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11942 Cold Winter
28 Eyes - Belmont's Quest - By Elbobelo (U)
3Adventures of Lolo - Kopio (Lolo1 Hack)
4Adventures of Lolo 2 CSTutor Full Hack (U)
5Adventures of Lolo 2 Challenge Edition (U)
6Adventures of Lolo 2 Googie Maps (U)
7Adventures of Lolo 2 Remix (Hack)
8Adventures of Lolo 3 Eggerland Mystery Hack
9Adventures of Lolo Challenge Edition (U)
10Arkanoid - Annoid (Arkanoid Hack)
11Arkanoid - Bigball (Arkanoid Hack)
12Arkanoid - Dimension of Doh (Hack)
13Arkanoid - Nittere Brand Arkanoid by Rinkaku (Arkanoid Hack)
14Arkanoid - Teknoid (Arkanoid Hack)
15Arkanoid 98 (Arkanoid Hack)
16Astyanax - The Movie
17Astyanax Remix by Googie (Hack)
18Attack Animal Gakuen by Rinkaku (Hack)
19Baseball Simulator 2013
20Baseball Stars 1989 by Ignarant (Hack)
21Baseball Stars 1991 by GRG (Baseball Stars Hack)
22Baseball Stars 2005 Pennant Race by GRG (Hack)
23Bases Loaded - Nippon Pro Baseball 2007 (Bases Loaded Hack)
24Bases Loaded 2004 Newer by GRG (Bases Loaded 3 Hack)
25Bases Loaded 2006 v.Final by GRG (Bases Loaded Hack)
26Batman V1.2 by Macbee (fixed colors)
27Battle City - Battle Road (J)
28Battle City - Binary City (J)
29Battle City - Googie City (J)
30Battle City - Marble City (J)
31Battle City - PCGC Tank (Battle City Chinese Hack)
32Battle City - Pac-Man Saw Battle City (J)
33Battle City - Reload City (J)
34Battle City - Tank (Battle City Hack)
35Battle City - Tank Z (Battle City Hack)
36Battle City - War In Hell (J)
37Battle City - Warsaw City V4.5 (J)
38Battle City 2 (Warpman Hack)
39Battle City by Mayuge (Hack)
40Big Kids Pro-Wrestling by RyanVG (TTW Hack)
41Binary Land - Finaly Land (Binary Land Hack)
42Binary Land - Kuzu (Binary Land Hack)
43Binary Land - Links Desert Escape (J)
44Bionic Commando 99 by Chris Covell (Bionic Commando Hack)
45Bionic Commando Winter Theme (V0.1) by Matrixz (Bionic Commando Hack)
46Bionic Hippy Commando (Bionic Commando Hack)
47Blades of Steel - S. American Championship (Hack)
48Blaster Master - Remaster (U)
49BomberMan - Mario Maze (Bomberman Collection Hack)
50Bomberman - Birdman (Bomberman Collection Hack)
51Bomberman - Bomber Mario (Bomberman Hack)
52Bomberman - Bubbleman (Bomberman Collection Hack)
53Bomberman - Chack 'n Pop 2 (Bomberman Hack)
54Bomberman - DoraeBomb by Rinkaku (Bomberman Hack)
55Bomberman - Escape From Base 57 V1.0 by BMF54123 (Bomberman Hack)
56Bomberman - Imperial Palace Moat Story (Bomberman Hack)
57Bomberman - Killerman (Bomberman Collection Hack)
58Bomberman - Special Edition M-TEE (U)
59Bubble Bobble - Arcade Version (U)
60Bubble Bobble - New Levels (Bubble Bobble Hack)
61Bubble Bobble - New Quest (Bubble Bobble Hack)
62Bubble Bobble Madness by Weasel (Bubble Bobble Hack)
63Bubble Bobble by John's Program (Bubble Bobble Hack)
64Buggy Popper - Nishitetsu Busjack (Buggy Popper Hack)
65Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle - Second Ultimate Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, The
66Castlevania - Bloody Adventures V0.61 (CV Hack)
67Castlevania - Chorus of Mysteries v2 (Castlevania Hack)
68Castlevania - Curse of suffering
69Castlevania - Dracula's Revenge (Hack)
70Castlevania - Extreme
71Castlevania - Fan Edition (Hack)
72Castlevania - Hells Fury (U) (PRG1)
73Castlevania - Hells Fury Easy (U) (PRG1)
74Castlevania - Opposing Bloodlines by Redrum (Hack)
