
9861Murder in the Mediterranean (1990)(Loadstar)(Side B)
9862Murder in the Monastery (1995)(Loadstar)
9863Murder in the Museum (1997)(Loadstar)
9864Murder off Miami (1989)(CRL)
9865Murder on the Atlantic (1987)(Infogrames)(Side A)
9866Murder on the Atlantic (1987)(Infogrames)(Side B)
9867Murder on the Atlantic (1987)(Infogrames)
9868Murder on the Mississippi (1986)(Activision)
9869Murder on the Water (19xx)(-)
9870Murder on the Waterfront (1984)(Softgold)
9871Murder on the Zinderneuf (1984)(Electronic Arts)
9872Murkle (19xx)(Duncan Computer Services)
9873Murmeln des Dr. Creep, Die (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)
9874Murphy (1984)(Mogul Communications)
9875Murray Mouse Super-Cop (1992)(Codemasters)
9876Musgrave Hill State School - Core Work - Synonyms - Year 3 (19xx)(S.W. Burrows)
9877Mushroom Alley (1983)(Victory Software)
9878Music Match (1997)(Richard Bayliss)(FW)
9879Music Match II - The Revenge (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
9880Music Teacher (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
9881Music Tutor (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9882Musse & Plumpen (19xx)(Frederik Ramsberg & Johann Berntsson)
9883Mutant Birds (1984)(Interface Publications)
9884Mutant Camels Strikes Back (1990)(Llamasoft)
9885Mutant Monty (1984)(Artic Computing)
9886Mutant Spiders, The (1983)(Handic Software)
9887Mutant, The (1988)(River Software)
9888Mutants (1987)(Ocean Software)
9889Muzzy Zoophyte (1992)(Markt & Technik)
9890My Cats Breath Smells of Cat Food (2003)(Cout)
9891My First Adventure (1984)(Jolly Rogers Software)
9892My House (1991)(The Guild Adventure Software)
9893My Mule (1995)(Loadstar)
9894My Secret File (1984)(Mosaic Publishing)
9895Mychess II (1984)(Datamost)(Side A)
9896Mychess II (1984)(Datamost)(Side B)
9897Mychess II (1984)(Datamost)
9898Mystere - Fuga dal Castello di Lockness (1990)(Genias)
9899Mysterious Adventure #08 - Wizard (19xx)(-)
9900Mysterious Adventure #09 - Perseus & Andromeda (19xx)(-)
9901Mysterious Adventure #11 - Waxworks (19xx)(-)
9902Mysterious Adventure No. 8 (19xx)(-)
9903Mysterious Adventures - Arrow of Death - Part 1 (19xx)(-)
9904Mysterious Adventures - Arrow of Death - Part 2 (19xx)(-)
9905Mysterious Adventures - Baton (19xx)(-)
9906Mysterious Adventures - Circus (19xx)(-)
9907Mysterious Adventures - Escape From Pulsar 7 (19xx)(-)
9908Mysterious Adventures - Experiment (19xx)(-)
9909Mysterious Adventures - Golden Baton (19xx)(-)
9910Mysterious Adventures I (1983)(Brian Howarth)
9911Mysterious Adventures II (1984)(Brian Howarth)
9912Mysterious Mountain (1986)(S+S Soft)
9913Mysterix (1987)(R. Neidling)
9914Mystery (1998)(Loadstar)
9915Mystery Chess (1998)(Loadstar)
9916Mystery House (19xx)(-)
9917Mystery Island (198x)(Mountain Valley Software)
9918Mystery Mansion (1983)(John Cocke)
9919Mystery Master - Felony (1984)(CBS Software)
9920Mystery Master - Murder by the Dozen (1983)(CBS Software)
9921Mystery Spell (1983)(Compute!)
9922Mystery Voyage (1986)(Colleen Ltd.)
9923Mystery at Marple Manor (1984)(Compute!)
9924Mystery at Mycroft Mews (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9925Mystery of Lane Manor, The (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
9926Mystery of Munroe Manor, The (1984)(Softgold)
9927Mystery of Silver Mountain (1983)(Usborne Publishings Listing)
9928Mystery of the Indus Valleys (19xx)(Alternative Software)
9929Mystery of the Lost Sheep, The (1986)(Central Computing)
9930Mystery of the Nile, The (1987)(Firebird)
9931Mystic Mansion (1983)(JV Software)
9932Mystic Mirrors (1996)(-)
9933Mystical Diamonds (1994)(Loadstar)
9934Mystical Mission (1985)(Data Media)
9935Mystika Boken (19xx)(SYS PD)(sv)(PD)
9936Myth (1989)(Magnetic Scrolls)
9937Myth - History in the Making (1990)(System 3)(Side A)
9938Myth - History in the Making (1990)(System 3)(Side B)
9939Myth - History in the Making (1990)(System 3)
9940Mythos (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side A)
9941Mythos (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side B)
9942Mythos (1987)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
9943N.E.I.L. (1988)(Alternative Software)
9944N.O.M.A.D. (1986)(Ocean Software)
9945NASA Simulator - Space Shuttle (19xx)(Uli Kohl)(de)
9946NASA-Simulator - Space Shuttle (19xx)(-)
9947NATO Assault Course (1988)(CRL)
9948NATO Commander (1984)(Microprose Software)
9949NATO Course (1988)(Digital Marketing)
9950NBA Basketball (1987)(Avalon Hill)(Side A)
9951NBA Basketball (1987)(Avalon Hill)(Side B)
9952NEIL (1988)(Alternative Software)
9953NFL Football (19xx)(-)
9954NaCl - Natriumchlorid (1989)(CP Verlag)
9955Nachtangriff (1986)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)(PD)
9956Nachtmerrie (1989)(Unicorn Soft)(nl)
9957Nachtmerrie Park (19xx)(-)(nl)
9958Nachtwacht, De (1987)(Radarsoft)(nl)
9959Nahost 91 (1991)(-)
9960Nailboard (1987)(Wicked Software)
9961Naivity in Black (1999)(Tomi Malinen)
9962Najemnik (1994)(LK Avalon)(pl)
9963Najemnik - Mercenary (1994)(Artur Miarecki)
9964Najemnik - Powrot (1994)(LK Avalon)(pl)
9965Najemnik - Powrot - Return of Mercenary (1994)(Artur Miarecki)
9966Nam (1986)(SSI)(Side A)
9967Nam (1986)(SSI)(Side B)
9968Nam (1986)(SSI)
9969Nam - La Mission Del Deber (1989)(JCA Software)(es)
9970Nam - The Computer Game (1989)(-)
9971Nam Rescue (19xx)(-)
9972Nam, The (1984)(Mastertronic)
9973Namcap (19xx)(Mastertronic)
9974Name Game, The (1984)(Binary Zone)(PD)
9975Name That Note (1985)(Compute!)
9976Name That Star (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
9977Name this Tune (19xx)(Marvin Jones)
9978Namiestnik (19xx)(-)(pl)
9979Napoleon at Waterloo (1985)(Krentek Software)
9980Napoleons Sandwiches (19xx)(-)
9981Narc (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
9982Narc (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
9983Narc (1990)(Ocean Software)
9984Narco Police (1991)(Dinamic Software)
9985Narnia (1984)(Word Publishing Inc.)
9986Narrow Line (19xx)(Richard Bayliss)(FW)
9987Nasty Cave Adventure (1988)(Thor Vidar Hjelmervik & Oistein Ihle)
9988National, The (19xx)(Cult Games)
9989Naufragio nellAtlantico (1986)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
9990Naufragio su Guyoth (1987)(Brainstorm)(it)
9991Naughty Nudger (19xx)(-)
9992Naughty Tales (19xx)(The Deviate)
9993Nautilus (1988)(Radarsoft)(nl)
9994Naval Assault (1991)(Nathan Grant & Mark Spezzano)
9995Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, The (1988)(1st Step Software)
9996Naval Battle of Tsushima (1984)(Avalon Hill)(Side A)
9997Naval Battle of Tsushima (1984)(Avalon Hill)(Side B)
9998Naval Combat (19xx)(-)
9999Naval Fury (19xx)(-)
10000Navarone (1983)(Rabbit Software)
10001Navcom Six - The Gulf Defense (1988)(Cosmi)
10002Navigation on Aggravation (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
10003Navigator (19xx)(Stealth Labwork)
10004Navy Moves (1989)(Dinamic Software)(Side A)
10005Navy Moves (1989)(Dinamic Software)(Side B)
10006Navy Moves (1989)(Dinamic Software)
10007Navy Seal (1989)(Cosmi)(Side A)
10008Navy Seal (1989)(Cosmi)(Side B)
10009Navy Seals (1990)(Ocean Software)
10010Nea Eon (1989)(Luis Mariano Garcia)(it)
10011Neagox (1990)(Commodore Disc)
10012Nebraska Joe (1988)(Systems Editoriale)
10013Nebulian (1988)(Dr. Ice)
10014Nebulus (1987)(Hewson)
10015Necris-Dome, The (1987)(Codemasters)
10016Necromancer (1983)(Synapse Software)
10017Necromancer II (1985)(Carl Muller)
10018Necromancers Realm, The (1985)(Computer & Video Games Magazine)
10019Nectar of the Gods, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10020Needle in the Haystack (1998)(Shit)
10021Neg Slot Machine (1985)(Neg Soft)
10022Negaris (19xx)(-)
10023Negaris II (19xx)(-)
10024Negatron (1990)(Digimag-Poland)(pl)
10025Neighbours (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
10026Neil Android (1988)(Alternative Software)
10027Nellan is Thirsty (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10028Nemesis (1986)(-)
10029Nemesis - The Final Challenge (1986)(Konami)
10030Nemesis the Warlock (1987)(Martech Games)
10031Neoclyps (1983)(Personal Software Services)
10032Neptunes Daughters (1983)(English Software)
10033Neptunes Daughters - Sub (1983)(English Software)(es)
10034Nequenius (1988)(Andy Jervis)
10035Nero 2000 (1987)(Bio-Syntax Method Oy)(FI)
10036Nervana (1989)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10037Nerves (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
10038Nessie (1984)(Compute!)
10039Nessuna Notizia dal Campo Base (1986)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
10040Nestor (2000)(Loadstar)
10041Net Nut (1984)(Scandsoft)
10042Nether (1996)(Computer Workshops)
10043Nether Earth (1987)(Argus Press)
10044Netherworld (1988)(Hewson)
10045Netherworld - Otherworld (1988)(Hewson)(it)
10046Neue Stadt, Die (1993)(V.Delboi & O.Scholz)(de)(PD)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
10047Neue Stadt, Die (1993)(V.Delboi & O.Scholz)(de)(PD)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
10048Neue Stadt, Die (1993)(V.Delboi & O.Scholz)(de)(PD)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
10049Neue Stadt, Die (1993)(V.Delboi & O.Scholz)(de)(PD)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
10050Neue Stadt, Die (1993)(V.Delboi & O.Scholz)(de)(PD)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
10051Neue Stadt, Die (1993)(V.Delboi & O.Scholz)(de)(PD)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
10052Neuromancer (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10053Neuromancer (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
10054Neuromancer (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
10055Neuromancer (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
10056Neuromancer (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
10057Neuromancer V2 (19xx)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1)
10058Neuromancer V2 (19xx)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2)
10059Neuromancer V2 (19xx)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 3)
10060Neuromancer V2 (19xx)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 4)
10061Neuronics (1992)(Thalion)
10062Neuseeland Kiwi GmbH (1990)(Peter Diehm)(de)(PD)
10063Neuseeland Kiwi GmbH 2 (1990)(Peter Diehm)(de)(PD)
10064Neuseeland Kiwi GmbH 3 (1991)(Peter Diehm)(de)(PD)
10065Neutmare (19xx)(RGB-Soft)
10066Neutral Corner (1985)(KAB Software)
10067Neutral Zone (1983)(Access Software)
10068Neutrale Zone (1984)(Uwe Heiss)(de)
10069Neutralizor (1989)(A&J Software)
10070Neverending Story II, The (1990)(Linel)
10071Neverending Story, The (1985)(Ocean Software)
10072Neverest (1989)(Compute!)
10073Nevets (1984)(Compute!)
10074New Arkanoid (19xx)(-)
10075New Great Giana-Sisters II v1.2, (1993)(The 7A3)
10076New Intro Game (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
10077New Jump, The (1992)(Tobias Erbsland)
10078New York (19xx)(-)
10079New York City (1984)(Americana Software)
10080New York, New York (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
10081Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 1 of 8 Side A)(Boot Disk Newsid)
10082Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 2 of 8 Side A)(01)
10083Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 2 of 8 Side B)(02)
10084Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 3 of 8 Side A)(03)
10085Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 3 of 8 Side B)(04)
10086Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 4 of 8 Side A)(05)
10087Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 4 of 8 Side B)(06)
10088Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 5 of 8 Side A)(07)
10089Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 5 of 8 Side B)(08)
10090Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 6 of 8 Side A)(09)
10091Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 6 of 8 Side B)(10)
10092Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 7 of 8 Side A)(11)
10093Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 7 of 8 Side B)(12)
10094Newcomer - Enhanced Version Rev.2 (2001)(Protovision)(Disk 8 of 8 Side A)(13)
10095Newzealand Story, The (1989)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
10096Newzealand Story, The (1989)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
10097Newzealand Story, The (1989)(Ocean Software)
10098Next Zone (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
10099Nexus (1986)(Nexus)
10100Nexus 2 (19xx)(-)
10101Nexus Adventure (19xx)(-)
10102Nibble (1996)(Mark D. Rejhon)
10103Nibbler (1985)(Loadstar)
10104Nibbly 92 (1992)(CP Verlag)
10105Nibelungen (1985)(-)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10106Nibelungen (1985)(-)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
10107Nibelungen (1985)(-)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
10108Nibelungen (1985)(-)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
10109Nibly (1985)(Edigamma)(it)
10110Nicaragua Mission, The (19xx)(Trancentral)
10111Niche (19xx)(Creative Computing)
10112Nick Faldo Plays the Open (1985)(Grandslam Entertainment)
10113Nick Faldo Plays the Open - El Golf (1985)(Grandslam Entertainment)(es)
10114Nick Faldos Championship Golf (1992)(Grandslam Entertainment)
10115Nick Faldos Plays the Game & Championship Golf (1986)(Grandslam Entertainment)
10116Nick Nack (1983)(Alpha Software)
10117Nico (1988)(Bombjack)
10118Niedziela Cudow - Sunday of Miracles (1994)(Nebula)
10119Nielson Papers, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10120Niemandsland (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
10121Night (19xx)(-)
10122Night Breed (1990)(Ocean Software)
10123Night Drive (19xx)(-)(de)
10124Night Driver (1982)(Commodore)
10125Night Fighter (1983)(Alpha Software)
10126Night Flight (1985)(Tim Gerchmez)(PD)
10127Night Life (19xx)(William Quinn)
10128Night Mission (1988)(Loadstar)
10129Night Mission Pinball (1982)(Sublogic)
10130Night Prowlers Football (19xx)(-)
10131Night Racer (1988)(Mastertronic)
10132Night Raider (1988)(Acme Software)
10133Night Shade (1985)(Firebird Software)
10134Night Shift (1990)(U.S. Gold)
10135Night of the Aliens (1986)(William T. Carter)
10136Night of the Walking Dead (1988)(Free Spirit Software)
10137Night on the Town, A (1998)(Loadstar)
10138NightShade (1985)(Ultimate)
10139Nightdawn (1989)(Magic Bytes)
10140Nightmare (19xx)(-)
10141Nightmare II - Bumbles Revenge (19xx)(William Quinn)
10142Nightmare Park (19xx)(-)
10143Nightmare Planet (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
10144Nightmare on Elm Street, A (1989)(Monarch Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10145Nightmare on Elm Street, A (1989)(Monarch Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
10146Nightmare on Elm Street, A (1989)(Monarch Software)(Side A)
10147Nightmare on Elm Street, A (1989)(Monarch Software)(Side B)
10148Nightmare, The (1987)(SJF)
10149Nightracer (1990)(Markt & Technik)(de)
10150Nightwalker (1984)(Bob Cassady)
10151Nightwing (19xx)(Softel)
10152Nim (19xx)(-)
10153Nimble Timble (19xx)(Owen Bishop)(nl)
10154Nine Men Morris (1983)(Granada Publishing)
10155Nine Moons, The (19xx)(Jeremy Thorne)
10156Nine Princess in Amber (1985)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10157Nine Princess in Amber (1985)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
10158Nine Princess in Amber (1985)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
10159Nine Princess in Amber (1985)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
10160Ninja (1984)(Softgold)
10161Ninja Attack (1992)(The Captain)
10162Ninja Commando (1989)(Zeppelin Games Ltd.)
10163Ninja Hamster (1987)(CRL)
10164Ninja II (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
10165Ninja III (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
10166Ninja Massacre (1989)(Codemasters)
10167Ninja Master, The (1986)(Firebird)
10168Ninja Pac Man (1991)(Digital-The Electric Boys)
10169Ninja Rabbits (1991)(Microvalue)(Side A)
10170Ninja Rabbits (1991)(Microvalue)(Side B)
10171Ninja Rabbits (1991)(Microvalue)
10172Ninja Scooter Simulator (1988)(Silverbird Software)
10173Ninja Spirit (1990)(Activision)
10174Ninja Strikes Back, The (19xx)(Champion Software)
10175Ninja Task II, The (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10176Ninja Task, The (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10177Ninja VI (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
10178Ninja Warriors, The (1989)(Mastertronic)(Side A)
10179Ninja Warriors, The (1989)(Mastertronic)(Side B)
10180Ninja Warriors, The (1989)(Mastertronic)
10181Ninja, The (19xx)(Bombjack)
10182Ninja-Killer (1988)(Bombjack)
10183Nippon (1988)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 1 of 6)
10184Nippon (1988)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 2 of 6)
10185Nippon (1988)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 3 of 6)
10186Nippon (1988)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 4 of 6)
10187Nippon (1988)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 5 of 6)
10188Nippon (1988)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 6 of 6)
10189Nippon (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)(Haupt)
10190Nippon (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)(Karte)
10191Nippon (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)(Stdt1)
10192Nippon (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)(Stdt2)
10193Nippon (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)(Back1)
10194Nippon (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)(Back2)
10195Nite-Express, The (1983)(Technics)
10196Niterider (1984)(ACE)
10197No Deeper Meaning (1992)(CP Verlag)
10198No Gold (19xx)(-)
10199No Limit (19xx)(576 kByte)
10200No Mans Land (1988)(Bombjack)
10201No Mercy (1989)(Double Density)
10202No Name Game (19xx)(-)
10203No, Never Outside! (1987)(Lankhor)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
10204No, Never Outside! (1987)(Lankhor)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
10205No, Never Outside! (1987)(Lankhor)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
10206No, Never Outside! (1987)(Lankhor)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
10207No, Never Outside! (1987)(Lankhor)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
10208No, Never Outside! (1987)(Lankhor)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
10209No-Res Hangman (1987)(Loadstar)
10210NoName (19xx)(-)
10211Noach 3000 (19xx)(Radarsoft)(nl)
10212Nobby the Aardvark (1992)(Thalamus)(Side A)
10213Nobby the Aardvark (1992)(Thalamus)(Side B)
10214Noctambulo (19xx)(-)(es)
10215Nocturno (1994)(LK Avalon)
10216Nodes Of Yesod (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)
10217Nodes of Yesod (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)
10218Nodule (19xx)(Slawek Gorka)
10219Nogard (19xx)(Tentaclesoft)
10220Nomad of Time (1988)(Alternative Software)
10221Nomadenleben (19xx)(Gunter Fassl)(de)
10222Nomen est Omen (19xx)(-)(it)
10223Nominee 84 (1984)(Loadstar)
10224Non-Sense Adventure, The (1994)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
10225Nonsense (1997)(FLP Group)
10226Nonsense - Game (19xx)(-)
10227Nonsense - Picture (19xx)(-)
10228Nonterraqueous (1985)(Mastertronic)
10229Nonterraqveous (1985)(Mastertronic)
10230Noordzee Helikopter (19xx)(Clifford Ramshaw & Mark Ramshaw)(nl)
10231Nord and Bert Couldnt Make Head or Tail of It (1987)(Infocom)(Side A)
10232Nord and Bert Couldnt Make Head or Tail of It (1987)(Infocom)(Side B)
10233Nordiska Kriget (19xx)(-)(sv)
10234Nordsee Power 1 (19xx)(Peter Liepa & Rolf Roth)
10235North & South (1989)(Infogrames)
10236North & South - The American Civil War (19xx)(Christian Larsen)
10237North Atlantic Convoy Raider (1980)(Avalon Hill)
10238North Sea Copter (1983)(Melbourne House)
10239North Sea Inferno, The (1990)(Magic Bytes)
10240NorthStar (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
10241Northeast Corridor (1987)(Computer Consultants)
10242Norway 1985 - When Superpowers Collide (1985)(SSI)
10243Noselip the Gnome (1984)(-)
10244Nosferatu (19xx)(WYN the Wizard)(it)
10245Nosferatu the Vampire (1986)(Macmillan Software)
10246Nostalga Speedway (19xx)(ET Software)
10247Not More Martians! (19xx)(Darryl Bartlett)
10248Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (1987)(Domark)(Side A)
10249Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (1987)(Domark)(Side B)
10250Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (1987)(Domark)
10251Note Name Game, The (1983)(Compute!)
10252Notecrafter (1984)(Compute!)
10253Noten (19xx)(Bryce C. Nesbitt)
10254Notlandung (19xx)(-)(de)
10255Noughts & Crosses (19xx)(Piere Schembri)
10256Noughts and Crosses (1984)(Cascade Games)
10257Nova (1993)(CP Verlag)
10258Nova Aetas (1992)(Dreems)
10259Nova Blast (1984)(Imagic)
10260Nova Force (1988)(Hi-Tec Software)
10261Nova II (1994)(CP Verlag)
10262Novaload (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10263Novotrade Games (19xx)(-)(hu)
10264Now Games 3 (1986)(Virgin Games)(Side A)
10265Now Games 3 (1986)(Virgin Games)(Side B)
10266Now You See It (1984)(Simon & Schuster)
10267Nowotnik Puzzle, The (1983)(D.P. Nowotnik)
10268Nuclear (19xx)(Creative Computing)
10269Nuclear Attack (19xx)(-)
10270Nuclear Embargo (1986)(Eurogold)
10271Nuclear Reactor (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
10272Nuclear Submarine Adventure (19xx)(-)
10273Nuclear War Games (1984)(Softgold)
10274Nucleus (1988)(Electronic Software)
10275Nucleus II - The Last (1988)(Jonas Olofsson)
10276Nudger 64 (19xx)(-)
10277Nuke (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10278Nuke Buster (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10279Nukenin and the Ronin (1995)(Psytronik Software)
10280Nukewar (1983)(Avalon Hill)
10281Nuklear (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
10282Number Builder (1984)(Commodore)
10283Number Bumber (1986)(Pasi Hytonen)(FI)
10284Number Construction Kit (1986)(Compute!)
10285Number Defender (1990)(Commodore Disc)
10286Number Farm (1984)(DLM)
10287Number Game (2003)(Axelerate)
10288Number Monster (1996)(Loadstar)
10289Number Nabber - Shape Grabber (1983)(Commodore)
10290Number Please - Visual and Sequential Memory Practice (1990)(Loadstar)
10291Number Quest (1985)(Compute!)
10292Number Tumbler (1984)(Fisher Price)
10293Number, Please (1987)(Compute!)
10294Number-Sequence Test (1985)(Tab Books)
10295Number-Toe (19xx)(Jose Gutierrez)
10296Numbers (19xx)(-)
10297Numm (1996)(Loadstar)
10298Nummer Slang (19xx)(-)(nl)
10299Numnuts (2000)(Loadstar)
10300Nur Geduld (1985)(Sonnenverlag)(de)
10301Nursery Nightmare (1984)(Cable Software)
10302Nursery-Rhyme Land (19xx)(Allen Webb)
10303Nutcraka (1984)(Software Projects)
10304Nuts in the World of Fantasy (1992)(G Byte Fighters)
10305Nyaaaah! (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10306Nyaaaah! 02 (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10307Nyaaaah! 03 - A Licence to Lick the Biblets (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10308Nyaaaah! 04 - A Licking Experience for Snodge (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10309Nyaaaah! 04.2 - Judgement Day (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10310Nyaaaah! 05 (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10311Nyaaaah! 06 (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10312Nyaaaah! 07 - The Final Chapter (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10313Nyaaaah! 08 - Lick and Let Lick (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10314Nyaaaah! 09 - The New Crisis Awaits (1999)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10315Nyaaaah! 10 - Lick Em (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10316Nyaaaah! 2000 (1999)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10317Nyaaaah! 2003 (2003)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10318Nythyhel (1991)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10319Nythyhel - Part 1 (1991)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10320Nythyhel - Part 2 (1991)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10321O Rileys Mine (1983)(-)
10322OHG (1989)(Magic Disk)(de)
10323OHMs Law (19xx)(Caesar Software)
10324OK KO (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
10325ORileys Mine (1983)(Datasoft)
10326OU (1990)(Peter Diehm)(de)
10327OUT (1989)(CP Verlag)
10328OXO (1987)(Peter Weighill)
10329Oak Flat Nuclear Power Plant Simulator (1988)(Gametech)
10330Oasis (1984)(Diamond Software)(de)
10331Oasis Shalimar (19xx)(-)
10332Oasis of Shalimar, The (19xx)(Mountain Valley Software)
10333Obico (1992)(MA Soft)
10334Obicontrol (1992)(-)
10335Oblivion (1988)(Commodore Disc)
10336Obstacle Course (19xx)(-)
10337Obsternte (1988)(Input 64)(de)
10338Oby 1 (1991)(Magic Soft)
10339Occhio del Condor, L (1986)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
10340Occhio del Condor, L Parte II - Il Tempio (1986)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
10341Ocean Conqueror (1988)(Hewson)
10342Ocean Life Project, The (1993)(Peter Diehm & Werner Karsten)(de)
10343Ocean Ranger (1988)(Activision)(Side A)
10344Ocean Ranger (1988)(Activision)(Side B)
10345Ocean of Life, The (1984)(Strider & Alan W. Gardner)
10346Octagon Pinball (1986)(Bryan Lambert)
10347Octapolis (1987)(English Software)
10348Octoplex (1989)(Lothlorien)
10349Octopus (19xx)(-)
10350Octopus Maze, The (1983)(PowerPlay Magazine)
10351Odd One Out (1983)(G. Ludinsky)
10352Oddball (1988)(Charles M. Duncan)
10353Oddball II (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
10354Oddessy (1986)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10355Odell Lake (1986)(Commodore)
10356Odin (1993)(Compute!)
10357Odinshrine (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10358Odradek - Microstudies in Artificial Intelligence #3 (1983)(C.C. Schroeder)(de)
10359Odysee II (1994)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
10360Odyssee (1984)(Jan Geiszelmann)
10361Odyssee - Kampf der Bruderschaft (1985)(Markt & Technik)
10362Odysseus - Trojan Warrior (1988)(Silverbird Software)
10363Odyssey (1984)(K-Tel)
10364Odyssey - Kampf mit der Wildnis (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
10365Odyssey, The (1984)(Stavros Fasoulas)
10366Oekolopoly (1990)(Multisoft)(de)
10367Oel (1986)(-)(pl)
10368Oel Pompowacze (19xx)(-)(pl)
10369Off the Walls (1991)(Markt & Technik)
10370Og the Great (1993)(Damian Steele)
10371Ograton (1993)(CP Verlag)
10372Ograton II - The Revenge (1995)(CP Verlag)
10373Ogre (1986)(Origin Systems)
10374Oh No! (1988)(Firebird)
10375Oil Barons (19xx)(Epyx)(Side A)
10376Oil Barons (19xx)(Epyx)(Side B)
10377Oil Challenge (1990)(Markt & Technik)
10378Oil Defense (1988)(Compute!)
10379Oil Imperium (1994)(reLine Software)(SK)(Side A)
10380Oil Imperium (1994)(reLine Software)(SK)(Side B)
10381Oil Strike (1984)(Ellis Horwood)
10382Oil Tycoon (1983)(Compute!)
10383Oilmania (1991)(CP Verlag)
10384Oilpoly (19xx)(-)
10385Oils Well (1983)(Sierra Online)
10386Oink! (1987)(CRL)
10387Oklahoma Kid (1996)(CP Verlag)
10388Ol Bean, The (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
10389Old Bones Dice (1984)(Cascade Games)
10390Old Shell Game (19xx)(-)
10391Oldbones (1984)(Cascade Games)
10392Older (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
10393Ole (1985)(Firebird Software)
10394Ole! (19xx)(-)
10395Olli & Lissa - The Ghost of Shilmore Castle (1987)(Firebird)
10396Olli & Lissa 1 - The Ghost of Shilmoore Castle (1986)(Firebird)
10397Olli & Lissa 3 - The Candlelight Adventure (1990)(Codemasters)
10398Ollies Follies (1984)(Access Software)
10399Ollo (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)
10400Ollo II - The Final Conflict (1986)(Craza Soft)
10401Olo (19xx)(Kyle Hodgetts)
10402Olympiad (1984)(Compute!)
10403Olympic Biathlon (1986)(Tronic)
10404Olympic Skier (1984)(Mr. Chip Software)
10405Olympic Spectacular (1984)(Alternative Software)
10406Olympic Task 800 (19xx)(-)
10407Ombra del Garmon, L (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
10408Omega (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10409Omega (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
10410Omega (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
10411Omega (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
10412Omega (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
10413Omega (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
10414Omega (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
10415Omega (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
10416Omega (1989)(Origin Systems)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
10417Omega - Der Geheime Planet (1987)(Infogrames)(de)
10418Omega - Planete Invisible (1987)(Infogrames)(fr)
10419Omega Battle (1982)(Commodore)
10420Omega Force One (1988)(Markt & Technik)
10421Omega Mission (19xx)(-)
10422Omega Race (1982)(Commodore)
10423Omega Race II (1987)(-)
10424Omega Race Max (1982)(Commodore)(JP)
10425Omega Run, The (1984)(CRL)
10426Omicron (1987)(Compute!)
10427Omidar (1987)(Markt & Technik)
10428Omni-Play Basketball (1989)(Mindscape)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)(Boot)
10429Omni-Play Basketball (1989)(Mindscape)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
10430Omni-Play Basketball (1989)(Mindscape)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)(Game 1)
10431Omni-Play Basketball (1989)(Mindscape)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)(Game 2)
10432Omni-Play Basketball (1989-10-05)(Mindscape)(Side A)
10433Omni-Play Basketball (1989-10-05)(Mindscape)(Side B)
10434Omni-Play Horse Racing - Sport of Kings (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)(Side A)
10435Omni-Play Horse Racing - Sport of Kings (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)(Side B)
10436Omnibus (1990)(-)(de)
10437Omnibus GmbH (1992)(Markt & Technik)(de)
10438Omniopoly (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
10439On Court Tennis (1984)(Activision)
10440On Court Tennis II (1987)(-)
10441On Cue (1987)(Mastertronic)
10442On Cue - Pool (1987)(Mastertronic)
10443On Cue - Snooker (1987)(Mastertronic)
10444On Cue Pool & Snooker (1987)(Mastertronic)
10445On Field Football (1984)(Gamestar)
10446On Green (1988)(Mikko Heleva)(it)
10447On Ice (1997)(Go64!)
10448On Track Racing (1985)(Gamestar)
10449On a Move (1993)(Markt & Technik)
10450On the Bench (1990)(Cult Games)
10451On the Moon (1991)(Markt & Technik)
10452On the Tiles (1987)(Odin Computer Graphics)
10453On the Track of the Buddha of Bodhnath (19xx)(Sandro Certi & Franco Toldi)
10454On the Way to the Interview (19xx)(-)
10455Onderzeeboot (19xx)(-)(nl)
10456One (1985)(Loadstar)
10457One Arm Bandit (1985)(Green Valley Publishing)
10458One Armed Bandit (1987)(Peter Weighill)
10459One Bite Too Deep (1985)(Relax Games)
10460One Man and his Droid (1985)(Mastertronic)
10461One for One (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
10462One on One (1983)(Compute!)
10463One on One (1984)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
10464One on One (1984)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
10465One on One - Baloncesto, El (1984)(Electronic Arts)(es)
10466One on One - Julius Erving and Larry Bird (1983)(Electronic Arts)
10467One on One - Julius Irving and Larry Bird (1983)(Electronic Arts)
10468One on One - Michael Jordan and Larry Bird (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
10469One on One - Michael Jordan and Larry Bird (1988)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
10470One on One Backyard Basketball (1994)(Compute!)
