Recalbox16GB - Jogos de Sinclair ZX Spectrum

1007 - Lord Bromley's Estate (1990)(Domark)
2007 - Q's Armoury (1990)(Domark)
3007 De-Pulsar (19xx)(Tony Bryan)
4007 James Bond - The Spy Who Loved Me (19xx)(Domark)
5007 Super File 2 (Side A)
6007 Super File 2 (Side B)
7100 KM Race (19xx)(Coyote Software)(It)
8100 Rutinas C.M (1985)(Iveson Software)(UNK-LANG)
910th Frame (1986)(US Gold)
10128 Colour (19xx)(-)
11180 (1986)(Mastertronic)
121812 (19xx)(-)
131917 - Lenin In October (1994)(Sergey Gusev)(Ru)
141942 (1986)(Elite Systems)
151942 Mission (1985)(Tartan Software)
161943 - The Battle Of Midway (1988)(Go - Capcom)
171984 - The Game Of Economic Survival (1983)(Incentive)
181985 (1985)(Mastertronic)
191994 - Ten Years After (1983)(Visions)
201999 (1987)(Alternative Software)
211st Division Manager (1991)(Codemasters)
222 Player Soccer Squad (1991)(Cult)
2320 Tons (1985)(Argus Press Software)
2420-20 Vision (19xx)(Gadtek Games)
252003 - A Space Oddity (1984)(DK'Tronics)
262088 (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
272112 AD (1985)(Design Design Software)
2822 Posici (1987)(Gdamsk)(UNK-LANG)
293 Deep Space (1984)(Postern)
303 Weeks In Paradise (1985)(Mikro-Gen)
313-2-1 (19xx)(Yorkshire Television)
323-D Golf (19xx)(-)(De)
333-D Graph (19xx)(-)
343-D Maze (1982)(Impact Software)
353-D Noughts & Crosses (19xx)(-)
363-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1983)(Orwin Software)(De)
3739 Steps, The (1995)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
383D Bat Attack (1984)(Cheetahsoft)
393D Death Chase (1983)(Micromega)
403D Defence (1987)(Empire Software)
413D Defenda (1983)(M.J. Levers)
423D Drac Man (1984)(Your Computer)
433D Escape (1982)(New Generation Software)
443D Escape From Omicron (1984)(Andrew Quilley)
453D Grand Prix Championship (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
463D Kit Game, The (1991)(Domark)
473D Labyrint (1989)(Busy Soft & Fuxoft)
483D Lunattack (1984)(Hewson Consultants)
493D Maze Of Gold (1982)(Gilsoft International)
503D Monster Chase (1984)(Romik Software)
513D Naslov (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
523D Netz (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
533D Oxo (1983)(Oasis Software)
543D Paint (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
553D Painter (1983)(C.D.S. Microsystems)
563D Plot (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
573D Plotter (19xx)(Turk Ziga)
583D Pyramid (1983)(SAJ Broad)
593D Quadracube (1983)(Artic Computing)
603D Ravijn (1983)(PSS)(UNK-LANG)
613D Roost (1998)(Fenomen)
623D Seiddab Attack (1983)(Hewson Consultants)
633D Snooker (1990)(Players Premier)
643D Space Wars (1983)(Hewson Consultants)
653D Speed Duel (1983)(DK'Tronics)
663D Starfighter (1988)(Codemasters)
673D Starstrike (1984)(Realtime Games Software)
683D Starstrike II (1986)(Realtime Games Software)
693D Stock Car Championship (1988)(Firebird)
703D Stock Cars II (1992)(Challenge Software)
713D Strategy (1983)(Quicksilva)
723D Tank Duel (1984)(Realtime Software)
733D Tanx (1982)(DK'Tronics)
743D Tunnel (1983)(New Generation Software)
753D Vortex (1983)(Astral Software)
763D-Funktionen Und Grabber (1985)(Claus Jahn)(De)
773D-Roost (19xx)(Fenomen)
783DC (1987)(Encore)
7948k Adventure 1 (1982)(Abersoft)
804th Dimension, The (1989)(Laurence Creighton)
814x4 Off Road Racing (1988)(Epyx)
824x4 Puzzle (1999)(Triumph)
835 Treasures Of Ryzar (1984)(Space Age Software)
84500 Millas Indianapolis (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
8551 (1983)(Th. Dargell)(De)
8664 Karakteka (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
8764 Zeichen (1986)(Zx Computing)(De)
88720 Degrees (1986)(US Gold)
89747 Flight Simulator (1984)(DACC)
90750cc Grand Prix (1991)(Codemasters)
91911 TS (1985)(Elite Systems)
92A B Side (1996)(Softhouse)
93A Day In The Life (1985)(Micromega)
94A Day In The Life Of A Tupperware Salesman (1995)(Adventure Workshop)
95A Day In The Life Of Mike The Mole (19xx)(-)
96A Dungeon Romp (199x)(Zenobi Software)
97A Fistful Of Blood Capsules (1987)(Zodiac Software)
98A Fistful Of Blood Capsules - Storyboard (1987)(Zodiac Software)
99A Glasgow Murder (1986)(J. Fanning)
100A Harvesting Moon (1985)(8th Day Software)
101A Holiday To Remember (1987)(Visual Dimensions)
102A Journey One Spring (Side A)
103A Journey One Spring (Side B)
104A Legacy For Alaric - Part 1 v2 (1989)(Zenobi Software)
105A Legacy For Alaric - Part 1 v3 (1989)(Zenobi Software)
106A Legacy For Alaric - Part 2 - Magic Isle, The (1992)(Zenobi Software)
107A Lenda Da Gavea (19xx)(L.F. Moraes)(UNK-LANG)
108A Midsummer Days Dream (1994)(Adventure Workshop)(128k)
109A Murder Mystery Weekend (1997)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
110A Nightmare On Robinson Street (1990)(Players)
111A Picture Of Innocence (19xx)(G. Turner)
112A Question Of Scruples (1987)(Leisure Genius)(128k)
113A Question Of Scruples (Side A)
114A Question Of Scruples (Side B)
115A Question Of Sport (1989)(Elite Systems)
116A Question Of Sport (Side A)
117A Question Of Sport (Side B)
118A Shadow On Glass (1989)(Psychedelic Hedgehog Software)
119A Stroll In The Bleak Forest - The Return Of Bart Bear (1989)(Zenobi Software)
120A Team, The - Part 1 (1989)(Zafiro Software)(Sp)
121A Thief In The Night (1989)(Westy Productions)
122A Ticket To Ride (1985)(Mastertronic)
123A Trick Of The Tale (1986)(Central Solutions)
124A View To A Kill - Introduction (1985)(Domark)
125A Week In The Life Of The Thing (1988)(Players)
126A Whole New Ball Game (1989)(Pete Cooke)
127A-Team, The (1989)(Zafiro Software)(Sp)
128A.B.C. (19xx)(Artic Computing)
129A.T.A.C (1987)(Gad Shaw)
130ABC...Liftoff (1983)(Artic Computing)
131APB - All Points Bulletin (1989)(Domark)
132ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighter (1988)(Digital Integration)
133ATP Tour Simulator (1990)(Proxima Software)
134ATRAM (1984)(Websters Software)
135ATV Simulator - All Terrain Vehicle (1987)(Codemasters)
136Aaargh! (1989)(Melbourne House)
137Abadia Del Crimen, La (1988)(Opera Soft)
138Abakus (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
139Abrasco Pool (1983)(K. Eaves)
140Abu Simbels Profanation (1987)(Dinamic Software - Gremlin Graphics)
141Abwehr (1983)(Werner Spahl)(De)
142Abyss (1984)(CCS)
143Academy (1986)(CRL Group)
144Academy - Level Data (1986)(CRL Group)
145Academy (Tape 1 Side A)
146Academy (Tape 1 Side B)
147Academy (Tape 2 Side B)
148Accelerator (1984)(Century City Software)
149Accounts (19xx)(-)
150Ace (1986)(Cascade Games)
151Ace 2 - The Ultimate Head To Head Conflict (1987)(Cascade Games)
152Ace 2088 (1988)(Cascade Games)
153Ace In The H.O.L.E. (19xx)(Kayde Software)
154Ace Of Aces (1986)(US Gold)(128k)
155Ack Ack Attack (1984)(Zx Computing)
156Acme Glass Cube (1982)(Iolo Davidson)
157Acorn's Quest (1984)(AH Software)
158Acrojet (1985)(US Gold)
159Action (19xx)(-)(128k)
160Action Biker - With Clumsy Colin (1985)(Mastertronic)
161Action Farce 2 - Special Crash Edition (1989)(Crash)
162Action Farce II - Special Crash Edition (1989)(Crash)
163Action Fighter (1989)(Firebird)
164Action Force (1987)(Virgin Mastertronic)
165Action Force II (1988)(Virgin Mastertronic)
166Action Reflex (1986)(Mirrorsoft)
167Ad Astra (1984)(Gargoyle Games)
168Addams Family, The (1991)(Ocean Software)
169Adder Attack (1983)(Mogul Communications)
170Address Manager (1983)(Oxford Computer Publications)
171Adidas Championship Football (1990)(Erbe Software)
172Adidas Championship Tie Break (1990)(Erbe Software)
173Adivino (19xx)(Lar Software)(UNK-LANG)
174Advanced Lawnmower Simulator (1988)(Gardensoft)
175Advanced Lawnmower Simulator II (1990)(Gardensoft)(128k)
176Advanced Mathematics (1983)(Psion)
177Advanced Milk Float Sim, The (1998)(Stuart Brady)
178Advanced Nether Earth (1998)(Eternity Industry)(Ru)
179Advanced Patience (1994)(Tiger's Claw)
180Advanced Pinball Simulator (1990)(Codemasters)
181Advanced Soccer Simulator (1989)(Mastertronic)
182Adventure (1982)(Abersoft)
183Adventure 100 (19xx)(-)
184Adventure 2 - Politico (1983)(D.J. Moody)(128k)
185Adventure 200 (1982)(C.J. Coombs)
186Adventure 3 - The Satan Crystals (1983)(D.J. Moody)(128k)
187Adventure A - The Planet Of Death (1982)(Artic Computing)
188Adventure B - Inca Curse (1982)(Artic Computing)
189Adventure C - The Ship Of Doom (1982)(Artic Computing)
190Adventure D - Espionage Island (1982)(Artic Computing)
191Adventure E - The Golden Apple (1983)(Artic Computing)
192Adventure F - The Eye Of Bain (1984)(Artic Computing)
193Adventure Number 01 - Adventureland (1985)(Adventure International)
194Adventure Number 02 - Pirate Adventure (19xx)(Adventure International)
195Adventure Number 03 - Secret Mission (1984)(Adventure International)
196Adventure Number 04 - Voodoo Castle (1984)(Adventure International)
197Adventure Number 06 - Strange Odyssey (19xx)(Adventure International)
198Adventure Number 10 & 11 - Savage Island 1 & 2 (1987)(Adventure International)
199Adventure Number 10 - Savage Island Part 1 (1987)(Adventure International)
200Adventure Number 11 - Savage Island Part 2 (1987)(Adventure International)
201Adventure Number 13 - Sorceror Of Claymorgue Castle (1985)(Adventure International)
202Adventure Number XX - Buckaroo Bonzai (19xx)(Adventure International)
203Adventurer's Nightmare (19xx)(Roland G. Huelsmann)(De)
204Adventures In The Lost Valley (19xx)(Mega-Soft)
205Adventures Of Barsak The Dwarf, The - The Early Days (1984)(Gilsoft International)
206Adventures Of Brian The Bold, The (1985)(Central Solutions)
207Adventures Of Saint Bernard, The (1983)(Carnell)
208Adventures Of Sinbad, The (1983)(Atlantis Software)
209Adversary (1984)(-)
210Afghan Attack (1984)(Southern Software)
211Africa (19xx)(Phantomsoft)(De)
212Africa Gardens (1984)(Gilsoft International)
213African Trail Simulator (1990)(Positive)(Sp)
214After Shock (1986)(Interceptor Micros Software)
215After The War (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)
216After The War - Part 1 (1989)(Dinamic Software)
217After The War - Part 2 (1989)(Dinamic Software)
218Afterburner (1988)(Activision)(128k)
219Afterburner (Side A)
220Afterburner (Side B)
221Aftermath (1988)(Alternative Software)
222Ag Piton (19xx)(Aguev E.)
223Agatha's Folly (1989)(Zenobi Software)
224Agenda (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
225Agenda Fichero (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
226Agent 99 (1988)(Alkoholsoft)(UNK-LANG)
227Agent Orange (1987)(A & F Software)
228Agent X - In The Brain Drain Caper (1986)(Mastertronic)
229Agent X II (1987)(Mastertronic)
230Ah Diddums (1983)(16k Value Pack)
231Ahorcado (19xx)(-)
232Air Brush (1983)(Soft Hits)
233Air Defence (1984)(CCS)
234Air Fire (19xx)(Rebit Soft Bank)(Sp)
235Air Force (1984)(Piper Books)
236Air Raid (1983)(CCS)
237Air To Air Combat (1992)(Lunapark Inc.)
238Air Traffic Control (19xx)(Mikro-Gen)
239Airborne Ranger (1988)(Microprose Software)
240Airborne Ranger (Side A)
241Airborne Ranger (Side B)
242Airbrush (1983)(Soft Hits)
243Airline (1982)(CCS)
244Airliner - BA 111 Simulator (1982)(Protek Computing)
245Airliner - BA-111 Simulator (1982)(Protek Computing)
246Airport '82 (1982)(JRS Software)
247Airwolf (1984)(Elite Systems)
248Airwolf II (1986)(Elite Systems)
249Ajedrez - Spectrum Chess (19xx)(-)
250Ajedrez - Spectrum Chess 2 (19xx)(-)
251Ajmkloto (19xx)(-)
252Ajuste De Cavezales (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
253Aknadach (1990)(Proxima Software)
254Alaska (19xx)(-)(De)
255Albert Einstein Drums (19xx)(Einstein Software)
256Alcatraz Harry (1984)(Mastertronic)
257Alcatraz Harry 2 - The Doomsday Mission (1984)(Mastertronic)
258Alchemist (1983)(Imagine Software)
259Algebra 09 (1990)(Delta)
260Algebra 10 (1990)(Delta)
261Algebraf (1988)(Stanislaw Karpiesiuk)(UNK-LANG)
262Ali Baba (1985)(Suzy Soft)(UNK-LANG)
263Ali Bebe (1985)(Dinamic)(Sp)
264Alien (1982)(Chin)
265Alien 8 (1985)(Ultimate)
266Alien Attack (1983)(ACE Software)
267Alien Chase (19xx)(-)
268Alien City, The (1984)(Pirate Software)
269Alien Curse (1984)(Profisoft)(De)
270Alien Destroyer (1984)(Kuma Computers)
271Alien Evolution (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)
272Alien Highway (1986)(Vortex Software)
273Alien Kill (1984)(Mastertronic)
274Alien Maze (1983)(CRL Group)
275Alien Planet (19xx)(The Guild)
276Alien Research Centre (1989)(Zenobi Software)
277Alien Rupture (1984)(Green Fish Software Enterprise)
278Alien Storm (1991)(Go!)
279Alien Storm (Side A)
280Alien Storm (Side B)
281Alien Swarm (1983)(Titan Programs)
282Alien Syndrome (1987)(ACE Software)
283Alien X (19xx)(-)
284Aliens (1985)(S. Green)
285Aliens USA (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)
286Aliex X (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
287Aliquids Simplex (1984)(Your Computer)
288Alkash (2002)(Ellipse)(Ru)
289All In A Day's Work (1996)(Zenobi Software)
290All Or Nothing (1984)(Abbex Electronics)
291Allo Call (19xx)(-)
292Alpha 1 (1984)(Stefan Wisskirchen)(De)
293Alpha-Beth (1985)(A & F Software)
294Alpha-Gen (1984)(A & F Software)
295Alphabet Games (1987)(Atlantis Software)
296Alpine Games (1987)(Atlantis Software)
297Alstrad (19xx)(The Guild)
298Alunizaje (1985)(Load 'N' Run)(Sp)
299Amable (19xx)(-)
300Amaurote (1987)(Mastertronic)
301Amazing Adventures Of Robin Hood, The (1992)(Codemasters)
302American 3D Pool (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
303American Billards (1983)(-)
304American Football (1984)(Softstone)
305American Turbo King (1989)(Mastertronic)
306Amiga Ad (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
307Amity's Vile (1987)(Micheal Bailey)
308Ammytris, The (1996)(Tsunami Group)(Ru)
309Amo Del Mundo (19xx)(Positive)(Sp)
310Amoto's Puf (1988)(System 4)(Sp)
311Amulet Of Darath, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)
312Amulet, The (1985)(Sentient Software)
313An Everyday Tale Of A Seeker Of Gold (1986)(Zenobi Software)
314Anagrammery (1993)(Garry Rowland)(PD)
315Anarchy (1987)(Rack-It)
316Andeskydning (19xx)(-)(Nl)
317Andre's Night Off (1984)(C&VG)
318Android 2 (1983)(Vortex Software)
319Android Nim (19xx)(-)
320Android One - The Reactor Run (1983)(Vortex Software)
321Androids (1982)(Sunshine Books)
322Andromeda (19xx)(-)
323Andromeda Chess (19xx)(Andromeda)
324Andy Capp (1988)(Mirrorsoft)
325Ang Slo Slovarcek (1984)(-)(UNK-LANG)
326Angel Nieto Pole 500cc (1991)(Operasoft)(Sp)
327Angleball (1987)(Mastertronic)
328Angler (1983)(Virgin Games)
329Anglictina Pre Samoukov - English For Self Learners (19xx)(Didaktik)(Sl)
330Anim Rot (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
331Animated Strip Poker (1985)(Knightsoft)
332Annals Of Rome (1986)(P.S.S.)
333Ano Gaia (1992)(Your Sinclair)
334Answer Back Junior Quiz (19xx)(Kosmos Software)
335Ant Attack (1983)(Quicksilva)
336Ant Town (1984)(Hippocrates)(Sp)
337Antiaereo (1986)(Load 'N' Run)(Sp)
338Antteroo The Mutant (1985)(K Murray)
339Anttilis Mission (1992)(Compass)
340Anttilis Mission II - Deep Probe (1992)(Compass)
341Any Tank (1998)(Optical Brothers)(Ru)
342Apfel-Kobold (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
343Apocalypse (1983)(Red Shift)
344Apocalypse (Side A)
345Apocalypse (Side B)
346Apollo (1996)(Jokersoft)(Ru)
347Apollo 11 (1983)(Mastertronic)
348Apostrophy, The (19xx)(Psion)
349Apple Jam (1984)(DK'Tronics)
350Apple Thief (1983)(Sinclair Programs)
351Appleman (1984)(Load 'n' Run)(Sp)
352Appleton, The (1995)(Walter Pooley)
353Apr Skw (1984)(Polbrit International)(UNK-LANG)
354April 7th (1992)(Zenobi Software)
355Aqua Plane (1983)(Quicksilva)
356Aqua Squad (1988)(Atlantis Software)
357Aquarius (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)
358Aquasquad (1988)(Atlantis Software)
359Arbatax (19xx)(-)(De)
360Arc Of Yesod, The (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)
361Arcade Flight Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
362Arcade Fruit Machine (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
363Arcade Machine Test Failure Emulator (1999)(CSSCGC)
364Arcade Trivia Quiz (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
365Arcade Trivia Quiz - Question Creator (Side A)
366Arcade Trivia Quiz - Question Creator (Side B)
367Arcade Volleyball (1997)(Romer's Software)(Ru)
368Arcadia (1982)(16k Value Pack)
369Archaeologist, The (19xx)(Sneesby Software)
370Archaic (1988)(Spectraxx Tape Magazine)
371Archers, The (1986)(Level 9 Computing)(Part 3-4 of 4)
372Archivo (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
373Archon (1983)(Electronic Arts)
374Archon 1 - The Light & The Dark (1983)(Electronic Arts)
375Archon 2 - Adept (1983)(Electronic Arts)
376Arctic Fox (1988)(Electronic Arts)
377Arcturus (1984)(Visions Software)
378Arena (1985)(M.C. Lothlorien)
379Arendarvon Castle (19xx)(-)
380Ari (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
381Aritmemori (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
382Ark, The (19xx)(Reelex Games)
383Arkanoid (1987)(Imagine Software)
384Arkanoid - Revenge Of Doh (1988)(Imagine Software)
385Arkarum (1990)(Ultrasoft)(Cz)
386Arklay FC Emulator (19xx)(Niall De Arab)
387Arkos (1987)(Dinamic)(Sp)
388Arkos (Side A)
389Arkos (Side B)
390Arlene (19xx)(The Guild)
391Armageddon (1983)(Silversoft)
392Armageddon Man, The (1987)(Martech Games)
393Army Moves (1986)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)(Sp)
394Army Moves (Side A)
395Army Moves (Side B)
396Arnhem (1985)(CCS)
397Arnold The Adventurer (1990)(Zenobi Software)
398Arnold The Adventurer II (1991)(Zenobi Software)
399Arnold The Adventurer III (1992)(Zenobi Software)
400Arquimedes XXI (1986)(Dinamic)(Sp)
401Artillero (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
402Artura (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)
403Ashes (1984)(CCS)
404Ashes Of Alucard (19xx)(-)
405Ashes, The (1984)(CCS)
406Ashkeron (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
407Asocijacije (1991)(-)(UNK-LANG)
408Aspar GP Master (1988)(Dinamic)(UNK-LANG)
409Assasin (1988)(Psychedelic Hedgehog - Sinclair User)
410Assassins' Guild, The (1996)(Adventure Workshop)(128k)
411Assault (19xx)(-)
412Assault Course (1990)(Players Premier)
413Assedio (1984)(G.B. Max Software)(Sp)
414Assignment - East Berlin (1985)(Sterling Software)
415Asterix & The Magic Cauldron (1985)(Melbourne House)
416Asteroids (1985)(Ian Collier)
417Asteroids Ahead! (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
418Astro (1985)(Microhobby Cassette)(Sp)
419Astro Blaster (1984)(Quicksilva)
420Astro Marine Corps (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)
421Astroball (1992)(Digital Reality)
422Astroclone (1985)(Erbe Software)(Sp)
423Astrodata (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
424Astrologia (1985)(Multisoft Informatica)
425Astron (1983)(DK'Tronics)
426Astronaut (19xx)(-)(Nl)
427Astronomer (1985)(PI Software)
428Astronut (1984)(Software Projects)
429Astroplaner (1983)(Romik Software)
430Atac (1992)(Lunapack - Sinclair User)
431Aterriza (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
432Athena (1987)(Imagine Software)
433Athlete (1984)(Buffer Micro)
434Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate)
435Atlantic Challenge - The Blue Riband (1986)(Virgin Games)
436Atlas Assignment, The (1983)(Virgin Games)
437Atom Ant (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
438Atomic 2 - Hexagonia (1991)(Proxima)(Cz)
439Atomix (1990)(Scorpion - Proxima)(Cz)
440Atrapada (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
441Atrog (1988)(Zafiro Software)(Sp)
442Attack Of The Alien Waters (1985)(Green Fish Software Enterprise)
443Attack Of The Empire (1985)(Chibur)
444Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes (1986)(Global Software)
445Attack On Atlantis (1984)(Century City Software)
446Attaco (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
447Attaco Alieno (19xx)(-)(Sp)
448Audio Spectrum No.3 (19xx)(-)
449Audio Spectrum No.7 (19xx)(-)
450Auf Weidersehen Monty (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
451Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
452Auf Wiedersehen Pet (1984)(Tynesoft)
453Aunt Velma's Coming To Tea (199x)(Zenobi Software)
454Aural Quest (1983)(Star Dreams)
455Austerlitz 1805 (1989)(CCS)
456Australian Games (1990)(US Gold)
457Australian Rules Football - The Outback Amateur League (1989)(Again Again)
458Australian Rules Football - The Victorian Football League (1989)(Again Again)
459Auto Cras (19xx)(Diabolico Software)(Sp)
460Auto Kursiv (1987)(W. Janowsky)
461Autochef (1982)(CCS)
462Autoestopista Galactico (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
463Autolabyrinth - Maze Death Race (19xx)(-)(Sp)
464Automania (1985)(Mikro-Gen)
465Automat (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
466Automatic Muse (1993)(Garry Rowland - Your Sinclair)
467Automonopoli (1983)(Automata UK)
468Autotrans (19xx)(Draysoft)
469Avenger (1986)(Erbe Software)
470Aventura (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
471Aventuras Na Selva (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
472Averno (19xx)(Proein)(UNK-LANG)
473Awari (1984)(Understanding Ltd)
474Axe (1987)(Top Ten Hits)
475Axe - Story (1987)(Top Ten Hits)
476Axe Of Kolt, The (1990)(FSF Adventures)
477Axons (1991)(Software Saur)
478Aztec - Hunt For The Sun God (Side A)
479Aztec - Hunt For The Sun God (Side B)
480Aztec Adventure (1984)(Hill MacGibbon)
481BC Bill (1984)(Imagine Software)
482BC's Quest For Tires (1983)(Software Projects)
483BFX 1 (1985)(Neil Stevens)
484BMX Freestyle Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
485BMX Kidz (1988)(Firebird)
486BMX Ninja (1988)(Alternative Software)
487BMX Racers (1984)(Mastertronic)
488BMX Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)
489BOiD (1987)(Gad Shaw)
490Babaliba (1985)(Dinamic)(Sp)
491Babylon 5 (1999)(Trolls)(Ru)
492Back Boogie (19xx)(Timothy Closs)
493Back To Skool (1985)(Microsphere)
494Back To The Future (1985)(Electric Dreams Software)
495Backgammon (1983)(Psion)
496Backpackers Guide To The Universe (1984)(Fantasy Software)
497Backpackers Guide To The Universe - The Guide (1984)(Fantasy Software)
498Bad Night (1987)(Palas)(Cz)
499Badlands (1990)(Domark)
500Bagdad (1985)(Load 'N' Run)(Sp)
501Bailemos (1984)(Idealogic)(Sp)
502Bajke (1985)(Xenon)(Sl)
503Balas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
504Ball Breaker (1987)(CRL Group)
505Ball Breaker 2 (1988)(CRL Group)
506Ball Crazy (1987)(Mastertronic)
507Ballblazer (1985)(Ricochet)
508Ballenas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
509Ballistik (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
510Ballooning (1984)(Heinemann)
511Balrog & The Cat, The (1988)(Zenobi Software)
512Bananaby (1986)(Wasp Software)
513Banderamovil (1985)(Microhobby Cassette)(Sp)
514Bandit (19xx)(-)
515Banger Racer (1990)(Cult)
516Bangers & Mash (1990)(Alternative Software)
517Bank 2 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
518Banneroll (19xx)(-)
519Barbarian (1987)(Palace)
520Barbarian - 1 Player (1987)(Palace)
521Barbarian - 2 Players (1987)(Palace)
522Barbarian II (1988)(Palace)
523Barchou (1984)(Central Solutions)
524Barcos (1985)(Iris)
525Bardic Rites, The (1994)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
526Bargain Basement (1986)(Creative Sparks)
527Barmy Burgers (1983)(Blaby Computer Games)
528Baron (1983)(Temptation Software)
529Baron Rojo (19xx)(Bosoft)(UNK-LANG)
530Barquitos (19xx)(-)
531Barry McGuigan Championship Boxing (1985)(Activision)
532Bascan (19xx)(-)
533Base (1992)(Inforkom)
534Baseball (19xx)(Marco V)(Sp)
535Basil The Great Mouse Detective (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
536Basket (1990)(Bosoft)(UNK-LANG)
537Basket Master (1987)(Dinamic)(Sp)
538Batalla En (1983)(Joaquin Fuster)(UNK-LANG)
539Batman (1986)(Ocean Software)
540Batman - The Caped Crusader - A Bird In The Hand (1988)(Ocean Software)
541Batman - The Caped Crusader - A Fete Worse Than Death (1988)(Ocean Software)
542Batman - The Caped Crusader - Fate Worse Than Death (1988)(Hit Squad)
543Batman - The Movie (1989)(Ocean Software)
544Battle 1917 (1984)(CCS)
545Battle Arena (1983)(K-Tel)
546Battle City (1995)(Mr Ltd - Wakson)
547Battle Command (1991)(Ocean Software)(128k)
548Battle For Midway, The (1985)(P.S.S.)
549Battle Of Britain, The (1982)(Microgame Simulations)
550Battle Of Broken Bridge, The (1984)(5D Software)
551Battle Of Midway, The (1985)(CCS)
552Battle Of The Planets, The (1986)(Mikro-Gen)
553Battle Of The Toothpaste Tubes (1983)(K-Tel Productions)
554Battle Of Waterloo, The (1985)(M.C. Lothlorien)
555Battle Ships (1987)(Hit Pak)
556Battle Tank (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
557Battle Valley (1988)(Rack-It)
558Battle Zone (1984)(Quicksilva)
559Battlecars (1984)(Games Workshop)
560Battlecars - Designer (1984)(Games Workshop)
561Battlefield (1988)(Atlantis Software)
562Battlefield Germany - 1 Player (1987)(PSS)
563Battlefield Germany - 2 Player (1987)(PSS)
564Batty (1987)(Hit Pak)
565Bazooka Bill (1986)(Melbourne House)
566Beach Buggy Simulator (1988)(Sysoft)
567Beach Head (1984)(US Gold)
568Beach Head II - The Dictator Strikes Back (1984)(US Gold)
569Beach Head II - The Dictator Strikes Back (Side A)
570Beach Head II - The Dictator Strikes Back (Side B)
571Beach Volleyball (1989)(Ocean Software)
572Beaky And The Egg Snatchers (1984)(Fantasy Software)
573Beamrider (1984)(Activision)
574Bear A Grudge (1988)(Sinclair User)
575Bear Bovver (1983)(Artic Computing)
576Bear George (1984)(Cheetahsoft)
577Beast Of Torrack Moor, The (1988)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
578Beat The Clock (19xx)(Arnold Wheaton)
579Beatcha! (1984)(Romik Software)
580Beatle Quest (1985)(Number 9 Software)
581Beautiful Dreamer (1986)(Spectrum Adventure Exch Club)
582Bedlam (1988)(Go - Capcom)
583Beebul (1984)(Scorpio Software)
584Beerland (1991)(Proxima Software)(Cz)
585Beetle (1983)(Zx Computing)
586Beetle Mania (1983)(AWA Software)
587Beginning Of The End, The (1992)(Zenobi Software)
588Behind Closed Doors (1988)(Zenobi Software)
589Behind Closed Doors 2 - The Sequel (1988)(Zenobi Software)
590Behind Closed Doors 3 - Revenge Of The Ants (1989)(Zenobi Software)
591Behind Closed Doors 4 - Balrog's Day Out (1989)(Zenobi Software)
592Behind The Lines (1991)(The Guild)
593Behold Atlantis (1991)(Zenobi Software)
594Bekstvo Iz Kpd Grjevax (1987)(Alivojvodic Nikola)(UNK-LANG)
595Belegost (1989)(Cybexlab Software)(Cz)
596Beneath Folly (1991)(Fiend)
597Benny Hill's Madcap Chase (1985)(DK'Tronics)
598Benvenuti Alla Casa Di Jonny (1985)(G.B. Max)(Sp)
599Bergwacht (19xx)(-)(De)
600Bermuda Triangle, The (1990)(Zenobi Software)
601Beseiged (19xx)(Sulis Educational Software)
602Besieged! (Side A)
603Besieged! (Side B)
604Bestial Warrior (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)
605Beverly Hill's Cop (1990)(Tynesoft)
606Beyond El Dorado (1996)(Zenobi Software)
607Beyond The Ice Palace (1988)(Elite Systems)
608Big Bad John (1986)(Tynesoft)
609Big Ben Strikes Again (1985)(Artic Computing)
610Big Foot (1990)(Codemasters)
611Big Match Soccer (1984)(Wintersoft)
612Big Print (1983)(Janusz Gajewicz)
613Big Sleaze, The (1987)(Delta 4)
614Big Trouble (1986)(Suzy Soft)(UNK-LANG)
615Big Trouble In Little China (1986)(Electric Dream)
616Biggles - The Secret Weapon (1986)(Mirrorsoft)
617Biggles - Timewarp (1986)(Mirrorsoft)
618Bignose's USA Adventure (1991)(Codemasters)
619Billboard - Pasteman Pat (1989)(Firebird)
620Billy Bluebottle (1984)(Power Software)
621Billy Bong (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)
622Billy The Kid (1989)(Mastertronic)
623Billy The Kid - Lightgun (1989)(Mastertronic)
624Bingo (1984)(Tynesoft)
625Bionic Commando (1988)(Go - Capcom)
626Bionic Ninja (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
627Biorritmos (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
628Biorythmus (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
629Birds And The Bees 2, The - Antics (1984)(Bug-Byte Software)
630Birds And The Bees, The (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)
631Birds, The (1984)(Rabbit Software)
632Birthday Surprise (1992)(The Guild)
633Bismarck (19xx)(PSS)
634Bit Copierer (1984)(Real Roth)(UNK-LANG)
635Bite The Dust (1988)(Crash)
636Bitman (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
637Biz, The (1984)(Virgin Games)
638Black Arrow (1986)(Coyote Software)
639Black Crystal (1982)(Carnell Software)
640Black Crystal - Map 1 (1982)(Carnell Software)
641Black Crystal - Map 2 (1982)(Carnell Software)
642Black Friday (1983)(EMM Software)(De)
643Black Hawk (1984)(Creative Sparks)
644Black Hole (19xx)(-)
645Black Hole, The (19xx)(Quest Microsoftware)
646Black Knight Adventure (1988)(Mandy Rodrigues)
647Black Knight, The (1988)(Mandy Rodrigues)
648Black Lamp (1988)(Firebird)
649Black Magic (1987)(US Gold)
650Black Planet (1983)(Phipps Associates)
651Black Planet, The (Side A)
652Black Planet, The (Side B)
653Black Raven 2 - Animations 1 (1998)(Copper Feet)(Ru)
654Black Raven 2 - Animations 2 (1998)(Copper Feet)(Ru)
655Black Raven 2 - Animations 3 (1998)(Copper Feet)(Ru)
656Black Raven 2 - Animations 4 (1998)(Copper Feet)(Ru)
657Black Tiger (1989)(US Gold)
658Black Tower 2, The - A Serpentine Tale (1993)(Zenobi Software)
659Black Tower, The (1984)(Dollarsoft)
660Blackbeard (1989)(Dinamic)
661Blackjack (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
662Blade Alley (1983)(PSS)
663Blade Runner (1985)(CRL Group)
664Blade Warrior (1988)(Codemasters)
665Blaster (1985)(Ian Collier)
666Blasteroids (1987)(Image Works)
667Blazing Thunder (1990)(Hi-Tec)
668Blind Alley (1983)(Sunshine Books)
669Blind Panic (1988)(Your Sinclair - Martech)
670Blinky's Scary School (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
671Blip (1988)(Silverbird)
672Blitz (19xx)(-)
673Blitz Kings (19xx)(-)
674Blitzkrieg (1988)(CSS)
675Blizzard Pass (1986)(Adventuresoft UK)(128k)
676Blob Quest (1992)(Richard Swann)
677Blob The Cop (1989)(Sinclair User - Players)
678Block (1989)(Triton Software)(Sp)
679Block Buster (1984)(Compusound)
680Block Dizzy (1991)(Banzai Programming)
681Block Tetris (1994)(Dimik Soft)(Ru)
682Blockade Runner (1983)(Thorn EMI Video)
683Blockbusters (1987)(Domark)
684Blockbusters - Question Master (19xx)(-)
685Blocked In (19xx)(-)
686Blockus (1995)(Bitmunchers)(Ru)
687Blokman (19xx)(-)
688Blood 'n' Guts (1984)(Quicksilva)
689Blood Brothers (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)
690Blood Of Bogmole II - Zogan's Revenge (1986)(Compass)
691Blood Of Bogmole III - Wizard's Skull (1986)(Compass)
692Blood Of Bogmole III - Wizards Skull (1986)(Compass)
693Blood Of Bogmole, The (1986)(Compass)
694Blood Valley (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)
695Bloodwych (1990)(Mirrorsoft)
696Bloodwych - Level Data (1990)(Mirrorsoft)
697Bloodwych - The Game (1990)(Mirrorsoft)
698Bloody Eyes (19xx)(-)(Sp)
699Bloody Paws (1990)(Mar Entertainment)(Sp)
700Bloques (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
701Blow Out (1984)(Silverbird)
702Blue Max (1984)(US Gold)
703Blue Ribbon Pool (19xx)(-)
704Blue Thunder (1984)(Encore)
705Boat Run (1983)(-)
706Bob's Full House (1988)(Domark)
707Bob's Full House (Side A)
708Bob's Full House (Side B)
709Bobby Bearing (1986)(The Edge)
710Bobby Burgers (1984)(Load 'n' Run)
711Bobo - Stir Crazy (1989)(Infogrames)
712Bobsleigh (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
713Boby (1990)(Pilotsoft & Matysoft)(UNK-LANG)
714Bodeguer (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
715Bog Of Brit (1990)(Zenobi Software)
716Boggit, The (1986)(GI Games)
717Boggit, The , Sceptical II (1986)(Delta 4 - CRL Group)
718Boid (1992)(Sinclair User)
719Boiler House (1984)(Front Runner)
720Bolos (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
721Bomb Alley (1984)(Your Computer)
722Bomb Ed (1992)(Hellenic Software)
723Bomb Fusion (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
724Bomb Jack (1986)(Elite Systems)
725Bomb Jack II (1987)(Elite Systems)
726Bomb Scare (1986)(Firebird)
727Bombard (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
728Bombardeo (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
729Bomber (19xx)(-)
730Bomber Birds (1983)(Rabbit Software)
731Bomber Bob In Pentagon Capers (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)
732Bombero (1987)(Unicornio)(UNK-LANG)
733Bombfusion (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
734Bonanza Bros (19xx)(Erbe)
735Bones (1991)(Corporation As - Ds)(Ru)
736Bonkers (1983)(Procom Software)
737Bonus Game Or Dasher v1.00 (1996)(Merlin Software)
738Book Of The Dead, The (1987)(Essential Myth)
739Boomer (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
740Booty (1984)(Firebird)
741Bor Fies - Bug Eyes (1985)(Icon Software - Soft Well)(Sp)
742Border Harrier & Warlord (19xx)(SFl - Interceptor Micros)
743Border Harrier (1986)(SFL)
744Bored Of The Rings (1985)(Silversoft)
745Bored Of The Rings, Sceptical (1985)(Silversoft)
746Borer Deep (19xx)(Hopocrates Soft)
747Bosconian 87 (1987)(Mastertronic)
748Bosque (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
749Boulder Dash (1985)(First Star Software)
750Boulder Dash 2 - Rockford's Riot (1985)(First Star Software)
751Boulder Dash 3 (1986)(First Star Software)
752Boulder Dash 4 (1986)(Hill Conery & Roy Ferry)
753Boulder Dash 4 - Construction Kit (1986)(First Star Software)
754Boulder Dash 5 (1992)(First Star Software)
755Boulder Dash 6 (1992)(First Star Software)
756Bounces (1985)(Monolith)
757Bouncing Berty (1984)(Power Software)
758Bounder (19xx)(-)
759Bounty Bob Strikes Back (1984)(US Gold)
760Bounty Hunter (1989)(Codemasters)
761Bounty Hunter, The (1989)(River Software)
762Bow, The (1987)(Power House Software)
763Bowling 2000 (1992)(Proxima Software)(Sp)
764Boxer, The (1990)(Cult)
765Boxing (1984)(Silicon Joy)
766Boxing Manager (1988)(Cult)
767Boxing Manager II (1988)(D&H Games)
768Boyd File, The (19xx)(Zenobi Software)
769Boyerland (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
770Bozy Boa (1983)(CDS Microsystems)
771Brain Damage (1983)(Silversoft)
772Brain Sport (1991)(Your Sinclair)
773Brainache (1987)(Codemasters)
774Brainstorm (1987)(Firebird)
775Brat Attack (1988)(Players - Sinclair User)
776Brave Starr (1987)(Go!)