75Castlevania - Orchestra of Despair v2 (Hack)
76Castlevania - Overflow Darkness English
77Castlevania - Pencilvania (CV Hack)
78Castlevania - Poisonous Offering (CV PRG1 Hack)
79Castlevania - Prelude Of Darkness (Easy Type)
80Castlevania - Reborn
81Castlevania - Red Scale (Hack)
82Castlevania - Remix (CV PRG1 Hack)
83Castlevania - Retold V2.0 (U) (PRG1)
84Castlevania - Shadows (Hack)
85Castlevania - Skel's Revenge v0.9b (Hack)
86Castlevania - Slumber of Darkness V1.2
87Castlevania - Stairs Of Doom (U) (PRG1)
88Castlevania II - Dishonor Thy Father
89Castlevania II - Simon's Quest FIXED Version
90Castlevania II - Vengence on Hell V1.0d (CV2 Hack)
91Castlevania III (Unknown Hack)
92Castlevania III - Resurrection (Akumajou Densetsu Hack)
93Championship Lode Runner Kai (Hack)
94Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers - Alternative
95Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers - Roket Type V2
96Contra - Super Contra II
97Darkwing Duck - The New Levels
98Darkwing Duck Advance
99Destiny of an Emperor - Ludmeisters Remix V2
100Destiny of an Emperor - Rise of Ieyasu V2
101Destiny of an Emperor - Rise of Lu Bu V2
102Destiny of an Emperor - Yuan Shaos Revenge
103Destiny of an Emporor - Dragon Destiny V0.12 (Destiny of an Emperor Hack)
104Dig Dug - BuB-BoB by Tempez (Dig Dug Hack)
105Dig Dug - Getta Robo (Dig Dug Hack)
106Dig Dug - Tempez Dig Dug (Dig Dug Hack)
107Dig Dug II - Blob Buster V1.0 by BMF54123 (Dig Dug II Hack)
108Double Dragon (U) (Easy Type Hack)
109Double Dragon - Easy Type (Hack)
110Double Dragon - Hard Type (Hack)
111Double Dragon II - Boss Edition by shinwa (Hack)
112Downtown - Nekketsu Monogatari Girl Version (Hack)
113Dragon Warrior (U) (PRG0) - Special Edition V1.3a
114Dragon Warrior - Chocobo DW V0.3 (Dragon Warrior Hack)
115Dragon Warrior - Dragoon X Final by Sliver X (Original)
116Dragon Warrior - Dragoon X Omega V2.0f Gold
117Dragon Warrior - Super Mario Remix 2 v1.0 (Incomplete)
118Elevator Action - Matrix, The (Elevator Action Hack)
119Final Fantasy ++ Part 1 by Grond V1.5
120Final Fantasy ++ Part 2 World Of Chaos by Grond V1.2
121Final Fantasy - Another Story (FF1 Hack)
122Final Fantasy - Dragoon X Omega II (FF1 Hack)
123Final Fantasy - Dragoon X Omega II - Easy Type (FF1 Hack)
124Final Fantasy - Epica V2.0 by Clomax Dominion (FF1 Hack)
125Final Fantasy - Grond's Final Fantasy V3.2
126Final Fantasy - Legend of the 7th King
127Final Fantasy - Lenophis' Other Final Fantasy (FF1 Hack)
128Final Fantasy - Mario Fantasy Adventure (FF1 Hack)
129Final Fantasy - Negative One
130Final Fantasy - Return of Lich (FF1 Hack)
131Final Fantasy - Revolution
132Final Fantasy - Spiritua Rising V2.0 (FF1 Hack)
133Final Fantasy - The Dawn Warriors
134Final Fantasy II - Demonic Pandemonium
135Gauntlet - Blink 2 - Lost in Tokyo (Gauntlet Hack)
136Gauntlet - Final Fantasy Epic V0.03 Final by Sliver X (Gauntlet Hack)
137Ghosts 'N Goblins - All Hallow's Eve (Ghosts 'N Goblins Hack)
138Ghosts 'N Goblins Hardtype (Hack)
139Golf - Kiss Goes Golfing starring Ace Frehley (Golf Hack)
140Golf - Kiss Goes Golfing starring Gene Simmons (Golf Hack)
141Golf - Kiss Goes Golfing starring Paul Stanley (Golf Hack)
142Golf - Kiss Goes Golfing starring Peter Criss (Golf Hack)
143Gradius - Luidius (Gradius Hack)
144Gradius Arcade Conversion V1.4
145Gradius II Arcade Conversion V0.8
