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12006 Playoff Edition JN25 (NHL 94 Hack)
230 Day Challenge (S1 Hack)
3ASCII Emperor by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
4Abnormal Family - Butt Babies and Tranny Tramps (Battletoads and Double Dragon Hack)
5Adventures of Sky (beta) (S2 Hack)
6Amy Rose in Sonic (S1 Hack)
7Amy Rose in Sonic 2 (S2 Hack)
8Amy in Sonic 2 by E-122-Psi Bugfix (S2 Hack)
9Atomic Sonic (S1 Hack)
10Atomic Sonic Home (S1 Hack)
11Atomic Sonic Unleashed (S1 Hack)
12Atomic Sonic in Sonic 2 by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
13BWM NCAA Football (Joe Montana Football Hack)
14Bare Knuckle III v1.5 (Hack)
15Battletoads RAMM (Hack)
16Battletoads Remastered (Hack)
17Battletoads and Double Dragon L1 (Hack)
18Battletoads and Double Dragon by Krizal (Hack)
19Battletoads and Double Dragon by Ti (Hack)
20Bill Walsh 2010 Gators vs Sooners (v1.2) (Hack)
21Bill Walsh College Football CFL98 V.1D (Hack)
22Bill Walsh College Football Plus 1k (Hack)
23Bill Walsh College Football Plus 1p15 (Hack)
24Bill Walsh College Football Plus 2k (Hack)
25Bill Walsh College Football Plus 2m (Hack)
26Bill Walsh College Football Plus 2p15 (Hack)
27Bill Walsh College Football Plus 3k (Hack)
28Bill Walsh College Football Plus 3m (Hack)
29Bill Walsh College Football Plus 3p15 (Hack)
30Blue Blur, The (S1 Hack)
31Blue Ring (S1 Hack)
32Brutal - Paws of Fury - CPU vs CPU 0.1 (Hack)
33CFL'95 V0.9 (John Madden Football 92 Hack)
34Cactus Juice and Mustard (S2 Hack)
35Chao Walker in Sonic by Oppolo (S1 Hack)
36Chaos Shards (S2 Hack)
37ChimpoQ! (S1 Hack)
38Chip McCallahan in Sonic by MainMemory (Version 1) (S1 Hack)
39Chuck II - Girls (Chuck II Hack)
40Code Gray (S1 Hack)
41Colourized End by Nemesis (S2 Hack)
42Conquering the World III - EX Version (Hack)
43Contra - Hard Corps Enhancement by MIJET (Hack)
44Contra - The Hard Corps - Clone by TI (Hack)
45Cool Spot - Night (Hack)
46Cracko Coronicals, The (S2 Hack)
47Crystal Guardians (S1 Hack)
48Dark Sound The Hedgehog v2 (S1 Hack)
49Darka The Hedgehog (S1 Hack)
50Darka the Hedgehog v0.1beta (S2 Hack)
51Deja Vu 2 (S2 Hack)
52Disney's Abu V007 (Aladdin Hack)
53Disney's Aladdin - Bonus Levels (v1.0) (Hack)
54Doom Troopers - The Mutant Chronicles Kicks Carnage (Hack)
55Dr IKS (S1 Hack)
56Dragon Ball Z - Buyuu Retsuden - Vegeta Full by Krizal Chen (Dsght) (Hack)
57Dragon Ball Z - Buyuu Retsuden Input Added Edition (Hack)
58Dune - The Battle for Arrakis - 100 Builds Limit Test by Ti (Hack)
59Dust Hill 2.0 (S2 Hack)
60Earthworm Jim Bare (Earthworm Jim Hack)
61Eggman in Sonic (S1 Hack)
62El Viento Enhancement by MIJET (Hack)
63Emerald Power V2.0 by Lost and Fiz (S1 Hack)
64Episode from Catacomb (Beyond Zero Tolerance Hack)
65Espio the Chameleon (S2 Hack)
66FIFA Soccer 97 - Gopher Mod (Hack)
67Final Showdown, The v2.1 by Anthall (S1 Hack)
68Floaty Monitors by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
69Fly with Tails in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - V3 by JoseTB (S2 Hack)
70Flying Sonic in Sonic by Bobesh8 (S1 Hack)
71Fucked Up (S2 Hack)
72Funky Boss (S2 Hack)
73Gaslight by Esrael (S1 Hack)
74God Hates You (Spiritual Warfare Hack)
75Golden Axe II by VD7, Krizal Chen (Dsght) (Hack)
76Golden Axe III - Char Hack v1.0 by TI (Hack)
77Golden Axe III - Nude Sarah Vane (Hack)
78Golden Axe III - Play as Gryphon by Ti (V6) (Hack)
79Golden Axe III RongHe Edition by hinadorijp (Hack)
80Grey The Hedgehog (S1 Hack)
81Hadoken (S2 Hack)
82Hadouken in Sonic 3 & Knuckles by snkenjoi (SK Hack)
83Halloween v2 (S2 Hack)
84Hardcore Terror (S1 Hack)
85Harder Levels, The - 6th Project's Aniversary by Eduardo Knuckles (S1 Hack)
86Haz by LuigiLink (S2 Hack)
87Headache by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
88Herzog Zwei - 100 Year War Edition (Hack)
89Herzog Zwei - Bloodbath Edition (Hack)