777Braxx Bluff (1984)(Micromega)
778Break Neck (1990)(Lucitania)
779Break Point - General Knowledge Edition (1987)(Airline)
780Break Thru (1986)(US Gold)
781Break-Away (1983)(Procom Software)
782Breaker, The (1987)(Juliet Software)
783Breakout (19xx)(-)
784Brewery (1983)(CCS)
785Brian & The Dishonest Politician (1992)(Zenobi Software)
786Brian Bloodaxe (1985)(The Edge)
787Brian Clough's Football Fortunes (1987)(CDS Microsystems)
788Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge - Events 1 (1985)(Martech Games)
789Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge - Events 1 (Side A)
790Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge - Events 2 (1985)(Martech Games)
791Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge - Events 2 (Side B)
792Brian The Bold (1985)(Central Solutions)
793Brickyard Bill (1989)(ZX Computing)
794Bride Of Frankenstein (1988)(Ariolasoft UK)
795Bridge Master (Tape 1 Side A)
796Bridge Master (Tape 1 Side B)
797Bridge Master (Tape 2 Side A)
798Bridge Master (Tape 2 Side B)
799Bridge Player 1 (1983)(C P Software)
800Bridge Player 2 (1983)(C P Software)
801Bridge Player 3 (1983)(C P Software)
802Bristles (1984)(Statesoft)
803British Super League (1989)(Cult)
804Bronx (1990)(Animagic)(Sp)
805Bronx Street Cop - Joystick (1989)(Mastertronic)
806Bronx Street Cop - Keyboard (1989)(Mastertronic)
807Bronx Street Cop - Lightgun (1989)(Mastertronic)
808Brook The Barbarian (1986)(Richard Silfverberg)
809Bruce Lee (1984)(US Gold)
810Brum Brum (1984)(Astor Software)(Sp)
811Bubble Bobble (1987)(Firebird)
812Bubble Bobble 2 (1990)(Ocean Software)
813Bubble Buster (1983)(Hudson Soft)
814Bubble Run (1986)(Tynesoft)
815Bubble Trouble (1987)(Your Sinclair)
816Bubbler (1987)(Ultimate)
817Buccaneer (1985)(Firebird)
818Buck Rogers - Planet Of Zoom (1985)(US Gold)
819Buddha Of Suburbia (1998)(Broadsoft)
820Budokan (19xx)(-)(Sp)
821Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (1989)(Tynesoft)(128k)
822Bug Blaster (1984)(Soft Sync)
823Bug Eyes (1985)(Icon Software)
824Bugaboo The Flea (1983)(Quicksilva)
825Buggy (1983)(-)
826Buggy Blast (1985)(Firebird)
827Buggy Blast - Gold Edition (1985)(Firebird)
828Buggy Boy (1988)(Elite Systems)
829Bugsy (1986)(CRL Group)
830Build A City (1983)(Aqua Soft)
831Bukapao - Dokonala Urazda II (1988)(Ultrasoft)
832Bulge, The (1985)(M.C. Lothlorien)
833Bulls And Cows (1995)(Virt Group)(Ru)
834Bulls Cows (1987)(WIN)(Ru)
835Bulls Eye (1984)(Macsen)
836Bump Set Spike (1986)(Mastertronic)
837Bumpy (1989)(Loriciels)
838Bumpy 128 (1989)(Loriciels)(Ru)
839Bungo's Quest For Gold (1987)(Gary Stimson)
840Bunker Swamp (1985)(Green Fish Software Enterprises)
841Bunny (1983)(Automata UK)
842Buon Natale (1984)(G.B. Max)(Sp)
843Buran (1990)(OMK Software)(Sp)
844Buratino (1993)(Copper Feet)(Ru)
845Bust Out (1986)(Amstrad)
846Butch - Hard Guy (1986)(Advance Software)
847Butcher Hill (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)
848Butterfly (1983)(Hugh Davis)
849Byegstvo Na Harhan (1998)(Air)(Ru)
850Byelyj Oryel - Tovaritch Izvyestyen (1998)(Fatality)(Ru)
851Byte Bitten (1984)(Firebird)
852Byte, The (1983)(CCS)
853C.P.U. Destroyer (19xx)(-)(It)
854C5 Clive (1985)(Scorpio Software)
855CAGD (19xx)(Klaus Jahn)
856CD Games Pack - Loader (19xx)(Codemasters)
857CD Player (1988)(Players)
858CJ In The USA (1991)(Codemasters)
859CJ's Elephant Antics (1991)(Codemasters)
860CORE - Cybernetic Organism Recovery Expedition (1986)(A & F Software)
861Cabal (1988)(Hit Squad)
862Caballos (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
863Caesar's Travels (1984)(Mirrorsoft)
864Cagara (1986)(Players)
865Calculo (19xx)(-)
866Calenda 3 (19xx)(-)
867Calendario (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
868California Games (1987)(Epyx)
869Call Me Psycho (1987)(Pirate Software)
870Calling Of The Demon, The (1987)(Visual Dimensions)
871Camelot (1983)(CCS)
872Camelot Warriors (1985)(Dinamic)(Sp)
873Campos De Energia (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
874Canasto Rebellion, The (1989)(Trevor Taylor)
875Cannibal Island (1986)(Live Wire Software)
876Cannibals (19xx)(-)
877Cannon Ball (1983)(Hudson Soft)
878Canyon Warrior (1989)(Mastertronic)(128k)
879Capitan Sevilla (1988)(Dinamic)(Sp)
880Capman (1983)(Your Computer)
881Captain America - Defies The Doom Tube (1988)(Go - Capcom)
882Captain Blood (1988)(ERE Informatique)
883Captain Dynamo (1992)(Codemasters)
884Captain Fizz Meets The Blastertrons (1989)(Psyclapse)(128k)
885Captain Kelly (1986)(Quicksilva)
886Captain Kook - The Earthdrop (1989)(Silent Corner)
887Captain Kook - The Orbit (1989)(Silent Corner)
888Captain Planet (1991)(Mindscape)
889Captain Pytron (1990)(Sinclair User)
890Car Chase (1982)(Simon Microsoft)
891Car Journey (1983)(Heinemann)
892Car-Hex (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
893Caramelos (1984)(Investronica)(Sp)
894Caratula (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
895Caratulas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
896Card Index (19xx)(-)
897Cards (19xx)(-)
898Cargo (1985)(Psion)
899Carlos Sainz (1990)(Zigurat)(Sp)
900Carnival (1984)(Eclipse Software)
901Carpet Capers (1984)(Terminal Software)
902Carrier Command (1989)(Rainbird Software)(128k)
903Cartridge Code (19xx)(-)
904Casanova (1988)(Iber Soft)(Sp)
905Cascade (1994)(Paul Howard)
906Casey Jones (1984)(Blaby Computer Games)
907Cash Cade (1990)(Fastback)
908Cashdash (19xx)(Tynesoft)
909Casino Royal (1984)(Oxford Computer Publications)
910Castilo (19xx)(UNK-LANG)
911Castle Adventure (1990)(GI Games)
912Castle Blackstar (1984)(CDS Microsystems)
913Castle Colditz (1983)(K-Tel Productions)
914Castle Eerie (1987)(Tartan Software)
915Castle Master (1990)(Incentive)
916Castle Master II - The Crypt (1990)(Incentive)
917Castle Of Doom (19xx)(-)
918Castle Of Dreams (1984)(Widget)
919Castle Quest (1984)(Scorpio Gamesworld)
920Castle Spellerous (19xx)(Blackboard Software)
921Castle Thade Revisited (1986)(S.A.E.C)
922Castle Warlock (19xx)(-)
923Castle, The (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)
924Catch 23 (1987)(Martech Games)
925Caterpillar (1983)(CDS Microsystems)
926Catwalk (1984)(Power Software)
927Cauldron (1985)(Palace)
928Cauldron II (1986)(Palace)
929Cave Fight (19xx)(-)
930Cavelon (1984)(Ocean Software)
931Caveman (1983)(CRL Group)
932Cavemania (1990)(Atlantis Software)
933Cavern Chaos (1985)(5D Software)
934Cavern Fighter (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)
935Caverna De Hielo (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
936Caves Of Doom, The (1985)(Mastertronic)
937Caves Of Skull, The (1995)(Dream World Adventures)
938Cavrl Janje (1984)(S. Radivojsa)(UNK-LANG)
939Ceasefire (19xx)(-)(Ru)
940Celestino (19xx)(-)
941Cell Of The Ridges (19xx)(-)
942Centipede (1983)(DK'Tronics)
943Centipod (19xx)(Challenge Software)
944Centronics Printer Software (1983)(DK'Tronics)
945Centropods (1983)(Rabbit Software)
946Cerius II - Interalia (1991)(Atlantis Software)
947Cerosfuncion (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
948Cesta Bojovnika (1989)(Ultrasoft)(Ru)
949Chain Reaction (1987)(Durell)
950Challenge Of Iythus, The (1988)(Creative Juices)(128k)
951Challenge Of The Gobots (1987)(Ariolasoft UK)(128k)
952Challenge, The (1987)(River Software)
953Chambers Of Death (1984)(Automata UK)
954Chambers Of Horrors (1984)(CRL Group)
955Chameleon Key, The (19xx)(Dream World Adventures)
956Champ, The (1991)(Linel Software)
957Championship Baseball (1987)(Activision)
958Championship Golf (1988)(D&H Games)
959Championship Jet Ski Simulator (Side A)
960Championship Jet Ski Simulator (Side B)
961Championship Soccer (19xx)(-)(128k)
962Championship Sprint (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)
963Championship Sprint - Track Editor (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)
964Changeling, The (1984)(M J Gearing)
965Chanick - Horror In Flat (1999)(Optical Brothers)(Ru)
966Chaos - The Battle Of The Wizards (1985)(Games Workshop)
967Chaos 2 - Battle In The Future (19xx)(Blindmouse)
968Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (1985)(Hill Macgibbon)
969Chase (19xx)(Stefan Benk)
970Chase HQ (1989)(Ocean Software)
971Chase HQ - Game (1989)(Ocean Software)(Side A)
972Chase HQ - Levels (1989)(Ocean Software)(Side B)
973Chase HQ (Side A)
974Chase HQ (Side B)
975Chase HQ 2 - Special Criminal Investigations (1990)(Ocean Software)(128k)
976Chaser (19xx)(Andrew Foord)(De)
977Chatbox (1983)(Cheetah)
978Chefs Mate II (1991)(Dominic Morris)
979Chequered Flag (1982)(Psion)
980Chequered Flag - Bandera A Cuadros (19xx)(Psion)(UNK-LANG)
981Chess (1983)(2.99)
982Chess - The Turk v1.3 (1982)(OCP)
983Chess Player, The (1982)(Quicksilva)
984Chess Tutor (1983)(Artic Computing)
985Chevy Chase (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
986Chicago 30 (1988)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
987Chicago 30's (1988)(US Gold)
988Chicago Gang (1984)(Scanner Productions)
989Chickin Chase (1985)(Firebird)
990Chiller (1985)(Mastertronic)
991Chimera (1985)(Firebird)
992Chinese Juggler, The (1984)(Ocean Software)
993Chinese Patience (1985)(Atlantis Software)
994Chip's Challenge (1990)(US Gold)(128k)
995Chiron (1988)(Crash)
996Cholo (1987)(Firebird)
997Chomper (1983)(ZX Computing)
998Chopper Duel (1997)(Star Group)
999Chopper Mission (1985)(Rai Software)
1000Chopper X-1 (1983)(R&R Software)
1001Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Warrior (1990)(Positive)(Sp)
1002Chred (1987)(Jury Nikolskiy)(Ru)
1003Chrobak Truhlik (1991)(Ultrasoft)(Sl)
1004Chronos - A Tapestry Of Time (1987)(Mastertronic)
1005Chubby Gristle (1988)(Grandslam - Your Sinclair)
1006Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer (1989)(Electronic Arts)
1007Chuckie Egg (1983)(A & F Software)
1008Chuckie Egg 2 - Choccy Egg (1985)(A & F Software)
1009Chuckman (1983)(Mastertronic)
1010Church Of Death (1992)(Sinclair User)
1011Church, The (19xx)(-)
1012Cicibanova Abeceda (1984)(Davor Bonacic)(Sl)
1013Cifromaniya (1998)(Area Soft)(Ru)
1014Cir$a (19xx)(Jordi Sales)(UNK-LANG)
1015Circulos, Cuadrados (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1016Circus (1983)(Digital Fantasia)
1017Circus Games (1988)(Tynesoft)
1018Cisco Heat (1991)(Image Works)
1019Citadel, The (1997)(Zenobi Software)
1020City (1983)(Terminal Software)
1021City Bomber (19xx)(Stephen Smith)
1022City Defender (19xx)(Vaba Software)(Sp)
1023City Lander (1983)(Sinclair User)(Sp)
1024City Of Death (1985)(Red Shift)
1025City Slicker (1986)(Hewson Consultants)
1026Ciudadela (1984)(USW)
1027Civil Service, The (1994)(Zenobi Software)
1028Classic Adventure (1982)(Abersoft)
1029Classic Arcadia (1990)(Alternative Software)
1030Classic Arcadia 2 (Side A)
1031Classic Arcadia 2 (Side B)
1032Classic Invaders (1988)(Alternative Software)
1033Classic Trainer (1989)(GTI Software)
1034Classic Trainer II (1990)(GTI Software)
1035Classroom Chaos (19xx)(-)
1036Clave (19xx)(Juan Palacio)(UNK-LANG)
1037Claws Of Despair, The (1986)(Players)
1038Clerics Quest (19xx)(-)
1039Clever & Smart (1987)(Magic Bytes)
1040Clickmania (1999)(Optical Brothers)
1041Cliff Hanger (1986)(New Generation Software)
1042Clone It (1983)(ASP)
1043Close-In (1983)(O.B.A)
1044Cloud 99 (1988)(Zenobi Software)
1045Cluedo (1985)(Leisure Genius)
1046Clutches Of The Balrog (19xx)(-)
1047Cobble 2 (1999)(Nagual)
1048Cobra (1986)(Ocean Software)
1049Cobra Force (1989)(Players)
1050Coches Locos (19xx)(-)(Sp)
1051Cock Attack (1985)(Rikta Software)
1052Code Book Caper, The (1984)(Scorpio Software)
1053Code Woord (1984)(Wolters Software)(Nl)
1054Code, The (1984)(Soft Concern)
1055Codename Mat (1984)(Micromega)
1056Codename Mat II (1985)(Domark)
1057Codigo Secreto (19xx)(-)
1058Codz80 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1059Coin Game (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1060Colditz (1984)(Phipps Associates)
1061Colditz Castle (1983)(Phipps Associates)
1062Colditz Story, The (1987)(Atlantis Software)
1063Colin The Cleaner (1987)(IJK Software)
1064Collision Course (1987)(Americana)
1065Collywobbles (1987)(Pirate Software)
1066Colony (1987)(Mastertronic)
1067Color (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1068Color Lines (19xx)(-)
1069Color Lines 2 (1996)(Entire Group)(Ru)
1070Colores (1984)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1071Colossal Adventure (1985)(Level 9 Computing)
1072Colossal Cave Adventure (1985)(Anubis Software)
1073Colosseum (1988)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
1074Colossus 4 Chess (1986)(CDS Microsystems)
1075Colossus Bridge (1986)(CDS Microsystems)
1076Colour Clash (1983)(Romik Software)
1077Colour Of Magic, The (1986)(Delta 4)
1078Colourthello 02 (1982)(ZX Computing)(De)
1079Columns (1991)(Piter Ltd.)(Ru)
1080Comando Quatro (1989)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)
1081Comando Tracer (1988)(Dinamic)
1082Combat Lynx (1984)(Durell)
1083Combat School (1987)(Ocean Software)
1084Combat Zone (1983)(Artic Computing)
1085Comecocos (19xx)(-)
1086Comecoquitos (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1087Comeme (19xx)(Pablo Ariza)(Sp)
1088Comet Encounter (1986)(Live Wire Software)
1089Comet Game, The (1986)(Firebird)
1090Commando (19xx)(Loriciels)
1091Commando Quatro (19xx)(-)
1092Compact (1985)(Your Computer)
1093Compactbyt (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1094Composer (19xx)(-)
1095Compositor (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1096Compress Copy (1988)(Dinosoft)
1097Computacalc Zx (19xx)(-)
1098Computer Christmas Card (19xx)(Virgin Software)
1099Computer Wordsearch (1985)(Softfirm)
1100Con-Quest (1986)(Mastertronic)
1101Condiciones Del Juego (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1102Confidential (1985)(Radar Games)
1103Confrontation (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)
1104Confrontation Scenarios - Volume 1 (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)
1105Confuzion (1985)(Incentive)
1106Conman The Barbaric (1991)(Your Sinclair - Northern Underground)
1107Connect 4 (19xx)(-)(Different)
1108Conquest (19xx)(-)
1109Conquest (Side A)
1110Conquest (Side B)
1111Conquestador (1986)(Erbe Software)
1112Contabilidad Domestica (19xx)(Microparadise Software)(UNK-LANG)
1113Contabilidad General (1983)(Investronica)(UNK-LANG)
1114Contabilidad Pers. v3 (1983)(Ventamatic)(Sp)
1115Contable (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1116Contact Sam Cruise (1986)(Microsphere)
1117Context (19xx)(Ventamatic)(Sp)
1118Context v6 (19xx)(-)
1119Continental Circus (1987)(Virgin Mastertronic)
1120Control De Stocks (19xx)(Microparadise Software)(UNK-LANG)
1121Control Stocks (1983)(Ventamatic)(Sp)
1122Control Trafico Ferroviario (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1123Conversor Hexa Decimel (19xx)(Quim Soft)(UNK-LANG)
1124Convert (1982)(Microl)(128k)
1125Conveyor Belt Capers (19xx)(Ian Brandon)
1126Convoy (1985)(Budgie Budget Software)
1127Convoy Raider (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
1128Cookie (1983)(Ultimate)
1129Cop Out (1986)(Mikro-Gen)
1130Copas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1131Copfm 3 (19xx)(-)
1132Copier Tr (1986)(T.R.C. Soft)(UNK-LANG)
1133Copius - Spellbound (1984)(Beyond Software - Gremlin Graphics)(Sp)
1134Copper (19xx)(Vectis)
1135Copta (1984)(Omega Soft)
1136Corporal Stone (1992)(Zenobi Software)
1137Corridors Of Genon (1983)(New Generation Software)
1138Corrupt (1990)(GLL Software)
1139Corruption (1984)(CRL Group)
1140Corya The Warrior Sage (1992)(The Guild)
1141Cosmazoigs (19xx)(-)(Cz)
1142Cosmic Cruiser (1984)(Imagine Software)
1143Cosmic Debris (1983)(Paxman)
1144Cosmic Guerilla (19xx)(-)
1145Cosmic Pirate (1989)(Byte Back)
1146Cosmic Raiders (19xx)(-)
1147Cosmic Sheriff (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)
1148Cosmic Shock Absorber (1986)(Martech Games)
1149Cosmic Wartoad (1985)(Erbe Software)
1150Cosmos (19xx)(Futuresoft)
1151Costa Capers (1985)(Firebird)
1152Count About (1983)(Longman)
1153Count Duckula (1989)(Alternative Software)
1154Count Duckula II (1992)(Alternative Software)
1155Count With Oliver - Lollipops (1984)(Mirrorsoft)
1156Count, The (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
1157Countdown (1985)(Macsen)
1158Countdown To The Death (1990)(MG Soft)
1159County Cricket (19xx)(Cult)
1160Covenant, The (1985)(PSS)
1161Cowboy Duel (19xx)(D.J. Stepanenko)
1162Cowboy Kidz (1989)(Byte Back)
1163Cowboy Shoot Up (19xx)(Program Power)
1164Cowl Index (1988)(Cowl Systems)(128k)
1165Crabs (1982)(JRS Software)
1166Crack City - Snow Dogs Trilogy (1989)(Zenobi Software)
1167Crack Down (1990)(US Gold)
1168Crack Down (Side A)
1169Crack Down (Side B)
1170Crack Up (1991)(Atlantis Software)
1171Cracker (1989)(Studak Software)
1172Craps (1982)(Micromega)
1173Crash Cars - Race Fun (19xx)(-)(It)
1174Crazy Balloons (1983)(A & F Software)
1175Crazy Bugs (1983)(AWA Software)
1176Crazy Cars (1988)(Titus)
1177Crazy Cars II (1988)(Titus)(128k)
1178Crazy Castles (1985)(Automata UK)
1179Crazy Caverns (1984)(Severn Software)
1180Crazy Climber (1984)(Ventamatic)(Sp)
1181Crazy Crane (1984)(Voyager Software)
1182Crazy Painter (1984)(Sinclair Programs)(Nl)
1183Crazy Penguin (1986)(CGS)(Sp)
1184Crazy Race (1982)(C-Tech)
1185Creepy Crawler (1983)(Mikro-Gen)
1186Creepy Dungeons (1985)(Automata UK)
1187Crete 1941 (1991)(CCS)
1188Crevasse & Hotfoot (1982)(Microsphere)
1189Cribbage (19xx)(Phil A. Erentz)
1190Cricket Captain (1988)(D & H Games)
1191Cricket Crazy (19xx)(Dreaming Djinn)
1192Cricket Master (19xx)(-)
1193Crime Busters (1988)(Players)
1194Crime Of The Santa Claus Deja Vu 1 (1996)(ETC Group)(Ru)
1195Crimen Perfecto (19xx)(-)(Sp)
1196Critical Mass (1985)(Durell)
1197Cromwell At War 1642 - 1645 (1991)(CCS)
1198Crossfire (1991)(Atlantis Software)
1199Crossing (19xx)(Molim Sacekajte)(Ru)
1200Crosswize (1988)(Firebird)
1201Crossword (1998)(Razzlers)(Ru)
1202Crown Jewels (19xx)(The Guild)
1203Crown Of Ramhotep, The (1987)(Tartan Software)
1204Crown Of Ramhotep, The - Introduction (1987)(Tartan Software)
1205Crown, The (1987)(Wrightchoice Software)
1206Cruising On Broadway (1983)(Sunshine Books)
1207Crusader, The (19xx)(Genesis Soft)
1208Crusher (1996)(Playgear)(Ru)
1209Crypts, The (1984)(Carnell Software)
1210Crystal Castles (1986)(US Gold)
1211Crystal Cavern, The (1988)(Handasoft)
1212Crystal Dream Members In East Ucrainian State University (19xx)(Crystal Dream)(Ru)
1213Crystal Frog, The (1984)(Kerian UK)
1214Crystal Of Chantie, The (1987)(Pelagon Software)
1215Crystal Of Power, The (1989)(Fantasy Software)
1216Crystal Orb, The (1984)(CRL Group)
1217Crystal Quest (1985)(Pocket Money Software)
1218Crystals (1984)(Yodasoft)
1219Crystals Of Doom (19xx)(Time Assasin)
1220Crystals Of Kings (1993)(Zenobi Software)
1221Csp 800 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1222Cubey (1984)(Chad Software)
1223Cubitoid (1987)(Grant Jaquest)
1224Cuddles (1984)(8th Day Software)
1225Cudesni Mac (1985)(Colic)(Ru)
1226Cue Boy (1992)(Codemasters)
1227Cuentas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1228Cuerpo Humano (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1229Cup Football (1988)(Cult)
1230Cup Manager (1990)(GTI Software)
1231Cup, The (1987)(Zenobi Software)
1232Curro Jimenez (1989)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)
1233Curse Of Calutha, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)
1234Curse Of Nimue, The (1995)(Zenobi Software)
1235Curse Of Shaleth, The (1986)(Central Solutions)
1236Curse Of Sherwood, The (1987)(Mastertronic)
1237Curse Of The Sand Witch (19xx)(Brown Software)
1238Curse Of The Serpents Eye (1993)(Martin Freemantle)
1239Custerd's Quest (1986)(Alpha Omega Software)
1240Cyber Rats (1983)(Silversoft)
1241Cyber Zone (1984)(Crystal Computing)
1242Cyberball (1990)(Hit Squad)
1243Cyberbig (1989)(Animagic)
1244Cybernation (1989)(Players)
1245Cybernoid (1988)(Hewson Consultants)
1246Cybernoid II (1988)(Hewson Consultants)
1247Cyberun, The (1985)(Ultimate)
1248Cybex (1987)(Pirate)
1249Cybo Run (1984)(Dixon's)
1250Cybotron (1983)(Micromania)(Sp)
1251Cycles, The (1989)(Accolade)
1252Cyclone (1985)(Vortex Software)
1253Cyclop's Lair, The (19xx)(-)
1254Cylu (1985)(Firebird)
1255Cyrox (1986)(The Power House)
1256Cyrus IS Chess (1983)(Psion)
1257D-Day (1984)(Games Workshop)
1258DJ Puff's Volcanic Eruption (1992)(Codemasters)
1259DNA Warrior (1989)(Cascade Games)
1260Dado (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1261Daemon (19xx)(Delta 3 Software)
1262Daley Thompson's Decathlon - Day 1 (1984)(Ocean Software)
1263Daley Thompson's Decathlon - Day 2 (1984)(Ocean Software)
1264Daley Thompson's Supertest (1985)(Hit Squad)
1265Daley Thompson's Supertest - Day 1 (1985)(Ocean Software)
1266Daley Thompson's Supertest - Day 2 (1985)(Ocean Software)
1267Dallas (1982)(CCS)
1268Dam Busters, The (1985)(US Gold)
1269Dama (19xx)(-)(Ru)
1270Damas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1271Damas Rev (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1272Dame (19xx)(-)(De)
1273Dammatta (1985)(Dammatta)(UNK-LANG)
1274Damned Forest, The (1988)(Cult)
1275Dan Dare - Pilot Of The Future (1986)(Virgin Games)
1276Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge (1988)(Virgin Games)
1277Dan Dare III - The Escape (1990)(Virgin Games)
1278Dandy (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)
1279Danger Adventurer At Work (1991)(The Guild)
1280Danger Esperar Creando Pantallas (1987)(Jorge Perez)(Sp)
1281Danger Mouse In Double Trouble (1984)(Creative Sparks)
1282Danger Mouse In Makin' Whoopee (1985)(Creative Sparks)
1283Danger Mouse In The Black Forest Chateau (1984)(Creative Sparks)(Ru)
1284Danger Mouse In The Black Forest Chateau (Side A)
1285Danger Mouse In The Black Forest Chateau (Side B)
1286Danger Street (1990)(Manuel Soft)(Cz)
1287Danger! Adventurer At Work! (1991)(The Guild)
1288Dangerous Gardens (1984)(CV Software)
1289Dark Castle - Gateway To Hell (1987)(Mark Crumby)
1290Dark Empire, The (1987)(M.C. Lothlorien)
1291Dark Fusion (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
1292Dark Gladiator, The (19xx)(FSF Adventures)(128k)
1293Dark Sceptre (1987)(Beyond)
1294Dark Side (1988)(Incentive)
1295Dark Sky Over Paradise v1.1 (1990)(Interactive Technology)
1296Dark Star (1985)(Design Design)
1297Dark Storm (1989)(Global Games)
1298Dark Tower, The (1992)(Zenobi Software)
1299Dark, The (1994)(Sergey Hanzis)(Ru)
1300Darkest Road 1, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)
1301Darkest Road 3, The - The Unborn One (1991)(Zenobi Software)
1302Darkman (1991)(Ocean Software)(128k)
1303Darts (1983)(Mr. Chip)
1304Dartz! (1984)(Automata UK)
1305Das Boersenspiel (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1306Datasette Legi (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1307Datus Destruidos (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1308David El Gnomo (19xx)(Soft Juliet)(UNK-LANG)
1309Davy Jones Locker (1987)(River Software)
1310Dawnssley (1987)(Top Ten Software)
1311Day Trip (19xx)(-)
1312Days Of Thunder (1990)(Mindscape)
1313De Antagonisten (1985)(Addison Wesley Productions)(Nl)
1314Deactivators (1986)(Ariolasoft UK)
1315Dead End (1990)(Interactive Technology)
1316Dead Enders (1989)(Top Ten Hits)
1317Dead Or Alive (1987)(Alternative Software)
1318Deadly Mission (1987)(John Henry Enterprises)
1319Deadly Silence (1991)(Elven Adventurers)
1320Deadringer (1987)(Reaktor)
1321Death Before Dishonour (1987)(Alternative Software)
1322Death Bringer (19xx)(The Guild)
1323Death Chess 5000 (1984)(Artic Computing)
1324Death Cruiser (1983)(Noble House Software)
1325Death Forest (19xx)(-)
1326Death Games - Part 1 (1997)(Werewolves)
1327Death In Russia 1941 (1986)(M.C. Lothlorien)
1328Death Or Glory (1987)(CRL Group)
1329Death Race (19xx)(-)
1330Death Reprieve & Time Machine (1984)(5D Software)
1331Death Stalker (1988)(Codemasters)
1332Death Star (1984)(Rabbit Software)
1333Death Star Battle (19xx)(-)
1334Death Star Interceptor (1985)(System 3)
1335Death Wake (1985)(Quicksilva)
1336Death Wish 3 (1986)(Gremlin Graphics)
1337Death Zone (1989)(Sinclair User)(Ru)
1338Deathball 2000 (1986)(Alpha-Omega Software)
1339Deathscape (1987)(Ariolasoft UK)
1340Debug A$ (1987)(Claus Jahn)
1341Decor Wreckers (1984)(Scorpio Software)
1342Decsumat Loader (1987)(Svet Kompjutera)(UNK-LANG)
1343Deek's Deeds (1991)(Zenobi Software)
1344Deep Space (1984)(PSS)
1345Deep Strike (1986)(Encore)
1346Deep, The (1988)(US Gold)
1347Defcom (1986)(Quicksilva)
1348Defcom 1 (1989)(Iber Soft)
1349Defence (19xx)(Robert Gay)(UNK-LANG)
1350Defenda (1984)(Interstella Software)
1351Defender (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1352Defender Of The Crown (1989)(The Cat)
1353Defenders Of The Earth (1990)(Enigma Variations)
1354Defenders Of The Earth (Side A)
1355Defenders Of The Earth (Side B)
1356Defensa De La Ciudad (19xx)(Spectrum)(UNK-LANG)
1357Deflator (19xx)(Garry Rowland)
1358Deflektor (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
1359Defusion & Worms (1984)(K-Tel)
1360Defusion (1984)(K-Tel)
1361Deja Vu - The Remix (1990)(Andrew Daly)
1362Delfox (1988)(Dinamic)(Sp)
1363Deliverer 2 - Escape To Eskelos (1987)(Brian Parks)
1364Delta (1990)(Thalamus)
1365Delta Wing (1986)(Mastertronic)
1366Delta Wing - 1 Player (Side A)
1367Delta Wing - 2 Player (Side B)
1368Demigod (1989)(Softel)
1369Demolition (19xx)(Joseph Duffy)(De)
1370Demon (19xx)(-)
1371Demon Driver (1983)(Swap)(De)
1372Demon From The Darkside (1986)(Compass)
1373Demon From The Darkside II - The Golden Mask (1987)(Compass)
1374Demon From The Darkside III - The Devil's Hand (1988)(Compass)
1375Demon From The Darkside IV - Shadows Of The Past (1988)(Compass)
1376Demon Lord - The Forbidden Forest (1984)(Javlin Software)
1377Demon Lord - The Fortress Of Fear (1984)(Javlin Software)
1378Demon Slayer (1991)(Your Sinclair)
1379Demon's Revenge (1988)(Firebird)
1380Demonslair (1987)(Gad Shaw)
1381Denis Through The Drinking Glass (1983)(Gilsoft International)
1382Denis v1.1 (19xx)(-)
1383Denizen (1988)(Players Premier)
1384Depth Of Field (19xx)(-)
1385Der Screen Merger (1984)(Spectra Computing)(De)
1386Derby Day (1982)(CRL Group)
1387Descent (1995)(7 Gods)
1388Desensa 2 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1389Desensamblador (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1390Desert Burner (1985)(Creative Sparks)
1391Desert Island (19xx)(G.I. Games)
1392Desert Patrol (1982)(CRL Group)
1393Desert Rats (1985)(CSS)
1394Designer's Pencil, The (1984)(Activision)
1395Desmond & Gertrude (1991)(Zenobi Software)
1396Desolator (1988)(US Gold)
1397Desperado (1987)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
1398Desperado II (1987)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
1399Destroyer (1983)(Impact Software)
1400Destruction Of The Galactic Empire, The (19xx)(David Ashton & Grant Wilson)
1401Destructor (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1402Destructors (1994)(Renegade Software)(Ru)
1403Destrux (1990)(Your Sinclair)
1404Detective (1983)(Gary Gates)
1405Detective, The (19xx)(The Guild)
1406Determinante (1983)(Hans-Peter Frings Software)(UNK-LANG)
1407Detornator (1988)(Impact Software)
1408Deus Ex Machina (1984)(Automata UK)
1409Devastating Blow - 1 Player (1991)(Beyond Belief)
1410Devastating Blow - 2 Player (1991)(Beyond Belief)
1411Deviants (1987)(Players)
1412Devil Diver (1984)(DK'Tronics)
1413Devil Rides In, The (1983)(Carnell Software)
1414Devil's Crown, The (1985)(Mastertronic)
1415Devil's Descent, The (1987)(Video Vault)
1416Devil's Island (1983)(Gilsoft International)
1417Devils Of The Deep (1983)(Richard Shepherd Software)
1418Devils Sceptre (19xx)(-)
1419Diablo (1988)(Nebula Design Software)
1420Diamantes (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1421Diamond (1998)(Dr. Laser)(Ru)
1422Diamond Trail (1983)(Gilsoft International)
1423Diamonds (1986)(Bill Gilbert)
1424Diamonds Downfall (1994)(Power)
1425Diamonds, The (1986)(Steve Brown)
1426Diarmid (1993)(Zenobi Software)
1427Dib-Mat (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1428Dibujo (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1429Dice (1983)(EMM Software)(De)
1430Dick Tracy (1990)(Titus)
1431Dick Turpin (1985)(B J Curtis)
1432Dickie Diver (1983)(Quickbeam Software)
1433Dictator (1983)(DK'Tronics)
1434Dictator 2 (19xx)(Last Masters Group)(Ru)
1435Didaktik M Intro Tape (1990)(Didaktik - Ultrasoft)(Sl)
1436Die Alien Slime (1985)(Mastertronic)
1437Die Feuerfaust - The Fist Of Fire (19xx)(FSF Adventures)
1438Diet Diet Diet (19xx)(DK'Tronics)
1439Dietas Salut (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1440Dietetic (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1441Dietron (1983)(CustomData)
1442Digger Dan (1983)(Ocean Software)
1443Digitiser (19xx)(-)
1444Dilithium Lift (1983)(Hewson Consultants)
1445Dimension Destructors (1983)(Artic Computing)
1446Dina Blaster (1995)(Legion Of Steel Warriors)(Ru)
1447Dining (19xx)(-)
1448Dinky Digger (1983)(Postern)
1449Dinosaurs (1993)(Propaganda - THD)
1450Diosa De Cozumel (1990)(Adventuras Ad)(Sp)
1451Direct Current Electricity (1983)(SciCAL)
1452Dirt Track Racer (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
1453Disappear Balls v1.2 (1995)(Binary Masters)(Ru)
1454Disco (1985)(N. Stuart)
1455Disco Dan (1986)(Psion)
1456Discs Of Death (1985)(Artic Computing)
1457Dispel (1984)(Primoz Jakopin)(UNK-LANG)
1458Distron (1983)(DK'Tronics)
1459Dizzy 7 - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (1992)(Codemasters)
1460Dizzy A (2000)(Rezident)(Ru)
1461Dizzy CS (1992)(+Gama Soft)(Cz)
1462Dizzy Dice (1986)(Players)
1463Dizzy II - Treasure Island Dizzy (1988)(Codemasters)
1464Dizzy III - Fantasy World Dizzy (1989)(Codemasters)
1465Dizzy Last Will (1993)(Oleg Moskalenko)
1466Dizzy New (1993)(N. Kutin - D. Paltusov)(Ru)
1467Dizzy V - Spellbound Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)(128k)
1468Dizzy VI - Prince Of The Yolkfolk (1991)(Codemasters)
1469Dizzy VII - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (1992)(Codemasters)
1470Dizzy VIII - Little Joke (1992)(P.A. Soft)
1471Dizzy Warehouse (1996)(Yury Schapov)
1472Dizzy X - Journey To Russia (1994)(Speed Code)(Ru)
1473Dizzy Y - Return To Russia (1995)(Speed Code)(Ru)
1474Dj Puff's Volcanic Eruption (1992)(Codemasters)
1475Djevojka - The Western Girl (19xx)(Sp)
1476Dlan 48k (1983)(Campbell Systems)
1477Do-Do & The Sno-Bees (1983)(Blaby Computer Games)
1478Doc The Destroyer (1987)(Melbourne House)
1479Docking (1984)(Your Computer)
1480Doctor Goo And The Samorons (Side A)
1481Doctor Goo And The Samorons (Side B)
1482Doctor Mario (19xx)(Romanic Warriors)(Ru)
1483Dodge City - Action Game (1983)(Phoenix Software)
1484Dodge City - Adventure Game (1983)(Phoenix Software)
1485Dodgems (19xx)(P. Tolland)
1486Dodgy Geezers (1986)(Melbourne House)
1487Dodgy's Castle (19xx)(-)
1488Dog Weazle - The Megaventure (1986)(Melbourne House)
1489Dogboy, The (1985)(GI Games)
1490Dogfight 2187 (1987)(Starlight Software)
1491Dogsbody To The Rescue (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)
1492Dollars In The Dust (1985)(Pelagon Software)
1493Dome Trooper (1986)(Matand Software)
1494Domes Of Sha, The (1988)(River Software)
1495Dominator (1989)(System 3 Software)
1496Domine (19xx)(Moj Mikro)(Ru)
1497Domino (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1498Dominoes (19xx)(-)
1499Don Quijote (1987)(Dinamic)(Sp)
1500Don't Panic (1985)(Firebird)
1501Donkey Kong (1986)(Ocean Software)
1502Doolhof (19xx)(-)
1503Doom Mania (1996)(Syndicate)
1504Doombase (1986)(Creative Sparks)
1505Doomdark's Revenge (1985)(Beyond)
1506Doomdark's Revenge Editor (1985)(Beyond)
1507Doomdark's Revenge Editor v3A (19xx)(-)
1508Doomsday (1991)(Reliigion Software)(128k)
1509Doomsday Castle (1983)(Fantasy Software)
1510Doomsday Papers, The (1986)(Matand Software)
1511Doomskulle (1989)(Crash)
1512Dots (1982)(Simon Micro Soft)
1513Dotty (1984)(Dollarsoft)
1514Double (1996)(Data Masters Software)
1515Double Agent (1987)(Tartan Software)
1516Double Dare (1991)(Alternative Software)
1517Double Dash (1990)(Proxima Software)
1518Double Dragon (1988)(Mastertronic)
1519Double Dragon II - The Revenge (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
1520Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone (1991)(Storm Software)(128k)
1521Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone (Side A)
1522Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone (Side B)
1523Double Play Adventure 03 - Crystal Quest (Side B)
1524Double Play Adventure 03 - Time Quest (Side A)
1525Double Play Adventure 04 - The Golden Rose (Side B)
1526Double Play Adventure 04 - Urquahart Castle (1986)(Double Play Adventures)(Side A)
1527Double Play Adventure 05 - Sea Of Zirun (1986)(Double Play Adventures)(Side A)
1528Double Play Adventure 05 - The Eye Of Vartan (1986)(Double Play Adventures)(Side B)
1529Double Play Adventure 06 - The Moreby Jewels (Side A)
1530Double Play Adventure 06 - To The Manor Bourne (Side B)
1531Double Play Adventure 07 - A Tangled Tale (Side B)
1532Double Play Adventure 07 - The Hexagonal Museam (1986)(Double Play Adventures)(Side A)
1533Double Play Adventure 08 - Dragon Slayer (Side B)
1534Double Play Adventure 08 - The Wizard's Scrolls (1986)(Double Play Adventures)(Side A)
1535Double Play Adventure 09 - Orc Island (1986)(Double Play Adventures)(Side A)
1536Double Play Adventure 09 - The Swamp (1986)(Double Play Adventures)(Side B)
1537Double Play Adventure 11 - Commando (1986)(Double Play Adventures)(Side A)
1538Double Play Adventure 11 - Operation Turtle (1986)(Double Play Adventures)(Side B)
1539Double Play Adventure 12 - Alter Earth (1986)(Double Play Adventures)(Side A)
1540Double Play Adventure 12 - Earth Bound (1986)(Double Play Adventures)(Side B)
1541Double Take (1986)(Ocean Software)
1542Double Tetris (1996)(Mas)(Ru)
1543Double, The (1987)(Summit)
1544Down To Earth (1987)(Firebird)
1545Down Town (1991)(Atlantis Software)
1546Down Under (1984)(Hanseoft Gmbh)(De)
1547Dr. Franky And The Monster (1984)(Virgin Games)
1548Dr. Genius (1984)(Loriciels)(Fr)
1549Dr. Jackle And Mr Wide (1986)(Mastertronic)
1550Dr. Jekyl und die Geheimformal (1985)(Potz Blitz)(De)
1551Dr. Jekyll And Mr Hyde - A Gothic Nightmare - Denouement (1988)(Essential Myth)
1552Dr. Jekyll And Mr Hyde - A Gothic Nightmare - Dichotomies (1988)(Essential Myth)
1553Dr. Jekyll And Mr Hyde - A Gothic Nightmare - Duplicity (1988)(Essential Myth)
1554Dr. Jekyll And Mr Hyde - A Gothic Nightmare (Side A)
1555Dr. Jekyll And Mr Hyde - A Gothic Nightmare (Side B)
1556Dr. Maddo (1986)(US Gold)
1557Dr. Scroll (1989)(Digital Image)
1558Dr. What (1986)(CRL Group)
1559Dr. Who - Dalek Attack (1992)(Alternative Software)
1560Draconus (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
1561Dracula - The Arrival (1986)(CRL Group)
1562Dracula - The First Night (1986)(CRL Group)
1563Dracula - The Hunt (1986)(CRL Group)
1564Dragnet (19xx)(-)
1565Dragon Breed (1989)(Activision)
1566Dragon Breed (Side A)
1567Dragon Breed (Side B)
1568Dragon Ninja (1988)(Imagine Software)
1569Dragon Of Notacare, The (1986)(David Edgar)
1570Dragon Spirit (1989)(Domark)
1571Dragon Star Trilogy, The (19xx)(GI Games)
1572Dragon Torc (1985)(Hewson Consultants)
1573Dragon's Lair (1984)(Software Projects)
1574Dragon's Lair II - Escape From Singe's Castle (1987)(Encore)
1575Dragon's Lair II - Escape From Singe's Castle (Side A)
1576Dragon's Lair II - Escape From Singe's Castle (Side B)
1577Dragonfire (1983)(Imagic)
1578Dragonia (1987)(Astros Productions)
1579Dragons Bane (1983)(Quicksilva)
1580Dragons Crypt (1987)(Venom Games)
1581Dragons Lair (19xx)(-)(Different)
1582Dragons Of Flame (1990)(US Gold)
1583Dragonsbane (1983)(Quicksilva)
1584Drak Maze (1984)(Mikro-Gen)
1585Drakkar (1989)(Diabolic)
1586Draughts (19xx)(A.M. Scott)
1587Draughts Genius (1987)(Rack It)
1588Draughts v2 (1983)(P. Macey)
1589Drawer (19xx)(Corel Software)
1590Dreadnoughts (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)
1591Dream Warrior (1988)(US Gold)
1592Dreamare (1991)(Global Games)
1593Driller (1987)(Incentive)
1594Driller - Sneak Preview (1987)(Incentive)
1595Driller Tanks (1983)(Hudson Soft)
1596Drinker, The (1986)(Suzy Soft)(UNK-LANG)
1597Drive In (1984)(Fantasy Software)
1598Droids (1986)(G.B. Max Software)(Sp)
1599Droidz (1988)(Silverbird)
1600Drug Watch (1985)(Nottinghamshire Constabulary)
1601Druid (1986)(Firebird)
1602Druid 2 - Enlightenment (1986)(Firebird)
1603Druids Moon (1987)(Alternative Software)
1604Drum Machine, The (19xx)(-)
1605Drunk Policeman (1985)(Automata UK)
1606Duck Out (1989)(Josko Soft)
1607Duct, The (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
1608Duel, The (1989)(Accolade)
1609Duet - Commando 87 (1987)(Elite Systems)
1610Duggy (19xx)(-)(De)
1611Duke Bluebeard's Castle (1985)(M 42 Software)
1612Dukes Of Hazzard (1985)(Elite Systems)
1613Dun Darach (1985)(Gargoyle Games)
1614Dungeon Adventure (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
1615Dungeon Danny (1984)(Temptation Software)
1616Dungeon Dare (19xx)(Richard Wright)
1617Dungeon Master, The (1983)(Crystal Computing)
1618Dungeon Master, The - Dungeon Creation Program (1983)(Crystal Computing)
1619Dungeon Of Torgar, The (19xx)(The Guild)
1620Dungeon, The (1984)(D. Newton)
1621Dungeons & Dragons Character Creator (1986)(S. Davis)
1622Dungeons Of Doom (1984)(Temptation Software)
1623Dungeons Of Maldread, The (1995)(Zenobi Software)
1624Dunlop 911TS (1985)(Elite Systems)
1625Dunshalt Donut, The (1984)(Anubis Software)
1626Duplitape (19xx)(Microhobby)(Sp)
1627Durak (1991)(Copper Feet)(Ru)
1628Durak 2 (1994)(New Hakers-Krouwait System)(Ru)
1629Dusk Over Elfinton (1987)(Skyslip Software)
1630Dustbin Spectrum Incriptor (1985)(Amsoft)
1631Dustin (1988)(Dinamic)(Sp)
1632Dustin - The Game (1986)(Dinamic)
1633Dwarfs Domain (1984)(King Soft)
1634Dyna Star (1988)(Pirate Software)(128k)
1635Dynamic Duo (1989)(Firebird)
1636Dynamite Dan (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
1637Dynamite Dan II - Dr Blitzen And The Islands Of Arcanum (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
1638Dynamite Dux (1989)(Activision)
1639Dynamix (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
1640Dynasty Wars (1990)(US Gold)
1641Dynatron Mission (1987)(Mastertronic)
1642E-Motion (1990)(US Gold)
1643E.T. (1983)(Macronics Systems)
1644ETX - The Extra Terrestrial Xargon (1983)(Abbex Electronics)
1645Eagle (19xx)(Juliet Software)(Sp)
1646Early Punctuation (1983)(Psion)
1647Earth Defence (1984)(Artic Computing)
1648Earth Shaker (1990)(Micheal Batty)
1649Earth Shock (1986)(8th Day Software)
1650Earth War (19xx)(Fanat & Co.)