10471One to Five (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
10472One to One (19xx)(-)(nl)
10473One-Armed Bandit (1984)(Simon & Schuster)
10474Oo-Topos (1986)(Penguin Software)
10475Ooops Up (19xx)(-)
10476Oops! (1988)(The Big Apple)
10477Opac (1989)(Settimana Games-Edigamma)(it)
10478Opaque Dungeons (1991)(Markt & Technik)
10479Open Golfing at Royal St. Georges (1985)(Green Valley Publishing)
10480Open Seas, The (19xx)(Ian Gray)
10481Open Sesame (1983)(Sulis Software)
10482Opera House (19xx)(Bignose Software)
10483Operation Anoria (1988)(Pirate Software)
10484Operation Brown Trousers (1989)(Carlo Wijjy Wejszko)
10485Operation Escape (19xx)(The Skull)
10486Operation Fireball (1987)(Alternative Software)
10487Operation Fox (19xx)(Champion Software)
10488Operation Frog (1984)(-)(Side A)
10489Operation Frog (1984)(-)(Side B)
10490Operation Hanoi (1990)(Players Premier)
10491Operation Hongkong (1986)(Golden Games)(de)(Side A)
10492Operation Hongkong (1986)(Golden Games)(de)(Side B)
10493Operation Hormuz (1989)(Durell Software)
10494Operation Iceberg - The Battle for Okinawa (1986)(Personal Software Services)
10495Operation Ironhawk (19xx)(Thor Ranthe)
10496Operation Lemmings (1995)(Cyberdine Systems)
10497Operation Merkur (1991)(Rom Software)(de)(Side A)
10498Operation Merkur (1991)(Rom Software)(de)(Side B)
10499Operation Merkur (1991)(Rom Software)(de)
10500Operation Neptun (1985)(Lippe Enterprises)(de)
10501Operation Neptun (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Side A)
10502Operation Neptun (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Side B)
10503Operation Neptune (1989)(Infogrames)(Side A)
10504Operation Neptune (1989)(Infogrames)(Side B)
10505Operation Proboszcz (1996)(Druid & Comanche-Agony)
10506Operation Sabotage (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10507Operation Spice - Spies on Ice (19xx)(-)
10508Operation Swordfish (1985)(British Software)
10509Operation Terminal (1986)(Dreamrider Software)
10510Operation Thunderbolt (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
10511Operation Thunderbolt (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
10512Operation Thunderbolt (1990)(Ocean Software)
10513Operation Ushkurat (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
10514Operation Whirlwind (1984)(Broderbund)
10515Operation Wolf (1988)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
10516Operation Wolf (1988)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
10517Operation Wolf (1988)(Ocean Software)
10518Opium (1991)(CP Verlag)(de)
10519Opror Pa Nyx (1988)(Sepia Adventures)(da)
10520Optima Rax (1988)(Zigag)
10521Ora Sparo (19xx)(Shaun Southern)(es)
10522Oracle (1992)(CP Verlag)
10523Oracle 2 (1994)(Art Project)
10524Oracles Cave, The (1984)(Dorcas Software)
10525Orange Squash (1983)(Merlin Software)
10526Orathan (19xx)(Paul Allan Panks)
10527Orazio (1985)(Edigamma)(it)
10528Orb (1994)(CP Verlag)
10529Orb of Light, The (19xx)(Wilson Software)
10530Orbit (1985)(Loadstar)
10531Orbitron (1984)(Mastertronic)
10532Orbits (1994)(CP Verlag)
10533Orbitter (1984)(Cascade Games)
10534Orbyt (19xx)(Bada)
10535Orc Attack (1984)(Creative Sparks)
10536Orchan - Legend of the Realm (1999)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10537Orcs Siege (19xx)(Jim Stoessner)
10538Orcus v2.0 - (19xx)(-)
10539Ordeal (19xx)(Hi-Tec Software)
10540Ordleik (2001)(Megastyle)
10541Ore Seekers, The (1984)(Interface Publications)
10542Oregon (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
10543Oregon Trail (19xx)(-)
10544Oregon-Trail (19xx)(-)(de)
10545Orgasmatron (19xx)(Mike & Ken)
10546Orin 1 (19xx)(Pylator)(sv)
10547Orion (1988)(Hewson)
10548Orion Quest, The (1984)(APS Software)
10549Ork! House of Fortune (19xx)(-)
10550Orlando (19xx)(Distanza Software)(it)
10551Orm and Cheep - Narrow Squeaks (1985)(Macmillan Software)
10552Ormen (19xx)(Asger Alstrub)(sv)
10553Ormen Enormen (19xx)(-)
10554Ormen Nada (19xx)(Stein-Erik Engbraaten)(nl)
10555Ormus Saga II, The - Guild of Death (1993)(Mike Doran Software)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
10556Ormus Saga II, The - Guild of Death (1993)(Mike Doran Software)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
10557Ormus Saga II, The - Guild of Death (1993)(Mike Doran Software)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
10558Ormus Saga II, The - Guild of Death (1993)(Mike Doran Software)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
10559Ormus Saga II, The - Guild of Death (1993)(Mike Doran Software)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
10560Ormus Saga II, The - Guild of Death - Documentation (1992)(Mike Doran Software)
10561Ormus Saga III, The (1994)(Mike Doran Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10562Ormus Saga III, The (1994)(Mike Doran Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
10563Ormus Saga III, The (1994)(Mike Doran Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
10564Ormus Saga III, The - The Final Chapter (1994)(Mike Doran Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10565Ormus Saga III, The - The Final Chapter (1994)(Mike Doran Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
10566Ormus Saga III, The - The Final Chapter (1994)(Mike Doran Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
10567Ormus Saga III, The - The Final Chapter (1994)(Mike Doran Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
10568Ormus Saga, The (1991)(Mike Doran Software)(Side A)
10569Ormus Saga, The (1991)(Mike Doran Software)(Side B)
10570Ormus Saga, The (1991)(Mike Doran Software)
10571Oro dello Zar, L (1987)(Di Bello Bonaventura)(it)
10572Orologio (19xx)(-)(it)
10573Orpheus in the Underworld (1984)(Sterling Software)
10574Orpheus in the Underworld - Tumba Egipcia (1984)(Sterling Software)(es)
10575Orphic (19xx)(Tapio Turunen ja Janne Nurmela)(FI)
10576Orrore di Goldmine City, L (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
10577Orrore di Providence, L (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
10578Orsital (1989)(Commodore Disc)
10579Ortografia! (19xx)(-)
10580Ortotris (1993)(Timsoft)(pl)
10581Oscars Dustbin (1992)(Markt & Technik)
10582Osero (19xx)(-)
10583Osero 2 (19xx)(-)(hu)
10584Oskar (1992)(Markt & Technik)
10585Oslo Bors (19xx)(Folkedata)(sv)
10586Osmium (1987)(The Power House)
10587Osmium II - The Revenge of FX (1988)(The Power House)
10588Osmosis (1994)(Loadstar)
10589Osprey (19xx)(-)
10590Osprey! (1984)(Bourne Educational Software)
10591Ossidokid (1985)(Softgraf)(it)
10592Ostfrieslandgames (1991)(CP Verlag)
10593Otan Alerta - Teatro de Europa (19xx)(Personal Software Services)(es)
10594Oter - The First Invasion (19xx)(Technoart-ArtGame)
10595Othello (1991)(-)
10596Oubliette (1983)(Bear Software)
10597Ouch! (2000)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
10598Ouch! 2 (2002)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
10599Our Own Klondike (1994)(Loadstar)
10600Our Own Klondyke (19xx)(Maurice Jones)
10601Ouranos (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
10602Out On The Tiles (1987)(Firebird)
10603Out Run (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10604Out Run (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
10605Out Run (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
10606Out Run (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
10607Out Run (1988)(U.S. Gold)
10608Out Run - US Version (1988)(Mindscape)
10609Out Run Europa (1991)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
10610Out Run Europa (1991)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
10611Out Run Europa (1991)(U.S. Gold)
10612Out Run v1.3 (1986)(Martin Webb)
10613Out Take II (1991)(-)
10614Out of Boom (1992)(Markt & Technik)
10615Out of Deep (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
10616Out of Order (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
10617Out of this World (1988)(Ariolasoft)
10618Out on a Limb (1985)(Anirog Software)
10619Out on the Tiles (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)
10620Out-Post (19xx)(-)
10621Outback (1984)(Paramount)
10622Outcrush (1988)(Markt & Technik)
10623Outer Space (19xx)(-)
10624Outlaw (1984)(Hawksoft)
10625Outlaws (1986)(Ultimate)
10626Outpost (19xx)(-)
10627Outrider (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
10628Over the Net (1991)(Genias)
10629Over the Rainbow (1983)(Renegade Software)
10630Over the Top (1987)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
10631Over-Reaction (19xx)(Emerald Valley Publishing)
10632Overkill - The Death of New Generation (19xx)(Elvin)(de)
10633Overlander (1988)(Elite)
10634Overload (1995)(Loadstar)
10635Overlord (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10636Overrun - Europe (1989)(SSI)(Side A)
10637Overrun - Europe (1989)(SSI)(Side B)
10638Overrun - Mideast (1989)(SSI)(Side A)
10639Overrun - Mideast (1989)(SSI)(Side B)
10640Overtake (1984)(Cascade Games)
10641Owari (1983)(B. Elkins)
10642Owens Escape (19xx)(John Fedor)
10643Oxxonian (1989)(Time Warp)
10644Oxyd (19xx)(Krush)
10645Ozling (1985)(Antsoft)(de)
10646Ozone II (1989)(Players Software)
10647P-47 (1990)(Firebird)
10648P.C. Fuzz (1984)(Anirog Software)(fr)
10649P.H.M. Pegasus (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
10650P.H.M. Pegasus (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
10651P.O.D. (1986)(Mr. Chip Software)
10652P.O.D. - Proof of Destruction (1987)(Mastertronic)
10653P.P. Digger (1993)(Markt & Technik)
10654P.P. Hammer (1991)(Demonware)
10655P.World (1993)(Tranquillizer)
10656P.World II (1993)(Tranquillizer)
10657P47 Thunderbolt (1990)(Firebird Software)
10658PC Fuzz (1984)(Anirog Software)
10659PET Checkers (19xx)(CMS Software Systems)
10660PET Mastermind (1978)(IIT)
10661PET Nuclear Power Plant (1988)(Creative Computing)
10662PET Super Baseball (1983)(Jinshi Suzuki & Bill Munch)
10663PHM Pegasus (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
10664PHM Pegasus (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
10665PHU (1996)(Patriot Games)
10666POW Adventure (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10667PP Digger (1993)(Markt & Technik)
10668PROBE (1988)(21st Century)
10669PSB Game - Pet Shop Boys (1992)(Shaun Pearson)
10670PSI-5 Trading Company (1986)(Accolade)(Side A)
10671PSI-5 Trading Company (1986)(Accolade)(Side B)
10672PSI-5 Trading Company (1986)(Accolade)
10673PUNICA Spiel, Das (1993)(BONDY Productions)(de)
10674Pac & Mac (1993)(-)
10675Pac Mann (1997)(Magna Media)
10676Pac Runner (1985)(Christian Stredicke)
10677Pac Runner II (19xx)(Christian Stredicke)
10678Pac-Boy (1984)(Markt & Technik)
10679Pac-Family (1993)(Markt & Technik)
10680Pac-Land (1988)(Quicksilva)
10681Pac-Maennchen (1989)(Markt & Technik)
10682Pac-Man (1983)(Atari)
10683Pac-Man unter der Lupe (1985)(Markt & Technik)
10684Pac-Mania (1988)(Grandslam Entertainment)
10685Pac-Mann (1997)(Markt & Technik)
10686Pac-Mouse (1983)(-)
10687Pac-Prick (1989)(Peter Conrad)
10688Pacadot Maze (1983)(The Compucats)
10689Pacball (1994)(Paradize Software)
10690Pacc Mann De Luxe (1992)(SYS PD)(PD)
10691Pacc Mann De Luxe v2 (1993)(SYS PD)(PD)
10692Paccie (1984)(Frank Tip)
10693Pachinko - Chinese Pinball (1991)(-)
10694Pachyderm Panic (1986)(PowerPlay Magazine)
10695Pacman (19xx)(-)
10696Pacman Jnr. (1987)(Wicked Software)
10697Pacos Pete (19xx)(Ken Grant)
10698Pactron (19xx)(Aardvark Software)
10699Paddington and the Disappeaing Ink (19xx)(Collins Soft)(Side A)
10700Paddington and the Disappeaing Ink (19xx)(Collins Soft)(Side B)
10701Paddingtons Early Visit (19xx)(Collins Soft)(Side A)
10702Paddingtons Early Visit (19xx)(Collins Soft)(Side B)
10703Paddingtons Garden Adventure (1984)(Collins Soft)
10704Paddingtons Garden Game (19xx)(Collins Soft)
10705Paddles (1996)(Patriot Games)
10706Paddocks (19xx)(Duncan Computer Services)
10707Page One v2.0 (1994)(Humphrey Walwyn)
10708Paha Juttu (1988)(Ari ja Mikko Hypponen)(FI)
10709Paha Juttu 2 (1988)(Ari ja Mikko Hypponen)(FI)
10710Paha Juttu 3 (1988)(Ari ja Mikko Hypponen)(FI)
10711Pahan Jutun Poika (19xx)(Ari Hyppnen)(FI)
10712Pailgame, The (19xx)(E. Schwan)(de)
10713Pain, The (19xx)(Italysoft)
10714Paint Magic+ (19xx)(Angels)
10715Paint Pot Charlie (1984)(-)
10716Paint by Number (1990)(Loadstar)
10717Paint the Cat (1988)(G. Ludinsky)
10718Painterboy (1987)(-)
10719Pair (1988)(Pierre Messier)
10720Pair Off (1988)(Loadstar)
10721Pair of Memory (1993)(CP Verlag)
10722Pak-Poison (19xx)(Brad Houck & Duane Houck)
10723Pakacuda (1982)(Comm Data)
10724Pakatak (1986)(Alpha Software)
10725Paladin (1983)(Triad Software)
10726Pale Moon (1986)(Systems Editoriale)
10727Palermo (1990)(Peter Diehm)(de)
10728Pallacanestro NBA (1985)(Linguaggio Macchina)(it)
10729Pallino (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
10730Palobs (1987)(Michael Balle)
10731Pancake (19xx)(Arcus)
10732Pancho (1984)(Data Becker)
10733Pandora (1988)(Firebird Software)
10734Pandoras Box (1983)(Mr. Micro)
10735Pang (1991)(Ocean Software)
10736Pango (1983)(Courbois Software)(nl)
10737Panic (19xx)(Your Commodore)
10738Panic 64 (1983)(Interceptor Micros)
10739Panic Express (1986)(Red Rat Software)
10740Panic Planet (1984)(Alligata Software)
10741Panoramia (1992)(Fighters For Freedom)
10742Panoramia Part Two (199x)(Fighters For Freedom)
10743Panther (1986)(Mastertronic)
10744Panzer (1987)(Wicked Software)
10745Panzer Battles (1989)(SSI)
10746Panzer Grenadier (1986)(SSI)
10747Panzer Grenadier v1.0 (1985)(SSI)
10748Panzer Grenadier v1.1 (1985)(SSI)
10749Panzer Strike v1.0 (1987)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10750Panzer Strike v1.0 (1987)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
10751Panzer Strike v1.0 (1987)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
10752Panzer Strike v1.0 (1987)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
10753Panzer-Jagd (1983)(Avalon Hill)
10754Panzers East (1984)(Avalon Hill)
10755Panzerschlacht (1995)(Softdisk)
10756Papagei Gangster (1984)(Antony Crowther)(de)
10757Paper Rock Scissors (19xx)(-)
10758Paper Route (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
10759Paper-Scissors-Stone (1985)(Tab Books)
10760Paperboy (1986)(Elite)
10761Papertyl Plotternoid (1988)(-)
10762Para Academy (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
10763Para Assault Course (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
10764Parachute Jumper (1985)(Tab Books)
10765Parachutist (1984)(Cascade Games)
10766Paradroid (1985)(Graftgold)
10767Paradroid - Competition Edition (1986)(Graftgold)
10768Paradroid - Metal Edition (1986)(Graftgold)
10769Paragon (1988)(Loadstar)
10770Parallax (1986)(Ocean Software)
10771Parameters R Us (1987)(-)(Side A)
10772Parameters R Us (1987)(-)(Side B)
10773Paramon (19xx)(Sound & Vision)
10774Paranoia (19xx)(-)(Side A)
10775Paranoia (19xx)(-)(Side B)
10776Paranoia (19xx)(-)
10777Paranoia Complex, The (1989)(Magic Bytes)
10778Paranoids Anonymous (19xx)(Aardvark Software)
10779Paranoids Empire (1988)(Shain Atanan)
10780Paranoimia (1991)(Double Density)
10781Paranom - Elite Squad 2 (1990)(CP Verlag)
10782Parapsychologist (1997)(Loadstar)
10783Paras, The (1983)(Lothlorien)
10784Paratrooper (19xx)(-)(sv)
10785Paratroopers (1983)(Rabbit Software)
10786Pare a Phrase (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
10787Pari-Mutuel Racing (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
10788Parigi Dakar (1985)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
10789Paris Chase (19xx)(-)
10790Parisian Nights (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10791Park (19xx)(-)
10792Park Patrol (1984)(Activision)
10793Parky and the Submarine (1985)(Cheetahsoft)
10794Parody Adventure (1992)(Monistic Software)
10795Paroliamo (19xx)(Davide Pitto)(it)
10796Parromania (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
10797Parrot (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
10798Parsec (1993)(CP Verlag)
10799Parsec Ten (19xx)(-)
10800Parsin Practice (1989)(Loadstar)
10801Parsin Practice II (1992)(Loadstar)
10802Parsin Practice III (1992)(Loadstar)
10803Parsin Practice IV (1994)(Loadstar)
10804Partei (19xx)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
10805Partisan (19xx)(-)
10806Party Game (1994)(Antic)
10807Party Quest (1995)(Magna Media)(de)
10808Partygirls (19xx)(The Modedeal)
10809Passeggeri del Vento (1987)(Infogrames)(it)(Side A)
10810Passeggeri del Vento (1987)(Infogrames)(it)(Side B)
10811Passengers on the Wind (1987)(Infogrames)(Side A)
10812Passengers on the Wind (1987)(Infogrames)(Side B)
10813Passengers on the Wind (1987)(Infogrames)
10814Passengers on the Wind II (1988)(Infogrames)(Side A)
10815Passengers on the Wind II (1988)(Infogrames)(Side B)
10816Passengers on the Wind II (1988)(Infogrames)
10817Passing Shot (1989)(Imageworks)
10818Passport to London (1985)(Joyce Hakansson Associates)
10819Paste-Man Pat (1988)(Silverbird)
10820Pasteman Pat (1989)(Silverbird Software)
10821Pastfinder (1984)(Activision)
10822Pathal (1989)(CP Verlag)
10823Pathfinder (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
10824Pathway (1983)(Compute!)
10825Patience (19xx)(-)
10826Patience - The Game of 7s (1987)(Wicked Software)
10827Patience 64 (19xx)(-)
10828Patience Polly (19xx)(-)
10829Patience Quartet (1991)(Dave J. Bride)
10830Patrick Moore Astronomy Program, The (1983)(Ivan Berg Software)
10831Patternia (1992)(CP Verlag)
10832Patton vs Rommel (1987)(Electronic Arts)
10833Paul Whitehead Teaches Chess (1985)(Enlightenment)
10834Paul Whiteheads Chess (19xx)(-)
10835Paul der Kaefer (2004)(Civitas)
10836Paulchens Schiebung (1985)(Input 64)(de)
10837Pawn, The (1986)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10838Pawn, The (1986)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
10839Pawn, The (1986)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
10840Pawn, The (1986)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Side A)
10841Pawn, The (1986)(Magnetic Scrolls)(Side B)
10842Pay-Off, The (1984)(Bug-Byte Software)
10843Payday (1990)(Gametek)
10844Pazzle (1987)(Markt & Technik)
10845Pea Picker (1983)(C.P. White)
10846Peace Patrol (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10847Peace Patrol II (1994)(Binary Zone)(PD)
10848Peace Women (1985)(Knightsoft)
10849Peanut Butter Panic (1984)(CBS Software)
10850Pearl Diver (19xx)(Mark McBreen)
10851Pearl of Dawn, The (1992)(CP Verlag)
10852Pebbles (1986)(-)(de)
10853Pecora Volante (1987)(Jeff Minter)(it)
10854Pedestrian (1983)(Luna Software)
10855Pedro (1984)(Imagine Software)
10856Peewee Hockey (1993)(Loadstar)
10857Peg Board (1987)(RUN-CW Communications)
10858Peg Puzzle (1986)(Alpha Software)
10859Peg Solitaire (1986)(Alpha Software)
10860Peg-Out (19xx)(-)
10861Pegasis (1983)(Commercial Data Systems)
10862Pegasis - Ulises (1983)(Commercial Data Systems)(es)
10863Pegasus Bridge (1987)(PSS)
10864Pegasus Odyssey (1983)(-)
10865Pegman (1992)(Compute!)
10866Pegs (1986)(Compute!)
10867Pen and the Dark, The (1984)(Mosaic Publishing)
10868Penalty Shoot-em-up! (1994)(David Carter)
10869Penalty Soccer (1990)(Artronic)
10870Pendu, Le (1984)(Roland Dupont)(fr)
10871Penetrate (1984)(Simon & Schuster)
10872Penetrator (1984)(Melbourne House)
10873Pengo (1983)(Colosoftware)
10874Pengon (1984)(Microdeal)
10875Penguin Tower (1994)(Problemchild Productions)
10876Penguin Tower v2 (1994)(Problemchild Productions)
10877Penguins (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
10878Pengy (1985)(Computer & Video Games Magazine)
10879Pennelli (1985)(Edicola)(it)
10880Penny (1993)(-)
10881Pensate (1983)(Penguin Software)
10882Pentacle 2 - Picture Teaser (19xx)(-)
10883Pentagramm (1989)(Markt & Technik)(en-de)
10884Pento (1988)(Loadstar)
10885Pentron (1993)(Loadstar)
10886Peppis Quest (1988)(Future Games)
10887Pepsi Cahllenge, The (19xx)(-)
10888Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis (19xx)(-)(de)
10889Percent Master (19xx)(Caesar Software)
10890Percy Penguin (1984)(Superior Software)
10891Percy The Potty Pigeon (1984)(Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd.)
10892Perfect Symetrie (1994)(Markt & Technik)
10893Perfect Weapon (19xx)(Iyama Software)
10894Peril at Castle Medea (19xx)(J&F Publishing)
10895Peril of the Pitdemons (19xx)(-)
10896Perils of Darkest Africa (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10897Periscope (1983)(Microcomputing)
10898Periscope Up (1989)(Atlantis Software)
10899Perplex (1992)(CP Verlag)
10900Perplex II (1994)(CP Verlag)
10901Perplexian Challenger (1983)(Progressive Peripherals & Software)
10902Perry Mason - The Case of the Mandarin Murder (1985)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10903Perry Mason - The Case of the Mandarin Murder (1985)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
10904Perry Mason - The Case of the Mandarin Murder (1985)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
10905Perry Mason - The Case of the Mandarin Murder (1985)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
10906Perry Mason - The Case of the Mandarin Murder (1985)(Telarium)
10907Perseus & Andromeda (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
10908Persian Gulf (1988)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
10909Persian Gulf Inferno (1990)(Magic Bytes)
10910Personal Story (1984)(Compute!)
10911Persuasion (19xx)(-)(it)
10912Pertharion (1991)(CP Verlag)
10913Pesky Painter (1984)(-)
10914Pesten (19xx)(-)(nl)
10915Pests (1984)(Compute!)
10916Petals Around the Rose (1994)(Loadstar)
10917Petals and Rose (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
10918Petch - Pengo (1983)(Colosoftware)
10919Petch II (19xx)(Colosoftware)
10920Petchess 4000 (1981)(Philidor Software)
10921Peter (19xx)(Manfredi Dominico)(fr)
10922Peter Beardsleys International Football (1988)(Grandslam Entertainment)
10923Peter Belli (1988)(Bombjack)
10924Peter Pack Rat (1988)(Silverbird Software)
10925Peter Shiltons Football (19xx)(-)
10926Peter Shiltons Handball Maradona (1986)(Grandslam Entertainment)
10927Petit Napoleon, Le (1992)(Markt & Technik)(de)
10928Petman (1984)(Steven C. Darnold)
10929Petopoly (19xx)(Courbois Software)
10930Petrol & Co. (19xx)(Oliver Buck)(de)
10931Petrovic Basketball (1989)(Topo Soft)
10932Pettigrew Chronicles (1984)(Shards Software)
10933Pferde Bahn (1986)(Verlag Heinz Heise GmbH)(de)
10934Pferderennen (19xx)(-)(de)
10935Phaedra (1990)(Pretzel Logic)
10936Phantasie I (1986)(SSI)(Side A)
10937Phantasie I (1986)(SSI)(Side B)
10938Phantasie II (1986)(SSI)(Side A)
10939Phantasie II (1986)(SSI)(Side B)
10940Phantasie II v1.2 (1986)(SSI)(Side A)
10941Phantasie III - The Wrath of Nikademus (1987)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10942Phantasie III - The Wrath of Nikademus (1987)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
10943Phantasie III - The Wrath of Nikademus (1987)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
10944Phantasie III - The Wrath of Nikademus (1987)(SSI)(Side A)
10945Phantasie III - The Wrath of Nikademus (1987)(SSI)(Side B)
10946Phantasie III - The Wrath of Nikademus v1.1 (1987)(SSI)(Side A)
10947Phantasie III - The Wrath of Nikademus v1.1 (1987)(SSI)(Side B)
10948Phantasmagoria (1993)(The Guild Adventure Software)
10949Phantis (1988)(Dinamic Software)(Side A)
10950Phantis (1988)(Dinamic Software)(Side B)
10951Phantis (1988)(Dinamic Software)(es)
10952Phantom (1987)(Tynesoft)
10953Phantom - The Mission (1989)(Commodore Disc)
10954Phantom Assault (1988)(S&J Productions)
10955Phantom Karate Devils (1983)(Phantom)
10956Phantom of Priory Court, The (1985)(Commodore User)
10957Phantom of the Asteroid (1985)(Mastertronic)
10958Phantomas II (1987)(Dinamic Software)(es)
10959Pharaoh (1992)(CP Verlag)
10960Pharaohs Curse, The (1983)(Synapse Software)
10961Pharaohs Needles (1982)(Ron Wagner & Wim)(PD)
10962Pharaohs Revenge (1988)(Software Resources International)(Side A)
10963Pharaohs Revenge (1990)(Compute!)
10964Pharaohs Super Nadeln! (1985)(Logicre)(de)
10965Pharaonengrab (19xx)(J. Hader)(de)
10966Pharaos Grave (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
10967Phase 4 (1984)(Channel 8 Software)
10968Phaser (1984)(Cascade Games)
10969Phaser Phire (1987)(RUN-CW Communications)
10970Phaserdome (1987)(Keypunch Software)
10971Phileas Foggs Balloon Battles (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
10972Philip and Marks Big Adventure (1991)(No Logic Software)
10973Philippic (1992)(-)
10974Phobia (1989)(Mirrorsoft)(Side A)
10975Phobia (1989)(Mirrorsoft)(Side B)
10976Phobia (1989)(Mirrorsoft)
10977Phobia! (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)
10978Phobos - Get Out of Jail (1989)(Commodore Disc)
10979Phoenix (1984)(W. Baumgartner Janner)(de)
10980Phoncentration (19xx)(-)
10981Photo Safari (1990)(Loadstar)
10982Photon Reflection (1984)(Commodore)
10983Photon-Ranger (1988)(Markt & Technik)
10984Photony (1984)(Markt & Technik)
10985Phrase That Pays (1985)(Loadstar)
10986Phun with Phonics (1994)(Loadstar)
10987Physik mit Nico (1985)(Input 64)(de)
10988Pi R Squared (1987)(Argus Press)
10989Pi in the Sky (1984)(Simon & Schuster)
10990Pic-Man (19xx)(-)
10991Pick That Tune (1983)(Swearingen Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
10992Pick That Tune (1983)(Swearingen Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
10993Pick That Tune (1983)(Swearingen Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
10994Pick Up All (1991)(Markt & Technik)
10995Pick a Letter (1987)(RUN-CW Communications)
10996Pick em Up (1986)(Lutz Arnken)(de)
10997Pick n Pile (1991)(Ubi Soft)
10998Pick-Up Blocks (1986)(Commodore Magazine)
10999Pick-a-Letter (1987)(Compute!)
11000Pickup (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
11001Pictionary (1989)(Domark)
11002Pictionary - Das Spiel mit dem schnellen Strich (1989)(Domark)(de)
11003Pictionary - The Game of Quick Draw (1989)(Domark)
11004Pictionary - Un Mot en un Coup de Crayon (1989)(Domark)(fr)
11005Picture Kingdom (1981)(The Guild Adventure Software)
11006Picture Logic (1993)(Loadstar)
11007Pie Emporium (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
11008Pieces (1996)(Paranormal Activities)
11009Piegram (1984)(Osbourne-McGraw Hill)
11010Pierre Magique (1984)(Micro Application)(fr)
11011Pig (1980)(James C. Downer)
11012Pig Runner (19xx)(-)
11013Pig in a Poke (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
11014Pigs in Space (1984)(ACE)
11015Pile Up (1996)(Magna Media)
11016Pile-Up (1987)(Ariolasoft)
11017Pilgrim (1986)(CRL)
11018Pill-Box (1994)(Markt & Technik)
11019Pilot 64 (1986)(Abbex Software)
11020Pilot-Master (19xx)(-)
11021Pin Table (1983)(Granada Publishing)
11022Pin Up (1988)(-)
11023Pinball 64 (19xx)(Pissed Software)
11024Pinball 9 (19xx)(-)
11025Pinball Arcade (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
11026Pinball Blaster - Review Version (1988)(-)
11027Pinball Construction Set (1983)(Electronic Arts)
11028Pinball Player - Review Version (1988)(-)
11029Pinball Power (1989)(Mastertronic)
11030Pinball Simulator (19xx)(Codemasters)
11031Pinball Spectacular (1983)(Commodore)
11032Pinball Wizard (1984)(Sagittarian Software)
11033Pinfaball (1995)(Manutar)
11034Ping-Pong (1986)(Konami)
11035Ping-Pong Classic (1987)(Input 64)(de)
11036Pingo (19xx)(Kyle Hodgetts)
11037Pinhead (1990)(Compute!)
11038Pink Elephants (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
11039Pink Panther (1988)(Magic Bytes)
11040Pinkeln (19xx)(-)(de)
11041Pipe (1993)(CP Verlag)
11042Pipe Dream (1989)(Lucasfilm Games)
11043Pipe Mania (1989)(Empire)
11044Pipeline Run (1990)(CP Verlag)
11045Pipes (1983)(Creative Software)
11046Pipes Peak (1990)(Loadstar)
11047Piracy (19xx)(Ace Games)
11048Piranha (1989)(Charles M. Duncan)
11049Pirat (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
11050Pirat Club (19xx)(Dag)
11051Pirate Adventure (1981)(Commodore)
11052Pirate Cemetery (1982)(Pinc. Prod.)
11053Pirate Cove (1986)(Compute!)
11054Pirate Treasure (1986)(Alpha Software)
11055Piratenschatz, Der (1986)(He-Goat)(de)
11056Pirates (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
11057Pirates Cove (1986)(Mark Valdron)
11058Pirates in Hyperspace (1987)(Alternative Software)
11059Pirates of the Barbary Coast (1986)(Starsoft)(Side A)
11060Pirates of the Barbary Coast (1986)(Starsoft)(Side B)
11061Pirates of the Barbary Coast (1986)(Starsoft)
11062Pirates! (1987)(Microprose Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
11063Pirates! (1987)(Microprose Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
11064Pirates! (1987)(Microprose Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
11065Pirates! (1987)(Microprose Software)(Side A)
11066Pirates! (1987)(Microprose Software)(Side B)
11067Pirhana II (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
11068Pit Ball, The (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
11069Pit, The (1983)(HesWare)
11070Pit-Fighter - The Ultimate Competition (1991)(Domark)
11071Pitfall (1984)(Activision)
11072Pitfall - Pitfall Harrys Jungle Adventure (1984)(Activision)
11073Pitfall 2 - Lost Caverns (1984)(Activision)
11074Pitfall 3 - Orpheus in the Underworld (1984)(Activision)
11075Pitstop (1983)(Epyx)
11076Pitstop II (1984)(Epyx)
11077Pivot Point (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
11078Pixel Puzzler #34 (1987)(Loadstar)
11079Pixel Puzzler #36 (1987)(Loadstar)
11080Pixel Puzzler #40 (1987)(Loadstar)
11081Pixel Puzzler #41 (1987)(Loadstar)
11082Pixie Pete (1984)(Merlin Software)
11083Pizza (1981)(Cue)
11084Pizza-3! (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
11085Plague (1990)(Commodore Disc)
11086Plague Spot (1983)(Interface Publications)
11087Plan Ahead (1988)(Loadstar)
11088Plan a Menu (1984)(Compute!)
11089Plane Attack (19xx)(Sunshine Publications)
11090Plane Chase (1984)(Melbourne House)
11091Planet Attack (19xx)(Scorpio Gamesworld)
11092Planet Des Todes (1985)(-)(de)
11093Planet Force (1993)(CP Verlag)
11094Planet Miners, The (1980)(Avalon Hill)
11095Planet Pim (1985)(Activision)
11096Planet Pimlico (19xx)(-)
11097Planet Probe (1983)(Micro-Ed)
11098Planet Raider (1990)(Compute!)
11099Planet Rover (19xx)(David Husch)
11100Planet Trader (1995)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
11101Planet War in 1999, The (1993)(Andreas S. Henriksson)
11102Planet X (1984)(R. Bower)
11103Planet of Death (19xx)(-)(de)
11104Planet of Death, The (1984)(Artic Computing)
11105Planet of War (1985)(Aztec Software)
11106Planet of the Robots (1984)(Loadstar)
11107Planet of the Robots - Robot War (1983)(Daniel Tobias & Thorania Software)(de)
11108Planetarium (1985)(Input 64)(de)
11109Planetfall (1988)(Infocom)(Side A)
11110Planetfall (1988)(Infocom)(Side B)
11111Planetfall (19xx)(-)
11112Planetoids (19xx)(Mark L. Fletcher)
11113Planets Defender (1984)(Cascade Games)
11114Plantet Qwarrk (19xx)(Ian Hughes)
11115Plaque Man (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
11116Plasm (1997)(Loadstar)
11117Plasma Bolt (1984)(Cascade Games)
11118Plasma Storm (19xx)(Louis Sorenfield)
11119Plasmatron (1987)(CRL)
11120Plasmoids (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
11121Plasto (1992)(Delta)
11122Plat 3064 (19xx)(-)
11123Platform Zone (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
11124Platform-Mania (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
11125Platforms (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
11126Platoon (1987)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
11127Platoon (1987)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
11128Platoon (1987)(Ocean Software)
11129Platoon Leader (1988)(Bombjack)
11130Platou (1988)(Kingsoft)
11131Play Bingo (1987)(Compute!)
11132Play Golf - Pineview Course (1987)(1 Step Software)
11133Play Golf - Ye Olde Course (1986)(1 Step Software)
11134Play Your Cards Right (19xx)(-)
11135Play a Match (1993)(CP Verlag)
11136Playball (1986)(Markt & Technik)
11137Playful Professor - Math Tutor (1984)(-)
11138Playful Professor - Rekenen (1984)(Screenplay)(nl)
11139Plazma Ball (1990)(Tynesoft)(Side A)
11140Plazma Ball (1990)(Tynesoft)(Side B)
11141Plexnoid (1992)(CP Verlag)
11142Plexonoid (1992)(CP Verlag)
11143Plink and Plonk (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
11144Plis (1993)(Markt & Technik)
11145Plitsche-Platsch (1984)(Markt & Technik)
11146Plotting (1990)(Ocean Software)
11147Plumb Crazy (1997)(Loadstar)
11148Plumb Crazy! (1984)(Terminal Software)
11149Plundered Hearts (1987)(Infocom)
11150Plural (1991)(CP Verlag)
11151Plurals (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
11152Plus 4 Adventures (19xx)(Paul Allan Panks)
11153Pluso (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
11154Plutonium (1993)(CP Verlag)
11155Pneumatic Hammers (1987)(Firebird)
11156Pocket Rockets (1988)(Capcom)
11157Pod (1985)(Relax Games)
11158Podraz (19xx)(-)(cs)
11159Podraz III (1988)(ToHeSoft)(cs)
11160Poet - Ein Lyrik-Generator (1985)(Multisoft)(de)
11161Poga (19xx)(-)
11162Pogo Joe (1983)(Screenplay)
11163Pogo Stick (1994)(Yanney Software)
11164Pogo Stick Olympics (1988)(Silverbird)
11165Pogotron (19xx)(-)
11166Poing (1987)(Systems Editoriale)
11167Poing! (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
11168Poing! v1.4 (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
11169Point X (1987)(Powersoft)
11170Poison (1988)(Loadstar)
11171Poker (19xx)(-)
11172Poker 256 (1984)(Compute!)