90Homing Att'hack Version (SK Hack)
91Hybridization Project, The by Dr. Eggfan (S2 Hack)
92Hyperx V1 by Skaarg (S1 Hack)
93Ice Storm (S2 Hack)
94Iceknight's Crocodiles (S2 Hack)
95Joe Montana 2007 AFC (Joe Montana Football Hack)
96Joe Montana 2007 NFC (Joe Montana Football Hack)
97John Madden ACC-BIG10 (John Madden Football Hack)
98John Madden ACC-BIG8 (John Madden Football Hack)
99John Madden ACC-BIGEAST (John Madden Football Hack)
100John Madden ACC-IND (John Madden Football Hack)
101John Madden ACC-PAC10 (John Madden Football Hack)
102John Madden ACC-SEC (John Madden Football Hack)
103John Madden ACC-SWC (John Madden Football Hack)
104John Madden ACC-WAC (John Madden Football Hack)
105John Madden BIG10-BIGEAST (John Madden Football Hack)
106John Madden BIG10-IND (John Madden Football Hack)
107John Madden BIG10-PAC10 (John Madden Football Hack)
108John Madden BIG10-SEC (John Madden Football Hack)
109John Madden BIG10-SWC (John Madden Football Hack)
110John Madden BIG10-WAC (John Madden Football Hack)
111John Madden BIG8-BIG10 (John Madden Football Hack)
112John Madden BIG8-BIGEAST (John Madden Football Hack)
113John Madden BIG8-IND (John Madden Football Hack)
114John Madden BIG8-PAC10 (John Madden Football Hack)
115John Madden BIG8-SEC (John Madden Football Hack)
116John Madden BIG8-SWC (John Madden Football Hack)
117John Madden BIG8-WAC (John Madden Football Hack)
118John Madden BIGEAST-IND (John Madden Football Hack)
119John Madden BIGEAST-PAC10 (John Madden Football Hack)
120John Madden BIGEAST-SEC (John Madden Football Hack)
121John Madden BIGEAST-SWC (John Madden Football Hack)
122John Madden BIGEAST-WAC (John Madden Football Hack)
123John Madden IND-PAC10 (John Madden Football Hack)
124John Madden IND-SEC (John Madden Football Hack)
125John Madden IND-SWC (John Madden Football Hack)
126John Madden IND-WAC (John Madden Football Hack)
127John Madden PAC10-SEC (John Madden Football Hack)
128John Madden PAC10-SWC (John Madden Football Hack)
129John Madden PAC10-WAC (John Madden Football Hack)
130John Madden SEC-SWC (John Madden Football Hack)
131John Madden SEC-WAC (John Madden Football Hack)
132John Madden SWC-WAC (John Madden Football Hack)
133JumpDash in Sonic 3 & Knuckles by MAXXX309 (SK Hack)
134Jungle Strike - Height Mod by Ti (Hack)
135Kid Chameleon Puzzle Map by Damian Grove (Hack)
136Killing Game Show, The - 1993 Remix (Hack)
137Kirby in Sonic Final Version (S1 Hack)
138Knuckles in Sonic 2 Green Hill Zone by Hivebrain V0.1 (SK Hack)
139Knuckles in Sonic by Hivebrain Vx.xx (S1 Hack)
140Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic The Hedgehog Rev 01 by Stealth (S1 Hack)
141Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic The Hedgehog by Stealth (S1 Hack)
142Knuckles' Chaotix - dividendtest5 (Hack)
143Kujaku Ou 2 by Krizal (Hack)
144Langrisser - Text by D v20010219 & Graphics by MIJET v20070103 (Warsong Hack)
145Langrisser II (V050211) by togetheru (Hack)
146Langrisser II (V050703) by guming530 (Hack)
147Langrisser II (V060410) by gw105a (Hack)
148Langrisser II (V061102) by pengyiming (Hack)
149Langrisser II - Bosses of Enemy Strengthened Edition by gundamzhy (Hack)
150Langrisser II - Evil & Imperial Soldiers Version (Hack)
151Langrisser II - Evil Soldiers Version (Hack)
152Langrisser II - Expert Level Edition by langrisserA (Hack)
153Langrisser II - Final Legend (Hack)
154Langrisser II - Imperial Soldiers Version (Hack)
155Langrisser II - Route of Knight by yujia (Hack)
156Langrisser II - Route of Magician by yujia (Hack)
157Langrisser II - Seven Legends' Land (Hack)
158Langrisser II by leonaid (V070901) (Hack)
159Langrisser II by w4784495 (V070820) (Hack)
160Langrisser II by yiyun930 (V050703) (Hack)
161Light Crusader - Gopher Mod (Hack)
162Lion King Debug Mode by Segaman (Hack)
163Lion King Simba Bonus Levels (Lion King Hack)