146Guardian Legend - Secret Edition 3.3
147Hydlide Special by Y.Project (Hack)
148Ice Climber MacBee (Hack)
149Kaison Star Force (Hack)
150Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2 - Adoventoro Tcheco v1.0
151Kickle Cubicle - Mean Kickle Cubicle (Hack)
152Kid Icarus - NES Land Journey (Kid Icarus Hack)
153Kid Icarus - Retold Edition
154Legend of Zelda - Fall of the Moon v1.0 (Zelda Hack)
155Legend of Zelda - GST (Zelda Hack)
156Legend of Zelda - Outlands Final by GameMakr24
157Legend of Zelda - Search for Link, The (Zelda Hack)
158Legend of Zelda - SouthPark Zelda (Zelda Hack)
159Legend of Zelda - Zelda Story, The
160Lode Runner - Mario Runner by Y.Project (Championship Lode Runner Hack)
161Lode Runner - Omeka (Lode Runner Hack)
162Lode Runner - Takeshikun (Lode Runner Hack)
163Lode Runner Kai (Hack)
164Lunar Ball - Loony Pool (Lunar Ball Hack)
165Macross - Jetfire (Macross Hack)
166Magical Rockman (Magical Doropie Hack)
167Mario Bros. - Evil Tetris Hack
168Mario Bros. - Hell Bros. Edition
169MegaMan - 133TMAN V1.0 by Clomax Dominion (Mega Man (U) Hack)
170MegaMan - 1977 (Hack)
171MegaMan - AFF Challenge Redone
172MegaMan - Alpha (Mega Man Hack)
173MegaMan - Bass Dr. W
174MegaMan - Bytes Adventure
175MegaMan - EX V1.0 by The Elite Hacking Force (Mega Man Hack)
176MegaMan - Googies Megamix
177MegaMan - High Speed Megaman (Mega Man Hack)
178MegaMan - In the Mushroom Kingdom (Megaman Hack)
179MegaMan - Kamikaze Megaman (Mega Man Hack)
180MegaMan - Mega133TMAN V1.0 by Clomax Dominion (Megaman Hack)
181MegaMan - MegaMari
182MegaMan - Reloaded V1.2
183MegaMan - Rockman 2000 (J)
184MegaMan - Rockman Claw (J)
185MegaMan - Rockman Kai (J)
186MegaMan - Rockman NEO (Rockman Hack)
187MegaMan - Rockman RX
188MegaMan - Showdown I (Mega Man Hack)
189MegaMan - Wily's Conquest V0.46 by Clomax Dominion (Megaman Hack)
190MegaMan II - AVGN Vs Dr.Wly
191MegaMan II - Adventures of Bass 2
192MegaMan II - Eight Beasts 2 V2.01 by Matrixz (Megaman II Hack)
193MegaMan II - MegaMan In Java Island
194MegaMan II - NEO (Megaman II Hack)
195MegaMan II - Rockman EXILE (J)
196MegaMan II - Rockman No Constancy Hard Edition (J)
197MegaMan II - Rockman No Constancy Normal Edition (J)
198MegaMan II - Rockman Z (J)
199MegaMan II - The Revenge of the Eight Robot Masters (Hack)
200MegaMan II - Ultra
201MegaMan II - Wily's Conquest 2 v0.71b (Megaman II Hack)
202MegaMan II - X (Mega Man 2 Hack)
203MegaMan III - (Enemy Lifebar Hack)
204MegaMan III - Battle Of Gamma (U)
205MegaMan III - Break Man 3 (U)
206MegaMan III - Dr.Wily Visits Indonesia (U)
207MegaMan III - Ever (U)
208MegaMan III - Hedgehog Trap! - EASY (U)
209MegaMan III - Hedgehog Trap! - HARD (U)
210MegaMan III - Hedgehog Trap! - NORMAL (U)
211MegaMan III - Powa 1 (U)
212MegaMan III - Powa 2 (U)
213MegaMan III - Powa 2 Hard Version (U)
214MegaMan III - Ridley X 1 (U)
215MegaMan III - Ridley X 2 (U)
216MegaMan III - Rise & Fall of Dr.Wily (U)
217MegaMan III - The Return (U)
218MegaMan IV - After In Indonesia
219MegaMan IV - C4 (U)
220MegaMan IV - Eons of dreams part 4 (U)
221MegaMan IV - Gadget Master
222MegaMan IV - Maverick Revenge
223MegaMan IV - Minus Infinity
224MegaMan IV - Ridley X Hack 1 (U)
225MegaMan IV - Ridley X Hack 2 (U)
226MegaMan IV - Ridley X Hack 3 (U)
227MegaMan V - Cutterblade Megaman by Matrixz (Megaman V Hack)
228MegaMan V - Elecman V (U)