1651Earthlight (1988)(Nexus)
1652East Enders (1987)(Macsen Software)
1653Easy Ledger (1984)(Gemini Marketing)
1654Easy Speak (1982)(Quicksilva)
1655Echelon (1988)(US Gold)
1656Eclipse (1990)(Zenobi Software)
1657Edd The Duck (1990)(Impulse Games)
1658Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (1984)(Martech Games)
1659Edit M (1987)(Kapyrin M.W)(UNK-LANG)
1660Edit Sampler (1990)(Proxima Software)
1661Edit Sampler v1.2 (1990)(MS-CID)
1662Editas Assembler (1983)(Oxford Computer Publications)
1663Editor 48 (19xx)(-)
1664Editor De Codigo Maquina (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1665Egg, The (1985)(Automata UK)
1666Eh Dollah (19xx)(-)
1667Eight Cards Patience (19xx)(-)
1668Eights (1985)(Atlantis Software)
1669El Avatar (1984)(Francisco Romero)(It)
1670El Capitan Trueno (1989)(Dinamic)
1671El Cid (1988)(Dinamic)(Sp)
1672El Constructor (19xx)(Ventamatic)
1673El Dorado (19xx)(-)
1674El Hedor Del Dinero (1993)(J.P.L.)
1675El Juego De Los Barcos (1983)(C&C Software)(UNK-LANG)
1676El Loto (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1677El Mundo Perdido (1988)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
1678El Poder Oscuro (1988)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)
1679Election (1984)(Mastertronic)
1680Electro (1984)(5D Software)
1681Electro Bingo (1989)(Sinclair User)
1682Electro Bingo II (1989)(Sinclair User)
1683Electro Bingo III (1989)(Sinclair User)
1684Electrocal (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1685Electronic Music Machine (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1686Electronics (1982)(FV)
1687Elektro Storm (1983)(PSS)
1688Elevator Action (1987)(Quicksilva)
1689Elevator Boy (1988)(MMG)
1690Eleventh Hour, The (19xx)(Terry Braverman)
1691Elfin Wars, The (19xx)(Zenobi Software)
1692Elfindor (1990)(Zenobi Software)
1693Eliminator (1988)(Hewson Consultants)
1694Elite (1986)(Firebird)
1695Elite - Joystick Club Version (1985)(Firebird)
1696Elite 3 (1993)(THD)
1697Elite Service (1993)(THD)(Ru)
1698Eliza The Therapist (19xx)(-)
1699Ellisnore Diamond, The (1992)(Zenobi Software)
1700Elven Warrior (1989)(Players Premier)
1701Embassy Assault (1982)(Psion)
1702Emerald Elf, The (1995)(Zenobi Software)
1703Emerald Isle (1985)(Level 9 Computing)
1704Emilio Butraguemo (1988)(Ocean Software)(Sp)
1705Emilio Butraguemo II - Entrenamiento (1989)(Ocean Software)(128k)(Sp)
1706Emilio Sanchez Vicario Grand Slam (1990)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)
1707Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (1989)(Audiogenic Software)
1708Empire (1986)(Firebird)
1709Empire Fights Back, The (1985)(Mastertronic)
1710Enchanted (1989)(KFR Soft)(Sp)
1711Enchanted Cottage, The (1992)(River Software)
1712Encounter (1983)(Severn Software)
1713Encyclopedia Of War - Ancient Battles - Main Game (1988)(CCS)
1714Encyclopedia Of War - Ancient Battles - Scenarios (1988)(CCS)
1715End Is Nigh, The - Interstellar Zone (1994)(Zenobi Software)
1716End Is Nigh, The - Subterranean Zone (1994)(Zenobi Software)
1717End Is Nigh, The - The Victorian Zone (1994)(Zenobi Software)
1718End Zone (1989)(Alternative Software)
1719Endurance (1985)(CRL Group)
1720Enduro (1984)(Activision)
1721Enduro Racer (1987)(Activision)
1722Endzone (1989)(Alternative Software)
1723Energy (1987)(Mastertronic)
1724Energy 30000 (19xx)(ELM Computers)
1725Energy Fields (19xx)(-)
1726Energy Warrior (1987)(1001 Limited)
1727Enforcer 2 (1988)(Brown Software)
1728Engineer Humpty (1984)(Artic Computing)
1729Engleski (1986)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1730Engleski Jezik (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1731English Literature 1 (1982)(Psion)
1732English Spanish Dictionary For Beginners (19xx)(Microparadise Software)
1733Enigma Force (1985)(Beyond)
1734Enigma Tape Magazine 09 (1990)(E.S.D.)
1735Enter At Your Own Risk (1988)(Teenware)
1736Enterprise (19xx)(-)(De)
1737Envelope, The (1984)(Yodasoft)
1738Equinox (1986)(Mikro-Gen)
1739Era Of Enchantment (1988)(Sacred Scrolls)
1740Eric And The Floaters (1983)(Hudson Soft)
1741Eric Bristow's Pro Darts (1984)(Quicksilva)
1742Erik - The Phantom Of The Opera (1987)(Crysys)
1743Erik The Viking (1985)(Level 9 Computing)
1744Erosmach (1985)(Point & Click)(Sp)
1745Error (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1746Escape (1987)(Tartan Software)
1747Escape From Arkaron (Side A)
1748Escape From Arkaron (Side B)
1749Escape From Castle (1988)(Jioi Chabek)(Cz)
1750Escape From Colditz (1982)(Martin Malley)
1751Escape From Devil's Island (19xx)(-)
1752Escape From Hodgkin's Manor (19xx)(Zenobi Software)
1753Escape From Krakatoa (1983)(Abbex Electronics)
1754Escape From Magic (19xx)(Eric Stewart)
1755Escape From Malachor (19xx)(-)
1756Escape From Malagar (19xx)(-)
1757Escape From Sylon 6 (19xx)(C & S Woodhouse)
1758Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters (1990)(Domark)
1759Escape Into Space (1987)(Kelsoft)
1760Escape MCP (1983)(Rabbit Software)
1761Escape To Eskolos (1987)(Gilsoft International)
1762Escaping Habit, The (19xx)(Zenobi Software)
1763Eskimo Capers (1984)(Power Software)
1764Eskimo Eddie (1984)(Ocean Software)
1765Espace (19xx)(-)(128k)
1766Espace 2000 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1767Espirales (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1768Ethnipod (1991)(Your Sinclair)
1769Etiuda (1986)(Krakow)(UNK-LANG)
1770Eugene - Lord Of The Bathroom (1999)(Manic Miner Mythologies)
1771Eunuch's Ball, The (1995)(Adventure Workshop)
1772Eureka (1984)(Domark)
1773Euro Boss (1991)(Challenge Software)
1774Euro Soccer (19xx)(-)(128k)
1775Europa (1985)(Argus Press Software)
1776European II (1986)(E&J Software)
1777European Soccer Challenge (19xx)(Players Premier)
1778European Superleague (1991)(C.D.S. Microsystems)(128k)
1779Eurorun (19xx)(Xenon)
1780Eve (1986)(-)
1781Evening Star (1987)(Hewson Consultants)
1782Events In British History (19xx)(-)
1783Everest Ascent (1983)(Richard Shepherd Software)
1784Every Second Counts (1988)(Domark)
1785Everyone's A Wally (1985)(Mikro-Gen)
1786Evesham Micro-Centre - Interface 3 v1.1 (19xx)(Draysoft)
1787Evil Crown (1985)(Argus Press Software)
1788Evil Dead, The (1984)(Palace)
1789Excalibur - Sword Of Kings (1987)(Alternative Software)
1790Exiled (1992)(Your Sinclair)
1791Exodus (1984)(Firebird)
1792Exolon (1987)(Hewson Consultants)
1793Exoter (1987)(Cybexlab Software)(Cz)
1794Exotron (1985)(Carrium Software)
1795Expedice (1991)(Proxima)(Cz)
1796Expert (19xx)(OKF)
1797Explode v3.1 (1989)(Homesoft)(Sp)
1798Exploding Wall (1989)(Byte Back)
1799Exploits Of Alky Ollie, The (1986)(Firecracker)
1800Explorador (1984)(Microparadise)(Sp)
1801Explorer (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)
1802Express Raider (1987)(US Gold)
1803Exterminator (1983)(Silversoft)
1804Extreme (1991)(Digital Integration)
1805Extricator 2, The - The Energem Enigma (1990)(GI Games)
1806Extricator, The (1986)(Precision Games)
1807Eye Of The Star Warrior, The (1983)(Carnell Software)
1808F Disk Editor (1988)(Igor)
1809F-15 Strike Eagle (1986)(Microprose Software)
1810F-16 Combat Pilot (1991)(Digital Integration)
1811F-16 Fighting Falcon (1990)(Mastertronic)
1812F-19 Stealth Fighter (1990)(Microprose)
1813F1 Tornado Simulator (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
1814FA Cup Football (1987)(Virgin Games)
1815FBI-13 (19xx)(Black Eagle Company)
1816FIRE (1988)(Fuxoft)(128k)
1817Fabled Black Rose, The (1994)(Dream World Adventures)
1818Fabled Treasure Of Koosar (1992)(The Guild)
1819Factory Breakout (1984)(Poppy Soft)
1820Fadescreen (19xx)(-)
1821Faerie (1985)(8th Day Software)
1822Faerie (Side A)
1823Faerie (Side B)
1824Fahrenheit 3000 (1985)(Silverbird)
1825Fairlight - A Prelude (1986)(The Edge)
1826Fairlight 2 - A Trail Of Darkness (1986)(The Edge)
1827Fairly Difficult Mission (1988)(Zodiac Software)
1828Fairshare (1984)(Griffin Software)
1829Fakultet (1987)(Ribic Samir)(Bo)
1830Falcon - The Renegade Lord (1987)(Virgin Games)
1831Falcon Patrol II (1985)(Virgin Games)
1832Falklands 82 (1986)(PSS)
1833Fall Guy, The (1986)(Elite Systems)
1834Fall Of Rome, The (1984)(Argus Press Software)
1835Fallen Angel (19xx)(Paradox)
1836Famous Five, The - Five On A Treasure Island (1990)(Enigma Variations)
1837Fanky Punky (1987)(Genesis Software)
1838Fantasia (1983)(Rabbit Software)
1839Fantasia Diamond (1984)(Hewson Consultants)
1840Fantastic Adventure (1991)(Master Games)(UNK-LANG)
1841Fantastic Voyage (1984)(Quicksilva)
1842Fantasy (19xx)(-)
1843Fantasy - An Adult Game (1987)(R 'n' H Microtec)
1844Fantasy Zone 2 (19xx)(-)(128k)
1845Fantomas (1984)(G.B. Max)(Sp)
1846Fanty (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
1847Fargo Wells (1988)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
1848Farmer Horace (1983)(CCS)
1849Fast & The Furious, The (1987)(Ernieware)
1850Fast Breed (1998)(Master Home Computers Group)
1851Fast Food Dizzy (1989)(Codemasters)
1852Fastform (19xx)(-)
1853Fat Worm Blows A Sparky (1985)(Durell)
1854Father Of Darkness (1986)(Central Solutions)
1855Faulty Towers (1984)(Harbour Soft)
1856Faust's Folly (1983)(Abbex Electronics)
1857Fearless Frank (1984)(Visions Software)
1858Federation (1988)(CRL Group)
1859Feline Sleepy (19xx)(Edwina Brown)
1860Fergus Furgleton (1987)(Infected Software)
1861Fernandez Must Die (1988)(Mirrorsoft)
1862Fernando Martin Basket Master (1987)(Dinamic)(Sp)
1863Festung (19xx)(-)(De)
1864Feud (1987)(Mastertronic)
1865Fido (1985)(Wildest Dreams)
1866Fido 2 - Puppy Power (1985)(Wildest Dreams)
1867Fifth Quadrant, The (1987)(Bubble Bus Software)
1868Figgins Chess (1987)(Figgins)
1869Fighter (1983)(Werner Spahl)(De)
1870Fighter Bomber (1990)(Activision)
1871Fighter Pilot (1983)(Digital Integration)
1872Fighting Soccer (1988)(Activision)
1873Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)
1874Figus 128 (1998)(Image Crew)
1875File Card (19xx)(Daniel Sailer)
1876Fill (19xx)(-)
1877Filla (19xx)(-)
1878Filler (1996)(Goblin Graphics)
1879Fillers (1995)(Oleg Sergeyev)
1880Final Accounts (1984)(Gemini Marketing)
1881Final Assault (1988)(US Gold)(128k)
1882Final Battle, The (1993)(Dream World Adventures)
1883Final Chorus, The (1995)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
1884Final Matrix, The (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
1885Finance Manager (1983)(Oxford Computer Publishing)
1886Finders Keepers (1985)(Mastertronic)
1887Fire Copy v1.0 (1985)(Juric Zeljko)
1888Fire Flash (1983)(Abacus Programs)
1889Fire Hawks (1984)(Postern)
1890Fire View 2 (19xx)(-)
1891Firebird (1983)(Softek Software)
1892Firefly (1988)(Ocean Software)
1893Firelance (1985)(Hamster Software)
1894Firelord (1986)(Hewson Consultants)
1895Fireman Fred (1984)(Tynesoft)
1896Fireman Sam (1992)(Alternative Software)
1897Firestorm (1987)(Nexus)
1898Fireterm Scrolling Terminal (1986)(Paul Clevett)
1899Firetrap (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)
1900First Moves (1985)(Longman)
1901First Past The Post (1988)(Cult)
1902First Steps With The Mr Men (Side A)
1903First Steps With The Mr Men (Side B)
1904Fischen (1983)(Kurt Windolf Westerland)(De)
1905Fisher (1998)(Hard Code)(Ru)
1906Fisher King, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)
1907Fisherman's Friend v1.305 (1996)(Joseph Aron)
1908Five A Side Footy (1988)(Firebird)
1909Five Dice (1985)(Paxman)
1910Fiveteen's v1.0 (1996)(A.Vashin)
1911Fizyka (19xx)(Pb Polbrit International)(Po)
1912Fizzy (1997)(Rykov Denis)(Ru)
1913Flak (1984)(US Gold)
1914Flameout (1994)(Zenobi Software)
1915Flash Gordon (1987)(Mastertronic)
1916Flashpoint (1987)(Ocean Software)
1917Flea Adventure (1995)(Studio 7)
1918Flight 191 (1991)(Northern Underground)
1919Flight Path 737 (1985)(Anirog Software)
1920Flight Simulation (1982)(Psion)
1921Flintstones, The (1988)(Grandslam Entertainment)
1922Flip Flap (1984)(Software Super Savers)
1923Flipi (1984)(Wr. Agostini)
1924Flipper (1983)(Wicosoft)(De)
1925Flippit (1983)(Psion)
1926Flix (1984)(Softricks)
1927Flucht (1983)(P.S. Software)(De)
1928Flunky (1987)(Piranha)
1929Flush Gordon (1988)(Creative Juices Software)
1930Flux (1984)(Krypton Force)
1931Flyer Fox (1984)(Bug-Byte Software)
1932Flying Formula, The (19xx)(ZX Computing)
1933Flying Shark (1987)(Firebird)
1934Follow Me v3.1 (1990)(Prospect Software)
1935Font Designer (1992)(R.J. Roe - Sinclair User)
1936Football Champions (1990)(Cult)
1937Football Club (1989)(-)
1938Football Director (1986)(D & H Games)
1939Football Director - 2 Player Super League (1989)(Addictive Games)
1940Football Director 2 (1986)(D & H Games)
1941Football Frenzy (1987)(Alternative Software)
1942Football Manager (1982)(Addictive Games)
1943Football Manager - World Cup Edition (1990)(Addictive)
1944Football Manager 2 (1988)(Addictive Games)
1945Football Manager 2 - Expansion Kit (1989)(Addictive Games)
1946Football Manager 3 (1991)(Addictive Games - Your Sinclair)
1947Footballer (1989)(Cult)
1948Footballer Of The Year (1986)(Kixx)
1949Footballer Of The Year 2 (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
1950For Gold Or Glory (1988)(Alternative Software)
1951For Pete's Sake (1993)(Zenobi Software)
1952For Your Thighs Only (1987)(Zodiac Software)
1953Forbidden Planet (1986)(Design Design)(128k)
1954Force, The (1985)(Argus Press Software)
1955Forest At The Worlds End, The (1984)(Interceptor Micros Software)
1956Forest Of Doom (1984)(Puffin Books)
1957Forest, The (1983)(Phipps Associates)
1958Forgotten City (1987)(Hawk Adventuring)
1959Forgotten Island (1989)(Fantasy Software)
1960Forgotten Past, The (1987)(T Whitsey)
1961Forgotten Village, The (1989)(-)
1962Forgotten Worlds (1989)(US Gold)
1963Forgotton Worlds (1989)(US Gold)
1964Format 42 (1982)(Stuart Licholls)
1965Format 64 In Line (1985)(Megasoft)(UNK-LANG)
1966Formcalc (19xx)(Rick Shuitemaker)
1967Formula 1 (1986)(Mastertronic)
1968Formula Grand Prix (1988)(Alternative Software)
1969Fortress Of Keler (1985)(Hamster Software)
1970Four Minutes To Midnight (1987)(8th Day Software)
1971Four Minutes To Midnight - Text Version (19xx)(8th Day Software)
1972Four Minutes To Midnight (Side A)
1973Four Minutes To Midnight (Side B)
1974Four Row's (1997)(Amazing Software Making)(Ru)
1975Four Row's Pasyance (1997)(Amzing! Software Making)(Ru)
1976Four Soccer Simulators (1991)(Codemasters)
1977Four Soccer Simulators - 11 A Side Soccer (1989)(Codemasters)
1978Four Soccer Simulators - Indoor Soccer (1989)(Codemasters)
1979Four Soccer Simulators - Soccer Skills (1989)(Codemasters)
1980Four Soccer Simulators - Street Soccer (19xx)(Codemasters)
1981Four Symbols, The (19xx)(FSF Adventures)(128k)
1982Fourmost Adventures (Side A)
1983Fourmost Adventures (Side B)
1984Fourth Dimension, The (1989)(Laurence Creighton)
1985Fourth Protocol, The (1985)(Hutchinson Computer Publishing)
1986Fox Hunt (1994)(Sirius)(Ru)
1987Foxx Fights Back (1988)(Image Works)
1988Fraction Fever (1984)(Spinnaker Software)
1989Fractions (1983)(Scisoft)
1990Fractions - Two (19xx)(Chris Ingram)
1991Frames Viewer (19xx)(-)
1992Frank Bruno's Boxing (1985)(Elite Systems)
1993Frank Bruno's Boxing (Side A)
1994Frank Bruno's Boxing (Side B)
1995Frank N Stein (1984)(PSS)
1996Frankenstein (1987)(CRL Group)
1997Frankenstein 2000 (1985)(Icon Software)
1998Frankenstein Jnr (1990)(Codemasters)
1999Frankie Goes To Hollywood (1985)(Ocean Software)
2000Freaky Football (1990)(Psychedelic Hedgehog)
2001Fred (1984)(Quicksilva)
2002Fred's Fan Factory (1984)(Software Projects)
2003Freddy Hardest (1987)(Dinamic)
2004Freddy Hardest In South Manhatten (1987)(Dinamic)(Sp)
2005Fredy (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2006Free Cell (1998)(Free Group)(Ru)
2007Free Climbing (1988)(Zafiro Software)
2008Free Copy (19xx)(-)
2009Freedom Fighter (1988)(The Power House)
2010Freescape 3D Compiler (19xx)(Freescape)
2011Freex (1984)(Software Super Savers)
2012Freez Bees (1983)(Silversoft)
2013Frekvencna Disribucija (1986)(Napisal Rolando Horvat)(Sp)
2014French Is Fun (1983)(CDS Microsystems)
2015French Mistress, The (1984)(Kosmos Software)
2016French Mistress, The (Side A)
2017French Mistress, The (Side B)
2018French Verbs (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2019French Vocabulary (1983)(Rose Software)
2020Frenzy (1982)(Quicksilva)
2021Freq File (1984)(OVV CRACK)(UNK-LANG)
2022Friday The 13th (1986)(Domark)
2023Fridge Frenzy (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)
2024Frightmare (1988)(Cascade Games)
2025Frodo (1994)(M. Spiridonenko)(Ru)
2026Frog 5 (1983)(Artic Computing)
2027Frog Adventure (1986)(Automata UK)
2028Frog Hopper (19xx)(Walltone Software)
2029Frog Shooter (1984)(Kuma Computers)
2030Frogger (19xx)(-)(De)
2031Froggy (1983)(DJL Software)
2032From Out Of A Dark Night Sky (1988)(Zenobi Software)
2033Front-Line (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
2034Frost Byte (1986)(Mikro-Gen)
2035Frozen Penguin (1984)(Silversoft)
2036Fruit Machine (1985)(Saj Broad)
2037Fruit Machine Simulator - Cash Bash (1987)(Codemasters)
2038Fruit Machine Simulator - Cash n Grab (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
2039Fruit Machine Simulator 2 - Mega Trek (1990)(Codemasters)
2040Fruit Snapper (1984)(Scott Jones)
2041Fruity (1984)(5D Software)
2042Fuck Communistov! (19xx)(3S Group)(Ru)
2043Fudbal Menadzer - Football Manager (1982)(Addictive Games)(Yu)
2044Fuddo & Slam (Side A)
2045Fuddo & Slam (Side B)
2046Full & Integer Compiler (19xx)(-)
2047Full Screen Copier (1985)(Speedy Print)
2048Full Throttle (1984)(Micromega)
2049Full Throttle II (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
2050Fumigator (1984)(Hipocrates Soft)
2051Fun Maths (19xx)(-)
2052Fun School 2 (1989)(Hit Squad)
2053Fun To Learn (19xx)(Shards Software)
2054Fun With English Literature (19xx)(Psion)
2055Fun With Geography (19xx)(-)
2056Fun With Music (19xx)(-)
2057Funciones (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2058Funcoes (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2059Function Key 1 (19xx)(-)
2060Function Key 2 (19xx)(-)
2061Funhouse (1984)(Pacific Software)
2062Fury, The (1988)(Martech Games)
2063Fuss Load (19xx)(-)
2064Fussball Manager (1984)(H. Diefenbach)(De)
2065Futura (19xx)(-)(De)
2066Future Bike Simulator (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)(128k)
2067Future Games (1986)(Mastertronic)
2068Future Knight (1985)(Erbe Software)
2069Future Zoo (1986)(Clwyd Adventure Software)
2070G-Force (1983)(Eurobyte)
2071G-LOC (1992)(US Gold)(128k)
2072G.I. Hero (1988)(Firebird)
2073G1ftu Rtty (1984)(John Pearson)
2074GAC - Graphic Adventure Creator, The (1986)(Incentive)
2075GAC - Graphic Adventure Creator, The - Extractor (1986)(Incentive)
2076GAC - Graphic Adventure Creator, The - Finisher (1986)(Incentive)
2077GAC - Graphic Adventure Creator, The (Side A)
2078GAC - Graphic Adventure Creator, The (Side B)
2079GBA Basketball (1987)(Activision)
2080GBA Basketball - Two On Two (1987)(Activision)
2081GFL Championship Football (1987)(Activision)
2082GOL! - Football Manager (1982)(K.J.M. Toms)
2083Gacpac (1987)(Essential Myth - Your Sinclair)
2084Galactic Abductors (1983)(Anirog Software)
2085Galactic Attack In Stereo 3D (19xx)(Olaf Hartwig)(De)
2086Galactic Gambler (1984)(Alpha Omega Software)
2087Galactic Games (1988)(Activision)
2088Galactic Games (Side A)
2089Galactic Games (Side B)
2090Galactic Patrol (1984)(Omega Software)
2091Galavan (1986)(Ocean Software)
2092Galaxian (1984)(Atarisoft)
2093Galaxians (1982)(Artic Computing)
2094Galaxias (1986)(Delta 4)
2095Galaxy Attack (1983)(Sunshine)
2096Galaxy Force (1989)(Activision)
2097Galaxy Warlords (1983)(R & R Software)
2098Galgje (19xx)(-)(Nl)
2099Galletron (1987)(Mastertronic)
2100Gallilee (1984)(Shards Software)
2101Gallipoli (1986)(CSS)
2102Galvan - Cosmo Police (1986)(Imagine Software)
2103Gama Copy (1989)(Rostislav Gemrot)
2104Gambit v2.2 - Modem Game (1999)(Discovery Group)(Ru)
2105Gamble (19xx)(Gilad Japhet)
2106Game Over (1987)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)(128k)
2107Game Over - World 1 (1987)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)
2108Game Over - World 2 (1987)(Dinamic Software - Imagine Software)
2109Game Over II - World 1 (1988)(Dinamic)
2110Game Over II - World 2 (1988)(Dinamic)
2111Game Over II (Side A)
2112Game Over II (Side B)
2113Game Without A Name (1987)(Dented Designs)
2114Games Designer (19xx)(Software Studios)
2115Games, The - Winter Edition (1988)(US Gold)
2116Gangplank (1987)(Pirate Software)
2117Gangster v2.3 (1988)(USC Software)
2118Gangsters (1983)(CCS)
2119Garfield - Big Fat Hairy Deal (1988)(The Edge)
2120Garfield - Winter's Tale (1990)(The Edge)
2121Gargantua Copy v2.1 (1988)(Universum)
2122Gargantua Copy v3.0 (19xx)(Universum)
2123Gary Lineker's Hot Shot (1988)(Kixx)
2124Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer (1987)(Kixx)
2125Gatecrasher (1984)(Quicksilva)
2126Gates Of Garralon (1984)(Steven Cox)
2127Gauntlet (1987)(US Gold)
2128Gauntlet - Levels (1987)(US Gold)
2129Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons (1987)(US Gold)
2130Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons (Side A)
2131Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons (Side B)
2132Gauntlet 2 (1988)(US Gold)
2133Gauntlet Of Melder (1990)(-)
2134Gazza 2 (1990)(Empire Software)
2135Gazza II (1990)(Empire Software)
2136Gee-Bee Air Rally (1987)(Activision)
2137Gehen Sie In Das Gefangnis (1983)(Automata UK)(De)
2138Geister Fahrer (1983)(Klaus Kopecz)(De)
2139Gemelos (1989)(YOX)(Sp)
2140Gemini Wing (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
2141Gemini Wing (Side A)
2142Gemini Wing (Side B)
2143General Election (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)
2144General Tape Catalogue Reader (1985)(E. Kuchtin)
2145General, The (1989)(CCS)
2146Genesis II - Space Adventure (1984)(Mikro-Gen)
2147Genius 18 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2148Gens v4.1 (1987)(Hisoft)
2149Genus (Side A)
2150Genus (Side B)
2151Geoff Capes Strongman (1985)(Martech Games)
2152Geografia (1985)(J.L.G.)(UNK-LANG)
2153Geography (1984)(Thor Computer Software)
2154Geometry (1983)(Rose Software)
2155Gerbil Riot Of '67, The (1992)(The Guild)
2156German Is Fun (1983)(CDS Microsystems)
2157Gerry The Germ (1985)(Firebird)
2158Get Set (Side A)
2159Get Set (Side B)
2160Ghost Hunt (1983)(P.S.S.)
2161Ghost Hunters (1987)(Codemasters)
2162Ghost Town (1983)(Virgin Games)
2163Ghost's Revenge (1983)(Micromania)
2164Ghostbusters (1984)(Activision)
2165Ghostbusters II (1989)(Activision)
2166Ghostly Grange (1988)(Creative Sparks)
2167Ghosts 'n' Goblins (1986)(Elite Systems)
2168Ghoul Manor (19xx)(-)
2169Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (1989)(Elite Systems)
2170Giant's Revenge (1984)(Thor Computer Software)
2171Giants (1984)(Edward Beck)
2172Gift From The Gods (1984)(Ocean Software)
2173Gilbert - Escape From Drill (1989)(Again Again)
2174Gilligan's Gold (1984)(Ocean Software)
2175Girl Who Was Death (1986)(Stephen Preston)
2176Give My Regards To Broad Street (1985)(Argus Press Software)
2177Gladiator (1986)(Domark)
2178Gladiator, The (19xx)(Pegasus Software)
2179Glass (1985)(Quicksilva)
2180Glider (1984)(Psion)
2181Glider Rider (1987)(Quicksilva)
2182Globe, The (19xx)(John Wilson)
2183Globular Troubles (1987)(Jorgen Bech)
2184Glug Glug (1984)(CRL Group)
2185Gnasher (1984)(Mastertronic)
2186Gnome Lazies, The (19xx)(Mouse)
2187Gnome Ranger (1987)(Level 9 Computing)(128k)
2188Gnome Ranger (Side A)
2189Gnome Ranger (Side B)
2190Gnome Ranger 2 - Ingrid's Back! (Tape 1 Side A)
2191Gnome Ranger 2 - Ingrid's Back! (Tape 1 Side B)
2192Gnome Ranger 2 - Ingrid's Back! (Tape 2 Side A)
2193Gnome Ranger 2 - Ingrid's Back! (Tape 2 Side B)
2194Gnome Ranger 2 - Ingrid's Back! (Tape 3 Side A)
2195Gnome Ranger 2 - Ingrid's Back! (Tape 3 Side B)
2196Go Bear Go (1988)(Sinclair User)
2197Go To Hell (1985)(Triple Six)
2198Go To Jail (1983)(Automata UK)
2199Gob Stopper (19xx)(-)
2200Gobble A Ghost (1982)(CDS Microsystems)
2201Gobbleman (1982)(Artic Computing)
2202Gobbler (1982)(Saturnsoft)
2203Goblin Crusher (19xx)(Elfin Software)
2204Goblin Gazette, The - Issue 1 (1989)(Zenobi Software)
2205Goblin Gazette, The - Issue 2 (1989)(Zenobi Software)
2206Gods Of War, The (1987)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
2207Godzilla (1995)(LCD Design)
2208Going Critical (1998)(Adventure Probe Software)
2209Gold Mine - Sinclair User 48k Remix (1991)(Sinclair User)
2210Gold Run (1984)(Macsen)
2211Gold Rush (1983)(Thorn EMI Video)
2212Gold Stadt (1984)(Sun Soft)(UNK-LANG)
2213Golden Arrow, The (1984)(M Price Kayem Partnership)
2214Golden Axe (1988)(Sega)
2215Golden Axe (Side A)
2216Golden Axe (Side B)
2217Golden Baton (1983)(Digital Fantasia)
2218Golden Chalice, The (1984)(RM Software)
2219Golden Cobra, The (1986)(The Guild)
2220Golden Figures Of Death (1994)(Dream World Adventures)
2221Golden Hawk (1984)(Micro Mart Publications)
2222Golden Pyramid, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)
2223Golden Sword Of Bhakhor, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)
2224Goldmine (1983)(DK'Tronics)
2225Goldwood (19xx)(Xcellent Software)
2226Golf (19xx)(DK'Tronics)
2227Gonuffos (1985)(Microhoppy Cassette)(Sp)
2228Goody (1987)(Opera Soft)(Sp)
2229Goolf (1984)(Green Fish Software Enterprise)
2230Goolf's Exit (1986)(Green Fish Software Enterprise)
2231Goolf's Return (1984)(Green Fish Software Enterprise)
2232Goonies, The (1985)(US Gold)
2233Gossip (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2234Gotcha (1983)(G. Capewell)
2235Gothik (1987)(Firebird)
2236Grab Of A Territory (1996)(Free Group)(Ru)
2237Grabbed By The Ghoulies! (19xx)(FSF Adventures)
2238Graeme Souness Soccer Manager (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
2239Graf 2 (19xx)(-)(Ru)
2240Graf 3 (19xx)(-)(Ru)
2241Graficad (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2242Graficos (1984)(Goldstar Software)
2243Graham Gooch's Test Cricket (1986)(Audiogenic Software)
2244Grand National (1985)(Elite Systems)
2245Grand Prix (1989)(D & H Games)
2246Grand Prix Challenge (1992)(Challenge Software)
2247Grand Prix Master (1988)(Dinamic)
2248Grand Prix Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)
2249Grange Hill (1987)(Argus Press Software)
2250Granja (1985)(Microhobby Cassette)(Sp)
2251Granny's Garden (19xx)(-)
2252Graphic's Master (1988)(Infotech)
2253Graphics (19xx)(Database Publications)
2254Graphics Pack BK3 Spectrum + (1985)(Dorling Kindersley)(Side A)
2255Graphics Pack Bk3 Spectrum + (1985)(Dorling Kindersley)(Side B)
2256Gravity Wars (1996)(Scorpion Soft)
2257Great Britain Limited (19xx)(Mikro-Gen)
2258Great Detective, The (19xx)(CRL Group)
2259Great Escape, The (1986)(Ocean Software)
2260Great Fire Of London, The (19xx)(Rabbit Software)
2261Great Fire Of London, The (Side A)
2262Great Fire Of London, The (Side B)
2263Great Gurianos (1987)(Hit Pak)
2264Great Peepingham Train Robbery, The (1988)(Top Ten Software)
2265Great Space Race, The (1984)(Legend)
2266Greedy Gulch (1983)(Phipps Associates)
2267Green Beret (1986)(Imagine Software)
2268Green Death, The (1988)(Casventures)
2269Green Door, The (1988)(Tartan Software)
2270Green Sonja (1991)(Psychedelic Hedgehog Software)
2271Gregory Loses His Clock (1989)(Mastertronic)
2272Grell And Falla (1987)(Codemasters)
2273Gremlins (1984)(Thor Computer Software)
2274Gremlins - The Adventure (1985)(Adventure International)
2275Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (19xx)(Elite Systems)
2276Grey Island (1989)(CV Software)
2277Greyfell (1987)(Starlight Software)
2278Gricko (19xx)(R & R Software)(Yu)
2279Grid Bug (1983)(Add On Electronics)
2280Grid Iron - Touchdown USA (1988)(Top Ten Software)
2281Grid Iron II (1989)(Alternative Software)
2282Grid Patrol (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)
2283Grid Run (1983)(Arcade Software)
2284Gridrunner (1983)(Salamander Software)
2285Ground Attack (1982)(Silversoft)
2286Ground Force Zero (1983)(Titan Programs)
2287Grue Knapped (1990)(FSF Adventures)
2288Grumpy Gumphrey Super Sleuth (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)
2289Gryzor (1987)(Ocean Software)
2290Gu! - Ugh! (1984)(Softek Software International)(UNK-LANG)
2291Guadalcanal (1987)(Activision)
2292Guardian (1983)(PSS)
2293Guardian Angel, The (1990)(Dinamic)
2294Guardian II (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
2295Guardian, The (19xx)(The Guild)
2296Guerilla War (1988)(Imagine Software)
2297Gulpman (1982)(Campbell Systems)
2298Gun Fright (1985)(Ultimate)
2299Gunboat (1987)(Piranha)
2300Gunfighter (1988)(Atlantis Software)
2301Gunman v1.1 (1999)(Alien Factory - Sage Group)(Ru)
2302Gunpowder, Treason & Plot (1992)(Redwood Designs - Sinclair User)
2303Gunrunner (1987)(Hewson Consultants)
2304Gunship (1987)(Microprose Software)
2305Gunship (Tape 1 Side A)
2306Gunship (Tape 1 Side B)
2307Gunship (Tape 2 Side A)
2308Gunship (Tape 2 Side B)
2309Gunsmoke (1987)(Go!)