164Lola the Night Fox (S2 Hack)
165Lola the Night Fox v1 (S2 Hack)
166Lola the Night Fox v2 (S2 Hack)
167Longjumps and Trained (S2 Hack)
168Lost Land 2, The v2.0 by Team Lost (S2 Hack)
169Lost Paradise V2 (S2 Hack)
170Lost Tiles (S2 Hack)
171Lost Vikings, The - Gopher Mod (Hack)
172Lost Worlds, The by Bobesh8 (S2 Hack)
173MACKS HACKS 94_07 Edition (NHL 94 Hack)
174Machine Gun Buzz Bomber (S1 Hack)
175Madden 2007 AFC AllMadden by DeadMeow (John Madden Football Hack)
176Madden 2007 AFC by DeadMeow (John Madden Football Hack)
177Madden 2007 NFC AllMadden by DeadMeow (John Madden Football Hack)
178Madden 2007 NFC by DeadMeow (John Madden Football Hack)
179Madden 2007 NFC-EW AFC-EW AllMadden by DeadMeow (John Madden Football Hack)
180Madden 2007 NFC-EW AFC-EW by DeadMeow (John Madden Football Hack)
181Madden 2007 NFC-EW AFC-NS AllMadden by DeadMeow (John Madden Football Hack)
182Madden 2007 NFC-EW AFC-NS by DeadMeow (John Madden Football Hack)
183Madden 2007 NFC-NS AFC-EW AllMadden by DeadMeow (John Madden Football Hack)
184Madden 2007 NFC-NS AFC-EW by DeadMeow (John Madden Football Hack)
185Madden 2007 NFC-NS AFC-NS AllMadden by DeadMeow (John Madden Football Hack)
186Madden 2007 NFC-NS AFC-NS by DeadMeow (John Madden Football Hack)
187Madden 2007 THROWBACK (John Madden Football Hack)
188Madden CFL V1.9 (John Madden Football Hack)
189Madden NCAA 2006versd (John Madden Football Hack)
190Madden NCAA 2010vers1A (John Madden Football Hack)
191Megaman - The Wily Wars - Power Control Mod by Segaman (Hack)
192Mercury Pwns Yuji Naka, Trigonometry, Bitches! (S1 Hack)
193Metal Sonic (S1 Hack)
194Metal Sonic 3k by Darkon360 (SK Hack)
195Metal Sonic Adventures (S2 Hack)
196Metal Sonic Adventures GX by Darkon360 (S2 Hack)
197Metal Sonic GX Remake by Darkon360 (S2 Hack)
198Metal Sonic Hyperdrive by Darkon360 (S2 Hack)
199Metal Sonic Overdrive (S1 Hack)
200Metal Sonic Overdrive v2 (S1 Hack)
201Metal Sonic v0.05 Final (S1 Hack)
202Metal Sonic v0.06 Beta (S1 Hack)
203Mighty Sonic (S1 Hack)
204Mighty The Armadillo V4.16 by Yuski (S1 Hack)
205Mighty The Armadillo by Yuski (S1 Hack)
206Mobius Adventures V2.5 (S1 Hack)
207Mobius Adventures V2.7.5BETA (S1 Hack)
208More Than A Memory - The Perfect Existence by Kojichao (S2 Hack)
209Mortal Kombat - Blood and Translation Fix by Hiro1112 v20060806 (Hack)
210Mortal Kombat - Blood-on (Hack)
211Mortal Kombat 3 - Smoke Enabled (Hack)
212Mortal Kombat 3 - Smoke Noob Saibot Enabled (Hack)
213Mortal Kombat 6 (28 People Hack)
214Mortal Kombat Graff Kore (Hack)
215Mortal Kombat II - Defaults to 6 buttons (Hack)
216Mortal Kombat II New Version (Hack)
217Mortal Kombat II Unlimited by Smoke v1.0 (Hack)
218Mortal Kombat Revelations by Dark Eva (Hack)
219Mortal Kombat Revelations by Dark Eva v1.00 (Hack)
220Motobug the Badnik in Sonic by Polygon Jim (v2010-06-19) (S1 Hack)
221Mr Needlemouse v2.0beta (S1 Hack)
222NHL 2003 by Pmack (V1Ad) (NHL '95 Hack)
223NHL 96 Remix by Pmack (v1A) (Hack)
224NHLPA Hockey '93 with 06 Rosters (Hack)
225NHLPA Hockey 2008 Playoffs Edition (Hack)
226Naosi (S1 Hack)
227Neat Thing (S2 Hack)
228Neko v1.1 by Nineko (S1 Hack)
229New Sonic The Hedgehog by kchrules (S1 Hack)
230Not-so-Super Sonic 2 by MainMemory (S2 Hack)
231OMG Knux and the Red Rings (S1 Hack)
232OMG The Red Rings (S1 Hack)
233Odyessy Special (S2 Hack)
234Omega (S2 Hack)
235One Ring, The (REV09) (S1 Hack)
236Pallete Change (S2 Hack)
237Phantasy Star - The End of the Millenium - Difficulty Mod v1.0Arranged by Sixfortyfive (Hack)
238Phantasy Star - The End of the Millenium - Hard Mode Mod Double Experience & Meseta by The Komrade (Hack)
239Phantasy Star - The End of the Millenium - Hell Mod V2.6 by The Komrade (Hack)
240Phantasy Star - The End of the Millenium - Purgatory Mode Mod Double Experience & Meseta by The Komrade (Hack)
241Phantasy Star II - Evil Overload v1.02 by The Komrade (Hack)