11173Poker 4 (1987)(Systems Editoriale)(de-it)
11174Poker Indiano (19xx)(-)(it)
11175Poker Machine, The (19xx)(-)
11176Poker Parlor (1984)(Loadstar)
11177Poker Sam (1983)(Dont Ask Software)
11178Poker Solitaire (1982)(Ben Elizer)
11179Poker-Face (1983)(Granada Publishing)
11180Pokol Angyala, A (19xx)(Oliver Gaspar)(hu)
11181Polar Pierre (1986)(Digicorp)
11182Polaris (19xx)(-)
11183Pole Minowe - Minefield (19xx)(-)(pl)
11184Pole Position (1984)(Atari)
11185Pole Position II (1988)(Mindscape)
11186Police (1980)(Cursor Magazine)
11187Police Academy (1986)(Laserlight Software)
11188Police Academy 2 (1987)(Methodic Solutions)
11189Police Cadet (1986)(Artworx Software)
11190Political BS (1989)(Loadstar)
11191Politics 1988 (1988)(Loadstar)
11192Politics 1988 - The 1994 Edition (1994)(Dallace L. Meehan)
11193Polonase (1994)(CP Verlag)
11194Polos Glace (19xx)(Steve Hughes)(es)
11195Polowanie Na Litery (19xx)(Fundacja Edukacji Technologicznej)(pl)
11196Poltergeist (1988)(Codemasters)
11197Polygons (1994)(Loadstar)
11198Polyps from Pluto (1983)(Duncan Porter & Daniel Melander)
11199Pomppu (19xx)(-)(FI)
11200Pond, The (1984)(Sunburst)
11201Pong (19xx)(-)
11202Pong 64 (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
11203Pong 64 v2 (1986)(Michael Plate)(de)
11204Pong! (19xx)(Tomi Malinen)
11205Pontoon (1984)(Cascade Games)
11206Pontoon 64 (1986)(Alpha Software)
11207Pontoon, Roulette & Aces High (1983)(Mr. Chip Software)
11208Pool (19xx)(-)
11209Pool Billiard (1983)(Coomodore)
11210Pool Sim 92 (1992)(-)
11211Pool of Radiance (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
11212Pool of Radiance (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)
11213Pool of Radiance (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 5 Side A)
11214Pool of Radiance (1988)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side A)
11215Pool of Radiance (1988)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)
11216Pool of Radiance (1988)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side A)
11217Pool of Radiance (1988)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)
11218Pool of Radiance (1988)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)
11219Pool of Radiance (1988)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side B)
11220Pool of Radiance (1988)(SSI)(Disk 5 of 5 Side A)
11221Pool of Radiance (1988)(SSI)(Side A)(Boot)
11222Pool of Radiance v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
11223Pool of Radiance v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)
11224Pool of Radiance v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side A)
11225Pool of Radiance v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)
11226Pool of Radiance v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side A)
11227Pool of Radiance v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)
11228Pool of Radiance v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)
11229Pool of Radiance v1.0 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side B)
11230Pool of Radiance v1.1 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
11231Pool of Radiance v1.1 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)
11232Pool of Radiance v1.1 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side A)
11233Pool of Radiance v1.1 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)
11234Pool of Radiance v1.1 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side A)
11235Pool of Radiance v1.1 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)
11236Pool of Radiance v1.1 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)
11237Pool of Radiance v1.1 (1988)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side B)
11238Poor Wizard (19xx)(Piersoft Milano)(it)
11239Pooyan (1983)(Datasoft)
11240Pop-Top (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
11241Popeye (1984)(HS)
11242Popeye II (1991)(Alternative Software)
11243Popeye III (1992)(Alternative Software)
11244Popeye the Collection - Popeye 1 (1992)(Alternative Software)
11245Popeye the Collection - Popeye 2 (1992)(Alternative Software)
11246Popeye the Collection - Popeye 3 (1992)(Alternative Software)(Side A)
11247Popeye the Collection - Popeye 3 (1992)(Alternative Software)(Side B)
11248Poppem! (1986)(Mark Mainwood)
11249Popper (19xx)(Coolsoft)
11250Popples (1986)(American Greetings)
11251Popples Christmas Adventure, A (1986)(American Greetings)
11252Population Prof (1991)(Loadstar)
11253Porno Adventure (1989)(Michael Hunt)
11254Porno-Land II - The Saga Continues (19xx)(Fletch)
11255Portfolio (19xx)(Ulf Schael)
11256Ports of Call (19xx)(Zuheir Urwani)(de)
11257Poseidon - Planet Eleven (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
11258Poseidon Kincse (1989)(Greensoft)
11259Possessive Power (1991)(Loadstar)
11260Post Time (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
11261Poster Paster (1984)(Taskset)
11262Postino, Il II (1990)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
11263Postman (19xx)(Dave Ponting)
11264Postman Pat (1988)(Alternative Software)
11265Postman Pat II (1989)(Alternative Software)
11266Postman Pat III (1992)(Alternative Software)
11267Pot Fun (1992)(CP Verlag)
11268Pot Panic (1991)(Kingsoft)
11269Pot Shots & Sub Sinker (1984)(Doubleday Australia)
11270Potholes (1983)(Compute!)
11271Potsworth (1992)(Hi-Tec Software)
11272Potter Potter (1985)(Edigamma)(it)
11273Pottit (1983)(Romik Software)
11274Potty Botty Blast (1994)(Binary Zone)(PD)
11275Potty Painter (1983)(Rabbit Software)
11276Potty Painter - In the Jungle (1983)(Rabbit Software)
11277Potty Pigeon (1984)(Gremlin Graphics)
11278Potty Pigeon - Pajaro Loco (1984)(Gremlin Graphics)(es)
11279Potty Pontoon (19xx)(-)
11280Power (1987)(Avantage)
11281Power Boat Race (1985)(Red Arrow)
11282Power Boat Simulator (19xx)(Vision)
11283Power Box (19xx)(-)
11284Power Drift (1990)(Activision)
11285Power Play (1984)(Interface Publications)
11286Power Play Hockey (1988)(Electronic Arts)
11287Power Poker (1995)(Loadstar)
11288Power Pyramids (1988)(Quicksilva)
11289Power Signal Box (1988)(Dee-Kay Systems)
11290Power Squares (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
11291Power Struggle (1987)(Personal Software Services)
11292Power Surge (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
11293Power at Sea (1988)(Accolade)
11294Power, The (1991)(X-Ample)
11295Power-Play Hockey (1987)(Robert J. Blattel)
11296Power-Punch (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
11297Power-Sisters I (1989)(Armin Gessert)
11298Powerama (1986)(Hewson)
11299Powerball (1987)(Compute!)
11300Powerboat Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
11301Powerboat USA (1989)(Accolade)
11302Powerchain (1994)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
11303Powerplay - The Game of the Gods (1989)(Arcana Software Designs)
11304Powers of Gloom (19xx)(-)
11305Powerstar (1983)(Datamagic)
11306Powerstation 5 (1986)(Brian Docherty)
11307Powertrak (1987)(The Edge Software)
11308Powertris (1996)(Venom)
11309Pozitronic (1994)(CP Verlag)
11310Pra-Se (1994)(CP Verlag)
11311Practice (19xx)(-)
11312Prawa Boylea (19xx)(R. MacNaughton, Bruce Johnson & GemBoy)(pl)
11313Precaryus (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
11314Predator (1988)(Activision)(Side A)
11315Predator (1988)(Activision)(Side B)
11316Predator (1988)(Activision)
11317Predator 2 (1991)(Mirrorsoft)
11318Predator II (1991)(Imageworks)
11319Predator, The (1994)(Champion Software)
11320Predictor (1986)(Compute!)
11321Preis ist Heiss, Der (1991)(Gametek)(de)
11322Prekliaty Zamok (1998)(Krzysztof Augustyn)
11323Premier II (1988)(E&J Software)
11324Premier League (1987)(A.J. Clayton)
11325President (1987)(Addictive Games)
11326President Elect - 1984 Edition (1984)(SSI)
11327President Elect - 1988 Edition (1986)(SSI)
11328President Elect - 1988 Edition v2.0 (1987)(Nelson G. Hernandez)
11329President Is Missing - Pre Release (1988)(Cosmi)(Side A)
11330President Is Missing - Pre Release (1988)(Cosmi)(Side B)
11331President Is Missing, The (1988)(Cosmi)
11332President is Missing, The (1988)(Cosmi)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
11333President is Missing, The (1988)(Cosmi)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
11334President is Missing, The (1988)(Cosmi)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
11335President is Missing, The (1988)(Cosmi)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
11336President is Missing, The (1988)(Cosmi)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
11337President is Missing, The (1988)(Cosmi)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
11338President is Missing, The (1988)(Cosmi)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
11339President is Missing, The (1988)(Cosmi)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
11340President is Missing, The (1988)(Cosmi)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
11341President, Le (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
11342Presidential Campaign (1983)(Timeworks)
11343Presidential Trivia (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
11344Press Your Luck (1988)(Gametek)(Side A)
11345Press Your Luck (1988)(Gametek)(Side B)
11346Presumed Guilty! (1989)(Cosmi)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
11347Presumed Guilty! (1989)(Cosmi)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
11348Presumed Guilty! (1989)(Cosmi)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
11349Price is Right, The (1990)(Gametek)(Side A)
11350Price is Right, The (1990)(Gametek)(Side B)
11351Price of Magik (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
11352Price of Peril (1988)(Input 64)(de)
11353Pride (1991)(CP Verlag)
11354Pride Collection 92 (1992)(-)
11355Pride Collection 93 I (1993)(-)
11356Pride Collection 93 II (1993)(-)
11357Prima Visione Nr.12 (19xx)(-)(it)(Side A)
11358Prime Ducks (1985)(Spinnaker Software)
11359Prime Suspect (19xx)(Derek Doran)
11360Primitive Ping-Pong (1998)(Trash Productions)
11361Prince Clumsy (1990)(Codemasters)
11362Prince, The (1987)(Firebird)
11363Princess and the Frog (1983)(Romox)
11364Prison Riot (1990)(Players Premier)
11365Prisonball (1986)(Compute!)
11366Prisoner-Island (1983)(JMP Software)
11367Private Eye (19xx)(Andrew Blevins)
11368Pro Boxing (1985)(Advantage Artworx)
11369Pro Boxing Simulator (1990)(Codemasters)
11370Pro Eorit (1993)(-)
11371Pro Hockey (1989)(Real Image Software)
11372Pro Keno (19xx)(Ron Doty)
11373Pro Mountain Bike Simulator (1990)(Alternative Software)
11374Pro Sports Teams (1993)(Loadstar)
11375Pro Stock Drags (19xx)(-)
11376Pro Team (19xx)(Grandslam Entertainment)
11377Pro Tennis Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
11378Pro Tennis Tour (1989)(Ubi Soft)
11379Pro Tour Golf (19xx)(Henry L. Richbourg)
11380Probe (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
11381Probe-Y (1991)(Pixol & Hawk-I)
11382Prodigy (1986)(Electric Dreams)
11383Prodigy, The (1986)(Electric Dreams)
11384Profesion Detective - Fantasma de Villa del Mar (1985)(Idealogic S.A.)(es)
11385Professional BMX Simulator (1988)(Codemasters)(Side A)
11386Professional BMX Simulator (1988)(Codemasters)(Side B)
11387Professional BMX Simulator (1988)(Codemasters)
11388Professional Footballer (1991)(Cult Games)
11389Professional Gambler (19xx)(-)
11390Professional Lode Runner (1985)(Dodosoft)
11391Professional Skateboard Simulator (1988)(Codemasters)
11392Professional Ski Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
11393Professional Snooker Simulator (1988)(Codemasters)
11394Professional Soccer (1989)(Cult Games)
11395Professional Tour Golf (1983)(SSI)(Side B)
11396Professor Brock (1986)(Antsoft)(de)
11397Professor Calhoon (1996)(Loadstar)
11398Professor Calhoon II (1996)(Loadstar)
11399Professor Calhoon III (1996)(Loadstar)
11400Professor Calhoon IV (1997)(Loadstar)
11401Professor Calhoon VII (2000)(Loadstar)
11402Professor I.Q. (1984)(Cosmi)
11403Professor Zork (1984)(Markt & Technik)(de)
11404Profi Chess (19xx)(-)(de)
11405Profi-Fussball (1986)(Hobby-Soft)(de)
11406Profiskat (1987)(S+S Soft)(de)
11407Progolf (1988)(Atlantis Software)
11408Progolf - Pebble Beach (1988)(Atlantis Software)
11409Progolf - Sunningdale (1988)(Atlantis Software)
11410Prohibition (1987)(Infogrames)
11411Project - Space Station (1985)(HesWare)(Side A)
11412Project - Space Station (1985)(HesWare)(Side B)
11413Project - Space Station (1985)(HesWare)
11414Project Firestart (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
11415Project Firestart (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
11416Project Firestart (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
11417Project Firestart (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
11418Project Hell-Storm (1989)(Magic Disk)
11419Project S.O.L (1991)(CP Verlag)
11420Project Stealth Fighter (1987)(Microprose Software)(Side A)
11421Project Stealth Fighter (1987)(Microprose Software)(Side B)
11422Project Stealth Fighter (1987)(Microprose Software)
11423Project X (1989)(Mr. Chip Software)
11424Projekt (1984)(Achim Mueller)(de)
11425Projekt Prometheus (19xx)(-)(de)
11426Projekt Sparkk (1988)(-)
11427Prokofievs Peter and the Wolf Music (1985)(Fisher Price)(Side A)
11428Prokofievs Peter and the Wolf Music (1985)(Fisher Price)(Side B)
11429Promotion (1984)(Tronic Verlag)(de)
11430Proof of Destruction (1987)(Mastertronic)
11431Propeller (1996)(Loadstar)
11432Props (1984)(Compute!)
11433Prospector (1984)(Program One)
11434Protection (1983)(CPU)(de)
11435Protector (1989)(Mastertronic)
11436Protector II (1983)(Synapse Software)
11437Protium (1988)(Alternative Software)
11438Proton-Run (1987)(Unicon Designs)
11439Prototype I (19xx)(J.J. Jr.)
11440Prototype II (19xx)(J.J. Jr.)
11441Prototype III (19xx)(J.J. Jr.)
11442Prototype IV (19xx)(J.J. Jr.)
11443Protronix (1991)(Virgin Games)
11444Prowler (1987)(Mastertronic)
11445Pruefung, Die (1993)(Kingsoft)(de)(Side A)
11446Pruefung, Die (1993)(Kingsoft)(de)(Side B)
11447Pruefung, Die (1993)(Kingsoft)
11448Psi 5 Trading Company (1986)(Accolade)(Side A)
11449Psi 5 Trading Company (1986)(Accolade)(Side B)
11450Psi 5 Trading Company (1986)(Accolade)
11451Psi-Droid (1988)(Firebird)
11452Psi-Warrior (1984)(Beyond Software)(Side A)
11453Psi-Warrior (1984)(Beyond Software)(Side B)
11454Psi-Warrior (1984)(Beyond Software)
11455Psi-Warrior Sample (1985)(-)
11456Psion 3 (19xx)(Paravision Company)
11457Psion Attack (1984)(Cascade Games)
11458Psycastria (1986)(Audiogenic Software)
11459Psychedelia (19xx)(Llamasoft)
11460Psychedelic II (19xx)(-)
11461Psychic Kaos (1991)(Double Density)
11462Psycho (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
11463Psycho - Arcade Quest (1988)(Box Office)(Side A)
11464Psycho - Arcade Quest (1988)(Box Office)(Side B)
11465Psycho Flipu (1999)(Tomi Malinen)
11466Psycho Hopper (1989)(Mastertronic)
11467Psycho Pigs UXB (1988)(U.S. Gold)
11468Psycho Soldier (1987)(Imagine Software)
11469Psycloid (1993)(Loadstar)
11470Psykoraiders (19xx)(Pekka)
11471Psymon (1984)(Loadstar)
11472Psytron (1984)(Beyond Software)(Side A)
11473Psytron (1984)(Beyond Software)(Side B)
11474Psytron (1984)(Beyond Software)
11475Psyxx (1988)(CP Verlag)
11476Pub Fighter (1999)(Binary Zone)(PD)
11477Pub Games (1986)(Alligata Software)(Side A)
11478Pub Games (1986)(Alligata Software)(Side B)
11479Pub Games (1986)(Alligata Software)
11480Pub Quest (1984)(Dream Software)
11481Pub Trivia (1989)(Codemasters)
11482Puc Man (1983)(-)
11483Puck-Man (1983)(Claus Mayer)
11484Pucman (1992)(Markt & Technik)
11485Pudding Breath (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
11486Pudding Mountain Miner (1985)(Compute!)
11487Pudwerx and Dawsy (1992)(Future Publishing)
11488Puff-Manager (1989)(Triaxos)(de)
11489Puffball & Pooflie (19xx)(The Skull)
11490Puffys Saga (1990)(Ubi Soft)(Side A)
11491Puffys Saga (1990)(Ubi Soft)(Side B)
11492Puffys Saga (1990)(Ubi Soft)
11493Pull (1990)(CP Verlag)
11494Pulsar (19xx)(Haydn Dalton)
11495Pulse Warrior (1988)(Mastertronic)
11496Pulsoid (1987)(Mastertronic)
11497Puma (19xx)(Puma Rock)
11498Punch (1986)(PowerPlay Magazine)
11499Punch And Judy (1989)(Alternative Software)
11500Punch and Judy (1989)(Alternative Software)
11501Punchy (1983)(Mr. Micro)
11502Punctuation Pete (19xx)(Five Ways Software)
11503Punk-Man (19xx)(Paul Gummersall & Jim Butterfield)
11504Punkiller (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
11505Punkt Punkt Punkt (1992)(PCSL Software)(de)
11506Punter v Bookie (1989)(Philip Morton)
11507Pure Seed (1991)(CP Verlag)
11508Pure-Stat Baseball (1986)(SubLogic)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
11509Pure-Stat Baseball (1986)(SubLogic)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
11510Pure-Stat Baseball (1986)(SubLogic)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
11511Pure-Stat Baseball (1986)(SubLogic)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
11512Pure-Stat Baseball (1986)(SubLogic)(Side A)
11513Pure-Stat Baseball (1986)(SubLogic)(Side B)
11514Pure-Stat Baseball - Manager Edition (1986)(Sublogic)
11515Pure-Stat College Basketball (1989)(Software Simulations)
11516Pure-Stat Football (1988)(Software Simulations)(Side A)
11517Pure-Stat Football (1988)(Software Simulations)(Side B)
11518Purple Eye, The (1984)(Marshall Cavendish)
11519Purple Haze (1992)(-)(PD)
11520Purple Heart (1988)(CRL)
11521Purple Turtles (1983)(Quicksilva)
11522Pursuit-Ship (19xx)(Sunshine Publications)
11523Push (1990)(Markt & Technik)
11524Push Em (1989)(Markt & Technik)
11525Push Em II (1989)(Frederic Thiesse & Mic)
11526Push-It (1994)(CP Verlag)
11527Puss n Boots (19xx)(GMD)
11528Putt Putt Golf (1994)(Compute!)
11529Puxxle (1993)(Digital Excess)
11530Puzzel (1986)(Owen Bishop & Karlheinz Herpel)(de)(PD)
11531Puzzlacki (1994)(CP Verlag)
11532Puzzle (1985)(Stars)(es)
11533Puzzle Gates of the Incas (1983)(IIT)
11534Puzzle Mania (1991)(Compute!)
11535Puzzle Page #060, The (1989)(Loadstar)
11536Puzzle Page #061, The (1989)(Loadstar)
11537Puzzle Page #062, The (1989)(Loadstar)
11538Puzzle Page #063, The (1989)(Loadstar)
11539Puzzle Page #064, The (1989)(Loadstar)
11540Puzzle Page #065, The (1989)(Loadstar)
11541Puzzle Page #066, The (1989)(Loadstar)
11542Puzzle Page #067, The (1989)(Loadstar)
11543Puzzle Page #068, The (1990)(Loadstar)
11544Puzzle Page #069, The (1990)(Loadstar)
11545Puzzle Page #070, The (1990)(Loadstar)
11546Puzzle Page #071, The (1990)(Loadstar)
11547Puzzle Page #072, The (1990)(Loadstar)
11548Puzzle Page #073, The (1990)(Loadstar)
11549Puzzle Page #074, The (1990)(Loadstar)
11550Puzzle Page #075, The (1990)(Loadstar)
11551Puzzle Page #076, The (1990)(Loadstar)
11552Puzzle Page #077, The (1990)(Loadstar)
11553Puzzle Page #078, The (1990)(Loadstar)
11554Puzzle Page #079, The (1990)(Loadstar)
11555Puzzle Page #080, The (1991)(Loadstar)
11556Puzzle Page #081, The (1991)(Loadstar)
11557Puzzle Page #082, The (1991)(Loadstar)
11558Puzzle Page #083, The (1991)(Loadstar)
11559Puzzle Page #084, The (1991)(Loadstar)
11560Puzzle Page #085, The (1991)(Loadstar)
11561Puzzle Page #086, The (1991)(Loadstar)
11562Puzzle Page #087, The (1991)(Loadstar)
11563Puzzle Page #088, The (1991)(Loadstar)
11564Puzzle Page #089, The (1991)(Loadstar)
11565Puzzle Page #090, The (1991)(Loadstar)
11566Puzzle Page #091, The (1991)(Loadstar)
11567Puzzle Page #092, The (1992)(Loadstar)
11568Puzzle Page #093, The (1992)(Loadstar)
11569Puzzle Page #094, The (1992)(Loadstar)
11570Puzzle Page #095, The (1992)(Loadstar)
11571Puzzle Page #096, The (1992)(Loadstar)
11572Puzzle Page #097, The (1992)(Loadstar)
11573Puzzle Page #098, The (1992)(Loadstar)
11574Puzzle Page #099, The (1992)(Loadstar)
11575Puzzle Page #100, The (1992)(Loadstar)
11576Puzzle Page #101, The (1992)(Loadstar)
11577Puzzle Page #102, The (1992)(Loadstar)
11578Puzzle Page #103, The (1992)(Loadstar)
11579Puzzle Page #104, The (1993)(Loadstar)
11580Puzzle Page #105, The (1993)(Loadstar)
11581Puzzle Page #106, The (1993)(Loadstar)
11582Puzzle Page #107, The (1993)(Loadstar)
11583Puzzle Page #108, The (1993)(Loadstar)
11584Puzzle Page #109, The (1993)(Loadstar)
11585Puzzle Page #110, The (1993)(Loadstar)
11586Puzzle Page #111, The (1993)(Loadstar)
11587Puzzle Page #112, The (1993)(Loadstar)
11588Puzzle Page #113, The (1993)(Loadstar)
11589Puzzle Page #114, The (1993)(Loadstar)
11590Puzzle Page #115, The (1993)(Loadstar)
11591Puzzle Page #116, The (1994)(Loadstar)
11592Puzzle Page #117, The (1994)(Loadstar)
11593Puzzle Page #118, The (1994)(Loadstar)
11594Puzzle Page #119, The (1994)(Loadstar)
11595Puzzle Page #120, The (1994)(Loadstar)
11596Puzzle Page #121, The (1994)(Loadstar)
11597Puzzle Page #122, The (1994)(Loadstar)
11598Puzzle Page #123, The (1994)(Loadstar)
11599Puzzle Page #124, The (1994)(Loadstar)
11600Puzzle Page #125, The (1994)(Loadstar)
11601Puzzle Page #126, The (1994)(Loadstar)
11602Puzzle Page #127, The (1995)(Loadstar)
11603Puzzle Page #128, The (1995)(Loadstar)
11604Puzzle Page #129, The (1995)(Loadstar)
11605Puzzle Page #130, The (1995)(Loadstar)
11606Puzzle Page #131, The (1995)(Loadstar)
11607Puzzle Page #132, The (1995)(Loadstar)
11608Puzzle Page #133, The (1995)(Loadstar)
11609Puzzle Page #134, The (1995)(Loadstar)
11610Puzzle Page #135, The (1995)(Loadstar)
11611Puzzle Page #136, The (1995)(Loadstar)
11612Puzzle Page #137, The (1995)(Loadstar)
11613Puzzle Page #138, The (1995)(Loadstar)
11614Puzzle Page #139, The (1996)(Loadstar)
11615Puzzle Page #140, The (1996)(Loadstar)
11616Puzzle Page #141, The (1996)(Loadstar)
11617Puzzle Page #142, The (1996)(Loadstar)
11618Puzzle Page #143, The (1996)(Loadstar)
11619Puzzle Page #144, The (1996)(Loadstar)
11620Puzzle Page #145, The (1996)(Loadstar)
11621Puzzle Page #146, The (1996)(Loadstar)
11622Puzzle Page #147, The (1996)(Loadstar)
11623Puzzle Page #148, The (1996)(Loadstar)
11624Puzzle Page #149, The (1996)(Loadstar)
11625Puzzle Page #150, The (1996)(Loadstar)
11626Puzzle Page #151, The (1997)(Loadstar)
11627Puzzle Page #152, The (1997)(Loadstar)
11628Puzzle Page #153, The (1997)(Loadstar)
11629Puzzle Page #154, The (1997)(Loadstar)
11630Puzzle Page #155, The (1997)(Loadstar)
11631Puzzle Page #156, The (1997)(Loadstar)
11632Puzzle Page #157, The (1997)(Loadstar)
11633Puzzle Page #158, The (1997)(Loadstar)
11634Puzzle Page #159, The (1997)(Loadstar)
11635Puzzle Page #160, The (1997)(Loadstar)
11636Puzzle Page #161, The (1997)(Loadstar)
11637Puzzle Page #162, The (1997)(Loadstar)
11638Puzzle Page #164, The (1998)(Loadstar)
11639Puzzle Page #165, The (1998)(Loadstar)
11640Puzzle Page #166, The (1998)(Loadstar)
11641Puzzle Page #167, The (1998)(Loadstar)
11642Puzzle Page #168, The (1998)(Loadstar)
11643Puzzle Page #170, The (1998)(Loadstar)
11644Puzzle Page #188, The (2000)(Loadstar)
11645Puzzle Page #190, The (2000)(Loadstar)
11646Puzzle Page #192, The (2000)(Loadstar)
11647Puzzle Page Best, The (1989)(Loadstar)
11648Puzzle Panic (1984)(Epyx)
11649Puzzle Shuffle (1990)(CP Verlag)
11650Puzzle Tanks (19xx)(Bill Barton & Dan Gauthier)
11651Puzzlemaster (1993)(Markt & Technik)
11652Puzzlenoid (1991)(Markt & Technik)
11653Puzzler (1985)(Compute!)
11654Puzzlers Choice (1987)(RUN-CW Communications)
11655Puzzles (1988)(Loadstar)
11656Puzzles by the Boxful (1985)(Loadstar)
11657Puzzletris (1992)(Markt & Technik)
11658Puzzleword (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
11659Puzznic (1990)(Ocean Software)
11660Pwappys Flippers (19xx)(-)
11661Pyjamarama (1984)(Mikro-Gen)
11662Pyjamarama! (1984)(Mikro-Gen)
11663Pyramid (1992)(Compute!)
11664Pyramid Hopper (1987)(Tod Milam)
11665Pyramid Pete (1984)(Alpha Software)
11666Pyramid Power Struggle (1986)(Loadstar)
11667Pyramid Puzzle (19xx)(-)
11668Pyramid of Doom (1983)(Commodore)
11669Pyramid, The (1984)(Steve W. Lucas)
11670Pyramid, The - Piramidal (1984)(Fantasy Software)(es)
11671Pyramide (1992)(Markt & Technik)
11672Pyramide am Ende der Welt, Die (19xx)(-)(de)
11673Pyramide, Die (1989)(CP Verlag)(de)
11674Pyramiden Hero (1990)(Peter Diehm)(de)
11675Pyramiden-Bauer (19xx)(Manfred Katoch)(de)
11676Pyramidon (1987)(Input 64)(de)
11677Pythonesque (19xx)(Supersoft)
11678Q-Bernd (1984)(Markt & Technik)(de)
11679Q-Bert (1983)(Parker Brothers)
11680Q-Billion (1999)(Cyber Systems)
11681Q-Bird (1986)(Compute!)
11682Q-Bix (1988)(Loadstar)
11683Q-Bopper (1983)(Accelerated Software)
11684Q-Link in Peril (19xx)(Frank McMahon)
11685Q10 Tankbuster (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
11686QM (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
11687QX-9 (1984)(Markt & Technik)
11688Qazi Pinball Sim (200x)(TND Games)(FW)
11689Qewb (1989)(Compute!)
11690Qix (19xx)(Andrew Trott)
11691Quack (19xx)(Clifford Ramshaw & Mark Ramshaw)(nl)
11692Quad (1988)(Commodore Disc)
11693Quad II (1990)(CP Verlag)
11694Quad-Link (1987)(Softdisk)
11695Quadpawn (1994)(Loadstar)
11696Quadra (1990)(CP Verlag)
11697Quadranoid (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
11698Quadrant (1993)(CP Verlag)
11699Quadratic Area (1988)(Input 64)(de)
11700Quadrato (1990)(CP Verlag)(de)
11701Quadrax (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
11702Quadriga (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
11703Quadrilation (1990)(Loadstar)
11704Quadris (19xx)(-)
11705Quadrix (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
11706Quadro-Power (1985)(Jorg Dierks)
11707Quadromania (1987)(CP Verlag)(en-de)
11708Quadrouge (1990)(Art Concepts)
11709Quadtron (19xx)(Protovision)(PD)
11710Quak-Attak (1983)(Softek)
11711Quake Minus One (1985)(Beyond Software)
11712Qualifier (19xx)(-)
11713Quango (1984)(Interceptor Micros)
11714Quantum (1989)(Binary Zone)(PD)
11715Quantum Quest - The Search for Time (19xx)(Robert D. Brown)
11716Quantum War (1987)(Jeff V.)
11717Quaptos (1999)(Kopper)(pl)
11718Quari (1984)(Jetsoft)
11719Quark (1980)(George Hamin)
11720Quark IX (1983)(Commodore)
11721Quarterhorse (1984)(-)
11722Quartet (1987)(Activision)
11723Quarx (1993)(Paralyze)
11724Quasar (1984)(Voyager)
11725Quasar Zone (19xx)(-)
11726Quasimodo (1984)(Synapse Software)
11727Quasimodo - Herrscher der Kartanen (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
11728Quatrainment (1983)(Compute!)
11729Quatrieme Dimension, La (1984)(Sprites)(fr)
11730Quatrix (1993)(Markt & Technik)(de)
11731Quattro (19xx)(Spiders-Crew)
11732Qubic (1980)(M. Spencer)
11733Quedex (1987)(Thalamus)
11734Queens (1986)(Alpha Software)
11735Queens Quarrel (1986)(Compute!)
11736Querk (1980)(George Hamin)
11737Quest (19xx)(-)
11738Quest for Atlantis, The (1998)(Iyama Software)
11739Quest for Power (19xx)(-)
11740Quest for Quintana Roo (1984)(Sunrise Software)
11741Quest for Tarek (1986)(Kim Books)
11742Quest for the Egg Cup, The (1988)(-)
11743Quest for the Garden of Eden (1983)(Phoenix Software)
11744Quest for the Golden Egg Cup, The (1988)(Mastertronic)
11745Quest for the Holy Grail, The (1984)(Mastertronic)
11746Quest for the Mad Bomber (1995)(Loadstar)
11747Quest for the Space Beagle (1984)(Avalon Hill)
11748Quest for the Sun Gem (1983)(Binary Zone)(PD)
11749Quest for the Whorehouse Queen (19xx)(-)
11750Quest from Atlantis (1998)(Iyama Software)
11751Quest of Garnath, The (19xx)(-)
11752Quest of Kings (1990)(Howard Feldman)
11753Quest of Kings II (19xx)(-)(PD)
11754Quest of Kings II Save Disk (19xx)(-)
11755Quest of Kron, The (1993)(Logyk Software)
11756Quest of Merravid (1984)(Martech Games)
11757Quest of Riemannian (1984)(Interface Publications)
11758Quest of the Space Beagle, The (1985)(Avalon Hill)
11759Quest to Sea-Palace (19xx)(Planet & Smith)
11760Quest, The (1984)(Commodore)
11761Question of Scruples, A (1987)(Leisure Genius)
11762Question of Sport, A (1988)(Elite)
11763Questmaster I - The Prism of Hekeulotal (1990)(Miles Computing)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
11764Questmaster I - The Prism of Hekeulotal (1990)(Miles Computing)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
11765Questmaster I - The Prism of Hekeulotal (1990)(Miles Computing)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
11766Questmaster I - The Prism of Hekeulotal (1990)(Miles Computing)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
11767Questmaster I - The Prism of Hekeulotal (1990)(Miles Computing)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
11768Questprobe 1 - The Incredible Hulk (1984)(Adventure International)
11769Questprobe 2 - Spiderman (1984)(Adventure International)
11770Questprobe 3 - Fantastic Four (1985)(Adventure International)
11771Questreader (19xx)(Jon Mattson)
11772Questreader - Alchemists Quest (1990)(Loadstar)
11773Questron (1984)(SSI)(Side A)
11774Questron (1984)(SSI)(Side B)
11775Questron II (1988)(SSI)(Side A)
11776Questron II (1988)(SSI)(Side B)
11777Questwriter (1990)(Loadstar)
11778Qui Vive (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
11779Quibble (1995)(Loadstar)
11780Quick Draw McDraw (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
11781Quick Draw McGraw (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
11782Quick Thinking - Robot Tables (1983)(Mirrorsoft)
11783Quickchange (1985)(Compute!)