2310Gunstar (1987)(Firebird)
2311Gutz (1988)(Sinclair User)
2312Gyron - Arena (1985)(Firebird)
2313Gyron - Atrium (1985)(Firebird)
2314Gyron - Necropolis (1985)(Firebird)
2315Gyroscope (1985)(Melbourne House)
2316Gyroscope 2 (1987)(Melbourne House)
2317H-Copy (1987)(Josef Vavrinec)(UNK-LANG)
2318H.A.R.D. - Heavy Armed Roboid Destroyer (1986)(Tynesoft)
2319H.A.T.E. - Hostile All Terrain Encounter (1989)(Vortex Software)
2320HL ZX Forth (1983)(Mike Hampson)
2321HRH (1984)(Powerplay)
2322HURG (1984)(Melbourne House)
2323Hades (1996)(Adventure Workshop)
2324Hades Nebula (1987)(Nexus)
2325Halaga (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software)
2326Half Hours (19xx)(-)
2327Halls Of The Things (1983)(Design Design Software)
2328Halls Of The Things 2 - Return Of The Things (1984)(Design Design Software)
2329Hammer Boy (1991)(Dinamic)(Sp)
2330Hammer Of Grimmold, The (1987)(River Software)
2331Hammerfist (1990)(Activision)
2332Hammurabi (1988)(Radostaw Kapitan)(Cz)
2333Hampstead (1984)(Melbourne House)
2334Hamte Damte (1988)(Cross Technics)
2335Handy Andy (1984)(CRL Group)
2336Hanoi King (1983)(Contrast Software)
2337Hanoj (1998)(Flymansoft)
2338Happiest Days Of Your Life, The (1986)(Firebird)
2339Hard Cheese (1983)(DK'Tronics)
2340Hard Drivin' (1989)(Domark)
2341Hardball (19xx)(Kixx)
2342Hare Raiser (1984)(Haresoft)
2343Harlequin (1984)(Mr Micro)
2344Harrier Attack (1983)(2.99)
2345Harvey Headbanger (1988)(Firebird)
2346Haunted Hedges (1983)(Micromega)
2347Haunted House (1992)(Your Sinclair)
2348Havoc (1984)(Dynavision)
2349Havok (1990)(Players Premier)
2350Hawks (1984)(King)
2351Head Coach (1986)(Addictive Games)
2352Head Over Heals (1987)(Ocean Software)
2353Head Over Heels (1987)(Hit Squad)
2354Head Start (1987)(Bug-Byte Software)
2355Head The Ball (1989)(Hewson Consultants)
2356Headball (1998)(Zx-Masters)(Ru)
2357Headbangers Heaven (1983)(Llamasoft)
2358Header Change II (1986)(Rolf Heinen)(UNK-LANG)
2359Header Designer (1984)(Reinhard Wittkopf)(UNK-LANG)
2360Header List (1984)(Z. Kosina)(UNK-LANG)
2361Heart Broken (1989)(Atlantis Software)
2362Heartland (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)
2363Hearts (19xx)(Barisoft)(Ru)
2364Heathrow Air Traffic Control (1983)(Hewson Consultants)
2365Heathrow Radar (1985)(Hewson Consultants)
2366Heavy Metal Mover (1996)(UCM Group)
2367Heavy On The Magick (1986)(Gargoyle Games)
2368Heavy Weight (19xx)(-)
2369Hebrew Word Processor (1984)(-)
2370Heist 2012 (1987)(Firebird)
2371Heli-Land (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2372Helichopper (1985)(Firebird)
2373Helicopter (1999)(Paradox)
2374Helikopter (19xx)(Jansoft)(De)
2375Hell Drivers (1982)(Mike O'Neill)
2376Hell Master (1993)(Paul Nikitin)
2377Hellfire (1985)(Melbourne House)
2378Hellfire Attack (1989)(Martech Games)
2379Helm, The (1985)(Firebird)
2380Helping Hands (1983)(Aslett Scholey)
2381Helter Skelter (1990)(Audiogenic Software)
2382Helvera - Mistress Of The Park (19xx)(FSF Adventures)
2383Henrietta's Book Of Spells (1992)(T.R. Tullock & Sectlander - Sinclair User)
2384Henry IV Part One (19xx)(Penguin Study Software)
2385Henry's Hoard (1985)(Alternative Software)
2386Herbert's Dummy Run (1985)(Mikro-Gen)
2387Hercules (1985)(Alpha Omega)
2388Hercules - Slayer Of The Damned (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
2389Here Be Tygers (1985)(Automata UK)
2390Here Comes The Sun (1983)(Dixons)
2391Hermitage, The (1989)(Pegasus Software)
2392Hermitage, The v2 (19xx)(-)
2393Hero (1984)(Activision)
2394Hero Quest (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)
2395Hero Quest - Return Of The Witch Lord (Side A)
2396Hero Quest - Return Of The Witch Lord (Side B)
2397Heroes Of Karn (1984)(Interceptor Micros Software)
2398Heroes Of The Lance (1988)(US Gold)
2399Hex Load (19xx)(-)
2400Hexagon 2 (1997)(Style Group)(Ru)
2401Hexcellent (1993)(Your Sinclair)
2402Hexxagon (2000)(WE Group)
2403HiSoft C Compiler v1.3 (1986)(Hisoft)
2404HiSoft Pascal v1.7M (19xx)(Hisoft)
2405Hide And Seek (1997)(Zenobi Software)
2406Hideous (1992)(Alternative Software)
2407High Frontier (1987)(Activision)
2408High Steel (1989)(Screen 7)
2409Highlander (1986)(Ocean Software)
2410Highrise Harry (1983)(Blaby Computer Games)
2411Highway Code (Side A)
2412Highway Code (Side B)
2413Highway Code Test (19xx)(CRL Group)
2414Highway Encounter (1985)(Vortex Software)
2415Hijack (1986)(Electric Dreams)
2416Hipocicloides Y Epocicloides (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2417Hisoft BASIC Compiler v1.1 (Side A)
2418Hisoft BASIC Compiler v1.1 (Side B)
2419Hisoft Basic v1 (1986)(Hisoft)
2420Hisoft C Compiler v1.0 (1984)(Hisoft)
2421Hisoft C Compiler v1.1 (1984)(Hisoft)
2422Hisoft C Compiler v1.3 (Side A)
2423Hisoft C Compiler v1.3 (Side B)
2424Hisoft Colt Compiler v1 (1985)(Hisoft)
2425Hisoft Devpac 3.0M (Side A)
2426Hisoft Devpac 3.0M (Side B)
2427Hisoft Devpac 4.1M (Side A)
2428Hisoft Devpac 4.1M (Side B)
2429Hisoft Devpac GENS v4.1 (19xx)(Hisoft)
2430Hisoft Devpac MONS v4.1 (19xx)(Hisoft)
2431Hisoft Devpac v3M21 GENS (19xx)(Hisoft)
2432Hisoft Devpac v3M21 MONS (19xx)(Hisoft)
2433Hisoft Pascal Turtle Graphics (19xx)(Hisoft)
2434Hisoft Pascal v1.13 (19xx)(Hisoft)
2435Hisoft Pascal v4.15 (19xx)(Hisoft)
2436Hisoft Pascal v4.5m (19xx)(Hisoft)
2437Hisoft Ultrakit v1.1 (Side A)
2438Hisoft Ultrakit v1.1 (Side B)
2439Hit (1989)(Zenobi Software)
2440Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, The (1985)(Estuary Software Products)
2441Hive (1987)(Firebird)
2442Hlasovy Program Pro Zx Spectrum (1985)(Voicesoft)(Cz)
2443Hob's Hoard (1991)(Zenobi Software)
2444Hobbit v1.0, The (1982)(Melbourne House)
2445Hobbit v1.2, The (1982)(Melbourne House)
2446Hobble Hunter, The (1989)(Compass)
2447Hobgoblin (1991)(Atlantis Software)
2448Hocus Focus (1986)(Quicksilva)
2449Holiday In Sumaria (1987)(Pirate Software)
2450Hollow, The - Graphic & Text Version (1985)(Gilsoft International)
2451Hollow, The - Graphic Version (1985)(Gilsoft International)
2452Hollow, The - Text Version (1985)(Gilsoft International)
2453Holy Grail (1984)(W. Kerr)
2454Home Hungaroring (19xx)(-)
2455Home Tetris (1996)(Russian Bear Group)
2456Homicide Hotel (1987)(The Guild)
2457Honest Joe (19xx)(-)
2458Hong Kong Phooey (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
2459Hopper (1983)(PSS)
2460Hoppin' Mad (1988)(Elite Systems)
2461Horace & The Spiders (1983)(Psion)
2462Horace Goes Skiing (1982)(Psion)
2463Horacio Gloton - Hungry Horace (1982)(Psion)(UNK-LANG)
2464Horizons (1982)(Psion)
2465Horizons (Side A)
2466Horizons (Side B)
2467Horizontes - Spanish Horizons (1982)(Psion)(Sp)
2468Horny Harry (19xx)(X-Rated Software)
2469Horo Skop (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2470Horrorscope (1991)(Square Peg)
2471Hospital, The (19xx)(Zenobi Software)
2472Hot Dog Spotter (1983)(Longman)
2473Hot Rod (1990)(Activision)
2474Hot Rod (Side A)
2475Hot Rod (Side B)
2476Hot Shot (1988)(Addictive Games)
2477Hotch Potch (1985)(Mastertronic)
2478Hotfoot (1982)(Microsphere)
2479Hours (19xx)(-)
2480House Jack Built, The (1984)(Thor Software)
2481House Of Horrors (19xx)(-)
2482House Of Orion (1984)(D. Newton)
2483House Of Shadows, The (1983)(Shadow Software)
2484House Of The Living Dead, The (1984)(Phipps Associates)
2485House On Damned Hill, The (1984)(Century City Software)
2486House On The Tor, The (1990)(Zenobi Software)
2487House Out Of Town (1991)(Simon Avery)
2488House That Jack Built, The (1984)(Thor Software)
2489Household Expenditure (19xx)(-)
2490Hover Droid (1987)(Stew Fordyce)
2491Hoverkraft (1985)(Andreas Zallmann Software)(De)
2492How To Be A Complete Bastard (1987)(Ricochet)
2493How To Be A Hero (1987)(Mastertronic)
2494Howard The Duck (1987)(Activision)
2495Howzat (1984)(Wyvern Software)
2496Hudson Hawk (1991)(Ocean Software)(128k)
2497Human Killing Machine (1988)(US Gold)
2498Hummer House Of Horror (1983)(Lasersound Software)
2499Humpty Dumpty (1984)(Firefly Software)
2500Humpty Dumpty In The Garden (1984)(Artic Computing)
2501Humpty Dumpty Meets The Fuzzie Wuzzies (1984)(Artic Computing)
2502Humpty Dumpty Mystery, The (1983)(Widgit Software)
2503Hunchback (1983)(Ocean Software)
2504Hunchback II - Quasimodo's Revenge (1985)(Ocean Software)
2505Hunchback The Adventure (1986)(Ocean Software)
2506Hunchy (19xx)(-)
2507Hundra (1987)(Dinamic)
2508Hungry Horace (1982)(Psion)
2509Hunt For Red October, The (1991)(Grandslam Entertainment)
2510Hunter (19xx)(-)
2511Hunter Killer (1983)(Protec Computing)
2512Hustler (1984)(Bubble Bus Software)
2513Hustler Plays Pool, The (1983)(CRL Group)
2514Huxley Pig (1991)(Alternative Software)
2515Hybrid (1987)(Starlight)
2516Hydra (1991)(Domark)(128k)
2517Hydrofool (1987)(Faster Than Light)
2518Hypa Raid (1986)(Atlantis Software)
2519Hypaball (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)
2520Hyper Action (1984)(Silversoft)
2521Hyper Active (1988)(Sinclair User)
2522Hyper Sports (1985)(Imagine Software)
2523Hyperaction (1984)(Silversoft)
2524Hyperblaster (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)
2525Hyperbowl (1986)(Mastertronic)
2526Hypersports (1985)(Imagine Software)
2527Hypertron (1987)(Scorpio Software)
2528Hysteria (1987)(Software Projects)
2529Hysteria - A Year After Mix (1987)(Software Projects)
2530Hysteria - Thalbert Dock Mix (1987)(Software Projects)
2531I Ain't Got Nobody (19xx)(Tynesoft)
2532I Alien (1988)(CRL Group)
2533I Ball (1987)(Firebird)
2534I Ball II - The Quest For The Past (1987)(Firebird)
2535I Of The Mask (1985)(Electric Dreams Software)
2536I'm In Shock (1984)(Artic Computing)
2537I.C.U.P.S. (1985)(Thor Computer Software)
2538ID (1986)(CRL Group)
2539IK+ (1987)(System 3 Software)
2540IQ Test (19xx)(Alpa Soft)
2541Ian Botham's Test Match (1985)(Tynesoft)
2542Ian's Night Out (19xx)(Software Projects)
2543Ice Attack (1986)(K'Soft)
2544Ice Station Zero (1985)(8th Day Software)
2545Ice Temple, The (1986)(Blue Ribbon)
2546Icicle Works (1985)(Statesoft)
2547Icon Graphix (19xx)(Terry Wiley)
2548Icon Graphix (Side A)
2549Icon Graphix (Side B)
2550Identikit (19xx)(Stell Software)
2551Ikari Warriors (1988)(Elite Systems)
2552Il Meccanico - Automania (1984)(Load 'n' Run)(Sp)
2553Illustrator, The VA00 (1984)(Gilsoft International)
2554Imagination (1987)(Firebird)
2555Immortality Rules OK (1987)(Deltoid Developments)
2556Impact (1992)(Zenobi Software)
2557Imperator (1992)(Klokov)(Ru)
2558Implosion (1987)(Alternative Software)
2559Impossaball (1987)(Hewson Consultants)
2560Impossamole (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)
2561Impossible Mission (1985)(US Gold)
2562Impossible Mission II (1988)(US Gold)
2563In Search Of Angels (1985)(8th Day Software)
2564In Search Of The Lost Valley (19xx)(Mega-Soft)
2565Incredible Adventure (1984)(CRL Group)
2566Incredible Shrinking Fireman, The (1986)(Mastertronic)
2567Incredible Shrinking Sphere (1989)(Electric Dreams)
2568Indiana Jones 1 - Chram Zkazy (1985)(Proxima Software)(Cz)
2569Indiana Jones 2 (1987)(Fuxoft)(Cz)
2570Indiana Jones 3 (1990)(Fuxoft)(Cz)
2571Indiana Jones 4 - A Zlata Soska Keltu (1990)(Proxima Software)(Cz)
2572Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989)(US Gold)
2573Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (1987)(US Gold)
2574Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom (1987)(US Gold)
2575Indiana Jones In The Fate Of Atlantis - The Action Game (1991)(Lucasfilm Games)
2576Indoor Soccer (1986)(The Magnificent 7)
2577Ines 64 v1.1 (1985)(Ultrasoft)
2578Inferno (1993)(Proxima Software)
2579Inferno, The (1984)(Richard Shepherd Software)
2580Infiltrator (1986)(US Gold)
2581Infiltrator (Side A)
2582Infiltrator (Side B)
2583Informace Pro Majitele ZX Spectrum (19xx)(Luxus Soft House)
2584Infrared (1982)(ACS Software)
2585Inheritance, The (1987)(Infogrames)
2586Inka Temple (1983)(FK Ware)(De)
2587Inner Lakes, The (1988)(Essential Myth)
2588Inquisitor (1985)(Bill & Marion Clews)
2589Inside Outing (1988)(The Edge)
2590Inspector Flukeit (1986)(Top Ten Software)
2591Inspector Gadget And The Circus Of Fear (1987)(Melbourne House)
2592Instant Recall (1992)(Sinclair User)
2593Instant User Designed Graphics (19xx)(Automata UK)
2594Intensity (1988)(Firebird)
2595Interactive BASIC Programming (Tape 1 Side A)
2596Interactive BASIC Programming (Tape 1 Side B)
2597Interactive BASIC Programming (Tape 2 Side A)
2598Interactive BASIC Programming (Tape 2 Side B)
2599Interactive BASIC Programming (Tape 3 Side A)
2600Interactive BASIC Programming (Tape 3 Side B)
2601Intergalactic Cage Match (1988)(Mastertronic)
2602Intermediate English (19xx)(-)
2603International 3D Tennis (1990)(GBH)
2604International 3d Tennis (1990)(Palace)
2605International Football (1989)(Cult)
2606International Karate (1985)(System 3 Software)
2607International Karate (Side A)
2608International Karate (Side B)
2609International Karate Plus (1987)(System 3 Software)
2610International Kickboxing (1993)(Your Sinclair)
2611International Match Day (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k)
2612International Ninja Rabbits (Side A)
2613International Ninja Rabbits (Side B)
2614International Rugby (1987)(Artic Computing)
2615International Rugby Simulator (1988)(Codemasters)
2616International Speedway (1988)(Firebird)
2617Interp Newt (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2618Interupt (19xx)(-)
2619Into Africa (1987)(Rack It)
2620Into The Eagle's Nest (1987)(Players)
2621Into The Empire (Side A)
2622Into The Empire (Side B)
2623Into The Mystic (1991)(River Software)
2624Introduction To Trigonometry (Side A)
2625Introduction To Trigonometry (Side B)
2626Intruder Alert (1989)(Compass)
2627Intruder Alert 2 - Invaders From Planet X (1991)(Compass)
2628Invaders (19xx)(-)
2629Invasion (1987)(Bulldog)
2630Invasion Force (1989)(CCS)
2631Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1984)(Crystal Computing)
2632Investigations (1987)(Graphtext 128)
2633Investronica Lapiz Optico v1.0 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2634Invincible Island (1983)(Richard Shepherd Software)
2635Invincible Island - Hints (1983)(Richard Shepherd Software)
2636Iron Lord (19xx)(UBI Soft)
2637Iron Soldier (1989)(Players Premier)
2638Ironman - Super Off Road (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)
2639Island Of Chaos (19xx)(The Guild)
2640Island Of Doctor Destructo, The (1987)(Mastertronic)
2641Island Of Dr Destructo, The (1987)(Bulldog)
2642Island, The (1983)(Virgin Games)
2643Islands Of Sinbad, The (1987)(Zenobi Software)
2644Iso Copy v1.4.1 (1984)(Individual Software)
2645Iso Copy v1.5.5 (1984)(Individual Software)
2646It's A Knockout (1986)(Ocean Software)
2647It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (1983)(K-Tel Productions)
2648It's The Wooluf! (1984)(Crystal Computing)
2649Italy 1990 (1990)(US Gold)(128k)
2650Italy 1990 - Winners Edition (1990)(US Gold)(128k)
2651Itasundorious (1983)(Hudson Soft)
2652Ivan Caryevich (1995)(G&M)(Ru)
2653Ivan Stupid (1997)(-)(Ru)
2654JSW Soaring Game, The (19xx)(J.S. Williamson)
2655Jabato Vs Imperio Libertad (1989)(Adventuras AD)(Sp)
2656Jack & The Beanstalk (1992)(River Software)
2657Jack Charlton's Match Fishing (1985)(Alligata Software)
2658Jack In Magicland (1985)(Turtle Software)
2659Jack The Nipper (1986)(Kixx)
2660Jack The Nipper 2 - Coconut Capers (1987)(Kixx)
2661Jack The Ripper (1987)(CRL Group)
2662Jack The Ripper (Side A of Part)
2663Jack The Ripper (Side B of Part)
2664Jackal (1986)(Konami)
2665Jackass (19xx)(The Devil)(Ru)
2666Jackpot (1983)(G. Torregrossa)
2667Jackson City (1990)(Diabolic Software)
2668Jade Necklace, The (1987)(River Software)
2669Jade Stone - Nulon To Vibran, The (1987)(Zenobi Software)
2670Jade Stone - Vibran To Kradoom, The (1987)(Zenobi Software)
2671Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash - Club Game (1991)(Krisalis Software)
2672Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash - Tournament Game (1991)(Krisalis Software)
2673Jail Break (1987)(Konami)
2674Jamski Heroj (19xx)(Suzy Soft)
2675Japanese Contrast (1999)(Fenomen)
2676Jason & The Golden Fleece (19xx)(Pockey Money Software)
2677Jason's Gem (1985)(Mastertronic)
2678Jasper (1984)(Micromega)
2679Jaws (1989)(Intelligent Design)
2680Jedy (19xx)(M. K. Circuits)
2681Jellyman (1983)(Sinclair Programs)
2682Jericho Road (1984)(Shards Software)
2683Jerrybuilder (1984)(Ron Ridge)
2684Jersey Quest (1984)(WD Software)
2685Jester Quest (1988)(Zenobi Software)
2686Jester's Jaunt (1991)(Zenobi Software)
2687Jet Set Gertie (1985)(Pete Cooke & Rusell Rawlingson)
2688Jet Set Willy (1984)(Software Projects)
2689Jet Set Willy - A Bulgarian Requiem (19xx)(-)
2690Jet Set Willy - April Showers (19xx)(-)
2691Jet Set Willy - Dup Moor En T' Panat (19xx)(-)
2692Jet Set Willy - Fast Version (1984)(Software Projects)
2693Jet Set Willy - In Space (1997)(Halsoft)
2694Jet Set Willy - Ivy (1998)(Filsoft)
2695Jet Set Willy - Join The Jet Set (1985)(Halsoft)
2696Jet Set Willy - Join The Jetset (1985)(Halsoft)
2697Jet Set Willy - Lord Of The Rings - Easy (2000)(Broadsoft)
2698Jet Set Willy - Lord Of The Rings - Hard (2000)(Broadsoft)
2699Jet Set Willy - Monstrum! (19xx)(-)
2700Jet Set Willy - Pre Production (1984)(Software Projects)
2701Jet Set Willy - Strangel (2001)(Sendy)
2702Jet Set Willy - Stupid (19xx)(N. Aldrige)
2703Jet Set Willy - The Colossal Cave (19xx)(-)
2704Jet Set Willy - The Continuing Adventures (1988)(Adam Britton)
2705Jet Set Willy - The Continuing Adventures - Special Edition (1998)(Adam Britton)
2706Jet Set Willy - The Deadly Mission (19xx)(-)
2707Jet Set Willy - The Time Hole (1999)(Edward Martland)
2708Jet Set Willy - The Time Hole - Special Edition (2000)(Edward Martland)
2709Jet Set Willy - The Utility Cubicles (19xx)(-)
2710Jet Set Willy - The Utility Cubicles Edit (19xx)(-)
2711Jet Set Willy - Unknown (19xx)(-)
2712Jet Set Willy - We Pretty (1999)(Broadsoft)
2713Jet Set Willy - Where's Woody (2000)(Arcane Design)
2714Jet Set Willy - Willy Come Home (1999)(Gawp!)
2715Jet Set Willy - Willy Takes A Trip (19xx)(Geoff Eddy)
2716Jet Set Willy - Willy To The Rescue! (19xx)(-)
2717Jet Set Willy - Willy's Afterlife v2.00 (19xx)(-)
2718Jet Set Willy - Willy's New Hat (19xx)(-)
2719Jet Set Willy 2 (1985)(Software Projects)
2720Jet Set Willy 2 - The Final Frontier (1985)(Software Projects)
2721Jet Set Willy 3 (1985)(MB APG)
2722Jet Set Willy 4 (19xx)(-)
2723Jet Set Willy Editor Mk2 (1984)(Softricks)
2724Jet Set Willy Editor v2 (1984)(Spectrum Electronics)
2725Jet Story (1988)(Cybexlab Software)
2726Jetpac (1983)(Ultimate)
2727Jetsons, The (Side A)
2728Jetsons, The (Side B)
2729Jewel Of Power (1985)(Slogger Software)
2730Jewels Of Babylon, The (1985)(Interceptor Micros)
2731Jewels Of Darkness 1 - Colossal Adventure (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
2732Jewels Of Darkness 2 - Adventure Quest (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
2733Jewels Of Darkness 3 - Dungeon Adventure (1986)(Level 9 Computing)
2734Jewels Of Honour, The (19xx)(Fantasy Leagues)
2735Jhothamia 6 (1987)(The Guild)
2736Jigsaw (19xx)(-)
2737Jimmy's Soccer Manager (1991)(Beyond Belief)
2738Jock And The Time Rings (1985)(Atlantis Software)
2739Jocky Wilson's Compendium Of Darts (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
2740Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
2741Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
2742Joe Banker (1986)(Suzy Soft)
2743Joe Blade (1987)(Players Premier)
2744Joe Blade 2 (1988)(Players Premier)
2745Joe Blade 3 (1989)(Players Premier)
2746Joe Blade 4 (1991)(Players Premier)
2747Joe's Drink Stand (19xx)(-)(De)
2748Jogger (1983)(Severn Software)
2749John Craig Sailboat Racing (1984)(JCS ZX Software)
2750Johnny Reb (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)
2751Johnny Reb 2 (1986)(M.C. Lothlorien)
2752Joker (Side A)
2753Joker (Side B)
2754Jokers Wild (1984)(Phoenix Software)
2755Jolly Jack's Run Ashore (1984)(Harbour Soft)
2756Jolly Lines (1995)(Jolly Mouse Ltd)(Ru)
2757Jolly Roger (1984)(Video Vault)
2758Jonah Barrington's Squash (1985)(New Generation Software)
2759Jonny Quest In Doctor Zin's Underworld (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
2760Journey To Death (1990)(The Guild)
2761Journey To The Centre Of Eddie Smith's Head (1986)(Players)
2762Journey's End (1985)(Mastertronic)
2763Joy Graph (1985)(Ltd)
2764Joystick 12 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2765Joystick 2-87 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2766Joystick 4-87 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2767Joystick Conversion Tape 1 (1983)(Kempston)
2768Joystick Conversion Tape 3 (1983)(Kempsoft)
2769Jp Clone (1984)(Jp)
2770Judge Dread (1987)(Melbourne House)
2771Judge Dredd (1987)(Melbourne House)
2772Juegos Del Dragon (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2773Juggernaut (1985)(CRL Group)
2774Julius Caesar (19xx)(Penguin Study Software)
2775Jumbert (1985)(Norbert Roescher)
2776Jumbly (1983)(DK'Tronics)
2777Jumping Jack (1983)(Imagine Software)
2778Jungle Fever (1983)(A & F Software)
2779Jungle Trouble (1983)(Durell)
2780Jungle Warfare - Joystick (1989)(Mastertronic)
2781Jungle Warfare - Lightgun (1989)(Mastertronic)
2782Jungle Warrior (1990)(Zigurat Software)
2783Just Imagine (1986)(Central Solutions)
2784Just One Of Those Days (1989)(Zenobi Software)
2785K-Byte (19xx)(Swiecie Software)(UNK-LANG)
2786KGB Super Spy (1989)(Codemasters)
2787Kaa's Kingdom (19xx)(-)
2788Kaboom! (1986)(Proxima Software)
2789Kai Temple (1986)(Firebird)
2790Kalah (1997)(White Eagle)(Ru)
2791Kalendraz (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2792Kamel (19xx)(Creative Computing)(De)
2793Kamikaze (19xx)(Codemasters)
2794Kamikaze Collector (1985)(Century City)
2795Kane (1986)(Mastertronic)
2796Karateka (19xx)(-)
2797Karel 85 (1985)(Jan Ruppert)(Cz)
2798Kartoteka Szefa Wersja Dla Drukarki GP 500AS (1985)(Nowatech)
2799Karyssia - Queen Of Diamonds (1987)(Incentive)
2800Kat Trap (1987)(Domark)
2801Katalkaset (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2802Katalog (1985)(Janusz Gajewicz)(Cz)
2803Katprint (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2804Kayleth (1986)(Adventuresoft UK)
2805Keeper, The (19xx)(-)
2806Kemshu (1989)(Cult)
2807Kendo Warrior (1989)(Byte Back)
2808Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
2809Kentilla (1984)(Micromega)
2810Kentucky Racing (1991)(Alternative Software)
2811Key Fighter (1984)(JJK Research)(UNK-LANG)
2812Key To Time, The (1984)(Lumpsoft)
2813Key, The (19xx)(-)
2814Key, The - Headerless v1H (1983)(Lumpsoft)
2815Key, The v5 (1983)(Lumpsoft)
2816Key, The v7 (1983)(Keysoft)
2817Key, The vM (1983)(Keysoft)
2818Keyboard (1985)(H. Enters)
2819Khangrin Plans, The (1992)(Zenobi Software)
2820Kick Boxing (1987)(Firebird)
2821Kick Da Gaga (1999)(Avalon)(Ru)
2822Kick Off (1989)(Anco Software)
2823Kick Off II (1990)(Anco Software)
2824Kick Start (19xx)(-)
2825Kidnap (1986)(Creative Sparks)
2826Kidnapped (1993)(Zenobi Software)
2827Kidnapping Of Proffessor Mundle, The (1986)(Axxent Software)
2828Kids On Keys (1984)(Spinnaker Software Corp)
2829Kikstart 2 (1988)(Mastertronic)
2830Kill PC 2 - Judgement Day (1998)(Rage Technologies)
2831Kill PC 3 (1999)(Rage Technologies)
2832Killed Until Dead (1987)(US Gold)
2833Killer Knight (1984)(Phipps Associates)
2834Killer Kong (1983)(Blaby)
2835Killer Ring (1987)(Reaktor)
2836Kinetik (1987)(Firebird)
2837King (1999)(BSoft)(Ru)
2838King Arthur's Quest (1984)(Five Ways Software)
2839King Of Time Super Turbo Killer (1994)(M.Coder)
2840King Otto's Quest (19xx)(Stephen Robertson)
2841King Tut's Treasure (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
2842King Valley (19xx)(WE Group)
2843King's Bounty (1993)(Energo)(Ru)
2844King's Bounty 2 - Service v1.1 (1996)(R.E.P. Inc.)(Ru)
2845King's Keep, The (1986)(Firebird)
2846Kingdom Of Grain (1992)(THD)(Ru)
2847Kingdom Of Krell, The (1987)(Anco)(128k)
2848Kirel (1986)(Addictive Games)
2849Klad - Part 1 (1994)(Technotime)(Ru)
2850Klademiner (1996)(Bitmunchers)
2851Klax (1990)(Domark)
2852Kliatba Noci (1993)(Ultrasoft)
2853Klingsor (19xx)(-)
2854Kljuc (1988)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2855Knight Driver (1984)(Hewson Consultants)
2856Knight Fall (1987)(Pirate Software)
2857Knight Force (1990)(Titus)
2858Knight Life (19xx)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
2859Knight Lore (1984)(Ultimate)
2860Knight Orc - A Kind Of Magic (1987)(Level 9 Computing)
2861Knight Orc - Hordes Of The Mountain King (1987)(Level 9 Computing)
2862Knight Orc - Loosed Orc (1987)(Level 9 Computing)
2863Knight Rider (1986)(Ocean Software)
2864Knight Tyme (1986)(MAD)
2865Knight's Quest (1983)(Phipps Associates)
2866Knightmare (1987)(Activision)
2867Knockout (1983)(Mikro-Gen)
2868Knot In 3D (1983)(New Generation)
2869Know Your Tables (1983)(Collins Educational)
2870Knuckle Busters (1987)(Melbourne House)
2871Kobyashi Naru (1987)(Mastertronic)
2872Kobyashi Naru 2 - Kobyashi Ag Kwo (1991)(Zenobi Software)
2873Kokotoni Wilf (1984)(Elite Systems)
2874Kolobok (1996)(A. Bazarkin)(Ru)
2875Kombatris (19xx)(Kingdom Dreams)(Ru)
2876Komplex City (1985)(Legend)
2877Konami Golf (1986)(Imagine Software)
2878Kondiciogram v1.0 (1985)(JSC)(UNK-LANG)
2879Kong (1984)(Ocean Software)
2880Kong Revenge 1 (19xx)(Zigurat)
2881Kong Revenge 2 (19xx)(Zigurat)
2882Kong Strikes Back (1985)(Ocean Software)
2883Kontrabant (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2884Kontrabant 2 (1984)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2885Kopier Programm (1984)(E. Wendeking)(UNK-LANG)
2886Kopy Kat (19xx)(Medsoft)
2887Kopy Kat Header Reader (19xx)(Medsoft)
2888Korabliki (1999)(Alexander Sizenko)(Ru)
2889Korolyestvo Eyforiya (1990)(Silva Soft)(Ru)
2890Koronis Rift (1987)(Activision)
2891Korth Trilogy 3, The (19xx)(-)
2892Kosmic Kanga (1984)(Micromania)
2893Kosmos (1989)(Atlantis Software)
2894Kosti Pokyer (1996)(Auryn Creative Group)(Ru)
2895Kozyol (1999)(Accept Corp.)(Ru)
2896Kraal (1990)(Hewson Consultants)
2897Krakatoa 2012 (1986)(Sinclair User)
2898Krakit (1982)(Artic Computing)
2899Krakout (1987)(Kixx)
2900Krakout II (1988)(Firefly Software)
2901Krazy Golf (1983)(Mr. Micro)
2902Krazy Kez Kartoonist Kaper, The (1991)(FSF Adventures)(128k)
2903Krazy Kong (1983)(PSS)
2904Kribyedzh (1992)(Inforcom)(Ru)
2905Krion (19xx)(G.B. Max Software)(Sp)
2906Krtek (1990)(Proxima Software)(Cz)
2907Kryestiki Noliki (1997)(Serachan)(Ru)
2908Krypton Factor, The (1987)(Domark)
2909Kubiki Kossa (1995)(Vadim Bodrov)(Ru)
2910Kulikovskaya Bitva (1994)(WE Group)(Ru)
2911Kung Fu (1984)(Bug-Byte Software)
2912Kung Fu Knights (1989)(Firebird)
2913Kung Fu Master (1986)(US Gold)
2914Kup Pan Gablote (19xx)(-)(Sl)
2915Kurven (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2916Kwah (1986)(Melbourne House)
2917Kwik Load Tape Header Interrogator (19xx)(-)
2918Kwik Snax (1990)(Codemasters)
2919L' Avventura Di Giacomo (1985)(Foglia Edizioni)(It)
2920L'ile Maudite (1984)(Loriciels)(Fr)
2921L.A. Drugs Bust (1990)(Simon Hobbs)
2922L.E.D. Storm (1988)(Go!)