242Phantasy Star II - Numan Revolution v1.1 by The Komrade (Hack)
243Phantasy Star III - Knife Only Challenge (Hack)
244Phantasy Star III Deathwake Font Edition by Aridia (Hack)
245Phantasy Star III Easy Edition by Aridia (Hack)
246Project Mettrix Remake (S2 Hack)
247Project Rabid by Rabid (S2 Hack)
248Project Sonic 1 Two-Eight (S1 Hack)
249Psycho Sonic by Jen Hedgehog (S1 Hack)
250Purple Hills Zone v2.0 (S1 Hack)
251Purple Island (S1 Hack)
252Quantum Sonic by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
253Quick Winter Adventures by vladikomper (S1 Hack)
254Rape 2.0 by Selbi (S1 Hack)
255Rape by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
256Ray The Flying Squirrel v4 (S1 Hack)
257Red Hot Fire v0.90 (S2 Hack)
258Ring Rush by Ollie (S1 Hack)
259Rings of Power - The Hand of Nexus v1.0 (Hack)
260Road Rash 3 - Road Rash 2 Tracks (Hack)
261Robotnik's Revenge by ColinC10 (V1.0) (S2 Hack)
262Robotnik's Revenge by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
263Robotnik's Revenge by snkenjoi v0.46 (S1 Hack)
264Rock n' Roll Racing - 2nd Place Money Reduced to 4000 (Hack)
265Rock n' Roll Racing - 2nd Place Score Reduce to 100 (Hack)
266Rock n' Roll Racing - Crazy AI by TI (Hack)
267Rock n' Roll Racing - Dual Screen beta1 (Hack)
268Rock n' Roll Racing - Duel by TI (Hack)
269Rock n' Roll Racing - Gaz-24 Volga Edition (Hack)
270Rock n' Roll Racing - Gopher Mod (Hack)
271Rock n' Roll Racing - Music Copypaste by TI (Hack)
272Rock n' Roll Racing - New Car Palettes (Hack)
273Rock n' Roll Racing - Planet 7 Alternate Color by Topos84 (Hack)
274Rock n' Roll Racing - Spider-Man Sound by TI (Hack)
275Rock n' Roll Racing - Trio by TI (Hack)
276Rock n' Roll Racing - v15_alpha_r7-p3fullsw (Hack)
277Rock n' Roll Racing Extreme Edition v14 (Hack)
278Rock n' Roll Racing Plus v0.007 by TI (Hack)
279Rock n' Roll Racing Plus v0.010 by TI (Hack)
280Rock n' Roll Racing by Ti v0011 (Hack)
281Rolling Thunder 3 - Plus Max Edition (Hack)
282S Factor Sonia and Silver, The by Aquaslash (V0.5) (S1 Hack)
283S2 Flying Edition (S2 Hack)
284S2 Long v1.8.1 by Hachelle-Bee (S2 Hack)
285S2Built by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
286SSRG v31-Jan-2009.12.08 (S1 Hack)
287Sally in Sonic 1 Rev 1.7 (S1 Hack)
288Sangokushi III V070328 by yanliang (Hack)
289Sawnik Teh Hedgehawg v1.3beta (S1 Hack)
290Secret Hour v1.5 by Brino (S1 Hack)
291Sega-CD 68K BIOS (Hack)
292Sega-CD Model 2 BIOS V2.00W Emulated Hoax (Hack)
293Semi-Ported Hyper Sonic in Sonic by Selbi (S1 Hack)
294Serious Sam - Dune Runner (Dune Hack)
295Shadow (S1 Hack)
296Shadow The Hedgehog (S1 Hack)
297Shadow, The v1.0beta (S1 Hack)
298Shadowrun by Magus77 v2.2 (Hack)
299Shields (S2 Hack)
300Shining Force II - Challenge Mode (Hack)
301Shining Force II - Challenge Mode+Difficulty Mod v1.01 by Obob (Hack)
302Shining Force by Lb70 (v05-04-2009) (Hack)
303Shining Tactics by Dark Claw (Hack)
304Shinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master - Zadrot Version (Hack)
305Shinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master Enhancement by MIJET (Hack)
306Shinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master by Dante (V071226) (Hack)
307Somari V1.0 (S1 Hack)
308Somari V2.0 (S1 Hack)
309Some Generic Conceptions v0.21 by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
310Sonic & Knuckles Jk.fox Edition (SK Hack)
311Sonic - 1.5 Edition (S1 Hack)
312Sonic - Advance v0.001 (S2 Hack)
313Sonic - Advanced Edit R1 by Rika Chou (S2 Hack)
314Sonic - Advanced Edit R1beta by rika_chou (S2 Hack)
315Sonic - Advanced Edit R2 by Rika Chou (S2 Hack)
316Sonic - Advanced Edit by snkenjoi (Hacking Contest Beta) (S2 Hack)
317Sonic - Advanced Edition v3.0beta (S2 Hack)
318Sonic - Adventures v2.0beta (S1 Hack)
319Sonic - Aluminum Edition V3.1 by Dr. Eggfan (S2 Hack)