11784Quickdraw (1983)(M. Richter)
11785Quickness (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
11786Quicksand (1983)(Alpha Software)
11787Quill, The - Adventure Writing System (1984)(Gilsoft)
11788Quink (19xx)(CBS Software)
11789Quinta Dimensione (1987)(Brainstorm Enterprise)(it)
11790Quintic Warrior (1983)(Quicksilva)
11791Quinx (1984)(Supersoft)
11792Quiwi (1986)(Kingsoft)(de)(Side A)
11793Quiwi (1986)(Kingsoft)(de)(Side B)
11794Quix (1978)(Cursor Magazine)
11795Quiz Bang (1996)(Loadstar)
11796Quiz of Flags (19xx)(-)
11797Quiz-Grand Prix (1986)(Seppi-Soft)(de)
11798Quiz-Show (1994)(CP Verlag)(de)
11799Quiz-Take (19xx)(HCM)(de)
11800Quizmaster (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
11801Quizmaster (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
11802Quizmaster (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
11803Quizmaster (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
11804Quizmaster v3.8 (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
11805Quizmeister II (1993)(Loadstar)
11806Quizmeister III (1993)(Loadstar)
11807Quizmeister v2 (1995)(Loadstar)
11808Quo Vadis (1984)(The Edge Software)
11809Quolerus (1988)(Compute!)
11810Quota (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
11811Quote (19xx)(Cosine)
11812R - The Ultimate Joystick Killer (1997)(Magna Media)
11813R-Bert (19xx)(Wizard Soft)
11814R-Nest (1983)(Colosoftware)
11815R-Type (1988)(Electric Dreams)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
11816R-Type (1988)(Electric Dreams)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
11817R-Type (1988)(Electric Dreams)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
11818R-Type (1988)(Electric Dreams)(Side A)
11819R-Type (1988)(Electric Dreams)(Side B)
11820R-Type (1988)(Electric Dreams)
11821R.A.F. (1986)(Meisters)
11822R.I.S.K. (1987)(The Edge)
11823R.M.S. Titanic (1986)(Electric Dreams)
11824R1-D1 Unit Attack (1986)(Your Commodore)
11825RADs (1988)(Compute!)
11826RAF (1986)(XXX)(de)
11827RAMS (1990)(Markt & Technik)(de)
11828RATS! (1983)(Compute!)
11829RBI 2 Baseball (1991)(Domark)
11830RCA - Radio Controlled Action (1989)(Golden Eagle)
11831RDF 1985 - When Superpowers Collide (1984)(SSI)
11832RIJ Examen (19xx)(Wolters Software)(nl)
11833RIOT (19xx)(-)
11834RJs Ultimatum (1993)(Dorothy Millard)
11835RMS Titanic (1987)(Activision)
11836RSVP (1987)(Blue Lion Software)
11837RUN-Trophy 86 (1986)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
11838Rabbit Pie (19xx)(Illusion)
11839Rabbit Trap (1983)(Interface Publications)
11840Rabbit-Ball (1988)(BJK-DBS)
11841Race (19xx)(Mike Fleischner)
11842Race Ace (1990)(Compute!)
11843Race Against Time, The (1988)(Codemasters)
11844Race Chase (19xx)(-)
11845Race for the States (1984)(Bascom Consultants)
11846Race of Paris-Dakar, The (1986)(Vienna-Soft)(it)
11847Race of the Bones (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
11848Race with the Devil (1986)(Protocol Productions)
11849Race, The (1990)(Players Premier)
11850Race-Chase (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
11851Racehorse Pinochle (2000)(Loadstar)
11852Racen (19xx)(-)(nl)
11853Racer! (1981)(Cursor Magazine)
11854Races, The - Go Racing with Peter OSullivan (1984)(Commodore)
11855Racing Car (1991)(Balazs Almasi)
11856Racing Destruction Set (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
11857Racing Destruction Set (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
11858Racing Destruction Set (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
11859Racing Destruction Set (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
11860Racing Destruction Set (1985)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
11861Racing Destruction Set Custom Tracks (1985)(Electronic Arts)
11862Racing Destruction Set Custom Tracks - LaRock (1985)(Electronic Arts)
11863Racing Game, The (1989)(Tanglewood Software)
11864Racing Manager, The (1994)(Cult Games)
11865Rack Em (1988)(Accolade)
11866Rack em Up (1983)(Roklan Corp.)
11867Rad Ramp Racer (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)
11868Rad Warrior (1988)(Epyx)
11869Radar (1985)(Markt & Technik)
11870Radar Lander - Caves (1984)(Cascade Games)
11871Radar Landing (19xx)(-)
11872Radar Rat Race (1982)(Commodore)
11873Radax (1990)(CP Verlag)
11874Radball (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
11875Radcliffe in Monsterland (19xx)(Bedroom Software)
11876Raddish-One (1986)(Madox)
11877Raddish-Two (1986)(Markt & Technik)
11878Radeloos (19xx)(Topo Soft)(nl)
11879Radiator (19xx)(Destiny)
11880Radio Controlled ACtion (19xx)(Golden Eagle)
11881Radio Search (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
11882Radius (1987)(-)
11883Radonium (1991)(Compute!)
11884Raft-Away River (1984)(Jacaranda Wily)
11885Rage (19xx)(Oliver Malms)
11886Rage Invaders (19xx)(Maxx)
11887Raging Beast (1985)(Firebird)
11888Raging Beast - Ole! (1985)(Firebird Software)
11889Raging Thunder (1992)(RUN-IDG Communications)
11890Rags to Riches (1985)(Melody Hall Publishing)
11891Raid (1994)(S. Reece)
11892Raid 2000 (1987)(Mirrorsoft)
11893Raid On Bungeling Bay (1984)(Broderbund)
11894Raid Over Moscow (1984)(Access Software)
11895Raid on New York (1983)(Videoquest Inc.)
11896Raid on Nietegsorg! (1990)(Charles M. Duncan)
11897Raider (1985)(Markt & Technik)
11898Raiders from Mars (19xx)(-)
11899Raiders of the Lost Arch (19xx)(Fujisoft)
11900Rail (1986)(Chris Torkildson)
11901Rail Boss (19xx)(Dave Rotor & Peter Wood)
11902Rail Road (19xx)(-)(nl)
11903Rail Runner (1983)(Granada Publishing)
11904Rail Traffic Control - Birmingham (19xx)(-)
11905Rail Traffic Control - Bristol TM (1992)(Ashley Greenup)
11906Rail Traffic Control - Buxton (1987)(Dee-Kay Systems)
11907Rail Traffic Control - Carlisle (1991)(-)
11908Rail Traffic Control - Crewe (19xx)(-)
11909Rail Traffic Control - Doncaster (19xx)(-)
11910Rail Traffic Control - Exeter (1990)(Ashley Greenup)
11911Rail Traffic Control - Kings Cross (1988)(-)
11912Rail Traffic Control - Leeds City (1989)(-)
11913Rail Traffic Control - Liverpool Lime Street (1988)(Dee-Kay Systems)
11914Rail Traffic Control - Manchester Piccadilly (1991)(-)
11915Rail Traffic Control - Penzance (19xx)(-)
11916Rail Traffic Control - Peterborough (1992)(-)
11917Rail Traffic Control - Reading (1988)(-)
11918Railroad (1984)(Radarsoft)
11919Railroad Works, The (1984)(CBS Software)
11920Rails West! (1984)(SSI)
11921Railwar v3.2 (19xx)(Ryan Biggs)
11922Rainbow (1991)(Zzap! 64)
11923Rainbow Challenge (1996)(Loadstar)
11924Rainbow Chaser (1989)(Commodore Disc)
11925Rainbow Dragon (1988)(Firebird)
11926Rainbow Islands (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
11927Rainbow Islands (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
11928Rainbow Islands (1990)(Taito)
11929Rainbow Pinball (19xx)(-)
11930Rainbow Runner (19xx)(Ben Raisbeck)
11931Rainbow Square Dance (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
11932Rainbow Towers (19xx)(Pooh Bear)
11933Rainbow Walker (1984)(Synapse Software)
11934Rainbow Warrior (1989)(Microstyle)(Side A)
11935Rainbow Warrior (1989)(Microstyle)(Side B)
11936Rainbow Warrior (1989)(Microstyle)
11937Rainfighter (1991)(Markt & Technik)
11938Raingame (19xx)(MST)(de)
11939Rainy Day Fun (1984)(Thorn Emi)(Side A)
11940Rainy Day Fun (1984)(Thorn Emi)(Side B)
11941Raketa Kiloves (19xx)(-)(hu)
11942Ralli (19xx)(Tomi Malinen)(FI)(PD)
11943Rally 2001 (1984)(Interface Publications)
11944Rally Cross (1989)(Codemasters)
11945Rally Driver (1984)(Hill MacGibbon)
11946Rally Racer (1988)(Compute!)
11947Rally Shallenge (19xx)(Tomi Malinen)(FI)
11948Rally Simulator (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
11949Rally Speedway (1984)(Commodore)
11950Rally Speedway 2 (1986)(John Anderson & The USA Team)
11951Rallye (1985)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)(PD)
11952Ram Rod (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
11953Ramble over Nazca (1988)(Systems Editoriale)
11954Rambo - First Blood Part II (1986)(Ocean Software)
11955Rambo - First Blood Part II - Picture (1986)(Ocean Software)
11956Rambo III - The Rescue (1988)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
11957Rambo III - The Rescue (1988)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
11958Rambo III - The Rescue (1988)(Ocean Software)
11959Rambo and Rocy (19xx)(Geir Drange)
11960Rampage (19xx)(-)(PD)
11961Rampart (1992)(Domark)
11962Ramparts (1987)(Go!)
11963Ramses vom Nil (1983)(Vril)(de)
11964Ramsete (19xx)(Manuel D. Caballero)(it)
11965Rana, La (19xx)(-)(it)
11966Ranantat (19xx)(Paul Whitecliff)
11967Ranarama (1987)(Hewson)
11968Ranch (1984)(Spinnaker Software)
11969Random Champ 8 (1988)(Blinkey Bill)
11970Random Division Quiz (1990)(Commodore Disc)
11971Random Maze (1985)(Tab Books)
11972Ranger, The - Danger Ranger (19xx)(-)
11973Ransack (1987)(Audiogenic Software)
11974Ransom the King (1986)(Incentive Software)
11975Rapid Fire (1987)(Mastertronic)
11976Rapina in Famiglia (19xx)(Sandro Certi & Franco Toldi)(it)
11977Raptor (1988)(Silfrat)
11978Rapunzel mit dem guldenen Haar (1985)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
11979Ras Revenge (19xx)(GJS)
11980Rascals (1993)(Compute!)
11981Rascan (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
11982Rasen-Maher (1985)(Europa Computer Club)(de)
11983Rasenmaher (1983)(Lothar Becks)(de)
11984Raskel (1985)(Budgie-Alligata Software)
11985Rasputin (1985)(Firebird)
11986Rastan (1987)(Imagine Software)
11987Raster Runner (1989)(Mastertronic Plus)
11988Rasterscan (1987)(Mastertronic)
11989Rat Maze (19xx)(Bloodsong)
11990Rat Splat (19xx)(-)
11991Rat Trails (1984)(Virgin)
11992Rat, The (1983)(Cymbal Software)
11993Rat-Run (19xx)(Ian Maclaren & John Launsberry)
11994Ratan Ballads (1996)(Softdisk)
11995Ratefix (1986)(Input 64)(de)
11996Ratespass (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
11997Ratio (1990)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
11998Rator (19xx)(Loric)
11999Ratrun (1979)(Cursor Magazine)
12000Rats (1984)(Cascade Games)
12001Rats, The (1985)(Hodder and Stoughton)
12002Rattler (1984)(Atlantis Software)
12003Raumpatrouille (1988)(Commodore Disc)(de)
12004Raumpatrouillie (19xx)(S+S Soft)(de)
12005Raumpirat (1983)(Malzan)(de)
12006Raumschiff Enterprise (1994)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
12007Raven, The (1991)(Compute!)
12008Ravenous - Space Opera 2 (1989)(Impact)
12009Raw Deal (1988)(-)
12010Raw Recruit (1988)(Mastertronic)
12011Raw-Master (19xx)(Tomi Blinnikka)(FI)
12012Raz-Man (19xx)(-)
12013Re Artu (19xx)(-)(it)
12014Re-Beep (1983)(Compute!)
12015Re-Bounder (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
12016Reach for the Stars (1985)(SSG)
12017Reach for the Stars - The Conquest of the Galaxy (1983)(SSG)
12018Reach for the Stars v2.0 (1985)(SSG)
12019Reach for the Stars v3.0 (198x)(SSG)
12020Reach! (1988)(Commodore Magazine)
12021React (1983)(Compute!)
12022Reaction (1991)(CP Verlag)
12023Reaction Time (1981)(Andrew Colin)
12024Reaction-Time Tester (1985)(Tab Books)
12025Reactor (1994)(CP Verlag)
12026Reactor II (1994)(CP Verlag)
12027Reactor Run (1986)(Golden Games)
12028Reader Rabbit and the Fabulous Word Factory (1984)(The Learning Company)
12029Reaktionstest (19xx)(-)(de)
12030Real Carambola (1989)(Settimana Games-Edigamma)(it)
12031Real Estate (1984)(Handic Software)
12032Real Estate Tycoon (19xx)(-)
12033Real Ghostbusters, The (1989)(Activision)(Side A)
12034Real Ghostbusters, The (1989)(Activision)(Side B)
12035Real Ghostbusters, The (1989)(Activision)
12036Real Poltergeist (19xx)(Gavin Raeburn)
12037Real Stunt Experts, The (19xx)(Alternative Software)
12038Real Time Snap (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
12039Realm of Darkness (1988)(River Software)
12040Realm of Impossibility (1984)(Electronic Arts)
12041Realm of Zaroc, The (1990)(Petri Hassinen & Jouni Vaisanen)
12042Realm of the Trolls (1989)(Rainbow Arts)
12043Realm of the Undead, The (19xx)(-)
12044Realm! (1987)(Firebird)
12045Realm, The (1997)(Loadstar)
12046Realms of Darkness (1987)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
12047Realms of Darkness (1987)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
12048Realms of Darkness (1987)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12049Reaxion (1994)(Future Publishing)
12050Reaxion Extended (2001)(Binary Zone)(PD)
12051Rebel (1988)(Bombjack)
12052Rebel Bomber (19xx)(Keypunch Software)
12053Rebel Charge at Chickamauga (1987)(SSI)
12054Rebel Force (19xx)(-)
12055Rebel Planet (1986)(Adventuresoft)
12056Rebels and Lords (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
12057Rebound (1989)(-)(nl)
12058Rechne mal - Rate mal (19xx)(Elke Saller)(de)
12059Reckless Rufus (1992)(Alternative Software)
12060Recog-Nice (19xx)(CP Verlag)
12061Recoil (1990)(RUN-IDG Communications)
12062Recol (1983)(Tpug Magazine)
12063Recollect - A Game of Remembering (1985)(Loadstar)
12064Recon (19xx)(Mastertronic)
12065Red (1992)(Markt & Technik)
12066Red 200 (1996)(Samar)
12067Red Alert (1983)(Mr. Chip Software)
12068Red Arrows (1985)(Database Software)
12069Red Baron (1995)(Wizard Soft)
12070Red De Aarde (19xx)(-)(nl)
12071Red Dust (1994)(Maik Holstein)(de)
12072Red Gum II (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
12073Red Hawk & Kwah (1986)(Melbourne House)
12074Red Hawk - Game (1986)(Melbourne House)
12075Red Heat (19xx)(-)
12076Red L.E.D. (1987)(Starlight Software)
12077Red Max (1987)(Codemasters)
12078Red Moon (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
12079Red Obelisk, The (1989)(Loadstar)
12080Red Planet, The (1988)(Commodore Disc)(de)
12081Red Sedan II (1984)(Interface Publications)
12082Red Storm Rising (1988)(Microprose Software)(Side A)
12083Red Storm Rising (1988)(Microprose Software)(Side B)
12084Redhawk (1986)(Melbourne House)(Side A)
12085Redhawk (1986)(Melbourne House)(Side B)
12086Redhawk (1986)(Melbourne House)
12087Redheads - 47 Matches (19xx)(Duncan Computer Services)
12088Reederei (1990)(United Software)(de)
12089Reflect (1997)(Loadstar)
12090Reflection (1984)(Compute!)
12091Reflex (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
12092Reflex Bowling Alley (1984)(Interface Publications)
12093Reflex, The (1991)(Bombjack)
12094Reflexis (1995)(CP Verlag)
12095Regenspel (19xx)(-)(da)
12096Regeszparbaj (1988)(Peter Porosz)(hu)
12097Regieren (19xx)(-)(de)
12098Regierung (19xx)(Mario Walther)(de)
12099Reich der Toten, Das (1994)(Michael Haertig)
12100Reise nach Atlantis (1983)(Peter Menke)(de)
12101Reisende im Wind (1987)(Infogrames)(de)(Side A)
12102Reisende im Wind (1987)(Infogrames)(de)(Side B)
12103Reisende im Wind II (1988)(Infogrames)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
12104Reisende im Wind II (1988)(Infogrames)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
12105Reisende im Wind II (1988)(Infogrames)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12106Reisespiel (19xx)(-)(de)
12107Rejuvenator (1988)(Swivy-Phuture)
12108Rekenwonder (19xx)(Radarsoft)(nl)
12109Relax (1984)(Synapse Software)
12110Relaxed Motions (1992)(CP Verlag)
12111Remember (1994)(CP Verlag)(de)
12112Remember It (1985)(Loadstar)
12113Remember! (1995)(Lownoise Productions)
12114Remembering (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
12115Rememory (1987)(Compute!)
12116Remote Control (19xx)(-)
12117Renaissance (1982)(United Microware Industries Inc.)
12118Renaissance Othello (1986)(Audiogenic Software)
12119Rendezvous with Rama (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
12120Rendezvous with Rama (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
12121Rendezvous with Rama (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
12122Rendezvous with Rama (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
12123Rendezvous with Rama (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12124Rendezvous with Rama (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
12125Rendezvous with Rama (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
12126Rendezvous with Rama (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
12127Rendezvous with Rama (1984)(Telarium)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
12128Rendezvous with Rama (1984)(Telarium)
12129Renegade (19xx)(-)
12130Renegade F-16 (1982)(Luna Software)
12131Renegade III - The Final Chapter (1989)(Imagine Software)(Side A)
12132Renegade III - The Final Chapter (1989)(Imagine Software)(Side B)
12133Renegade III - The Final Chapter (1989)(Imagine Software)
12134Renegade Robot (1984)(Family Computing)
12135Renegade Robot II (1984)(Family Computing)
12136Renovator (2003)(Simon Peterson)
12137Repeat the Sequence (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
12138Repeat!! (1984)(John Currie)
12139Repel (1988)(Chris Sorrel & Jim Walker)
12140Report (1990)(Markt & Technik)(de)
12141Report - Die Jagd nach einer guten Story (1984)(Markt & Technik)(de)
12142Repton (1983)(Sirius Software)
12143Repton III (1987)(Superior Software)
12144Rescate en la Montana (1986)(Load n Run)(es)
12145Rescue (1984)(Osbourne-McGraw Hill)
12146Rescue Mission (1985)(David Adams)
12147Rescue Pod (1989)(Compute!)
12148Rescue Squad (1983)(Muse Software)
12149Rescue at Rana (1992)(Loadstar)
12150Rescue of Blondell (1984)(Compute!)
12151Rescue on Fractalus (1985)(Lucasfilm Games)
12152Rescue on the Centauri (1985)(Alex Kloian)
12153Rescue! (1991)(Commodore Disc)
12154Retaliation (1992)(The Guild Adventure Software)
12155Retee! (19xx)(Graham Bliche)(it)
12156Retour (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
12157Retro Ball (1982)(HesWare)
12158Retro Torque (1993)(Commodore Force Magazine)
12159Retrograde (1989)(Thalamus)(Side A)
12160Retrograde (1989)(Thalamus)(Side B)
12161Retrograde (1989)(Thalamus)
12162Return To Eden (1984)(Level 9 Computing)
12163Return of Atlas (19xx)(The Skull)
12164Return of Heracles (1985)(Quality Software)
12165Return of Paul, The (1991)(Seventh Insanity)
12166Return of the Mutant Camels (1987)(Llamasoft)
12167Return of the Space Warriors (1986)(Alpha Omega)
12168Return of the Witchlord (19xx)(-)(de)
12169Return to Castle Dracula (19xx)(-)
12170Return to Earth (1983)(The Guild Adventure Software)
12171Return to Eden (1984)(Level 9 Computing)
12172Return to Karven (19xx)(-)
12173Return to Oz (1986)(U.S. Gold)
12174Return to the Homecastle! (1987)(HIH-Soft)
12175Reuters World (1989)(Binary Zone)(PD)
12176Revange of the Power-Worm, The (1992)(Gerd Schulze-Meier)
12177Revelation (1984)(Softek)
12178Revenge Adventure (19xx)(-)
12179Revenge of Balrog (1981)(Don Boner & Freda Boner)
12180Revenge of Cyon (1984)(Compute!)
12181Revenge of Defender (1989)(Epyx)(Side A)
12182Revenge of Defender (1989)(Epyx)(Side B)
12183Revenge of the Moon Goddess (1987)(John Olsen)
12184Revenge of the Mutant Camels (1984)(Llamasoft)(Side A)
12185Revenge of the Mutant Camels (1984)(Llamasoft)(Side B)
12186Revenge of the Mutant Camels (1984)(Llamasoft)
12187Revenge of the Phoenix (1984)(Entropy Engineering)
12188Revenge of the Toothless Vampire (1986)(The Guild Adventure Software)
12189Revenger (19xx)(-)
12190Reverberations (1999)(Russell Glasser)(Side A)
12191Reverberations (1999)(Russell Glasser)(Side B)
12192Reversi (19xx)(-)
12193Reversi GTI (1993)(CP Verlag)
12194Reversie (19xx)(-)(de)
12195Revolution (1990)(Future Publishing)
12196Revolverheld (19xx)(Commodore Dossier)(nl)
12197Revs (1986)(Firebird)
12198Revs - Gold Edition (1985)(Acornsoft)
12199Revs+ (1987)(Firebird Software)
12200Rex I (1992)(CP Verlag)(de)
12201Rhyme Concentration (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
12202Ricachet (19xx)(-)
12203Richard Pettys Talladega (1985)(Cosmi)
12204Richtofens Revenge (1983)(Compute!)
12205Rick Dangerous (1989)(Firebird)
12206Rick Dangerous II (1990)(Microstyle)(Side A)
12207Rick Dangerous II (1990)(Microstyle)(Side B)
12208Rick Dangerous II (1990)(Microstyle)
12209Ricochet (1988)(Firebird)
12210Ricochet Maze (19xx)(-)
12211Ricochet Muncher (1983)(General Masters Corporation)
12212Riddles and Stones (1995)(Rene Lerch)(de)
12213Rigels Revenge (1987)(Mastertronic)(Side A)
12214Rigels Revenge (1987)(Mastertronic)(Side B)
12215Rigels Revenge (1987)(Mastertronic)
12216Rij Test (1983)(Courbois Software)(nl)
12217Rik The Roadie (1988)(Alternative Software)
12218Rik the Roadie (1988)(Alternative Software)
12219Riki Tiki 64 (19xx)(Roger D. Burge)
12220Rim Raiders (1987)(Paul Shirley)
12221Rimrunner (1988)(Palace Software)
12222Ring Master (1985)(Anirog Software)
12223Ring of Power, The (1983)(Quicksilva)
12224Ringo (1987)(Systems Editoriale)
12225Rings n Up (1993)(Systems Editoriale)
12226Rings of Medusa (1990)(Starbyte Software)(Side A)
12227Rings of Medusa (1990)(Starbyte Software)(Side B)
12228Rings of Zilfin (1986)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
12229Rings of Zilfin (1986)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
12230Rings of Zilfin (1986)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
12231Rings of Zilfin (1986)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
12232Rings of Zilfin (1986)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12233Rings of Zilfin (1986)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
12234Rings of Zilfin (1986)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
12235Rings of Zilfin (1986)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
12236Rings of Zilfin (1986)(SSI)
12237Ringside Boxing (1987)(Compute!)(Side A)
12238Ringside Boxing (1987)(Compute!)(Side B)
12239Ringside Boxing (1987)(Compute!)
12240Ringside Karate (1986)(Compute!)
12241Ringside Seat (1983)(SSI)
12242Ringwars (1988)(Cascade Games)
12243Ripper (1984)(Avalon Hill)
12244Risers & Sliders (1995)(Loadstar)
12245Risicom 64 (1987)(Systems Editoriale)(it)
12246Risiko (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
12247Risiko Super (19xx)(Himer Datentechnik)(de)
12248Risk (1988)(Virgin Games)
12249Risk - Disk Edition (1988)(Virgin Games)
12250Riskant (1991)(Gametek)(de)(Side A)
12251Riskant (1991)(Gametek)(de)(Side B)
12252Riskant II (1992)(MM-Soft)(de)(Side A)
12253Riskant II (1992)(MM-Soft)(de)(Side B)
12254Ristones (19xx)(-)
12255Rites of Passage (1994)(Damian Steele)
12256Ritter (1987)(CP Verlag)(de)
12257Ritter Erik (1985)(Tronic)(de)
12258Ritter der Muslirunde, Der (1990)(Peter Diehm)(de)
12259River Chase (1983)(Cyberia Inc.)
12260River Crossing (1985)(Tab Books)
12261River Mission (19xx)(Mark Wingad & Tony Richardson)
12262River Patrol, The (19xx)(The Syndicate-Beastie Boys)
12263River Racers (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
12264River Raid (1984)(Activision)
12265River Rescue (1984)(Creative Sparks)
12266River Run (1987)(RUN-CW Communications)
12267River of no Return (19xx)(Andrew J Guy)
12268River-Raid II - The River Patrol (1988)(-)
12269Riverside Kingdom (19xx)(-)
12270Rivolta, La (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
12271Riziko (19xx)(-)(hu)
12272Roach Race (1985)(Tab Books)
12273Road Blasters (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
12274Road Blasters (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
12275Road Blasters (1988)(U.S. Gold)
12276Road Course (19xx)(WEC)
12277Road Duels - The Corvette (1988)(ECP)
12278Road King (1988)(-)
12279Road Patrol (1984)(Melbourne House)
12280Road Race (1991)(RUN-IDG Communications)
12281Road Race Max (1982)(Commodore)
12282Road Race v.02 (1982)(Commodore)
12283Road Racer (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
12284Road Raider (1988)(Mindscape)
12285Road Rally (19xx)(-)
12286Road Roller (1984)(Knight Software)
12287Road Runner (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
12288Road Runner (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
12289Road Runner (1988)(U.S. Gold)
12290Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
12291Road Toad (1982)(Commercial Data Systems)
12292Road Warrior (1988)(CRL)
12293Road to Moscow (1987)(GDW)
12294Roadblock-64 (19xx)(Mohamed Assari)
12295Roadburner (1989)(Players Premier)
12296Roader (1984)(Compute!)
12297Roadhog (1984)(Osbourne-McGraw Hill)
12298Roadkiller (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
12299Roadrace (1983)(dilithium Press)
12300Roadtoad (1983)(Nibbles & Bits)
12301Roadwar 2000 (1986)(SSI)(Side A)
12302Roadwar 2000 (1986)(SSI)(Side B)
12303Roadwar 2000 v1.2 (1986)(SSI)(Side A)
12304Roadwar 2000 v1.2 (1986)(SSI)(Side B)
12305Roadwar Europa (1987)(SSI)
12306Roadwar Europe (1987)(SSI)
12307Roadwars (1988)(Melbourne House)
12308Roar (1988)(Harito Software)
12309Robber & Cop (19xx)(Udo C. Wende)(de)
12310Robbers of the Lost Tomb (1983)(Timeworks)
12311Robbo (1993)(LK Avalon)(pl)
12312Robby (1985)(Input 64)(de)
12313Robby-Chess 2.0 (1986)(Markt & Technik)
12314Robin Hood (1984)(Xonox)
12315Robin Hood - Der Held von Sherwood (1993)(Data House Software)(de)(Side A)
12316Robin Hood - Der Held von Sherwood (1993)(Data House Software)(de)(Side B)
12317Robin Hood - Legend Quest (1992)(Codemasters)
12318Robin Hoods Gold (1989)(Loadstar)
12319Robin Smiths International Cricket (1991)(Challenge Software)
12320Robin of Sherwood - The Touchstones of Rhiannon (1986)(Adventure International)
12321Robin of the Wood (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)
12322Robin to the Rescue (1983)(Solar Software)
12323Robo (1985)(MR-Soft)(de)
12324Robo Raid (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
12325Robo Runner (1989)(CP Verlag)
12326Robo-Bolt (1986)(Alpha Omega)
12327Robo-City (1984)(Argus Press)
12328Robobolt (1986)(The Power House)
12329Robocop (1989)(Ocean Software)
12330Robocop 2 (1990)(Ocean Software)
12331Robocop 3 (1992)(Ocean Software)
12332Robodive (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
12333Robos Revenge (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
12334Roboservant (1985)(Markt & Technik)
12335Robot (2000)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
12336Robot Attack (19xx)(-)
12337Robot Math (1984)(Compute!)
12338Robot Raider (1996)(Loadstar)
12339Robot Rascals (1986)(Electronic Arts)
12340Robot Rascals - A Zany Scavenger Hunt (1987)(Electronic Arts)
12341Robot Rescue (1988)(Loadstar)
12342Robot Run (1983)(NET Software)
12343Robot Runner (1985)(Mario Walther)
12344Robot Traxx (1990)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
12345Robotank (1983)(Dave Ponting)
12346Roboterangriff (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
12347Robotron (1988)(-)
12348Robotron 2084 (1983)(Atari)
12349Robots of Dawn (1984)(Epyx)
12350Robots of Xerxes (1984)(Interface Publications)
12351Robowar (1996)(Loadstar)
12352Robox (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
12353Robox (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
12354Robox (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12355Robox (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
12356Robox (19xx)(HWM)
12357Robozone (1991)(Mirrorsoft)
12358Rock Fall (1986)(Paul Hammond & Daniel Lundin)
12359Rock Paper Scissors (19xx)(-)
12360Rock Paper Shear (1992)(Christoph Cemper & Gerald Vocl)
12361Rock Run (2001)(Cosine)
12362Rock Star Ate my Hamster, A (1989)(Codemasters)
12363Rock n Bolt (1985)(Activision)
12364Rock n Wrestle (1985)(Melbourne House)
12365Rocket (19xx)(Howard Feldman)
12366Rocket Ball (1984)(I.J.K. Software)
12367Rocket Launch (1984)(Cascade Games)
12368Rocket Ranger (1988)(Cinemaware)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
12369Rocket Ranger (1988)(Cinemaware)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
12370Rocket Ranger (1988)(Cinemaware)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12371Rocket Ranger (1988)(Cinemaware)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
12372Rocket Ranger (1988)(Cinemaware)(Side A)
12373Rocket Ranger (1988)(Cinemaware)(Side B)
12374Rocket Roger (1984)(Alligata Software)
12375Rockfall (1987)(Reflectice Designs)
12376Rockfall II (1987)(Reflectice Designs)
12377Rockford - The Arcade Game (1988)(Mastertronic)(Side A)
12378Rockford - The Arcade Game (1988)(Mastertronic)(Side B)
12379Rockford - The Arcade Game (1988)(Mastertronic)
12380Rocki Rockano in Lolliland (1995)(Peter Liepa & Alexander Langer)
12381Rockman (19xx)(Icon Design)(it)
12382Rockn Roll (1989)(Rainbow Arts)(Side A)
12383Rockn Roll (1989)(Rainbow Arts)(Side B)
12384Rockn Roll (1989)(Rainbow Arts)
12385Rockn Roll Fahnder (1993)(Markt & Technik)(de)
12386Rockn Rope (1985)(Thorsten Lange)
12387Rockn Wrestle (1985)(Melbourne House)
12388Rockstar Ate My Hamster (1989)(Codemasters)
12389Rocky (1987)(Wicked Software)
12390Rocky Horror Show, The (1985)(CRL)
12391Rockys Boots (1984)(TLC)
12392Rodland (1991)(Storm)(Side A)
12393Rodland (1991)(Storm)(Side B)
12394Rodland (1991)(Storm)
12395Rodney to the Rescue (1983)(Trelawny Software)
12396Roger Rabbit (19xx)(-)
12397Rogue (1988)(Mastertronic)
12398Rogue Comet (19xx)(-)
12399Rogue Sunbathers (1993)(Compute!)
12400Rogue Trooper (1987)(Piranha)
12401Rogue the Dog! (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
12402Rolands Ratrace (1985)(Ocean Software)
12403Roll Call USA (1984)(Creative Software)
12404Roll Em (1990)(Commodore Disc)
12405Roll It (1990)(Markt & Technik)
12406Roll Off (1988)(Loadstar)
12407Roll Over (1995)(CP Verlag)
12408Roll-About (1995)(Andrew Hickie)
12409Rollan Football (1993)(Compute!)
12410Rollaround (1987)(Mastertronic)
12411Rolled Oats (19xx)(Torky)
12412Rollende Panzer (1985)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
12413Roller (19xx)(-)
12414Roller Ball (1985)(Edicola)(it)
12415Rollerboard (1987)(Capital Software Designs)
12416Rollerboy (1987)(C&L)
12417Rollercoaster (1983)(Brookfield Software)(nl)
12418Rollercoaster Rumbler (1989)(Tynesoft)
12419Rollerdash (1991)(RUN-IDG Communications)
12420Rollin (1984)(Atlantis Software)
12421Rollin (1985)(Atlantis Software)
12422Rolling Ronny (1992)(Virgin Games)(Side A)
12423Rolling Ronny (1992)(Virgin Games)(Side B)
12424Rolling Ronny (1992)(Virgin Games)
12425Rolling Thunder (1988)(U.S. Gold)
12426Rolling Twins (1991)(CP Verlag)
12427Rollingo (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
12428Rolloverture (1984)(Sunrise Software)
12429Roloid (19xx)(Mehesz Levente)
12430Roman Empire (19xx)(-)
12431Roman Numerals (1995)(Howard Feldman)
12432Rombus Attack (19xx)(-)(it)
12433Rome and the Barbarian (1986)(Krentek Software)
12434Romeo & Juliet (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
12435Rommel - Battles for North Africa (1988)(SSG)
12436Romper Rooms I Love My Alphabet (1984)(Beyond Software)
12437Romulus (1986)(Quicksilva)
12438Ronald Rubberduck (1986)(Players Software)
12439Roofus (1984)(Oofray Software)
12440Room Ten (1986)(CRL)
12441Roomlord (1984)(Paramount)
12442Rooms (1994)(Tomi Malinen)
12443Rooms of the Lost Jewel (1990)(Science Fair)
12444Root Race (1987)(Compute!)