229MegaMan V - Fly by Matrixz (Hack)
230MegaMan V - Hyperion
231MegaMan V - Indonesia (U)
232MegaMan V - Indonesian Artifact (U)
233MegaMan V - Maverick Revenge 2 (U)
234MegaMan V - Random Palette by Matrixz (Hack)
235MegaMan V - Remix by Matrixz (Hack)
236MegaMan V - RidleyX 1 Hack
237MegaMan V - RidleyX 2 Hack
238MegaMan V - RidleyX 3 Hack
239MegaMan V - Time Attack V0.311 by Matrixz (Hack)
240MegaMan VI - Showdown VI (Megaman VI Hack)
241Metroid - 2000
242Metroid - Adventure
243Metroid - Captive by SPJ
244Metroid - Challenge
245Metroid - Challenger V0.87 (Metroid Hack)
246Metroid - Deluxe v1.1 (Metroid Hack)
247Metroid - Genocide (Metroid Hack)
248Metroid - Gone Wrong (Metroid Hack)
249Metroid - Hard Core Elite (Metroid Hack)
250Metroid - Invasion (U)
251Metroid - M (Metroid Hack)
252Metroid - MDBtroid (U)
253Metroid - Master v1.0 by Chris Allen (Metroid Hack)
254Metroid - Mutation (Metroid Hack)
255Metroid - Omega (Metroid Hack)
256Metroid - Origin 2.1.1
257Metroid - Planet (Metroid Hack)
258Metroid - Project Ridien (U)
259Metroid - Quest V3.0
260Metroid - Remix V1.2 (Metroid Hack)
261Metroid - Revenge (U)
262Metroid - Samus - Mother Brain Returns (U)
263Metroid - TSI (Metroid Hack)
264Metroid - Unused GFX Tiles & 99 Energy Units by Grond (Metroid Hack)
265Metroid - Wart's Invasion (Metroid Hack)
266Metroid - X V1.0 (Metroid Hack)
267Moai-kun - Luigi-Kun by Googie (J)
268Moai-kun - Mario-kun (Moai-kun Hack)
269Ms.Pac-Man - Blob Munchers (U)
270Ms.Pac-Man - Pac Man 3D (U)
271Nekketsu Kouha - Kunio-kun (Girl Version Hack)
272Ninja Gaiden - Evil Edition (U)
273Ninja Gaiden - Virgin Edition (U)
274Pac-Man 3 by DahrkDaiz (Ms. Pac-Man Hack)
276R.B.I. Arcade II by Ultimate7 (R.B.I. Baseball Hack)
277R.B.I. Baseball - 2003RBI by brisco (R.B.I. Baseball Hack)
278R.B.I. Baseball - 88 89 Diff Teams (R.B.I. Baseball Hack)
279R.B.I. Baseball - All Time Teams of the 20th Century by bushleague (Hack)
280R.B.I. Baseball - Arcade Best of Rest (R.B.I. Baseball Hack)
281R.B.I. Baseball - Best of 1970s v.2 by MarquisEXB (Hack)
282R.B.I. Baseball - Best of 1990s v.1 by MarquisEXB (Hack)
283R.B.I. Baseball - Best of All Decades by tigermask (Hack)
284R.B.I. Baseball - Best of The Decades by The Ross (Hack)
285R.B.I. Baseball - CAE 2005 (R.B.I. Baseball Hack)
286R.B.I. Baseball - College World Series by bushleague (Hack)
287R.B.I. Baseball - Decade Legends v3 by skeletorsamba (Hack)
288R.B.I. Baseball - Fedsvd MLB (R.B.I. Baseball Hack)
289R.B.I. Baseball - Greats of 1980s by Ryno (Hack)
290R.B.I. Baseball - Greats of All Times (Hack)
291R.B.I. Baseball - Greats of College Baseball by fightonusc (Hack)
292R.B.I. Baseball - McGrath's Super Bom (R.B.I. Baseball Hack)
293R.B.I. Baseball - Mexican League 1979 - Northern Division by Cafetero (Hack)
294R.B.I. Baseball - Mexican League 1979 - Southern Division by Cafetero (Hack)
295R.B.I. Baseball - RBI Arcade (R.B.I. Baseball Hack)
296R.B.I. Baseball - RBI03 Revised (R.B.I. Baseball Hack)
297R.B.I. Baseball - USA vs Canada (R.B.I. Baseball Hack)
298R.B.I. Baseball - World Cup v.5 by skeletorsamba (Hack)
299R.B.I. Baseball 1980-1984 World Series by The Ross (Hack)
300R.B.I. Baseball 1989 - All Star Teams by Moats7798 (Hack)
301R.B.I. Baseball 1993 - American League by demystifier (Hack)
302R.B.I. Baseball 1993 - National League by demystifier (Hack)
303R.B.I. Baseball 2000 (Hack)