2923LList 642 (1983)(Kompilira)(UNK-LANG)
2924La Abadia Del Crimen (1988)(Opera Soft)(128k)(Sp)
2925La Aventura Brutal (1994)(Rock & Software)(128k)(UNK-LANG)
2926La Aventura Espacial (1990)(Aventuras AD)(Sp)
2927La Ballade De Lutin (1984)(Loriciels)(Fr)
2928La Corona Magica (1990)(OMK Software)
2929La Dame De Monsoreau (19xx)(Iko & Rgsoft)(Cz)
2930La Dame De Monsureau (19xx)(Iko & Rgsoft)(Cz)
2931La Espada Sagrada (1990)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
2932La Guerra De Las Vajillas (1988)(Aventuras AD)(Sp)
2933Labirint 8 (19xx)(Sergey Mesanov)
2934Labirinto - Labyrinth (1983)(Axis)(UNK-LANG)
2935Labirintus (1998)(Nyitrai Basic)
2936Labours Of Hercules, The (19xx)(-)
2937Labyrint (1983)(Christor Buening)(UNK-LANG)
2938Labyrinth (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2939Labyrinthion (1986)(Budgie Budget Software)
2940Labyrman (1990)(Vaclav Cinert)
2941Lady Copy v1.04 (1985)(Ladinek)(UNK-LANG)
2942Lancer Lord (1983)(Rabbit Software)
2943Land Of Sagan (1983)(Mikro-Gen)
2944Landfall On Rollus (1987)(Clwyd Adventure Soft)
2945Lap Of The Gods (1986)(Mastertronic)
2946Lapiz Optico v1.0 (19xx)(Investronica)(UNK-LANG)
2947Larana (19xx)(-)(Sp)
2948Larry The Lemmings Urge For Extinction (1992)(Delbert The Hamster Software)
2949Las Tres Luces De Glaurung (1986)(Erbe Software)(Sp)
2950Las Vegas 2 (1991)(-)
2951Las Vegas Casino (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
2952Las Vegas Jackpot (1984)(Mastertronic)
2953Laser Basic (19xx)(Oasis Software)
2954Laser Basic v1.3 (1986)(Oasis Software)
2955Laser Genius Z80 Assembler v1.04 (1986)(Oasis Software)
2956Laser Genius Z80 Assembler v1.05 (Tape 1 Side A)
2957Laser Genius Z80 Assembler v1.05 (Tape 1 Side B)
2958Laser Genius Z80 Assembler v1.05 (Tape 2 Side A)
2959Laser Genius Z80 Assembler v1.05 (Tape 2 Side B)
2960Laser Lord (1985)(Century City)
2961Laser Snaker (1983)(Poppysoft)
2962Laser Squad (1988)(Target Games)
2963Laser Squad - Expansion Kit One (Side A)
2964Laser Squad - Expansion Kit One (Side B)
2965Laser Squad - Remix (1988)(Target Games)(128k)
2966Laser War (1990)(Gladius Software)
2967Laser Wheel (1987)(Mastertronic)
2968Laser Zone (1983)(Salamander)
2969Laserwarp (1983)(Mikro-Gen)
2970Laskar's Return (1992)(Zenobi Software)
2971Last Believer, The (1991)(The Guild)
2972Last Commando - The (1988)(Zeus Software - Dinamic Software)(128k)
2973Last Courier, The (1997)(Perspective Group)
2974Last Courier, The - Levels Editor v1.4 (1997)(Perspective Group)
2975Last Duel (1989)(US Gold)
2976Last Mission (1987)(US Gold)
2977Last Mission, The (19xx)(Opera Soft)
2978Last Mohican, The (1987)(CRL Group)
2979Last Sunset For Lattica (1983)(Arcade Software)
2980Last Vampire, The (1990)(Atlantis Software)
2981Last Will And Testament, The (1984)(Central Solutions)
2982Last Word, The v2.1 (1986)(Myrmidon Software)
2983Lavirint (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
2984Lawn Adventure (19xx)(-)
2985Lazer Cycles (1985)(Monser)
2986Lazer Tag (1987)(Go)
2987Lazy Jones (1984)(Terminal Software)
2988Leader Board (1986)(US Gold)
2989Leaderboard (1986)(US Gold)
2990Leaderboard Tournament (1988)(US Gold)
2991League Challenge (1988)(Atlantis Software)
2992League Football (1991)(Cult)
2993Leapfrog (1983)(CDS Microsystems)
2994Learn Basic (1983)(Talent Computer Systems)
2995Learn Chess By Computer - Introductory Course (Side A)
2996Learn Chess By Computer - Introductory Course (Side B)
2997Learn To Program (19xx)(St Michael)
2998Learn To Read 1 (1983)(Psion)
2999Learn To Read 2 (1984)(Psion)
3000Learn To Read 3 (1984)(Psion)
3001Learn To Read 4 (1984)(Psion)
3002Learn To Read 5 (1984)(Psion)
3003Leaver (19xx)(-)(PD)
3004Lee Enfield (1988)(Infogrames)
3005Lee Enfield Space Ace (1988)(Infogrammes)
3006Legacy, The (1990)(Zenobi Software)
3007Legacy, The (Side A)
3008Legacy, The (Side B)
3009Legend - The Siege (1984)(Century Communications)
3010Legend Of Apache Gold, The (1986)(Incentive)
3011Legend Of Avalon (19xx)(Hewson Consultants)
3012Legend Of Craldons Creek, The (1987)(Eric Stewart)
3013Legend Of Kage (1986)(Imagine Software)
3014Legend Of The Amazon Women (1986)(US Gold)
3015Legend Of The Lost Kingdom (1987)(Dan B. Nielson)
3016Legions Of Death (1987)(M.C. Lothlorien)
3017Leonard (1986)(Ganamides)(Sp)
3018Leonardo (1985)(Creative Sparks)
3019Leopard Lord (1983)(Kayde Software)
3020Leopold The Minstrel (1994)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
3021Lerm - Bytes Header Reader 2 (1985)(Lerm Software)
3022Lerm - Bytes Mover (1985)(Lerm Software)
3023Lerm - Header Creator (1984)(Lerm Software)
3024Lerm - Mini Tape v5m (19xx)(Lerm Software)
3025Lerm - Program Analysis (19xx)(Lerm Software)
3026Lerm - Run Utility (19xx)(Lerm Software)
3027Lerm - Tape Utility D (19xx)(Lerm Software)
3028Lerm MM2 (19xx)(Lerm Software)
3029Lerm Tape Copier v4.2 (19xx)(Lerm Software)
3030Lerm Tape Copier v5 (19xx)(Lerm Software)
3031Lerm Tape Copier v6 (19xx)(Lerm Software)
3032Lerm Tape Copier v6.0M (1984)(Lerm Software)
3033Lerm Tape Copier v7 (19xx)(Lerm Software)
3034Lerm Tape Copier v8 (19xx)(Lerm Software)
3035Lerm Tape Utility D (Side A)
3036Lerm Tape Utility D (Side B)
3037Lerm Tape-B (19xx)(Lerm Software)
3038Les Flics (1984)(PSS)
3039Letris (1991)(Proxima)(Cz)
3040Letter Bomb (1988)(River Software)
3041Level 5 (1987)(Mastertronic)
3042Leviathan (1987)(English Software)
3043Leviathan (Side A)
3044Leviathan (Side B)
3045Liberator (19xx)(Lyversoft)
3046Libro De Compras (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3047Libro De Diario (1985)(Marzo)(UNK-LANG)
3048Licence To Kill (1989)(Domark)
3049Life & Adventures Of Crusoe (1985)(Automata UK)
3050Life Guard - Unlimited Lives Finder (19xx)(-)
3051Life Of A Lone Electron, The (19xx)(Delbert The Hamster Software)
3052Life Of Harry, The (1985)(Cascade Games)
3053Lifeguard (1987)(Romantic Robot UK)
3054Lifeline (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)
3055Lifeterm (1987)(Alternative Software)
3056Light Corridor (1990)(Infogrames)(128k)
3057Light Cycle 2 (1992)(Rumatisoft)
3058Light Cycles (19xx)(PSS)
3059Light Force (1986)(Faster Than Light)
3060Light Magic Graphic Designer (1985)(New Generation Software)
3061Light Pen (1985)(Apina)
3062Light Pen v4 (1983)(DK'Tronics)
3063Light Pen v4.1 (1983)(DK'Tronics)
3064Light Show (19xx)(-)
3065Lightcycle (1984)(Kryptronic)
3066Lightforce (1986)(Rack-It)
3067Lightly Fields (1997)(Magic Moon)(Ru)
3068Lightmare (1989)(Zenobi Software)
3069Lightning Simulator (1988)(Silverbird)
3070Lightwriter (1988)(Datel)
3071Lil' Alien (1986)(Essential Consultants)
3072Lila Diva (1984)(Hands On Software)(De)
3073Limehouse Mystery, The (1989)(Global Games)
3074Limited Over Cricket (1983)(CRL Group)
3075Line Of Fire (1990)(US Gold)
3076Line Split (19xx)(-)(PD)
3077Lines (1996)(Computer Work Company)(Ru)
3078Lines 2 (1997)(Yurochka)(Ru)
3079Linesaver (19xx)(Malcolm Goodman)
3080Linesaver 2 (19xx)(Carlo Maria Vireca)
3081Linker For MCoder 2 (19xx)(Z. Juric)
3082Linkword Spanish (1984)(Silversoft)
3083List Scroll (19xx)(-)
3084Little Al (1987)(Sparklers)
3085Little Computer People (1986)(Activision)(128k)
3086Little Game (1987)(Satansoft)
3087Little Pac (19xx)(-)(De)
3088Little Puff In Dragonland (1990)(Codemasters)
3089Little Wandering Guru, The (19xx)(Zenobi Software)
3090Live And Let Die (1988)(Domark)
3091Living Daylights, The (1987)(Domark)
3092Living Daylights, The - Mission Zero (1987)(Domark)
3093Lo Chef - Cookie (1985)(Xor Soft)(It)
3094Lo Spione (19xx)(Original Soft)(UNK-LANG)
3095Load 'n' Run Compilation 02 (19xx)(Load 'n' Run)
3096Load 'n' Run Compilation 14 (19xx)(Load 'n' Run)
3097Load 'n' Run Compilation 21 (19xx)(Load 'n' Run)
3098Loads Of Midnight (1987)(CRL Group)
3099Loco (1986)(Alligata Software)
3100Locomotion (1985)(Mastertronic)
3101Lode Runner (1984)(Software Projects)
3102Lode Runner 3 (1995)(Biotech Software Inc.)(Ru)
3103Logicol (19xx)(-)
3104Logo (1991)(Mat & Zeiek - Your Sinclair)
3105Logo Po Polsku (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3106Lojix (1983)(Virgin Games)
3107Lombrix (1984)(ERE Informatique)(Fr)
3108London Adventure (1985)(Fridaysoft)
3109Lone Wolf (1991)(Audiogenic Software - Sinclair User)
3110Lone Wolf - Fire On The Water (1984)(Hutchinson Computer Publishing)
3111Lone Wolf - Flight From The Dark (1984)(Hutchinson Computer Publishing)
3112Lone Wolf - Mirror Of Death (1990)(Audiogenic Software)
3113Loogaroo - Werewolf Simulator (1988)(Top Ten Software)
3114Loony Zoo (1983)(Phipps Associates)
3115Loop Synthesizer (1987)(Claus Jann)(UNK-LANG)
3116Loose Ends (1995)(Zenobi Software)
3117Lord Of The Rings, The (1989)(Beau Jolly)
3118Lord Of The Rings, The - Beginner (1986)(Melbourne House)
3119Lord Of The Rings, The (Tape 1 of 2 Side A)
3120Lord Of The Rings, The (Tape 1 of 2 Side B)
3121Lord Of The Rings, The (Tape 2 of 2 Side A)
3122Lord Of The Rings, The (Tape 2 of 2 Side B)
3123Lords Of Chaos (1991)(Blade Software)
3124Lords Of Crom (1991)(Positive)(Sp)
3125Lords Of Magic (19xx)(The Guild)
3126Lords Of Midnight, The (1984)(Beyond)
3127Lords Of Midnight, The - Editor (1987)(PDT)
3128Lords Of Midnight, The - Game Editor v3.01 (1987)(PDT)
3129Lords Of Time (1987)(Level 9 Computing)
3130Lorigraph (1985)(Loriciels)
3131Lorna (1990)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
3132Los Angeles Drugs Bust (1990)(Players Premier)
3133Los Angeles SWAT (1987)(Mastertronic)
3134Los Chinos (1985)(Microhobby Cassette)(Sp)
3135Los Intocables (1990)(Ocean Software)
3136Los Templos Sogrados (1991)(Aventuras)(Sp)
3137Lost (1983)(Virgin Games)
3138Lost Caves (Side A)
3139Lost Caves (Side B)
3140Lost Children, The (19xx)(Adventure Probe)(128k)
3141Lost City, The (1989)(Sinclair User)
3142Lost Dragon, The (19xx)(Tartan Software)
3143Lost In Time (1993)(Zenobi Software)
3144Lost Orb, The (1984)(KW Computing)
3145Lost Over Bermuda (1983)(Elfin Software)
3146Lost Ruby, The (1987)(Wrightchoice Software)
3147Lost Temple Of The Incas, The (1990)(Zenobi Software)
3148Lost Tomb Of Ananka, The (1993)(Compass)
3149Lost Twilight, The (1992)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
3150Loteria (1984)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3151Lothlorien (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3152Loto v1 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3153Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)
3154Lozio Tom (19xx)(Lamano Lesta & Duran Duran)(It)
3155Lsd X (19xx)(-)
3156Ludo (19xx)(-)
3157Ludoids Adventures, The (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)(Parts 3-4 of 4)
3158Luna Atac (1986)(Atlantis Software)
3159Luna Crabs (1983)(Micromega)
3160Lunar Attack (1983)(K'Soft)
3161Lunar Jetman (1983)(Ultimate)
3162Lunar Lander (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3163Lunar Letters (1983)(Longman Group & Micromega)
3164Lunar Rescue (19xx)(Lyversoft)
3165Lunolyet 2 (1992)(Alexey Baushkin)(Ru)
3166Luxik Na Bibrstejne (1987)(AK-Soft)(Cz)
3167Lycanthropy (1993)(Zenobi Software)
3168M Coder 2 (1983)(P.S.S.)
3169M Coder 3 (1985)(Ere Informatique)
3170M Doc (1985)(Seven Stars Publishing)
3171M-Doc (1985)(Seven Stars)
3172M. Command Base (19xx)(-)
3173MC Trace (19xx)(-)
3174MCA (19xx)(Pinehurst Data Studios)
3175Mac Man's Magic Mirror (1984)(Macmillan Education)
3176Machine Code Monitor (19xx)(-)
3177Machine Code Test Tool (1982)(F.O. Ainley)
3178Machine Lightning (Tape 1 Side A)
3179Machine Lightning (Tape 1 Side B)
3180Machine Lightning (Tape 2 Side A)
3181Machine Lightning (Tape 2 Side B)
3182Macman (19xx)(-)
3183Mad Balls (1994)(Vadim Bodrov)
3184Mad Flunky (1987)(Piranha)
3185Mad Hatter (1985)(Automata UK)
3186Mad House (1993)(The Mad Guys - Your Sinclair)
3187Mad In Cascais (1986)(Cacais Micro)(Sp)
3188Mad Jumper (1984)(Sinclair Programs)
3189Mad Load (1986)(Fuxoft)
3190Mad Martha (1983)(Mikro-Gen)
3191Mad Martha 2 (1983)(Mikro-Gen)
3192Mad Mix (1988)(Topo Soft - Domark)
3193Mad Mix Game (1988)(Topo Soft - Domark)
3194Mad Nurse (1987)(Firebird)
3195Madcap Manor - Graphic Version (1985)(Gilsoft International)
3196Madcap Manor - Text Version (1985)(Gilsoft International)
3197Madcars (19xx)(Joan Sales)(UNK-LANG)
3198Mafia Contract II, The (1986)(Atlantis Software)
3199Mafia Contract, The (1984)(Atlantis Software)
3200Mafia Contract, The (Side A)
3201Mafia Contract, The (Side B)
3202Mag Max - Robo Centurion (1986)(Imagine Software)
3203Magic Block (1995)(DAB Laboratory)(Ru)
3204Magic Carpet (1985)(Mastertronic)
3205Magic Castle (1983)(Gilsoft International)
3206Magic Dice (1993)(Proxima Software)
3207Magic Johnson's Basketball (1990)(Melbourne House - Dro Soft)(Sp)
3208Magic Jokers (19xx)(-)
3209Magic Land (1986)(GB Max)(Sp)
3210Magic Lines (1995)(Random Science Crew)(Ru)
3211Magic Meanies (1983)(CDS Microsystems)
3212Magic Mountain (1983)(Phipps Associates)
3213Magic Of Logic, The (1996)(VVS - Dr. Mushroomer)(Ru)
3214Magic Roundabout, The (1984)(CRL Group)
3215Magic Story - Part 1 (1994)(Vadim Bodrov)(Ru)
3216Magic Sword, The (19xx)(Database Publications)
3217Magic Treasure Adventure (19xx)(Tartan Software)
3218Magical Mystery Tour (19xx)(-)
3219Magician From Oz (1997)(Famous Faces Factory)(Ru)
3220Magicians Apprentice (1990)(The Guild)
3221Magicians Land (1996)(Precision)(Ru)
3222Magma Man (1987)(Spectraxx Tape Magazine)
3223Magma Man - The Vanishing Prof (1987)(Spectraxx Tape Magazine)
3224Magnetic Moon (1989)(FSF Adventures)
3225Magnetic Moon 2 - Starship Quest (1990)(FSF Adventures)
3226Magnetron (1988)(Firebird)
3227Magnets (1984)(Macmillan Education)
3228Mago In Caricamento - Merlin (1988)(Specman)(It)
3229Mah Jonggu! (1992)(Universum)(UNK-LANG)
3230Mahownie's Light (19xx)(K-Soft)
3231Mailstrom (1986)(Ocean Software)
3232Main Blow, The (1994)(Chip - Rocky)(Ru)
3233Majik (1988)(Mastertronic)
3234Makao (1985)(A. Mielczarek)(Pl)
3235Make A Chip (1984)(Psion)
3236Make Music (19xx)(-)
3237Malice In Blunderland (1985)(The Guild)
3238Malice In Wonderland (1984)(Lumpsoft)
3239Maltese Joe's Pool Challenge (1989)(Firebird)
3240Malvinas 82 (1986)(Juegos & Estrategia)
3241Mambo (1989)(Positive Software)(UNK-LANG)
3242Mampfman (19xx)(-)(De)
3243Man About The House (1994)(Zenobi Software)
3244Man Hunt (1984)(Omen)
3245Man Trap (1984)(Century City)
3246Manager (19xx)(-)(Ru)
3247Manager, The (1990)(GTI Software)
3248Manchester United (1990)(GBH)
3249Manchester United In Europe (1991)(Krisalis Software)(128k)
3250Mandelbrot (1988)(Fabrixoft)
3251Mandragore (1986)(Infogrames)
3252Mandroid (19xx)(CRL Group)
3253Maniac (19xx)(Prospec)(De)
3254Maniac Square (1987)(Mandragora Software)(Sp)
3255Manic Badger (1991)(A.J. Remic)
3256Manic Miner (1983)(Software Projects)
3257Manic Miner - The Hobbit - Easy (2000)(Broadsoft)
3258Manic Miner - The Hobbit - Hard (2000)(Broadsoft)
3259Manic Miner 2 (1985)(Schultze)(De)
3260Manic Miner 3 - Tales From A Parallel Universe (1996)(Cheese Freak Software)
3261Manic Miner 4 (1997)(Broadsoft)
3262Manic Miner 6 - The Buddha Of Suburbia (1998)(Broadsoft)
3263Manje Vise (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3264Manor Of Madness (1984)(Celtic Software)
3265Mansion Quest, The (1990)(GI Games)
3266Mantecas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3267Mantronix (1986)(Probe Software)
3268Map Quiz (19xx)(-)
3269Map Snatch (1985)(Dinamic)(Sp)
3270Mapper, The (1992)(Zenobi Software)
3271Mapper, The - Players Guide (1992)(Zenobi Software)
3272Maquina (19xx)(Microhobby)
3273Marauder (1988)(Hewson Consultants)
3274Marble Madness - Construction Set (1986)(Melbourne House)
3275Marble Madness - Deluxe Edition (1986)(Melbourne House)
3276Marbles (1999)(Blade Software Inc.)(Ru)
3277Margo Puzzle (1997)(Fatlity)(Ru)
3278Margot's Magic Coloring (1992)(Gremlin Graphics)
3279Maria's Christmas Box (1986)(Anco)
3280Marie Celeste (1984)(Atlantis Software)
3281Mario Bros (1987)(Ocean Software)
3282Mark Time Music Box, The (1986)(Melbourne House)
3283Marooned (1992)(Zenobi Software)
3284Mars Red (1992)(THD)(Ru)
3285Marsport (1985)(Gargoyle Games)
3286Martianoids (1987)(Ultimate)
3287Marty Shortwood Letterwriter - Deluxe Edition (19xx)(-)
3288Mask (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)
3289Mask II (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
3290Mask III - Venom Strikes Back (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
3291Master 4 (19xx)(-)
3292Master Blaster (1990)(Cybadyne)
3293Master Brain (1990)(Crash)
3294Master Chess (19xx)(Mikro-Gen)
3295Master Copy (19xx)(Vatroslav)
3296Master Copy 128 (19xx)(-)(128k)
3297Master File v04 (1982)(Campbell Systems)
3298Master File v06 (1982)(Campbell Systems)
3299Master Mariner (1984)(Atlantis Software)
3300Master Mind (1983)(Werner Spahl)(De)
3301Master Of Magic, The (1986)(Mastertronic)
3302Master Toolkit (1983)(Oxford Computer Publishing)
3303Master, The (1986)(Artic Computing)
3304Mastercopy128 (19xx)(Vatroslav Sobot)(128k)
3305Mastermind (1983)(M.S. Boboli)
3306Masterminde (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3307Masters Of Serebal, The (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)
3308Masters Of The Universe (1987)(Adventuresoft UK)
3309Masters Of The Universe - Terraquake (1987)(Adventuresoft UK)
3310Masters Of The Universe - The Movie (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
3311Match Day (1987)(Ocean Software)
3312Match Day 2 (1987)(Ocean Software)
3313Match Of The Day (1992)(Zeppelin Games)(128k)
3314Match, The (1991)(Cult)
3315Matchmaker (1987)(River Software)
3316Matchpoint (1984)(Psion)
3317Matematicka Slagalica (19xx)(Nikola Alivojvodig)
3318Matematyka (1986)(Janusz Gajewicz)(Po)
3319Math Skills 2 (Side A)
3320Math Skills 2 (Side B)
3321Maths Universe (19xx)(-)
3322Mathskills II (Side A)
3323Mathskills II (Side B)
3324Mathsted (1983)(CCS)
3325Matma (19xx)(Elkor)(Pl)
3326Matrix (1984)(Quicksilva)
3327Matrix - Gridrunner 2 (1983)(Salamander Software)
3328Matrix Operations (19xx)(-)
3329Matt Lucas (1986)(Players Premier)
3330Matt Lucus (1986)(Players Premier)
3331Max Headroom (1986)(Quicksilva)
3332Maxim (1986)(Gogosoft)
3333Mayhem (1987)(Power House)
3334Maze (19xx)(-)
3335Maze - Different (19xx)(-)
3336Maze Chase (1983)(Hewson Consultants)
3337Maze Death Race (1983)(PSS)
3338Maze Man (1983)(Abersoft)
3339Maze Mania (1989)(Hewson Consultants)
3340Maze Of Terror (1986)(Kevin Hillyer)
3341Maze, The (19xx)(Your Sinclair)(128k)(Cz)
3342Mazeman (1983)(Abersoft)
3343Maziacs (1985)(Monser)
3344Mc Wash Goes Bathing (1985)(Bensoft)(Cz)
3345McKensie (1983)(Software Projects)
3346Mean Streak (1987)(Mirrorsoft)
3347Medieval Adventure (19xx)(D. Knight)
3348Mega Apocalypse (1988)(Martech Games)
3349Mega Basic v1.0 (1984)(M. Leaman)
3350Mega Bucks (1986)(Firebird)
3351Mega Color Lines (1995)(Mortal Kombat)(Ru)
3352Mega Corp (1987)(Dinamic)(Sp)
3353Mega Fruit (1984)(Thor Computer Software)
3354Mega Phoenix (1991)(Dinamic)
3355Mega Xonix (1994)(Dimitry Volvach)(Ru)
3356Megablast (1990)(Your Sinclair)(128k)
3357Meganova (1988)(Dinamic)
3358Megapede (1983)(Softek)
3359Melbourne Draw (1983)(Melbourne House)
3360Meltdown (1984)(Kerian UK)
3361Mem Tester (19xx)(-)
3362Memo Test (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3363Memory Blocks (19xx)(Excellent Four Software)
3364Menace (1983)(Firebird)
3365Menagerie, The (1990)(Zenobi Software)
3366Mental Block (1992)(Your Sinclair)
3367Mental Blocks - Frustration 2 (1995)(P. Howard)
3368Menzer (19xx)(Dzuibaner Software)(UNK-LANG)
3369Mercenary - Escape From Targ (1987)(Novagen Software)
3370Mercenary 2 - The Second City (1988)(Novagen Software)
3371Mercs (1991)(US Gold)
3372Merlin (1987)(Firebird)
3373Merlock The Mede (1985)(Terminal Software)
3374Merlock The Mede - Ashes Of Alucard (1985)(Terminal Software)
3375Merlock The Mede - Deeds Of Glengarry Hall (1985)(Terminal Software)
3376Mermaid Madness (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)
3377Merry Xmas Santa (1984)(Icon Software)
3378Message From Andromeda (1986)(Interceptor Micros Software)
3379Metabolis (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)
3380Metal Army (1988)(Players Premier)
3381Metalyx (1987)(Alternative Software)
3382Metaplex (19xx)(Prism)
3383Metedatos (19xx)(-)
3384Meteor (1983)(Roland G. Huelsmann)
3385Meteor Mission (19xx)(-)
3386Meteor Storm (1982)(Quicksilva)
3387Meteoroids (1982)(DK'Tronics)
3388Methyhel (1990)(Zenobi Software)
3389Metro Cross (1987)(US Gold)
3390Metropol (19xx)(Zafiro Software)(Sp)
3391Metropolis (1988)(Toposoft)
3392Mexico '86 - Finals (1985)(Qual Soft)
3393Mexico '86 - Qualifiers (1985)(Qual Soft)
3394Miami Cobra GT (1991)(Players Premier)
3395Miami Vice (1986)(Ocean Software)
3396Michel Futbol Master (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)
3397Michel Super Skills (1991)(Dinamic)(Sp)
3398Mickey Mouse - The Computer Game (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
3399Micro Bowl (1992)(Gabi Soft)(Sp)
3400Micro Drive Utility Program v1.1 (19xx)(-)
3401Micro Drivin (1988)(Softel)
3402Micro Fitness v2.0 (1984)(VO2)
3403Micro Maze (19xx)(King)
3404Micro Mouse Goes Debugging (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
3405Micro Olympics (1984)(Database Publications)
3406Micro Pen (1983)(Contrast Software)
3407Micro Print (1984)(Myrmidon Software)
3408Micro Prolog v1.0 (1983)(LPA)
3409Micro Trivia (1987)(Harold Gale Associates)
3410Microball (1988)(Alternative Software)
3411Microbot (1983)(Softek Software)
3412Microfair Madness (1991)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
3413Microgold Adventure (1983)(Syrtis Software)
3414Micromega Roulette (19xx)(Micromega)
3415Micromiron (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3416Micronaut One (1987)(Nexus)
3417Microprose Soccer (Side A)
3418Microprose Soccer (Side B)
3419Midnight Resistance (1990)(Ocean Software)
3420Mig 29 Soviet Fighter (1989)(Codemasters)
3421Mig Busters (1990)(Sorcery Software)
3422Mighty Magus, The (1985)(Quicksilva)
3423Mike Gunner (1988)(Dinamic)
3424Mike Read's Pop Quiz (1988)(Elite Systems)
3425Mikie (1985)(Imagine Software)
3426Milk Race, The (1987)(Mastertronic)
3427Millimon (1984)(Artic Computing)
3428Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist, The (1992)(The Guild)
3429Millionaire (1984)(Incentive)
3430Mimzoid Death Dude (1988)(Grant Jaquest)(Cz)
3431Mind Cross War (1993)(The Smart Software)(Cz)
3432Mind Fighter (1988)(Abstract Concepts)
3433Mind Shadow (1985)(Activision)
3434Mind Shadow (Side A)
3435Mind Shadow (Side B)
3436Mind Trap (1989)(Mastertronic)
3437Mindbender (1984)(Gilsoft International)
3438Mindbender, The (1984)(Gilsoft International)
3439Minder (1985)(DK'Tronics)
3440Mindfighter (1988)(Abstract Concepts)
3441Mindstone (1986)(The Edge)
3442Mined Out (1983)(Quicksilva)
3443Minefield (1982)(J.K. Greye)
3444Minenfeld (19xx)(-)(De)
3445Miner (19xx)(-)(Ru)
3446Mineria, La (19xx)(-)(Sp)
3447Mines Of Lithad, The (1992)(Zenobi Software)
3448Mines Of Lithiad, The (1992)(Zenobi Software)
3449Mines Of Saturn (1982)(Saturnsoft)
3450Minesweeper (1997)(PancSoft)
3451Mini Adventure (1984)(Werner Spahl)
3452Mini Fly (1994)(Galaxy Ltd.)(Ru)
3453Mini Office (1985)(Database Publications)
3454Mini Office (Side A)
3455Mini Office (Side B)
3456Mini Pacman 89 (1989)(Studio Kaloa)(128k)
3457Minichars Textfile (19xx)(-)
3458Minota (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3459Minutes (19xx)(-)
3460Miser, The (1990)(River Software)
3461Missile (1982)(Psion)
3462Missile Command (1982)(C-Tech)
3463Missile Defence (1983)(Anirog Software)
3464Missili (19xx)(Limi)
3465Missing 007 (1990)(Karel Predator Taufman)(UNK-LANG)
3466Mission 12 (1986)(J. Dury)
3467Mission Elevator (1988)(Eurogold)
3468Mission Impossible (1983)(Silversoft)
3469Mission Omega (1983)(Pulsonic)
3470Mission One - Project Volcano (1983)(Mission Software)
3471Mivisis (19xx)(-)
3472MoI Reversi v3.6 (1982)(Games Of Skill Ltd)
3473Mobile Wars (1998)(Mythos)
3474Modem No 2 (1985)(16 - 48k Magazine)
3475Moi Reversi v3.6 (1982)(Games Of Skill)
3476Molar Maul (1983)(Imagine Software)
3477Molecule Man (1986)(Mastertronic)
3478Molecule Man + Editor (1986)(Mastertronic)
3479Molesworth (19xx)(Ian Aldridge)
3480Money Manager (1984)(Creative Sparks)
3481Monitor & Dissasembler (1982)(Crystal Computing)
3482Monitor (19xx)(-)
3483Monitor 2 (19xx)(-)
3484Monkey Biznes (1983)(Artic Computing)
3485Monopolio (1984)(Leonsoft)(Sp)
3486Monopoly (1985)(Leisure Genius)
3487Monster (1988)(Haggisoft)
3488Monster Copy 1 (19xx)(-)
3489Monster Copy 2 (1985)(Jeremic Nebojsa)
3490Monster Munch (1990)(Remsoft Arcade Designs - Sinclair User)
3491Monster Muncher (1983)(Spectrum Games)
3492Monsters In Hell (1983)(Softek Software)
3493Monte Carlo (1983)(Micromega)
3494Monte Carlo Casino (1989)(Codemasters)
3495Monty Is Innocent (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)
3496Monty Mole (1984)(Gremlin Graphics)
3497Monty On The Run (1985)(Crash)
3498Monty Python's Flying Circus (1990)(Virgin Games)
3499Moon Alert (1984)(Ocean Software)
3500Moon Battle (19xx)(-)(Sp)
3501Moon Buggy (1983)(Anirog Software)
3502Moon Cresta (1985)(Incentive)
3503Moon Iron (1985)(EWF)
3504Moon Lighter (1984)(R. MacFarquhar)
3505Moon Magic (1991)(Psychedelic Hedgehog)
3506Moon Patrol (1984)(Atarisoft)
3507Moon Strike (1987)(Mirrorsoft)
3508Moon Sweeper (1983)(Imagic)
3509Moon Walker (1989)(US Gold)
3510Moon Walker - The Computer Game (1989)(US Gold)(128k)
3511Moonlight Madness (1988)(Blue Ribbon)
3512Moonquake (1989)(Laurence Creighton)
3513Moonshards Of Sacrimore (1989)(Mark Beech)(128k)
3514Moontorc (1991)(Atlantis Software)
3515Mordon's Quest (1985)(Melbourne House)
3516More v1.4 (1996)(Dominic Morris)
3517Moron (1986)(Atlantis Software)
3518Morse I3 (1984)(JCR Software)(UNK-LANG)
3519Morsedecoder (1984)(Michael Schramm)(UNK-LANG)
3520Morsezeichengenerator (19xx)(-)(De)
3521Mortadelo Y Filemon 2 (1990)(Animagic)(UNK-LANG)
3522Moscow Paris (1987)(Marck Kiszakicwicz & Jacek Mering)(Pl)
3523Moscow-Paris 15.17 (1987)(Marck Kiszakicwicz - Jacek Mering)(Ru)
3524Mothership (1984)(Artic Computing)
3525Motor Massacre (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)
3526Motorallye (19xx)(-)
3527Motorbike Madness (1988)(Mastertronic)
3528Motorcycle 500 (1990)(Cult)
3529Motorcycle Crazy (1984)(Kerian UK)
3530Motos (1987)(Mastertronic)
3531Mountain Bike Racer (1990)(Zeppelin Games)
3532Mountain Bike Simulator (19xx)(Codemasters)
3533Mountains Of Ket 1 (1983)(Incentive)
3534Mountains Of Ket 2 - The Temple Of Vran (1984)(Incentive)
3535Mountains Of Ket 3 - The Final Mission (1984)(Incentive - Crash)
3536Mountie Mick's Death Ride (1987)(Reaktor)
3537Move 'Em All (1996)(KeySoft)(Ru)
3538Movie (1986)(Imagine Software)
3539Mow Business (1999)(Gasman Productions - CSSCGC)
3540Mr. Copy Plus (1986)(Ing. P. Kreybig)
3541Mr. Copy v1 (1983)(Ing. P. Kreybig)
3542Mr. Copy v3 (1983)(Job)
3543Mr. Dracula - Frank N Stein (1984)(Special Programs)(Sp)
3544Mr. Freeze (1984)(Firebird)
3545Mr. Gas (1990)(Xortrapa Soft)(Sp)
3546Mr. Grumpy (1993)(Garry Rowland)
3547Mr. Heli (1989)(Firebird)
3548Mr. Weems & The She Vampires (1987)(Piranha)
3549Mr. Wimpy (1984)(Ocean Software)
3550Mr. Wino's Stag Night (1988)(Firebird)
3551Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry (1984)(Artic Computing)
3552Mrazik 88 (1988)(Phalas)(Cz)
3553Mrs. Mopp (1984)(Computasolve)
3554Ms. Pacman (1985)(Atarisoft)
3555Muca Pospravljalka (1985)(Suzy Soft)
3556Mucroid Run (19xx)(-)
3557Muggin's The Spaceman (1987)(Firebird)
3558Mugsy (1984)(Melbourne House)
3559Mugsy's Revenge (1984)(Melbourne House)
3560Multi Program (19xx)(-)
3561Multibas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3562Multiface Three In One (1988)(Crash)
3563Multifile (1984)(Multiversion)
3564Multivariate Regression (1983)(University Software)
3565Mummy! Mummy! (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)
3566Mummy's Crypt (1992)(Zenobi Software)
3567Muncher (1982)(W. Murray)
3568Muncher Eats Chewits, The (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)
3569Munchman (1983)(DK'Tronics)
3570Munsters, The (1989)(Again Again)
3571Murder (1983)(Rabbit Software)
3572Murder At Hamilton Halls (19xx)(The Fly On The Wall)
3573Murder At The Manor (1983)(Gemtime)
3574Murder He Said (1993)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
3575Murder Hunt (1986)(Zenobi Software)
3576Murder Hunt 2 (1992)(Zenobi Software)
3577Murder In The Rue Morgue (1987)(Karl Crawford)
3578Murder Off Miami (1987)(CRL Group)
3579Murder, The (19xx)(William Bell)
3580Murk 3320 (1996)(Wanderer)(Ru)
3581Murphy's Murder Hunt (1985)(Bodkin Software)
3582Mushroom Alley (1984)(Mogul Communications)
3583Mushroom Mania (1988)(Arcadia Software)
3584Mushrooms From Mars (1984)(Scorpio Gamesworld)
3585Music (19xx)(Rose Software)
3586Music 1 (1982)(Psion)
3587Music Champ (1985)(Snoopysoft)(UNK-LANG)
3588Music Composer (1982)(Microl)
3589Music Computer (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3590Music File (19xx)(Jim Hossack)
3591Music Logic (1991)(Proxima)(Cz)
3592Music Maker (1983)(Bellflower Software)
3593Music Sampler For SU (1990)(Captain Poke)
3594Music Studio, The (1989)(MS Cid)
3595Music Synth (1989)(Your Sinclair)
3596Music Top 10 (19xx)(-)
3597Music Typewriter (1983)(B. Mikolazek)
3598Musica (1985)(Bosoft)(UNK-LANG)
3599Musicrema (19xx)(-)
3600Muster Fill (19xx)(Thomas Bertoldo)(De)
3601Mutan Zone (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)
3602Mutant - The Quest (1984)(River Software)
3603Mutant Fortress (1989)(Players Premier)
3604Mutant Monty (1984)(Artic Computing)
3605Mutant Zone 2 (19xx)(Operasoft)(Sp)
3606Mutants (1987)(Ocean Software)
3607Mutations (1986)(Tynesoft)
3608Mutiny (1996)(Zenobi Software)
3609Myentura (19xx)(Phantom Ltd.)(Ru)
3610Myla Di'Kaich (1985)(Global Software)
3611Mysterious Adventures - The Arrow Of Death - 1 & 2 (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3612Mysterious Adventures No 01 - The Golden Baton (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3613Mysterious Adventures No 02 - The Arrow Of Death Part 1 (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3614Mysterious Adventures No 03 - The Arrow Of Death Part 2 (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3615Mysterious Adventures No 04 - Escape From Pulsar 7 (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3616Mysterious Adventures No 05 - Feasability Experiment (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3617Mysterious Adventures No 05 - Feasibility Experiment (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3618Mysterious Adventures No 06 - The Time Machine (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3619Mysterious Adventures No 07 - The Circus (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3620Mysterious Adventures No 08 - The Wizard Of Akryz (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3621Mysterious Adventures No 09 - Perseus And Andromeda (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3622Mysterious Adventures No 10 - Ten Little Indians (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3623Mysterious Adventures No 11 - Waxworks (1983)(Channel 8 Software)
3624Mysterious Fairground (1984)(Buffer Micro)
3625Mystery Of Arkham Manor, The (1987)(Melbourne House)
3626Mystery Of Silver Mountain (19xx)(-)
3627Mystery Of The Indus Valleys (19xx)(Alternative Software)
3628Mystery Of The Nile, The (1987)(Zigurat Software - Firebird)
3629Mystic Tower, The (1983)(Aardvark Software)