12445Rooter (1989)(CP Verlag)
12446Rootin Tootin (1983)(HesWare)
12447Rosselsprung (19xx)(-)(de)
12448Rostam vs. Esfandiar (19xx)(-)
12449Rotamint (1984)(Tronic Verlag)(de)
12450Rotate (1978)(Commodore Educational Software)
12451Rotate! (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
12452Rotation Craze (1994)(Loadstar)
12453Rotations (1989)(Binary Zone)(PD)
12454Rotato Poker (1993)(Loadstar)
12455Rotator (2000)(Shape)
12456Rotazione di Numeri (19xx)(-)(it)
12457Rote Mondstein, Der (1993)(-)
12458Roue de la Fortune, La (1987)(-)(fr)
12459Rouge Midget II - Return of the Scarlet Shortguy (1994)(Damian Steele)
12460Rouge Trooper (1986)(Mcmillan)
12461Rough Commando (19xx)(Champion Software)
12462Rough House 21 (1989)(Nick Wilkins)
12463Rough Justice (1990)(Commodore Disc)
12464Roulett (1984)(S+S Soft)(de)
12465Roulette (19xx)(-)(nl)
12466Roulette 2 (19xx)(Team 64)(it)
12467Roulette Simulator (1990)(Byteback)
12468Roulette Wheel (1983)(Lawrenceville Press)
12469Round About (1983)(Datamost)
12470Round Robin (2000)(Loadstar)
12471Round the Bend! (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
12472RoundAbout (1991)(Charles M. Duncan)
12473Roundabout (19xx)(-)
12474Row Boat (1987)(Wicked Software)
12475Row Regatta (19xx)(-)
12476Rowdy (1993)(CP Verlag)
12477Rowly (1987)(Tronic)
12478Rox (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
12479Rox 64 (1983)(Llamasoft)
12480Rox-64 (1983)(Llamasoft)(nl)
12481Roy of the Rovers (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
12482Royal Rescue (1989)(Compute!)
12483Royal Scot (19xx)(-)
12484Rubber Bandit Ball (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
12485Rubbish Monster (1983)(Data Becker)
12486Rubicon (1991)(Hewson)(Side A)
12487Rubicon (1991)(Hewson)(Side B)
12488Rubicon Alliance, The (1988)(Datasoft)
12489Rubiks Cube (19xx)(Peter Craven)
12490Rubint, A (19xx)(-)(hu)
12491Rudi the Rat (1986)(Input 64)(de)
12492Ruff And Reddy (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
12493Ruff and Reddy (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
12494Rug Rider (1984)(Gamesman)
12495Rugby - The World Cup (1991)(Domark)
12496Rugby Boss (1990)(Alternative Software)
12497Rugby Coach (1991)(Cult Games)
12498Rugby League Manager (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
12499Rugby Manager (19xx)(-)
12500Rugby, The World Cup (1991)(Domark)
12501Ruin of Xerx (19xx)(Lunasoft)(de)
12502Ruine Eckstein (1990)(Kudi-Soft)(de)
12503Rule the Kingdom (1983)(RUN-CW Communications)
12504Ruler (1984)(The Code Works)
12505Ruler Machine (19xx)(-)
12506Ruleta (19xx)(-)(es)
12507Rulette (19xx)(Dave Barnes)(da)
12508Rumball (19xx)(Timothy Goodacre)
12509Run (2002)(Christer Bystrom)
12510Run For Gold (1987)(Alternative Software)
12511Run Games Nr.11 (19xx)(-)(it)
12512Run Harry (1984)(Simon & Schuster)
12513Run Like Hell (1987)(Eurosoft)
12514Run Riki Run (1984)(Roger D. Burge)
12515Run for Diamonds (19xx)(-)
12516Run for Diamonds II (1988)(-)
12517Run for Gold (1985)(Hill MacGibbon)
12518Run for the Money (1983)(Isa Software)
12519Run the Gauntlet (1989)(Ocean Software)
12520Run to Goldy (1988)(-)
12521Run, The (2002)(Christer Bystrom)
12522Runaway (1987)(CP Verlag)(de)
12523Rundes Leder (1997)(CP Verlag)(de)
12524Runequest (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
12525Runestones (1993)(Compute!)
12526Runfill (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
12527Runman Construction Set (19xx)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
12528Runner (1986)(Your Computer-Business Press International)
12529Running Balls (1994)(Thunders)
12530Running Man, The (1989)(Grandslam Entertainment)
12531Runway 64 (1982)(Susie Software)
12532Ruote Corazzate (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
12533Rupert and the Ice Castle (1986)(Quicksilva)
12534Rupert and the Toymakers Party (1985)(Quicksilva)
12535Rush Hour (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
12536Rush n Attack (1986)(Imagine Software)
12537Russia - The Great War in The East 1941-1945 v1.0 (1987)(SSG)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
12538Russia - The Great War in The East 1941-1945 v1.0 (1987)(SSG)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
12539Russia - The Great War in The East 1941-1945 v1.0 (1987)(SSG)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12540Russian Roulette (1985)(Tab Books)
12541Russian Toilette (2003)(The P.B.C.A. Team)
12542Russisch Roulette (1989)(Commodore Disc)(de)
12543Ryan Milford (19xx)(Jackson)(it)
12544Rygar (1987)(U.S. Gold)
12545Rygels Revenge (1987)(Mastertronic)
12546Ryshka (1990)(CP Verlag)
12547S-Skat (1984)(Jorn Scheller)(de)
12548S.D.I. (1988)(Ocean Software)
12549S.O.S. (1987)(Mastertronic)
12550S.P.Q.R. (19xx)(Marcello Giombini)(it)
12551S.T.U.N. Runner (1990)(Domark)
12552S.W.A.T (1986)(Mastertronic)
12553S.W.A.T. (1986)(Mastertronic)
12554SAS 2064 (1987)(Tech-Soft)
12555SAS Combat Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
12556SCBA Boxing (19xx)(The Skull)
12557SCI - Special Criminal Investigation (1990)(Ocean Software)
12558SCSors of the Throne, The - War for the Crown II (1990)(German Design Group)
12559SDI - Strategic Defence Initiative (1988)(Activision)
12560SDI 64 (1988)(Markt & Technik)
12561SFI Street Wrestling (19xx)(The Skull)
12562SFI Wrestling 2 (19xx)(The Skull)
12563SGA - Super Galaxy Apocalypse (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
12564SGA II - Super Galaxy Apocalypse II (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
12565SHS Disc #1 (19xx)(Commodore Scene)
12566SIPE Unk (19xx)(-)(it)(Side A)
12567SIPE Unk (19xx)(-)(it)(Side B)
12568SORT - Space Observer Recruitment Test (19xx)(G. Ashew)
12569SOS - The Game with no Name (1986)(Mastertronic)
12570SOS Terrorists (1983)(Commodore)
12571SOS Terrorists II (1991)(Virgin Games)
12572SOS im Weltall (1983)(Tronic Verlag)(de)
12573SOTE - Der Schatten des Boesen - Harcons Fluch (1993)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
12574SOTE - Der Schatten des Boesen - Harcons Fluch (1993)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12575SOTE - Shadow of the Evil (1993)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
12576SOTE - Shadow of the Evil (1993)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12577SPUD! - Super Powered Urban Device (1987)(Firebird Software)
12578SS Panzer (1994)(Capital Software Designs)
12579SST - Super Swithers Target (1988)(Trantal Software Systems)
12580STM (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
12581SUFO - Sammel Unbekannte Flugobjekte (19xx)(Ulrich Rehberg)(de)
12582SWAT (1986)(Mastertronic)
12583SWAT - Slots with a Twist (1998)(Loadstar)
12584SWIV (1991)(Storm)(Side A)
12585SWIV (1991)(Storm)(Side B)
12586SWIV (1991)(Storm)
12587Sabotage (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
12588Saboteur (1986)(Durell Software)
12589Saboteur 1 (198x)(Durell)
12590Saboteur 2 (1987)(Durell)
12591Saboteur II - Avenging Angel (1987)(Durell Software)
12592Sabre Wulf (1985)(Ultimate)
12593Sack Race (1988)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
12594Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The (1986)(Palace Software)
12595Saeufer, Der (19xx)(-)(de)
12596Safari-Jager (1988)(Input 64)(de)
12597Safe (19xx)(Gary Marsa)(nl)
12598Safe-Cracker (1987)(Wicked Software)
12599Saga of Erik the Viking, The (1987)(Level 9 Computing)
12600Sagitarian (19xx)(P.A. Eves, M.C. Stretton & L.J. Stretton)
12601Sagor Der Eroberer (1985)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
12602Sagor Der Eroberer (1985)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
12603Sagor Der Eroberer (1985)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12604Sahara (19xx)(-)(de)
12605Sahara 2000 (1985)(Edigamma)(it)
12606Saigon (1988)(-)
12607Sailing (1987)(Activision)
12608Saint & Greavsie (1989)(Grandslam Entertainment)
12609Saint Dragon (1990)(Storm)(Side A)
12610Saint Dragon (1990)(Storm)(Side B)
12611Saint Dragon (1990)(Storm)
12612Salamander (1988)(Imagine Software)
12613Saliva Kid (1994)(CP Verlag)
12614Salmon Run (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
12615Saloon Shootout (1986)(Compute!)
12616Saltinbanqui (19xx)(-)(es)
12617Salva Bubu (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
12618Salvage Diver (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
12619Salvo (19xx)(Brookfield Software)(nl)
12620Sam - Der Schatzsucher (1989)(Multisoft)(de)
12621Samantha Fox Strip Poker (1986)(Martech Games)
12622Samber (1997)(Eagleware International)
12623Sammy (1989)(-)
12624Sammy Lightfoot (1983)(Sierra Online)
12625Sammy Seal (1992)(Compute!)
12626Sams Jam (1984)(Abrasco)
12627Samson (1983)(Software Group)
12628Samurai (1988)(Markt & Technik)
12629Samurai Hunter (1988)(-)
12630Samurai Trilogy (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)(M4)
12631Samurai Trilogy (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side A)
12632Samurai Trilogy (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side B)
12633Samurai Warrior - The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo (1988)(Firebird)
12634Sanasto (19xx)(Petri Jokimies)(FI)
12635Sand Castle (1983)(Granada Publishing)
12636Sandburg (1986)(Owen Bishop & Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
12637Santa Claus Helper (19xx)(TMMB Productions)
12638Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio (1988)(StarSoft)
12639Santas Busy Day (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
12640Santas Christmas Caper (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
12641Santas Christmas Capers (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
12642Santas Day of Work (1985)(Your Computer-Business Press International)
12643Santas Grotty Christmas (19xx)(Bad Taste)
12644Santas Xmas Caper (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
12645Santolus (1988)(Commodore Disc)
12646Sanxion (1986)(Thalamus)
12647Saper (1998)(Pawel Ruczko-V-12Tropyx)
12648Saper II (1999)(Pawel Ruczko-V-12Tropyx)
12649Saper III (2000)(Pawel Ruczko-V-12Tropyx)
12650Saracen (1986)(Datasoft)
12651Sarakon (1990)(Starbyte Software)
12652Saran Trilogie (1991)(Michael Haertig)(de)
12653Sarbo (19xx)(Mark L. Fletcher)
12654Sargon II (1983)(Hayden Software)
12655Sargon III (1984)(Hayden Software)(Side A)
12656Sargon III (1984)(Hayden Software)(Side B)
12657Sargon! (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
12658Sat.1 Bingo (1992)(PCSL Software)(de)(Side A)
12659Sat.1 Bingo (1992)(PCSL Software)(de)(Side B)
12660Satan (1990)(Dinamic Software)(Side A)
12661Satan (1990)(Dinamic Software)(Side B)
12662Satan (1990)(Dinamic Software)
12663Satans Hollow (1984)(Commodore)
12664Satans Hollow (1984)(Commodore)
12665Satellite Lander (19xx)(-)
12666Saturn 3 (1985)(PK Software)(nl)
12667Saturn Patrol (19xx)(-)
12668Saturnlander (1984)(OHB Software)(de)
12669Saturns 10 Moons (1988)(Italien Computer Adventures)
12670Saucer Attack! (1984)(Lotus Soft)
12671Saucer Attack! - Dischi Volanti (1984)(Lotus Soft)(it)
12672Saucer Attack! - UFO (1984)(Lotus Soft)(es)
12673Savage (1988)(Firebird)(Disk 1 of 3)
12674Savage (1988)(Firebird)(Disk 1 of 4)(Intro)
12675Savage (1988)(Firebird)(Disk 2 of 3)
12676Savage (1988)(Firebird)(Disk 2 of 4)(Level 1)
12677Savage (1988)(Firebird)(Disk 3 of 3)
12678Savage (1988)(Firebird)(Disk 3 of 4)(Level 2)
12679Savage (1988)(Firebird)(Disk 4 of 4)(Level 4)
12680Savage (1988)(Firebird)
12681Savage Introduction (1988)(Firebird)
12682Savage Island (1983)(Commodore)
12683Savage Island - Part I (1983)(Commodore)
12684Savage Island - Part II (1983)(Commodore)
12685Savage Pond (1984)(Argus Press)
12686Save Me, Brave Knight (1983)(F451 Software)
12687Save New York (1983)(Creative Software)
12688Save Satellits (1985)(Antsoft)(de)
12689Save Your Teeth (1987)(Wicked Software)
12690Saxxon (19xx)(Golden Software)(Side A)
12691Saxxon (19xx)(Golden Software)(Side B)
12692Say Simon (1984)(Southpac)
12693Sblock - Sliding-Block Puzzles (19xx)(Panda)
12694Scalextric (1985)(Leisure Genius)
12695Scanner (1984)(System 7)
12696Scapeghost (1989)(Level 9 Computing)(Side A)
12697Scapeghost (1989)(Level 9 Computing)(Side B)
12698Scapeghost (1989)(Level 9 Computing)
12699Scarab (1986)(Gepo-Soft)
12700Scarabaeus (1985)(Ariolasoft)
12701Scare Bear (1987)(Alternative Software)
12702Scarper! (1984)(Lothlorien)
12703Scary Adventure (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
12704Scary Hall (19xx)(Marvin Jones)
12705Scary House Amulet! (200x)(Shrimpenstein)(Side A)
12706Scary House Amulet! (200x)(Shrimpenstein)(Side B)
12707Scary Monsters (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)
12708Scat Bikes (1984)(Interface Publications)
12709Scavenger (1984)(Interface Publications)
12710Scavenger Hunt - 3D (1989)(Loadstar)
12711Scavenger Hunt 2D (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
12712Scenario (1992)(Starbyte Software)
12713Sceptre of Baghdad (1993)(Psytronic Software)
12714Sceptre of Baghdad Uncut (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
12715Schach (19xx)(Bernd Bettermann)
12716Schach 64 (1993)(Markt & Technik)(de)
12717Schach fuer Zwei (19xx)(-)(de)
12718Schach v1 (1988)(Markt & Technik)
12719Schachmeister (1984)(Thomas Behrend)(de)
12720Schalter (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
12721Scharfe Wanda, Die (1983)(Games Machine)(de)
12722Schat van Koning Mao, De (1985)(Pako Software)(nl)
12723Schatzen (1982)(E.R. & W.H.)(de)
12724Schatzinsel 64 (1984)(S+S Soft)
12725Schatzjager (1987)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side A)
12726Schatzjager (1987)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Side B)
12727Schatzsuche (1991)(PDPD Software)(de)(PD)
12728Schatzsucher (1990)(Markt & Technik)
12729Schere Stein Papier (1992)(CP Verlag)(de)
12730Schiebe Faxen (1985)(S+S Soft)(de)
12731Schiebereien (1989)(CP Verlag)(de)
12732Schiettent (19xx)(-)(nl)
12733Schiffe versenken (19xx)(-)(de)
12734Schiffsreise (1985)(Antsoft)(de)
12735Schiphol (1984)(Hewson)(nl)
12736Schizo (1991)(Commodore Disc)
12737Schizofrenia (1985)(Quicksilva)
12738Schlange - Big Maggot (1984)(Christian Gubert)(de)
12739Schlob Dracula (19xx)(Peter Weissenbacher)(de)
12740Schlob Schreckenstein (1984)(Markt & Technik)
12741Schlobgeist (1988)(Input 64)(de)
12742Schloss-Real-Adventure (19xx)(Schloss-Realschule)(de)
12743Schluckermaxi (19xx)(-)(de)
12744Schlussel (19xx)(-)(de)
12745Schnapsen (19xx)(R. Biowski)(de)
12746Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge (1985)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
12747Schnip (1987)(Compute!)
12748School Daze (19xx)(-)
12749School of Doom, The (1992)(Maik Holstein)(de)
12750Schotter (1986)(Tronic)(de)
12751Schtroumpf Noir, Le (1988)(J.L. Wansart)(fr)
12752Schub (19xx)(-)(de)
12753Schupos (1985)(Sonnenverlag)(de)
12754Schwarze Schloss, Das (1989)(Profiteam Software)(de)
12755Schwarzenegger (1988)(-)
12756Schwert & Magie - Folge 1 & 2 (1989)(GDG)(de)(Side A)
12757Schwert & Magie - Folge 1 & 2 (1989)(GDG)(de)(Side B)
12758Schwert & Magie - Folge 3 & 4 (1990)(GDG)(de)(Side A)
12759Schwert & Magie - Folge 3 & 4 (1990)(GDG)(de)(Side B)
12760Schwert & Magie - Folge 5 & 6 (1991)(GDG)(de)(Side A)
12761Schwert & Magie - Folge 5 & 6 (1991)(GDG)(de)(Side B)
12762Schwert & Magie - Folge 7 & 8 (1992)(GDG)(de)(Side A)
12763Schwert & Magie - Folge 7 & 8 (1992)(GDG)(de)(Side B)
12764Schwert Skar, Das (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
12765Schwert Skar, Das (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
12766Schwert Skar, Das (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
12767Schwert Skar, Das (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
12768Schwert Skar, Das (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
12769Schwert Skar, Das (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
12770Schwert und Magie I (1989)(German Design Group)(de)(Side A)
12771Schwert und Magie I (1989)(German Design Group)(de)(Side B)
12772Schwert und Magie II (1990)(German Design Group)(de)(Side A)
12773Schwert und Magie II (1990)(German Design Group)(de)(Side B)
12774Schwert und Magie III (1991)(German Design Group)(de)(Side A)
12775Schwert und Magie III (1991)(German Design Group)(de)(Side B)
12776Schwert und Magie IV (1992)(German Design Group)(de)(Side A)
12777Schwert und Magie IV (1992)(German Design Group)(de)(Side B)
12778Schwuppti (1989)(Tschusch & Tschuschin)
12779Scontro Finale (1990)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
12780Scooby Doo (1986)(Elite)
12781Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
12782Scooby and Scrappy Doo (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
12783Scoop!, The (1985)(Sentient Software)
12784Scopa a 3 Carte (1985)(Franco Fantoni)(it)
12785Score Five (19xx)(Alan Midnight)
12786Score-Four (1984)(Steve Whipple)
12787Scorpio (1988)(Kingsoft)
12788Scorpion (1988)(Hewson)
12789Scorpion II (1990)(Your Commodore)
12790Scorpion Solitaire (1986)(Kenneth W. Hart)
12791Scorpion-II (1988)(Compute!)
12792Scorpius (1988)(Silverbird Software)
12793Scortia (1997)(Eagleware International)
12794Scotch Olympia-Quiz (1988)(Scotch)(de)
12795Scotland Yard (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
12796Scotland-Yard (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
12797Scots, The (1991)(Peter Diehm)(de)
12798Scott Adams Adventure Pack (1983)(Adventure International)
12799Scott Adams Adventures (1981)(Commodore)
12800Scout (1988)(Mastertronic)
12801Scout Quest (19xx)(-)
12802Scrabble (1984)(Leisure Genius)
12803Scrabble Deluxe (1986)(Leisure Genius)
12804Scramble (19xx)(-)
12805Scramble 64 (1983)(Interceptor Micros)
12806Scramble Spirits (1990)(Grandslam Entertainment)
12807Scrambled Eggs (19xx)(-)
12808Scrambled Word (1980)(-)
12809Scrambled Words (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
12810Scrambler (1988)(Compute!)
12811Scrambler 64 (19xx)(R.W. Stevens)
12812Screaming Eagles Airborne (1988)(Bombjack)
12813Screenians (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)
12814Screenians Part II (1994)(Systems Editoriale)
12815Screwy Screws (1999)(Pure)
12816Scribble (19xx)(-)
12817Scroll of Akbar Khan, The (19xx)(Mountain Valley Software)
12818Scroller Game (1989)(Commodore Disc)
12819Scrolling (1986)(Input 64)(de)
12820Scrollo (1985)(Input 64)(de)
12821Scrolls Of Abadon, The (1984)(Access Software)
12822Scrolls of Abadon, The (1984)(Access Software)
12823Scrolls of Albadon (1984)(Fanda)
12824Scruples (1987)(Leisure Genius)
12825Scuba Dive (1983)(Durell Software)
12826Scuba Dive - Submarinista (1983)(Durell Software)(es)
12827Scuba Kidz (1988)(Silverbird Software)
12828Scud (1993)(Compute!)
12829Scud-Busters (1991)(Spotsoft)
12830Scumball (1988)(Mastertronic)
12831Scumm (1991)(CP Verlag)
12832Scuttle (1985)(Aackosoft)
12833Se-Aga (1991)(Loadstar)
12834Se-Kaa of Assiah (1985)(Mastertronic)(Side A)
12835Se-Kaa of Assiah (1985)(Mastertronic)(Side B)
12836Se-Kaa of Assiah (1985)(Mastertronic)
12837Sea Battle (19xx)(-)
12838Sea Command - Air Command II (1993)(Binary Zone)(PD)
12839Sea Command 3 (1994)(Ryan Chenery)
12840Sea Cresta 1 (1988)(-)
12841Sea Dragon (1984)(Adventure International)
12842Sea Harrier (1983)(Courbois Software)(nl)
12843Sea Hawks (1991)(Dave Costello)
12844Sea Hunt (19xx)(Ted Walenty)
12845Sea Phantom, The (1988)(Free Spirit Software)
12846Sea Route to India (1984)(Compute!)
12847Sea Search (1987)(Wicked Software)
12848Sea Speller (1984)(Fisher Price)
12849Sea Voyagers, The (1984)(CBS Software)
12850Sea Wolf (1982)(Commodore)
12851Sea to Sea (1993)(Loadstar)
12852Sea-Attack (19xx)(-)(de)
12853Seabase Delta (1986)(Firebird)
12854Seabattle (19xx)(Creative Computing)
12855Seabattle v2 (1980)(Fred Mulder)
12856Seafox (1982)(Broderbund)
12857Seahorses (1984)(Joyce Hakansson Associates)
12858Seahorses - Hide n Seek (1984)(CBS Software)
12859Search II, The - Die Goethe Suche (1985)(OHB Software)(de)
12860Search and Rescue (1984)(PCW)
12861Search for Draculas Tomb, The (19xx)(Bob Akerberg)
12862Search for King Solomons Mines, The (1986)(Softgold)
12863Search for Reaper (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
12864Search for Santa Clues, The (1989)(Loadstar)
12865Search for Sherlock Holmes, The (1986)(Loadstar)
12866Search for the Holy Grail, The (19xx)(Allan Grigsby)
12867Search for the Lost Dick (1993)(Vortex Software House)
12868Search for the Secret of Life, The (1987)(Mark Jennings)
12869Search for the Titanic (1989)(CRL)(Side A)
12870Search for the Titanic (1989)(CRL)(Side B)
12871Search for the Titanic (1989)(CRL)
12872Search, The (1996)(Loadstar)
12873Searchlight (19xx)(-)
12874Seas of Blood (1986)(Adventure International)
12875Seaside Special (1984)(Taskset)
12876Seastalker (1985)(Infocom)
12877Seawar (1984)(Radarsoft)(nl)
12878Seawolf (1984)(Interface Publications)
12879Seawolfe (1983)(Mogul Communications)
12880Seaworld (19xx)(Marcus Charleville & R. Dagskold)
12881Sechs verliert (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
12882Second World, The (1991)(Magic Bytes)(de)
12883Second to None (19xx)(-)
12884Secret Agent (1984)(Interface Publications)
12885Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The (1985)(Level 9 Computing)(Side A)
12886Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The (1985)(Level 9 Computing)(Side B)
12887Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The (1985)(Level 9 Computing)
12888Secret Identity (1994)(Loadstar)
12889Secret Mission (1984)(Adventure International)
12890Secret Service (1984)(Seagull Software)(de)
12891Secret Treasures (1986)(Alpha Software)
12892Secret of Bastow Manor, The (1983)(Gameworx)
12893Secret of Kandar, The (1987)(The Power House)
12894Secret of Kublaih (1983)(JMP Software)
12895Secret of St. Brides, The (1985)(St.Brides School)
12896Secret of the Silver Blades (1990)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
12897Secret of the Silver Blades (1990)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
12898Secret of the Silver Blades (1990)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
12899Secret of the Silver Blades (1990)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
12900Secret of the Silver Blades (1990)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
12901Secret of the Silver Blades (1990)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
12902Secret of the Silver Blades v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
12903Secret of the Silver Blades v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)
12904Secret of the Silver Blades v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side A)
12905Secret of the Silver Blades v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)
12906Secret of the Silver Blades v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side A)
12907Secret of the Silver Blades v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)
12908Secret of the Silver Blades v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)
12909Secret of the Silver Blades v1.0 (1990)(SSI)(Disk 4 of 4 Side B)
12910Section Pi (1990)(Compute!)
12911Sector 8 (19xx)(Andy Starr)
12912Sector 90 (1987)(Argus Press)
12913Sector II (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
12914Sector Patrol (1991)(Compute!)
12915Security Alert (1989)(First Star Software)(Side A)
12916Security Alert (1989)(First Star Software)(Side B)
12917See-64 (1997)(Loadstar)
12918Seek and Destroy (1983)(Stack Computer Services)
12919Seek and Destroy II (1986)(Lucifer Technologies)
12920Seerauber (1987)(SVS)(de)
12921Seesaw (1984)(Quicksilva)
12922Seeschlacht (19xx)(-)(de)
12923Seeschlacht - Schiffe versenken (1984)(Europa Computer Club)(de)
12924Seeschlacht - Schiffeversenken (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
12925Sega Blaster (19xx)(Commodore Force Magazine)
12926Sega Grand Prix (19xx)(U.S. Gold)
12927Sei Contra Sei (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
12928Seige (19xx)(Mike Singleton)
12929Sekte, De (19xx)(Radarsoft)(nl)
12930Senat (1998)(Loadstar)
12931Senesis (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
12932Sensitive (1990)(Markt & Technik)
12933Senso (1993)(Marek Roth)(PD)
12934Senso - C64 (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
12935Sensor (1991)(CP Verlag)
12936Sentence (1991)(Double Density)
12937Sentinel (1989)(Loadstar)
12938Sentinel Worlds I - Future Magic (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
12939Sentinel Worlds I - Future Magic (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
12940Sentinel Worlds I - Future Magic (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12941Sentinel Worlds I - Future Magic (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
12942Sentinel, The (1986)(Firebird)
12943Sentry, The (1987)(Firebird Software)
12944Separate (1986)(Input 64)(de)
12945September (1988)(Electric Dreams)
12946Sequel (1992)(Markt & Technik)
12947Sequence (19xx)(-)
12948Sequence Countdown (19xx)(-)
12949Sereamis (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
12950Sereamis (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
12951Sereamis (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12952Sereamis (1985)(Ariolasoft)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
12953Serenade (1986)(Jawx)(fr)
12954Sergeant Seymour - Robotcop (1992)(Codemasters)
12955Sergeant Slaughters Mat Wars (1989)(Mindscape)(Side A)
12956Sergeant Slaughters Mat Wars (1989)(Mindscape)(Side B)
12957Sergeant Slaughters Mat Wars (1989)(Mindscape)
12958Serpent (1983)(Hans Meijer)(nl)
12959Serpentine (1982)(Broderbund)
12960Serpentine - Serpentin (1982)(Broderbund)(es)
12961Serpentone (19xx)(Federico Canetta)
12962Serpents Star (1983)(Broderbund)(Side A)
12963Serpents Star (1983)(Broderbund)(Side B)
12964Serpents Star, The (1985)(Broderbund)(Side A)
12965Serpents Star, The (1985)(Broderbund)(Side B)
12966Serve and Volley (1988)(Accolade)
12967Sesame Street Letter-Go-Round (1984)(Childrens Computer Workshop)
12968Session v1.2 (1994)(Jan Boettcher)
12969Session v1.4 (2001)(More Gore Software)
12970Session, The (1992)(More Gore Software)
12971Setros (19xx)(-)
12972Setz! (1994)(Compute!)
12973Seuck Worm (19xx)(TND)
12974Seven Cities of Gold (1984)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
12975Seven Cities of Gold (1984)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
12976Seventh Fleet (1985)(Simulations Canada)
12977Sewer Rats (19xx)(M. Ellis)
12978Sex Games (1985)(Landisoft)
12979Sex Mission (1988)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
12980Sex Mission (1988)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
12981Sex Mission (1988)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
12982Sex Mission (1988)(A&S Software)(de)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
12983Sex Puzzle (19xx)(Kim Soft)(fr)
12984Sex Quiz, A (19xx)(Onslow Comtek)
12985Sex Sex Sex (19xx)(-)
12986Sex Vixens from Space (1988)(Free Spirit Software)
12987Sexacuda (1982)(Comm Data)
12988Sexy Ball (19xx)(-)
12989Sexy Breakout (1986)(Bytemike Software)(it)
12990Sexy Ghostsn Goblins (19xx)(Chris Butler)
12991Seymour - Stunt Man (1992)(Codemasters)
12992Seymour at the Movies (1992)(Codemasters)
12993Sha-Jongg (1991)(Markt & Technik)(en-de)
12994Shades (1985)(Durell Software)
12995Shadow Dancer (1991)(U.S. Gold)
12996Shadow Force (1989)(Magic Soft)
12997Shadow Skimmer (1987)(The Edge Software)
12998Shadow Warriors (1990)(Ocean Software)
12999Shadow of the Beast (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
13000Shadow of the Beast (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
13001Shadow of the Beast (1990)(Ocean Software)
13002Shadow of the Evil (1993)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
13003Shadow of the Evil (1993)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
13004Shadow of the Evil (1993)(Markt & Technik)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
13005Shadowfax (1982)(Postern)
13006Shadowfire (1985)(Beyond Software)
13007Shadowrun (19xx)(Harri Holopainen)
13008Shadows in the Night (1995)(Dorothy Millard)
13009Shadows of Mordor, The (1987)(Melbourne House)
13010Shaft Raider (1983)(Program One)
13011Shafted in San Diego (1986)(Kim Glandon)(Side A)
13012Shafted in San Diego (1986)(Kim Glandon)(Side B)
13013Shaker (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
13014Shakesperian Shuffle (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
13015Shakey City (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
13016Shaman (1995)(CP Verlag)
13017Shamus (1983)(Synapse Software)
13018Shamus Case 2 (1984)(Synapse Software)
13019Shanghai (1986)(Activision)
13020Shanghai Karate (1988)(Players Software)
13021Shanghai Karate II (1991)(Zenith Designs)
13022Shanghai Warriors (1989)(Players Software)
13023Shannons Fractions (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
13024Shao-Lins Road (1986)(The Edge Software)
13025Shaolin (2001)(Jonathan Wells)
13026Shape Match (1984)(Compute!)
13027Shape Shop (1985)(Spinnaker Software)
13028Shape Up! (1984)(Hayden Software)
13029Shape and Color Rodeo (1984)(DLM)
13030Shapesquare (1988)(Loadstar)
13031Shard of Inovar (1987)(Mastertronic)
13032Shard of Spring, The (1986)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
13033Shard of Spring, The (1986)(SSI)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
13034Shard of Spring, The (1986)(SSI)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
13035Shard of Spring, The (1986)(SSI)(Side A)
13036Shard of Spring, The (1986)(SSI)(Side B)
13037Shard of Spring, The - Character Disk (1986)(SSI)
13038Shards (1993)(CP Verlag)
13039Shark (1989)(Players Premier)(it)(Side A)
13040Shark (1989)(Players Premier)(it)(Side B)
13041Shark (1989)(Players Premier)
13042Shark Hunt (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
13043Sharkfin (1983)(Interface Publications)
13044Sharkz (2001)(TND Games)(FW)
13045Sharkz 2 (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
13046Shatter Lands (1995)(Bad Bytes)
13047Shblib, Cheese and Clouds (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
13048She-Fox (19xx)(Nick Jones)
13049Sheep in Space (1984)(Llamasoft)
13050Sheep-Dog Trial (1984)(Jacaranda Wily)
13051Sheerluck (1990)(Compute!)
13052Shell Game, The (19xx)(The Skull)
13053Shellshock (1993)(Beyond Belief)
13054Sherlock (1985)(Melbourne House)
13055Sherlock - The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (1987)(Infocom)(Side A)
13056Sherlock - The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (1987)(Infocom)(Side B)
13057Sherlock Holmes (1982)(Bantam Software)(de)
13058Sherlock Holmes - His Most Difficult Case (2001)(Andrew Williams)(Side A)
13059Sherlock Holmes - His Most Difficult Case (2001)(Andrew Williams)(Side B)
13060Sherlock Holmes - The Riddle of The Crown Jewels (1987)(Infocom)(Side A)
13061Sherlock Holmes - The Riddle of The Crown Jewels (1987)(Infocom)(Side B)
13062Sherlock Holmes Club (19xx)(Marcello Giombini)(it)
13063Sherwood Open, The (1992)(Loadstar)
13064Shift (1990)(CP Verlag)(de)
13065Shifter (1986)(Compute!)