304R.B.I. Baseball 2002 - All Star Teams by Moats7798 (Hack)
305R.B.I. Baseball 2002 v.3 by MarquisEXB (Hack)
306R.B.I. Baseball 2004 Playoff Teams - Fixed by Scroop (Hack)
307R.B.I. Baseball 2004 Playoff Teams by JerryD (Hack)
308R.B.I. Baseball 2004 by Fryak (Hack)
309R.B.I. Baseball 2005 by Beefmaster (Hack)
310R.B.I. Baseball 2k6 - Central Divison Teams (Hack)
311R.B.I. Baseball 2k6 - Eastern Divison Teams (Hack)
312R.B.I. Baseball 2k6 - Western Divison Teams (Hack)
313R.B.I. Baseball 3 2006 by pmeth (Hack)
314R.B.I. Baseball 3 with Cardinals '85 (Hack)
315R.B.I. League 2006 by Clambutt
316Rockman 2 - 2.5 Small Apple Ver (J)
317Rockman 2 - Chaos (J)
318Rockman 2 - Claw 2 (J)
319Rockman 2 - Dash (J)
320Rockman 2 - Dash Hard Version (J)
321Rockman 2 - Deus Ex Machina (J)
322Rockman 2 - Easy (Hack)
323Rockman 2 - Exhaust (J)
324Rockman 2 - GX
325Rockman 2 - Grey Zone (J)
326Rockman 2 - Joho Boshu Edition (J)
327Rockman 2 - Min (J)
328Rockman 2 - NEO (J)
329Rockman 2 - Peercast (J)
330Rockman 2 - Rockman 2nd (J)
331Rockman 2 - Rockman E (J)
332Rockman 2 - Rockman Last (J)
333Rockman 2 - Rockman Plus! (J)
334Rockman 2 - Rs Beta (J)
335Rockman 2 - SP (J)
336Rockman 2 - Wed Of Slasher (J)
337Rockman 2 - Yender Code (J)
338Rockman 3 - Alpha (J)
339Rockman 3 - Bass (Hack)
340Rockman 3 - Burst Chaser
341Rockman 3 - Eon of Dream Pt3 (J)
342Rockman 3 - Extra (J)
343Rockman 3 - Luokeren MAX 2 Jiaomie (J)
344Rockman 3 - Overdrive (J)
345Rockman 3 - Peercast 2 V1.1 (J)
346Rockman 4 - DX (J)
347Rockman 4 - Luokeren 7 Xiyang Xia De Zhandou (J)
348Rockman 4 - Luokeren 8 Emeng De Kaishi (J)
349Rockman 4 - Minus Infinity (J)
350Rockman 4 - Ridley X Hack 1 (J)
351Rockman 5 - 5 to 7 Graphics V1.0 by Dark Mark (Rockman 5 Hack)
352Rockman 5 - Air Sliding (J)
353Rockman 5 - Blues no Chousen (J)
354Rockman 5 - Dood in Wily's Last (J)
355Rockman 5 - JohoBoshu 1 (J)
356Rockman 5 - KT (J)
357Rockman 5 - Wily's Dream Space (J)
358Rockman 6 - Luokeren 9 MAX Emeng De Zhongjie (J)
359Rockman 6 - Mr.X Returns (J)
360Rockman 6 - RE (J)
361Rockman 6 - Ridley X Hack 1 (J)
362Rush'n Attack - G Version by Googie
363Rush'n Attack - Ultra Difficult Edition
364Seicross - Graros (Seicross Hack)
365Snake Rattle N Roll - Isometric Controls (U)
366Space Invaders - Empire Invaders (Space Invaders Hack)
367Spaceship Invasion by Seth (Zombie Nation Hack)
368Spy vs. Spy - Mario Spy Vs Spy
369Star Wars (Battle City Hack)
370Strider - Matic Unit (U)
371Super Contra - Hells Edition
372Super Dodge Ball V1.00 by akatranslations (4 Player Hack)
373Super Mario Bros. - !
374Super Mario Bros. - 2005 Special
375Super Mario Bros. - 2nd by Googie
376Super Mario Bros. - 5000 by Frantik
377Super Mario Bros. - After World 8
378Super Mario Bros. - Alcatraz
379Super Mario Bros. - All-Star Levels by AP (V1.03)
380Super Mario Bros. - And the 32 Lost Levels
381Super Mario Bros. - Atario Bros
382Super Mario Bros. - Bowser vs Wario by Icegoom
383Super Mario Bros. - Bowser's Jumping Challenge V1.0 by AlexAR (SMB1 Hack)
384Super Mario Bros. - Bowsers Castle
385Super Mario Bros. - Challenge Googie
386Super Mario Bros. - Curse From the Outskirts Redux
387Super Mario Bros. - Ende's Super Mario Bros Hack 1
388Super Mario Bros. - Evolution V2
389Super Mario Bros. - Excite Mario Bros
390Super Mario Bros. - Extended
391Super Mario Bros. - Extra Mario Bros.
