Recalbox16GB - Jogos de NeoGeo Pocket Color

13D Engine V2 (PD)
2Adventures of Gus and Rob V1, The by Mickey McMurray (PD)
3Adventures of Gus and Rob V2, The by Mickey McMurray (PD)
4Anime Video (PD)
5Barbarian Invaders V1.01 by Chris Ahchay (PD)
6Barbarian Invaders by Chris Ahchay (PD)
7Blocks by Ivan Mackintosh (PD)
8DDRng - Framework by Xenophear2 (PD)
9Diamond Run by Ivan Mackintosh (PD)
10Dodger by Ivan Mackintosh (PD)
11Dynamate V1.0EMU by Thor (PD)
12Dynamate V1.0HW by Thor (PD)
13Dynamate V1.1 by Thor (PD)
14Flavor's NGPC Multi-ROM V2.0_16MB_CRoller (PD)
15Flight of Ares by Drakonite (PD)
16GIQ Export Sample by Raneko (PD)
17Hello World! (NEO Clock) (PD)
18HiColor Mini Slide 2 by Thor (PD)
19HiColor Mini Slide by Thor (PD)
20Invaders by Tomasz Slanina (PD)
21Joust V0.0.0.3 by Chris Ahchay (PD)
22Joust by Chris Ahchay (PD)
23Jumpy! by Monkey Heeded Software (PD)
24Juno First (PD)
25Lights! V1.0 by Roger Bacon (PD)
26Lights! V1.1 by Roger Bacon (PD)
27Lines, Triangles and Points. First Step for 3D by Thor (PD)
28MOD Player for NGPC Sample by Thor (PD)
29Mines V1.0 by Ivan Mackintosh (PD)
30Movie Player Sample by Thor (PD)
31Mr. Do! by Ivan Mackintosh (PD)
32NGPC Game Pack (Spacies & Asteroids) by Jim Bagley (PD)
33NGPC War (PD)
34Neo Centipede by Roger Bacon (05-13-2001) (PD)
35Neo Fantasy by Darek J Davis (PD)
36Neo Yahtzee V0.1 by Darek J Davis (PD) Compo 2.5 Trailer by Torlus (PD)
38PocketRace V0.02pre-alpha by Thor (PD)
39PocketRace V0.03pre-alpha by Thor (PD)
40PocketRace V0.04pre-alpha by Thor (PD)
41Pocketron V1.00 by Torlus (PD)
42Puzzle Gems V1.0 by Thor (PD)
43Puzzle Gems V1.1 by Thor (PD)
44Robotron 2084 (PD)
45SFX for NGPC - Example by Ivan Mackintosh (PD)
46SFX for NGPC - Sound Generator by Ivan Mackintosh (PD)
47Same Game (PD)
48Slideshow (Mar 20 2003) by Thor (PD)
49Slideshow Example by Thor (PD)
50Snake V1.0 by Ivan Mackintosh (PD)
51Sodchess V1.1.0 by Thor (PD)
52Solitaire V1.0 By Ivan Mackintosh (PD)
53Spacies by Jim Bagley (PD)
54Starfield Array Test by Roger Bacon (PD)
55Syko War (Bung Comp Entry) by Mike Kasprzak (PD)
56Thieves (Bung Comp Entry) by Ivan Mackintosh (PD)
57Timer by Ivan Mackintosh (PD)
58Unlimited Multidirectional Scrolling Sample by Thor (PD)
59Unnamed Jumpy Platform Game by Roger Bacon (06-06-2001) (PD)