13066Shifting Sands (1986)(The Guild Adventure Software)
13067Shiftrix (1991)(Software 2000)
13068Shifty Balls (19xx)(Artgame)
13069Shila (1987)(Tronic)
13070Shiloh - Grants Trial in the West (1987)(SSI)(Side A)
13071Shiloh - Grants Trial in the West (1987)(SSI)(Side B)
13072Shinobi (1989)(Virgin Games)(Side A)
13073Shinobi (1989)(Virgin Games)(Side B)
13074Shinobi (1989)(Virgin Games)
13075Ship of Doom (1984)(Artic Computing)
13076Ship of the Line (1984)(Richard Shepherd Software)
13077Ship, The (1983)(Handic Software)
13078Shippin (19xx)(Stevr)
13079Ships Attack (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
13080Shipwrecked!! (1988)(Free Spirit Software)
13081Shirley Muldowneys Top Fuel Challenge (1988)(U.S. Gold)
13082Shiver Me Timbers (1987)(Loadstar)
13083Shock Zone II (1988)(-)
13084Shocker (1987)(Systems Editoriale)
13085Shockway Rider (1987)(FTL)
13086Shoe People, The (1992)(Gremlin Graphics)
13087Shogun (1986)(Virgin Games)
13088Shogun, The (1994)(CP Verlag)(de)
13089Shoikan (1991)(CP Verlag)
13090Shoot (1995)(Loadstar)
13091Shoot 2 Kill (1992)(Cult Design)
13092Shoot Em Down (1992)(Massoft)
13093Shoot Em Up (1985)(Alligata Software)
13094Shoot Em Up Construction Kit (1987)(Outlaw Productions)(Side A)
13095Shoot Em Up Construction Kit (1987)(Outlaw Productions)(Side B)
13096Shoot Em Up Construction Kit (1987)(Outlaw Productions)
13097Shoot Em Up Destruction Set, The (1995)(Psytronik Software)
13098Shoot Out (1988)(Martech Games)
13099Shoot and Memories (1989)(DXCH)(fr)
13100Shoot or Die (1992)(Markt & Technik)
13101Shoot the Moon! (1989)(Loadstar)
13102Shoot the Rapids (1984)(New Generation Software)
13103Shoot-Out - AS-1 and the Robots (19xx)(-)
13104Shooting (19xx)(Tomi Malinen)(FI)
13105Shooting Gallery (1983)(RSS)
13106Shooting Star (1986)(GUE)
13107Shootout (1995)(Craze)
13108Shootout at Fort Apache (1995)(Loadstar)
13109Shopping AG (1995)(CP Verlag)(de)
13110Short Circuit (1986)(Ocean Software)
13111Shot Away (1990)(Shaun Pearson)
13112Shot Away 92 (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
13113Shot the Goulds! (19xx)(Systems Editoriale)
13114Shots (19xx)(Eaglewing Software)
13115Shove (19xx)(Vinyl Projects)
13116Shove It (1990)(Loadstar)
13117Show Jumping (1984)(CRL)
13118Showdown (1991)(Compute!)
13119Showjumper (1985)(Software Projects)
13120Shrapnel (19xx)(Jeff Moore)
13121Shrimp (19xx)(-)
13122Shuffle (1986)(Alpha Software)
13123Shuffleboard (1987)(Wicked Software)
13124Shuffler (1983)(Stack Computer Services)
13125Shugun (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
13126Shut the Boxes (1986)(RUN-CW Communications)
13127Shutdown (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
13128Shutterbugs Pictures (1990)(Loadstar)
13129Shuttle (19xx)(-)
13130Shuttle Escape (1983)(Compute!)
13131Shuttle Simulator (1988)(Rita Jay)
13132Shuttle Voyage (19xx)(-)
13133Shuttle War (1992)(Markt & Technik)
13134Si (19xx)(-)(hu)
13135Side Step (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
13136Sidearms, Hyper Dyne (1988)(Capcom)(Side A)
13137Sidearms, Hyper Dyne (1988)(Capcom)(Side B)
13138Sidearms, Hyper Dyne (1988)(Capcom)
13139Sidewalk (1987)(Infogrames)(de)
13140Sidewinder (1988)(Tom Selleck & A.N. Onym)
13141Sidewinder 2 (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)
13142Sidewize (1987)(Firebird Software)
13143Siebzehn und Vier (19xx)(Oliver Musolf)(de)
13144Sieg in Afrika (1984)(Simulations Canada)
13145Siege (1982)(Postern)
13146Sigma 7 (1986)(Durell Software)
13147Sigma Seven (1986)(Durell Software)
13148Sign of the Sphinx (1984)(Werewolf Software)
13149Signore di Blackwood, Il (19xx)(-)(it)
13150Silent Destruction (19xx)(-)
13151Silent Down (19xx)(-)
13152Silent Service (1985)(Microprose Software)(Side A)
13153Silent Service (1985)(Microprose Software)(Side B)
13154Silent Service (1985)(Microprose Software)
13155Silent Shadow (1988)(Topo Soft)(es)
13156Silhouette (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
13157Silicon Dreams (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
13158Silicon Dreams - Return To Eden (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
13159Silicon Dreams - Snowball (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
13160Silicon Dreams - Worm In Paradise (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
13161Silicon Fish (1984)(Thor Computer Software)
13162Silicon Slicks Lowball Draw Poker (1984)(Charles Mohr)
13163Silicon Warior (1984)(Epyx)
13164Silicon Warrior (1984)(Epyx)
13165Silicon Warrior - Piramide (1984)(Epyx)(es)
13166Silk Worm (1988)(Tecmo)
13167Silkworm (1988)(Sales Curve)
13168Silly 64 (1983)(Silly Software)
13169Silo-1 (19xx)(Jeremy Rauch & Michael Rauch)
13170Silon (1983)(Rene Kaldenberg)(nl)
13171Silva Pod (1995)(CP Verlag)
13172Silver Axe (1992)(Alf Yngve)
13173Silver Sceptre, The (2000)(Nathan Butcher)
13174Silverfish (1994)(Psytronik Software)
13175Sim City (1989)(Maxis)
13176Simon (19xx)(The Skid)
13177Simon Says (1984)(Simon & Schuster)
13178Simple Simon (1985)(Tab Books)
13179Simple Substitution in a Monomial (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
13180Simplicity (1997)(Loadstar)
13181Simpsons - The Arcade Game (1991)(Konami)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
13182Simpsons - The Arcade Game (1991)(Konami)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
13183Simpsons - The Arcade Game (1991)(Konami)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
13184Simpsons, The - Bart vs. the Space Mutants (1991)(Ocean Software)
13185Simpsons, The - Help Homer Man (19xx)(Starblazer)
13186Simulgolf (1988)(Simulmondo)(it)
13187Sin City (19xx)(-)
13188Sinbad (19xx)(-)
13189Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon (1988)(Cinemaware)(Side A)
13190Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon (1988)(Cinemaware)(Side B)
13191Sinchi - Guerrilla Contra los Narcos (1989)(Juan Carlos Apolaya)(es)
13192Single Extreme Freedom (19xx)(Alice Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
13193Single Extreme Freedom (19xx)(Alice Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
13194Single Extreme Freedom (19xx)(Alice Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
13195Single Extreme Freedom (19xx)(Alice Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
13196Sinister (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
13197Sinners (1978)(Computers-Calculators Magazine)
13198Sionia (1990)(Vision Design)
13199Sir Lancelot (1984)(Xonox)
13200Sir Richard (1991)(Peter Diehm)(de)
13201Sir Tommy - A Game of Old Patience (1988)(Loadstar)
13202Siren City (1983)(Interceptor Micros)
13203Sirius (19xx)(Edicola)(it)
13204Sitting Duck (1982)(Steve Chan)
13205Sitting Target (1984)(Cascade Games)
13206Six (1991)(CP Verlag)
13207Six Appeal - P47 (19xx)(Ubi Soft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
13208Six Appeal - P47, Pick & Pile, Satan (19xx)(Ubi Soft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
13209Six Appeal - Twinworld (19xx)(Ubi Soft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
13210Six Appeal - Twinworld, Rick Dangerous, Puffys Saga (19xx)(Ubi Soft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
13211Six Chess (19xx)(David C. Lucas)
13212Six Games (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
13213Six Shooter - Head Over Heels & Terra Cresta (1986)(Ocean Software)
13214Six Shooter - Hyper Sports & Mikie (1984)(Ocean Software)
13215Six Shooter - Parallax (1986)(Ocean Software)
13216Six Shooter - Wizball (1987)(Ocean Software)
13217Sixgun Shootout (1985)(SSI)
13218Sixgun Shootout v1.0 (1985)(SSI)
13219Sjoelbak-Spel (1984)(Eharbers Software)(nl)
13220Skaermtrolden Hugo (1991)(Silverrock Productions)
13221Skakanje (19xx)(-)(FI)
13222Skariten (19xx)(Balistic Software)(Side A)
13223Skariten (19xx)(Balistic Software)(Side B)
13224Skat (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
13225Skate Crazy (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side A)
13226Skate Crazy (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side B)
13227Skate Crazy (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
13228Skate Rock (1986)(Bubble Bus Software)
13229Skate Wars (1990)(Ubisoft)
13230Skate and Destroy (1988)(Bombjack)
13231Skate or Die! (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
13232Skate or Die! (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
13233Skate or Die! - Joust & Race (1987)(Electronic Arts)
13234SkateRock (1986)(Bubble Bus Software)
13235Skateball (1989)(Ubi Soft)
13236Skateboard Joust (1988)(Silverbird Software)
13237Skateboard Sam (1985)(Tronic Verlag)(de)
13238Skateboarding (1987)(KAB Software)
13239Skatebob (19xx)(-)(PD)
13240Skatewars (1990)(Ubi Soft)
13241Skatin USA (1990)(Atlantis Software)
13242Skating Champ (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
13243Skeet (1984)(Tronic Verlag)(de)
13244Skeet Shooter (19xx)(Micro Spec)
13245Skeet Shootin (1987)(Systems Editoriale)
13246Skegpool Rock (1988)(-)
13247Skel (1984)(Hitech Games Plus)
13248Skeleton (1984)(Compute!)
13249Skema (19xx)(-)
13250Ski (1983)(Commodore)
13251Ski - The Seven Devils Ski Race (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
13252Ski Adventure (1990)(Peter Diehm)(de)
13253Ski Folly (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
13254Ski Hotel (1991)(Peter Diehm & Andreas Leitner)(de)
13255Ski Jumping (1987)(Madox)(de)
13256Ski Man (1983)(Edgardo Kijel)
13257Ski Physics (1984)(Compute!)
13258Ski Run (1986)(Idea Software)
13259Ski Slalom (19xx)(Bell Soft)
13260Ski Weltcup (1984)(Ariolasoft)(de)
13261Ski or Die (1990)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
13262Ski or Die (1990)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
13263Ski-Devil (1983)(Cymbal Software)
13264Ski-Three-Dee (1983)(Trelawny Software)
13265Skidmarx! (1996)(Samar)
13266Skidz (19xx)(Oracle Developments)
13267Skier-64 (1983)(Jeff Hanson)
13268Skiing (1985)(Uki Software)
13269Skiing 64 (19xx)(-)
13270Skill Builders (19xx)(Ozisoft)
13271Skool Daze (1985)(Microsphere)
13272Skramble! (1983)(Anirog Software)
13273Skull (1984)(Games Machine)
13274Skull Island (19xx)(Softgold)
13275Skull Trap (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
13276Skull and Crossbones (1991)(Tengen)(Side A)
13277Skull and Crossbones (1991)(Tengen)(Side B)
13278Skull and Crossbones (1991)(Tengen)
13279Skull vs. You - SCBA Boxing (1998)(The Skull)
13280Skull vs. the WCBA (1995)(The Skull)
13281Skulz (1992)(Future Publishing)
13282Skulz II (19xx)(Champion Software)
13283Sky Diver (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
13284Sky Divers Danger (1986)(Dark Palace BBS)
13285Sky High Stuntman (1991)(Codemasters)
13286Sky Jet (1985)(Mastertronic)
13287Sky Pilot (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
13288Sky Runner (1986)(Cascade Games)
13289Sky Shark (1988)(Taito)
13290Sky Terror - Space Blitz (19xx)(Ocean Software)
13291Sky Travel (1983)(Commodore)
13292Sky Twice (1987)(Actionsoft)
13293Sky Warrior (19xx)(-)
13294Sky-Run (1988)(Markt & Technik)
13295Skyblast (19xx)(Your Commodore)
13296Skydemon (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
13297Skydiver (1983)(Compute!)
13298Skyfall Ace (1996)(Loadstar)
13299Skyfox (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
13300Skyfox (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
13301Skyfox (1989)(Electronic Arts)
13302Skyfox II (1987)(Electronic Arts)
13303Skyjet (19xx)(Mastertronic)
13304Skylark (1990)(CP Verlag)
13305Skyline Attack (1985)(Century Communications)
13306Skyrace (19xx)(Mio Software)
13307Skyraider (19xx)(-)
13308Skyt (1995)(Nogamas Software)
13309Slaine (1987)(Martech)
13310Slalom (19xx)(-)
13311Slalom - Slalom Gigante (1983)(Load n Run)(es)
13312Slalom Keesie (19xx)(-)
13313Slalom Run (19xx)(-)
13314Slam-Dunk (1988)(Mastertronic)
13315Slamball (1987)(Loadstar)
13316Slange 64 (19xx)(Wayne Turner)(nl)
13317Slap Fight (1987)(Imagine Software)
13318Slap Shot (1989)(Compute!)
13319Slap and Tickle (1988)(Palace Software)
13320Slapshot (1985)(Advantage)
13321Slapshot 2 - International Hockey (1985)(Superior Quality Software)
13322Slash (1989)(Markt & Technik)
13323Slaterman (1994)(Timsoft)(pl)
13324Slayer (1988)(Hewson)
13325Sled Ride (1988)(-)
13326Sleepwalker (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
13327Sleepwalker (1992)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
13328Sleepwalker (1992)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
13329Slembl (1989)(Sam-Matrix)
13330Slembl - The Revange (1989)(Sam-Matrix)
13331Sleuth (1985)(Compute!)
13332Slicker Puzzle (1983)(DK Tronics)
13333Slicks (1992)(Codemasters)
13334Slide (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
13335Slide Poker (1993)(Loadstar)
13336Slider (19xx)(A.J. Kelemen)
13337Sliders (1998)(Loadstar)
13338Sliding Block Puzzles (1988)(Loadstar)
13339Sliding Blocks (1990)(Loadstar)
13340Sliding Checkers (1987)(Loadstar)
13341Sliding Skill (1991)(Funworld Software)
13342Sliggy S.O.S. (1998)(Mirage)
13343Sliggy on Patrol (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
13344Slightly Magic (1991)(Codemasters)
13345Slimer (19xx)(Markt & Technik)
13346Slimeys Mine (1988)(Silverbird Software)
13347Slimeys Mine - Hip Hop Version (1993)(Simon Pick & Kinley-Fresh Productions)
13348Slinky (1984)(Cosmi)
13349Slinky - Molla (1984)(Cosmi)(it)
13350Slinky - Smolly (1984)(Cosmi)(es)
13351Slip of the Memory (1988)(Chris & Merls)
13352Slippery, The (1991)(-)
13353Slither (2000)(Morten Jenson)
13354Slither Duel (19xx)(Roger D. Burge)
13355Slither V (19xx)(Roger D. Burge)
13356Slot (1979)(Cursor Magazine)
13357Slot Car Racer (1985)(Leisure Genius)
13358Slot Machine (1984)(Loadstar)
13359Slot Machine C64-Luck (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
13360Slot Machine Version I (1983)(Timeworks)
13361Slot Machine Version II (1983)(Timeworks)
13362Slot Machine v.6 (1984)(Ray Vance)
13363Slotmaschine (19xx)(-)(de)
13364Slotmeister (1995)(Loadstar)
13365Slots (19xx)(-)
13366Slots Jackpot (19xx)(-)
13367Slug (1988)(Alternative Software)
13368Slugger (19xx)(Street Games)
13369Slugger, The (1986)(Mastertronic)
13370Slugs (1998)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
13371Slurpy (1984)(Creative Sparks)
13372Sly Spy - Secret Agent (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
13373Sly Spy - Secret Agent (1990)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
13374Small Numbers (19xx)(James W. Whitewood)
13375Small Town Mission (1985)(Multisoft)(de)
13376Smaller-Bigger (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
13377Smarag Var (19xx)(Madge)
13378Smash (1993)(Idea Software)
13379Smash 4K (19xx)(TND Games)(FW)
13380Smash Out (1991)(Trade Mark)
13381Smash T.V. (1991)(Ocean Software)
13382Smash the Windows (1984)(Cascade Games)
13383Smash-Ball (1993)(Markt & Technik)
13384Smashed (1987)(Alternative Software)
13385Smasher (1987)(Wicked Software)
13386Smasher II (1994)(Tec)
13387Smasheroids (1990)(Loadstar)
13388Smashout (19xx)(-)
13389Smedley (19xx)(-)
13390Smiley in Space (1988)(Asle Havelana)
13391Smileys Run (1991)(Markt & Technik)
13392Smiths Super Champs (19xx)(Torchraven)
13393Smoke It (1997)(Recycled Software)
13394Smuggler (1984)(Abbex Software)
13395Smugglers Inn (19xx)(Mountain Valley Software)
13396Smurf 2 - The Revenge (1985)(Courbois Software)
13397Smurf Rescue (1984)(Courbois Software)(en-nl)
13398Smurfen (1985)(C.A.W. Brand & M. Brand)
13399Smurfs (2001)(Padua)
13400Smurk (1984)(Loadstar)
13401Snack Man (1993)(Binary Zone)(PD)
13402Snacks 4 Snakes (2002)(Protovision)(PD)
13403Snaffle (1984)(Longman Software)
13404Snafu (1985)(Howard Feldman)(PD)
13405Snails Trails (1982)(Peter Lear)
13406Snake (1983)(MRH)
13407Snake 2K (2001)(Stefano Tognon)
13408Snake 64 (19xx)(Wayne Turner)
13409Snake Attack! (1994)(CP Verlag)
13410Snake Bite Pinball (1987)(SJF)
13411Snake Byte (1983)(Sirius Software)
13412Snake Escape! (1983)(Compute!)
13413Snake Game (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
13414Snake Mania (1991)(CP Verlag)
13415Snake Olympics (19xx)(-)
13416Snake Pit (1987)(Compute!)
13417Snake for One (1990)(CP Verlag)(de)
13418Snake or Die (1993)(CP Verlag)
13419Snake, The (1993)(Markt & Technik)
13420Snake-Pit (1982)(Postern)
13421Snakeout (1987)(Reptilia Design)
13422Snakes (19xx)(-)
13423Snakey (1993)(Compute!)
13424Snakman (1983)(Microdigital)
13425Snap Dragon (1987)(Bubblebus Software)
13426Snap Snake (1988)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
13427Snapman (1984)(Your Computer-Business Press International)
13428Snappy Craps (19xx)(Jack Lockhart)
13429Snare (1989)(Thalamus)
13430Snark (1980)(Vince Mills)
13431Snazzy Snakes (1997)(Cyber Systems)
13432Snerd (19xx)(Commodore Educational Software)
13433Snertle (1984)(Compute!)
13434Snigglerfritz (1989)(Loadstar)
13435Snipers (1983)(Granada Publishing)
13436Snipes (1985)(Melody Hall Publishing)
13437Sno Cat (1984)(Compute!)
13438Snoball in Hell (1989)(Atlantis Software)
13439Snocat (1984)(Compute!)
13440Snodges Water Caper (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
13441Snodgits (1986)(Thorn Emi)
13442Snokie (1983)(Funsoft)
13443Snooker (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
13444Snooker Management (1990)(Cult Games)
13445Snooper Troops - The Disappearing Dolphin (1983)(Spinnaker Software)
13446Snooper Troops - The Granite Point Ghost (1983)(Spinnaker Software)
13447Snoopy (1984)(Radarsoft)
13448Snorkel (1983)(Granada Publishing)
13449Snow Em Down (19xx)(Reptilia Design)
13450Snow Queen, The (1986)(Mosaic Publishing)
13451Snow Strike (1989)(Epyx)(Side A)
13452Snow Strike (1989)(Epyx)(Side B)
13453Snow Strike (1989)(Epyx)
13454Snowball (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
13455Snowball Caper 2 (2004)(TND Games)(FW)
13456Snowball Sunday (1989)(Commodore Disc)
13457Snowballs (1987)(Protocol Productions)
13458Snowboard Race (1988)(CP Verlag)
13459Snowjob (19xx)(-)
13460Snowman (1992)(CP Verlag)
13461Snowman, The (1984)(Quicksilva)
13462Snowstorm (1999)(Frank Gasking)(PD)
13463Snuff (19xx)(Joe Sweely)
13464Snuff 3 - Snakes in Space (19xx)(Joe Sweely)
13465Snurf (1983)(Manfred Katoch)
13466Soapbone (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
13467Sob! (1986)(Luigi Recarnatese)(it)
13468Soccer (1983)(Commodore)
13469Soccer 7 (1990)(Cult Games)
13470Soccer Boss (1987)(Alternative Software)
13471Soccer Challenge (1990)(Alternative Software)
13472Soccer Cup II (1993)(Cult Games)
13473Soccer Director (19xx)(GTI Software)
13474Soccer Games (1987)(Blacksoft)(de)
13475Soccer Pinball (1992)(Codemasters)
13476Soccer Questions (1989)(Cult Games)
13477Soccer Quiz (1989)(Cult Games)
13478Soccer Rivals (1991)(Cult Games)
13479Soccer Star (1986)(Cult Games)
13480Soccer Supremo (1988)(Unknown)
13481Soccermaster (1987)(Thorsten Wolki)(de)
13482Sodan Attack (1988)(Arne Fernlund)
13483Software House (19xx)(Victory Software)
13484Software Manager (1987)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
13485Software Star (1985)(Addictive Games)
13486Soho Sex Quest (1984)(Malan)
13487Soko-Ban (1987)(Spectrum Holobyte)(Side A)
13488Soko-Ban (1987)(Spectrum Holobyte)(Side B)
13489Soko-Ban (1987)(Spectrum Holobyte)
13490Solar Fox (1983)(Commodore)
13491Solar Jetman (1991)(Software Creations)(Side A)
13492Solar Jetman (1991)(Software Creations)(Side B)
13493Solar Jetman (1991)(Software Creations)
13494Solar Quest (2001)(Loadstar)
13495Solara (19xx)(-)(it)
13496Solarfox (1983)(Commodore)
13497Soldier (1984)(Melbourne House)
13498Soldier (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(Side A)
13499Soldier (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(Side B)
13500Soldier Level 2 (1987)(Rainbow Arts)
13501Soldier Level 3 (1987)(Rainbow Arts)
13502Soldier One (1986)(American Action)
13503Soldier of Fortune (1988)(Graftgold)
13504Soldier of Light (1988)(Softek)
13505Soldiers of Fortune (1988)(Firebird Software)
13506Solgor! (1986)(Alpha Software)
13507Solid Africa (19xx)(Joachim Coche)
13508Solid I (1988)(CP Verlag)
13509Solitaire (198x)(-)
13510Solitaire - Double (19xx)(William Sauve)
13511Solitaire - The Classic Version (1985)(Loadstar)
13512Solitaire 64 (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
13513Solitaire Checker Puzzle (19xx)(-)
13514Solitaire Golf (19xx)(-)
13515Solitaire! (1995)(Loadstar)
13516Solitaires Supreme (1991)(Loadstar)
13517Solitax (1992)(CP Verlag)
13518Solix (1991)(Markt & Technik)
13519Solo Flight (1984)(Microprose Software)
13520Solo Flight - 2nd Edition (1985)(Microprose Software)
13521Solo Flight - Enhanced (1984)(Microprose Software)
13522Solo Flight - Vuelo (1984)(Microprose Software)(es)
13523Solo Hangman (1984)(Interface Publications)
13524Solo Mission (1984)(Personal Computer News Magazine)
13525Solo wuerfeln (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)
13526Solomons Key (1987)(U.S. Gold)
13527Solpus (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
13528Something Green (1989)(Radion)
13529Son of Blagger (1984)(Alligata Software)
13530Sonar (19xx)(Lenguaje Maquina)(es)
13531Sonar Search (19xx)(Signal Computer Consultants)
13532Sonic Boom (1990)(Activision)
13533Sonic Boom! (1983)(NET Software)
13534Sonny the Snail (1995)(Electric Brains)
13535Sons of Liberty (1988)(SSI)(Side A)
13536Sons of Liberty (1988)(SSI)(Side B)
13537Sooper Froot (1983)(Commodore)
13538Sooty and Sweep (1989)(Alternative Software)
13539Sooty and Sweeps Fun with Numbers (1990)(Friendly Learning)
13540Sorcer Lord (1987)(Personal Software Services)
13541Sorcerer (1984)(Infocom)
13542Sorcerer Lord (1988)(Personal Software Services)
13543Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, The (1984)(Adventure International)
13544Sorcerers Apprentice, The (1983)(Phoenix Software)
13545Sorcerers Castle (19xx)(Keypunch Software)
13546Sorcerers Steps (1984)(Grisewood & Dempsey)
13547Sorcery (1984)(Virgin Games)
13548Sorry (1990)(Gametek)
13549Sort of Darts (19xx)(-)
13550Sortanos (1994)(Compute!)
13551Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
13552Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
13553Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)(Boot)
13554Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)
13555Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
13556Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
13557Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 2 of 4 Side A)
13558Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)
13559Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
13560Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 3 of 3 Side B)
13561Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 3 of 4 Side A)
13562Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)
13563Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)(Savedisk)
13564Soul Crystal (1992)(Starbyte Software)(de)
13565Souls of Darkon (1985)(Taskset)
13566Sound Man (1985)(Bits & Bytes)(it)
13567Source of Light (1988)(Christoph Cemper)
13568South Pacific Battles (19xx)(-)
13569Southern Belle (1986)(Hewson)
13570Space (1983)(Tronic Verlag)(de)
13571Space - The Ultimate Frontier (19xx)(-)
13572Space 1 (1994)(Compute!)
13573Space Academy (1989)(Elite)
13574Space Ace (1990)(CP Verlag)
13575Space Ace 2101 (1984)(Ozisoft)
13576Space Action (1983)(Handic Software)
13577Space Arena (1985)(Compute!)
13578Space Arena 2 (19xx)(Compute!)
13579Space Armada (19xx)(John Matias)
13580Space Assassin (19xx)(Electric Boys)
13581Space Attack (1986)(Alpha Software)
13582Space Balls (1998)(Luigi Pantarotto)
13583Space Battle (1984)(Interface Publications)
13584Space Battle Deluxe (2001)(More Gore Software)
13585Space Battle Deluxe v2.2 (2001)(More Gore Software)
13586Space Belt (19xx)(-)
13587Space Blockade (1983)(Manfred Katoch)
13588Space Bomber (19xx)(Keypunch Software)
13589Space Business (1987)(Input 64)(de)
13590Space Cards (1988)(T. Tenhula)
13591Space Caverns (1985)(Compute!)
13592Space Caverns 64 (1986)(RUN-CW Communications)
13593Space Challenge (19xx)(-)
13594Space Combat (19xx)(Caesar Software)
13595Space Command (1994)(Binary Zone)(PD)
13596Space Condors (1989)(RUN-IDG Communications)
13597Space Control (1988)(-)
13598Space Crap (2003)(Pappsoft)
13599Space Crap Zero (2004)(Pappsoft)
13600Space Crusade (1992)(Gremlin Graphics)(M3)(Side A)
13601Space Crusade (1992)(Gremlin Graphics)(M3)(Side B)
13602Space Crusade (1992)(Gremlin Graphics)(M3)
13603Space Demons (1999)(Tomi Malinen)(FI)
13604Space Dock (1985)(Compute!)
13605Space Dodge (19xx)(-)
13606Space Dodger (1985)(Compute!)
13607Space Doubt (1985)(CRL)
13608Space Drop (1984)(Andy Clarke)
13609Space Duel (1983)(Compute!)
13610Space Dunk (1992)(Eternal)
13611Space Enemy (1988)(Commodore Disc)(de)
13612Space Escape (1994)(Kinley-Paradox)
13613Space Fiend (1987)(Red Arrow Software)
13614Space Fiend - The Terror Begins (19xx)(Dan Dare)
13615Space Fiends (1987)(Red Hat Software)
13616Space Fight (1988)(CP Verlag)
13617Space Freeze (1983)(General Masters Corporation)
13618Space Galaxy (1987)(Wicked Software)
13619Space Gallery (1985)(Compute!)
13620Space Game (1983)(Lawrenceville Press)
13621Space Goblins (19xx)(Chris Butler)
13622Space Gold (1989)(Systems Editoriale)
13623Space Gorn (1986)(Loadstar)
13624Space Gun (1992)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
13625Space Gun (1992)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
13626Space Gun (1992)(Ocean Software)
13627Space Gunner (1983)(RTC)
13628Space Harrier (1987)(Elite)
13629Space Harrier II (1990)(Grandslam Entertainment)(Side A)
13630Space Harrier II (1990)(Grandslam Entertainment)(Side B)
13631Space Harrier II (1990)(Grandslam Entertainment)
13632Space Hero (19xx)(The Syndicate)
13633Space Hero - The Hero (1988)(CP Verlag)
13634Space Hit (1987)(Wicked Software)
13635Space Hunt (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
13636Space Hunter (1988)(Mastertronic)
13637Space Invadarz on Vacation (2001)(Richard Bayliss)(FW)
13638Space Invaders (1983)(Keypunch Software)
13639Space Invasion (1985)(Elite)
13640Space Invasion II - Joes Return (1987)(Chris Butler & Joe)
13641Space Journey (19xx)(Scott Foresman and Company)
13642Space Joust (1984)(-)(de)
13643Space Junk (1985)(Your Computer-Business Press International)
13644Space Knight (1989)(Novotrade)
13645Space Lanes (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
13646Space Mania (1991)(Art Concepts)
13647Space Mates (19xx)(Radarsoft)
13648Space Math (1988)(IntraCorp)
13649Space Mayhem (1983)(Cymbal Software)
13650Space Maze (1987)(Wicked Software)
13651Space Mission (1984)(Data Becker)(de)
13652Space Odyssey (1986)(Tronic)
13653Space Opera (1988)(D. Ice)
13654Space Patrol (1984)(Compute!)
13655Space Pilot (1984)(Kingsoft)
13656Space Pilot 2 (1985)(Kingsoft)
13657Space Pirates (1993)(Markt & Technik)
13658Space Pod 119 (19xx)(-)
13659Space Pods - Save Earth from Nasty Invaders (19xx)(Max Feil)
13660Space Pope (19xx)(Dov Sherman)
13661Space Quiz (1993)(CP Verlag)(de)
13662Space Race (19xx)(-)
13663Space Racer (19xx)(Loriciels)
13664Space Ranger (1984)(Virgin)
13665Space Relief (1986)(Backroom Software)
13666Space Rendez Vous (1984)(Radarsoft)
13667Space Rescue (1986)(Alpha Software)
13668Space Ric-o-shay (1983)(M. Computer)
13669Space Rider (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
13670Space Rogue (1989)(Origin Systems)(Side A)
13671Space Rogue (1989)(Origin Systems)(Side B)
13672Space Search (1984)(Cascade Games)
13673Space Sentinel (1983)(T&F Software)
13674Space Ship (1984)(Cascade Games)
13675Space Shooter (19xx)(-)
13676Space Shootout (19xx)(-)
13677Space Shuttle (1984)(Virgin Books)
13678Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space (1984)(Activision)
13679Space Spy (1988)(Darwin Allan Johnson)
13680Space Station Oblivion (1988)(Epyx)
13681Space Stations (19xx)(-)
13682Space Storm (1983)(Courbois Software)(nl)
13683Space Talisman (1985)(Shaun Southern)
13684Space Taxi (1984)(Muse Software)
13685Space Thief (1983)(Compute!)
13686Space Towers (1992)(CP Verlag)
13687Space Trader 64 (1983)(Doug Caruthers)
13688Space Trading (1984)(Vril)(de)
13689Space Train (1983)(Centaur Engineering Systems)
13690Space Trap (19xx)(Handic Software)
13691Space Trek (1993)(Compute!)
13692Space Trooper (19xx)(Alternative Software)
13693Space Tunnel (19xx)(Andromeda Software)
13694Space Vegetable Corps, The (1991)(Microvalue)
13695Space Walk (1985)(Mastertronic)
13696Space War (1987)(Wicked Software)
13697Space Warrior (1988)(CP Verlag)
13698Space Warriors (1987)(DCR Software)
13699Space Wars (19xx)(Robert Kovacic & Richard Mellor)
13700Space Worms (1989)(Compute!)
13701Space Wump (19xx)(-)
13702Space Zap (19xx)(-)
13703Space, The Ultimate Frontier (19xx)(-)
13704Space-Pilot (1984)(Kingsoft)
13705Space-Pilot II (1985)(Kingsoft)
13706Space-Raupe (19xx)(Henrich Burg)(de)
13707Space-Taxi (1986)(Tronic)(de)
13708Space512 (2001)(Per Olofsson)
13709Spaceball (1988)(Rainbow Arts)
13710Spaceball II, The (1991)(Markt & Technik)
13711Spaceballs (1988)(Bombjack)
13712Spaceballs II (1988)(Bombjack)
13713Spacebase (2000)(Loadstar)
13714Spacebike Simulator (1995)(Impressions)
13715Spacebomb (1987)(Wicked Software)
13716Spaced Out (19xx)(-)
13717Spacefighter (1990)(CP Verlag)(de)
13718Spaceship Duel (2000)(Loadstar)
13719Spaceturd (1983)(John P. Shay)
13720Spaceworm (1994)(Loadstar)
13721Spacey Vaders (19xx)(Ubik & Someone)
13722Spacezoom (19xx)(Mark D. Rejhon)
13723Spades (1983)(Commodore Educational Software)
13724Spagetti II (19xx)(Kaputtniksoftware)(de)
13725Spaghetti Western Simulator (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
13726Spakman (19xx)(Great Oeoe)
13727Spanish Treasure, The (1993)(Logyk Software)
13728Spare Change (1983)(Broderbund)
13729Sparkk (1988)(Torsten Rasussen)
13730Spartacus (19xx)(Uwe Resas)
13731Spartacus - The Swordslayer (1988)(Players Software)
13732Spasout (19xx)(Andrew Green)(FI)
13733Spatial Billiard (1983)(Commodore)
13734Spaze Duell (19xx)(Level 99 Software Development)
13735Spazio 2000 (19xx)(-)(it)
13736Special Agent (1986)(Danish Designs)
13737Special Cars (19xx)(-)(it)
13738Special Delivery (1984)(Creative Sparks)
13739Special Operations (1984)(Lothlorien)
13740Special Toddler (1989)(Gavin Raeburn & Loreal)
13741Spectipede (1984)(Mastertronic)
13742Spectral Sneer (19xx)(-)
13743Spectrum (1984)(Loadstar)
13744Speed (1988)(Loadstar)
13745Speed - Bingo Math (1982)(Commodore)
13746Speed Ball (1987)(Star Design)
13747Speed Boat (19xx)(Peter Lear & Steven Holiday)
13748Speed Boat Race (1986)(Commodore Magazine)
13749Speed Buggy (1987)(Data East)
13750Speed Demon (1994)(Binary Zone)(PD)
13751Speed Duel (1984)(DK Tronics)
13752Speed King (1986)(Mastertronic)
13753Speed Math v.01 (1982)(Commodore)
13754Speed Racer (1991)(Bob Stoner)
13755Speed Racer II (1991)(Bob Stoner)
13756Speed Reader (1985)(Green Valley Publishing)
13757Speed Rumbler, The (1987)(Capcom)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
13758Speed Rumbler, The (1987)(Capcom)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
13759Speed Rumbler, The (1987)(Capcom)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
13760Speed Rumbler, The (1987)(Capcom)(Side A)
13761Speed Rumbler, The (1987)(Capcom)(Side B)
13762Speed Runner (19xx)(Future Publishing)
13763Speed Zone (1988)(Pal Developments)
13764Speed Zone II (1991)(Pal Developments)
13765Speed-Read (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
13766Speed-o-Cycles (1983)(Ovosoft)
13767Speedball (1989)(Bitmap Brothers)
13768Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe (1991)(Bitmap Brothers)
13769Speedboat Race (1985)(Red Arrow)
13770Speedway (1984)(Mastertronic)
13771Speedway Hero (1989)(CP Verlag)(de)
13772Speedy Delivery (1990)(Loadstar)
13773Speedy Slug (1995)(CP Verlag)
13774Spekulator, Der (1987)(Input 64)(de)
13775Spelenverzameling (19xx)(-)(nl)
13776Spell It! (1984)(Davidson & Associates)(Side A)
13777Spell It! (1984)(Davidson & Associates)(Side B)
13778Spell Maze (1994)(Compute!)