320Sonic - Armageddon Game by xenoSonic (S2 Hack)
321Sonic - Armageddon Game v3.0.43 by xenoSonic (S2 Hack)
322Sonic - Armageddon v2.9.00 (S2 Hack)
323Sonic - Ashura New Version (S2 Hack)
324Sonic - Ashura Old Version (S2 Hack)
325Sonic - Avatar Fan RAFed v0.02 (S1 Hack)
326Sonic - Beginner's Luck v2.0 (S1 Hack)
327Sonic - Beta Baton Remake by Jk.fox (S2 Hack)
328Sonic - Beta Remake 2009 by Jk.fox (S2 Hack)
329Sonic - Beta Remake 2010 - Ultimate 78 Version by Jk.fox (S2 Hack)
330Sonic - Beta Remake V0.04 (S1 Hack)
331Sonic - Boss Edition (S1 Hack)
332Sonic - Bouncy Edition (S1 Hack)
333Sonic - Cannon Edition (S2 Hack)
334Sonic - Cole Tails Sonic Last Hope v0.001 (S2 Hack)
335Sonic - Concept Edition v1 (S2 Hack)
336Sonic - Concept Edition v2 (S2 Hack)
337Sonic - Dimps Edition (S2 Hack)
338Sonic - Early Sonic 4 Beta (S1 Hack)
339Sonic - Experimental v0.1 by Qiuu (S2 Hack)
340Sonic - Extended Edition (1stbuilt) (S1 Hack)
341Sonic - Extra Ashura v0.01 (S1 Hack)
342Sonic - Extreme Edition by cloudiar (S1 Hack)
343Sonic - Fantasy World v0.40 beta (S1 Hack)
344Sonic - Fish is All Edition (S1 Hack)
345Sonic - Halloweiner (S1 Hack)
346Sonic - Harder Levels v0.0.4 (S1 Hack)
347Sonic - Harder Version v0.05 beta2 (S1 Hack)
348Sonic - Hell by Chaos Master (S2 Hack)
349Sonic - High Force v0.7eng (S1 Hack)
350Sonic - Island Mix v2.0 (S1 Hack)
351Sonic - Level Designing (S2 Hack)
352Sonic - Limited Edition v0.03 (S1 Hack)
353Sonic - Link Edition (S2 Hack)
354Sonic - Longjumps and Trained (S1 Hack)
355Sonic - Lost Levels v1.96 by Brutos (S1 Hack)
356Sonic - Malevolent Boss Edition (S1 Hack)
357Sonic - Mario Special (S1 Hack)
358Sonic - Mecha World by Mach Sonic (S2 Hack)
359Sonic - Mega Action v0.17 (S1 Hack)
360Sonic - Mega Mix Hex Build by Team Megamix Hex Build (S1 Hack)
361Sonic - Mega Mix by Team Megamix (S1 Hack)
362Sonic - Mega Mix v2.0 by Team Megamix (S1 Hack)
363Sonic - Mega Mix v3.0 by Team Megamix (S1 Hack)
364Sonic - Mega Mix v3debug by Team Megamix (S1 Hack)
365Sonic - Mega Remix v1.0 (S1 Hack)
366Sonic - Mega Remix v2.0 (S1 Hack)
367Sonic - Mr Needlemouse Edition (S1 Hack)
368Sonic - Mystic ASM Test (S1 Hack)
369Sonic - NS beta by sonic 65 (S1 Hack)
370Sonic - New Adventures v2.0beta (S2 Hack)
371Sonic - New Edition v0.001 (S1 Hack)
372Sonic - New Lands v1.1beta (S1 Hack)
373Sonic - New Lands v1.2 (S1 Hack)
374Sonic - New Stufz (S1 Hack)
375Sonic - New Stufz v0.1 (S1 Hack)
376Sonic - Night (S1 Hack)
377Sonic - Nineckles Edition (S1 Hack)
378Sonic - Nineko Edition (S1 Hack)
379Sonic - Oergomized (S1 Hack)
380Sonic - Oergomized v5.0 (HCB 2009) (S1 Hack)
381Sonic - Omochao (Pitch Up Always) (S1 Hack)
382Sonic - Other Extended Edition - Hacking Contest 2007 Build (S1 Hack)
383Sonic - Overlooked v0.01a (S2 Hack)
384Sonic - Paradise (S1 Hack)
385Sonic - Paradise v0.1 (S1 Hack)
386Sonic - Paradise v0.2 (S1 Hack)
387Sonic - Paradise v0.3 (S1 Hack)
388Sonic - Paradise v1.2 (S1 Hack)
389Sonic - Paradise v1.3 (S1 Hack)
390Sonic - Paradise v1.4 (S1 Hack)
391Sonic - Paradise v1.5 (S1 Hack)
392Sonic - Paradise v1.6 (S1 Hack)
393Sonic - Penis Stage Edition (S1 Hack)
394Sonic - Pixel Perfect Beta (S1 Hack)
395Sonic - Pixel Perfect v20080831 by JcFerggy (S1 Hack)
396Sonic - Proof of Concept Mecha Sonic (S1 Hack)
397Sonic - Random (S1 Hack)
398Sonic - Random Project (S1 Hack)
399Sonic - Recreation v1.0 (S2 Hack)
400Sonic - Retarded Special Edition Beta (S1 Hack)
401Sonic - Retro Remix Home (S2 Hack)
402Sonic - Retro Remix by Thorn (S2 Hack)
403Sonic - Retro Remix by Thorn v1.1 (S2 Hack)
404Sonic - Return to Mobius (S1 Hack)
405Sonic - Return to the Origin by Carretero (S1 Hack)
406Sonic - Return to the Origin v2 by Carretero (S1 Hack)
407Sonic - Rockman Chaos Edition v0.02 (S2 Hack)
408Sonic - S3 Edition v1.1 by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
409Sonic - S4 Remake v2.0 (S1 Hack)