3630Mythos (1990)(Operasoft)
3631N.E.I.L. Android (1988)(Alternative Software)
3632N.E.X.O.R. (1986)(Design Design)
3633N.O.M.A.D. (1985)(Ocean Software)
3634NO 1 (19xx)(Bug-Byte Software)
3635Na Balkanu Nista Novo (1989)(Samir Ribic & Zeljko Juric)(Bo)
3636Nails (19xx)(Joe Mackey)
3637Narc (1990)(Ocean Software)
3638Narc (Side A)
3639Narc (Side B)
3640Narco Police (1991)(Rajsoft)
3641National, The (1988)(D&H Games)
3642Nauka Jazdy (1986)(K. Wysocki)
3643Navy Moves (1988)(Dinamic)
3644Navy Seals (1991)(Erbe)
3645Navy Seals (Side A)
3646Navy Seals (Side B)
3647Nebula (1984)(Red Shift)
3648Nebulus (1987)(Hewson Consultants)
3649Nechceme Nasili (1989)(Jiz Nikdy)(UNK-LANG)
3650Necks Please (1985)(Automata UK)
3651Necris Dome, The (1987)(Codemasters)
3652Necro Plasm (1989)(Grant Jaquest)
3653Necronomycon, The (19xx)(M. Bourne)
3654Ned's Garden (1985)(Argus Press Software)
3655Neighbours (1992)(Impulse)
3656Nemesis (1986)(Konami)
3657Nemesis The Warlock (Side A)
3658Nemesis The Warlock (Side B)
3659Neolite - Neo Library Item Compression (1994)(Softhouse)
3660Nest Of Bastards, The (1991)(Greg Fox)(128k)
3661Nether Earth (1987)(Argus Press Software)
3662Netherworld (1988)(Hewson Consultants)
3663Neuron Warriors (1992)(A-Soft)
3664Never Ending Story 2, The (1990)(Linel)
3665Never Ending Story, The (1985)(Ocean Software)
3666Never Ending Story, The (Tape 1 Side A)
3667Never Ending Story, The (Tape 1 Side B)
3668Never Ending Story, The (Tape 2 Side A)
3669Never Ending Story, The (Tape 2 Side B)
3670Never Trust A Blonde (19xx)(Elfin Software)
3671New Angles (19xx)(-)
3672New Compiler (19xx)(-)
3673New Cylon Attack (1984)(A 'n' F)
3674New Format Copy v1.0 (1984)(Tadeusz Wilczek)(UNK-LANG)
3675New Format Copy v1.1 (1984)(Tadeusz Wilczek)(UNK-LANG)
3676New Text (19xx)(-)
3677New Wheels John (1985)(Automata UK)
3678New Year 1985 (1985)(Samir Ribic)(Bo)
3679New York Warriors (1991)(-)
3680New Zealand Story, The (1989)(Ocean Software)
3681News Of The World (1995)(Ptushka)(Ru)
3682Next War (1984)(Assassin)
3683Nexus (1986)(Ocean Software)
3684Niall Travels In Aberdeen (19xx)(-)
3685Nick Faldo Plays The Open (1985)(Argus Press Software)
3686Nicotine Nightmare (1985)(Atlantis Software)
3687Nifty Lifty (1984)(Visions Software Factory)
3688Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix (1988)(Martech Games)
3689Night Bomber (19xx)(Krypton Force)
3690Night Flite 1 (1982)(Hewson Consultants)
3691Night Flite 2 (1983)(Hewson Consultants)
3692Night Gunner (1983)(Digital Integration)
3693Night Raider (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
3694Night Run - Ceasefire 2 (1992)(Sinclair User)
3695Night Wing (1989)(Softel)
3696Nightbreed (1990)(Ocean Software)
3697Nightmare (1986)(K'Soft)
3698Nightmare Rally (1986)(Ocean Software)
3699Nightshade (1985)(Ultimate)
3700Nihilist (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)
3701Ninja (1987)(Mastertronic)
3702Ninja Commando (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
3703Ninja Hamster (1987)(CRL Group)
3704Ninja Massacre (1989)(Codemasters)
3705Ninja Master, The (1986)(Firebird)
3706Ninja Scooter Simulator (1988)(Firebird)
3707Ninja Spirit (19xx)(Activision)
3708Ninja Warriors, The (1989)(Virgin Games)
3709Noah (19xx)(Mike Young)
3710Nodes Of Yesod (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)
3711Non Compos Mentis 1 (1991)(Your Sinclair)
3712Non Compos Mentis 2 (1992)(Nigel Grange - Your Sinclair)
3713Nonamed (1989)(Mastertronic)
3714Nonterraqueous (1985)(Mastertronic)
3715Nonterraqueous 2 - Soul Of A Robot (1985)(Mastertronic)
3716Norman's Lament (1990)(Zenobi Software)
3717North & South (19xx)(-)
3718North American Indians (1983)(Calpac Educational Software)
3719Northstar (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
3720Nosferatu The Vampyre (1986)(Piranha)
3721Note Invaders (1983)(Chalk Soft)
3722Note Invaders - Staff 1 (1983)(Chalk Soft)
3723Note Invaders - Staff 2 (1983)(Chalk Soft)
3724Noughts & Crosses (19xx)(-)
3725Nous (19xx)(Hellenic)(Sp)
3726Novogodnyaya Istoriya (19xx)(Binary Masters)(Ru)
3727Nowotnik Puzzle, The (1983)(Phipps Associates)
3728Nth Zone (1985)(Automata UK)
3729Nu, Pogodi! (1995)(Titanic)(Ru)
3730Nuclear Countdown (1987)(Atlantis Software)
3731Nudge It (1985)(Automata UK)
3732Number Fun (1982)(Griffin Software)
3733Number Fun (Side A)
3734Number Fun (Side B)
3735Number Six In The Village (1989)(Global Games)
3736Number Tumblers (1984)(Fisher Price)
3737Nutty Gnome (1986)(Nigel Hicken)
3738Nuty (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3739Nythyel (19xx)(-)
3740OCP Art Studio (Side A)
3741OCP Art Studio (Side B)
3742OCP Finance Manager (1983)(OCP)
3743Oberon 69 (1990)(Diabolic Software)(Sp)
3744Obliterator (1989)(Melbourne House)
3745Ocean Conqueror (1987)(Rack-It)
3746Ocean Conqueror v1.1 (1987)(Rack-It)
3747Ocean Dancer (19xx)(C. Woodhouse)
3748Ocean Dancer, The (19xx)(King Software)
3749Octagon Squad, The (1986)(Mastertronic)
3750Octan (1987)(Silverbird)
3751Octopus (1984)(Hansesoft)
3752Odd Job Eddie (1986)(Strobe)(128k)
3753Odyssee (19xx)(-)(De)
3754Odyssey I (1983)(Perfection Software)
3755Odyssey Of Hope, The (1984)(Martech Games)
3756Official Father Christmas, The (1989)(Alternative Software)
3757Oh Mummy (1984)(Psion)
3758Ohota Na Krotov (1998)(Asphyxia)(Ru)
3759Oink! - Piggy Tales (1987)(CRL Group)
3760Oix (1984)(Jaroslaw Cichocki)(Pl)
3761Ole Toro (1985)(Dinamic)(Sp)
3762Olli & Lissa - The Ghost Of Shilmoore Castle (1986)(Firebird)
3763Olli & Lissa II - Halloween (1987)(Firebird)
3764Olli & Lissa III - The Candlelight Adventure (1989)(Codemasters)
3765Ollie Octopus' Sketchpad (1983)(Storm Software)
3766Olympiad '86 (1986)(Atlantis Software)
3767Olympiad (1986)(Atlantis Software)
3768Olympic Spectacular (1984)(Century City)
3769Olympicon (1984)(Microtechnica)
3770Olympimania (1984)(Automata UK)
3771Omega One (1987)(Mastertronic)
3772Omega Run (1983)(CRL Group)
3773Ometron (1983)(Software Projects)
3774Omni Calc 2 (1983)(Microsphere)
3775Omni Copy 2 (1983)(Microsphere)
3776Omnivac - Bytes Reducer (19xx)(-)
3777On The Bench (19xx)(Cult)
3778On The Oche (1984)(Artic Computing)
3779On The Road (1990)(Softfar)
3780On The Run (1985)(Design Design Software)
3781Once Upon A Lily Pad (1989)(Global Games)
3782One Dark Night (1988)(Paul Brunyee)
3783One For The Road (1986)(Tynesoft)
3784One Man And His Droid (1985)(Mastertronic)
3785One Man And His Droid II (1991)(Clive Brooker)
3786One Of Our Wombats Is Missing (1990)(Zenobi Software)
3787One On One (1983)(Ariolasoft UK)
3788Oops (1988)(Big Apple Entertainment)
3789Open Door, The (1988)(Tartan Software)
3790Open It! (1995)(Hazard Dreams)(Ru)
3791Open Safe (1999)(-)(Ru)
3792Operation Berlin (1987)(Wrightchoice Software)
3793Operation Colossus (19xx)(Omega Software)
3794Operation Gunship (1989)(Codemasters)
3795Operation Hanoi (1990)(Players Premier)
3796Operation Hormuz (1989)(Again Again)
3797Operation Nightingale (1985)(Softly Softly)
3798Operation Red Refrigerator v1.01 (1997)(Galaxy Inc.)(Ru)
3799Operation Stallion (1987)(Wrightchoice Software)
3800Operation Thunderbolt - Game (Side A)
3801Operation Thunderbolt - Levels (Side B)
3802Operation Thunderbowel (19xx)(Sacred Scroll Software)
3803Operation Turtle (1984)(E. Graham)
3804Operation Wolf (1988)(Ocean Software)(128k)
3805Opposition (1984)(Pulsonic)
3806Oppressed Land, The (19xx)(Zenobi Software)
3807Oracle's Cave, The (1984)(Doric Computer Services)
3808Orb (1982)(Impact)
3809Orb Quest (19xx)(Paul And Timothy Stitt)(128k)
3810Orbit Of Doom (19xx)(Dave Watson)
3811Orbitas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3812Orbiter (1982)(Silversoft)
3813Orbix The Terrorball (1986)(Domark)
3814Orc Attack (1984)(Creative Sparks)
3815Orc Island (19xx)(Double Play Adventures)
3816Orc Slayer (1984)(Gamma Software)
3817Orfeus - The Music Assembler (1990)(Proxima)
3818Organ Master (1986)(Currys)
3819Organ Master - Echo (1986)(Currys)
3820Orient Gardens (19xx)(-)(It)
3821Oriental Games (1990)(Firebird)
3822Oriental Hero (1987)(Firebird)
3823Orion (1983)(Software Projects)
3824Orstalon, The (1992)(Mark Evans)(128k)
3825Ortographia (1985)(Coral Software)
3826Oscar 10 (19xx)(YU3TRC)(UNK-LANG)
3827Ostron (1983)(Softek)
3828Osvajanje Zvedza (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3829Otan Alerta! (1984)(CCS - Hobbypress)(Sp)
3830Othello (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3831Otkryvaschka (2001)(Stall Studio)(Ru)
3832Out Copy (19xx)(-)
3833Out For The Count (1989)(Dynamite Designs)
3834Out Of The Limelight (1992)(Zenobi Software)
3835Outcast (1987)(CRL Group)
3836Outlaw (1990)(Players)(128k)
3837Outrun (1988)(US Gold)
3838Overkill (1988)(Atlantis Software)
3839Overlander (1988)(Elite Systems)
3840Overload (1985)(Sinclair User)
3841Overlord (1988)(CCS)
3842Overlords (1985)(M.C. Lothlorien)
3843PCuk's Enter (1998)(Mythos)(Ru)
3844PHART (1988)(Creative Juices Software)
3845PIJ - Podraz Na Indiana Jonese (1987)(PKCS-Fuxoft)(Cz)
3846PIR2 (1991)(Grandslam Entertainment - Crash)
3847PSI 5 Trading Company (1986)(Accolade)
3848PSI Games (1985)(Paxman)
3849Pac-Land (1989)(Grandslam Entertainment)
3850Pac-Man (1983)(Atarisoft)
3851Pac-Mania (1988)(Grandslam Entertainment)
3852Pacific War (1983)(CCS)
3853Pad Painter (1984)(RSB)
3854Paddington's Early Visit (19xx)(Collins Soft)
3855Paddington's Garden Game (1984)(Collins Soft)
3856Paddington's Problem Picture (19xx)(-)
3857Paint Craze (1984)(5D Software)
3858Painter (1983)(A & F Software)
3859Pakacuda (1983)(Rabbit Software)
3860Panama Joe (19xx)(Psion)
3861Pang (1990)(Ocean Software)(128k)
3862Panic (1983)(PSS)
3863Panic Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)
3864Panico En El Express (1985)(Hipocrates Soft)(Sp)
3865Panther (1989)(Mastertronic)
3866Panzadrome (1985)(Ariolasoft UK)
3867Panzer 3D (19xx)(Monser)
3868Panzer Attack (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)
3869Panzer-Schlatcht (19xx)(Steffen Schader & Gross Rohrheim)(De)
3870Paperboy (1986)(Elite Systems)
3871Paperboy 2 (1992)(Elite Systems)
3872Par Nepar (1985)(Suzy Soft)(UNK-LANG)
3873Para Academy (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
3874Para Assault (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
3875Para Assault Course (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
3876Parabola (1987)(Firebird)
3877Paradise Connection, The (19xx)(Colonel Charisma Team)
3878Paradise In Microdot (1985)(Automata UK)
3879Paradox (1984)(Runesoft)
3880Paradox Angle (1999)(Paradox)
3881Paradroids (1984)(Mikro-Gen)
3882Paragram (19xx)(Elephant Software)
3883Paranoid Pete (1984)(Ubik Software)
3884Paras (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)
3885Paratroopers (1984)(Rabbit Software)
3886Parejas (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3887Paris Dakar (1988)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)
3888Park Patrol (1987)(Firebird)
3889Parole (19xx)(-)(128k)
3890Partition (1983)(Griffin Software)
3891Party Time (19xx)(Computer Tutor)
3892Pasanini Horror (1998)(Olive Branch)(Ru)
3893Pasians (1991)(Regent Software)(UNK-LANG)
3894Passiance (1995)(Denis Rykov)(Ru)
3895Passiance Klondike v1.1 (1996)(Digital Reality)
3896Passing Shot (1988)(Mirrorsoft)
3897Pastime 2 (1993)(Gureiva)(Ru)
3898Pastimes 1 (1982)(Psion)
3899Pastimes 2 (1982)(Psion)
3900Pat The Postman (1983)(Mikro-Gen)
3901Path Find (1983)(Widgit Software)
3902Pathetic Pablo Bros, The (1993)(Your Sinclair)
3903Pathfinder (1983)(Widgit Software)
3904Patinman (1985)(Churruca)
3905Pawn, The v2.3 (1986)(Rainbird Software)(128k)
3906Pawns Of War 2, The - The Infiltrator (1989)(Zenobi Software)
3907Pawns Of War, The (1989)(Zenobi Software)
3908Pearl Harbour (1983)(Sabresoft)
3909Pecinski Heroj (19xx)(Suzy Soft)
3910Pedro (1984)(Imagine Software)
3911Pedro Na Ostrove Piratov (1993)(Ultrasoft)(Cz)
3912Pegasus Bridge (1988)(PSS)
3913Peking (1991)(Your Sinclair)
3914Pen And The Dark, The (1984)(Mosaic Publishing)
3915Penalty Soccer (1990)(Game Busters)
3916Pendant Of Logryn, The (1989)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
3917Peneless (1993)(Ivysoft)
3918Penetrator (1983)(Melbourne House)
3919Pengy (1983)(Micromania)
3920Pentac (1985)(Compulogical)
3921Pentacle, The (19xx)(-)
3922Pentagram (1986)(Ultimate)
3923Pentis Tetris (1988)(Tony Raugas)
3924People From Sirius (1987)(US Gold)
3925Pepsi Cola (1987)(Miami-Soft)(Sl)
3926Percy The Potty Pigeon (1984)(Gremlin Graphics)
3927Perico Delgado (19xx)(-)(Sp)
3928Periscope Up (1989)(Atlantis Software)
3929Perseus (1993)(Zenobi Software)
3930Personal Computer Whirled! (1992)(Delbert The Hamster Software)
3931Personal Finance (1983)(DK'Tronics)
3932Peter Beardsley's International Football (1988)(Grandslam Entertainment)
3933Peter Pack Rat (1989)(Silverbird)
3934Peter Pan (1994)(Hodder & Stoughton)
3935Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona (1986)(Grandslam Entertainment)
3936Phantis (1987)(Dinamic)(Sp)
3937Phantom Club (1988)(Ocean Software)
3938Phantom F4 (1992)(Ultrasoft)(UNK-LANG)
3939Phantom F4 2 (1992)(Ultrasoft)(128k)
3940Phantomas (1986)(Dinamic)
3941Phantomas II (19xx)(Digital Computers)
3942Pharaoh's Tomb, The (1983)(Phipps Associates)
3943Phasorchase (1984)(Anik Microsystems)
3944Pheenix (1983)(Megadodo)
3945Philosopher's Stone, The (1986)(Central Solutions)
3946Phineas Frogg (1987)(Mirrorsoft)
3947Phoenix (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
3948Phoenix I (1991)(Zenobi Software)
3949Phoenix II - The Violator Of Voodoo (1991)(Zenobi Software)
3950Phoenix III - Aztec Assault (1991)(Zenobi Software)
3951Phoenix IV - Celtic Carnage (1993)(Zenobi Software)
3952Pi Balled (1984)(Automata UK)
3953Pi Eyed (1983)(Automata UK)
3954Pi In 'Ere (1984)(Automata UK)
3955Pi In The Sky (1985)(Automata UK)
3956Pi There (1985)(Automata UK)
3957Pi-R Squared (1987)(Automata UK)
3958Pic Text (19xx)(-)
3959Pick Pocket (19xx)(Gemini Marketing)
3960Pictionary (1989)(Domark)
3961Picture Plotter (1982)(Calpic Educational)
3962Pieces Of Eight (1992)(Pirate Software - Sinclair User)
3963Piggy Punks (1990)(Sinclair User)(128k)
3964Piknik (1990)(Regent Software)(UNK-LANG)
3965Pimania (1982)(Automata UK)
3966Pimans Cocktail Cabinet, The (1985)(Automata UK)
3967Pimeval Man (1985)(Automata UK)
3968Pinball Power (1989)(Mastertronic)
3969Ping Pong (1986)(Imagine Software)
3970Pingo (1984)(Profisoft)
3971Pink Panther (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
3972Pioneer (1984)(Atlantis Software)
3973Pipe Dream (1995)(Infosoft)
3974Pipe Line (1992)(D. Morris)(PD)
3975Pipe Mania (1990)(Empire Software)
3976Pipework (1991)(Your Sinclair)(128k)
3977Pippo (1986)(Mastertronic)
3978Piramida (1992)(Igor Kapultsevich)
3979Piramide, La (19xx)(Lolo Soft)(Sp)
3980Pirate Gold (19xx)(-)
3981Pirates (1995)(Nicodem)(Ru)
3982Piromania (1984)(Automata UK)
3983Pirx 1 (19xx)(-)
3984Pirx 2 (1989)(Jan Kuchar)(UNK-LANG)
3985Pisak (19xx)(Mikros)(UNK-LANG)
3986Piso Zero (1991)(Zigurat Software)(Sp)
3987Pit Fighter (1991)(Domark)
3988Pitfall II - The Lost Caverns (1984)(Firebird)
3989Pitman Seven (1983)(Visions)
3990Piton (19xx)(Aguev E.)
3991Pixworks (19xx)(Raxoft)
3992Pixy The Microdot 2 (1989)(Soft Corn)
3993Pizza Bar (19xx)(Gadtek Games)
3994Plagues Of Egypt, The (1990)(Micheal Young)
3995Plagues Of Egypt, The - Instructions (1990)(Micheal Young)
3996Planet 10 (1989)(Mastertronic)
3997Planet Fighter (19xx)(-)
3998Planet Of Shades (1986)(Cybexlab)
3999Planet Patrol (1984)(Macmillan Education)
4000Planetfall (1984)(Argus Press Software)
4001Planetoids (1982)(Psion)
4002Planets, The (19xx)(Garry Rowland)(PD)
4003Planets, The (Tape 1 of 2 Side A)
4004Planets, The (Tape 1 of 2 Side B)
4005Planets, The (Tape 2 of 2 Side A)
4006Planets, The (Tape 2 of 2 Side B)
4007Platoon (1986)(Ocean Software)
4008Play For Your Life (1988)(Imagine Software)
4009Play It Again Sam (1986)(Mastertronic)
4010Play It Once More (1989)(Scandinavian Software Crackers)
4011Play It Once More 2 - Play It Again (1989)(Scandinavian Software Crackers)
4012Play Your Cards Right - Game 1 (1986)(Britannia Software)
4013Plexar (1987)(Mastertronic)
4014Plot P (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4015Plot, The (1988)(Firebird)
4016Plotting (1990)(Ocean Software)
4017Plum Duff (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)
4018Plummet (1984)(Interceptor Micros Software)
4019Pneumatic Hammers (1987)(Firebird)
4020Pocman (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4021Pod (1983)(Euro Byte)
4022Podder (1986)(Central Solutions)
4023Podmornica (1984)(Radio Student)(Sl)
4024Podraz 3 (1986)(Proxima)(Cz)
4025Podraz 4 (1988)(Raxoft)
4026Podraz 5 (19xx)(Falcon Soft)(Cz)
4027Podraz 6 (1988)(Antok Software)(Cz)
4028Podroz Po Polsce (1987)(Elkor Software)(Pl)
4029Pogo (1983)(Ocean Software)
4030Pogostick Olympics (1988)(Silverbird)
4031Pogotron (19xx)(Gamebusters)
4032Point (1998)(Strangers Group)(Ru)
4033Poker v1.0 (1999)(Master)(Ru)
4034Poklad 2 (1985)(Proxima)(UNK-LANG)
4035Pole Position (1984)(Atarisoft)
4036Polearn v1.0 (1988)(8th Day Software)
4037Poli Diaz Boxeo - El Potro De Vallecas (1990)(Opera Soft)(Sp)
4038Politicar (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4039Poltergeist - The Adventure (1986)(Firebird)
4040Polye Chudyes (1995)(Vladimir)(Ru)
4041Pomocnik 2 (1984)(Prit International)
4042Pontoon (1983)(K. Berry)
4043Poogaboo (1991)(Opera Soft)(Sp)
4044Pool (1985)(Omega)
4045Poolsmaster (1989)(Intraset)
4046Pop Stars (1991)(Hellenic Software)
4047Popeye (1986)(Macmillan)
4048Popeye 2 (1991)(Alternative Software)
4049Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy (1990)(Alternative Software)(128k)
4050Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy - Extra Levels (1992)(Your Sinclair)
4051Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy - Game (1992)(Alternative Software)
4052Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy - Levels (1992)(Alternative Software)
4053Poradce (1988)(Demon Software)(Ru)
4054Portals Of P'thaal (1987)(Sinclair User)
4055Poseidon - Planet Eleven (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
4056Poslyednyaya Avantyura (1997)(A. Cherencov)(Ru)
4057Post Mania (1985)(ZX Computing)
4058Post Mortem (1987)(Genesis Soft)(Sp)
4059Poster Machine (1986)(Softcat Micros)
4060Postern Backgammon (1983)(Postern)
4061Postman Pat (1988)(Alternative Software)
4062Postman Pat - The Computer Game (1988)(Alternative Software)
4063Postman Pat II (1989)(Alternative Software)
4064Postman Pat III (19xx)(Alternative Software)
4065Potsworth (1992)(Hi-Tec Software)
4066Potty Painter In The Jungle (1983)(Rabbit Software)
4067Power Analitic (1988)(Samir Ribic & Zeljko Juric)
4068Power Ball (1993)(Tenebrarum Software)
4069Power Boat Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
4070Power Drift (1989)(Activision)
4071Power Drift (Side A)
4072Power Drift (Side B)
4073Power Print 2 (1985)(Buttercraft Software)
4074Power Pyramids (1986)(Grandslam Entertainment)
4075PowerDrift (1989)(Activision)
4076Powerplay - Game Of The Gods (1988)(Players)
4077Powerplay - Game Of The Gods (Side A)
4078Powerplay - Game Of The Gods (Side B)
4079Powers III - Bitva O Databazi (1990)(Alesoft)(UNK-LANG)
4080Pozycje (1987)(ERL Computer Software)
4081Practically Impossible (1983)(Acme Software)
4082Pre-History (1992)(Adventure Workshop)
4083Predator 2 (1991)(Image Works)
4084Pref Club (1995)(Sam - Sinclairland)(Ru)
4085Prehistoric Adventure (1986)(Crusader Computing)
4086Prelude To D-Day (1985)(Central Solution)
4087Premier II (19xx)(-)
4088President (1987)(Addictive Games)
4089President 2 (1992)(Oleg Krasov)(Ru)
4090President 3 - Great Britain (1994)(T.O.M.)(Ru)
4091President Plus (1994)(Dark Night)(Ru)
4092Presidente (1985)(Multisoft)(UNK-LANG)
4093Prestavba (1988)(UV Software)(UNK-LANG)
4094Price Of Magik, The (1986)(Level 9 Computing)(128k)
4095Price Of Magik, The (Side A of &)
4096Pride Of The Federation (1987)(Excalibur Software)
4097Prince Of Tyndal (1987)(River Software)
4098Prince, The (1984)(CCS)
4099Princesa, La (1985)(Fromesoft)(Sp)
4100Pripad II (1988)(Shrap Software)(UNK-LANK)
4101Prison Blues (1990)(The Guild)
4102Prison Camp (1985)(H. Enters)
4103Prison Riot (1990)(Players)
4104Pro BMX Simulator (1988)(Codemasters)
4105Pro BMX Simulator - Expert Version (1988)(Codemasters)
4106Pro BMX Simulator - Standard Version (1988)(Codemasters)
4107Pro Golf (1986)(Atlantis Software)
4108Pro Golf - Pebble Beach & Sunningdale (1986)(Atlantis Software)
4109Pro Loader (19xx)(-)
4110Pro Mountain Bike Simulator (1989)(Alternative Software)
4111Pro Mountain Bike Simulator - Editor (1989)(Alternative Software)
4112Pro Pinball (1983)(R.E.D.)
4113Pro Tennis Tour (1990)(Ubi Soft)
4114Prochazka Starou Prahou (1989)(Vrajp)(UNK-LANG)
4115Prodigy, The (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)
4116Prodos Basic (1985)(HJB)
4117Producenta Boubli (19xx)(-)(Pl)
4118Professional Footballer (1988)(Cult)
4119Professional Go Kart Simulator (1990)(Zeppelin Software)
4120Professional Linear Programming (1983)(University Software)
4121Professional Ski Simulator (1987)(Codemasters)
4122Professional Snooker Sim (1985)(Hard Software)
4123Professional Soccer (1989)(CRL Group)
4124Professional Touch World Cup Manager, The (19xx)(-)
4125Professional Touch World Cup Soccer, The (19xx)(-)
4126Programa De A Presentacao (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4127Programe De Quinielas (1983)(J. Arozarena)
4128Programm Fuer Akustikoppler (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4129Prohibition (1987)(Infogrames)
4130Project Future (1985)(Micromega)
4131Project Nova (1987)(Zenobi Software)
4132Project X - The Microman (1985)(Compass)
4133Project X II - The O Zone (1986)(Compass)
4134Project X III - The Micro Mutant (1991)(Compass)
4135Proof Of Destruction (1988)(Mastertronic)
4136Proracun Aktivnih Filtera (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4137Prospector, The (1987)(Tartan Software)
4138Protector (1989)(Mastertronic)
4139Proteus (1984)(Ultrasoft)
4140Prowler (1988)(Mastertronic)
4141Proyecto (1991)(Top Soft)(UNK-LANG)
4142Prva Akcia (1993)(Microtech Systems)(128k)
4143Prve Informacije O Procesorju Z-80-A (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4144Pset (1996)(A. Fylatov)(Ru)
4145Psi Chess (1986)(The Edge)
4146Psi Spy (1983)(Postern)
4147Psion Flight Simulator (1982)(Psion)
4148Pssst (1983)(Ultimate)
4149Psychedelia (1984)(Llamasoft)
4150Psycho City (1989)(Players)
4151Psycho Hopper (1989)(Mastertronic)
4152Psycho Pig UXB (1988)(US Gold)
4153Psycho Soldier (1987)(Imagine Software)
4154Psytraxx (1984)(The Edge)
4155Psytron (1984)(Beyond)
4156Ptarmigan (1985)(5D Software)
4157Pub Trivia (1989)(Codemasters)
4158Pud Pud (1985)(Americano)
4159Pud Pud In Weird World (1985)(Ocean Software)
4160Puffy's Saga (1989)(Hit Squad)
4161Pulsator (1987)(Martech Games)
4162Pulse Warrior (1988)(Mastertronic)
4163Pulsoid (1988)(Mastertronic)
4164Pulsoids (1988)(Mastertronic)
4165Punch & Judy (1989)(Alternative Software)
4166Punchy (1983)(Mr Micro)
4167Punk Star (1988)(Genesis Software)(Sp)
4168Punters Pal (1988)(Boxoft)
4169Purple Saturn Day (19xx)(-)(128k)
4170Push Off (1983)(Software Projects)
4171Puszka Pandory (1986)(M. Brokowski)(UNK-LANG)
4172Puzzle, The (19xx)(-)
4173Puzzled! (1990)(The Guild)
4174Puzznic (1990)(Ocean Software)(128k)
4175Pyjamarama (1984)(Mikro-Gen)
4176Pyracurse (1986)(Hewson Consultants)
4177Pyramania (1984)(N. Murray)
4178Pyramid (1996)(Visual Boys)
4179Pyramid Of Rameses (1983)(Longman)
4180Pyramid Patience (1996)(Tiger's Claw)
4181Pyramid, The (1983)(Fantasy Software)
4182Qang (1991)(Scorpion)
4183Qarx (1988)(Your Sinclair)
4184Quack Shot (1984)(Creative Sparks)
4185Quackers (1983)(Rabbit Software)
4186Quadracube (1983)(Artic Computing)
4187Quadrajoin (1983)(A. Thomas)
4188Quadrax (1994)(Ultrasoft)(Cz)
4189Quann Tulla (1985)(GI Games)
4190Quarter Hours (19xx)(-)
4191Quartet (1987)(Activision)
4192Quazatron (1986)(Hewson Consultants)
4193Quest Adventure (1983)(Hewson Consultants)
4194Quest For Eternity (1984)(Argus Press Software)
4195Quest For The Golden Egg Cup, The (1988)(Mastertronic)
4196Quest For The Holy Grail, The (1984)(Mastertronic)
4197Quest For The Holy Grant Cheque (1984)(Dead Donkey Designs)
4198Quest For The Holy Joystick, The (1985)(GI Games)
4199Quest For The Holy Something, The (1992)(Zenobi Software)
4200Quest For The Poorly Snail, The (1988)(Futuresoft)
4201Quest For The Power Rod (1988)(Magicsoft)
4202Quest Of The Golden Orange Peel, The (1986)(Dual Dimension Software)
4203Questprobe 1 - The Hulk (1984)(Americana)
4204Questprobe 2 - Spiderman (1984)(Americana)
4205Questprobe 3 - The Human Torch & The Thing (1985)(Adventure International)
4206Quetzalcoatl (1983)(Virgin Games)
4207Quick Draw McGraw (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
4208Quiz Quest (1985)(Alligata Software)
4209Quondam (19xx)(Ocean Software)
4210R-Type (1988)(Activision)
4211RBI 2 (19xx)(Domark)
4212RTC Kings Cross (1986)(Dee Kay Systems)
4213RTC Penzance (1986)(Dee Kay Systems)
4214Rabbit Jazzy (1998)(Paradox)(Ru)
4215Rabbit Shoot (Side A)
4216Rabbit Shoot (Side B)
4217Race (19xx)(-)
4218Race Ace (1983)(Micro Gold)
4219Race Against Time (1988)(Codemasters)
4220Race Fun (1983)(Rabbit Software)
4221Racing (19xx)(-)
4222Racing Manager (1983)(Virgin Games)
4223Racing Manager - Data (1983)(Virgin Games)
4224Rad Ramp Racer (1990)(Virgin Mastertronic)
4225Radio Viborg (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4226Radiomania (1991)(Zenobi Software)
4227Raid On Lethos (1984)(D. Newton)
4228Raid Over Moscow (1985)(US Gold)
4229Raider (1985)(Reelax)
4230Raider Of The Cursed Mine (1983)(Arcade Software)
4231Raiders (19xx)(-)
4232Raiders Of The Lost Tomb (1995)(Adventure Workshop)(128k)
4233Rail Traffic Control Exeter (1990)(A. Greenup)
4234Rain Stops Play (1989)(Hi-Tec Software)
4235Rainbow Islands (1987)(Ocean Software)
4236Rainy Day (1984)(CCS)
4237Rakattaki (1987)(Gad Shaw)
4238Rally Cross (1989)(Anco)
4239Rally Driver (1984)(Hill MacGibbon)
4240Rally Moto (1988)(Load 'n' Run)(Sp)
4241Rally Simulator (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
4242Ram (19xx)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
4243Ram Disk (19xx)(-)
4244Rambo (1985)(Ocean Software)
4245Rambo III (1988)(Ocean Software)
4246Rambo III (Side A)
4247Rambo III (Side B)
4248Ramon Rodriguez (1986)(System 4)(Sp)
4249Rampage (1988)(Activision)
4250Ramparts (1988)(Go!)
4251Rana Rama (1987)(Hewson Consultants)
4252Ranch (1984)(Spinnaker)
4253Rancho (1984)(Joyce Hakansson)(Sp)
4254Randex (1994)(R'N'D Soft)
4255Random Attack (1985)(Micro-Engineering)
4256Randy Warner And The Aztec Idol (1985)(Scorpio Software)
4257Rapedes (1983)(Visions)
4258Rapid Fire (1987)(Mastertronic)
4259Rapscallion (1984)(Bug-Byte Software)
4260Rasputin (1986)(Firebird)
4261Raster Runner (1990)(Mastertronic)
4262Raster Scan (1987)(Mastertronic)
4263Rath-Tha (1990)(Positive)(Sp)
4264Rats, The (Side A)
4265Rats, The (Side B)
4266Rattler (1985)(Atlantis Software)
4267Raven, The (1988)(8th Day Software)
4268Ravine (19xx)(-)
4269Raw Recruit (1988)(Mastertronic)
4270Rays (1987)(Tartan Software)
4271Reactor (1984)(Gemini Marketing)
4272Ready Steady Go (1988)(Alternative Software)
4273Real Lines (2000)(Saint Software)
4274Real Stunt Experts, The (1992)(Alternative Software)
4275Realm Of Darkness (1987)(River Software)
4276Realm Of Impossability (1985)(Dro Soft)(Sp)
4277Realm Of Impossibility (1985)(Ariolasoft)
4278Realm Of The Undead (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)
4279Realm, The (1986)(Cult)
4280Rebel (1987)(Virgin Games)
4281Rebel Planet (1986)(Adventuresoft UK)
4282Rebel Star II - Alien Encounter (1988)(Silverbird Software)(Ru)
4283Rebelstar - 1 Player (1986)(Firebird)
4284Rebelstar - 1 Player (Side A)
4285Rebelstar - 2 Player (1986)(Firebird)
4286Rebelstar II - Alien Encounter - 1 Player (1986)(Silverbird)
4287Rebelstar II - Alien Encounter - 1 Player (Side A)
4288Rebelstar II - Alien Encounter - 2 Player (1986)(Silverbird)
4289Rebelstar Raiders (1984)(Red Shift)
4290Rebelstar Raiders (Side A)
4291Rebelstar Raiders (Side B)
4292Reckless Rufus (1992)(Alternative Software)
4293Recovery (1989)(J Ch Softu)
4294Red Alert (1991)(Zenobi Software)
4295Red Arrows (1985)(Alternative Software)
4296Red Baron (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)
4297Red Door, The (1988)(Tartan Software)
4298Red Hawk (1986)(Melbourne House)
4299Red Heat (1989)(Hit Squad)
4300Red Heat (Side A)
4301Red Heat (Side B)
4302Red L.E.D. (1987)(Starlight)
4303Red Lion, The (1987)(Mystic Software)
4304Red Moon (1985)(Level 9 Computing)
4305Red Scorpion (1987)(Quicksilva)
4306Red Stone 2 (1996)(Finest Group)
4307Red Weed (1983)(M.C. Lothlorien)
4308Redcoats (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)
4309Reds (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4310Reflections (1983)(Brian Neenan)
4311Reform (19xx)(-)
4312Refranes (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4313Regeners, The (1995)(Reserve Co.)(Ru)
4314Regresiona Analiza (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4315Reka (1986)(Colic)(UNK-LANG)
4316Relocator (19xx)(-)
4317Renegade (1987)(Imagine Software)
4318Renegade II - Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)
4319Renegade III - The Final Chapter (1989)(Imagine Software)
4320Rentakill Rita (1987)(Mastertronic)
4321Renumber (19xx)(-)
4322Repton (1989)(Alligata)
4323Repton 2 (1989)(Superior Software)
4324Repulsar (1983)(Softek)
4325Rescate Atlantida (1988)(Dinamic)(Sp)
4326Rescate En El Golfo (1990)(Operasoft)(Sp)
4327Rescue (19xx)(-)
4328Rescue From Doom (1986)(The Guild)
4329Rescue On Fractalus (1986)(Mastertronic)
4330Rescue On Fractulus (1986)(Mastertronic)
4331Retarded Creatures & Caverns (1989)(Zenobi Software)
4332Return Of The Holy Joystick (1984)(GI Games)
4333Return To Earth (1982)(Mikro-Gen)
4334Return To Eden (1984)(Level 9 Computing)
4335Return To Ithaca (1985)(Atlantis Software)
4336Return To Oz (1986)(US Gold)
4337Reveal (1988)(Mastertronic)
4338Revenge Of Chaos (19xx)(The Guild)
4339Revenge Of The C5 (1985)(Atlantis Software)
4340Revenge Of The Killer Tomatoes (1984)(Visions Software Factory)
4341Revenge Of The Space Pirates (19xx)(FSF Adventures)
4342Reversi (1983)(Artic Computing)
4343Revolution (1986)(US Gold)
4344Revolver (19xx)(Alternative Software)
4345Rex (1988)(Martech Games)
4346Rex (Side A)
4347Rex (Side B)
4348Rex Hard (1987)(Mr Chip Software)
4349Reyes Y Castillos (1984)(Special Soft)(UNK-LANG)
4350Rhyme Cryime (1996)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
4351Rhyme Cryme (1996)(Zenobi Software)(128k)
4352Rick Dangerous (1989)(Firebird)(128k)
4353Rick Dangerous II (1991)(CORE)
4354Ricochet (1987)(Firebird)
4355Ricostruzione (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4356Riddle Of The Sphinx (1984)(Longman)
4357Riddler's Den (1985)(Electric Dreams Software)
4358Rider (19xx)(Oz Software)
4359Riding The Rapids (1987)(Players Premier)
4360Rifle Range (1984)(Mastertronic)
4361Rifts Of Time, The (1984)(Gilsoft International)
4362Rigel's Revenge (1987)(Bulldog)
4363Rik The Roadie (1988)(Alternative Software)
4364Riko Sphere (19xx)(Tim Blacklock - Your Sinclair)
4365Ring Of Dreams, The (19xx)(-)
4366Ring Of Inger (19xx)(-)
4367Ring Quest (19xx)(Uburrg Software)
4368Ring Wars (1989)(Cascade)
4369Rings Of Merlin (19xx)(G.F.)
4370Rings Of The Magic (1996)(Global Corp.)