13779Spell of Destruction (1986)(Mindscape)
13780Spellbound (1986)(Mastertronic)
13781Spellbreaker (1985)(Infocom)
13782Spelldiver (1984)(Scholastic)
13783Speller (1988)(Loadstar)
13784Speller 96 (1996)(Loadstar)
13785Spellfire the Sorcerer (1990)(Codemasters)
13786Spelling (1987)(RUN-CW Communications)
13787Spelling Bee (1984)(Compute!)
13788Spelling Challenge (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
13789Spelling Critter (1984)(Compute!)
13790Spelling Demons (1990)(Loadstar)
13791Spelling Drill #006 (1984)(Loadstar)
13792Spelling Drill #007 (1984)(Loadstar)
13793Spelling Drill #008 (1985)(Loadstar)
13794Spelling Drill #010 (1985)(Loadstar)
13795Spelling Invader (1983)(Pyramid Software)
13796Spelling Practice (1987)(RUN-CW Communications)
13797Spelloon (1983)(Gnomix Software)
13798Spellseeker (1987)(Bug-Byte Software)
13799Spelunker (1984)(Broderbund)
13800Spend Your Allowance (1984)(Compute!)
13801Speranza (1994)(CP Verlag)
13802Spermer (19xx)(Robert Grey, 2000 AD & Zargon)
13803Spesa Pazza! (1985)(Edicola)(it)
13804Sphere (1992)(Shaun Southern)(it)
13805Spherebrain (1995)(Magna Media)
13806Spherical (1989)(Rainbow Arts)(Side A)
13807Spherical (1989)(Rainbow Arts)(Side B)
13808Spherical (1989)(Rainbow Arts)
13809Spheroid (1989)(Loadstar)
13810Spheroids (1990)(Compute!)
13811Spheron (1992)(Markt & Technik)
13812Sphinx (19xx)(-)
13813Sphinx Jinx (19xx)(-)
13814Spider (1987)(Input 64)
13815Spider And The Fly (1984)(Interceptor Software)
13816Spider Eater (19xx)(Koalaware)
13817Spider Hunt (1986)(Karlheinz Herpel)(de)
13818Spider Mountain Adventure (19xx)(Rider Fantasy Creations)
13819Spider Trap (1986)(PowerPlay Magazine)
13820Spider Web (1983)(Alpha Software)
13821Spider and the Fly (1984)(Interceptor Micros)
13822Spiderbot (1987)(Addictive Games)
13823Spiderette (1998)(Loadstar)
13824Spiderman (1984)(Questprobe)
13825Spiders (1984)(Compute!)
13826Spiedie (1984)(Markt & Technik)(de)
13827Spiel des Lebens (19xx)(-)(de)
13828Spike (1983)(Compute!)
13829Spike! (1997)(Keith Killilia)
13830Spikes Peak (1984)(HesWare)
13831Spikey in Transylvania (1991)(Codemasters)
13832Spiky Harold (1986)(Firebird)
13833Spin That Wheel (1986)(Becky Sue Parton)
13834Spinal Tap (1991)(-)
13835Spindizzy (1986)(Electric Dreams)
13836Spion III - Die Jagd nach der Bombe (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
13837Spiral Slide (1998)(Loadstar)
13838Spiralon (1988)(Markt & Technik)
13839Spirates (1983)(Commodore)
13840Spirit Answer (19xx)(-)
13841Spirit Tapper (1999)(Adam Hay)
13842Spirit of Adventure (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
13843Spirit of Adventure (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
13844Spirit of Adventure (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
13845Spirit of Adventure (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
13846Spirit of Adventure (1992)(Starbyte Software)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
13847Spirit of Ben Hur (1998)(Loadstar)
13848Spirit of the Stones (1985)(Commodore)
13849Spitball (1983)(Creative Software)
13850Spite & Malice (1986)(Cosmi)
13851Spitfire (1989)(Elite)
13852Spitfire 40 (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
13853Spitfire 40 - Fast (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
13854Spitfire 40 - Slow (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
13855Spitfire Ace (1985)(Microprose Software)
13856Spittin Image (19xx)(Puma Rock)
13857Spitting Image, The (1988)(Domark)(Side A)
13858Spitting Image, The (1988)(Domark)(Side B)
13859Spitting Image, The (1988)(Domark)
13860Splash! (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
13861Splast (1993)(Compute!)
13862Splat! (1991)(Loadstar)
13863Splatn Shout (19xx)(SYS PD)(sv)(PD)
13864Splidges Snowball Caper (2001)(TND Games)(FW)
13865Split Personalities (1986)(Domark)
13866Split the Cards (19xx)(-)
13867Splitter (1993)(Avalon)
13868Spoken Jager (19xx)(Dennis Merbach)(nl)
13869Spook - The Game (1995)(CP Verlag)
13870Spooked (1989)(Players Premier)
13871Spooks! (1985)(Mastertronic)
13872Spookslot (19xx)(K. Backx)(nl)
13873Spooky Castle (1990)(Atlantis Software)
13874Spooky House Adventure (1983)(Pyramid Software)
13875Spore (1988)(Mastertronic)
13876Sport of Kings (1986)(Mastertronic)
13877Sporting Chance, A (1992)(Loadstar)
13878Sporting News Baseball (1988)(Epyx)
13879Sporting News Baseball, The (1988)(Epyx)
13880Sporting Triangles (1989)(Commercial Data Systems)(Side A)
13881Sporting Triangles (1989)(Commercial Data Systems)(Side B)
13882Sports Edition (19xx)(Defiance)
13883Sports-4 (1986)(Anco Software)
13884Sports-a-Roni (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
13885Sports-a-Roni (1988)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
13886Sportsman (1984)(Markt & Technik)(de)
13887Spot (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)
13888Spot 3001 - Stavros (1988)(Mat-MDA Empire)
13889Spot Shot (1987)(Commodore Magazine)
13890Spot the Difference (19xx)(-)
13891Spotlight (19xx)(-)
13892Spots (1994)(Compute!)
13893Spray-Cam (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
13894Sprengmeister (1983)(Software CBM 64)(de)
13895Spring (19xx)(Madox Inc.)(de)
13896Spring Break (19xx)(Bloodsong)
13897Spring Vogel (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
13898Springer (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
13899Springer II (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
13900Springreiten (1989)(CP Verlag)(de)
13901Sprint Race (1989)(Commodore Disc)
13902Sprinter (1984)(Clubosoft)(nl)
13903Sprite Darts (1985)(Doubleday Australia)
13904Sprite Logic (1997)(Loadstar)
13905Spriteman 64 (1984)(Interceptor Micros)
13906Spuernasen, Die - Der Geist von Granitkap (1983)(Spinnaker Software)(de)
13907Spuk (1984)(Data Becker)
13908Spukhaus (1983)(Martin Vitek, Andre Fachat & Chris Mills)(de)
13909Spukschloss, Das (19xx)(QuelleSoft)(de)
13910Sputnik (19xx)(Harald Lindenmeyer)(de)
13911Spy (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
13912Spy Defense (1988)(Compute!)
13913Spy Hunter (1983)(U.S. Gold)
13914Spy Hunter II (19xx)(-)
13915Spy School (1984)(Dimension 21)
13916Spy Strikes Back!, The (1983)(Penguin Software)
13917Spy Training (1984)(Melbourne House)
13918Spy Trek (19xx)(Incentive Software)
13919Spy Who Loved Me, The (1990)(Domark)
13920Spy vs Spy (1984)(First Star Software)
13921Spy vs Spy 1 (1984)(First Star)
13922Spy vs Spy 2 - The Island Caper (1985)(First Star Software)(Side A)
13923Spy vs Spy 2 - The Island Caper (1985)(First Star Software)(Side B)
13924Spy vs Spy 2 - The Island Caper (1985)(First Star Software)
13925Spy vs Spy 3 - Arctic Antics (1986)(First Star Software)
13926Spy vs Spy Collection (1984)(First Star Software)
13927Spy vs Spy Trilogy (1988)(First Star Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
13928Spy vs Spy Trilogy (1988)(First Star Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
13929Spy vs Spy Trilogy (1988)(First Star Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
13930Spys Demise (1983)(Penguin Software)
13931Sqij! (1986)(The Power House)
13932Square (19xx)(Joerg Dierks & Martina Foerster)(it)
13933Square Out (1991)(Markt & Technik)
13934Square Pairs (1985)(Scholastic)
13935Square Scape (1995)(Commodore Format)
13936Square Scape 2 (1995)(Future Publishing)
13937Square Sphere (1985)(-)
13938Square Supremacy (1991)(Michael Gruber)
13939Square-Scape (1994)(M&P Software)
13940Squares (1985)(Compute!)
13941Squash (19xx)(Gregg Barnett)
13942Squeak! (1993)(The Guild Adventure Software)
13943Squeeze (1987)(Compute!)
13944Squibblies (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
13945Squibblies II (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
13946Squibbly Skwob (19xx)(Paul Cardno)
13947Squibbly Sqwabs Big Day Out (1993)(Future Publishing)
13948Squing (1986)(Mania-Soft)
13949Squirk (2000)(Loadstar)
13950Squirm (1984)(Mastertronic)
13951Squish (1997)(Binary Zone)(PD)
13952Squish - The Legend if the Lost Alien (2001)(Robin Evans)
13953Squish em (1983)(Sirius Software)
13954Squisher & Squasher (1984)(Interface Publications)
13955Squishy - The Game (1988)(Hawk + Snork Development Company)
13956St. Andrews Adventure (1983)(Edward Carroll)
13957St. Jives (1990)(Atlas Adventure Software)
13958St. Moritz (1984)(Interface Publications)
13959Staatenkampf (19xx)(-)
13960Stack (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
13961Stack 64 Simon (1983)(Stack)
13962Stack Concentration (1983)(Stack)
13963Stack Em Up (19xx)(-)
13964Stack Up (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
13965Stack em (1991)(Loadstar)
13966Stadhouder van Flipflopland (19xx)(-)(nl)
13967Stadt (19xx)(Data Media)(de)
13968Staff of Karnath, The (1985)(Ultimate)
13969Staff of Law, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
13970Staff of Power, The (19xx)(Adventure Workshop)
13971Stagger (1991)(Markt & Technik)
13972Stainless Steel Rat (19xx)(-)
13973Stairways (1985)(Thor Computer Software)
13974Stalag I (1984)(Rabbit Software)
13975Stamp Challenge (1997)(Loadstar)
13976Standing Stones, The (1984)(Electronic Arts)
13977Star Baddle (1985)(Tronic)(de)
13978Star Ball (19xx)(-)
13979Star Battle (1983)(Timeworks)
13980Star Blazers (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
13981Star Brain (1994)(Markt & Technik)
13982Star Command (19xx)(-)
13983Star Commando (1984)(Terminal Software)
13984Star Control (1991)(Accolade)
13985Star Crash (1984)(Supersoft)
13986Star Cribbage (1994)(Loadstar)
13987Star Dragon (1986)(Compute!)
13988Star Duel (19xx)(Bell Soft)
13989Star Dust (19xx)(-)
13990Star Eggs (1984)(Markt & Technik)
13991Star Empire (1988)(First Row Software)
13992Star Fighter (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
13993Star Fire (1983)(Epyx)
13994Star Fleet I - The War Begins! (1986)(Interstel)
13995Star Force (1986)(-)
13996Star Force II - Revenge Wars (1989)(CIA)
13997Star Fortress (1985)(The Gold Disk)
13998Star Frontier (1990)(Seth Hopkinson)
13999Star Goal (1989)(Petri Hassinen)
14000Star Jump (1991)(Loadstar)
14001Star Klondike (1995)(Loadstar)
14002Star League Baseball (1983)(Gamestar)
14003Star Masters (1991)(Loadstar)
14004Star Maze (1983)(Sir-Tech)
14005Star Merchant (1996)(LK Avalon)
14006Star Mission (1988)(MCG)
14007Star Mistresses from Hollywood (1992)(Loadstar)
14008Star Moon (1989)(Settimana Games-Edigamma)(it)
14009Star Paws (1987)(Software Projects)
14010Star Pilot (1983)(Courbois Software)(nl)
14011Star Pinochle (1996)(Loadstar)
14012Star Post (1983)(Commodore)
14013Star Race (1995)(Loadstar)
14014Star Raiders 2 (1987)(Electric Dreams)
14015Star Ranger (1983)(Commodore)
14016Star Rank Boxing (1985)(Gamestar)(M3)
14017Star Rank Boxing II (1987)(Gamestar)
14018Star Ray (19xx)(Psycodelic)
14019Star Rider 2 (19xx)(-)
14020Star Run (1986)(Chain)
14021Star Search (1995)(Loadstar)
14022Star Ship Entry (1987)(Wicked Software)
14023Star Slayer (1988)(Unicon Designs)
14024Star Slots (1995)(Loadstar)
14025Star Soldier (1987)(Bug-Byte Software)
14026Star Stacker (1995)(Loadstar)
14027Star Strike (1990)(Compute!)
14028Star Sweeper (1995)(Loadstar)
14029Star Tracker (1983)(Alpha Software)
14030Star Trader (19xx)(Horst Knop)(de)
14031Star Tramp (1983)(Juergen Eggloff)(de)
14032Star Trash (1989)(Rainbow Arts)
14033Star Treck (19xx)(Volker W.)(de)
14034Star Trek (1983)(Sega)
14035Star Trek - Flucht Ins Paradies (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
14036Star Trek - Guerra Galactica (1983)(Sega)(es)
14037Star Trek - Rebel Universe (1988)(Simon & Schuster)
14038Star Trek - Starship Commander (19xx)(-)
14039Star Trek - The Adventure (19xx)(Detlef Ackermann)
14040Star Trek - The Computer Game (1985)(Green Valley Publishing)
14041Star Trek - The Klingon Attack (1998)(-)
14042Star Trek - The Kobyashi Alternative (1985)(Simon & Schuster)(Side A)
14043Star Trek - The Kobyashi Alternative (1985)(Simon & Schuster)(Side B)
14044Star Trek - The Promethean Prophecy (1986)(Simon & Schuster)(Side A)
14045Star Trek - The Promethean Prophecy (1986)(Simon & Schuster)(Side B)
14046Star Trek - The Rebel Universe (1989)(Firebird Software)
14047Star Trek - The Romulan Attack (1990)(-)
14048Star Trek 64 (19xx)(-)
14049Star Trek IV (1983)(Frank Chambers)
14050Star Trek Pinball (19xx)(-)
14051Star Trooper (1984)(Melbourne House)
14052Star Trooper - Astroman (1984)(Melbourne House)(es)
14053Star Video Poker (1996)(Loadstar)
14054Star Wars (1983)(Atari)
14055Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back, The (1988)(Domark)
14056Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (1988)(Domark)
14057Star Wars - The Arcade Game (19xx)(Parker Brothers)
14058Star Wars - The Battle of Yavin (2003)(The New Dimension)(PD)
14059Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (198x)(Domark)
14060Star Wars 64 (1984)(James . Pring)
14061Star Wars Adventure (19xx)(Steven C. Darnold)
14062Star Wars Droids - The Adventures Of R2D2 And C3PO (1988)(Mastertronic)
14063Star-Command (19xx)(Goran Sundin)
14064Star-G8 (1990)(Outlaw - Emix Software)
14065Star-Lifter (1987)(Virgin Games)
14066Star-Wreck (1987)(Alternative Software)
14067StarQuest (1988)(Loadstar)
14068Starace (1987)(Denton Designs)
14069Starade (19xx)(Dan Dare)
14070Starball (19xx)(J.J.Jr.)
14071Starbase 2000 (1984)(Interface Publications)
14072Starbase Defense (1983)(Anirog Software)
14073Starbase Four-One-Nine (1995)(Loadstar)
14074Starbrain (19xx)(Markt & Technik)
14075Starburst (1988)(Commodore Disc)
14076Starbyte Supersoccer (1990)(Starbyte Software)(de)
14077Starchild, The (1988)(Grant Thomson)
14078Starcom (1992)(Ghost)
14079Starcross (1982)(Infocom)
14080Starcrossed (1993)(Loadstar)
14081Starcrossed II (2000)(Loadstar)
14082Stardust (19xx)(Fire Eagle)(de)
14083Starfighter (1987)(Wicked Software)
14084Starfighter I (19xx)(Commodore)
14085Starfire (1983)(Epyx)
14086Starflight (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 3 Side A)
14087Starflight (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 3 Side B)
14088Starflight (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 3 Side A)
14089Starflight (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 3 Side B)
14090Starflight (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 3 of 3 Side A)
14091Starflight (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
14092Starflight (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
14093Starflight - A Cosmic Adventure (1993)(The Guild Adventure Software)
14094Starforce (1991)(CP Verlag)
14095Starforce Fighter (1987)(Mastertronic)
14096Starforce Nova (1987)(Mastertronic)
14097Starfox (1987)(Ariolasoft)
14098Stargate (1985)(Atari)
14099Stargazer! (1984)(Compute!)
14100Starglider (1986)(Rainbird Software)
14101Stargunner (1983)(Mesec Corp.)
14102Starhopper (1990)(Multisoft)(de)
14103Starion (1986)(Melbourne House)
14104Starius (19xx)(Trygve Gundersen)
14105Starlab (1988)(MCGT-Software)
14106Starlifter (1987)(Mastertronic)
14107Starlight Zone, The (1987)(Wicked Software)
14108Starpawns (19xx)(Joe Santulli)
14109Starpost (1983)(Commodore)
14110Starquake (1984)(Bubble Bus Software)
14111Starrace (1984)(Mastertronic)
14112Starray (1989)(Logotron)
14113Stars (1987)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
14114Stars and Rings (1993)(Eagleware International)
14115Stars and Rings II (1994)(Eagleware International)
14116Stars and Rings III (1995)(Eagleware International)
14117Stars, The (19xx)(-)
14118Starsetter v1.0 (1991)(CP Verlag)(de)
14119Starship Andromeda (1986)(Ariolasoft)(Side A)
14120Starship Andromeda (1986)(Ariolasoft)(Side B)
14121Starship Command (19xx)(Custom Computer Service)
14122Starship D (1994)(Loadstar)
14123Starship Invasion (1996)(Loadstar)
14124Starway (19xx)(Editoriale Video)(it)
14125State Guessing Game (1984)(Loadstar)
14126State of the Union (1984)(Compute!)
14127States & Capitals Tutor (1983)(Compute!)
14128States (1979)(Cursor Magazine)
14129States Demons (1994)(Loadstar)
14130States Seminar (1991)(Loadstar)
14131States and Traits (1984)(Designware)
14132States of the Union (1985)(PowerPlay Magazine)
14133States, Capitals and Cities (1985)(Tab Books)
14134Statesman (19xx)(-)
14135Station Wagon Blues (19xx)(-)
14136Stationfall (1987)(Infocom)
14137Stealth (1984)(Broderbund)
14138Stealth 4 (2000)(TND Games)(FW)
14139Stealth Bomber (1991)(Loadstar)
14140Stealth Mission (1987)(Sublogic)
14141Steel (1989)(Hewson)
14142Steel Barrier (1988)(SSI)
14143Steel Eagle (1990)(Players Premier)
14144Steel Heros (1994)(CP Verlag)
14145Steel Slab (1986)(Markt & Technik)
14146Steel Thunder (1989)(Accolade)
14147Steen der Wijzen, De (1984)(Radarsoft)(nl)
14148Steeple Chase (1987)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
14149Steg the Slug (1992)(Codemasters)
14150Steigar (1989)(Screen 7)
14151Steigenberger Hotelmanager (1991)(Bomico)(de)
14152Stein der Weisen, Der (1987)(Kingsoft)(de)
14153Steinder (19xx)(-)
14154Steinfresser (1984)(Dieter Lorenz & J. Salzmann)(de)
14155Steinschlag (1985)(Sonnenverlag)(de)
14156Stellar 7 (1984)(Penguin Software)
14157Stellar Dodger (1983)(Terminal Software)
14158Stellar Patrol (19xx)(-)
14159Stellar Strike (19xx)(-)
14160Stellar Triumph (1983)(H.A.L. Labs)
14161Stellar Wars (1983)(Kevin A. Moughtin)
14162Stellungskrieg (1983)(Hauk & Malzan)(de)
14163Step by Step (1991)(Markt & Technik)
14164Step on It (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
14165Step on Step (1984)(ABC Soft)
14166Stepping Stones (1984)(Melbourne House)
14167Sterne jagen (1983)(R. Mudrak)(de)
14168Sterne wie Staub (1988)(CP Verlag)(de)
14169Sternjaeger (19xx)(-)
14170Sternjaeger 64 (1983)(Markt & Technik)(de)
14171Sterntaler (1991)(Markt & Technik)
14172Steve Cartwrights Megamania (1985)(Activision)
14173Steve Crossland - Sub Commander (19xx)(Westec Software)
14174Steve Davis Snooker (1985)(CDS Microsystems)
14175Stifflip & Co. (1987)(Palace Software)(Side A)
14176Stifflip & Co. (1987)(Palace Software)(Side B)
14177Stifflip & Co. (1987)(Palace Software)
14178Sting 64 (1983)(Quicksilva)
14179Stinger! (1985)(Cygnus)
14180Stir Crazy feat. BoBo (19xx)(Infogrames)
14181Stir Crazy featuring BoBo (1988)(Infogrames)
14182Stix (19xx)(-)
14183Stock Car (19xx)(Micro Power)
14184Stock Exchange (1983)(Interface Publications)
14185Stock Market (1985)(Tab Books)
14186Stock Market 64 (1992)(Compute!)
14187Stock Market Game (1985)(Leonard C. Zitnik & David Bradley)
14188Stock Take (1984)(Interface Publications)
14189Stockade (19xx)(WordLight)
14190Stockbroker (19xx)(-)
14191Stocker (1988)(Capcom)
14192Stockmarket (19xx)(Brian Lee)
14193Stockmarket 64 (1992)(RUN-IDG Communications)
14194Stockn Bonds (1988)(MaBo-Soft)(de)
14195Stocks (19xx)(-)
14196Stocks and Bonds (1983)(Avalon Hill)
14197Stone Age (1992)(Eclipse)
14198Stone Edge (1991)(Markt & Technik)
14199Stone Jumper (19xx)(-)(de)
14200Stone Rescue 1 (1985)(Markt & Technik)
14201Stone Table, The (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
14202Stone of Telnyr, The - Part 1+3 (19xx)(-)
14203Stonefall (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
14204Stonegun Ranger (1988)(Bombjack)
14205Stones (1993)(Markt & Technik)
14206Stoneville Manor (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
14207Stonophobe (19xx)(Peter Kusters)
14208Stop (1984)(Osbourne-McGraw Hill)
14209Stop It (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
14210Stop That Bomb! (1993)(Loadstar)
14211Stop the Clock (19xx)(-)
14212Stop the Express (1984)(Commodore)
14213Stoplight Roulette (19xx)(Jack Lockhart)
14214Stoppt den Calippo Fresser (1992)(Comad)
14215Storehouse (1995)(Loadstar)
14216Storm (1986)(Mastertronic)
14217Storm Across Europe v1.0 (1989)(SSI)
14218Storm Across Europe v1.2 (1989)(SSI)
14219Storm I (1992)(Champion Software)
14220Storm II (1992)(Champion Software)
14221Storm Warrior (1984)(K-Tel)
14222Storm Wave (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
14223Storm-Tamer - The Numehra Saga (1990)(Loadstar)
14224Stormbringer (1987)(Mastertronic)
14225Stormlord (1989)(Hewson)
14226Stormtrooper (1988)(CP Verlag)
14227Story (19xx)(Infocom)(Side A)
14228Story (19xx)(Infocom)(Side B)
14229Story House (1984)(Creative Sparks)
14230Story Machine (1983)(Spinnaker Software)
14231Stowaway (1991)(Mario Moeller)
14232StraMax (1987)(Input 64)(de)
14233Strada di Fuoco (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
14234Stradenk (1990)(Commodore Disc)(de)
14235Stranded (1984)(English Software)
14236Strange Odyssey (1983)(Commodore)
14237Strangeloop (1985)(Virgin Games)
14238Strassen der Stadt (1984)(Dumont)(de)
14239Strassenrennen (19xx)(Gunter Fassl)(de)
14240Strat-o-Fighter I-II-III (19xx)(The Skull)
14241Stratagem (19xx)(-)
14242Stratahex (1991)(Oyvind Vevang)
14243Strategix - Napoleonic Wars (1983)(Century Communications)
14244Stratego (1991)(Accolade)
14245Strategy (1992)(Loadstar)
14246Stratton (1987)(CRL)
14247Streaker (19xx)(-)
14248Street Beat (1987)(Mastertronic)
14249Street Cat (1988)(Epyx)
14250Street Cred Boxing (1989)(Players Premier)
14251Street Cred Football (1989)(Players Software)
14252Street Fighter - EU Version (1988)(Go!)
14253Street Fighter - US Version (1988)(Capcom)
14254Street Fighter II (1992)(U.S. Gold)
14255Street Gang (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(Side A)
14256Street Gang (1987)(Rainbow Arts)(Side B)
14257Street Gang (1987)(Rainbow Arts)
14258Street Hassle (1987)(Melbourne House)
14259Street Hawk (1986)(Ocean Software)
14260Street Life (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
14261Street Machine (1993)(CP Verlag)(de)
14262Street Rod (1989)(California Dreams)(Side A)
14263Street Rod (1989)(California Dreams)(Side B)
14264Street Skate (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
14265Street Slaughter (1993)(Binary Zone)(PD)
14266Street Sports Baseball (1987)(Epyx)
14267Street Sports Basketball (1987)(Epyx)
14268Street Sports Football (1988)(Epyx)(Side A)
14269Street Sports Football (1988)(Epyx)(Side B)
14270Street Sports Football (1988)(Epyx)
14271Street Sports Soccer (1988)(Epyx)
14272Street Surfer (1986)(Mastertronic)
14273Street Warrior (1988)(Daisysoft)
14274Street Warriors (1989)(Silverbird Software)
14275Street of Danger (19xx)(S+S Soft)(de)
14276Streets of London, The (19xx)(Supersoft)
14277Streichholzspiel (19xx)(-)(de)
14278Stress II (1993)(Daniel Himmel)(de)
14279Stretch (1990)(Loadstar)
14280Stretch II (1992)(Loadstar)
14281Strider (1990)(U.S. Gold)
14282Strider II (1990)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
14283Strider II (1990)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
14284Strider II (1990)(U.S. Gold)
14285Strike (1987)(Mastertronic)
14286Strike Aces (1990)(Accolade)
14287Strike Fleet (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
14288Strike Fleet (1987)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
14289Strike Force (1984)(Bubble Bus Software)
14290Strike Force Cobra (1986)(Macmillan Software)
14291Strike Force Harrier (1986)(Mirrorsoft)
14292Strike Team (1995)(Binary Zone)(PD)
14293Strike Team II (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
14294Strike! (1987)(Mastertronic)
14295Striker (1990)(Cult Games)
14296Striker in the Crypt of Trogan (1992)(Codemasters)
14297Stringer (1985)(Addictive Games)
14298Strip Darts (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
14299Strip Jack (19xx)(-)(it)
14300Strip Poker (1982)(U.S. Gold)(Side A)
14301Strip Poker (1982)(U.S. Gold)(Side B)
14302Strip Poker (1984)(Artworx Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
14303Strip Poker (1984)(Artworx Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
14304Strip Poker (1984)(Artworx Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
14305Strip Poker (1984)(Artworx Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
14306Strip Poker (19xx)(-)(it)
14307Strip Poker - Maria Whittaker (19xx)(Sheldon Leemon & Glen Carbone)
14308Strip Poker - Sam & Donna (19xx)(Sheldon Leemon & Glen Carbone)
14309Strip Poker Data Disk 2 (19xx)(Artworx Software)
14310Strip Poker II (1985)(Data Stream)
14311Strip Tavla (1988)(Ufo Software)
14312Stripe! (1986)(John P. Shay)
14313Stripes (1997)(Loadstar)
14314Strobuster (19xx)(Federico Canetta)
14315Stroke World (1997)(Protovision)(en-de)(PD)
14316Stroker (1983)(Magic Carpet Software)
14317Stronghold (1991)(Compute!)
14318Stronghold of the Dwarven Lords (19xx)(-)
14319Strontium Dog and the Death Gauntlet (1984)(Quicksilva)
14320Strooker II (1987)(RVG)(nl)
14321Stroop Effect, The (1992)(Loadstar)
14322Stuck Fight (1987)(Kinky Designs)
14323Stuck in Space (19xx)(-)
14324Stud Poker (19xx)(-)
14325Studenten Poker (19xx)(-)(de)
14326Studs Challenge (1987)(Alva Data)
14327Stuffy (1990)(CP Verlag)
14328Stump (1991)(CP Verlag)(de)
14329Stunt Bike (1984)(Ocean Software)
14330Stunt Bike Simulator (1988)(Silverbird Software)
14331Stunt Car Racer (1989)(Microstyle)
14332Stunt Cycle (1988)(RUN-IDG Communications)
14333Stunt Flyer (1984)(Sierra Online)
14334Stunt Man (1984)(Melbourne House)
14335Stunt Rider (19xx)(Grover Knighten)
14336Stuntman (1983)(Alpha Software)
14337Stuntman Seymour (1992)(Codemasters)
14338Sturgrat - Mission I (1988)(Loadstar)
14339Stygian Tombs (19xx)(Michael K. Bonnycastle)
14340Su Sweet (1991)(CP Verlag)
14341Sub Attack (1987)(Compute!)
14342Sub Attack II (1992)(Compute!)
14343Sub Battle Simulator (1987)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
14344Sub Battle Simulator (1987)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
14345Sub Battle Simulator (1987)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
14346Sub Battle Simulator (1987)(Epyx)(Side A)
14347Sub Battle Simulator (1987)(Epyx)(Side B)
14348Sub Battle Simulator (1987)(Epyx)
14349Sub Burner (1991)(Commodore Format)
14350Sub Hunt (1984)(Mastertronic)
14351Sub Hunt 64 (1984)(Mastertronic)
14352Sub Hunter (1986)(Alpha Software)
14353Sub Shot (19xx)(Todd Kepus)
14354SubLogic Football (1986)(Sublogic)
14355Subbuteo (19xx)(-)
14356Subes Obst (19xx)(Dave Ollman)(de)
14357Subline (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
14358Submarine (1987)(Wicked Software)
14359Submarine Command (1985)(Tab Books)
14360Submarine Hunt (19xx)(-)
14361Submarine Run (19xx)(Mark Vittek)
14362Submarine Warfare (1982)(PS Enterprises)
14363Submarines (1984)(Cascade Games)
14364Subsonic (1992)(Zzap! 64)
14365Substraction Test (19xx)(-)
14366Subsunk Adventure (1985)(Firebird Software)
14367Subterranea (1988)(Hewson)
14368Suburban Commando (1993)(Alternative Software)
14369Suburbia (1988)(Markt & Technik)
14370Subway Vigilante (1989)(Players Premier)
14371Success with Math - Adding and Subtracting Fractions (1984)(CBS Software)
14372Successors of the Throne - War of the Crown, The (1990)(German Design Group)
14373Suche, Die (1990)(NSS)
14374Sudden Death (1995)(Loadstar)
14375Sueno, El (19xx)(Lenguaje Maquina)(es)
14376Suesue a Sarkany - Susu the Dragon (1988)(Andor-THS)(hu)
14377Suicide Express (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)
14378Suicide Express - Monorotaia (1984)(Gremlin Graphics)(it)
14379Suicide Mission, The (1987)(Kjetil Pettersson & Runar Jordahl)
14380Suicide Strike (1983)(Tronix)
14381Suicide Voyage (1987)(Eurogold)
14382Sult (1994)(Ermig Productions)
14383Sultan of Turkey, The (1996)(Loadstar)
14384Sum-Ka (1991)(Markt & Technik)(de)
14385Summer Camp (1990)(Thalamus)
14386Summer Challenge (1988)(Tynesoft)(Side A)
14387Summer Challenge (1988)(Tynesoft)(Side B)
14388Summer Games (1984)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
14389Summer Games (1984)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
14390Summer Games (1984)(Epyx)(Side A)
14391Summer Games (1984)(Epyx)(Side B)
14392Summer Games (1984)(Epyx)
14393Summer Games 2 (1985)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2)
14394Summer Games 2 (1985)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
14395Summer Games 2 (1985)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
14396Summer Games 2 (1985)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 2)
14397Summer Games 2 (1985)(Epyx)(Side A)
14398Summer Games 2 (1985)(Epyx)(Side B)
14399Summer Games 2 (1985)(Epyx)
14400Summer Olympiad (1988)(Tynesoft)(Side A)
14401Summer Olympiad (1988)(Tynesoft)(Side B)
14402Summer Olympiad (1988)(Tynesoft)
14403Summix (1993)(Daniel Reiser)
14404Sumo Wrestlers (1985)(HesWare)
14405Sun Star (1987)(CRL)
14406Sunburst (1987)(Hewson)
14407Sunday Driver (1994)(Compute!)