392Super Mario Bros. - Extreme Danger Bros
393Super Mario Bros. - Final Quest
394Super Mario Bros. - Frank's 1st
395Super Mario Bros. - Frank's 2nd
396Super Mario Bros. - Frank's Third Ultimate Hack
397Super Mario Bros. - FullMoon
398Super Mario Bros. - Funny Princess by Ultimessiah
399Super Mario Bros. - Giabbit
400Super Mario Bros. - HF 2
401Super Mario Bros. - HF
402Super Mario Bros. - Hacked Mario Bros by Alexey2
403Super Mario Bros. - Hi Episode 1d - Final Tuned
404Super Mario Bros. - Hi Episode 3.1
405Super Mario Bros. - Hi Episode 4
406Super Mario Bros. - Hiro Mario 2
407Super Mario Bros. - Hiro Mario
408Super Mario Bros. - Hoshi ni Negai o by Ki
409Super Mario Bros. - Hyper Mario Bros R by MHS
410Super Mario Bros. - Insectduels 6th Anniversary Edition
411Super Mario Bros. - JUN Mario 1
412Super Mario Bros. - Junk Mario V1.1
413Super Mario Bros. - Justin and Friends V1.1 by TheGreatWhiteDope
414Super Mario Bros. - KamiKaze 2
415Super Mario Bros. - Kamikaze 1
416Super Mario Bros. - Kamikaze 3
417Super Mario Bros. - Kamikaze DX
418Super Mario Bros. - Killers (V6.0)
419Super Mario Bros. - Kirby Adventure 2
420Super Mario Bros. - Kirikaze Oogarasu Edition
421Super Mario Bros. - Lady Opera Swf Panic
422Super Mario Bros. - Lost Levels
423Super Mario Bros. - Luigi and the Christmas Quest
424Super Mario Bros. - Luigi's Chronicles Ver B by Googie
425Super Mario Bros. - Mario Bash
426Super Mario Bros. - Mario Evolution 2
427Super Mario Bros. - Mario Fan by M.K.H
428Super Mario Bros. - Mario In Time is Ticking
429Super Mario Bros. - Mario Mania
430Super Mario Bros. - Mario in Zebes
431Super Mario Bros. - Marios Moon Adventure
432Super Mario Bros. - MegaMan in SMB1
433Super Mario Bros. - Messeed Up World of Weirdness Edition 3 by AP
434Super Mario Bros. - Mikamari 1
435Super Mario Bros. - Mikamari 2
436Super Mario Bros. - Mikamari 3
437Super Mario Bros. - Mikamari 4
438Super Mario Bros. - Mikamari 5
439Super Mario Bros. - Millenium Mario v1.0 FINAL
440Super Mario Bros. - Mortal Kombat Bros Sub Zero Mythologies Quest
441Super Mario Bros. - Mr.Sandman
442Super Mario Bros. - Mushroom Kingdom Chaos
443Super Mario Bros. - Mushroom Nightmare Final 2.0
444Super Mario Bros. - Next 2
445Super Mario Bros. - Next
446Super Mario Bros. - Ninja Insanity
447Super Mario Bros. - Peach and Daisy and The Royal Games
448Super Mario Bros. - Peaches Cream
449Super Mario Bros. - Platina
450Super Mario Bros. - Project Recovery Mario's Relay
451Super Mario Bros. - Rebirth
452Super Mario Bros. - Remix 2 - The New Adventures
453Super Mario Bros. - Remix 3 The Link Adventures
454Super Mario Bros. - Remix The New Adventures
455Super Mario Bros. - Revisited v4.3
456Super Mario Bros. - SUICIDEXTREME 2
457Super Mario Bros. - SUICIDEXTREME 3
458Super Mario Bros. - SUICIDEXTREME
459Super Mario Bros. - Sirius Mario Bros 1
460Super Mario Bros. - Sirius Mario Bros 2
461Super Mario Bros. - Sirius Mario Bros 3
462Super Mario Bros. - Sirius Mario Bros 4
463Super Mario Bros. - Sirius Mario Bros 5
464Super Mario Bros. - Sirius Mario Bros 6
465Super Mario Bros. - Spartan Bros
466Super Mario Bros. - Special Design Mario
467Super Mario Bros. - Special Edition
468Super Mario Bros. - Special X1
469Super Mario Bros. - Spudd The Journey Home
470Super Mario Bros. - Square Root of 5
471Super Mario Bros. - Stomp on Brothers Head
472Super Mario Bros. - Strange Mario Bros 1
473Super Mario Bros. - Strange Mario Bros The Lost Levels 2
474Super Mario Bros. - Strange Mario Brothers - The Lost Levels
475Super Mario Bros. - Super Duper Mario Bros
476Super Mario Bros. - Super Loco Spoof
477Super Mario Bros. - Super Mushroom
478Super Mario Bros. - TKB 2
479Super Mario Bros. - TKB
480Super Mario Bros. - The 32 Lost Levels
481Super Mario Bros. - The Mario Bros Shroom Trip
482Super Mario Bros. - The New Super Adventure
483Super Mario Bros. - The Stronghold
484Super Mario Bros. - The Super Adventures - Part 3 by AP (V0.20Beta)
485Super Mario Bros. - Toad's Adventure - Where's Mario V2.0
486Super Mario Bros. - Toad's Treasure Quest by AlexAR
487Super Mario Bros. - Toadettes Christmas Adventure
488Super Mario Bros. - Toads Christmas Adventure 1.5
489Super Mario Bros. - Toads Treasure Quest
490Super Mario Bros. - TowerRE (Mario Tower)
491Super Mario Bros. - Unlimited
492Super Mario Bros. - V2 by Zerosiki (SMB1 Hack)
493Super Mario Bros. - VS. Airman VerD
494Super Mario Bros. - VS. Airman
495Super Mario Bros. - Waluigi's Adventure
496Super Mario Bros. - Wario Bros.