4371Riptoff (1991)(Your Sinclair)
4372Riptoff - Editor (1991)(Your Sinclair)
4373Riptoff - Help (1991)(Your Sinclair)
4374Risar Verzija 1 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4375Rise Out From Dugeous (1994)(Vadim Vetyuthev)
4376Ristar (19xx)(Megasoft)(UNK-LANG)
4377River Raid (1982)(Activision)
4378River Rescue (1984)(Creative Sparks)
4379Road Frog (1983)(Spectrum Games)
4380Road Race (1987)(Ocean Software)
4381Road Racer (1983)(Hyperion Software)
4382Road Racers (19xx)(-)
4383Road Runner And Wile E. Coyote (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
4384Road Toad (1983)(DK'Tronics)
4385Road Wars (1987)(Melbourne House)
4386Roads Of Plexar, The (1987)(Mastertronic)
4387Robber (19xx)(-)
4388Robin Of Sherlock (1992)(Zenobi Software)
4389Robin Of Sherlock - Delta 4 Guide To London (1986)(Delta 4 - Silversoft)
4390Robin Of Sherwood - The Touchstones Of Rhiannon (1985)(Adventure International)
4391Robin Of The Wood (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)
4392Robin Smith's International Cricket (1990)(Challenge Software)
4393Robin The Outlaw (19xx)(Gad Shaw)
4394Robo Xonix (1994)(Chemist Soft)
4395Robocop (1989)(Ocean Software)
4396Robocop 2 (1990)(Ocean Software)
4397Robot (1996)(Inferno Software)
4398Robot Attack (1989)(Software Creations)
4399Robot Escape (1988)(Coronel)(Sp)
4400Robot Factory (1984)(Ventamatic)
4401Robot Messiah (1985)(Alphabatim)
4402Robot Riot (1983)(Silversoft)
4403Robot Rumpus (1985)(Atlantis Software)
4404Robot Runner (1984)(Micromega)
4405Roboto (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)
4406Robotron (1985)(Krypton Force)
4407Robotron 2084 (1984)(Atarisoft)
4408Robozone (1991)(Image Works)
4409Robyn Hode (1986)(ACD Software)
4410Rocco (1985)(Dinamic)(Sp)
4411Rock 'n' Roller (1989)(Dinamic)(Sp)
4412Rock 'n' Wrestle (1985)(Melbourne House)
4413Rock Star Ate My Hamster (1989)(Codemasters)
4414Rock Star Ate My Hamster (Side A)
4415Rock Star Ate My Hamster (Side B)
4416Rocket Raider (19xx)(C Tech)
4417Rocketman Mike (1985)(C Jeffrey)
4418Rockford (1987)(Mastertronic)
4419Rockman (1985)(Mastertronic)
4420Rocky (1985)(Dinamic)
4421Rocky Horror Show, The (1986)(CRL Group)
4422Rocman (1986)(Xavi Martin Puche)
4423Rod Land (1991)(Storm)(128k)
4424Rodillo (19xx)(-)
4425Rogue (1988)(Mastertronic)
4426Rogue Trooper (1986)(Macmillan - Piranha)
4427Roland's Rat Race (1985)(Ocean Software)
4428Rollaround (1988)(Mastertronic)
4429Roller Coaster (1986)(Elite Systems)
4430Rolling Thunder (1986)(US Gold)
4431Rolly (19xx)(-)
4432Rommel's Revenge (1984)(Design Design)
4433Ronnie Goes To Hollywood (1987)(8th Day Software)
4434Ronnie Goes To Hollywood - Help (1987)(8th Day Software)
4435Room Ten (1986)(CRL Group)
4436Rouge Midget (1991)(The Guild)
4437Roulette (19xx)(-)
4438Round The Bend (1991)(Impulze)
4439Roundheads & Cavaliers (1987)(Argus Press Software)
4440Rox III (1982)(Llamasoft)
4441Roy Of The Rovers (Side A)
4442Roy Of The Rovers (Side B)
4443Royal Adventure Of A Common Frog (1985)(Automata)
4444Royal Birkdale (1983)(Ocean Software)
4445Ruby Runabout (1984)(Scorpio Software)
4446Ruedas (19xx)(Andres A. Jamardo)(UNK-LANG)
4447Ruff & Ready In The Space Adventure (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
4448Ruff & Reddy (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
4449Rugby Boss (1989)(Alternative Software)
4450Rugby Coach (1991)(Cult)
4451Rugby Fifteen (19xx)(-)
4452Rugby League Manager (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
4453Run Baby Run (1983)(Firebird)
4454Run For Gold (1985)(Hill MacGibbon)
4455Run The Gauntlet (1989)(Ocean Software)
4456Run, Bronwynn, Run! (1992)(FSF Adventures)
4457Runes Of Zendos, The (1984)(Dorcas Software)
4458Runestone (1986)(Firebird)
4459Running Man, The (1989)(Grandslam Entertainment)
4460Rupert & The Ice Castle (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)
4461Rupert & The Toymaker's Party (1985)(Quicksilva)
4462Russian Tetris (1993)(THD)(Ru)
4463Russian Time Teaser (19xx)(World Eyes - Imagination Studios)(Ru)
4464Russian Time Teaser 128k (19xx)(World Eyes - Imagination Studios)(Ru)
4465Russian's Attack (1988)(-)(Sp)
4466Rychle Sipy (1990)(Maja Software)(Cz)
4467Rygar (1987)(US Gold)
4468S.A.S. Assault (19xx)(-)
4469S.A.S. Combat Assault (1983)(Mikro-Gen - Sinclair User)
4470S.A.S. Combat Simulator (1988)(Code Masters)
4471S.A.S. Operation Thunderflash (1986)(Creative Sparks)
4472S.M.A.S.H.E.D. (1987)(Alternative Software)
4473S.T.U.N. Runner (1990)(Hit Squad)
4474SDI - Strategic Defence Initiative (1988)(Activision)
4475SDI - Strategic Defense Intiative (1988)(Activision)
4476SOS (1986)(Mastertronic)
4477SP-MT11 v1 (1985)(Macierz Odwrotna)
4478SP-ST01 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4479SP-ST03 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4480SP-ST17 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4481SSTV (19xx)(Minicom Soft)
4482STI - The Search For Terrestrial Intelligence (1988)(Roy Stead)
4483SU Muncher (19xx)(-)
4484SWIV (1991)(The Sales Curve)(128k)
4485Sabotage (1988)(Zeppelin Games)
4486Saboteur (1986)(Durell)
4487Saboteur II - Avenging Angel (1987)(Durell)
4488Sabre Wulf (1984)(Ultimate)
4489Sabrina (1989)(Ibersoft)(Sp)
4490Sacred Armour Of Antiriad, The (1986)(Palace)
4491Sacred Ruby Of The Toggalids (19xx)(-)
4492Sacred Sword (1990)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
4493Saga Of A Mad Barbarian, The (19xx)(A. J. Remic)
4494Sagittarian Pinball (1983)(Sagittarian Software)
4495Sai Combat (1986)(Mirrorsoft)
4496Saigon Combat Unit (1989)(Players Premier)(128k)
4497Saigon Combat Unit (Side A)
4498Saigon Combat Unit (Side B)
4499Saimazoom (1984)(Dinamic)(Sp)
4500Saint And Greavsie (1989)(Grandslam Entertainment)
4501Saint Dragon (1990)(Storm)(128k)
4502Salamander (1987)(Imagine Software)
4503Saltabert (19xx)(-)
4504Saltamonte Saltarin (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4505Sam Stoat Safebreaker (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)
4506Sam's Un-Excellent Adventure (1994)(Zenobi Software)
4507Samantha Fox Strip Poker (1986)(Martech Games)
4508Samouczek Spectrum (1985)(Beyond Horizons)(Pl)
4509Samurai (1986)(CRL Group)
4510Samurai Trilogy (1987)(Merlin Magic Software)
4511Samurai Warrior (1988)(Firebird)
4512Samurai Warrior - Usaji Yojimbo (1988)(Firebird)
4513Sandman Cometh, The (1984)(Star Dreams)
4514Santa (1983)(Artic Computing)
4515Santa's Christmas Capers (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
4516Santa's Search (19xx)(-)
4517Sanxion (1989)(Thalamus)
4518Sanxion - Loader (1989)(Thalamus)
4519Sapper (1996)(CWC)(Ru)
4520Sapphire Di Maximus (1985)(Zanza Software)(Sp)
4521Saracen (1987)(American Software)
4522Sarlmoor (1986)(Atlantis Software)
4523Satan (1990)(Dinamic)
4524Satcom (1987)(Atlantis Software)
4525Satochin (1988)(Sybilasoft)(Sl)
4526Savage, The - Introduction (1988)(Firebird)
4527Sbugetti Junction (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)
4528Scalextric (1986)(Leisure Genius)
4529Scaner (1988)(Xor Soft)(UNK-LANG)
4530Scanner (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4531Scapeghost (1989)(Level 9 Computing)
4532Scary Mansion (1987)(Zodiac Software)
4533Sceptical 3 v1.53 (1987)(Delta 4)
4534Sceptre Of Bagdad (1987)(Atlantis Software)
4535Schach - Masterchess (19xx)(Wittcoff)(De)
4536Schalk 2 (1984)(Hartmut Seba)
4537Schaltplan (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4538Schaltplanzeichner (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4539Schizofrenia (1985)(Quicksilva)
4540Schizoids (1983)(Imagine Software)
4541Scomp (19xx)(-)
4542Scooby & Scrappy Doo (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
4543Scooby Doo (1986)(Elite Systems)
4544Scorched Earth, The (1997)(Star Group)(Ru)
4545Score 3020 (1988)(Topo Soft)
4546Scorpions - Die Machine (1995)(Prn Code)
4547Scrabble (1983)(Psion)
4548Scrabble De-Luxe (1987)(Leisure Genius)
4549Scramble (1983)(Mikro-Gen)
4550Scramble - Different (19xx)(-)
4551Scramble Spirits (1990)(Grandslam Entertainment)
4552Scuba Dive (1983)(Durell)
4553Scuba Kidz (1989)(Silverbird)
4554Scumball (1988)(Mastertronic)
4555Se Kaa Of Assiah (1984)(Mastertronic)
4556Sea Battle (1994)(M.V. Spiridonenko)
4557Sea Battles (1984)(Atlantis Software)
4558Sea Hawk (1990)(Atlantis Software)
4559Sea War (1993)(Alexey Vetytnev)(Ru)
4560Sealed City, The (1986)(Central Solutions)
4561Search For Smok, The (19xx)(-)
4562Search For The Nether Regions, The (1987)(Zenobi Software)
4563Search For The Wonderful Whotsit, The (1996)(Derek Shaw)(128k)
4564Seas Of Blood (1985)(Adventuresoft UK)
4565Seaside Sorcery (1987)(George E. Hoyle)
4566Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole 2, The - The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole (1987)(Level 9 Computing)
4567Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole 2, The - The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole - Introduction (1987)(Level 9 Computing)
4568Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, The (1985)(Level 9 Computing)
4569Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, The - Introduction (1985)(Level 9 Computing)
4570Secret Of Little Hodcomb, The (1984)(Zenobi Software)
4571Secret Of Little Hodcome, The (1984)(Zenobi Software)
4572Secret Of St Brides, The (1985)(St. Brides)
4573Sector 90 (19xx)(Argus Press Software)
4574See-Saw (1982)(Unpublished)
4575Sefton Manor Assignment (1990)(Adventure Club)
4576Self Destruct (1985)(Atlantis Software)
4577Senda Salvaje (1990)(Zigurat)(Sp)
4578Senso (1984)(CP Software)
4579Sentinel (1984)(Abacus Programs)
4580Sentinel - Easy (1984)(Abacus Programs)
4581Sentinel - Hard (1984)(Abacus Programs)
4582Sentinel, The (1987)(Firebird)
4583Sentinels (1984)(Century City)
4584Serendipity (1994)(Dream World Adventures)
4585Serf's Tale, The (1986)(Players Premier)
4586Sergeant Seymour - Robotcop (1992)(Codemasters)
4587Serpent From Hell (1985)(Scorpio Software)
4588Serra Pelada (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4589Sest Ran Do Klobouku (1986)(SPL)(Sl)
4590Set (1983)(Griffin Software)
4591Set Up! (1989)(Global Games)
4592Settlement XIII (1993)(Dream World Adventures)
4593Seven Card Stud (19xx)(-)
4594Seven Parchments Of Kandos, The (1989)(Sinclair User)
4595Sex Crime (1985)(Omycron Software)
4596Sex Game (19xx)(Softlake)
4597Sex Mission (19xx)(-)(De)
4598Sex Poker (1986)(Janusz Gajewicz)(Pl)
4599Sex Tetris (1993)(Russian Soft)(Ru)
4600Sex Tetris 2 (19xx)(-)(Ru)
4601Sexeso (1988)(Sexeso)
4602Sextris (1995)(Silicon Brains Group)
4603Sextris Plus, The (19xx)(B. Micheal)(Ru)
4604Sexy Black Jack (1986)(Load 'n' Run)(Sp)
4605Seymour At The Movies (1991)(Codemasters)
4606Seymour Take One (1991)(Codemasters)
4607Sgrizam (1985)(Dinamic)(Sp)
4608Shadow Dancer (1991)(US Gold)
4609Shadow Of The Beast (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)
4610Shadow Skimmer (1987)(The Edge)
4611Shadow Warriors (1990)(Ocean Software)
4612Shadow Warriors (Side A)
4613Shadow Warriors (Side B)
4614Shadowfax (1983)(Postern)
4615Shadowfire (1985)(Beyond)
4616Shadowfire - Tuner (1985)(Beyond)
4617Shadows Of Mordor, The (1987)(Melbourne House)
4618Shadows Of Mordor, The - Picture Slideshow (1987)(Melbourne House)
4619Shanghai Karate (1988)(Players Premier)
4620Shanghai Karate (Side A)
4621Shanghai Karate (Side B)
4622Shanghai Warriors (1989)(Players)
4623Shao Lin's Road (1986)(The Edge)
4624Shard Of Inovar, The (1987)(Mastertronic)
4625Shark (1989)(Players Premier)
4626Shark Attack (1983)(Romik Software)
4627Sheepwalk (1983)(Virgin Games)
4628Sheer Panic (1983)(Visions Software Factory)
4629Shell Shock (19xx)(Corrupt Code)
4630Sherlock Holmes - A Matter Of Evil (19xx)(Creative Juices)(128k)
4631Sherlock Holmes - A Pripad Traja Garridebovia (1987)(Sybila)(UNK-LANG)
4632Sherlock Holmes - The Case Of The Beheaded Smuggler (1988)(Zenobi Software)
4633Sherlock Holmes - The Lamberley Mystery (1990)(Zenobi Software)
4634Sherlock v2 (1984)(Melbourne House)
4635Sherwood Forest (19xx)(GI Games)
4636Shimmerkin (19xx)(-)
4637Ship Of The Line (1982)(Richard Shepherd Software)
4638Ships (1984)(J. Cichorski)(Pl)
4639Shipwreck (1987)(Tartan Software)
4640Shockway Rider (1987)(Faster Than Light)
4641Shoe People, The (1992)(Gremlin Graphics)
4642Shoot Out (1988)(Martech Games)
4643Shootland (19xx)(-)(128k)
4644Shopping (1984)(Max)
4645Short Circuit (1987)(Ocean Software)
4646Short Memory Test (19xx)(-)
4647Short's Fuse (1986)(Firebird)
4648Shove Off (19xx)(Your Sinclair)
4649Show Down (19xx)(Artic Computing)
4650Show Jumping (1986)(Alligata Software)
4651Shrewsbury Key, The (1986)(Players)
4652Shurk (19xx)(-)
4653Shuttle (1984)(Activision)
4654Shuttle Shock (1984)(Software Super Savers)
4655Shuttle Simulator (1983)(Microdeal)
4656Side Arms (1988)(Go)
4657Sideral War (1990)(Deltasoft)
4658Sidewalk (1987)(Infogrames)
4659Sidewinder II (1989)(Mastertronic Plus)
4660Sidewize (1987)(Firebird)
4661Sidney Affair, The (1987)(Infogrames)
4662Siege (1983)(Postern)
4663Sigma Seven (1987)(Durell)(Side A of &)
4664Silent Service (1986)(Microprose Software)
4665Silent Shadow (1988)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
4666Silent Shadow (Side A)
4667Silent Shadow (Side B)
4668Silk Worm (1989)(Tronix)
4669Silverwolf - Quest For The Sword (1992)(Gi Games)
4670Silverwolf - The Sacred Mountain (1992)(Gi Games)
4671Sim City (1990)(Infogrames)
4672Simon El Extraterrestre (1990)(Emilio Jose Grao Benedi)(UNK-LANG)
4673Simpsons - Bart vs The Space Mutants (1991)(Ocean Software)(128k)
4674Simulador Profesional De Tenis (1990)(Dinamic)(Sp)
4675Sinbad & The Golden Ship (1986)(Mastertronic)
4676Sinbad (1983)(Atlantis Software)
4677Sink The Bismark (19xx)(P. Rawling)
4678Sir Fred (1986)(Mikro-Gen)
4679Sir Lancelot (1984)(Melbourne House)
4680Sir Loin (1987)(Firebird)
4681Sistemas De Ecuaciones Lineales (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4682Six Card Cribbage (1986)(Esem Software)
4683Skate Crazy (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
4684Skate Crazy - The Car Park Challenge (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
4685Skate Wars (1990)(Hit Squad)
4686Skateball (1988)(Ubi Soft)
4687Skateboard Construction System (1988)(Players)
4688Skateboard Kidz (1988)(Firebird)
4689Skatin' USA (1989)(Atlantis Software)
4690Skazy Dryevnyej Rusi - Vityaz Svyatogor & Koldun Karachun (1995)(Alexey Shirokov)(Ru)
4691Skelvullyn Twine (1988)(8th Day Software)
4692Ski Master (1985)(Mark Tuck)
4693Ski Rennen (19xx)(-)(De)
4694Ski Star 2000 (1985)(Richard Shepherd Software)
4695Skirmish v1.3 (19xx)(MAS)(Ru)
4696Skladacka (1989)(Deltasoft)(UNK-LANG)
4697Skool Daze (1985)(Microsphere)
4698Skuldugery (1987)(Alternative Software)
4699Skull & Crossbones (1991)(Domark - Crash)
4700Skull (1984)(Games Machine)
4701Skull And Crossbones (1991)(Domark)(128k)
4702Sky High Stuntman (1990)(Codemasters)
4703Sky Ranger (1986)(Microsphere)
4704Sky Runner (1987)(Cascade Games)
4705Skyfox (1985)(Ariolasoft UK)
4706Slaine - The Celtic Barbarian (1987)(Martech Games)
4707Slap Dab (1983)(Anirog Software)
4708Slap Fight (1987)(Ocean Software)
4709Slaughter Caves, The (1990)(Zenobi Software)
4710Sleep Walker (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
4711Sleepin' Again (1996)(Adventure Workshop)(128k)
4712Slicer 2 (1984)(Hartmut Seba)(UNK-LANG)
4713Slicker Puzzle (1983)(DK'Tronics)
4714Slingshot (1987)(Alpha Omega)
4715Slippery Sid (1982)(Silversoft)
4716Slop-Slap (19xx)(-)
4717Slug (1988)(Alternative Software)
4718Sly Spy (1990)(Hit Squad)
4719Smagly 1 (1995)(Spectre Guys)(Ru)
4720Smagly 2 (1996)(Crystal Dream)(Ru)
4721Smash TV (1991)(Ocean Software)
4722Smiths Super Champs (19xx)(Torchraven)
4723Smok Waweiski (1987)(Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism)(Pl)
4724Smrkci (19xx)(Xenon)(UNK-LANG)
4725Smudge & The Moonies (1987)(Creative Sparks)
4726Smuggler (19xx)(-)
4727Smuggler's Cove (1983)(Quicksilva)
4728Snail Racer (19xx)(-)
4729Snak Man (19xx)(-)
4730Snake (1983)(Artic Computing)
4731Snake Battle (1994)(M.T.V.)(Ru)
4732Snake Pit (1983)(Postern)
4733Snare v2 (1992)(Beyond Belief)
4734Snoball In Hell (1989)(Atlantis Software)
4735Snodgits (1985)(Creative Sparks)
4736Snooker (1987)(Mastertronic)
4737Snooker Manager (1989)(Cult)
4738Snoopy (1990)(The Edge)
4739Snow Joke (1991)(Zenobi Software)
4740Snow Queen, The (1985)(Mosaic Publishing)
4741Snowball (1983)(Level 9 Computing)
4742Snowman, The (1984)(Quicksilva)
4743Snowstrike (1991)(US Gold)
4744So Little Time (1993)(Martin Freemantle)
4745Soap Land (1987)(ZX Computing)
4746Soccer 7 (1989)(Cult)
4747Soccer Boss (19xx)(Alternative Software)
4748Soccer Challenge (1990)(Alternative Software)
4749Soccer Cup Quizmaster (1991)(Scope Design)
4750Soccer Director (1990)(GTi Software)
4751Soccer Rivals (19xx)(Cult)
4752Soccer Star (1989)(Cult)
4753Sodov The Sorceror (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)
4754Soft & Cuddly (1987)(Power House)
4755Software House (1988)(Cult)
4756Software Star (1984)(Addictive Games)
4757Sol Negro (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)
4758Sol Negro 2 (1989)(Opera Soft)(Sp)
4759Solador (19xx)(-)
4760Solaris (1989)(Anthraxx Systems)
4761Solaris 2 - Gunhed (1990)(Hellenic Software)
4762Soldier Of Fortune (1988)(Firebird)
4763Soldier Of Fortune v8.88 (1988)(Firebird)
4764Soldier Of Light (1986)(ACE)
4765Soldier One (1993)(Beyond Belief)
4766Soldiers (1998)(Alexander Sizenko)(Ru)
4767Solitaire (19xx)(-)
4768Solo (19xx)(Opera Soft)(Sp)
4769Solo Whist (19xx)(-)
4770Solomon's Key (1987)(US Gold)
4771Solucion De Quinielas (19xx)(Hipocrates Soft)(UNK-LANG)
4772Solvadol-X (1992)(The Guild)(128k)
4773Son Of Blagger (1984)(Alligata Software)
4774Sonar Salvage (1984)(Hi-Tec Software)
4775Song Of Taliesin, The (19xx)(Zenobi Software)
4776Sonic Boom - Game (1990)(Activision)
4777Sonic Boom - Levels (1990)(Activision)
4778Sooty & Sweep (1990)(Alternative Software)
4779Sophistry (1988)(CRL Group)
4780Sorcerer's Castle, The (1983)(Mikro-Gen)
4781Sorceror Lord (1983)(PSS)
4782Sorcery (19xx)(-)
4783Sorderon's Shadow (1985)(Beyond)
4784Sorti (1984)(-)
4785Soul Hunter (19xx)(Trevor Whitsey)
4786Souls Of Darkon (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)
4787Southern Belle (1985)(Hewson Consultants)
4788Soviet (1990)(Opera Soft)(128k)(Sp)
4789Spac Man (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4790Space (19xx)(-)
4791Space 7 (1992)(Your Sinclair)
4792Space Art (19xx)(Eclipse Software)
4793Space Command (1984)(Virgin Games)
4794Space Crusade (1992)(Gremlin Graphics)
4795Space Defender (19xx)(Chris Andrews)
4796Space Detective (1986)(Celery Soft)
4797Space Detective 2 (1989)(Celery Soft)
4798Space Fighter (1984)(GB Max)(Sp)
4799Space Gun (1992)(Ocean Software)
4800Space Harrier (1986)(Elite Systems)
4801Space Harrier II (1990)(Grandslam Entertainment)
4802Space Harrier II - Game (1990)(Unique)
4803Space Harrier II - Levels (1990)(Grandslam Entertainment)
4804Space Hunter (1987)(Mastertronic)
4805Space Intruders (1982)(Quicksilva)
4806Space Invaders 2 (19xx)(-)
4807Space Invasion (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4808Space Island (1983)(Docimodus)
4809Space Landing (1989)(Gambrinus Software)
4810Space Panic (19xx)(-)
4811Space Quest (1984)(Your Computer)
4812Space Racer (1988)(Loriciels)
4813Space Raiders (1982)(Psion)
4814Space Rider Jet Pack Co (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
4815Space Saving Mission (1985)(UVS)(UNK-LANG)
4816Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space (1984)(Activision)
4817Space Smugglers (19xx)(-)
4818Space Station Zebra (1983)(Beyond)
4819Space Traid (1993)(Pavel Nikitin)(Ru)
4820Space Trooper (19xx)(Alternative Software)
4821Space Walk (1984)(Mastertronic)
4822Space War (19xx)(Jesus Alonso)
4823Space Warp (1984)(ACE Software)
4824Space Warrior (1985)(Automata UK)
4825Space Wreck (1984)(Paxman)
4826Spaced Out (1987)(Firebird)
4827Spaceway (19xx)(Decibel)(Nl)
4828Spawn Of Evil (1983)(DK'Tronics)
4829Spawn Of Evil - Game (1983)(DK'Tronics)
4830Spawn Of Evil - Instructions (1983)(DK'Tronics)
4831Speak Easy (1982)(Quicksilva)
4832Speaker (1988)(Psian Software)(UNK-LANG)
4833Speakuhr (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4834Spec Man (1982)(Jega Software)
4835Specdicul! (1986)(Matand Software)
4836Special Agent (1983)(Heinnemann)
4837Special Corpus (19xx)(Ivan Gudkov)
4838Special Operations (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)
4839Specimen 2 - The Apple Quest (1991)(Remsoft Arcade Designs)
4840Spectacle 1 (19xx)(Delta 4)
4841Spectipede (1983)(Mastertronic)
4842Spectra Smash (1983)(Romik)
4843Spectral Invaders (1982)(Bug-Byte Software)
4844Spectral Panic (1983)(John Hardman)
4845Spectrapede (1983)(Artic Computing)
4846Spectraprobe (1983)(Artic Computing)
4847Spectre Mon (19xx)(-)
4848Spectre Of Booballyhoo, The (1987)(Infected Software)
4849Spectre Of Castle Coris, The (1992)(FSF Adventures)
4850Spectres (1982)(Bug-Byte Software)
4851Spectro Sim (1984)(Shiva Publishing)
4852Spectroid Storm (1983)(Abersoft)
4853Spectron (1983)(Virgin Games)
4854Spectrum Chess (1982)(Artic Computing)
4855Spectrum Chess 2 (1982)(Artic Computing)
4856Spectrum Globeplotter, The (19xx)(Geoff Wearmouth)
4857Spectrum Invasion Force (1982)(Artic Computing)
4858Spectrum Jackpot (19xx)(CRL Group)
4859Spectrum Mailist (1984)(Gemini Marketing)
4860Spectrum Safari (1984)(CDS Microsystems)
4861Spectrum Skat (19xx)(-)(De)
4862Spectrum Sketch (19xx)(Klaus Jahn)
4863Spectrum Skiing (19xx)(Jonathan Yeomans)
4864Spectrum Substrike (1984)(-)
4865Spectrum Voice Chess (1982)(Artic Computing)
4866Spectrum's Cube (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4867Speculator (1983)(Protec Computing)
4868Specvaders (19xx)(-)
4869Specventure (1985)(Mastertronic)
4870Speech Marks (1983)(Psion)
4871Speed Duel (1983)(DK'Tronics)
4872Speed King II (1987)(Mastertronic)
4873Speedboat Assassin (1989)(Mastertronic)
4874Speedzone (1988)(Mastertronic)
4875Spell Of Xmas Ice (1989)(Star Dreams)
4876Spellbound (1984)(Beyond)
4877Spellcaster (19xx)(-)
4878Sphere Of Q'li (19xx)(Adventure Workshop)
4879Spi Droid (1989)(Vinsoft)
4880Spideron (1983)(Hyperion Software)
4881Spike (1985)(Firebird)
4882Spike In Transylvania (1991)(Codemasters)
4883Spikes (19xx)(-)(Sp)
4884Spiky Harold (1986)(Firebird)
4885Spindizzy (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)
4886Spirit Of Ninja, The (1988)(Image Design - Sinclair User)
4887Spirits (1987)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
4888Spirograph (19xx)(-)
4889Spitfire '40 (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
4890Spitfire '40' (1985)(Mirrorsoft)
4891Spitfire (Side A)
4892Spitfire (Side B)
4893Spitting Image (1986)(Domark)
4894Splat! (1983)(Incentive)
4895Split Personalities (1986)(Domark)(128k)
4896Split Personalities (Side A)
4897Split Personalities (Side B)
4898Splitting Images (1986)(Domark)
4899Spoof - The Magic Dragon (1984)(Runesoft)
4900Spooked (1989)(Players Premier)
4901Spooky Castle (1991)(Atlantis Software)
4902Spookyman (1982)(Abbex Electronics)
4903Spore (1988)(Mastertronic)
4904Spore, The (1986)(K'Soft Ltd)
4905Sport Lotto (1990)(Tera Software Group)(Ru)
4906Sport Of Kings (1986)(Mastertronic)
4907Sports Hero (1986)(Melbourne House)
4908Sprache (1983)(Karl Veith)(UNK-LANG)
4909Spy Hunter (1985)(US Gold)
4910Spy Plane (1983)(D. Brammer)
4911Spy Trek (1987)(Americana)
4912Spy Vs. Spy (1985)(Beyond)
4913Spy Vs. Spy 2 - The Island Caper (Side A)
4914Spy Vs. Spy 2 - The Island Caper (Side B)
4915Spy Vs. Spy 3 - Artic Antics (1988)(Beyond)
4916Spy Who Loved Me, The (1990)(Domark)
4917Spy Who Loved Me, The (Side A)
4918Spy Who Loved Me, The (Side B)
4919Sqij (19xx)(Power House)
4920Squad Quick Reaction (1994)(Chip - Rocky)(Ru)
4921Squamble (19xx)(-)
4922Squards (1996)(Spark)(Ru)
4923Square Head (1996)(Outland Corporation)(Ru)
4924Squares Colours (1993)(THD)(Ru)
4925Srazhyeniye (1997)(Willis Software)(Ru)
4926Sryednyevyekovaya Istoriya (1996)(Human Soft)(Ru)
4927St. Crippens (1985)(Creative Sparks)
4928Stack Up (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
4929Staff Of Power, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)
4930Staff Of Zaranol, The (1984)(CCS)
4931Stagecoach (1984)(Creative Sparks)
4932Stainless Steel (1986)(Mikro-Gen)
4933Staketris (1996)(3C Corp.)(Ru)
4934Stalingrad (1988)(CCS)
4935Stalker - Mega Trainer (1997)(Evgeny Nesterenko)(Ru)
4936Star Bowls (1991)(Diabolic Software)
4937Star Buster (1986)(K'Soft)
4938Star Control (1991)(Accolade)(128k)
4939Star Crystal, The (1986)(Edward Beck)
4940Star Dragon (1991)(Proxima)
4941Star Dust (1989)(Dinamic)
4942Star Farce (1988)(Mastertronic)
4943Star Firebirds (1985)(Insight)
4944Star Paws (1988)(Software Projects)
4945Star Pilot (1987)(Silverbird)
4946Star Raiders II (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)
4947Star Reporter (1988)(Haggisoft)
4948Star Runner (1987)(Codemasters)
4949Star Searcher (1984)(Scorpio Software)
4950Star Seeker (1987)(Mirrorsoft)
4951Star Soccer (1983)(Watson Software Projects Ltd)
4952Star Swallow (1987)(TRC Software)
4953Star Trader (1984)(Bug-Byte Software)
4954Star Trail (1983)(Psion)
4955Star Trek (19xx)(Mikro-Gen)
4956Star Trek - The Computer Game (1989)(Airline Software)
4957Star Trek - The Computer Program (19xx)(Jonathan Nixon)
4958Star Trek 3000 (1983)(DK'Tronics)
4959Star Trip (1991)(Thundersoft)
4960Star Warrior (1982)(Visions Software Factory)
4961Star Wars (1987)(Domark)
4962Star Wars (Side A)
4963Star Wars (Side B)
4964Star Wars 2 - The Empire Strikes Back (1988)(Domark)
4965Star Wars 3 - Return Of The Jedi (1987)(Domark)
4966Star Wars Droids (1988)(Mastertronic)
4967Star Wreck (1987)(Alternative Software)
4968Starbike (1984)(The Edge)
4969Starblitz (1984)(Softek Software)
4970Starbyte (1987)(Action Soft)
4971Starclash (1983)(Micromega)
4972Stardust (19xx)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
4973Starfinder (1983)(NMS)
4974Starfire (19xx)(Virgin)
4975Starfox (1987)(Reaktor)
4976Stargazer (1983)(CRL Group)
4977Starglider (1985)(Rainbird Software)
4978Starglider 2 (1989)(Rainbird Software)
4979Starion (1985)(Melbourne House)
4980Starquake (1985)(Bubblebus Software)
4981Starring Charlie Chaplin (1987)(US Gold)
4982Starship Enterprise (1983)(Silversoft)
4983Station (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
4984Stay Kool (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)
4985Steel Eagle (1990)(Players Premier)
4986Steelyard Blues, The (1987)(Tynesoft)
4987Steg (1992)(Codemasters)
4988Stek v1.1 (1990)(MPF Software)
4989Stensontron (1987)(Sibylasoft)
4990Steve Davis Snooker (1984)(CDS Microsystems)
4991Stifflip & Co (1987)(Palace)
4992Stifflip & Co. - Part 1 (1987)(Palace Software)
4993Stifflip & Co. - Part 2 (1987)(Palace Software)
4994Stock Market (19xx)(-)
4995Stocks (19xx)(-)
4996Stomp (19xx)(Ian Magill)
4997Stonkers (1983)(Imagine Software)
4998Stop Ball (19xx)(Juliet Software)
4999Stop The Express (1983)(Psion)
5000Storm (1986)(Mastertronic)
5001Stormbringer (1989)(Mastertronic)
5002Stormlord (1989)(Hewson Consultants)
5003Stormlord II - Deliverance (1990)(Hewson Consultants)
5004Stranded (19xx)(-)
5005Strange Loop (1984)(Virgin Games)
5006Streaker (1987)(Bulldog)
5007Street Cred (1992)(Lunapark - Sinclair User)
5008Street Cred Boxing (1989)(Players Premier)
5009Street Cred Football (1989)(Players Premier)
5010Street Fighter (1988)(Go!)(128k)
5011Street Gang (1989)(Players Premiere)
5012Street Hassle (1988)(Melbourne House)
5013Street Hawk (1986)(Ocean Software)
5014Street Soccer (19xx)(Codemasters)
5015Street Sports Basketball (1986)(US Gold)
5016Strgol (1987)(U Zenatik)
5017Strider (1989)(US Gold - Capcom)(128k)
5018Strider II (1990)(US Gold)
5019Strike (1987)(Mastertronic)
5020Strike Attack (1984)(Micro Mart Software)
5021Strike Attack 2 (1984)(Micro Mart Software)
5022Strike Force Cobra (1986)(Five Ways Software)
5023Strike Force Harrier (1986)(Mirrorsoft)(128k)
5024Strike Force SAS (1987)(Mikro-Gen)
5025Strike! (1987)(Mastertronic)
5026Strip (19xx)(Busy Soft)
5027Strip Dice (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5028Strip Game (19xx)(Diamond Software)
5029Strip Jack (19xx)(-)(Sp)
5030Strip Poker (1986)(Vlama)
5031Strip Poker 2 (19xx)(-)
5032Strontium Dog - The Killing (1984)(Quicksilva)
5033Strox (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5034Strumpfovi (1986)(Xenon)
5035Stryker - In The Crypts Of Trogan (1992)(Codemasters)
5036Stst (19xx)(-)
5037Stuart Henry's Pop Quiz (1984)(Bellflower Software)
5038Study Maths (Side A)
5039Study Maths (Side B)
5040Stunt Bike Simulator (1988)(Silverbird)
5041Stunt Car Racer (1989)(Micro Style)
5042Stupid (19xx)(Seba)(Sp)
5043Styena (1992)(THD)(Ru)
5044Styx (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)
5045Sub (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5046Sub Hunter (1984)(Micro Mart Publications)
5047Sub Mariner (1988)(Atlantis Software)
5048Subbuteo (1990)(Goliath Games)
5049Subbuteo The Computer Game (19xx)(Golliath Games)
5050Submarine Strike (1984)(Pulsonic)
5051Submariner (1988)(Atlantis Software)
5052Submarines (19xx)(-)
5053Submarino Ammarillo (1984)(Ventamatic)(Sp)
5054Subsunk (1985)(Firebird)
5055Subsunk 2 - Seabase Delta (1985)(Firebird)
5056Subterranean Stryker (1985)(Insight)
5057Subway Vigilante (1989)(Players Premier)
5058Suicide Island (19xx)(Dollarsoft)
5059Summer Games (Side A)
5060Summer Games (Side B)
5061Summer Santa (1986)(Alpha Omega Software)
5062Sun Star (1987)(CRL Group)
5063Super Bowl (1986)(Ocean Software)
5064Super Brat (1985)(Atlantis Software)
5065Super Bridge (1984)(Buffer Micro Ltd)
5066Super Cars (1990)(Gremlin Graphics)
5067Super Chess v3.5 (1985)(CP Software)
5068Super Chopper (1984)(Software Projects)
5069Super Colour (1986)(Your Sinclair)
5070Super Cup Football (19xx)(Hewson - Your Sinclair)
5071Super Cycle (1987)(US Gold)
5072Super Discus (1988)(Sibylasoft)(Cz)
5073Super Dragon Slayer (1989)(Codemasters)
5074Super Draughts (1983)(S. Roe)
5075Super Draw (19xx)(-)
5076Super Fpc (19xx)(-)
5077Super Fruit Machine (1992)(Sinclair User)
5078Super Gran (1985)(Dixon's)
5079Super Hang On (1986)(Hit Squad)
5080Super Hero (1988)(Codemasters)
5081Super Key (19xx)(-)
5082Super Kid (1989)(Atlantis Software)
5083Super Kid In Space (1990)(Atlantis Software)
5084Super League (19xx)(-)
5085Super Load Editor (1987)(L.H. Soft)
5086Super Monaco GP (1991)(US Gold)
5087Super Mutt (1984)(Prism Leisure)
5088Super Nova (1987)(Players)
5089Super Nudge 2000 (1989)(Mastertronic)
5090Super Pipeline 2 (1985)(Taskset)
5091Super Prezident (1992)(Balaganoff)(Ru)
5092Super Quinela (19xx)(-)
5093Super Robin Hood (1987)(Codemasters)
5094Super Save (19xx)(-)
5095Super Scramble Simulator (1989)(Gremlin Graphics)
5096Super Screen Loader (1987)(Kanebo)
5097Super Seymour Saves The Planet (1991)(Codemasters)
5098Super Ski (1988)(Microids)
5099Super Sleuth (1985)(Gremlin - Crash)
5100Super Soccer (1986)(Imagine Software)
5101Super Space Invaders (1991)(Domark)(128k)
5102Super Sports - The Olympic Challenge (19xx)(Gremlin Graphics)
5103Super Sprint (1987)(Activision)
5104Super Spy (1982)(Richard Shepherd Soft)
5105Super Star Trek (19xx)(-)
5106Super Stuntman (1988)(Codemasters)
5107Super Talk (19xx)(Abbex)
5108Super Tank Simulator (1989)(Codemasters)
5109Super Ted - The Search For Spot (1990)(Alternative Software)
5110Super Tetris 3 (1994)(Unior Soft - TK Ltd.)