410Sonic - Secret Extended Edition (S1 Hack)
411Sonic - Shiny Edition v4.0GHZ (S2 Hack)
412Sonic - Sonic 3 Edition (S2 Hack)
413Sonic - Sonic and Metal Version (S1 Hack)
414Sonic - Soniquest Version (S1 Hack)
415Sonic - Special Stages v0.1b (S1 Hack)
416Sonic - Special Stages v1.0 (S1 Hack)
417Sonic - Special Stages v1.5demo (S1 Hack)
418Sonic - Spiderman Special v1.0beta (S1 Hack)
419Sonic - Spindash+Spike Bug Fix by Mariofan0 v1.0 (S1 Hack)
420Sonic - Starring Shadow (Rev A) (S1 Hack)
421Sonic - Super Duper Speshul Edishin (S2 Hack)
422Sonic - Super Locked Version (S1 Hack)
423Sonic - T.a.o.s.t.h Update (S2 Hack)
424Sonic - Tag Team by Alriightyman (S2 Hack)
425Sonic - Tag Team v0.21 by Alriightyman (S2 Hack)
426Sonic - Team Black Force Edition (S2 Hack)
427Sonic - Teaton Build (S1 Hack)
428Sonic - The 30 Min Hack by DAGarden (S2 Hack)
429Sonic - The Lost Land v4 (S1 Hack)
430Sonic - The Other Extended Edition beta2 (S1 Hack)
431Sonic - The Schallenge (S1 Hack)
432Sonic - Thunder Edition (S1 Hack)
433Sonic - Traping v0.1 (S1 Hack)
434Sonic - Ultima 1337 (S1 Hack)
435Sonic - Unimpossible v1.5 (S2 Hack)
436Sonic - Universe (S1 Hack)
437Sonic - Universe v1.0 (S1 Hack)
438Sonic - Unlimited v0.1beta (S1 Hack)
439Sonic - Unlimited v0.2beta (S1 Hack)
440Sonic - Uno v0.3a (S1 Hack)
441Sonic - Version 4 (S1 Hack)
442Sonic - WTFLame Final r3 (S1 Hack)
443Sonic - Weird (S1 Hack)
444Sonic - Xmas (S1 Hack)
445Sonic - Yarmar Edition by TheProf (S1 Hack)
446Sonic - Yarmar Edition by TheProf v1.30b (S1 Hack)
447Sonic - beta C (S2 Hack)
448Sonic - iD3LSIML~TWISTED! by MarkeyJester (S1 Hack)
449Sonic - with Knuckles (S1 Hack)
450Sonic 1 Objects in Sonic 2 by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
451Sonic 1 and 2 (S2 Hack)
452Sonic 1 and 2 by ColinC10 (S2 Hack)
453Sonic 1 in Sonic 2 RC2 (S2 Hack)
454Sonic 1 with Sonic 2 Level Select by Esrael (S1 Hack)
455Sonic 2 & Knuckles - Long Version V1.8 by Hachelle-Bee (SK Hack)
456Sonic 2 & Knuckles - Play as Enchina (SK Hack)
457Sonic 2 Beta Jk.fox Remake 2010 (Ultimate Edition Plus) (S2 Hack)
458Sonic 2 Delta 0 v1 by Esrael (S2 Hack)
459Sonic 2 Delta 0 v2 by Esrael (S2 Hack)
460Sonic 2 Delta 1 v0.24d (S2 Hack)
461Sonic 2 Delta 4 v0.01 (S2 Hack)
462Sonic 2 Delta Enhancement Mod v0.23 by Esrael & Simon Wai (S2 Hack)
463Sonic 2 Delta II V1.0a by Esrael (S2 Hack)
464Sonic 2 Delta III V0.1 (S2 Hack)
465Sonic 2 Delta III V0.2 (S2 Hack)
466Sonic 2 Delta V0.22 by Esrael (S2 Hack)
467Sonic 2 EX v0.33 (S2 Hack)
468Sonic 2 EX v0.35 (S2 Hack)
469Sonic 2 EX v0.36 (S2 Hack)
470Sonic 2 EX v0.40 (S2 Hack)
471Sonic 2 EX v0.42 (S2 Hack)
472Sonic 2 Heroes V0.06f by flamewing (S2 Hack)
473Sonic 2 Heroes Vfirst_release by flamewing (S2 Hack)
474Sonic 2 Megamix (S2 Hack)
475Sonic 2 Millenium Edition v0.76 Xmas Day (S2 Hack)
476Sonic 2 Millenium Edition v0.85 (S2 Hack)
477Sonic 2 Millennium Edition (S2 Hack)
478Sonic 2 Remix V0.60e by Ordos Alpha (S2 Hack)
479Sonic 2 Remix Version (S2 Hack)
480Sonic 2 Retiled by Salus (S2 Hack)
481Sonic 2 Revamped (S2 Hack)
482Sonic 2 Revamped Gamma (S2 Hack)
483Sonic 2 S3 Edition v1.11 by Alriightyman (S2 Hack)
484Sonic 2 Season Edition v1.0 (S2 Hack)
485Sonic 2 Secret Rings Edition by MainMemory (Hack)
486Sonic 2 Turbo by Thorn (S2 Hack)
487Sonic 2 Ubaru Edition v1.6 (S2 Hack)
488Sonic 2 Ultima V055b by Ultima (S2 Hack)
489Sonic 2 Ultimate (S2 Hack)
490Sonic 2 XL (S2 Hack)
491Sonic 2 XP by Overlord (S2 Hack)
492Sonic 2 with Mouse Support (S2 Hack)
493Sonic 2008 Beta 2.0 by Anthall (S1 Hack)
494Sonic 2K 1 MB (S2 Hack)
495Sonic 2K 1 MB Rev 1 (S2 Hack)
496Sonic 2K Upmem (S2 Hack)
497Sonic 2KN (SK Hack)
498Sonic 2Z Edition by Mystic (S2 Hack)
499Sonic 2Z Edition v0.50 by Mystic (S2 Hack)
500Sonic 2Z Private Beta 2 by Mystic (S2 Hack)
501Sonic 2Z by snkenjoi (v0.50) (S2 Hack)
502Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Mouse Enabled (SK Hack)
503Sonic 3 & Knuckles - The Challenges v1.0 (SK Hack)
504Sonic 3 & Knuckles Super Peel-Out by snkenjoi (SK Hack)
505Sonic 3 Beta Hoax (S3 Hack)
506Sonic 3 Chaotix by Tweaker (S3 Hack)
507Sonic 3 Complete (S3 Hack)
508Sonic 3 Complete v100404 (S3 Hack)
509Sonic 3 Customizable 1.2.1 (S3 Hack)
510Sonic 3 Delta V0.1a (S3 Hack)
511Sonic 3 Master Edition (SK Hack)
512Sonic 3 Max (SK Hack)
513Sonic 3 and Knuckles - s3kbuilt_001 by snkenjoi (SK Hack)
514Sonic 3 and Knuckles Redundancy Fix V1.0 (SK Hack)
515Sonic 3 in 1 by vladikcomper (Hack)
516Sonic 3D Blast - Add Checkpoints by Krizal (Hack)
517Sonic 3D Blast - Red Edition v1.0 (Hack)
518Sonic 3D Blast Time Attack by fabio (Hack)
519Sonic 3D No Flickies v1.1 (Hack)
520Sonic 3D No Flickies v1.2 (Hack)
521Sonic Alpha (S1 Hack)
522Sonic Alphaomega v1.0 by HCKTROX (beta_version) (S1 Hack)
523Sonic Boom by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
524Sonic CD Metallic Madness Act 3 by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
525Sonic Classics - Skip to Dr.R by Leon (SC REV01 Hack)
526Sonic Classics - Skip to Sonic 1 by Leon (SC REV01 Hack)
527Sonic Classics - Skip to Sonic 2 by Leon (SC REV01 Hack)
528Sonic Compilation - Skip to Dr.R by Leon (SC REV00 Hack)
529Sonic Compilation - Skip to Sonic 1 by Leon (SC REV00 Hack)
530Sonic Compilation - Skip to Sonic 2 by Leon (SC REV00 Hack)
531Sonic Fantasy v0.02 (S1 Hack)
532Sonic Fantasy v1.5 (S1 Hack)
533Sonic Featuring Rouge the Bat v1.0beta (S1 Hack)
534Sonic Gaiden Prototype (S1 Hack)
535Sonic Gaiden V0.4 by Yuski & Esrael (S1 Hack)
536Sonic Genesis (Release 2) by Xenowhirl (S1 Hack)
537Sonic Jam's Easy Mode by Lost V1.0 (S1 Hack)
538Sonic Knuckle (SK Hack)
539Sonic Mega Mix (S1 Hack)
540Sonic Neon (S1 Hack)
541Sonic Night Edition (S1 Hack)
542Sonic Optimised (S1 Hack)
543Sonic Optimised 458 (S1 Hack)
544Sonic Plus v0.2 by Hivebrain (S1 Hack)
545Sonic Project (S1 Hack)
546Sonic Remastered (S1 Hack)
547Sonic Remastered Final Version (S1 Hack)
548Sonic Remastered First Public Release by Puto (S1 Hack)
549Sonic Remastered v1.1 by Puto (S1 Hack)
550Sonic Remix (S1 Hack)
551Sonic Remix WIP (S2 Hack)
552Sonic Revolution (S1 Hack)
553Sonic TG v.4.0 (S1 Hack)
554Sonic TG v0.0.0.1 (S1 Hack)
555Sonic The Hedgehog (Beta) (S1 Hack)
556Sonic Warrior - The Tempest of Time (SK Hack)
557Sonic ZX (Beta) (S1 Hack)
558Sonic Zeta Overdrive by Mikel (S2 Hack)
559Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 1 - Tails in S&K (SK Hack)
560Sonic and Knuckles - Longjumps and Trained (SK Hack)
561Sonic and Knuckles - skbuilt by snkenjoi (SK Hack)
562Sonic and Tails in Paynt by Monkeyman (S2 Hack)
563Sonic and the Secret Extended Edition by Hayate (S1 Hack)
564Sonic at SAGE 2010 by Cinossu (S1 Hack)
565Sonic by Alriightyman (S1 Hack)
566Sonic by Anthall (S1 Hack)
567Sonic by Devann (S2 Hack)
568Sonic by Evil Sonic (v2.0) (S2 Hack)
569Sonic by Graxer (S2 Hack)
570Sonic by Insulfrog (v0.5beta) (S2 Hack)
571Sonic by Krizal Chen (Dsght) (S2 Hack)
572Sonic by Kyoufu kawa (S1 Hack)
573Sonic by Rich Rogers (V1.1) (S1 Hack)
574Sonic by Sanderson V0.445 (S1 Hack)
575Sonic by Xdaniel (S2 Hack)
576Sonic by snkenjoi (S1 Hack)
577Sonic in Paynt by Monkeyman (S1 Hack)
578Sonic in Water (S2 Hack)
579Sonic with Mouse Support (S1 Hack)
580South East Island (S2 Hack)
581Special S2 by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
582Special S3K by snkenjoi (SK Hack)
583Spindash by Esrael (S1 Hack)
584Splats The Rabbit by Hivebrain (S1 Hack)
585Stage Select (S1 Hack)
586Streets of Chaos, The (Streets of Rage 3 Hack)
587Streets of Rage - Clone by TI (Hack)
588Streets of Rage 2 - Calles Sexules 2 by Charnego (Hack)
589Streets of Rage 2 - Killer Edition v1 (Hack)
590Streets of Rage 2 - Naked Blaze (Hack)
591Streets of Rage 2 BK 2 V11-11-07 by Ivex (Hack)