14408Sunny Shine (1990)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
14409Sunny Shine (1990)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
14410Sunny Shine (1990)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
14411Sunny Shine (1990)(Electronic Arts)(Side A)
14412Sunny Shine (1990)(Electronic Arts)(Side B)
14413Sunny Shine (1990)(Electronic Arts)(de)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
14414Sunny Shine (1990)(Electronic Arts)(de)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)
14415Sunny Shine (1990)(Electronic Arts)(de)(Disk 2 of 4 Side A)
14416Sunny Shine (1990)(Electronic Arts)(de)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)
14417Sunny Shine (1990)(Electronic Arts)(de)(Disk 3 of 4 Side A)
14418Sunny Shine (1990)(Electronic Arts)(de)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)
14419Sunny Shine (1990)(Electronic Arts)(de)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)
14420Sunnybrook Farm (19xx)(-)
14421Suopon Agentti Ilpo Piipponen & Kirjeisiin Katketty Kuolema Osa 1 (19xx)(Petteri Munter)(FI)
14422Suopon Agentti Ilpo Piipponen & Kirjeisiin Katketty Kuolema Osa 2 (19xx)(Toni Luode)(FI)
14423Suopon Agentti Ilpo Piipponen & Kirjeisiin Katketty Kuolema Osa 3 (19xx)(Toni Luode)(FI)
14424Suopon Agentti Ilpo Piipponen & Kirjeisiin Katketty Kuolema Osa 4 (19xx)(Toni Luode)(FI)
14425Suopon Agentti Ilpo Piipponen & Kolmen Valtion Tunturivyohyke (19xx)(Petteri Munter)(FI)
14426Supa-Catcha-Troopa! (1983)(Abrasco)
14427Supalanda (1984)(Sunshine Publications)
14428Super 8 (1989)(Loadstar)
14429Super 8-Way Slot Machine (1995)(Loadstar)
14430Super Active (1989)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
14431Super Alien Max (1982)(Commodore)
14432Super Alien v.01 (1982)(Commodore)
14433Super Aliens (1986)(Activision)
14434Super Ball (1994)(Bad Bytes)
14435Super Ball II (1986)(-)
14436Super Black Belt Karate (1983)(Computer Applications)
14437Super Blitz (1983)(Commodore)
14438Super Bowl Sunday (1985)(Avalon Hill)(Disk 1 of 4 Side A)
14439Super Bowl Sunday (1985)(Avalon Hill)(Disk 1 of 4 Side B)
14440Super Bowl Sunday (1985)(Avalon Hill)(Disk 2 of 4 Side A)
14441Super Bowl Sunday (1985)(Avalon Hill)(Disk 2 of 4 Side B)
14442Super Bowl Sunday (1985)(Avalon Hill)(Disk 3 of 4 Side A)
14443Super Bowl Sunday (1985)(Avalon Hill)(Disk 3 of 4 Side B)
14444Super Bowl Sunday (1985)(Avalon Hill)(Disk 4 of 4 Side A)
14445Super Bowl Sunday General Manager Disk (1985)(Avalon Hill)
14446Super Bowl XX (1986)(Ocean Software)
14447Super Boxing (19xx)(The Skull)
14448Super Buggy (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
14449Super Bunny (1984)(Datamost)
14450Super Can, The (19xx)(-)
14451Super Cars (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)
14452Super Clue (1984)(Richard Schulte)
14453Super Cross (1986)(Systems Editoriale)
14454Super Cubert (1984)(S+S Soft)
14455Super Cup Football (1988)(Hewson)
14456Super Cycle (1986)(Epyx)(Side A)
14457Super Cycle (1986)(Epyx)(Side B)
14458Super Cycle (1986)(Epyx)
14459Super Darts (19xx)(Funnysoft)(de)
14460Super Deal (1989)(New Imagination)
14461Super Delta (1989)(Johann Fossleitner)
14462Super Delta Bro (1991)(Johann Fossleitner)
14463Super Dogfight (1983)(Terminal Software)
14464Super Dominos Brothers (1993)(Eagleware International)
14465Super Dragon Slayer (1988)(Codemasters)
14466Super Draughts (19xx)(-)
14467Super Drei (19xx)(-)(de)
14468Super Droud (19xx)(-)
14469Super Flipper II (19xx)(-)
14470Super Fruity 99 (1999)(Frank Gasking)
14471Super G-Man (1987)(Codemasters)
14472Super Galaxys (2003)(TND Games & Civitas)(FW)
14473Super Game N. 2 - Spukschloss (1985)(Sonnenverlag)(de)
14474Super Glazz (19xx)(-)(de)
14475Super Gran (1985)(Tynesoft)
14476Super Gran - The Adventure (1985)(Tynesoft)
14477Super Gridder (1983)(Terminal Software)
14478Super Gridder - Red (1983)(Terminal Software)(es)
14479Super Hang-On (1986)(Electric Dreams)(Side A)
14480Super Hang-On (1986)(Electric Dreams)(Side B)
14481Super Hang-On (1986)(Electric Dreams)
14482Super Hero (1985)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
14483Super Huey (1985)(Cosmi)
14484Super Huey II (1986)(Cosmi)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
14485Super Huey II (1986)(Cosmi)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
14486Super Huey II (1986)(Cosmi)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
14487Super Huey II (1986)(Cosmi)
14488Super Jackson Soft - Teatro Europa (1986)(Jackson)(it)
14489Super Kaa (19xx)(Thierry Ducrocq)
14490Super Keno (1984)(Loadstar)
14491Super Kong (19xx)(-)
14492Super Labyrinth (1985)(Input 64)(de)
14493Super Latka (1989)(Tomi Malinen)
14494Super Latka II (1999)(Tomi Malinen)
14495Super League (1990)(Players Premier)
14496Super League Soccer (1990)(Impressions)
14497Super Lem (19xx)(SRL)(it)
14498Super Mario Bros (19xx)(-)
14499Super Mario Bros III (1989)(-)
14500Super Mario Escape (1994)(Paradize Software)
14501Super Marios Revenge (1994)(Paradize Software)
14502Super Memory (1985)(Markt & Technik)(de)
14503Super Mole (1995)(Loadstar)
14504Super Monaco Grand Prix (1991)(U.S. Gold)
14505Super Nibbly (1994)(CP Verlag)
14506Super Nova - Insanity II (19xx)(Commodore Scene)
14507Super Nyaaaah! 96 (1996)(Binary Zone)(PD)
14508Super Off Road (1990)(Virgin Games)
14509Super Oswald (1989)(Silverrock Productions)(da)
14510Super Pac Twins (2002)(TND Games)(FW)
14511Super Pac-Man (1988)(Namco)
14512Super Password (1988)(Gametek)(Side A)
14513Super Pinball (1987)(Wicked Software)
14514Super Pipeline (1983)(Taskset)
14515Super Pipeline 2 (1985)(Taskset)
14516Super Quiz (1991)(Commodore Disc)(de)
14517Super Race (1983)(Courbois Software)(nl)
14518Super Racer (1989)(Commodore Disc)(de)
14519Super Real Darwin (1988)(Beastie-The Criminal Empire)
14520Super Rider (1984)(Firebird)
14521Super Robin Hood (1987)(Codemasters)
14522Super Rockfall (1993)(Compute!)
14523Super Saper (1996)(Aristo-SMR-F4CG)
14524Super Scoop (1984)(Micro Mart Software)
14525Super Scramble Simulator (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)
14526Super Seven (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
14527Super Sex-Games 2 (19xx)(-)
14528Super Seymore (1992)(Codemasters)
14529Super Seymour (1992)(Codemasters)
14530Super Seymour Saves the Planet (19xx)(Codemasters)
14531Super Skramble! (1983)(Terminal Software)
14532Super Smash (1983)(Commodore)
14533Super Snake (1984)(Europa Computer Club)(de)
14534Super Snake Simulator (1988)(M. Chip Software)
14535Super Soccer (19xx)(Memory Soft)
14536Super Space Invaders (1991)(Domark)
14537Super Sports (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
14538Super Sprint (1987)(Electric Dreams)
14539Super Spy (1984)(Richard Shepherd Software)
14540Super Squash 88 (1988)(Epyx)
14541Super Star Trek (1980)(-)
14542Super Star Trek Enhanced (1983)(D.M. Conley)
14543Super Star-Track (19xx)(G. Muellner)
14544Super Starforce (19xx)(-)
14545Super Staring 99 (1999)(Frank Gasking)
14546Super Stock Car (1990)(Virgin Games)
14547Super Stuntman (1988)(Codemasters)
14548Super Sunday (1986)(NEXUS)
14549Super Sunday - The Office of the General Manager (1987)(Avalon Hill)
14550Super Swithers Target (19xx)(-)
14551Super Tact (1988)(The Power House)
14552Super Tank Simulator (1990)(Codemasters)
14553Super Ted (1990)(Alternative Software)
14554Super Three (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
14555Super Trivia (1984)(Research Data Systems)(Side A)
14556Super Trivia (1984)(Research Data Systems)(Side B)
14557Super Trolley (1988)(Mastertronic)
14558Super Trucker (1991)(CP Verlag)
14559Super Trux (1988)(Elite)
14560Super Waiter (19xx)(-)
14561Super Wonderboy (1989)(Activision)
14562Super Wumpus (1985)(Tab Books)
14563Super Zaxxon (1984)(HesWare)
14564Super Zaxxon - Zax Laser II (1984)(HesWare)(es)
14565Super-Car (1986)(-)
14566Super-Cheff (1986)(Load n Run)(es)
14567Super-Chemie-Quiz, Das (1985)(Uwe Trautmann)(de)
14568Super-Memory II (1985)(Input 64)(de)
14569Super-Muhle (1984)(DEE Software)(de)
14570Super-Penetrator (1993)(Fundacja Edukacji Technologicznej)(pl)
14571Super-Puzzle (19xx)(-)(de)
14572Super-Race (1990)(Markt & Technik)
14573Super-Reversi (1987)(Markt & Technik)(de)
14574Super-Senso 64 (1986)(Input 64)(de)
14575Super-Snake (2000)(Arved Pohl)
14576Super-Tank (1983)(Craig Gluck)
14577SuperSprite (1984)(Compute!)
14578Superball (1991)(Cream Software)
14579Superbike (1990)(Loadstar)
14580Superbike Challenge (1987)(Microids)
14581Supercar (19xx)(Load n Run)(es)
14582Supercar II (19xx)(-)
14583Supercode (19xx)(CP Verlag)
14584Supercoptor Mondatta (19xx)(-)
14585Supercuda (1983)(Dynamics)
14586Supergame (1983)(S+S Soft)(de)
14587Superhero (1988)(Codemasters)
14588Superhero! (19xx)(Stuart A. Cook)
14589Superhirn (19xx)(-)(de)
14590Superkasi (1985)(Input 64)(de)
14591Superkid (1990)(Atlantis Software)
14592Superkid In Space (1991)(Atlantis Software Ltd.)
14593Superkid in Space (1991)(Atlantis Software)
14594Superlabyrinth (19xx)(RUN-CW-Publikationen)(de)
14595Superlander (19xx)(Hannes Fabian)(de)
14596Superleague Soccer (1990)(Impressions)
14597Superman (1986)(First Star Software)
14598Superman - Man of Steel (1988)(Tynesoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
14599Superman - Man of Steel (1988)(Tynesoft)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
14600Superman - Man of Steel (1988)(Tynesoft)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
14601Superman - The Game (1985)(First Star Software)
14602Superman Adventure (19xx)(-)
14603Superman II (1987)(Stavros Fasoulas)
14604Supermarket Ninja (19xx)(MCG & Bombjack)
14605Supermaths (19xx)(-)
14606Supermaze (1987)(Wicked Software)
14607Supermind (1983)(Brainsoft)
14608Supermorf (1985)(Radarsoft)(nl)
14609Supernova (19xx)(Doug Hyatt)
14610Superquiz (1989)(Logica 2000)(it)
14611Superschaf (1985)(Sonnenverlag)(de)
14612Supersonic (1984)(Input 64)(de)
14613Supersports (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side A)
14614Supersports (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side B)
14615Supersports (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
14616Superstar Challenge (1985)(Martech Games)
14617Superstar Ice Hockey (1987)(Mindscape)
14618Superstar Ping-Pong (1987)(SportTime)
14619Superstar Soccer (1987)(Mindscape)
14620Superstrike (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
14621Supertank (1984)(Compute!)
14622Superted (1984)(Micromega)
14623Superted - The Search for Spot (1990)(Alternative Software)
14624Supertrux (1989)(Elite)
14625Superventure (1984)(Craig Bruce)
14626Suprallay (1990)(Double Density)
14627Supremacy (1991)(Virgin Mastertronic)
14628Supreme Squadron (1988)(R. Marshall)
14629Surf City (19xx)(Bob Akerberg)
14630Surfchamp (1987)(New Concepts)
14631Surfer (19xx)(-)
14632Surfmania (19xx)(Soft Control)
14633Surfwave (1989)(Logica 2000)(it)
14634Surgery Adventure (19xx)(Andrew Blevins)
14635Surround (1984)(DD-Software)
14636Surround II (1984)(J. Schaible Soft)(de)
14637Survival (19xx)(Doug Rolfe)
14638Survival - Air Crash (1984)(Ellis Horwood)
14639Survival of the Fittest (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
14640Survive (1989)(Loadstar)
14641Survive! (1986)(Electrical Software)
14642Survivor (1988)(Bombjack)
14643Survivors (1987)(Atlantis)
14644Survivors, The (1987)(Atlantis Software)
14645Suspect (1984)(Infocom)
14646Suspended (1984)(Infocom)(Side A)
14647Suspended (1984)(Infocom)(Side B)
14648Suspended (1984)(Infocom)
14649Sven der Tapfere (19xx)(Fred Gray)(de)
14650Swag (1984)(Micromania)
14651Swamp Attack (1983)(Digital Arts)
14652Swamp Fever (1987)(Players)
14653Swap (1991)(Palace Software)
14654Swap It (1993)(Markt & Technik)
14655Swedish Popsong - Baba (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)
14656Sweep (1987)(Mastertronic)
14657Sweepminer (1994)(R. Toegel)
14658Sweet Sixteen (1986)(CodeWriter)
14659Swerve (19xx)(Steven C. Darnold)
14660Swimming Man (19xx)(Aki L. & Timo K.)
14661Swiss Connection (1991)(Binary Zone)(PD)
14662Swiss Family Robinson (1992)(Windham Classics)
14663Switch Around (1986)(Alpha Software)
14664Switch Em (1992)(Loadstar)
14665Switch It! (2003)(TND Games)(FW)
14666Switchblade (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)
14667Switchbox (1986)(Compute!)
14668Switcher (1987)(Wicked Software)
14669Switcheroo (1986)(Compute!)
14670Swoop (1984)(Micro Power)
14671Swooper (19xx)(Frank Neuhaus)
14672Sword Master (19xx)(-)
14673Sword and the Rose, The (1991)(Codemasters)
14674Sword of Fargoal, The (1983)(Epyx)
14675Sword of Honour (1992)(Prestige Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
14676Sword of Honour (1992)(Prestige Software)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
14677Sword of Honour (1992)(Prestige Software)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
14678Sword of Honour (1992)(Prestige Software)(Side A)
14679Sword of Honour (1992)(Prestige Software)(Side B)
14680Sword of Kopru (19xx)(Commodore)
14681Sword of Vhor (19xx)(A. Shields)
14682Sword of Zedek, The (19xx)(John OHare)
14683Sword, The - Die Magierpruefung (1986)(Markt & Technik)(de)
14684Swordmaster II (1987)(Steven & Bud Gruver)
14685Swordpoint (1983)(Isa Software)
14686Swords (1995)(Loadstar)
14687Swordstorm (19xx)(-)
14688Sydney Affair, The (1987)(Infogrames)
14689Sylenius Mysterium (1997)(-)(Side A)
14690Sylenius Mysterium (1997)(-)(Side B)
14691Symbol Code (1983)(RUN-CW Communications)
14692Symbolica (1991)(Markt & Technik)
14693Symbolraetsel (19xx)(-)
14694Synchronicity (19xx)(Bob Nolan)
14695Syncro II (19xx)(Jeff Minter)
14696Synetic (2000)(Cyber Systems)
14697Synex (1990)(Double Density)
14698Synister (1988)(Andrew Routledge & Dr. Ice)
14699Synopsis (1992)(Rom Software)
14700Syntax (1989)(Blue Ribbon Software)
14701Sysiphus (1991)(CP Verlag)
14702Sysiphus in Aegypten (1992)(CP Verlag)(de)
14703System (1993)(Markt & Technik)
14704System 15000 (1984)(Craig Communications)
14705System 4 (19xx)(-)
14706System 65595 (1985)(Mania-Soft)(de)
14707System II - Move the Stones (1994)(Markt & Technik)
14708System III - The Final Stone (1994)(Markt & Technik)
14709System-4 (1992)(CP Verlag)
14710Szerencsekerek - Wheel of Fortune (19xx)(-)
14711Sziget (1985)(Micro Application)(hu)
14712Szuperjatek! (19xx)(-)(hu)
14713T 36 Eagle (19xx)(-)(PD)
14714T-Bird (1990)(Mastertronic Plus)
14715T-Cubed (1990)(Loadstar)
14716T-Tris (19xx)(Trash-Software)
14717T.G.I.F. (1983)(Avalon Hill)
14718TAC - Tactical Armor Command (1983)(Avalon Hill)
14719TASM Decoder (19xx)(Angels)
14720TC Mine (19xx)(Wizard Developments)
14721TFF Game I (1987)(The Fantastic Five)
14722TGIF (1983)(Avalon Hill)
14723TKKG - Das leere Grab im Moor (1985)(Europa Computer Club)(en-de)
14724TKO (1988)(Accolade)
14725TKO Professional Boxing (1990)(Lance Haffner Games)(Side A)
14726TKO Professional Boxing (1990)(Lance Haffner Games)(Side B)
14727TNT Breakout (19xx)(The Mip Map Brother)
14728TNT-Laster (1994)(TNT)
14729TOMARC the Barbarian (1984)(Xonox)
14730TOP Side (19xx)(Dan Minut)
14731TRAZ - Transformable Arcade Zone (1988)(Cascade Games)
14732TRAZ II (1988)(Jon K. Menzies)
14733TRAZ III (1988)(Jon K. Menzies)
14734TRAZ Professional (1988)(Jon K. Menzies)
14735TSI Cycles (1983)(Turbo Software)
14736TSI Maze Man (1983)(Turbo Software Incorporated)
14737TUSG! (1991)(CP Verlag)
14738TV Jatek (1990)(E90)
14739TV Sports Football (1990)(Cinemaware)(Side A)
14740TV Sports Football (1990)(Cinemaware)(Side B)
14741TX (1990)(CP Verlag)
14742Table Soccer (1986)(Alligata Software)
14743Table Tennis Manager (1992)(CP Verlag)(de)
14744Tables & People (1984)(Loadstar)
14745Tablut (19xx)(-)
14746Tack Truck (1992)(Compute!)
14747Tacky Tic-Tac-Toe (1985)(Tab Books)
14748Tag (1985)(RUN-CW Communications)
14749Tag Team Wrestling (1987)(Data East)
14750Tai Chi Tortoise (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
14751Tai-Pan (1987)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
14752Tai-Pan (1987)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
14753Tai-Pan (1987)(Ocean Software)
14754Tail Gunner (1984)(Virgin)
14755Tajfuto (19xx)(-)(hu)
14756Tajuplny Hrad (19xx)(-)
14757Take Down (1988)(Gamestar)(Side A)
14758Take Down (1988)(Gamestar)(Side B)
14759Take Em (1991)(CP Verlag)
14760Take a Match (1984)(Elcomp Publishing)
14761Take a Trip to Britain (1988)(reLine Software)(Side A)
14762Take a Trip to Britain (1988)(reLine Software)(Side B)
14763Taktics (19xx)(-)
14764Taktik (1987)(Commodore Disc)(de)
14765Tales of Boon (1993)(X-ample Architectures)
14766Tales of the Arabian Nights (1984)(Interceptor Micros)
14767Tales of the Cat (1986)(Rino Marketing)
14768Talisman (1989)(DMA Design)
14769Talk to Me (19xx)(-)(de)
14770Talking Teacher (1985)(Imagic)(Side A)
14771Talking Teacher (1985)(Imagic)(Side B)
14772Tambanian (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
14773Tamer (1993)(LK Avalon)
14774Tamer Part Two (19xx)(LK Avalon)
14775Tanaland (19xx)(Stephan Witte)
14776Tanc (1984)(Melbourne House)
14777Tangent (1988)(Softek)
14778Tangled Tales - The Misadventures of a Wizards Apprentice (1990)(Origin Systems)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)(Boot)
14779Tangled Tales - The Misadventures of a Wizards Apprentice (1990)(Origin Systems)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)(Adventure1)
14780Tangled Tales - The Misadventures of a Wizards Apprentice (1990)(Origin Systems)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
14781Tangled Tales - The Misadventures of a Wizards Apprentice (1990)(Origin Systems)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
14782Tangram (1989)(Loadstar)
14783Tangris (1991)(Thomas Kemmer)
14784Tanium (1988)(Players Software)
14785Tank (1990)(CP Verlag)
14786Tank Action (1989)(CP Verlag)
14787Tank Ambush (1989)(Compute!)
14788Tank Assault (19xx)(-)(de)
14789Tank Atak (1983)(Supersoft)
14790Tank Attack (1988)(CDS Microsystems)
14791Tank Battle (1990)(Petri Hassinen)
14792Tank Battlezone (1989)(Palace Software)
14793Tank Combat (19xx)(Michael Sullivan)
14794Tank Defender (19xx)(-)
14795Tank Division (19xx)(Zeppelin Games)
14796Tank Fight (1985)(Markt & Technik)
14797Tank Shootout (1990)(Compute!)
14798Tank Terror (1984)(Micro Text Publications)
14799Tank Trouble (19xx)(Lars Erik Braatveit)
14800Tank War Construction Set (1984)(Matthias & Thomas Wisniewski)
14801Tank Wars (1983)(Mr. Computer)
14802Tank vs UFO (19xx)(-)
14803Tank-Fight (19xx)(-)(de)
14804Tanker Rescue (1984)(Cascade Games)
14805Tanks (1984)(Radarsoft)
14806Tanktics (1981)(Avalon Hill)
14807Tankwar (19xx)(-)
14808Tanx (19xx)(DK Tronics)
14809Tanx 64 (1985)(Computer & Video Games Magazine)
14810Tanx 92 (1992)(Champion Software)
14811Tapeworm (1995)(Frank Gasking)
14812Tapfere Ritter, Der (19xx)(Norbert Walter)(de)
14813Tapper (1984)(U.S. Gold)
14814Tapper - Barman (1984)(U.S. Gold)(es)
14815Targ (19xx)(Bill Lucier)
14816Target (1989)(Graunitz)
14817Target Ball (19xx)(-)
14818Target Command (19xx)(-)
14819Target Plus (1988)(Dinamic Software)(es)
14820Target Practice (19xx)(-)
14821Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)(Side A)
14822Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)(Side B)
14823Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)
14824Target Shoot (1983)(RUN-CW Communications)
14825Target-X (1999)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
14826Target-X 2 (2000)(Mirage Designs)(FW)
14827Targon-64 (1984)(NET Software)
14828Tarkus (200x)(TND Games)(FW)
14829Tarkus 4k (200x)(TND Games)(FW)
14830Tarot (1988)(Loadstar)
14831Tarzan (1986)(Martech Games)
14832Tarzan Goes Ape! (1991)(Codemasters)
14833Task Force (1989)(Players Premier)
14834Task I (19xx)(Mimic Designs)
14835Task III (1988)(Databyte)
14836Task-F (1987)(ECP)
14837Taskforce (1989)(Players Premier)
14838Taskmaster (1985)(Creative Sparks)
14839Tass Times in Tone Town (1986)(Activision)(Side A)
14840Tass Times in Tone Town (1986)(Activision)(Side B)
14841Tasten Racer II (1991)(Peter Diehm)(de)
14842Tau Ceti (1986)(CRL)
14843Tau Omega (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
14844Tau Zero (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
14845Tau Zero II (1992)(Binary Zone)(PD)
14846Tau-Ceti (1986)(CRL)
14847Tax Top Ten (1991)(Loadstar)
14848Taxi (1985)(Moinsoft)
14849Taxi Driver (1986)(Tronic)
14850Taxman (19xx)(Tiger-Crew-Disk)(de)(PD)
14851Taxman!, The (1984)(RUN-CW Communications)
14852Tazz (1984)(Bubble Bus Software)
14853Teacher Busters (1985)(M. Breyer)(de)
14854Team Championship (1992)(ET Software)
14855Team Championship II (1992)(ET Software)
14856Team Championship Speedway (1992)(ET Software)
14857Team Telekom Peloton (1993)(Peter Diehm)(de)
14858Team Tetris (1991)(UKY Company)
14859Teamchef (19xx)(-)(de)
14860Teatro Europa (1985)(Jackson)
14861Techno Plyn (1994)(CP Verlag)
14862TechnoCop (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side A)
14863TechnoCop (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)(Side B)
14864TechnoCop (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)
14865Technoplyn (19xx)(-)
14866Tectron (1995)(CP Verlag)
14867Teddy Bear-rels of Fun (1987)(Ahead Designs)(Side A)
14868Teddy Bear-rels of Fun (1987)(Ahead Designs)(Side B)
14869Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (1990)(Imageworks)(Side A)
14870Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (1990)(Imageworks)(Side B)
14871Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (1990)(Mirrorsoft)
14872Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Arcade (1991)(Mirage Studios)(Side A)
14873Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Arcade (1991)(Mirage Studios)(Side B)
14874Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Coin Up (1991)(Konami)
14875Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op! (1991)(Konami)
14876Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - USA Version (1990)(Imageworks)(Side A)
14877Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - USA Version (1990)(Imageworks)(Side B)
14878Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)(Konami)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
14879Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)(Konami)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
14880Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)(Konami)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
14881Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)(Konami)(Disk 2 of 2 Side B)
14882Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The (19xx)(-)
14883Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The II (1990)(-)
14884Teeth (1998)(Binary Zone)(PD)
14885Tegen Aanval (1985)(O. Verschuuren Software)(nl)
14886Teke (19xx)(-)(hu)
14887Tele-Chess v1.4 (19xx)(Telegame Software)
14888Telengard (1983)(Avalon Hill)
14889Teleporter (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
14890Tella Terra TV (19xx)(Sovereign)
14891Telnyr I - The Stone of Telnyr (1990)(Peter R. Boothman)
14892Telnyr II - The Golden Chalice (19xx)(Peter R. Boothman)
14893Telnyr III - The Four Runes (19xx)(Peter R. Boothman)
14894Telnyr Part 1 - Stone of Telnyr (1990)(Brunswick Publications)
14895Temperament (1996)(Loadstar)
14896Tempest (1984)(E. Harbers Software)
14897Temple Curse, The (19xx)(Real Software)
14898Temple of Apshai Trilogy (1985)(U.S. Gold)
14899Temple of Apshai, The (1983)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
14900Temple of Apshai, The (1983)(Epyx)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
14901Temple of Apshai, The (1983)(Epyx)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
14902Temple of Doom, The (19xx)(Jiantware)
14903Temple of Dreg (19xx)(Dorothy Millard)
14904Temple of Medom (19xx)(-)
14905Temple of Terror (1987)(U.S. Gold)
14906Temple of Terror - Graphic Version (1987)(U.S. Gold)
14907Templos Sagrados, Los (1991)(Dinamic Software)(es)
14908Tempo Tippen (1984)(Radarsoft)(de)
14909Tempo Typen (1984)(Radarsoft)(nl)
14910Tempo Typing (1984)(Radarsoft)
14911Temporal (19xx)(The Guild Adventure Software)
14912Ten (1986)(-)
14913Ten Little Indians (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
14914Ten Pin Bowling (1987)(Wicked Software)
14915Ten Pins (19xx)(-)
14916Ten Speed (1988)(Mastertronic)
14917Ten Speeds (19xx)(-)
14918Ten Thousand (1997)(Loadstar)
14919Tenement (1991)(Loadstar)
14920Tenement, The (1996)(Loadstar)
14921Tennis (19xx)(-)
14922Tennis - Squash (19xx)(Sven Nylund & Lars Overgaard)
14923Tennis 2021 (1988)(Markt & Technik)
14924Tennis Manager (19xx)(R. Softshow)
14925Tennis Systems (1988)(Systems Editoriale)
14926Tennis-Cat (1988)(Markt & Technik)(de)
14927Tennis-Manager (1986)(Thorsten Woelki)(de)
14928Tennis-Manager v2.0 (1986)(Thorsten Woelki)(de)
14929Tenpins (1986)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
14930Tenract (1991)(Wolfgang Strasser)
14931Tenract 2 - The Evil is Back Again (1993)(CP Verlag)
14932Tenses (1983)(Malmbergs Educatieve Software)(nl)
14933Teodoro - Vita da Gatti (1988)(Edicola-Super Game 2000)(it)
14934Tera Attack (1992)(The Power House)
14935Terminal City (19xx)(Binary Zone)(PD)
14936Terminator (1986)(Power House)
14937Terminator 2 - Judgement Day (1991)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
14938Terminator 2 - Judgement Day (1991)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
14939Terminator 2 Multicart (1991)(-)
14940Terminator, The (19xx)(Bridge N Tunnel Software)
14941Terminus (1990)(Drew Rodger)
14942Termites (1991)(Compute!)
14943Terra Cognita (1986)(Codemasters)
14944Terra Cresta (1986)(Imagine Software)
14945Terra Cresta II (19xx)(Def Jam)
14946Terra Plagiata (2001)(Olaf Pieters)
14947Terrafighter (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
14948Terramex (1987)(Grandslam Entertainment)
14949Terrible Twins, The (1984)(Ahoy!-Ion International)
14950Terror Castle (1986)(Alpha Software)
14951Terror Tower (1984)(Uwe Aldinger)(de)
14952Terror of the Deep (1987)(Mirrorsoft)
14953Terrorist, The (1993)(Champion Software)
14954Terrormolinos (1985)(Melbourne House)
14955Terrorpods (1988)(Melbourne House)
14956Terrys Big Adventure (1989)(Grandslam Entertainment)
14957Test Drive (1987)(Accolade)(Side A)
14958Test Drive (1987)(Accolade)(Side B)
14959Test Drive II - European Challenge (19xx)(Accolade)
14960Test Drive II - The Duel (1989)(Accolade)(Master Disk)
14961Test Drive II - The Duel (1989)(Accolade)(Side A)
14962Test Drive II - The Duel (1989)(Accolade)(Side B)
14963Test Drive II - The Duel Data Disk California Challenge (1989)(Accolade)
14964Test Drive II - The Duel Data Disk European Challenge (1989)(Accolade)
14965Test Drive II - The Duel Data Disk Muscle Cars (1989)(Accolade)
14966Test Drive II - The Duel Data Disk Super Cars (1989)(Accolade)
14967Test I.Q. (19xx)(Herdiesoft)(nl)
14968Test Master (1990)(Challenge Software)
14969Test Match (1984)(CRL)
14970Test. (1985)(M.R. Elliott)
14971Tether Terrain (1983)(Idlebyte Software)
14972Tetracrystals of Veluria (1983)(Compute!)
14973Tetrad (19xx)(Phillip Hess)
14974Tetrados (1992)(CP Verlag)
14975Tetrattack! (2001)(Stephen L. Judd)
14976Tetris (1991)(Ban)
14977Tetris 1K (19xx)(-)
14978Tetris 2 (1989)(Solar Software)
14979Tetris Collection (19xx)(Equinoxe)
14980Tetris Original (19xx)(Bobosoft)
14981Tetrisack (19xx)(Stratos Soft)
14982Tetrix (1993)(576 kByte)
14983Tetriz (19xx)(-)
14984Tetroid (1990)(Digital Marketing)
14985Tetron (1989)(Commodore Disc)(de)
14986Tetrys (1989)(Julian Burger)
14987Texas Town (19xx)(Urmel)
14988Thai Boxing (1986)(Anco Software)(Side A)
14989Thai Boxing (1986)(Anco Software)(Side B)
14990Thai Boxing (1986)(Anco Software)
14991Thanatos (1987)(Durell Software)
14992Thang (19xx)(John Rowlands)
14993Thargon (1988)(Italien Computer Adventures)
14994Theatre Europe (1985)(Personal Software Services)
14995Thepsos (1995)(Magna Media)
14996Therapy (1984)(Compute!)
14997Thermometer, Das (19xx)(-)(de)
14998Theseus and the Minotaur (1993)(The Guild Adventure Software)
14999They Stole a Million (1986)(Ariolasoft)
15000They Stole a Million II (19xx)(-)
15001Thief (19xx)(Eric J. Brown)
15002Thin Ice (1984)(Cascade Games)
15003Thin Trap (19xx)(-)
15004Thing (1993)(Frank Gasking)
15005Thing Bounces Back (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
15006Thing On a Spring (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)
15007Things (1986)(Alpha Software)
15008Things in the Dark (1984)(Compute!)
15009Thingy Force (19xx)(Gordon Hall)
15010Think Again (1985)(Loadstar)
15011Think Cross (1991)(Ascon Software)
15012Think Fast (1993)(Markt & Technik)
15013Think Tank (1990)(Compute!)
15014Think Twice (1989)(Markt & Technik)(de)
15015Think or Swim - Plants (1986)(Micrograms)
15016Thinker, The (1984)(Atlantis Software)
15017Thinking (1983)(Compute!)
15018Thinking Harder (1983)(Compute!)
15019Thinky (1992)(Markt & Technik)
15020Thirteens (1992)(Loadstar)
15021This is E.F. IGES - Interactive Game Editor System (1984)(Ariolasoft)(de)
15022Thomas - The Tank Engine (1990)(Alternative Software)
15023Thomas the Tank Engine (1990)(Alternative Software)
15024Thompson Twins Adventure, The (1984)(Quicksilva)
15025Thorion II (1995)(Andreas Jur)
15026Three Musketeers, The (1987)(American Action)(Side A)
15027Three Musketeers, The (1987)(American Action)(Side B)
15028Three Musketeers, The (1987)(Computer Novels)
15029Three Stone (19xx)(Ascraeus)
15030Three Stooges Revenge, The (1988)(Bansai Labs)
15031Three Stooges, The (1988)(Cinemaware)(Disk 1 of 2 Side A)
15032Three Stooges, The (1988)(Cinemaware)(Disk 1 of 2 Side B)
15033Three Stooges, The (1988)(Cinemaware)(Disk 2 of 2 Side A)
15034Three of a Kind (1986)(Alpha Software)
15035Threedox (1982)(D. Hall)
15036Threestone (19xx)(Ascraeus Productions)
15037Threeway (1984)(R. Blunt)
15038Threshold (1