497Super Mario Bros. - XXXX
498Super Mario Bros. - Xmas Edition
499Super Mario Bros. - Yoshi's Quest
500Super Mario Bros. 2 - 2nd Run by Recovery1 (SMB2 Hack)
501Super Mario Bros. 2 - Christmas Edition by BMF54123 (SMB2 PRG1 Hack)
502Super Mario Bros. 2 - Legend of The Blob Bros. (U)
503Super Mario Bros. 2 - Pokemon (SMB2 Hack)
504Super Mario Bros. 2 - Subcon 2000 Edition (U)
505Super Mario Bros. 2 - Transformers Episode 2 - Return of Unicon (SMB2 Hack)
506Super Mario Bros. 3 - 11th Root of 3
507Super Mario Bros. 3 - 9th Root of 3
508Super Mario Bros. 3 - Blue Mario Bros 3 by Lags (SMB3 Hack)
509Super Mario Bros. 3 - CHAOS CONTROL (V1.3) by Schwa (SMB3 PRG0 Hack)
510Super Mario Bros. 3 - Challenge V10.0 (SMB3 PRG1 Hack)
511Super Mario Bros. 3 - Cube Root of 3
512Super Mario Bros. 3 - ElBlocko's SMB3
513Super Mario Bros. 3 - Franks's 2nd SMB3 Hack (U)
514Super Mario Bros. 3 - Luigi Chronicles 2 (U)
515Super Mario Bros. 3 - Mario Adventure by DahrkDaiz (SMB3 PRG1 Hack)
516Super Mario Bros. 3 - Mario Chronicles (SMB3 PRG0 Hack)
517Super Mario Bros. 3 - Mario in - Some Usual Day (SMB3 PRG1 Hack)
518Super Mario Bros. 3 - Peach & Daisy in The Ultimate Quest (SMB3 PRG0 Hack)
519Super Mario Bros. 3 - Peach & Daisy in The Ultimate Quest V2b (SMB3 PRG1 Hack)
520Super Mario Bros. 3 - Present Panic - A Princess Adventure
521Super Mario Bros. 3 - Retro Mario Bros 3 (SMB3 PRG1 Hack)
522Super Mario Bros. 3 - Ridley X Hack
523Super Mario Bros. 3 - Robo's SMB3
524Super Mario Bros. 3 - by Luis (SMB3 PRG1 Hack)
525Super Mario Bros. 3 - by S.Pukin (SMB3 PRG1 Hack)
526TCAA Hoops 2005 - Great Minnesota Shootout by TCAA (Tecmo NBA Basketball Hack)
527TCAA Hoops Season 2 by Tecmo Collegiate Athletic Association (Tecmo NBA Basketball Hack)
529Tecmo Arena Football League Season Zero (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
530Tecmo Bowl 1998 by GRG (Hack)
531Tecmo Bowl 2004-05 (Hack)
532Tecmo Bowl 2005-2006 - Playoff Edition by Arnie019 (Tecmo Bowl Hack)
533Tecmo Bowl 2005-2006 by Kefkaroth (Hack)
534Tecmo Bowl 2006 by drummer4god (Hack)
535Tecmo Bowl 2007-2008 by kefkaroth (Hack)
536Tecmo Bowl 97 Special Edition (Hack)
537Tecmo NBA 2004 by JG Games (Hack)
538Tecmo NCAA (2001 Edit) by SBlueman (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
539Tecmo NCAA 1999 (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
540Tecmo NCAA 2000 (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
541Tecmo NFL Dynasties V3.0 by Ren6175 (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
542Tecmo NFL Dynasties by SBlueman (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
543Tecmo Players Circuit - Masters TSB (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
544Tecmo Repository Knobs by gary22fret (Hack)
545Tecmo Rose Bowl 1998 College (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
546Tecmo Rose Bowl 2001 1-AA College Football Edition V1.0 (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
547Tecmo Rose Bowl 2002 V1.95reg by Jeff Gaffney (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
548Tecmo Rose Bowl NCAA 2002 - Alternate V1-95 (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
549Tecmo Super Bowl (1990 Edit) by SBlueman (Hack)
550Tecmo Super Bowl (1991 Edit) (Hack)
551Tecmo Super Bowl - 2014
552Tecmo Super Bowl - Rose Bowl 2004 by TECMOROX8 (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
553Tecmo Super Bowl - TFA Super Bowl (Tecmo Super Bowl Hack)
554Tecmo Super Bowl 1962 Edit by Denny, Jstout & Elway7 (Hack)
555Tecmo Super Bowl 1968 Even Team - Online Tecmo Tourney Version (Hack)