5111Super Trolley (1988)(Mastertronic)
5112Super Trux (1988)(Elite Systems)(Po)
5113Super Wonderboy In Monsterland (1989)(Activision)
5114Superbike Transam (1989)(Codemasters)
5115Superbowl - Patroits Vs Bears (1986)(Ocean Software)
5116Supercad (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5117Superchamps (1985)(Smiths)
5118Superman - The Game (1985)(Firebird)
5119Supertassword (1991)(Saursoft)(UNK-LANG)
5120Superted - The Search For Spot (1990)(Alternative Software)
5121Supertrans (19xx)(-)
5122Supertrux (1988)(Elite Systems)
5123Supervivencia (1988)(Aventuras AD)(Sp)
5124Supremacy (1991)(D. Morris)
5125Surface Tension (1990)(Crash)
5126Survival (1984)(Psion)
5127Survivor (1987)(US Gold)
5128Survivors, The (1986)(Atlantis Software)
5129Svemirska (1985)(Suzy Soft)
5130Sweevo's Whirled (1986)(Gargoyle Games)(128k)
5131Sweevo's World (1986)(Rebound)
5132Swettibitz In Space (1985)(Automata UK)
5133Switch Blade (1991)(Gremlin Graphics)
5134Sword & Shield (1986)(Power House)
5135Sword Of The Samurai (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
5136Sword Slayer (1988)(Players)
5137Swordfight At Midnight (1983)(Sunshine Books)
5138Swords & Sorcery (1985)(PSS)
5139Synergy (1989)(Players Premier)
5140Syntax (1988)(Blue Ribbon)(128k)
5141Synthensyser (19xx)(-)
5142Synti (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5143System 8 (1988)(Blue Ribbon)
5144Sz-Pa-Tasm (19xx)(-)
5145T Bird (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
5146TLL - Tornado Low Level (1984)(Vortex Software)
5147TT Racer (1986)(Digital Integration)
5148Tachyon Command (1985)(Century City Software)
5149Taffy Turner (1985)(Brendan Kelly)
5150Tag Team Wrestling (1992)(Zeppelin Games)
5151Tai-Chi Tortoise (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
5152Tai-Pan (1987)(Ocean Software)
5153Take 4 (1982)(Unpublished)
5154Tales Of Mathematica, The (1990)(Zenobi Software)
5155Tales Of The Arabian Nights (1985)(Interceptor Micros Software)
5156Talisman (19xx)(Terry Stygall)
5157Talisman Of Lost Souls (19xx)(The Guild)
5158Talking Heds (1990)(Hellenic Software)(128k)
5159Talking Hedz (1990)(Hellenic Software)
5160Talos (1985)(Silversoft)
5161Tango (1992)(Proxima)
5162Tanium (1988)(Players)
5163Tank (1987)(Ocean Software)
5164Tank Attack (1988)(CDS Microsystems)
5165Tank Busters (1983)(Firebird)
5166Tank Drom (1992)(Copper Soft)
5167Tank Trax (19xx)(Mastertronic)
5168Tank War (1995)(Ametist)(Ru)
5169Tank War v1.01 (1995)(Interceptor)(Ru)
5170Tankodrom (1992)(Copper Feet)(Ru)
5171Tantalus (1986)(Quicksilva)
5172Tanx (1982)(DK'Tronics)
5173Tapeworm (1985)(Miquel Van Smoorenburg)
5174Tapper (1985)(US Gold)
5175Tarantula (1987)(Mike Westlake)
5176Target (19xx)(-)
5177Target Plus (19xx)(Dinamic)
5178Tarzan (1983)(Wicosoft)(UNK-LANG)
5179Tarzan - Lord Of The Jungle (1986)(Martech Games)(128k)
5180Tarzan Goes Ape (1991)(Codemasters)
5181Task Force (1989)(Players Premier)
5182Tasks (19xx)(Gilsoft International)
5183Tau Ceti (1985)(CRL Group)
5184Taxman Cometh 2, The - Tax Returns (1992)(Zenobi Software)
5185Taxman Cometh 3, The - The Final Demand (1993)(Zenobi Software)
5186Taxman Cometh, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)
5187Teacher Trouble (1989)(The Guild)
5188Tears Of The Moon, The (1992)(Zenobi Software)
5189Teastrainer (19xx)(-)
5190Teatar (19xx)(Suzy Soft)
5191Technician Ted - The Chip Factory (1984)(Hewson Consultants)
5192Technician Ted - The Megamix (1986)(Hewson Consultants)(128k)
5193Techno Cop (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)
5194Technodrom (1997)(Real Software)(Ru)
5195Teddy Bear (19xx)(Traff's Software)
5196Teenage Emergency (1995)(Zenobi Software)
5197Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (1990)(Image Works)
5198Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op (1990)(Image Works)
5199Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 2 (1990)(Image Works)
5200Tekracun (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5201Teladon (1988)(Destiny Software)
5202Tele Alca (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5203Telefonski Imenik (1985)(FV)(UNK-LANG)
5204Telezoom (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5205Telly Tennis (1986)(Amstrad)
5206Tempest (1983)(B. B. Design)
5207Temple Of Terror, The (1987)(Adventuresoft UK)
5208Temple Terror (1984)(Atlantis Software)
5209Ten Green Bottles (1995)(Adventure Probe Software)
5210Ten Pin Challenge (1987)(Atlantis Software)
5211Tennis (1986)(Imagine Software)
5212Termination (1991)(Psychedelic Hedgehog)
5213Terminator 2 - Judgement Day (1991)(Ocean Software)(128k)
5214Terminus The Prison Planet (1986)(Mastertronic)
5215Terra Cognita (1986)(Codemasters)
5216Terra Cresta (1986)(Imagine Software)
5217Terra Force (1984)(Firebird)
5218Terrahawks (1984)(CRL Group)
5219Terramex (1987)(Argus Press Software)
5220Terrapin (19xx)(I. M. Collier)
5221Terror Daktil 4D (1983)(Beam Software)
5222Terror From The Deep (1983)(Kayde Software)
5223Terror Of The Deep (1987)(Mirrorsoft)
5224Terrormolinos (1985)(Melbourne House)
5225Terrorpods (1989)(Icon Design)
5226Terrors Of Trantoss, The (1986)(Ariolasoft UK)
5227Test De Atencion (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5228Test De Caracter Y Temperamento (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5229Test Drive II - The Duel (1989)(Accolade)
5230Test Master (1988)(E & J Software)
5231Test Match Cricket (1983)(CRL Group)
5232Test, The (19xx)(The Guild)
5233Tetriller (1992)(Advanced Computer Exotic)(Ru)
5234Tetris (1988)(Mirrorsoft)
5235Tetris - A New World From Russia (1988)(Rafii Soft)
5236Tetris 2 (1990)(Ultrasoft)(128k)
5237Tetroid (19xx)(Your Sinclair)
5238Thanatos (1986)(Durell)
5239That's The Spirit (1985)(The Edge)
5240Theatre Europe (1986)(PSS)
5241Their Finest Hour (1985)(Century Communications)
5242Them (1988)(Pirate Software)
5243Theme Park UK (1993)(Zenobi Software)
5244Theme Park USA (1993)(Zenobi Software)
5245Therbo (19xx)(B. Rutherford)
5246There's A Bomb Under Parliament (1991)(Zenobi Software)
5247There's A Hole In Your Bucket (19xx)(Adventure Probe Software)
5248Theseus & The Minotaur (1990)(Zenobi Software)
5249They Call Me Trooper (1987)(CRL Group)(128k)
5250They Say The World Will Die In Fire & Ice (1984)(Electric Software)
5251They Stole A Million (1986)(Ariolasoft)
5252Thief (19xx)(-)
5253Thing Bounces Back (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
5254Thingy & The Doodahs (1986)(Americana Software)
5255Think! (1985)(Ariolasoft)
5256Thinker (1984)(Atlantis Software)
5257Thomas The Tank Engine (1991)(Alternative Software)
5258Thomas The Tank Engine's Fun With Words (1990)(Britt Allcroft Thomas Ltd)
5259Thompson Twins Adventure, The (1984)(Quicksilva)
5260Thor (1988)(Proein Software)(Sp)
5261Thor Y La Cria De Dragon (1986)(Genesis Software)(Sp)
5262Thousand (1997)(Willis Software)(Ru)
5263Three Weeks In Paradise (1985)(Mikro-Gen)
5264Thro The Wall (1982)(Psion)
5265Throne Of Fire (1987)(Melbourne House)
5266Through The Trapdoor (1987)(Piranha)
5267Thrust (1987)(Firebird)
5268Thrust II (1987)(Firebird)
5269Thrusta (1983)(Software Projects)
5270Thunder Blade (1988)(US Gold)(128k)
5271Thunder Blade (Side A)
5272Thunder Blade (Side B)
5273Thunderbirds (1985)(Firebird)
5274Thundercats (1988)(Encore)
5275Thunderceptor (1987)(Go!)
5276Thunderhawks (1984)(Lyversoft)
5277Ticket, The (19xx)(-)
5278Ticy Copy (1985)(Laszlo Ila)(UNK-LANG)
5279Tiddly Drinks (1987)(Gremlin Graphics)
5280Tidy Tony (1987)(I.J.K. Software)
5281Tiger Road (1988)(Go!)(128k)
5282Tiler (1984)(Interceptor Micros Software)
5283Tiles v2 - Saved On +2 (1983)(David Robertson)
5284Tiles v2 - Saved On 48k (1983)(David Robertson)
5285Tim (1986)(Janusz Gajewicz)(UNK-LANG)
5286Timber! (1985)(Nick Hockaday)
5287Time & Magik Trilogy 3 - Price Of Magik, The (1988)(Level 9 Computing)
5288Time Flies (1988)(Firebird)
5289Time Flight (1986)(Powerhouse)
5290Time Gate (1982)(Quicksilva)
5291Time Gate - Manual & Game (1982)(Quicksilva)
5292Time Gate - Manual (1982)(Quicksilva)
5293Time Line (19xx)(Gilsoft International)
5294Time Machine (1990)(Activision)
5295Time Of The End, The (1986)(Mandarin Software)
5296Time Out (1988)(New Frontier)
5297Time Quest (1985)(Adventureworld)
5298Time Scanner (1989)(Activision)
5299Time Switch (19xx)(-)
5300Time Traveller (1983)(Sulis Software)
5301Time Trax (1986)(Bug-Byte Software)
5302Time Tunnels (1985)(Paxman)
5303Time Watch (1986)(Mathew Wilson)
5304Time Wreck (19xx)(Creative Sparks)
5305Timebomb (1984)(C.D.S. Microsystems)
5306Times Of Lore (1988)(Origin)
5307Tinderbox (1985)(-)
5308Tinderbox (Side A)
5309Tinderbox (Side B)
5310Tintin On The Moon (1989)(Byte Back)
5311Tiny Touch 'n' Go (1984)(Psion)
5312Tir Na Nog (1984)(Sinclair User)
5313Tiro De Pichon (1985)(Hobby Press)
5314Titan (1989)(Titus)
5315Titanic (1989)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
5316Titanic Blinky (1991)(Zeppelin Games)
5317Tizpan (19xx)(Adventure Workshop)
5318To Je On (1987)(Cidsoft)
5319Toad Runner (1986)(Ariolasoft UK)
5320Toady (19xx)(R. Grainger)
5321Tobor (19xx)(Elfin Software)
5322Tobos Fp (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5323Toddler Trouble (1996)(Zenobi Software)
5324Toi Acid (19xx)(-)
5325Toilet Truble (1985)(Automata UK)
5326Tom & Jerry (1991)(Magic Bytes)
5327Tom Jones - A Blata Soska Inku (1990)(Proxima)
5328Tomahawk (1985)(Digital Integration)
5329Tomb Of Dracula, The (1983)(K Tel Productions)
5330Tomb Of Syrinx (1987)(Power House)
5331Tombola (19xx)(Dragan)(UNK-LANG)
5332Tomcat (1989)(Players)
5333Tommy (19xx)(Microbyte Software)
5334Toobin (1989)(Domark)
5335Top Cat In Beverly Hills (1991)(Hi-Tec Software)
5336Top Fruit Machine (1988)(Banzai Programming)
5337Top Gun (1986)(Ocean Software)
5338Topo (1989)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
5339Torens Van Hanoi (19xx)(Book)(Nl)
5340Tornado ECR (1991)(Codemasters)
5341Total Eclipse (1988)(Incentive)
5342Total Eclipse II - The Sphinx Jinx (1991)(Incentive)
5343Total Reality Delusion (1991)(The Guild)
5344Total Recall (1991)(Ocean Software)(128k)
5345Tour 91 (19xx)(Topo Soft)
5346Tour De Force (1988)(Gremlin Graphics)(128k)
5347Tourist Trouble (19xx)(ESP Software)
5348Towdie (19xx)(DSA)(128k)
5349Tower (19xx)(-)
5350Tower Of Despair, The (1984)(Games Workshop)
5351Tower Of Evil (1984)(Creative Sparks)
5352Tower Of Light (1989)(Caris Software)
5353Tower Of Light, The (1984)(Games Workshop)
5354Tower Pod (1999)(Studio Stall)(Ru)
5355Toy Bizarre (1985)(Activision)
5356Toyota Celica GT Rally (1991)(Gremlin - Crash)
5357Track & Field (1988)(Ocean Software)
5358Tracksuit Manager (1988)(Goliath)
5359Trader (19xx)(-)
5360Trader Trilogy, The (1983)(Quicksilva)
5361Trading Game, The (1986)(Reelax Games)
5362Traduc v1.0 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5363Traductor De Texto (1986)(Merisoft)(UNK-LANG)
5364Traffic Control (19xx)(Alchemist PD)
5365Traga Manzanas (1985)(Hipocrates Soft)(UNK-LANG)
5366Trail Racer (1987)(Jorgen Bech)
5367Trailblazer (1986)(Erbe)
5368Trailer 2 (1993)(Your Sinclair)(128k)
5369Train Game, The - Track A (1983)(Microsphere)
5370Train Game, The - Track B (1983)(Microsphere)
5371Train, The (1988)(Accolade)
5372Trans Atlantic Balloon Challenge (1987)(Virgin Games)
5373Transam (1983)(Ultimate)
5374Transformatora (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5375Transformers (1986)(Ocean Software)
5376Transmuter (1987)(Codemasters)
5377Transpo '95 (19xx)(Adventure Workshop)
5378Transversion (1984)(Ocean Software)
5379Transylvanian Tower (1982)(Richard Shepherd Software)
5380Trantor The Last Stormtrooper (1987)(Go!)
5381Trap (1987)(Alligata Software)
5382Trapdoor 2 - Through The Trapdoor (1987)(Piranha)
5383Trapdoor, The (1986)(Piranha)
5384Trashman (1984)(New Generation)
5385Trastuctor (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5386Travel With Trashman (1984)(New Generation)
5387Traveller v3, The (1984)(Dave Bowden)
5388Traverse Spain (1988)(Yox)(Sp)
5389Traxx (1983)(Salamander Software)
5390Traz (1989)(Gamebusters)
5391Treasure (19xx)(Jeroen Kwast)
5392Treasure Hunt (1986)(Macsen)
5393Treasure Hunt (Side A)
5394Treasure Hunt (Side B)
5395Treasure Island (1984)(Psion)
5396Treasure Of Santa Maria, The (1991)(Zenobi Software)
5397Treasure Trail (19xx)(J. Therkston & S. Richards)
5398Treble Champions (1989)(E & J Software)
5399Tree Stones, The (19xx)(The Guild)
5400Tremor (1986)(Americana)
5401Tria (1987)(Sibylasoft)
5402Trials Of Kronos, The (19xx)(SDL Adventures)
5403Triangl (1985)(Megasoft)(UNK-LANG)
5404Triaxos (1987)(Ariolasoft)
5405Tribble Trubble (1984)(Software Projects)
5406Trinia (19xx)(R'N'D Soft)(Ru)
5407Triple Commando (1987)(Dro Soft)(Sp)
5408Triple Yathzee (1985)(E.J. Zwart)(Nl)
5409Triplets (1985)(Nick Phillips)
5410Triplex (19xx)(Work Force)
5411Tripods, The (1985)(Red Shift)
5412Trisom (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5413Trisp v3.2 (1985)(Megasoft)(UNK-LANG)
5414Trivia - The Ultimate Quest (1989)(Grandslam Entertainment)
5415Trivial Pursuit (1986)(Domark)(Sp)
5416Trivial Pursuit - A New Beginning (1986)(Domark)
5417Trivial Pursuit - Genus 2 (1986)(Domark)
5418Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition (1988)(Domark)
5419Trixies Quest (19xx)(Arthur Simmons)
5420Trojan (1985)(Markus Komputer)(UNK-LANG)
5421Trom (1983)(DK'Tronics)
5422Tron (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5423Troon (19xx)(-)
5424Troskovi (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5425Trouble Brewing (1984)(Silversoft)
5426Trouble With Trolls, The (1996)(Zenobi Software)
5427Trubes (1996)(Panc)(Ru)
5428Trubis (1995)(Sunny Team)(Ru)
5429Trudnaya Doroga (1989)(Blacksoft)(Sl)
5430Ttorres (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5431Tuareg (1988)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
5432Tubaruba (1987)(Firebird)
5433Tube MIX (1993)(TMD)(Ru)
5434Tube War (1983)(J. Bull)
5435Tube, The (1987)(Quicksilva)
5436Tuete Volum (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5437Tujad (19xx)(Orpheus)
5438Tuneles Marcianos (1983)(JMGB)(Sp)
5439Tunnel Raider (19xx)(-)
5440Tupichok (1996)(Systematic)
5441Turbo 1 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5442Turbo Chess (1984)(Kerian UK)
5443Turbo Cup (19xx)(Loriciels)
5444Turbo Driver (1983)(Boss Software)
5445Turbo Esprit (1986)(Durell)
5446Turbo Girl (1988)(Dinamic)
5447Turbo Kart Racer (1991)(Players Premier)
5448Turbo Outrun (1990)(US Gold)(128k)
5449Turbo Outrun (Side A)
5450Turbo Outrun (Side B)
5451Turbo Skate Fighter (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
5452Turbo Text (1986)(Robtek)
5453Turbo The Tortoise (1992)(Hi-Tec Software)
5454Turbulence (1993)(Beyond Belief)
5455Turf Form (1988)(Blue Ribbon)
5456Turk, The (1982)(Oxford Computer Publications)
5457Turmoil (1984)(Bug-Byte Software)
5458Turn Or Xor'em All, The (1995)(Create Soft Research Ltd)
5459Turtle Timewarp (1984)(Perfection Software)
5460Tusker (1989)(System 3)
5461Tutankhamun (1983)(Micromega)
5462Tutti Fruitty (19xx)(-)
5463Twelve Days Of Christmas, The (1994)(Zenobi Software)
5464Twice Shy (1986)(Mosaic Publishing)
5465Twilight Zone (1984)(Thor Computer Software)
5466Twin Kingdom Valley (1984)(Bug-Byte Software)
5467Twin World (1990)(Ubi Soft)
5468Twinz (1991)(Hellenic Software)
5469Twister Fruit Machine (1998)(Excellent Speccy Aces)
5470Two Gun Turtle (1984)(M.C. Lothlorien)
5471Type Rope (19xx)(Mastertronic)
5472Typhoon (1988)(Ocean Software)
5473Tyrant Of Athens (1982)(M.C. Lothlorien)
5474U-95 (19xx)(Microparadise)(UNK-LANG)
5475UCM - Ultimate Combat Mission, The (1987)(Mastertronic)
5476UTE (1984)(-)
5477Uchi Mata (1987)(Martech Games)
5478Uchi Mata 2 (1988)(Martech Games)
5479Udav-Cifroyed (1995)(Copper Feet)(Ru)
5480Ufo (1984)(Yoav Kaveh)
5481Ufo Adventure (1998)(Nyitrai Laszlo)(Hu)
5482Ugolki (1996)(Electrical Brain)(Ru)
5483Ultima Ratio (1987)(Firebird)
5484Ultimate Warrior (1989)(Airline Software)
5485Ultra Reflect (1996)(Tiger's Claw)
5486Uncle Jack (19xx)(J.J. Soft)
5487Underground (19xx)(Skoryo)(Sp)
5488Underworld, The (1985)(Kevin Rae)
5489Underwurlde (1984)(Ultimate)
5490United (1984)(CCS)
5491Unitrax (1987)(Domark)
5492Universal (1991)(-)(Ru)
5493Universal Hero (19xx)(Mastertronic)
5494Up For Grabs (1988)(Alternative Software)
5495Urban (1991)(Zenobi Software)
5496Urban Upstart (1983)(Richard Shepherd Software)
5497Uridium (1985)(Erbe Software)
5498Uridium + (1986)(Hewson Consultants)
5499Uschi (19xx)(-)
5500Use Your Loaf (19xx)(The Guild)
5501Uvod U Bioritam (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5502V (1986)(Ocean Software)
5503VAT Manager (1984)(OCP)
5504Vagan Attack (1983)(Atlantis Software)
5505Valhalla (1983)(Legend)
5506Valkyrie 17 (1984)(Ramjam Corporation)
5507Valley (19xx)(Zaeon Computronics)
5508Valley Of The Kings (19xx)(Monk Soft)
5509Vampire (19xx)(-)
5510Vampire Killer (1984)(Scorpio Gamesworld)
5511Vampire's Empire (1988)(Magic Bytes)
5512Van Driver (1984)(Profisoft)
5513Vanganza (19xx)(-)(Sp)
5514Varitalk (19xx)(-)
5515Vatman (1989)(Players Premier)
5516Vector Ball (1987)(Mastertronic)
5517Vectron (1985)(Firebird)
5518Vegas Jackpot (1984)(Mastertronic)
5519Vegetable Crash (1984)(Kuma Computers)
5520Velika Akcija (1984)(Computerland Software)(Se)
5521Velnor's Lair (1983)(Quicksilva)
5522Venganza (198x)(Juliet Software)(Sp)
5523Venom (1988)(Mastertronic)
5524Ventamatic Lapiz De Luz (1985)(Ventamatic)(UNK-LANG)
5525Venturama (1991)(Scope Designs - Your Sinclair)
5526Venture (1983)(Protek Computing)
5527Vera Cruz Affair, The (1985)(Infogrames)
5528Vertikalne Antena Stacionarne Ili Mobilne (1983)(-)
5529Very Big Cave Adventure, The (1986)(CRL Group)
5530Vesoljska Zgodba (1985)(Suzy Soft)(UNK-LANG)
5531Vetrenjaca (1986)(N. Stojanovic)(UNK-LANG)
5532Viaje De Tempo (19xx)(Topo Soft)
5533Viaje El Centro De La Tierra (1989)(Topo Soft)
5534Vice Versa (1987)(Pirate Software)
5535Victory Road (1989)(Imagine Software)
5536Video Card Arcade (1988)(CDS Microsystems)
5537Video Olimpic (19xx)(Dinamic)(Sp)
5538Video Olympic (1986)(Mastertronic)
5539Video Poker (1986)(Mastertronic)
5540Video Pool (1985)(Oxford Computer Publications)
5541Video Sport (1992)(Copper Feet)(Ru)
5542Video Stop (19xx)(Video Stop Games)
5543Viewpoint (1982)(ACS)
5544Vigilante (1989)(US Gold)
5545Viking Raiders (1984)(Firebird)
5546Vindicator, The (1988)(Imagine Software)
5547Vindicators (1989)(Domark)
5548Vindicators (Side A)
5549Vindicators (Side B)
5550Violent Universe (1983)(Fantasy Software)
5551Viper III (1984)(Mastertronic)
5552Virgin Trans Atlantic Balloon Challenge (19xx)(Virgin Games)
5553Virgula - Part 1 (1994)(Free Group)(Ru)
5554Virus (1988)(Firebird)
5555Virus 2 (1995)(S.V. Kukoviakin)
5556Visions Snooker (1983)(Visions)
5557Visual Processor, The (1982)(Gilsoft International)
5558Visyelica (1997)(S.Y.B.)(Ru)
5559Vixen (1988)(Martech Games)
5560Viz - The Computer Game (Side A)
5561Viz - The Computer Game (Side B)
5562Vjetrenjaca (1986)(Suzy Soft)(UNK-LANG)
5563Vlajky 2 (1987)(Jozef Vavrinec)
5564Voice Chess (1982)(Artic Computing)
5565Voice Machine, The (1989)(Nightman)(128k)
5566Voidrunner (1987)(Mastertronic)
5567Volcanic Dungeon (1984)(Mastervision)
5568Volcanic Planet (1983)(Thorm Emi Video)
5569Volcano (1984)(Computer Magic)
5570Vortaro De Esperanto (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5571Vox (19xx)(ERE Informatique)(UNK-LANG)
5572Voyage Into The Unknown (1984)(Mastertronic)
5573Voyager (1983)(D. Brown)
5574Vroce Pocitnice (1985)(Suzy Soft)(UNK-LANG)
5575Vruce Letovanje (1985)(Suzy Soft)(Se)
5576Vs (19xx)(Bes)(Ru)
5577Vulcan (1987)(CCS)
5578W.E.C. Le Mans (1988)(Ocean Software)
5579Wacky Darts (1991)(Codemasters)
5580Wacky Races (1992)(Hi-Tec Software)
5581Wall (1982)(Psion)(128k)
5582Wall Walk (1983)(T. Tang)
5583Wally Kong (1984)(Dixons)
5584Wanderer (1989)(Elite)
5585Wanted - Monty Mole (1984)(Gremlin Graphics)
5586War - Alpha (1986)(Martech Games)
5587War 70 (1983)(CCS)
5588War Cars Construction Set (1987)(Firebird)
5589War Game (19xx)(Reelax)
5590War In Middle Earth (1989)(Domark)
5591War Machine (1989)(Players Premier)
5592War Of The Worlds, The (1984)(CRL Group)
5593Warlock (19xx)(The Edge)
5594Warlock Of Firetop Mountain, The (1984)(Penguin Books)
5595Warp Factor 6 (1986)(Wildest Dreams)
5596Wartorn (19xx)(-)
5597Waterloo (1985)(M.C. Lothlorien)
5598Watermill (1993)(THD - Fanatic Stas)(Ru)
5599Way Of The Exploding Fist +, The (1988)(Melbourne House)
5600Way Of The Exploding Fist II, The (1986)(Erbe Software)
5601Way Of The Exploding Fist II, The - Combat Practice (1986)(Melbourne House)
5602Way Of The Exploding Fist, The (1988)(Melbourne House)
5603Way Of The Tiger, The (1986)(Kixx)
5604Way Out (1996)(Kyo Copr.)
5605Weaver Of Her Dreams, The (1988)(8th Day Software)
5606Weed Killer (19xx)(-)
5607Weetabix Vs The Titchies (1984)(Romik Software)
5608Well Of Zol, The (1994)(Zenobi Software)
5609Wells Fargo (19xx)(Topo Soft)
5610Welltris (19xx)(-)(128k)
5611Werewolves Of London (1988)(Mastertronic)
5612West Bank (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)
5613Western Girl (1988)(Suzy Soft)
5614Westrail (1984)(Dee Kay Systems)
5615Wham! The Music Box (1985)(Melbourne House)
5616Wheelie (1983)(Microsphere)
5617Where Is Zeus (1996)(Adventure Workshop)
5618Where Time Stood Still (1988)(Ocean Software)(128k)
5619White Door - Crisis At Christmas, The (1987)(Tartan Software)
5620White Feather Cloak, The (1992)(GI Games)
5621Who Dares Wins II (1986)(Alligata)
5622Who Killed Cock Robin (1983)(Widgit Software)
5623Who Said That (1987)(Tynesoft)
5624Whodunit (1984)(CCS)
5625Whopper Chase (19xx)(Topo Soft - Burger King)
5626Why Is The World Round Anyway (1995)(Zenobi Software)
5627Width Of The World, The (1984)(Mosaic Publishing)
5628Wild 2 Remake (1997)(Titus Software)
5629Wild Bunch, The (1984)(Firebird)
5630Wild Streets (19xx)(-)
5631Wild Water (1989)(Bug-Byte Software)
5632Wild West (1983)(C. Abrahams)
5633Wild West Seymour (1992)(Codemasters)
5634Wild Words (1983)(Micromega)
5635Wilkommen In Alzan (1988)(-)(De)
5636William Wobbler (1986)(Melbourne House)
5637Willow Pattern Adventure, The (1985)(Firebird)
5638Wind Surfer (1986)(K'Soft)
5639Winged Avenger (1982)(Work Force)
5640Winged Warlords (1983)(CDS Microsystems)
5641Winny Pooh (1996)(Softland Software)(Ru)
5642Winter Games (1986)(US Gold)(128k)
5643Winter Games (Side A)
5644Winter Games (Side B)
5645Winter Olympiad (Side A)
5646Winter Olympiad (Side B)
5647Winter Term (1989)(Ad. Lomer)
5648Winter Wonderland (1986)(Incentive)
5649Witch Hunt (1987)(River Software)
5650Witch's Cauldron, The (1985)(Mikro-Gen)
5651Witchfiend (1986)(Strobe)(128k)
5652Wiya Cie Spectrum (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5653Wiz Biz (1987)(Alternative Software)
5654Wizard Of Oz, The (1995)(Zenobi Software)
5655Wizard Quest - Game (19xx)(Zenobi Software)
5656Wizard Quest - Guide (19xx)(Zenobi Software)
5657Wizard Wars (1988)(Go!)
5658Wizard Warz (1988)(Go!)
5659Wizard Willy (19xx)(Codemasters)
5660Wizard's Lair (1985)(Blue Ribbon)
5661Wizard's Scrolls (1984)(East Midland Software)
5662Wizard's Spell (1986)(Tynesoft)
5663Wizard's Warrior, The (1987)(D. Hawkins)
5664Wizard's Warriors (1983)(Mastertronic)
5665Wizard, The (1984)(Aquarius)
5666Wizards Orb, The (1986)(C. Davie & G. Yacomine)
5667Wizball (1987)(Hit Squad)
5668Woggler - Son Of Toggler (19xx)(Outlet)
5669Wolfman, The (1988)(CRL Group)
5670Wolfman, The (Side A)
5671Wolfman, The (Side B)
5672Wombles, The (1990)(Alternative Software)
5673Wonder Boy (1987)(Hit Squad)
5674Wonder Boy - Levels (1987)(Activision)
5675Wonky Chateau (1985)(Wildest Dreams)
5676Woods Of Winter, The (1984)(CRL Group)
5677Word Count (19xx)(-)
5678Word Finder (1983)(Heinemann)
5679Word Games (1983)(Griffin Software)
5680Word Life (19xx)(Computer Rats Group)(Ru)
5681Word Search, The (19xx)(Andrew Bateson)
5682Word Spell (1983)(Griffin Software)
5683Word Wizard (19xx)(Longman)
5684World Champions (1986)(E&J Software)
5685World Class Darts (1983)(Alphasoft)
5686World Class Leaderboard (1987)(US Gold)
5687World Class Leaderboard - Course A (1987)(US Gold)(Tape 1 of 2 Side A)
5688World Class Leaderboard - Course B (1987)(US Gold)(Tape 1 of 2 Side B)
5689World Class Leaderboard - Course C (1987)(US Gold)(Tape 2 of 2 Side A)
5690World Class Leaderboard - Course D (1987)(US Gold)(Tape 2 of 2 Side B)
5691World Class Leaderboard (Side A)
5692World Class Leaderboard (Side B)
5693World Cup (1990)(Stephen Corry)
5694World Cup Challenge (1990)(Players Premier)
5695World Cup Football (1984)(Artic Computing)
5696World Cup Soccer - Italia 90 (1989)(Virgin Games)
5697World Cup Soccer 90 (1989)(Virgin Mastertronic)
5698World Destruction (19xx)(Ventamatic)(Sp)
5699World Flags (1984)(Micro-Mart Software)
5700World Rally (1988)(David Perez Majias)(Sp)
5701World Rugby (1993)(Zeppelin Games)
5702World Series Baseball (1985)(Imagine Software)
5703World Series Basketball (1985)(Imagine Software)
5704World Soccer (1990)(Zeppelin)
5705World Soccer League (1989)(E & J Software)
5706World War I (1987)(Bug-Byte Software)
5707Worm (19xx)(-)
5708Worm Game, The (1983)(P. Makinson & J. Wilson)
5709Worm In Paradise, The (1985)(Level 9 Computing)
5710Worms & Defusion (1984)(K-Tel)
5711Worse Things Happen At Sea (1984)(Silversoft)
5712Wosh 'n' Slosh (1984)(5D Software)
5713Wotson (19xx)(J. Branegan)
5714Wrath Of Magra, The (1984)(Carnell Software)
5715Wrath Of The Killer Pigs (1984)(Krypton Force)
5716Wreckage (19xx)(Unique - Ventamatic)(Sp)
5717Wrestling Superstars (1993)(Codemasters)
5718Wriggler (1985)(Romantic Robot)
5719Wulfan The Barbarian (1987)(Mastertronic)
5720Wulfpack (1989)(Blue Ribbon)
5721Wurmi (19xx)(-)(De)
5722X And O (1996)(Nasty Group)
5723X-Out (1990)(Rainbow Arts)
5724X-Out (Side A)
5725X-Out (Side B)
5726Xadom (1983)(Quicksilva)
5727Xanagrams (1984)(Postern)
5728Xanthius (1987)(Players Premier)
5729Xarax (1987)(Firebird)
5730Xarq (1986)(Electric Dreams Software)
5731Xavior (1984)(PSS)
5732Xcel (1985)(Mastertronic)
5733Xecutor (1987)(ACE)
5734Xen (1987)(Super Sparkles)
5735Xeno (1986)(A & F Software)
5736Xeno II (1983)(Anirog Software)
5737Xenon (1988)(Melbourne House)
5738Xenon (Side A)
5739Xenon (Side B)
5740Xenophobe (1989)(Micro Style)
5741Xevious (1987)(US Gold)
5742XiXit (1999)(Real Software)
5743Xiv Beogradska Gimnazija (1984)(Pandovisia)(UNK-LANG)
5744Xonix (1991)(C&C)(Ru)
5745Xor (1987)(Logotron)
5746Xtroth The Adventure (1985)(Automata UK)
5747Xybots (1989)(Domark)
5748YS2 Issue 2 (1993)(Y Not Software - Delta 4)
5749YS2 Issue 3 (1993)(Y Not Software - Delta 4)
5750Yabba Dabba Dooo! (1986)(Quicksilva)
5751Yabbo Dabba Dooo! (1986)(Quicksilva)
5752Yacht Race (1985)(Hill MacGibbon)
5753Yahtzee (1985)(Zoths)(UNK-LANG)
5754Yahtzi (1983)(Work Force)
5755Yakzee (1983)(Automata UK)
5756Yatzee (1984)(CP Software)
5757Yellow Door, The (1987)(Tartan Software)
5758Yength (19xx)(Dinamic)
5759Yes Prime Minister (1987)(Mastertronic Plus)
5760Yes Prime Minister (Side A)
5761Yes Prime Minister (Side B)
5762Yeti (1988)(Destiny)
5763Ygor (19xx)(-)
5764Yie Ar Kung Fu (1985)(Imagine Software)
5765Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 (1986)(Imagine Software)
5766Yogi Bear & Friends In The Greed Monster (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
5767Yogi Bear (1987)(Piranha)
5768Yogi's Great Escape (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
5769Yomp (1983)(Virgin Games)
5770Young Ones, The (1986)(Orpheus)
5771Yox Asm (19xx)(-)
5772Yucan (1989)(Alucine Software)
5773Yuppie (19xx)(-)
5774Z (1986)(Rino Software)
5775Z Fred (1984)(AK Wood)
5776Z-Man (1983)(DJL Software)
5777Z5 Horse Forecaster (1982)(Bureau Of Information Science)
5778ZX 07 (1990)(Ultrasoft)(Sl)
5779ZX Berzerk (1982)(Jega Software)
5780ZX Revija (1989)(Stivsoft)
5781ZX Spectrum Golf (1983)(Peter G Curtis)
5782ZX Spectrum Grail (19xx)(-)
5783ZX Spectrum Pro-Am Golf (19xx)(-)
5784ZX Trek (1982)(Impact Software)
5785ZX-Mus (1985)(Alberto)(UNK-LANG)
5786ZX-Windows Passiance (1999)(Nagual)(Ru)
5788ZZZ-UNK-Anyove (19xx)(-)
5789ZZZ-UNK-Beszed (19xx)(-)
5793ZZZ-UNK-Zip (19xx)(-)
5795Zacaron Mystery, The (1986)(Players)
5796Zahada (1988)(JH Software)
5797Zahlspache (19xx)(Claus Jahn)(UNK-LANG)
5798Zakladi Slovenije (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5799Zakliaty Zamok Programatorov (1988)(Delphine Soft)(Sl)
5800Zanthrax, Race Of The Future (1989)(WASP - Crash)
5801Zarjas (1988)(Sinclair User)
5802Zaxxan (1983)(Starzone Software)
5803Zaxxon (1985)(US Gold)
5804Zegar 687 (19xx)(-)(Pl)
5805Zeichensatz Generator 1 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5806Zeichensatz Generator 2 (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5807Zeichensatze (1984)(ISS)
5808Zen Quest (1986)(Zenobi Software)
5809Zenji (1984)(Activision)
5810Zhak (1988)(Legio Soft)(Sp)
5811Zig Zag (1984)(DK'Tronics)
5812Ziggurat (1984)(Software Super Savers)
5813Zip Zap (1983)(Imagine Software)
5814Zipi Zape (1988)(Jose Luis Correa Muroz)
5815Zipper Flipper (1984)(R.E.D)
5816Zly Sen Frantiska Kovdelky (1990)(Proxima)(Cz)
5817Zodiac Master (1984)(Longman)
5818Zodiac Strip (1985)(Suzy Soft)(Se)
5819Zoids (1985)(Martech Games)
5820Zoink (19xx)(Juan Fradera)(UNK-LANG)
5821Zoink II (19xx)(Bosoft)(UNK-LANG)
5822Zolan Adventure, The (1983)(Softek Software International)
5823Zolyx (1988)(Firebird)
5824Zombi (1990)(Ubi Soft)
5825Zombie Zombie (1984)(Quicksilva)
5826Zombies (19xx)(Mikro-Gen)
5827Zona 0 (19xx)(Topo Soft)(Sp)
5828Zone M (1986)(Zuheir Urwana)
5829Zone Trooper (1989)(Game Busters)
5830Zoom (1987)(Omikron Software)(De)
5831Zoom Lens (19xx)(-)
5832Zoot & The Mankins (1985)(Bug-Byte Software)
5833Zorro (1986)(US Gold)
5834Zub (1986)(Mastertronic)
5835Zulu War - Ulundi (1987)(CCS)
5836Zulu War - Umlalazi (1987)(CCS)
5837Zunny 1 (1995)(Staplesoft)(Ru)
5838Zunny 2 (1995)(Staplesoft)(Ru)
5839Zut Alors! (19xx)(Aryxoft)
5840Zybex (1989)(Zeppelin Games)
5841Zynaps (1987)(Hewson Consultants)
5842Zythum (1986)(Mirrorsoft)
5843Zzoom (1983)(Imagine Software)
5844Zzzz (1986)(Mastertronic)
5845invaders (19xx)(-)
5846zzz-unk- BATTLE(19xx)(-)
5847zzz-unk- Desolator(19xx)(-)
5848zzz-unk- SpectrumSnooker(19xx)(-)
5849zzz-unk- Yoursinc(19xx)(-)
5850zzz-unk-ACE (Issue 01)(19xx)(-)
5851zzz-unk-Adventure 1-128k(19xx)(-)
5852zzz-unk-Alcala Hoy (19xx)(-)
5854zzz-unk-Antiriad (Silverbird)
5856zzz-unk-Astronomer (19xx)(-)
5858zzz-unk-Backup (19xx)(-)
5859zzz-unk-Ballblazer - 128k (19xx)(-)
5864zzz-unk-Colour Clash(19xx)(-)
5865zzz-unk-Commacc (19xx)(-)
5866zzz-unk-Copy Sc(19xx)(-)
5872zzz-unk-E-Mon (19xx)(-)
5880zzz-unk-Fist Plus-Cracked(19xx)(-)
5883zzz-unk-Galvan -(19xx)(-)
5891zzz-unk-HappyC(19xx)(Ing. Kurt)
5895zzz-unk-Hero-Quest (19xx)(-)
5898zzz-unk-Hunter Killer 2(19xx)(-)
5910zzz-unk-Mario Bros Plus 2 (19xx)(-)
5918zzz-unk-Prgbase (19xx)(-)(UNK-LANG)
5921zzz-unk-Ram Test 48 (19xx)(-)
5926zzz-unk-Roulette (19xx)(-)
5934zzz-unk-Sam Stoat - Safebreaker (1985)(Gremlin Graphics)
5935zzz-unk-Samantha Fox 2 (19xx)(-)(128k)
5938zzz-unk-Shadow Of The Unicorn - bad (19xx)(-)
5941zzz-unk-SsBasket-Cracked (19xx)(-)
5942zzz-unk-StreetFighter1-128k (19xx)(-)
5943zzz-unk-Super Spy(19xx)(-)
5959zzz-unk-Worm In Paradise