592Streets of Rage 2 Blaze T-X Edition (Hack)
593Streets of Rage 2 Bosozo Edition (Hack)
594Streets of Rage 2 ED-209 Edition (Hack)
595Streets of Rage 2 Extreme Edition 1 by gsaurus (Hack)
596Streets of Rage 2 KnuxIn Edition (Hack)
597Streets of Rage 2 Rudra Edition (Hack)
598Streets of Rage 2 Superman & Batman Edition (Hack)
599Streets of Rage 2 V12-07-07 by Ivex & xiaoguihun (Hack)
600Streets of Rage 2 V3.0 by Diamand_v (Hack)
601Streets of Rage 2 Xmas (Hack)
602Streets of Rage 3 - BK 3 by Ivex (23-03-2009) (Hack)
603Streets of Rage 3 - Really Gay Edition (Hack)
604Streets of Rage 3 - Special Edition (Hack)
605Streets of Rage 3 Ash Edition (Hack)
606Streets of Rage 3 Plus by Evgeny (Hack)
607Streets of Rage 3 Plus by Xyahzhs (Hack)
608Strider - Immortal Edition (Hack)
609Strider Hiryuu v0.01 (S1 Hack)
610Super Peel-Out by snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
611Super Saian Beta v4.0 (S1 Hack)
612Super Shinobi II, The by Shinwa (Hack)
613Super Sonic in Sonic 3D v1.0 (Hack)
614Super Street Fighter II - Not Settled (Hack)
615Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers - Not Settled (Hack)
616Supersonic in South Island Adventure by Hivebrain V0.2 (S1 Hack)
617Supersonic in South Island Adventure by Hivebrain V0.3 (S1 Hack)
618Supersonic v0.1 (S1 Hack)
619Supersonic v0.2 (S1 Hack)
620TSH (S1 Hack)
621TSH by guitardo (S1 Hack)
622Tails in Sonic 1 - Hacking Contest 2007 Edition (S1 Hack)
623Tails in Sonic 1 Bugfix3 (S1 Hack)
624Tails in Sonic 1 by Drx+Puto v2.11 (S1 Hack)
625Tails in Sonic 1 v.1.1Bugfix (S1 Hack)
626Tails in Sonic 1 v2 (S1 Hack)
627Thrash by DalekSam (2nd Public Release) (S2 Hack)
628Thunder Force III - Plus Max Edition (Hack)
629Thunder Fox - Plus Max Edition (Hack)
630Tikal (S1 Hack)
631Time Run (S1 Hack)
632Tinhead by krizal (Hack)
633Title Cards (S1 Hack)
634Tohaka v0.21 by Ultima (S2 Hack)
635Tohaka v0.21 by Ultima and snkenjoi (S2 Hack)
636Triple Trouble (S1 Hack)
637Try This 2 (S1 Hack)
638Ultimate Mortal Kombat - mini13 (Hack)
639Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - EP (Hack)
640Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Gopher Mod (Hack)
641Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - John's Version (Hack)
642Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Professional Haliavshik's Power Pack Pro (Hack)
643Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Revelation Edition (Hack)
644Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Smoke v0.94 (Hack)
645Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 v2783 Tracks (Hack)
646Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy - Funny MK (Hack)
647Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy v4696 (Hack)
648Unknown Island v1.0demo (S1 Hack)
649Urban Strike - Height Mod by TI (Hack)
650Vector the Crocodile in Sonic First Public Release by E-122-Psi (S1 Hack)
651Vector the Crocodile in Sonic Rev1.2 by E-122-Psi (S1 Hack)
652Vectorman 2 - Color Mod by TI (Hack)
653Warsong Graphics Mod by MIJET (Hack)
654Westside Island by D.A.Garden (S1 Hack)
655Wonder Boy in Monster World Save Fix by Michele Di Somma (Hack)
656Wu Kong Wai Zhuan - Modded Levels (Ch) (Hack)
657X-Men 2 - Clone Wars - Power Blood Edition (Hack)
658Yadrins (S1 Hack)
659You'll Have a Ball v2.0 (S1 Hack)
660Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Makyou Toitsusen - EX Version (Hack)
661Zero Tolerance - Mini-hack (Hack)
662Zero Tolerance Labyrinth Death (Hack)
663Zero Tolerance Shooter (Hack)
664Zero Tolerance Snake (Hack)
665Zero Wing - Text Translation Fix by Vincent404 v20010422 (Hack)
666Zeta Overdrive (S2 Hack)
667Zeta Overdrive EHZ Beta (S2 Hack)
668Zionist Freedom Fighters by RyanVG (Fighting Masters Hack)
669xXRALXx (Updated) (S1 Hack)
670xXRALXx v0.1 (S1 Hack)
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