556Tecmo Super Bowl 1968 by Carther (Hack)
557Tecmo Super Bowl 1983-1984 - BO FB Offtackle Left (Hack)
558Tecmo Super Bowl 1987-88 Season by Elway7 (Hack)
559Tecmo Super Bowl 1990 Edit by SBlueman (Hack)
560Tecmo Super Bowl 1990 Redux v1.0 by SBlueman (Hack)
561Tecmo Super Bowl 1990-1991 v.3(1st16) by Bruddog (Hack)
562Tecmo Super Bowl 1991 by SBlueman (Hack)
563Tecmo Super Bowl 1993 Edit by SBlueman (Hack)
564Tecmo Super Bowl 1995 Post Season by Bgiadam (Hack)
565Tecmo Super Bowl 1996 by Denny (Hack)
566Tecmo Super Bowl 2000 All-GameFAQS SE by Nester (Hack)
567Tecmo Super Bowl 2001 Edit by SBlueman (Hack)
568Tecmo Super Bowl 2002 Edit by SBlueman (Hack)
569Tecmo Super Bowl 2002-2003 by Bruddog (Hack)
570Tecmo Super Bowl 2003 Edit by SBlueman (Hack)
571Tecmo Super Bowl 2003 Graphics Hack by GRG (Hack)
572Tecmo Super Bowl 2003 MidSeason by Elway7 (Hack)
573Tecmo Super Bowl 2003 NFL (Hack)
574Tecmo Super Bowl 2003-2004 MidSeason by Jeid (Hack)
575Tecmo Super Bowl 2004 PostSeason Newer by GRG (Hack)
576Tecmo Super Bowl 2004 Week 12 Complete Team (Hack)
577Tecmo Super Bowl 2004-05 Post Season V3 (Hack)
578Tecmo Super Bowl 2005 v.B by Sobhi Youssef (Hack)
579Tecmo Super Bowl 2006 - AFC Championship by Sobhi Youssef (Hack)
580Tecmo Super Bowl 2006 by GRG (Hack)
581Tecmo Super Bowl 2006 v.final by mattjones18 (Hack)
582Tecmo Super Bowl 2006-2007 v3updatedrosters by drummer4god (Hack)
583Tecmo Super Bowl 2007 by Drum (Hack)
584Tecmo Super Bowl 2k5 (Hack)
585Tecmo Super Bowl 32 Teams by Bruddog (Hack)
586Tecmo Super Bowl 83-84 by Bgiadam (Hack)
587Tecmo Super Bowl 84-85 by Bgiadam (Hack)
588Tecmo Super Bowl 90-91 by Bgiadam (Hack)
589Tecmo Super Bowl 91-92 by Bgiadam (Hack)
590Tecmo Super Bowl 98 NFL Season (Hack)
591Tecmo Super Bowl 99 NFL (Hack)
592Tecmo Super Bowl Indiana High School Association 2007 by Carmelhoops27 (Hack)
593Tecmo Super Bowl NCAA 2001 (Hack)
594Tecmo Super Bowl NCAA 2004 (Hack)
595Tecmo Super Bowl NCAA 2006 by RedRageCard (Hack)
596Tecmo Super Bowl NCAA Rose Bowl 2006 by bigjim28 (Hack)
597Tecmo Super Bowl NFL 2008 XLIII
598Tecmo Super Bowl NFL 2010 Drummer
599Tecmo Super Bowl NFL 2011-2012 Bruddog
600Tecmo Super Bowl X Arena Football League 3 (Hack)
601Tecmo Super Bowl X Globe Bowl (Hack)
602Tecmo Super Bowl X Olympics (Hack)
603Tecmo Super Bowl X World & USFL (Hack)
604Tecmo Super Bowl X World League (Hack)
605Tecmo Super Bowl X XFL (Hack)
606Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Ultimate Edition (U)
607Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - The Manhattan Project by shinwa (Hack)
608Ultima - Exodus (U) (Graphics Improve V3 by Zero Soul Hack)
609Ultima - Exodus Ludmeister Version (U)
610Ultimate Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle V1.1, The by Frank Maggiore (Hack)
611Valis - The Fantastic Soldier++ by Sliver X (Hack)
612Wrecking Crew V1.1 by Macbee (Wrecking Crew Hack)
613Zelda II - 1999
614Zelda II - 2c - The Shadow of Link
615Zelda II - Journey of a Day - Easy (U)
616Zelda II - Journey of a Day - Hard (U)
617Zelda II - Leaf of Inertia EASY v1.2 (with jump)
618Zelda II - Leaf of Inertia HARD v1.2
619Zelda II - Master Quest (U)
620Zelda II - Part 2 Easy by The_IcePenguin (U)
621Zelda II - Part 2 Hard by The_IcePenguin (U)
622Zelda II - Part 2 Normal by The_IcePenguin (U)
623Zelda II - Part 3 Easy by The_IcePenguin V1.9 (U)
624Zelda II - Part 3 Hard by The_IcePenguin V1.9 (U)
625Zelda II - The Adventure of Link Y2K Edition (Hack)
626Zelda II - The Shadow of Night (U)
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